PSME :: Volume #20

#1955: Eruption

Pen interest pavilion, renewed pill sovereign Emperor Wu most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新丹皇武帝! Burns the deity sovereign, are you bring death? We want to make you live, you actually must court death!” “焚天神皇,你是来送死的?我们想让你活,你却非要找死!” The emperors make a fist slowly, the chaotic energy erupts in the flesh, the tall and straight body twists gradually, as if by trillion thunder packing, the terrifying emperor prestige surging emperor city, was swept across five thousand li (500 km) chaotic mountain ranges, is attacking vast chaotic law. 帝君缓缓握拳,混乱能量在血肉之间爆发,挺拔的身躯渐渐扭曲,仿佛被亿万雷霆填充,恐怖的帝威激荡帝城,席卷五千里混乱山脉,冲击着浩瀚的混乱法阵。 Saint sovereign, god demon before!!” “圣皇在后,神魔在前!!” Preparation......” “准备……” Jiang Yi stimulates one, re-enters the peak, lifts up high the nihility right hand, issues dignified commanding. 姜毅激发一尊自我,重回巅峰,高举虚无右手,发出威严的喝令。 Celestial Empress and great antiquity Heavenly Dragon, one on the left and other on the right, appears by Jiang Yi. 天后、洪荒天龙,一左一右,出现在姜毅两侧。 Swallows the day of demon sovereign to stop temporarily in behind, bears patiently motionless. 吞天魔皇则暂时停在后面,隐忍不动。 The Celestial Empress consciousness links up the complete contract beast, including the god level moon jade rabbit and great antiquity ancestor Qilin, a thought transmits, contract energy big eruption. 天后意识贯通全部契约兽,包括神级的太阴玉兔和洪荒祖麒麟,一个意念传递,契约能量大爆发。 Ten big contract beast collective deep sleep, but the Celestial Empress nihility range embezzles the entire head from the forehead rapidly, even also spreads massive cracks, floods the whole body. 十大契约兽集体沉睡,而天后的虚无范围从额头迅速吞没整个头部,甚至还扩散出大量的裂缝,充斥全身。 Great antiquity Heavenly Dragon raises a day of anger to howl, the forehead dragon mark seems like the abyss Black Dragon violent surges. The primordial chaos milestone eruption hurricane ray, attacks the boundless vault of heaven, the fog is billowing, the chains across the sky, as if brings in the world ten thousand, blends with the world principle. 洪荒天龙扬天怒啸,额头龙纹像是条深渊黑龙般猛烈翻腾。鸿蒙丰碑爆发飓风般的光芒,冲击茫茫天穹,云雾滚滚,锁链横空,仿佛引来天地万道,跟世界法则交融。 The nihility range rises suddenly similarly, spread head, extended the pair of wings! 虚无范围同样暴涨,蔓延头颅,也延伸到了双翼! „Did Celestial Empress spy on half emperor?” 天后窥探半帝了?” „Did great antiquity Heavenly Dragon also start?” “洪荒天龙也开始了?” Dark green profound war ended for a year!” “苍玄大战结束一年而已!” Their this is anything goes against heaven's will the speed!!” “他们这是什么逆天速度!!” In the emperor city resounded the large expanse of screams, Jiang Yi almost empty? Will not say in the future, will the empty speed be slower? 帝城里响起成片的惊呼声,姜毅几乎完全虚化了?不是说越往后,虚化速度越慢吗? Day Monarch big God Venerate of Taichu used the millenniums empty to melt probably most probably! Burning the deity sovereign this special was swallows to refine many god demons!! With god demon, when the food did eat?? 太初的天君大神尊好像用了千年才虚化了大半!焚天神皇这特么是吞炼了多少神魔啊!!拿神魔当饭吃了吗?? Does Celestial Empress start empty unexpectedly? To mean she awakened truly the emperor lineage/vein! 天后竟然开始虚化?岂不是意味着她真正觉醒了帝脉! Great antiquity Heavenly Dragon, that is the super ancestor lineage/vein of Heavenly Dragon Clan, unexpectedly also awakened!! 洪荒天龙,那是天龙族的超级祖脉,竟然也觉醒了!! Suffocates the oppression spreads in the emperor city, proud they felt the danger for the first time. 一股窒息般的压迫在帝城里蔓延,骄傲的他们第一次感到了危险。 Although the emperors are powerful, but...... Jiang Yi they are the from head to tail lunatics! 帝君虽然强大,但是……姜毅他们可是彻头彻尾的疯子! The emperors said indifferently: You possibly misunderstood your strength, initially peeps half emperor, the far inferior half emperor, half emperor also eventually is half emperor, has not passed through the day tribulation to quench the body, eventually is the god! How many gods, presumptuously think to challenge the Emperor? If everyone can challenge the Emperor, the Emperor how prestige cold common people, set up the summit of the world arrogantly!” 帝君冷漠道:“你们可能误会了自己的力量,初窥半帝,远不及半帝,半帝也终究是半帝,没有经过天劫淬体,终究是神而已!几尊神,妄想挑战帝君?如果人人都能挑战帝君,帝君何以威凛苍生,傲立世界之巅!” How many gods can't kill you? Has a look at this again!” “几尊神杀不死你?再看看这个!” Behind Jiang Yi void big rebellion, in the endless darkness, Qiao Wuhui, Jiang Yan, Jiang Ge, Jiang Kui, Zhao Shi Yue, stimulates Spirit Mark one after another, the incarnation super god phoenix, World Lord and Qin Weiyang, Yu Zhengyuan, Yang discuss, white, Lan Nuo wait/etc, stimulates Spirit Mark completely, shows the endless invincible might. 姜毅背后虚空大暴动,无尽的黑暗里,乔无悔、姜焱、姜戈、姜夔、赵时越,接连激发灵纹,化身超级神凰,紧接着界主、秦未央、虞正渊、杨辩、白哉、兰诺等等,全部激发出灵纹,展现出无尽的神威。 To late clear and clever bird, king and other Saint sovereigns, performs all detonates the energy, angry roaring deep space. 向晚晴、贼鸟、大王等圣皇,也尽皆引爆能量,怒吼深空。 More than 20 Spiritual God, more than 20 Saint sovereigns! 二十多位神灵,二十多位圣皇! Terrifying lineup, boundless energy. 恐怖的阵容,无边的能量。 As if various deity demons arrive, the terrifying prestige can as if probably crash the deep space. 仿佛诸天神魔降临,恐怖的威能仿佛要崩塌深空。 But in their under feet, the complex and mysterious void say/way mark twinkle glare, is connecting each Saint sovereign and god demon. 而在他们的脚下,复杂而神秘的虚空道痕闪烁强光,串联着每一位圣皇和神魔。 This is large-scale law that Donghuang Gan and Donghuang Ruying they just formed, can shift the has god demon and Saint sovereign forcefully, can congeal the energy that all god demon and Saint sovereign erupt together, forms the offensive tsunami, launches suddenly/violently to strike in a direction. 这是东煌乾东煌如影他们刚刚组建的大型法阵,即能强行转移所有神魔和圣皇,更能把全体神魔和圣皇爆发的能量凝结到一起,形成攻势海啸,朝一个方向发起暴击。 The emperors stare at the deep space, the complexion finally changed. 帝君凝望深空,脸色终于变了。 Although guessed correctly after the powerhouse, ten thousand world will have, but has not thought in certainly such short time molded so the quantity. 虽然猜到万世的强者以后会有很多,但绝没想到这么短的时间里就塑造了如此数量。 What abnormal speed is this? 这是什么变态速度? Even if won the dark green profound war, obtained a lot of resources and weapons, is still insufficient such speed!! 即便是赢了苍玄大战,得到了很多资源和武器,也不至于这样的速度!! The gods, eventually are the gods, if the breakthrough, the Spiritual God were easily insufficient is so precious. 神,终究是神,如果轻易突破,神灵就不至于那么珍贵了。 In the emperor city the atmosphere continues to constrain, the arrogant emperor clans complexion was white. Do they...... come really? 帝城里气氛持续压抑,高傲的帝族们脸色都白了。他们……来真的? Couldn't have killed you? Truly cannot kill! However, we can abandon your emperor city surely, abandoned north you too the Emperor!” “还杀不死你吗?确实杀不死!但是,我们定能废了你的帝城,废了你北太帝君!” Jiang Yi detonated world to bury outrageously greatly. 姜毅悍然引爆了‘天地’大葬。 The endless world and natural system, bury the front in the powerful world greatly, loudly rebellion. 无尽的天地、自然的体系,在强悍的天地大葬面前,轰然暴动。 Jiang Yi empty has melted over 80%, the powerful consciousness control boundless 100,000 li (0.5 km) world, is centered on the emperor city, the endless spaces and natural myriad things, twist fiercely, as if must be annihilated by the heaven. 姜毅已经虚化八成以上,强大的意识掌控茫茫十万里的天地,以帝城为中心,无尽空间、自然万物,都剧烈扭曲,仿佛要被苍天湮灭。 You can try!!” The emperors face upwards single-handed, the chaotic raging tide is centered on the emperor city, detonation universe ten thousand. The distortion confusion that is unable to explain, wells up in an instant crazily in all directions, must all dismembers. “你可以试试!!”帝君单手朝天,混乱狂潮以帝城为中心,引爆乾坤万道。一股无法言喻的扭曲混乱,刹那间狂涌四面八方,要把所有的所有都肢解。 This is the true emperor prestige. 这是真正的帝威。 However, what Jiang Yi invited was the world buries greatly, was the instruction of heaven, was vast heavenly prestige. 但是,姜毅请的是天地大葬,是苍天的指令,是浩瀚的天威。 Bang!! 轰隆!! An emperor prestige, inspires the principle trial. 一股帝威,引动法则审判。 The northern too Emperor as if incarnation heaven, tries all living things. 北太帝君仿佛化身苍天,审判众生。 A heavenly prestige, extinguishes the strength of the world enormously and powerful. 一股天威,浩荡灭世之力。 The Jiang Yi as if heaven incarnation, destroys the day to extinguish. 姜毅仿佛苍天化身,毁天灭地。 A terrifying peerless big collision! 一股恐怖绝伦的大碰撞! A judgment day avalanche scene, Yin-Yang confused chaotic raging tides! 一片世界末日般的崩塌景象,一片阴阳错乱般的混乱狂潮! World at wail, chaotic rebellion. 天地在哀鸣,混乱暴动。 Jiang Yi comprehensive stimulation of movement, boundless 100,000 li (0.5 km) buries the raging tide to come greatly, continued eruption, crazy destruction. 姜毅全面催动,茫茫十万里的大葬狂潮汹涌而来,持续的爆发,疯狂的毁灭。 Three-minute refuses to compromise...... 长达三分钟的僵持…… World conceals resisted! 天地大藏抗住了! Has not twisted the avalanche in the chaotic tsunami! 没有在混乱的海啸里扭曲崩塌! The direct result then thoroughly destroys the trim chaotic mountain range, the palatial emperor city creakies continually!! 直接结果便是把整片混乱山脉彻底摧毁,连巍峨的帝城都摇摇欲坠!! Burns the deity sovereign, you bring about own destruction!” “焚天神皇,你这是自寻死路!” However, the world collapsed, the northern too Emperor actually disregards the destruction raging tide that the world is burying greatly, the body entangles the chaotic principle, the running amuck expansive sky, scatters all disasters, kills to rush to the place that Jiang Yi is. 然而,天地塌了,北太帝君却无视着天地大葬的毁灭狂潮,身缠混乱法则,横行长空,驱散所有灾难,杀奔姜毅所在的地方。 Jiang Yi stimulates second, quickly to restore most flourishing, five first ancestor marks regain consciousness one after another, with a then self- stimulation, is seething with excitement the endless roaring flame, spans the space and time to regain consciousness, five big vermilion bird bath hot rebirths. 姜毅激发第二道自我,迅速恢复全盛,紧接着五道始祖印记接连苏醒,随着一尊接着一尊自我的激发,沸腾着无尽的烈焰,跨越时空苏醒,五大朱雀浴火重生。 In an instant, Jiang Yi that kills in the northern too Emperor coordinates five vermilion birds to stick out suddenly in the roaring flame of boiling completely, not only Jiang Yi true body empty, other six are completely large surface area empty. 在北太帝君杀到的刹那间,姜毅协同五尊朱雀在沸腾的烈焰里全部暴起,不仅姜毅真身虚化,其他六尊全部都是大面积虚化。 If beforehand Jiang Yi, cannot split to approach clone of half emperor certainly, as does not extinguish the potential stimulation of heavenly body, particularly the real sense immeasurable victory day cultivation, lets that his is enhanced, he as if there is inexhaustible vitality, gave comprehensive awakens of five big vermilion birds. 如果是之前的姜毅,绝分裂不出逼近半帝的分身,但随着不灭天体的潜力激发,尤其是真正意义无量胜天的修炼,让他的自我得到的增强,他仿佛有着无穷无尽的生命力,赋予了五大朱雀的全面苏醒。 This is the terrifying of immeasurable victory day of secret art, this is the terrifying of vermilion bird inheritance, this is double emperor the lineage/vein terrifying. 这是无量胜天诀的恐怖,这是朱雀传承的恐怖,这更是双帝脉的恐怖。 The northern too Emperor kills in an instant, two vermilion birds have stuck out suddenly, a stimulation unsurpassed supreme sword, the roaring flame is exceedingly high, the swordsmanship is boundless, as if terrifying sword blade hurricane, surrounds is destroying day of a terrifying might that extinguishes the place, divided to north too the Emperor. Shows the vermilion bird dog days of summer technique, the roaring flame ebullition, unfolds the mammoth ten thousand bird picture scrolls, but that vermilion bird world seems to be supreme, pressure all living things. 北太帝君杀到的刹那间,两尊朱雀已经暴起,一个激发无上至尊剑,烈焰通天,剑道无边,仿佛恐怖的剑刃飓风,环绕着毁天灭地的恐怖威力,劈向了北太帝君。一个展现朱雀伏天术,烈焰沸腾,铺开波澜壮阔的万禽画卷,而那尊朱雀仿佛天地至尊,威压众生。 I have said that half emperor eventually is half emperor! Let alone, you also!” “我说过了,半帝终究是半帝!何况,你还不到!” The northern Emperor dignified voice of just like the day sound rumble, the dazzling glare of palatial war body from inside to outside twinkle, like trillion thunder surges, the instant emperor prestige is too enormous and powerful, the confusion is sending bursting out, the surrounding all are twisting, including...... space and time...... 北太帝君威严的声音宛若天音隆隆,巍峨的战躯从内到外闪烁的刺目的强光,如同亿万雷霆翻腾,刹那间的帝威浩荡,混乱发着迸发,周围的一切都在扭曲,包括……时空…… Two are stimulating to kill the sword and powerful vermilion bird of dog days of summer technique supremely retreats rapidly, such as the withered leaf under strong winds, everywhere turns wells up, almost must fall back on front of Jiang Yi. As if the time adverse current is common, as if the space is confused, even/including Huojian and picture scroll crash rapidly, re-enter the roaring flame raging tide. 两尊正在激发至尊杀剑和伏天术的强大朱雀迅速溃退,如狂风下的枯叶般,漫天翻涌,几乎要退到了姜毅面前。仿佛时间逆流一般,仿佛空间错乱一般,连火剑和画卷迅速崩塌,重回烈焰狂潮。 This is the emperor prestige!” “这才是帝威!” Northern too Emperor both arms suddenly/violently to strike, floods both arms inside principle raging tide to strike the deep space horizontally, rushed in two vermilion bird bodies one after another. A chaotic raging tide detonation, all lives and flame, even is the first ancestor mark, loses control completely. 北太帝君双臂暴击,充斥双臂里面的法则狂潮横击深空,接连的闯进了两尊朱雀身体内部。一股混乱狂潮引爆,所有的生命、火焰,甚至是始祖印记,都完全失控。 Two vermilion birds at this moment are not only retreating, at the chaotic space and time retraction, returned to the real vermilion bird in first ancestor mark space and time river directly with the special period that blends. This sudden distortion makes them twist confusedly,...... exploded...... 此刻的两尊朱雀不仅在溃退,也在混乱时空里回缩,直接回到了始祖印记跟时空长河里的真实朱雀交融的特殊时期。这突然的扭曲让它们扭曲错乱,紧接着……爆了…… Bang!! 轰隆!! Two should kill racing Beitai the Emperor, north the heavy losses too the powerful vermilion bird of Emperor, unexpectedly after erupting rotates suddenly, in front of them exploded in Jiang Yi!! 两尊应该杀奔北太帝君,重创北太帝君的强大朱雀,竟然在爆发之后突然回转,在姜毅他们面前爆了!! Absolute control, absolute suppression! 绝对的掌控,绝对的压制!
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