RP :: Volume #51

#3884 Part 2: Testimony

Su Xiao opens the equipment list, takes down in the equipment column Engraved inscription base god sacrifice, Since the fight ended, he has very not wonderful premonition, at present touches to grasp personally Engraved inscription base god sacrifice, This not wonderful feeling is more intense. 苏晓打开装备列表,在装备栏取下【铭文基座・神祭】,从战斗结束,他就有非常不妙的预感,眼下亲手触握【铭文基座・神祭】,这不妙的感觉更强烈。 Do not break to pieces.” “别碎。” Ka ~ 咔吧~ Takes possession like the prophet, could not support Engraved inscription base god sacrifice, After Su Xiao this do not break to pieces, immediately in his hands splits several petals, is good knows the famous blacksmith because of him, that blacksmith company commander leather clothing can restore, the repair cracks five petals Engraved inscription base god sacrifice, Should be a cinch...... 如同预言家附体,原本就撑不住的【铭文基座・神祭】,在苏晓这声别碎后,当即在他手中裂开成几瓣,好在他认识名铁匠,那名铁匠连长皮衣都能修缮,修理裂成五瓣的【铭文基座・神祭】,应该不在话下…… As if induces to the Su Xiao's idea, Engraved inscription base god sacrifice Immediately the second disruption, this time simple disrupts the grain of rice size, sees this scene, his eye narrows several points, he felt, this as if...... can also arrive under Reed that rescue. 仿佛是感应到苏晓的想法,【铭文基座・神祭】当即二次碎裂,这次干脆碎裂成米粒大小,看到这景象,他的眼睛眯起几分,他感觉,这似乎……也可以到里德那抢救下。 If Reed knows the Su Xiao's idea, definitely is puts out a hand to carry the forging hammer, air/Qi full angrily roars: Father cannot!” 倘若里德知道苏晓的想法,肯定是伸手就拎起锻造锤,中气十足的怒吼一声:“老子不能!” It seems like grief that to do needlework all day long the live blacksmith, Engraved inscription base god sacrifice The third disruption, this time exploded the powder simply. 似乎是悲悯那名成天做针线活的铁匠,【铭文基座・神祭】第三次碎裂,这次干脆爆成粉了。 „......” “……” Su Xiao pondered, felt that its attire, goes back to look for Reed to ask, probably is not good, perhaps is the rare conscience outbreak, he decides to give up this Engraved inscription base, The overload use is so long, can support to defeat the Solar king, is the luck is good. 苏晓沉思了下,感觉将其装起来,回去找里德问问,好像也不是不行,或许是罕见的良心发作,他决定放弃这【铭文基座】,过载使用这么久,能撑到战胜太阳王,已是运气不错。 Examines the Prompt list, striking that presented a moment ago kills Prompt to be one of them. 查看提示列表,刚才出现的击杀提示都在其中。 You have struck to kill the last years Blazing Sun king Ashlot.】 【你已击杀末代烈阳君王・艾什洛特。】 You obtain 80000 Solar gold coins.】 【你获得80000枚太阳金币。】 You obtain 3 2. 66 World's Origin.】 【你获得三2.66世界之源。】 You obtain Gold Skill Point 3 points.】 【你获得黄金技能点三点。】 You obtain Eternal Level treasure box last years Sovereign.】 【你获得永恒级宝箱・末代君主。】 You obtain Solar Source Stone 6.】 【你获得太阳源石六颗。】 You obtain Blood of the Sun( this world is in sole possession of).】 【你获得烈阳之血(本世界独有)。】 ...... …… You have struck to kill the Solar king.】 【你已击杀太阳王。】 You obtain 220000 Solar gold coins.】 【你获得220000枚太阳金币。】 You obtain 53 World's Origin( because of voluntarily seal many years, corresponds World's Origin to have reduced).】 【你获得53世界之源(因自行封印多年,所对应世界之源有所降低)。】 You obtain Gold Skill Point 15 points.】 【你获得黄金技能点15点。】 You obtain Eternal Level treasure box unsurpassed Blazing Sun.】 【你获得永恒级宝箱・无上烈阳。】 You obtain source nature treasure box( strikes to kill powerful enemy, has probability to obtain).】 【你获得源质宝箱(击杀强敌,有概率获得)。】 You obtain Solar Source Stone 10.】 【你获得太阳源石十颗。】 ...... …… The harvest is many, closes the Prompt list, Su Xiao looks to Solar outside glass, stops, he knows finally posts a reward why 5 named as former days , and Solar soldiers in central city area, because anything was called former days Protector. 收获颇丰,关闭提示列表,苏晓看向车窗外的太阳,到此为止,他终于知道悬赏・五为何命名为旧日,以及中心城区的太阳战士们,因为什么被称为旧日守护者 This world several big faction, the old aristocrats, the big book stacks, various God Cult and Soul Academy, teach dark, was former days Protector is definitely most powerful, this most faction, the true name should be dilapidated yesterday's Protector. 世界的几大势力,旧贵族、大书库、诸神教灵魂学院、黑暗教中,肯定是旧日守护者最强大,这最势力,真正的称呼应该是残旧昨日的守护者 More specifically, this world Solar, from the First Generation Yuan to the present, has never changed, this is not normal, conceptually, today's Solar is Blazing Sun , yesterday's Solar was yesterday , shone Blazing Sun Star two -and-a-half epoch, was actually same day Solar. 更明确的说,本世界太阳,从第一纪元到现在,从未更替过,这并不正常,从概念上来讲,今天的太阳烈阳,昨天的太阳则是昨日,照耀烈阳两个半纪元的,其实是同一天的太阳 So-called inherits Blood of the Sun , to guarantee can raise yesterday as usual, and suppresses Blazing Sun that today should raise simultaneously, Solar God Race is so obstinate, but must mention from this world abyss time. 所谓传承烈阳之血,就是为了确保昨日能照常升起,并同时压制今天本应升起的烈阳,太阳神族之所以如此执拗,还要从本世界深渊时代说起。 At that time, entire world was covered by the darkness of abyss attack, in this darkness, Solar God Race is slightly gathers, they by pile of Saint tree bonfires, resist the abyss lifeform of peripheral dark and dark mid-level retrievable arrow with a string attached to it temporarily, but this Saint tree bonfire will have more than enough for several days to be put out. 在那时,整个世界深渊侵袭的黑暗笼罩,这黑暗中,太阳神族还是个小聚地,他们凭借一堆圣树篝火,暂时抵抗住周边的黑暗与黑暗中游弋的深渊生物,但这圣树篝火用不了几天就会熄灭。 The waiting death, greeting dead is more fearful, is the First Generation Solar king of childhood, sits by the Saint tree bonfire, is considering in him how to let mother and younger brother has a slim chance of survival, as well as in the hand carbonizes the processed wooden club, what miracle should be, can fighting the abyss lifeform time, the jet black sky, the looming glimmer. 等待死亡,比迎接死亡更可怕,还是幼年的初代太阳王,坐在圣树篝火旁,正在他考虑,怎样让母亲与弟弟有一线生机,以及手中碳化处理过的木棍,应该是什么样的奇迹情况,才能对战深渊生物时,漆黑的上空,隐隐出现微光。 The childhood Solar king looks to the sky, saw that by the darkness, gave Solar of their some glimmer, even if that is only a Light Gold circular outline, but the Solar king knows that is sheltering their Solar, why he does not know, lifted the both arms, attempts with hugging the Solar way, praises this to give their new student/life Solar. 幼年太阳王看向上空,看到了那颗透过黑暗,给了他们些许微光的太阳,哪怕那只是一个淡金色的圆形轮廓,但太阳王知道,那是在庇护他们的太阳,他不知为何,抬起了双臂,尝试用拥抱太阳的方式,去赞美这颗赋予他们新生的太阳 Marvelous really occurrence, Solar in sky, gave the Solar king and his clansman Strength, from that moment on, a ethnic group rise of named Solar God Race. 奇迹真的发生,天空中的太阳,赋予了太阳王与他族人力量,从这一刻起,一个名为太阳神族的族群崛起。 May resist abyss in the success, seals after the throne, the Solar king does not have the half a point smile, he knows, after the world order returns to normal, above Solar soon must set, rather than looks like the abyss attack time, this Solar stands in the sky arrogantly for several hundred years. 可在成功抵抗深渊,封临王位后,太阳王却没有半分笑容,他知道,在世界秩序恢复正常后,上空的太阳即将要落山,而非像深渊侵袭时代般,这颗太阳在上空傲立几百年。 Bathes a day of sunlight, people will not have any special emotion to yesterday's Solar, but if bathed several hundred years of sunlight and asylum, and was given Strength, whenever and praised Solar to be responded, even if heart such as firm iron, does not look that this Solar set. 沐浴一天阳光,人们不会对昨天的太阳有什么特殊情感,可如果沐浴了几百年的阳光与庇护,并被赋予力量,且每当赞美太阳都能得到回应,哪怕心如坚铁,也不会看着这颗太阳落山。 Solar Wang Cheng for first Blood of the Sun Inheritor, he looks at Solar to set, passed after at night, raises, when he hugs Solar, when praises Solar has been responded, seals near the throne does not have the half a point happy expression Solar king, on the face finally to reappear several points of smile. 太阳王成为第一位烈阳之血传承者,他看着太阳落山,度过夜晚后再升起,当他拥抱太阳,赞美太阳得到回应时,封临王位都没有半分笑意的太阳王,脸上终于浮现几分笑容。 What will die of old age, that let alone should set , the generations of Blood of the Sun inheritance, let above yesterday yesterday , has become dilapidated yesterday , was former days . 什么都会老去,更别说早就应该落山的昨日,一代代的烈阳之血传承,让上空的昨日,已然成为残旧昨日,也就是旧日 former days once in Solar God Race was darkest, gave them the ray, they did not certainly give up, even if degenerated into the former days, they also want to make this Solar send out the unsurpassed glow. 旧日曾在太阳神族最黑暗时,给予他们光芒,他们当然舍不得,哪怕因此沦为旧日,他们也想让这颗太阳重新散发无上辉光。 What a pity, excessive detains to start to give Blazing Sun Star to bring the grief, former days finally was gloomy, to split open. 可惜,过度的挽留开始给烈阳带来伤痛,旧日最后暗淡、开裂。 Like Lu Siva to such that First Generation Solar king interrogated: ‚The king of god clan, our Solar, should set early, we were the former days, cannot drag everyone to be buried along with the dead.’ 就像卢西瓦对初代太阳王质问的那样:‘神族之王,我们的太阳,早该落山了,我们不过是旧日而已,不能拖着所有人陪葬。’ You have completed to post a reward 5 former days: Testimony former days.】 【你已完成悬赏五・旧日:见证旧日。】 This posts a reward to mortgage the gold/metal is 20 ounces Spacetime Energy, therefore posts a reward Difficulty to be extremely high, after completing, will obtain 100 ~ 2500 times to supplement the reward.】 【此悬赏抵押金为20盎司时空之力,因此悬赏难度极高,完成后,将得到100~2500倍追加悬赏金。】 In Judgement......】 判定中……】 You once obtained moon/month of blood, the Solar fragment and World Nucleus( this world), and defeats the First Generation Solar king, completes Main Mission witness .】 【你曾获得月之血、太阳碎片、世界之核(本世界),且战胜初代太阳王,完成主线任务・见证者。】 You will obtain 49920 ounces Spacetime Energy.】 【你将获得49920盎司时空之力。】 You have applied for notarization ahead of time, this reward, will favor Spacetime Stone fragment .】 【你已提前申请公证,本次悬赏金,将更倾向于时空石碎片。】 Prompt: Because conforms to the income rule, this notarization successful applicant passes.】 提示:因符合收益规则,此公证申请成功通过。】 You obtain Spacetime Stone fragment 4307( this is equivalent, may sell to Reincarnation Paradise at any time, obtains 43070 ounces Spacetime Energy).】 【你获得时空石碎片4307块(此为等价物,可随时出售给轮回乐园,获得43070盎司时空之力)。】 You obtain to take revenge it soul( uses this item for Tablet of Awakening, but on unlocking Tablet of Awakening enters step Extinguishing Law is ability , this item in this Judgement, is equal to 1600 ounces Spacetime Energy value).】 【你获得复仇之魂(对唤醒之碑使用此物品,可解锁唤醒之碑上的进阶・灭法系能力,此物品在本次判定中,等同于1600盎司时空之力的价值)。】 You obtain the soul of powerhouse 3( uses this item for Tablet of Awakening, but the Extinguishing Law department on unlocking Tablet of Awakening general competence , this item in this Judgement, is equal to 5250 ounces Spacetime Energy value).】 【你获得强者之魂三(对唤醒之碑使用此物品,可解锁唤醒之碑上的灭法系・通用能力,此物品在本次判定中,等同于5250盎司时空之力的价值)。】 ...... …… It seems like the harvest to be sumptuous, but thinks that also owes Reincarnation Paradise 85000 ounces Spacetime Energy, 43920 ounces Spacetime Energy that this just started, probably was not sufficient. 看似收获丰盛,但想到还欠轮回乐园85000盎司时空之力,这刚入手的43920盎司时空之力,好像就不怎么够用了。 Opens Void Tree the notarization title store, Title treasure box()】 Takes 120 Solar gold coins, he total exchanges to 3182 Title treasure box()】. 】 打开虚空之树公证的称号商店,一枚【称号宝箱()】要120太阳金币,他总计兑换到3182枚【称号宝箱()】。】 You have opened title treasure box() 3182.】 【你已开启称号宝箱()3182枚。】 You obtain nine Star no attribute title 3182.】 【你获得九无属性称号3182枚。】 ...... …… Su Xiao embodiment has the Reincarnation Paradise notarization title to burn to refine the disc, starts to conduct the title to burn to refine, because of being nine Star no attribute titles, burns the speed of building up to be quick, is actually the accumulation of pure title energy. 苏晓具现轮回乐园公证的称号燃炼圆盘,开始进行称号燃炼,因都是九无属性称号,燃炼的速度很快,其实就是纯净称号能量的累积。 When Su Xiao obtains 5 limits to burn to refine 4 nine Star no attribute titles, he abyss it shadow( limit burns to refine 4 times)】 Inlays in the Lord title position, the peripheral five scoop channels inlay 5 limits to burn to refine 4 nine Star no attribute titles, the title burns to refine to start. 苏晓获得五枚极限燃炼・四次的九无属性称号,他将【深渊之影(极限燃炼・四次)】镶在主称号位上,周边五个凹槽镶入五枚极限燃炼・四次无属性称号,称号燃炼开始。 This time burns the transmutation power is: 100.】 【本次燃炼成功率为:100。】 『Yes』『No』 conducts this time burns to refine.】 是/否进行本次燃炼。】 Had determined that this time burns to refine, it is expected that after the 36 hours 50 minutes, may complete this title to burn to refine.】 【已确定本次燃炼,预计36小时50分钟后,可完成本次称号燃炼。】 ...... …… So long as completes this time burns to refine, 【The shadow of abyss Aspires to seize the peak of title, this title climbed up the peak to verify a few words, the luck was insufficient, the strength collected. 只要完成这次燃炼,【深渊之影】就问鼎称号之巅峰,这枚称号攀上巅峰印证了一句话,运气不够,实力来凑。 Takes out this obtained 16 Solar Source Stone , embodiment has the Solar Overlord title again, Solar Source Stone melt liquid, was absorbed by Solar Overlord , this contour is bigger than several metal titles the gold coin, shows the dark gold/metal -like sense of reality, before was the radiant gold, after absorbing 18 special Solar Source Stone , became the dark gold/metal. 取出这次所得的16颗太阳源石,再具现太阳领主称号,一枚枚太阳源石熔化成液态,被太阳领主所吸收,这枚外形比金币大几圈的金属称号,透出暗金般的质感,以前是璀璨黄金般,吸收18颗特殊太阳源石后,就成了暗金。 Takes out Blood of the Sun , controls the Solar Overlord absorption, Solar Overlord starts the qualitative change, the beforehand all accumulation, erupt at this time completely. 取出烈阳之血,操控太阳领主吸收,太阳领主开始质变,之前的所有累积,此时全部爆发出来。 Prompt: You will soon obtain Holy Emblem of the God Race, but because you make the Solar Overlord title total absorb 50 Solar Source Stone, you may in the following Holy Emblem of the God Race step, choose its one.】 提示:你即将获得神族圣徽,但因你让太阳领主称号总计吸收50颗太阳源石,你可在以下神族圣徽梯阶中,选择其一。】 Following Holy Emblem of the God Race altogether has the characteristics: If you faced with the death, will not die thoroughly, after playing dead for 30 minutes, you will regain the vitality because of the warm sunlight effect, the body part of damage gradually regenerate, until your HP restores to 30.】 【以下神族圣徽共有特性:如你面临死亡,将不会彻底死亡,假死30分钟后你将因温暖阳光效果而重新获得生机,缺损的身体部位逐渐再生,直至你的生命值恢复至30。】 Holy Emblem of the God Race body( Paradise level disposable buff item): When you use this Sacred Badge, in following 10 day, your body will be nourished significantly, True Strength, True Agility, True Stamina, True Intelligence and real Charm + 85 points, HP promotes 15 presently, presently Mana promotes 10.】 神族圣徽・体(乐园级・一次性增益物品):当你使用此圣徽,后续的十个自然日内,你的身体将受到大幅度滋养,真实力量真实敏捷真实体力真实智力、真实魅力点,当前生命值提升15,当前法力值提升十。】 Prompt: Solar Overlord at least absorbs 16 Solar Source Stone, rotatable becomes Holy Emblem of the God Race body. 提示:太阳领主至少吸收16颗太阳源石,可转变为神族圣徽・体。 Holy Emblem of the God Race blood( Paradise level disposable buff item): When you use this Sacred Badge, in following 8 day, your body will be nourished significantly, True Strength, True Agility and True Stamina + 70 points, HP promotes 45 presently, presently Mana promotes 5.】 神族圣徽・血(乐园级・一次性增益物品):当你使用此圣徽,后续的八个自然日内,你的身体将受到大幅度滋养,真实力量真实敏捷真实体力点,当前生命值提升45,当前法力值提升五。】 Prompt: Solar Overlord at least absorbs 32 Solar Source Stone, rotatable becomes Holy Emblem of the God Race blood. 提示:太阳领主至少吸收32颗太阳源石,可转变为神族圣徽・血。 Holy Emblem of the God Race soul( Paradise level disposable buff item): When you use this Sacred Badge, in following 5 day, your body will be nourished significantly, True Strength, True Agility, True Stamina and True Intelligence + 50 points, HP promotes 25 presently, presently Mana promotes 25, Soul Vitality increases 200 points.】 神族圣徽・魂(乐园级・一次性增益物品):当你使用此圣徽,后续的五个自然日内,你的身体将受到大幅度滋养,真实力量真实敏捷真实体力真实智力点,当前生命值提升25,当前法力值提升25,灵魂强度提升200点。】 Prompt: Solar Overlord absorbs 50 Solar Source Stone, rotatable becomes Holy Emblem of the God Race soul( did not have this characteristics Holy Emblem of the God Race, but obtains Solar Source Stone because of the Hunter ultra limit, according to the income notarization mechanism, notarization has this characteristics Holy Emblem of the God Race, this/should Sacred Badge, for according to your individual situation constitution). 提示:太阳领主吸收50颗太阳源石,可转变为神族圣徽・魂(原无此特性神族圣徽,但因猎杀者超极限获得太阳源石,根据收益公证机制,公证出此特性神族圣徽,该圣徽,为根据你的个人情况所构成)。 Prompt: Uses this Holy Emblem of the God Race, needs 90 points above Abyss Resistance. 提示:使用此神族圣徽,需有90点以上深渊抗性 ...... …… It seems like Holy Emblem of the God Race body Lifting capacity, keen, body, wisdom and charm five species, but the Su Xiao present strength, keen, the wisdom attribute is 732 points, the stamina attribute 777 points, in this grade of situation use Holy Emblem of the God Race body, Will present the large scale promotion overflow. 看似【神族圣徽・体】提升力、敏、体、智、魅五种属性,可苏晓现在的力、敏、智属性均为732点,体力属性777点,这等情况下使用【神族圣徽・体】,会出现大幅度的提升溢出。 The present stage, his body attribute is unable to be higher than 800 points, in addition this is buff that permanent buff kind of item conducts, after did not have 800 points, the surplus promotion first accumulate, after topping 800 points, made up, but once were the upper limit, the surplus promotion can scatter his body. 现阶段,他的身体属性无法高出800点,加之这是永久性增益物品进行的增益,不存在到了800点后,剩余提升先攒着,等突破800点后再补上,而是一旦达到上限,剩余提升会飘散出他的身体。 Converts the attribute point, was equal to wasting 198 True Attribute lifting powers, the blood owed the extreme, Holy Emblem of the God Race soul Although in the True Stamina attribute, has the overflow slightly, but promotes 200 Soul Vitality, is he urgently needs. 换算成属性点,等于浪费了198点真实属性点的提升量,血亏到极点,【神族圣徽・魂】虽在真实体力属性上,也稍有溢出,但提升200点灵魂强度,是他迫切需要的。 Demon Spirit even more was recently active, faintly some worked loose the feeling that he fettered temporarily, these 200 Soul Vitality resentments, Demon Spirit will be suppressed by him is completely very long. 最近魔灵越发活跃,隐隐有暂时挣脱他束缚的感觉,这200点灵魂强度怼上来,魔灵会被他完全压制很久。 Su Xiao looks to out of the window, from the scenery change, to place of Divine spirit Exiler, the speed of Overlord train indeed is quickly quick, his time is takes dark gold ore , this is the specially rare rare ore, do not despise these dark gold ore , this is the beginning that and void ten thousand Jielao undying cooperate, that is some Supreme Powerhouse level old undying. 苏晓看向窗外,从景色变化来看,已经快到神灵放逐之地,领主列车的速度的确快,他这次是去取暗金矿,这是特别难得的稀有矿石,别小看这些暗金矿,这是与虚空万界老不死们合作的开端,那都是些至强层级的老不死 ...... …… Morning sun city, in the evening, Southern District sand port, the orbital bus stop in Pier 5 inhabited area, the orbital public transportation stops, has bustled about an all day secretary Una gets out, the Dusk City drastic change, as well as this world has a new lease of life suddenly turns for the better, lets originally on Neutral Good, vigorously develops the morning sun city, one first choice that becomes these homeless Dusk City civilians. 曦光城,傍晚,南区・塔砂港,5号码头居民区的轨道公交车站,轨道公交车停下,已忙碌一整天的秘书・尤尤娜下车,黄昏城的剧变,以及本世界忽然重获新生般转好,让原本就中立善良,努力发展的曦光城,一下成为那些无家可归黄昏城平民的首选。 Compares the end to arrive, the darkness that is completely cracked, gushes out after by the former days to swallow, but the body dies, at present this were homeless, is really Luck, is at least also living, and world stable security that is, no longer has the disaster at night, the blood night, no longer has the moon/month of beast and crazy beast. 相比末日降临,全部被旧日崩裂开后涌出的黑暗吞噬而身死,眼下这等无家可归,真的已是种幸运,至少还活着,且所在的世界稳定安全,不再有灾祸黑夜、血夜,不再有月兽、狂兽等。 The present night is quiet and cool, because of being summer end, but can also hear the insect whining noise, in addition, the land is no longer barren, broadcasts to sow seeds, may plant the crops, the fresh water is also clean, does not need to look like in the past like that after paying the high price filters repeatedly, can drink, the present water source not only does not have the bitter and astringent feeling, drinking to be sweet and limpid, almost all Dusk City residents are shocked, is the fresh water unexpectedly is the so tasty thing. 现在的夜晚静谧、阴凉,因是夏末,还能听到虫鸣声,除此之外,大地不再贫瘠,播下种子,就可种出农作物,淡水也干净,无需像以往那般,付出高额代价多次过滤后才能饮用,现在的水源不仅没有苦涩感,喝起来甘甜、清澈,几乎所有黄昏城居民都震惊一点,就是淡水竟是如此好喝的东西。 Compared with these, temporary homeless, is really not anything, at least over 90% Dusk City civilians think. 和这些相比,暂时的无家可归,真的不算什么,至少九成以上黄昏城平民是这么认为。 But regarding a big city, particularly the morning sun city, the population is most important, the rise of morning sun city in this opportunity is inevitable, but does not know, this neutral friendly faction, what kind of legend can create. 而对于一座大城而言,尤其是曦光城,人口是重中之重,曦光城在这次机遇中崛起已是必然,但不知道,这中立友善阵营,能缔造出怎样的传奇故事。 Compares these, busy one all day, tired to walking foot soft Una, now only wants to go home, eats until fill to take a bath, then throws oneself on the bed of bedroom, enjoys happiness that the whole body relaxes. 相比这些,忙碌一整天,累到走路都脚软的尤尤娜,现在只想回到家中,饱餐一顿洗个澡,然后把自己扔在卧室的大床上,享受全身放松的美好。 Suddenly, Una stops the footsteps, she faced with the difficult choice, walks the front alley to go home now quickly, but walks the main street, at least needs to walk for 5 minutes, the seduction that goes home to eat meal, making her decide to take risks, takes a step to enter in the front alley. 忽然,尤尤娜停下脚步,她现在面临个艰难的抉择,走前面的小巷能更快回家,而走正街,至少要多走五分钟,回家吃饭的诱惑,让她决定铤而走险,迈步走进前方的小巷内。 In the alley quiet as always, Una laughs in spite of trying not, she three days tied up before twice, is a little persecuted to presumptuously think, how possibly again quilt...... 小巷内一如既往的安静,尤尤娜不禁失笑,她之前三天被绑两次,都有点被迫害妄想了,怎么可能再被…… Una's footsteps stop, because she sees, on the stair by the houses front several meters away, sits a person of dog demon eagle, this makes her the pupil reduce several points immediately, in the ignorant look, full is to in world dangerous profound experience. 尤尤娜的脚步停下,因为她看到,在前方几米外的房屋旁台阶上,坐着一人一狗一魔鹰,这让她立即瞳孔紧缩几分,懵懂的眼神中,满是对世间险恶的深刻体会。 Why as for ties up Una again, Su Xiao's Side Mission investigation information completed, naturally submits mission. 至于为何再来绑尤尤娜,苏晓的支线任务・探查情报完成了,当然得来提交任务 In my opinion,... does not need to walk the flow......” “依我看,就…就没必要走流程了吧……” Una's words have not said, her line of sight changes into the orange that she likes, because had been belayed by the orange gunnysack. 尤尤娜的话还没说完,她的视线化为她喜欢的橙色,因为已被橙色麻袋套住。 The rear dozens meters places, in secret several guards who are responsible for protecting Una, you have a look at me, I have a look at you, properly speaking, they should rush before this moment, but in the city wall witnessed before that diameter several hundred kilometers thunder Zhupi falls, as well as following knew that whose ability this thunder is, in addition at the same night abolished Extinguishing Law issues a warrant for arrest, several guard's tacit decisions, telephone to report the city Lord Sir immediately. 后方几十米处,负责暗中保护尤尤娜的几名护卫,你看看我,我看看你,按理说,此刻他们应该冲上前,但之前在城墙上目睹那直径几百公里的界雷柱劈落,以及后续得知这界雷是谁的能力,加上连夜被撤销的灭法者通缉等,几名护卫默契的决定,立即打电话汇报城主大人。 After several minutes, in city Lord work, city lords Chagall because of sitting after the desk, facial expression confused takes communication, she has felt at this moment, after 2nd Generation Yuan these first generation of Extinguishing Law resist the abyss attack, the complex emotion of native faction leaders, when World Destroyer danger by the Extinguishing Law faction solution, then congratulations, Extinguishing Law perhaps becomes the source of new danger. 几分钟后,城主办公室内,城主・夏尔因坐在办公桌后,神情迷茫的拿着通讯器,她此刻已感受到,第二纪元那些先代灭法们对抗深渊侵袭后,本土势力领袖们的复杂心情,当灭世危难被灭法阵营解决,那么恭喜,灭法者说不定就成为新危险的源头。 To be honest, this moment Chagall because of thanked that Extinguishing Law from the bottom of the heart, the issue was, now the opposite party ties up the trusted aide who she most trusted, in addition earlier, was planned the good friend, to win soul tree and looting unusual material treasure house by the opposite party face to face, all matters added together, the contradictory feeling that this gratitude resented, Jean Charles because of somewhat put on Pain Mask. 说实话,此刻夏尔因打心底里感谢那名灭法者,问题是,现在对方绑了她最信任的心腹,加之更早些时候,被对方算计挚友、当面夺走灵魂树、洗劫超凡材料宝库,所有事相加,这种感激又愤恨的矛盾感受,让夏尔因都有些戴上痛苦面具了。
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