RP :: Volume #31

#9: Is pleasantly surprised?

Su Xiao goes out from the Saint main entrance, at this time his chest front is hanging a nobility merit, the duke merit! 苏晓从圣廷正门走出,此时他胸前挂着一枚爵勋,公爵勋! Su Xiao just went down the stair, the paved pathway both sides empire soldiers raises up the weapon in hand, knees down completely, the armor collides, is powerful. 苏晓刚走下台阶,甬路两侧的帝国士兵们都竖起手中的武器,全部单膝跪地,铠甲碰撞,气势十足。 This scene, being people pursues one of the power reasons, where regardless of arrives, some people awe, some people kneel to bend down in the place. 这种场面,也是人们追求权力的原因之一,无论走到哪里,都有人敬畏,有人跪伏在地。 Su Xiao passes through from the paved pathway, Boubo woof, A' Mu, Baja follow in him behind. 苏晓从甬路上走过,布布汪、阿姆巴哈跟在他身后。 Just came to the end of paved pathway, a carriage stopped there, in the compartment had moon/month of wolf emblem, the vehicle door is opening. 刚走到甬路的尽头,一辆马车停在那里,车厢上有月狼徽,车门正开着。 We, although loathes that old fogy, but we also believe his vision.” “我们虽然厌恶那老家伙,但我们也相信他的眼光。” The Lebanese forest is sitting in the carriage, this honest duke, no matter, takes the larger situation into account. 黎林正坐在马车内,这位正直的公爵,无论在什么时候,都是以大局为重。 Old Fart not necessarily is bad person, when for example Duke Li forest, he works ruthless spicy, won't most matters that but he does, for the people and empires, as for sometimes selfish desire, who absolutely have the selfish desire? 老阴哔并不一定都是坏人,就比如黎林公爵,他做事时狠辣至极,但他所做的大部分事,都是为了民众与帝国,至于有时的私欲,谁会完全没有私欲? In Asian Lenz city spreads a few words, without Duke Li forest, the empire loses the hope thoroughly. 兰斯城内流传一句话,没有黎林公爵,帝国就彻底失去希望。 Even, over 30% officials, will support Duke Li forest to become the Saint king, as for the remaining 70% empire officials, they have corrupted. 甚至于,30%以上的官员,都会拥护黎林公爵成为圣裔王,至于剩下70%的帝国官员,他们早已腐烂。 Su Xiao sits boards the carriage, this Baja stared A' Mu one, A' Mu somewhat suffering sitting side the cart driver, the cart driver trembles, wants to say anything, but does not dare to say. 苏晓坐上马车,这次巴哈瞪了阿姆一眼,阿姆有些委屈的坐在车夫身旁,车夫瑟瑟发抖,想说什么,但又不敢说。 The carriage drives fast to Asian Lenz city, what pulling a cart is two alone Kakuzu beasts, the speed is not the rhinocero horse can compare. 马车快速向亚兰斯城外驶去,拉车的是两匹独兽,速度远不是犀马能相比。 Most 20 minutes, the carriage drives out of Asian Lenz city, about a half hour, arrives in a vineyard, gets angry the restaurant that the lion duke is murdered. 最多20分钟,马车就驶出亚兰斯城,半小时左右,抵达一座葡萄园内,也就是怒狮公爵遇害的酒庄。 White wine village had been surrounded by the soldier all round, the conservative estimate has over ten thousand soldiers, some courtlings or the rich merchants, are gathering together, some have choked with sobs. ‘白葡萄酒庄’已被士兵团团包围,保守估计有上万名士兵,一些小官员或富商,正聚在一起,有些已经泣不成声。 From the heart that these people cry, is not they with the friendship of angry lion duke deep, but after spending the big pound sterlings bribed the relations, the angry lion duke died, this was equal to that anything did not have, their some will go bankrupt in a short time, some will be recalled the government position. 这些人哭的发自内心,不是他们与怒狮公爵的交情有多深,而是在花了大笔金镑买通关系后,怒狮公爵死了,这就等于什么都没了,他们有些会在短时间内破产,有些会被罢免官职。 The soldiers give away a road, making the carriage that Su Xiao is at pass, the carriage just passed, the soldiers crowd around in together, is blocked at all levels the restaurant. 士兵们让出一条路,让苏晓所在的马车通过,马车刚通过,士兵们就重新簇拥在一起,将酒庄层层封锁。 The carriage stops, Su Xiao just went down the carriage, smells light sour odor, but on the grape trellis of not far away, the volume stem of grapevine is dried up, grapes present the iron grey. 马车停下,苏晓刚走下马车,就闻到一股淡淡的酸味,而在不远处的葡萄架上,葡萄树的卷茎都干枯,一串串葡萄呈现出灰白色。 Some people absorbed the plant vitality of nearby region in a short time, and transforms these vitalities to send the imaginary gas, before this gas dissipates completely, will have the sour odor. 有人在短时间内摄取了附近区域的植物生命力,并将这些生命力转化为致幻气体,这气体完全消散前,会有酸味。 Su Xiao stands before the grape trellis the observation moment, with his fight experience, can judge many things. 苏晓站在葡萄架前观察片刻,以他的战斗经验,能判断出很多事。 Following Suishizi Road in restaurant, before Su Xiao arrives in an old castle, this old castle some years, the outer wall starts to make decent, presents very attractive grain. 顺着酒庄的碎石子路,苏晓抵达一栋古堡前,这古堡有些年月,外墙都开始风化,呈现出很漂亮的石纹。 The main entrance of old castle opens greatly, in the gate is lying together the form, looking at the attire is the famous maid. 古堡的正门大开,门内趴着一道身影,看衣着是名女仆。 Su Xiao lifts the step to go forward, immediately judged this maid has not died, but was struck the corona, this style, Su Xiao thinks immediately, assassination does not want to slaughter innocents, even, is willing to take the extra risk for this reason. 苏晓抬步上前,马上判断出这名女仆还没死,只是被击晕,这种行事风格,苏晓马上想到,刺杀者不想滥杀无辜,甚至于,愿意为此承担额外的风险。 Su Xiao's according to the nape of maid, the maid neck bone has not presented the breakage, even does not have the dislocation, judged from the extent of damage of hypodermic soft tissue, the hand of enemy is not big. 苏晓的手按在女仆的后颈上,女仆颈骨未出现破损,甚至没错位,从皮下软组织的损伤程度判断,敌人的手不大。 Estimated at the size of this hand, the height of enemy in 157 ~ 163 m about, body weight not over 50 kilograms, female. 以这只手的大小预估,敌人的身高在157~163m左右,体重不超50公斤,女性。 Su Xiao can only judge these, Boubo woof Shangqian smelled smelling. 苏晓只能判断出这些,布布汪上前嗅了嗅。 woof.” “汪。” Wild rose flower fragrance?” “蔷薇花香?” Su Xiao frowns, the empire present season is in August, the rose is 5 ~ in June is in full bloom, will a female assassin, how spread the flower spice on the body? Also she touches. 苏晓皱起眉头,帝国现在的季节是八月,蔷薇花是5~6月盛开,一名女刺客,怎么会在身上涂花香料?又或者说,她是无意间触碰到。 The females, come and go out have had the place that smudges the pollen spice, the attack direction has some deviations, the big probability is the waist has the wound, affected the equilibrium of forces of entire body. 女性,出入过有涂抹花粉香料的地方,打击方向有些许偏差,大概率是腰部有伤,影响了整个身体的力平衡。 Not only in the Su Xiao brain associates, once the injured female assassin, hid in Asian Lenz city the brothel heals from a wound somewhere, before the action, moistens on some prostitute to the spice of rose manufacture. 苏晓脑中不仅联想到,一名曾受伤的女刺客,躲在亚兰斯城内某处妓院养伤,行动前在某名妓女身上沾到蔷薇花制造的香料。 Kukulin, be not keeping off us.” 库库林,别挡着我们。” The moon/month wolf madame blinks to Su Xiao, Su Xiao has not spoken, but walks toward the old castle. 月狼夫人对苏晓眨了眨眼,苏晓没说话,而是向古堡内走去。 Just before entering the tasting room gate of old castle, Su Xiao smelled the strong smell of blood. 刚进入古堡的品酒室门前,苏晓就闻到浓烈的血腥味。 Opens the tasting room unlatched door, the extremely brutal picture appears. 推开品酒室虚掩的门,极为残酷的画面出现。 A very strong corpse was slung, on his chest has more than ten cracks fully, was not rumbled to come out, but dug out flesh and internal organs by some type of sharp weapon. 一具很强壮的尸体被吊起,他的胸膛上足有十几道破洞,不是被轰出来,而是被某种锋利武器挖出一块块血肉与脏器。 This gets angry the lion duke, his head also dug out together the crack, very big skull was pulled. 这就是怒狮公爵,他的脑袋同样被挖出一道破洞,很大一块颅骨被扯出。 Su Xiao stood in the corpse slantingly under observed a meeting, basically returned to original state the fight scene. 苏晓站在尸体斜下方观察了一会,基本还原了战斗情景。 The angry lion duke stayed overnight in this last night, this is the man of extremely nice wine, he this morning wants to drink one cup, in the violently poisonous paralysis by liquor to is actually not able to move, assassination altogether has 2, a man and a woman, the male are responsible for assassinating, the female is responsible for taking down the peripheral retinues. 怒狮公爵昨晚留宿于此,这是个极其好酒的男人,他今早想喝一杯,却被酒中的剧毒麻痹到无法动弹,刺杀者共有二名,一男一女,男性负责暗杀,女性负责放倒周边的仆从们。 These two points almost also complete, from this can judge, two assassins are very familiar with the restaurant, they to assassinate angry lion duke, even does not hesitate to ambush for several months in this, even is longer, and gains the angry lion duke basically to trust, by convenient intoxicates in the liquor. 这两点几乎是同时完成,由此能判断,两名暗杀者对酒庄很熟悉,他们为了刺杀怒狮公爵,甚至不惜在此潜伏几个月,甚至更久,并获取怒狮公爵最基本的信任,以方便在酒中下毒。 Duke Li forest, if I have not guessed wrong, the assassin altogether has two people, a man and a woman, they are the retinues in restaurant, or a labor kind, has at least worked in the restaurant for over several months, they usually will not have too the contact, the masculine figure is slim, the female has left the restaurant recently, moreover there is a wound in the body, if they are the people ready dead, should still stay in the restaurant, when other dukes arrive, is your I arrives, if not the person ready dead, after they assassinate is successful, the big probability will hide in......” “黎林公爵,如果我没猜错,暗杀者共有两人,一男一女,他们是酒庄内的仆从,或是劳工一类,至少已经在酒庄内工作几个月以上,他们两人平日中不会有太多接触,男性身材偏瘦,女性近期内离开过酒庄,而且有伤在身,如果他们是死士,依然会留在酒庄内,等其他公爵到场,也就是等你我到场,如果不是死士,他们刺杀成功后,大概率会躲在……” After Su Xiao brief explanation, Duke Li forest has doubts eyeful. 苏晓简略说明情况后,黎林公爵满眼疑惑。 Since this, I send people to search.” “既然这样,我派人去搜查。” Lebanese Duke forest the polite reply, in fact, he does not think that can find assassination simply. 黎林公爵礼貌性回答,实际上,他并不认为能这么简单就找到刺杀者。 However, after several minutes, outside the old castle hears an intermittent angry roaring sound, is a loud sound. 然而,几分钟后,古堡外传来一阵阵怒吼声,转而就是一声巨响。 It seems like the person ready dead.” “看来是死士。” Su Xiao's wields, ejects a scrap ceramics fragment, hangs the hemp rope break of angry lion duke, the corpse is passing one to pound to fall on the place. 苏晓的手一挥,抛出一小块陶瓷碎片,吊着怒狮公爵的麻绳断裂,尸体噗通一声砸落在地。 The rapid sound of footsteps transmits, several soldiers break in the old castle from the main entrance, they grasp the long weapon, seven long weapons pierce a body of woman, build, the woman has been is on the verge of death. 急促的脚步声传来,几名士兵从正门冲入古堡,他们都手持长武器,七把长武器将一名女人的身体洞穿,架起,女人已处于濒死。 But in the woman waist, has already the bloodstained bandage, this is that female assassin. 而在女人腰间,有已经染血的绷带,这就是那名女刺客。 What's wrong, possibly, why.” “怎么,可能,为什么。” In the female assassin mouth muttered, is extremely weak, on her is also inserting three pointed cones, limited her to operate the energy in within the body, she could not think through, why arranged a half year of plan, just carried out half, was seen through, moreover even their symptoms know, what awfully was, but also knows that she had the wound in the body. 女刺客口中喃喃,已是极其虚弱,她身上还插着三根尖锥,限制她操纵体内的能量,她死活都想不通,为何布置了半年的计划,刚执行一半,就被识破了,而且连他们的体征都知道,更要命的是,还知道她有伤在身。 On the face moistens the bloodstain, in the eye the appearance gloomy female assassin is believing, certainly had in the ghost, otherwise cannot like this. 脸上沾着血迹,眼中神采暗淡的女刺客坚信,一定是出了内鬼,否则绝不会这样。 The Lebanese forest and moon/month wolf madame transfer the vision simultaneously, looks to Su Xiao, Li forest still keeps serious, but his ugly complexion showed that his time mood bad. 黎林与月狼夫人同时调转目光,看向苏晓,黎林依然保持严肃,可他那难看的脸色说明,他此时的心情有多糟。 To come is also, Li forest and moon/month wolf madame just limited an old fox, who knows, at present actually emits a more terrifying fellow, the entire journey less than 10 minutes, clutches assassination. 想来也是,黎林与月狼夫人刚限制住一只老狐狸,可谁知道,眼下却放出一个更恐怖的家伙,全程十分钟不到,就把刺杀者揪出来。
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