RP :: Volume #51

#3885 Part 1: Return

Chapter 3885 returns 第3885章返回 The steak in thick bottom pot, was fried zīzī to make noise, the fat was fried, soaks around the fresh spice to steak, strange fragrance disseminates, making one secrete the saliva, the vision looks to the good food in thick bottom pot. 厚底锅内的肉排,被煎到滋滋作响,油脂被煎出,浸到肉排周围的新鲜香料,一股奇异的香味弥散开,让人不禁分泌唾液,目光看向厚底锅中的美食。 Zeus snort/hum the song is busy in the kitchen, as two fathers, grasps certainly the cook that easily did not expose. 罪亚斯哼着歌在厨房忙碌,作为两个娃的父亲,当然掌握了一手不轻易展露的厨艺。 Today exposes , because in several people on the scene, Wood and cooking that the respected family comes miss, lives Una limit cook that is cooks the surface when with the parents hits also to calculate that the perfect fried egg, Su Xiao will do actually, and does, but, lay down poisonously Zeus and Wood more than once, rejects Su Xiao close to the kitchen in three meters. 今天之所以展露,是因为在场的几人中,大家族出身的伍德与烹饪无缘,和老爸老妈一起住的尤尤娜极限厨艺是煮面时打个还算完美的荷包蛋,苏晓倒是会做,并且做的还可以,怎奈,被毒躺不止一次的罪亚斯伍德,都拒绝苏晓靠近厨房三米内。 Una can become the city Lord secretary, IQ does not need to talk too much, under the Baja professor, amounts to for 15 minutes successfully to be skilled in several playing card methods, then Baja, Wood and Una, the A' Mu four starts play cards, to maintain harmonious atmosphere, naturally is not the victory and loss really gold/metal silver, who loses pastes whose paper. 尤尤娜能成为城主秘书,智商无需多言,在巴哈的教授下,总计15分钟成功精通几种纸牌玩法,然后巴哈伍德、尤尤娜、阿姆四个开始玩牌,为了保持和睦的气氛,当然不是输赢真金白银,谁输贴谁纸条。 After conducting for one hour, became A' Mu and three white mops in reverse plays cards, temperament moderate Una, loses to nip ka ka to make noise to the mouthful neat little white tooth. 进行一小时后,就成了阿姆和三个倒过来的白拖把打牌,就连脾气温和的尤尤娜,都输到满嘴整齐小白牙咬到咔咔作响。 Why to harm itself, the food was good, serves a meal.” “何必伤害自己,饭好了,开饭。” Hears Zeus to shout wants the plain rice, A' Mu to put down the sign to set out, Una just about to opens the mouth, Wood raises the A' Mu sign surface, after seeing the sign surface, Una eyes stare the big several points, she suspected under the life, decided that things have gotten to this point, first eats meal. 听闻罪亚斯喊要干饭,阿姆放下牌就起身,尤尤娜刚要开口,伍德掀起阿姆的牌面,看到牌面后,尤尤娜眼睛瞪大几分,她怀疑了下人生,决定,事已至此,还是先吃饭吧。 Has saying that the Zeus cook has the level very much, the big probable error three steps, can mount ten thousand good food guide , this is actually very fierce, is the amateur to the professional, the technique industry studies, does not have absolutely the perfect person. 不得不说,罪亚斯的厨艺很有水平的,大概差三个梯阶,就能登上万界美食指南,这其实已经很厉害,属于业余选手对职业选手,术业有专攻,没有绝对完美的人。 After the food, Una by sitting on chairback, the well satisfied length breathes a sigh of relief, she asked: White Night, your mission has submitted successfully , to continue to tie up me is also not meaningful probably, might as well put me.” 饭后,尤尤娜靠坐在椅背上,心满意足的长舒了口气,她问道:“白夜,你的任务已经提交成功,继续绑我好像也没什么意义,不如放了我吧。” Heard this saying, Baja smiled, answered the covered passageway: Naturally is not good, we have not received the ransom money.” 听到这话,巴哈笑了,答复道:“当然不行,我们还没收到赎金。” Ransom money? What ransom money?” “赎金?什么赎金?” Your city main and secondary ransom money.” “你们城主付的赎金。” „Before this......, twice does not have this link.” “这……前两次没这环节啊。” This time had, pleasantly surprised.” “这次就有了,惊喜吧。” But, you kidnap me to extort the ransom money to Chagall because of the Sir, this could not convince.” “可是,你们绑架我向夏尔因大人勒索赎金,这说不通啊。” Una confused, she generally knows why this world like the new student/life change is, this after all is city lords Chagall because of the trusted aide who most trusts, therefore in Una heart, Extinguishing Law = Savior, such person, how possibly to tie up her, extorts the ransom money to her behind big shot? 尤尤娜迷惑了,她大致知道,本世界如同新生般的变化是因何而起,这毕竟是城主・夏尔因最信任的心腹,所以在尤尤娜心中,灭法者=救世者啊,这样的人,怎么可能绑了她,向她身后的大佬勒索赎金呢? I analyze with you,” Baja settles the throat clear, said: We are wicked faction, before and Dusk City, various God Cult and Soul Academy had to do, and faction sequence style was close, this right.” “我跟伱分析啊,”巴哈清了清嗓,说道:“我们是恶阵营的,以前和黄昏城、诸神教灵魂学院打交道,并且阵营序列画风相近,这对吧。” Eh ~, is probably right.” “额~,好像对。” I asked you again, morning sun city that you were, was neutral friendly faction.” “那我再问你,你所在的曦光城,是中立友善阵营吧。” This is natural.” “这是当然。” Therefore , our group of wicked faction, kidnap your to have good faction important NPC, extorts the ransom money to your city lords, this does not have the problem!” “所以说,我们这伙恶阵营的,绑架你这有善阵营的重要NPC,向你们城主勒索赎金,这没毛病啊!” Eh ~, probably, said right.” “额~,好像,说的没错。” Una look forced smiling, she always felt where is not right, could not say. 尤尤娜神色牵强的笑了笑,她总感觉哪里不对,却又说不出来。 At this moment, indoor the morning sun city, the central building, loudly discussed. 此刻,曦光城,中心大楼,大议室内。 Wears the coat, inside puts on city lords who show solicitude for white/in vain Chagall because of sitting in seat of honor, by 78 meters discussing table, is the leaderships in morning sun city, they are standing behind several respective trusted aides, at this time these morning sun city leaderships bathe in fresh air. 身披外套,里面穿着白体恤的城主・夏尔因坐在主位,七八米长的议桌两侧,都是曦光城的高层,他们身后都站着几名各自的心腹,此时这些曦光城高层都如沐春风。 City Lord Sir, your time worries to summon us to come, to have what important matter, you give the work that I arrange, at least makes me not have the time to go home to sleep for half a month well, therefore you may probably make a long story short.” “城主大人,您这次着急召我们来,有什么要事吗,您给我安排的工作,至少让我半个月没时间回家好好睡一觉,所以您可要长话短说。” Wears the golden eyeglasses, is combing the man opens the mouth of long hair combed straight back, he seems like 35 years old over, has this age masculine mature calm Charm very much. 一名戴着金色眼镜,梳着背头的男人开口,他看起来35岁出头,很有这个年龄男性的成熟沉稳魅力 Is this, Una by Extinguishing Law White Night kidnapping.” “是这样的,尤尤娜被灭法者白夜绑架了。” City lords Chagall because of such remarks, numerous high level quiet on the scene, after how many seconds, the laughter of high levels continuously, they have not thought, the today's city Lord Sir, the accidental/surprised humor, how possibly, defeats Solar God Race, enabled former days to become Extinguishing Law of history, how possibly to do this matter? Absolute impossible. 城主・夏尔因此言一出,在场一众高层都安静,几秒后,高层们的笑声此起彼伏,他们都没想到,今天的城主大人,意外的幽默,怎么可能呢,战胜太阳神族,让旧日成为历史的灭法者,怎么可能做这种事?绝对不可能 At this moment, a numerous morning sun city leadership as if oneself believes his Extinguishing Law reputation/honorary compared with Su Xiao. 此刻,一众曦光城高层似乎比苏晓本人更相信他的灭法者名誉。 However, when city lords Chagall because of playing a video clip, Una in video recording, after nape of the neck on the shelf cold light sparkling bloodthirsty battle axe, the smile on all high-level faces gradually disappear, some put on Pain Mask simply, they have looked about the 2nd Generation Yuan first generation of Extinguishing Law facts, and once believe, this is Arcane Eternal Star is discrediting Extinguishing Law faction, now looks like, as if, probably and probably...... is not. 然而,当城主・夏尔因播放一段录像,录像内的尤尤娜,脖颈上架着寒光闪闪嗜血战斧后,所有高层脸上的笑容逐渐消失,有些干脆就戴上痛苦面具,他们都看过关于第二纪元・先代灭法者们的事迹,并一度认为,这是奥术永恒星在抹黑灭法阵营啊,现在看来,似乎、大概、好像……不是。 „Does he want to extort Soul coin?” “难道他要勒索灵魂钱币?” Must steadily the old man sinking sound opens the mouth. 一名长须老者沉声开口。 This does not have, I had proposed pays Soul coin, but the demon eagle Servant reply of that Extinguishing Law said, Extinguishing Law faction also has the integrity, only trades the thing, does not extort the wealth......” “这倒没,我提出过付灵魂钱币,但那灭法者的魔鹰从者回复说,灭法阵营也是有操守的,只换东西,不勒索钱财……” Speaking of this, city lords Chagall because has started to hold the volume single-handed, discussed an indoor numerous high level expression to be splendid, almost must become the expression inclusion complex collection, robust man both hands rubbed the face, got angry the sound said: 说到这,城主・夏尔因已经开始单手扶额,议室内的一众高层都表情精彩,几乎要成表情包合集,其中一名壮汉双手搓脸,怒声道: This Extinguishing Law wants anything.” “这灭法者要什么东西。” Sacred Gem.” 神圣宝石。” If said, probably...... cannot be extorts, but this behavior indeed is.” “要是这么说,好像……也不能算是勒索,但这行为的确是。” Eyeglasses men's single rubs the face, does not put on Pain Mask as far as possible, he said, is because in this specially ancient legend Gem, is First Generation Yuan old Extinguishing Law brings to this world, lets Solar God Race seal thing, following declines with Solar Faction, sometimes to third epoch, this rare treasure to morning sun city hand. 眼镜男单手搓脸,尽可能不戴上痛苦面具,他之所以这么说,是因为这颗特别古老的传说中宝石,是第一纪元的老灭法们带到本世界内,让太阳神族封印这东西,后续随着太阳阵营衰落,时至第三纪元,这秘宝到了曦光城手中。 Su Xiao knows the morning sun city has Sacred Gem, Was hears Eleen Gillian saying that at present he has Soul Eater Gem, And Will Gem( when recycles mode)】, Did not suggest to have one again. 苏晓之所以知道曦光城有【神圣宝石】,就是听闻格林·吉莉安所说,眼下他持有【噬魂宝石】,以及【意志宝石(待回收状态)】,不建议再多持有一颗。 Star has eight most Gem, and they are: abyss Gem, Element Gem, Sacred Gem, Soul Gem, Nature Gem, Death Gem, Will Gem and Soul Eater Gem. 界有八颗最宝石,分别是:深渊宝石元素宝石神圣宝石灵魂宝石自然宝石死亡宝石意志宝石噬魂宝石 Gem in these eight legends, dare to use two simultaneously, will initiate Gem to curse, the violence of this curse, Su Xiao cannot withstand even. 这八颗传说中的宝石,敢同时使用两颗,将会引发宝石诅咒,此诅咒之猛烈,就算苏晓也顶不住。 Su Xiao is using Soul Gem, As for also has Sacred Gem, Will Gem, Soul Eater Gem, Also has the risk properly speaking, but as the Book of Original Sin owner, has the risk that above three Gem correspond, can definitely disregard. 苏晓在使用【灵魂宝石】,至于同时持有【神圣宝石】、【意志宝石】、【噬魂宝石】,按理说也有风险,但作为原罪之书的拥有者,持有上述三颗宝石所对应的风险,完全可以无视。 In eight Gem, Soul Gem Most special, 100 were only approved by this Gem, has the qualifications to use this Gem, with it relative, this Gem does not need to develop, initial is best mode, and is the user is stronger, the Cutting Spirit effect that this Gem achieves is stronger. 八颗宝石中,【灵魂宝石】最特殊,仅有100被这颗宝石认可,才有资格使用这宝石,与之相对,这颗宝石无需开发,初始即为最佳状态,并且是使用者越强,这颗宝石发挥出的斩魂效果越强。 Other seven Gem, then after needs to obtain, first obtains the preliminary approval, as then develops gradually, can show the respective great strength, Will Gem is most difficult to develop, abyss Gem, Sacred Gem and Soul Eater Gem develop most bad risk. 其余七颗宝石,则需要获得后先得到初步认可,然后随着逐步开发,才能展现出各自的强大,其中意志宝石最难开发,深渊宝石神圣宝石噬魂宝石开发起来最凶险。 Su Xiao has these Gem, has others unable the place of comparison, is his Extinguishing Law transports/fortunes the potential, has the huge transporting potential mass, this mass is big, can absorption once have the ability of most Gem. 苏晓持有这些宝石,有个其他人无法比拟之处,就是他的灭法运势,有着巨大的运势体量,这体量大到,能‘吸附’曾拥有过最宝石的能力。 For example Su Xiao has now Soul Eater Gem, When he sold to a being predestined friends person this Gem, after the opposite party dies, according to common sense Soul Eater Gem Two results, struck killing obtains, or returns to the initial Gem base immediately, the waiting has Challenger to come this, takes up it from the Gem base after the strategic place, opens the new round causes and effects. 比如苏晓现在持有的【噬魂宝石】,当他将这宝石卖给一名有缘人,对方死后,按常理【噬魂宝石】有两种结果,被击杀者获得,或立即回到最初的宝石基座上,等待有挑战者来此,经过险地将它从宝石基座上拿起,开启新一轮的因果。 The present issue is, when Soul Eater Gem After the holder dies, this Gem high probability will return to Su Xiao this, in causes and effects connection, not Soul Eater Gem Chose Su Xiao, but was pulled forcefully. 现在的问题是,当【噬魂宝石】的持有者死后,这宝石高概率会返回到苏晓这,在因果的连系中,并非【噬魂宝石】选择了苏晓,而是被强行扯了过来。 That Su Xiao do not monopolize these most Gem, he after obtaining these most Gem, certainly will sell it, and Price constant 500,000...... not, 300,000 each, then, between Su Xiao and three most Gem, on manifestation cooperation mutual benefit relations. 加之苏晓不是要独占这些最宝石,他在获得这些最宝石后,一定会将其卖出,且价格恒定50万……不,30万每颗,如此一来,苏晓与三颗最宝石间,就形成互助互利关系。 If predestined friends the human life to be not very hard, is unable by 30 ten thousand Soul coin white Jianjia, to obtain one of the three most Gem, as the matter stands, Su Xiao on income 30 ten thousand Soul coin, and most Gem that sells will also come back, if really meets in these three legends Gem conjunction, in Gem to three legends, this without doubt is the best aspect. 倘若有缘人命不够硬,就无法以30万灵魂钱币的白捡价,获得三颗最宝石之一,这样一来,苏晓就收益30万灵魂钱币,且卖出的最宝石还会回来,倘若真遇到这三颗传说中宝石的契合者,对三颗传说中宝石来讲,这无疑是最好的局面。 Besides abyss Gem and Element Gem, the other six most Gem, is willing to go through many places in a famous user hand, regarding existing does not know them that many years, to subdue|grams dies the holder who thinks oneself infallible, unites efforts to battle with agreeing with, is the rare pleasure. 除了深渊宝石元素宝石外,剩余的六颗最宝石,都愿意辗转在一名名使用者手中,对于存在了不知多少个岁月的它们而言,无论是克死自以为是的持有者,还是与契合者协力作战,都是难得的乐趣。 abyss Gem and Element Gem are an exception, is they are too ancient and profound, they are disinclined to pay attention to agreeing with, will not respond the owner who thinks oneself infallible. 深渊宝石元素宝石之所以除外,是它们太古老与深邃,它们懒得理会契合者,更不会搭理自以为是的拥有者。 Su Xiao estimated that so long as is not conjunction of these most Gem, has world, died to to subdue|grams by this Gem, extremely individual can insist that two world progress died by to subdue|grams. 苏晓估测,只要不是这些最宝石的契合者,也就持有一个世界,就被这宝石给克死,极个别的能坚持两个世界进度被克死。 Calculates balanced, after a world progress ended, only buys Gem to receive 90 ten thousand Soul coin, this is enough 90 ten thousand Soul coin, in the common situation, strives for success world in the big late transcription, on this grade of income, this 90 ten thousand Soul coin such as picks at present white/in vain, Su Xiao will certainly not reject. 均衡来算,一个世界进度结束后,单是买宝石就能收入90万灵魂钱币,这可是足足90万灵魂钱币,寻常情况下,在大后期副本拼搏一个世界,也就这等收入,眼下这90万灵魂钱币如白捡的一样,苏晓当然不会拒绝。 About Secret Law faction why Sacred Gem To the seal, the reason is this Gem will make agreeing with extremely sacred, sacredly to becoming absolute regulation, makes the analogy of meeting the rusticity is, spits a phlegm to be seen by sacredness anywhere, was possibly cut by the capital punishment. 关于秘法阵营为何将【神圣宝石】给封印,原因是这宝石会让契合者太过神圣,神圣到成为绝对律法,做个接地气的比喻为,随地吐个痰被神圣者看到,都可能被裁以极刑。 In the legend the Gem owner, three stages, the use, resonance and assimilation, do not think that the operational phase the higher the better, in three stages, resonance regarding the user best stage, can the percentage hundred display in the legend Gem Strength, will not be affected by Gem, to the assimilative phase, the consciousness attribute that the Gem attribute represented, will invade the consciousness tendency of user significantly. 传说中宝石的拥有者,一个有三个阶段,使用、共鸣、同化,别以为使用阶段越高越好,三个阶段中,共鸣是对于使用者最好的阶段,既能百分百发挥出传说中宝石力量,也不会被宝石影响,到了同化阶段,宝石属性所代表的意识属性,将大幅度侵染使用者的意识倾向。 Sacred, either hungry, or was full of the death, or longs for swallowing Soul. 或神圣,或饥饿、或充满死亡,或渴望吞噬灵魂等。 It is funny that assimilated the negative impact of stage Soul Gem to , is useless to Su Xiao, as can eat the Soul crystal stone directly Human Race, Soul Gem does not have the least bit corrosion desire, therefore, Su Xiao has Soul Gem, forever impossible to was assimilated the stage by . 说来有趣,灵魂宝石到了同化阶段的负面影响,对苏晓没用,作为能直接吃灵魂晶石的人族,灵魂宝石没有半点侵蚀欲望,也因此,苏晓持有灵魂宝石,永远不可能到被同化阶段。 Why Su Xiao does not prepare the seal Sacred Gem? On the Reincarnation Paradise high rank Contractor style, probably even quilt Sacred Gem Under corrosion, is not the misdemeanor, entire was not good also to start with a clean slate. 为何苏晓不准备封印【神圣宝石】?就轮回乐园高阶契约者们的行事风格,好像就算被【神圣宝石】侵蚀下,也不是坏事,整不好还改过自新了。 Dusk City original address, this time crazy luxuriant vestige, nearby east side great marshes. 黄昏城原址,此时的狂茂遗迹,东侧大沼泽附近。 Here has become the heaven of zoology and botany, moistens because of the newborn Solar excessive vitality, making here plant especially lush, Su Xiao sits on a twig of big tree, he has a feeling, morning sun city that major faction favor, not will really necessarily become this world future most faction, otherwise, the neglected plants, might rise in the recent several years. 这里已成为动植物的天堂,因初生太阳过度的生命力滋润,让这里的植物格外茂盛,苏晓坐在一个大树的枝杈上,他有种感觉,各大势力都看好的曦光城,真不一定成为本世界今后的最势力,反之,被人们忽略的植物们,很可能会在最近几年内崛起。 The final aspect is, major faction struggle the position of Boss to project on badly beaten, when plant faction rise, numerous Human Race faction can only stare dry/does, saw that plant faction expands. 最后的局面是,各大势力老大之位打到头破血流,当植物阵营崛起时,一众人族势力只能干瞪眼,眼看着植物阵营壮大。 The water fluid spreads, constitution form together, is the famous aura gentle delicate and pretty man, real Charm attribute 700 points above, but Charm Attribute -27 point Su Xiao, immunity all Charm are the negotiation additions of derivation. 水液蔓延,构成一道身影,是名气息柔和的俊美男人,想必真实魅力属性得700点以上,不过魅力属性-27点的苏晓,免疫所有魅力系衍生的交涉加成。 This lets this's river system male, from just started the calm smile that by Su Xiao eye of wooden staring to smile reluctantly, finally whole face cold sweat, no matter what whose Instinct will be cut the head momentarily, will have the tremendous pressure. 这让来此的水系男,从刚开始的从容微笑,被苏晓目无表情的盯到笑容勉强,最后满脸冷汗,任谁一直感受随时会被斩下脑袋,都会有巨大的精神压力。 This lies on the guilotine probably, negotiated with the opposite man, seemed like the man to be unemotional, but in his hand is grasping the tying up rope of guilotine, as well as man behind that partly visible, as if revealed the huge blood beast that the mouthful canine grinned fiendishly, whom put to face this Sensor picture, must the pressure draw fully. 这就好像是趴在断头台上,与对面的男人交涉,看似男人面无表情,可他手中就握着断头台的拴绳,以及男人身后那若隐若现,仿佛露出满嘴尖牙狞笑的庞大血兽,搁谁面对这种感知画面,都得是精神压力拉满。 The river system male wiped the thin perspiration on forehead, takes out the fine wooden box, just ejected it, the wooden box changes the flight direction suddenly, like held by anything, comes to Su Xiao, as falls on the Su Xiao shoulder, Baja comes, after turning on the wooden box, asked: 水系男擦了把脑门上的细汗,取出精致木盒,刚将其抛出,木盒忽改飞行方向,如同被什么抓住,向苏晓而来,随着落在苏晓肩上,巴哈才现身,打开木盒后,问道: Boss, Gem is right.” 老大,宝石对吗。” Hears demon eagle word, the river system male is more tense, he knows in advance to induce clearly, if that fearful man did not say right, that demon eagle will graze to come immediately, by him cannot respond the speed , an eagle claw pricks his head. 听闻魔鹰此言,水系男更紧张,他清楚的预知感应到,倘若那可怕的男人说不对,那只魔鹰会立即飞掠而来,以他反应不过来的速度,一只鹰爪刺入他的头颅。 „......” “……” Su Xiao lifts the hand, the Baja eagle claw grasps Sacred Gem, Places in his hand, he uses the index finger and thumb is clamping Sacred Gem, Passes Sacred Gem The mapping, he sees the river system male serious and majestic facial expression, yes Sacred Gem Result that can cause right. 苏晓抬手,巴哈鹰爪抓起【神圣宝石】,放在他手中,他用食指与拇指夹着【神圣宝石】,通过【神圣宝石】的映射,他看到水系男严肃又威重的神情,是【神圣宝石】会导致的结果没错。 Thing receives.” “东西收到。” Baja opens alternate space, Una goes out from different space channel, sees the river system male, her eye of reveal doubt, before, this is in the morning sun city the hostile faction sworn enemy, the morning sun city is not the city lord a person of dominance, at present looks like, this enemy faction has been forced to turn over to under Shuncheng lord faction. 巴哈开启异空间,尤尤娜从异空间通道内走出,见到水系男,她目露狐疑,在之前,这是曦光城内敌对势力的死对头,曦光城并非城主一人独大,眼下看来,这敌方势力已被迫归顺城主势力麾下。 Una just went out several steps, Baja said suddenly: Wait.” 尤尤娜刚走出几步,巴哈忽然说道:“等等。” „!” “!” Una is not afraid actually, but the innermost feelings definitely have intense. 尤尤娜倒是不害怕,但内心紧张肯定是有的。 Keeps as a commemoration.” “留个纪念。” Baja on Su Xiao shoulder ejects the orange gunnysack, sees this thing, in Una mouth little white tooth bites ka ka to make noise, these fellows, abduct three her with this thing. 苏晓肩膀上的巴哈抛出橙色麻袋,看到这东西,尤尤娜口中小白牙咬到咔咔作响,这些家伙,就是用这东西把她掳走三回。 You......” “你们……” Una words just said half, suddenly discovered, just now still vanished in an behind person of dog demon eagle, not only that the plant of entire great marshes region faced here, the treetop is curving, vegetation deflection, since the sky overlooks, the entire crazy luxuriant vestige changes into big Uzumaki that the plant composes, gradually the awakening intelligent plants as if know that cut to kill former days Extinguishing Law to leave this world. 尤尤娜话刚说道一半,忽然发现,方才还在身后的一人一狗一魔鹰消失了,不仅如此,整个大沼泽区域的植物都朝向了这边,树梢弯曲,草木偏转,从上空俯瞰,整个狂茂遗迹化为植物组成的大漩涡,逐渐觉醒智慧植物们仿佛都知道,那斩杀旧日的灭法者离开了本世界 ...... …… Transmission completes, you have returned to Reincarnation Paradise.】 传送完成,你已返回轮回乐园。】 The Transmission feeling subsides, Su Xiao by sitting on single-seat sofa, the whole person relaxes, relaxation of this grade of degree, after he enters Blazing Sun Star has never had. 传送感平息,苏晓靠坐在单人沙发上,整个人都放松,这等程度的放松,在他进入烈阳后就从未有过。 The activation regains the function, Su Xiao does not plan to use the Profound Restoration jurisdiction immediately, but first healer good left arm and other damages, then to conduct depth healer, comprehensive that like this restores. 激活恢复功能,苏晓不打算立即用深度恢复权限,而是先治疗好左臂等损伤,再进行深度治疗,这样恢复的更全面。 Life Preservation Equipment takes out, the Su Xiao's crystal left arm was shattered, the original arm moves, first restores the skeleton, later is the muscle, Nervous System wait/etc., one that in addition, fights creates when with the Solar king heavy to fire everywhere, starts to restore, gradually removes shameless. 维生装置取出,苏晓的晶体左臂破碎,原本的手臂移动过来,最先恢复骨骼,之后是肌肉、神经系统等,除此之外,与太阳王战斗时造成的一处处重度灼烧,也开始恢复,死皮逐渐褪去。 Boubo, A' Mu, Baja and Bailey injury starts to restore, when restoring injury, Bailey pretends that anything has not happened, this time is injured, although brave, but it felt a little disgraced, entire output meow, was shaken with the aura by the enemy flies to pat on the wall. 布布汪阿姆巴哈贝妮的伤势开始恢复,不过在恢复伤势时,贝妮假装什么事也没发生,这次受伤虽勇敢,但它感到有点丢人,整场输出就喵了一声,然后被敌人用气息震飞拍墙上了。 Meow.” “喵。” Bailey jumps to the Su Xiao bosom, rolls one group, that should be six months ago, Boubo saw that Bailey does that also the attempt imitates, but on its build, that does not leap to the Su Xiao bosom, but sits pounds on Su Xiao, after suffering it most to like the big slipper, does not dare to jump to pound. 贝妮跳到苏晓怀中,团成一团,那应该是在半年前,布布汪看到贝妮这么做,也尝试模仿,但就它的体型,那不是跃到苏晓怀中,而是坐砸在苏晓身上,挨了顿它‘最喜欢’的大拖鞋后,再也不敢这么跳砸了。 You have from the void mail.】 【你有来自虚空的邮件。】 Su Xiao opens the contact list conveniently, found the mail column, seeing the signature is Eleen Gillian, behind also labels friend to issue on another's behalf, the mail writing content is the blank, the appendix is item, after the choice receives, Prompt appears. 苏晓顺手打开联络列表,找到邮件栏,看到署名为格林·吉莉安,后面还标注朋友代发,邮件文字内容为空白,附件是件物品,选择领取后,提示出现。 You obtain the world indicator.】 【你获得世界指针。】 world indicator 世界指针】 Origin : Void the island of sky No. 7 production workshop. 产地:虚空・天空之岛・第七生产车间。 Quality: World-level 品质:世界级 Category: Special. 类别:特殊。 durability: 89 / 100 points. 耐久度:89/100点。 Equipment requirements: May distinguish the sense of direction of east, south, west, and north. 装备需求:可分辨东南西北的方向感。 Equipment effect: Opens the fog map( core Passive), after you enter world, this/should indicator through Paradise faction / the Void Tree notarization jurisdiction branch, will obtain this world complete map, but this/should map because of the notarization reason, will not show to you directly, the map that you can examine, will be covered by the black fog, your action path, will supplement the fog effect. 装备效果:开雾地图(核心・被动),当你进入一个世界后,该指针将通过乐园阵营/虚空之树公证权限分支,获得该世界的完整地图,但该地图因公证原因,将不会直接对你展现,你所能查看的地图,会被黑雾所笼罩,你的行动轨迹,将附带开雾效果。 Prompt: When a world progress ended, after you leave this world, according to opening the fog range, will obtain the insight promotion of correspondence. 提示:当一个世界进度结束,你离开本世界后,将根据开雾范围,获得对应的洞察力提升。 Insight effect: When bigger probability Sensor to the peripheral rare treasure, as well as masters the appraisal rare treasure, equipment and Gem, has the insight prerequisite request. 洞察力效果:更大概率感知到周边的秘宝,以及掌握鉴定秘宝、装备、宝石时,均有洞察力前置要求。 Synopsis: Wonderful travel. 简介:美妙的旅行。 Grading: 4872 points( World-level equips Grading is 10 ~ 6000 points). 评分:4872点(世界级装备评分为10~6000点)。 Sells Price: After the clothing, is unable to sell. 出售价格:穿戴后无法出售。 ...... ……
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