RP :: Volume #31

#10: Unknown influence

The female assassin is almost on the verge of death, but she was unable dead now, Su Xiao will not at least make him die, has not triggered with Main Mission related hidden mission, especially this is mission of reward nature. 女刺客几近濒死,但她现在还不能死,至少苏晓不会让他死,一个与主线任务有关的隐藏任务还没触发,尤其这还是个奖励性质的任务 Do not let her die.” “别让她死。” Lebanese Duke forest finishes speaking, that several soldiers go forward, head that a person steps the female assassin, several other people are conduct the emergency response to her. 黎林公爵话音刚落,那几名士兵就上前,一人踩住女刺客的头,另外几人则是对她进行应急处理。 We stared.” “我们被盯上了。” Moon/Month wolf madame very leisurely and carefree sitting in one side, light wen black tea in the cup. 月狼夫人很悠闲的坐在一旁,轻呡了口杯中的红茶。 The first goal of assassination is that old fogy, but he evaded last night.” “暗杀的第一个目标是那老家伙,但他昨晚躲过了。” Lebanese Duke forest said these words at the same time, looked at Su Xiao. 黎林公爵说这句话的同时,看了眼苏晓 Since the second goal is to get angry the lion, that third goal, likely is Duke White Dragon.” “既然第二个目标是怒狮,那第三个目标,很可能是白龙公爵。” Su Xiao examines the injury of female assassin, in a short time cannot die. 苏晓查看女刺客的伤势,短时间内死不了。 Is impossible,” a moon/month wolf madame veto, after hesitation moment, said: No one will arrive at his manor to assassinate him, that is impossible to succeed.” “不可能,”月狼夫人一口否决,沉吟片刻后说道:“没人会到他的庄园去刺杀他,那不可能成功。” „That third goal is you.” “那第三个目标就是你。” „......” “……” The moon/month wolf madame knits the brows to stare at Su Xiao, after the moment . 月狼夫人皱眉盯着苏晓,片刻后。 Good, likely is I.” “好吧,很可能是我。” The moon/month wolf madame is smiling, but she actually smiles makes people scared. 月狼夫人在笑,但她却笑得让人胆寒。 Obviously, on the scene is the smart people, one group of influences are assassinating the duke, at this time has succeeded one time, but the senior duke, knew this before last night, therefore he withdrew the guards in manor, this action, making the assassin lose the opportunity directly. 显然,在场都是聪明人,有一伙势力正在暗杀公爵,此时已经成功一次,而老公爵,在昨晚之前就知道这点,所以他撤走庄园内的侍卫们,这一举动,让暗杀者直接失去机会。 Perhaps is startled to the assassin, they choose this morning make a move, goal to wield the angry lion duke of military authority Guilbert, the result is successful. 或许是惊到暗杀者,他们选择在今早出手,目标为执掌军权的怒狮公爵・吉伯特,结果为成功。 Moreover, this group of assassins have not left the restaurant, but waits for the opportunity, assassinates other dukes who may present, regarding these two assassins, can remove the angry lion duke, is the significance that they go on living, can kill a duke again, even the death, still dies for the honor. 不仅如此,这伙暗杀者并未离开酒庄,而是等待机会,刺杀有可能出现的其他公爵,对于这两名暗杀者而言,能除掉怒狮公爵,就是他们活下去的意义,能再杀一名公爵,就算是死,也是为了荣誉而死。 The situation in Asian Lenz city is even more complex, the powerful dukes died, from the assassination Saint king, that will be far? 兰斯城内的情况越发复杂,位高权重的公爵都死了,距离刺杀圣裔王,那会远吗? Obviously, the behaviors of these people, have the direct conflict with Su Xiao's mission, god knows this group of people will assassinate the Saint king in what form, if using the big might explosive material, the heart scrap of Saint king, Su Xiao's mission will be defeated. 显然,这些人的行为,与苏晓的任务产生直接冲突,天知道这伙人会以什么形式刺杀圣裔王,万一使用大威力爆炸物,将圣裔王的心脏炸碎,苏晓的任务将会失败。 After promoting six steps, Su Xiao was unable to exempt completely forces to execute, he in low rank had once obtained a jurisdiction, exempts from Mission Failure time forces to execute the penalty, only limited to forces to execute, but that jurisdiction that Mission Failure causes only in 1 ~ fifth-order has absolute authority effect. 晋升六阶后,苏晓已经无法完全豁免强制处决,他曾在低阶获得过一次权限,豁免一次任务失败的强制处决惩罚,仅限于任务失败所导致的强制处决,但那权限仅在1~5阶有‘绝对权限’效果。 This charm amulet made Su Xiao feel at ease was very long, but after promoting six steps, this charm amulet is not that easy-to-use, although can exempt from force one time to execute, will also deduct him entire attribute 50%, might be called frigid. 这‘护身符’让苏晓安心了很久,但在晋升六阶后,这护身符已经不是那么好用,虽然能豁免一次强制处决,同时也会扣除他全属性的50%,堪称惨烈。 Once Saint king Shigu not saves, Su Xiao will lose 50% entire attributes, what awfully is, but also meets the growth that the ignores hopes. 一旦圣裔王尸骨无存,苏晓将会损失50%的全属性,更要命的是,还会放任希的成长。 On the way what to do does mission meet to conflict? Goes to and that group of unknown influence discussions? Do not crack a joke, own safety, pins in an unknown influence hand, that is very stupid behavior. 任务途中遇到冲突怎么办?去和那伙未知势力商谈?别开玩笑了,将自身的安危,寄托在一个未知势力手中,那是很蠢的行为。 Since conflicts with mission, Su Xiao decided, clutches that influence, shovels completely evenly, later finds the opportunity to strike to kill the Saint king. 既然与任务冲突,苏晓决定,将那股势力揪出来,全部铲平,之后找机会击杀圣裔王。 Or this is a heaven-sent opportunity, if eradicates that group of unknown influences, several dukes, even the Saint king, will relax to Su Xiao appropriately vigilantly, at the appointed time, is the opportunity. 或者说,这是天赐良机,如果将那伙未知势力铲除,几名公爵,甚至于圣裔王,都会对苏晓适当放松警惕,届时,就是机会。 Thinks of these, the Su Xiao's mentality is completely clear. 想到这些,苏晓的思路完全清晰。 This person, I carry off.” “这个人,我带走。” During the Su Xiao speeches hints A' Mu to lift up that female assassin. 苏晓说话间示意阿姆去扛起那名女刺客。 Ok.” “可以。” „It is not good.” “不行。” The attitude of Lebanese forest and moon/month wolf madame is clearly opposite, Li forest after experiencing the Su Xiao's ability, agreed that Su Xiao takes over this matter. 黎林与月狼夫人的态度截然相反,黎林在见识了苏晓的能力后,同意苏晓接手这件事。 Reason.” “理由。” Su Xiao and Lebanese Duke forest look to the moon/month wolf madame. 苏晓与黎林公爵都看向月狼夫人。 Li forest, you are thinking anything, he is that old fogy person of , you forgot that old fogy to make anything, even if Li forest you forgot, I will not forget.” “黎林,你在想什么,他是那老家伙手下的人,你忘了那老家伙做过什么,就算黎林你忘了,我也不会忘。” The words of moon/month wolf madame, let Lebanese Duke forest the silent moment. 月狼夫人的话,让黎林公爵沉默片刻。 Voting system decision.” “投票制决定吧。” Lebanese Duke forest proposed relative fairly way. 黎林公爵提出了一个相对‘公平’的方式。 Ok.” “可以。” Bang! 砰! In the moon/month wolf madame's pounds hand red teacup on the table, air/Qi very much, but must keep graceful, she sets out to leave, just before leaving, stared Su Xiao one, that look cannot see the anger, instead some check people. 月狼夫人将手中的红茶杯砸在桌上,很气,但还要保持优雅,她起身离开,临走时,瞪了苏晓一眼,那眼神看不出愤怒,反而有些勾人。 Here gave you.” “这里交给你了。” Leaves behind these words, Duke Li forest also walks toward the old castle, he had decided that recently, can leave Su Xiao to be far, to far, he was unable dead, many people need him, this completely decayed empire will also soon need him to maintain, before selecting successor, he cannot die, even if only remains a head, he must maintain this country, this is his family's honor. 留下这句话,黎林公爵也向古堡外走去,他已经决定,近期内,能离苏晓多远,就离多远,他还不能死,有很多人需要他,这个即将完全腐朽的帝国也需要他维系,在选出继承者前,他不能死,哪怕只剩一个脑袋,他也要维系这个国家,这是他家族的荣光。 „... Ran?” “都…跑了?” Baja sighed, in his feeling, two dukes ran. 巴哈叹了口气,在他的感觉中,两名公爵就是跑了。 Who knows.” “谁知道。” In the Su Xiao heart long breathes a sigh of relief, in five dukes, does not have old lion or the hierarch of Rhodes that rank, as for the Saint king, touches temporarily airtight, or simply does not have the opportunity to probe, Saint king is always sleeping, some non-solutions. 苏晓心中长舒了口气,五名公爵中,没有老狮子或哈罗德那种级别的掌权者,至于圣裔王,暂时还摸不透,或者说是根本没机会试探,圣裔王始终在睡觉,这有些无解。 The soldiers bearing in old castle is straight, the gunpowder technology of this world is on the rise, most gunpowder firearms are in the flower gaudy, therefore soldiers with cold weapons. 古堡内的士兵们站姿笔直,这个世界的火药技术方兴未艾,大多数火药枪械都属于花里花哨,因此士兵都是用冷兵器。 Su Xiao rubs the forehead lightly, strolled several after the restaurant, leaves, he also wants to try one's luck, looked that the person will jump to assassinate him, what a pity, the luck is bad, no one assassinates him. 苏晓轻揉眉心,在酒庄内逛了几圈后,也离开,原本他还想碰碰运气,看有没有人会跳出来刺杀他,可惜,运气较差,没人刺杀他。 Meanwhile, restaurant east side five kilometers, one group of men and women who wear the black robe are gathering in this, including four people of aura are especially unique, they were Contractor, Contractor of death paradise. 与此同时,酒庄东侧五公里处,一伙身穿黑袍的男女正聚集于此,其中有四人的气息格外独特,他们都是契约者,死亡乐园的契约者 This special, arrangement was also too thorough! Was the ghost grasped like this? You did not say, she is in your organization the concealment ability arranges to the first five assassins? This? First five?!” “这特么,安排的也太彻底了吧!鬼影就这样被抓了?你们不是说,她是你们组织内隐匿能力排到前五的暗杀者吗?就这?前五?!” This big voice Contractor some variant pronunciations, with his innermost feelings, are unable to be tranquil for a very long time. 这名大嗓门契约者有些破音,与他的内心般,久久无法平静。 „Is this fellow...... Contractor?” “这家伙是……契约者?” The female voice transmits, what is strange, these four people of dialogues, do not evade the person in this world completely, in fact, they opened negotiation protection mechanism, blocked some talks, by contact-preclusion penalty policy, even if were deducted some death gold coins, still owes very much. 女声传来,奇怪的是,这四人的对话,完全不避讳本世界内的人,实际上,他们是开启了‘交涉保护机制’,屏蔽了部分谈话,以防触发惩罚机制,就算被扣除一些死亡金币,也很亏。 „Do you see have been able to crawl to Contractor of position of duke?” “你见过能爬到公爵之位的契约者?” Eh ~ also right.” “额~也对。” Later what to do?” “之后怎么办?” Naturally first removes him, this hierarch does not eliminate, we will be clutched sooner or later.” “当然是先除掉他,这种掌权者不除,我们早晚会被一个个揪出来。” After brief discussion, these more than ten people decide first to plan, later assassinates this to be called the Kukulin duke. 简短的商议后,这十几人决定先谋划一番,之后去刺杀这名叫库库林的公爵。 ...... …… Asian Lenz city, in two residents, this is the real estate of senior duke, besides two of surface, underground also has one. 兰斯城,一栋二层民宅内,这是老公爵的地产,除了地表的两层,地下还有一层。 Residents two Yang Tingnei, Su Xiao sits before the table, but that female assassin, is sitting facing each other with Su Xiao, on her face as if writes is compelling two characters ignorant. 民宅二层的阳厅内,苏晓坐在餐桌前,而那名女刺客,正与苏晓对坐,她脸上似乎写着懵逼二字。 The female assassin named ghost, starts since childhood, she undergoes the training, the goal, only then, assassination anger lion duke Guilbert, this is the mission of her lifetime, completes this afterward, dies with no regrets. 女刺客名为鬼影,从小开始,她就接受训练,目的只有一个,刺杀怒狮公爵・吉伯特,这就是她毕生的使命,完成这件事后,死而无憾。 It looks like in the ghost, captured alive, will be treated inhuman, but she does not dread, because she has prepared, after she dies, will return to the bosom of Spiritual God, the statue stands erect forever in Valhalla. 在鬼影看来,被生擒的自己,将会遭到非人对待,但她并不畏惧,因为她已经准备好,她死后将回归神灵的怀抱,雕像永远屹立在英灵殿内。 Then, the ghost had not been suffered, after the enemy uses one medicine controls her some actions, loosens her wire rope, allowing her to act on free will, even, gave back to her to provide fine food. 然后,鬼影并未遭到折磨,敌人使用一种药物控制她的部分行动力后,就松开她身上的铁索,允许她自由行动,甚至于,还给她提供了精致的食物。 Younger sister, don't worry, we are not bad person, you looked, gives back to you to eat.” “妹子,不用担心,我们并不是什么坏人,你看,还给你吃的。” On the bird face of Baja shows the smiling face as far as possible. 巴哈的鸟脸上尽量露出笑容。
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