PSME :: Volume #20

#1954: Hit leaning

Pen interest pavilion, renewed pill sovereign Emperor Wu most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新丹皇武帝! Northern too emperor city! 北太帝城! The emperors are closing up. 帝君正在闭关。 For 30,000 years, this is he most attaches great importance to earnestly one time closes up. 三万年来,这是他最重视最认真的一次闭关。 If really can deceive Jiang Yi by the child dark green profound, was naturally good. 如果真能凭借孩子把姜毅骗出苍玄,自然是再好不过了。 However, really to that step, Jiang Yi and under him that crowd of god demons, will go all out inevitably. Although the emperors dominate above all living things, but the fierce tiger cannot support flock of wolves, is possibly injured. 但是,真到那一步,姜毅和他麾下的那群神魔,势必拼命。帝君虽然凌驾于众生之上,但猛虎架不住群狼,也是可能受伤的。 When the time comes, if do other emperors make a move? 到时候,如果其他帝君出手呢? If cannot deceive Jiang Yi, can only to ascending Tianqiao drives him to commit suicide. 如果骗不到姜毅,只能到登天桥置他于死地。 However, ascends Tianqiao to be doomed accidentally/surprisingly layer on layer/heavily, among the emperors may erupt a fierce battle very much, even must be ready that the Jiang Yi transformation proclaims oneself emperor. 但是,登天桥注定意外重重,帝君之间很有可能爆发一场恶战,甚至要做好姜毅蜕变称帝的准备。 Any situation, he must stay the optimum condition! 无论是哪种情况,他都要保持最佳状态! After all their group of emperors too understood each other, once which who caused heavy losses, or reveals the weary condition, will degenerate into the next goal inevitably. 毕竟他们这群帝君太了解彼此了,一旦哪位谁受到重创,或者是露出疲态,势必会沦为下一个目标。 The atmosphere in emperor city is very depressing. 帝城里的气氛很压抑。 The general public front doors shut tightly, does not dare easily to go out. 普通民众们都大门紧闭,不敢轻易外出。 Below holy spirit disperses, transmits the Emperor instruction, as well as supervises regional pregnant woman building up. 圣灵以下的则分散出去,传递帝君指令,以及监督各地的孕妇集结。 The holy spirit above powerhouses close up in abundance, the promotion boundary, guarantees the emperor clan in the deterrent force of mainland. 圣灵以上的强者们纷纷闭关,提升境界,确保帝族在大陆的威慑力。 February 22! 2月22日! The chaotic mountain range that the emperor city is , the boundless five Senriyama forests cover under huge law. 帝城所在的混乱山脉,茫茫五千里山林都笼罩在庞大的法阵之下。 law outside vault of heaven cholera, the void distortion, stripped the universal system the trim mountain range probably, the terrifying energy unceasingly, such as the raging tide ten million/countless was enormously and powerful heavy, in impact territory land 100,000 li (0.5 km). 法阵外面苍穹霍乱,虚空扭曲,像是把整片山脉都剥离出了世界体系,恐怖的能量浩荡不绝,如狂潮千万重,冲击中域大地十万里。 Here is the territory of chaotic Emperor, is the source of the world chaotic principle. 这里是混乱帝君的领地,也是世界混乱法则的源头。 The world myriad things, the main road principle, including the Yin-Yang, space and time wait/etc, becomes the disorder to be disorderly in the face of the confusion. 世间万物,大道法则,包括阴阳、时空等等,都在混乱面前变得无序凌乱。 However, a law covering interior, actually the mountain range such as the dragon and river gallop, forest scallion luxuriant, full of vitality, probably outside world is crashing, inside world is remoulding. 但是,法阵笼罩的内部,却山脉如龙、大河奔腾,林木葱茂,生机勃勃,好像是外面的世界在崩塌,里面的世界在重塑。 This inside is equivalent to the confusion order, completely belongs to the order world of chaotic Emperor. 这里面相当于混乱之中的‘秩序’,一个完全属于混乱帝君的秩序世界。 All, are controlled by him! 一切的一切,都由他掌控! Regarding the bystander, seeming like somewhat is possibly terrorist, but regarding the life inside person, is actually the unequalled security sense. 对于外人而言,看起来可能有些恐怖,但对于生活在里面的人而言,却是无与伦比的安全感。 Buzz......” “嗡……” The chaotic sky blooms suddenly the blazing ray, shines the cloud layer vortex, illuminates thoroughly the chaotic world. 混乱的天空突然绽放起炽烈的光芒,普照云层漩涡,照透混乱的天地。 Many monster beast and tribe in chaotic forest, noticed barrier outside glare one after another. The surprise of whole face. 混乱森林里的很多妖兽和部落,都陆续注意到了屏障外面的强光。满脸的诧异。 The ray is getting more and more fierce, the range is getting bigger and bigger, the probably eternal scorching sun arrives loudly, exists side by side with the scorching sun of this life in the sky, struggles the glistening world, shocks with extremely mysteriously. 光芒越来越烈,范围越来越大,像是万古骄阳轰然降临,跟今世的骄阳当空并立,争辉耀世,极为震撼和神奇。 Rumble the sound from the indistinctness to vast, as if ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) tsunami, came from far and near galloping, finally is deafening, thundering world. 紧接着,一股隆隆的声音从飘渺到浩大,仿佛万丈海啸,从远及近的奔腾而来,最后震耳欲聋,轰鸣天地。 The northern too Emperor awakened! 北太帝君惊醒了! He opens to flood the terrifying eye pupil of myriad things avalanche, is looking out that piece of glare outside mountain range. 他睁开充斥着万物崩塌的恐怖眼眸,遥望着山脉之外的那片强光。 The ray is boundless, brilliant dazzling, illuminated thoroughly the world, illuminated void thoroughly. Ray deep place person's shadow flickering, limitless, seems true|really is imaginary, a babel of voices, vast endless, indistinct measures not. 光芒无边,灼灼耀眼,照透了天地,照透了虚空。光芒深处人影憧憧,无边无际,又似真似幻,人声鼎沸,浩大无尽,又飘渺莫测。 heavenly prestige that one type is unable to explain, condenses there swiftly and violently, fills the world, is attacking the chaotic principle. 一种无法言喻的天威,在那里迅猛凝聚,弥漫天地,冲击着混乱法则。 North too!” “北太!” Thank you to the god demon big ritual that the dark green profound mainland delivered.” “感谢你到苍玄大陆送的神魔大礼。” I today, represent dark green profound, returns salute!” “我今天,代表苍玄,来还礼了!” Blast open roaring, such as ten thousand thunder, thundering world. 炸裂般的咆哮,如万道雷霆,轰鸣天地。 Jiang Yi all urges the round of all living things good fortune, north points at too the emperor city. 姜毅全力催发众生造化,遥指北太帝城。 Bang!! 轰隆!! Glare ebullition, person's shadow surges. 强光沸腾,人影翻腾。 Wishing of trillion people, are away from the endless mainland, north the gathering too the emperor city. 亿万民众的祈愿,隔着无尽大陆,汇聚北太帝城。 By the strength of half emperor, please the dark green profound people hope. 以半帝之力,请苍玄民愿。 By the heaven inheritance, directs the prestige of main road. 以苍天传承,引大道之威。 With endless call, glare of boiling, a taking a life arrow takes shape strongly. 伴随着无尽的呐喊,沸腾的强光,一柄杀生箭强势成型。 The people are willing to burst with joy, the good fortune is endless. 民愿沸腾,造化无疆。 The boundless world is swaying, shocks the terrifying. 茫茫天地都在摇晃,震撼到恐怖。 Emperor's children!! Suffers to death!!” “帝子!!受死!!” Jiang Yi must first kill the emperor's children, makes must make heavy losses to the determination of emperor city. 姜毅要先杀帝子,打出非要重创帝城的决心。 The emperor city interior stir, all closes up the powerhouse to send out in abundance, an powerful law system opens at the maximum speed. 帝城内部轰动,所有闭关强者纷纷出动,强悍的法阵体系以最快速度开启。 Even the emperors tread the forbidden area proudly, raised the hand refer to the day, detonates a chaotic law chaotic source, destroys the day to extinguish, myriad things avalanche. 连帝君都傲然踏出禁区,抬手指天,引爆混乱法阵的混乱之源,毁天灭地,万物崩塌。 However...... 但是…… Accidental/Surprised appeared, taking a life arrow of Jiang Yi full power release, in eruption in an instant south directly soared. 意外的一幕出现了,姜毅全力释放的杀生箭,在爆发的刹那间直奔南部而去了。 Well?? 咦?? Celestial Empress and great antiquity of Heavenly Dragon void in being ready, swallows the day of demon sovereign and other head neat shift of all Saint sovereign and south Spiritual God, the vision vanishes following the taking a life arrow in the world end. 虚空里蓄势待发的天后、洪荒天龙、吞天魔皇等全体圣皇和神灵的脑袋齐刷刷的转向南部,目光顺着杀生箭消失在天地尽头。 Hit leaning?? 打偏了?? This gadget is not tracing? 这玩意儿不是追踪的吗? Wait! 等等! Emperor's children not in emperor city? 帝子不在帝城? This was a little awkward.” “这有点尴尬了。” desolate Fengwu whispered secretly, the high-sounding talk came, wanting to kill the emperor's children greatly, the trembling audience, the result...... the taking a life arrow flies away...... 萧凤梧暗暗嘀咕,高调现身,欲要大杀帝子,震颤全场,结果……杀生箭飞走了…… It flew away!! 它飞走了!! In the emperor city the tense powerhouses gawked in abundance , the vision also follows that light arrow to go south. We in this, how hit toward south, is this new tactic? Turns round comes back again? 帝城里面紧张的强者们纷纷愣了下,目光也顺着那柄光箭南下。我们在这啊,怎么往南打了,这是新的战术吗?拐个弯再回来? Your head empty, isn't the look easy-to-use?” “你脑袋虚了,眼神不好使了?” The northern too Emperor takes back the vision, the steps ascends to heaven, is away from the boundless world, confronts Jiang Yi that is arriving at suddenly. 北太帝君收回目光,踏步登天,隔着茫茫天地,对峙着突然降临的姜毅 This lunatic in dark green is not hiding unreliably, came out unexpectedly? 这疯子不在苍玄躲着,竟然出来了? Also went to his emperor city? 还跑到他帝城里了? Isn't this really he has a dream? 这真不是他做梦吗? Does this...... walk into a trap? 这岂不是……自投罗网? Jiang Yi gets back one's composure quickly, shouted dissolutely: „ Were your head 30,000 years do not use, waste?? Since emperor's children not in emperor city, did not have the protection. I just that arrow...... wanted his life sufficiently!! 姜毅很快回神,放肆大喊:“你脑袋三万年不用,废了??帝子既然不在帝城,也就没有了守护。我刚刚那一箭……足以要了他的命!! The eastern bright flint, gives me to bring to come back his corpse!! ” 东煌燧,把他的尸体给我带回来!!” Jiang Yi actually rouses awkwardly, although hit leaning, but was a pleasant surprise. 姜毅尴尬却振奋,虽然打偏了,但何尝不是个意外的惊喜。 Emperor's children not only not by a terrifying emperor city law protection, and is unexpected, he...... does not die by the taking a life arrow that the strength of half emperor initiated can also abandon him thoroughly...... 帝子既没有被恐怖的帝城法阵守护,又是猝不及防之下,他以半帝之力引发的杀生箭……不死也能彻底废了他…… Well, right!” “咦,对啊!” desolate Fengwu they are pleasantly surprised, without the protection, the grandson died!! 萧凤梧他们惊喜,既然没有守护,那孙子死定了!! Which no matter, certain belt/bring comes back.” “不管在哪,一定带回来。” Celestial Empress reminds the eastern bright flint immediately. That is the emperor's children, the lifeblood of Emperor, if they really fall into the hopeless situation, that absolutely is good shield. 天后立刻提醒东煌燧。那可是帝子,帝君的命根子,如果他们真的陷入绝境,那绝对是个不错的挡箭牌。 I came back!!” The eastern bright flint vanishes instantly, cuts the spatial by-path mark, goes south to hunt down. “等我回来!!”东煌燧刹那消失,划开空间道痕,南下搜捕。 Emperor's children?” The Emperor cold voice of such as the ancient sword comes out of the sheath, resounded through the emperor city, the stabbing pain the souls of all emperor clan powerhouses. “帝子呢?”帝君冷冽的声音如古剑出鞘,响彻帝城,刺痛了所有帝族强者的灵魂。 Emperor's children? Doesn't close up in the emperor city?” “帝子?不是在帝城闭关吗?” The powerhouses who just went out responded, after the dark green profound war ended, they were requested to close up, particularly the emperor's children, must attack the Spiritual God peak. 刚刚出关的强者们纷纷回应,苍玄之战结束后,他们被要求全体闭关,尤其是帝子,更要冲击神灵巅峰。 I do not know that isn't closing up?” The palace such as the jade flustered, when leaves, why doesn't have to greet with her? “我不知道啊,不是在闭关吗?”宫如玉都慌了,什么时候离开的,为什么没有跟她打招呼? Until the elder of defense rides the bird of prey to charge into the sky, kneels down to the Emperor: Emperor's children left the emperor city before January/one month, has not turned over to!!” 直到守城的长老骑着猛禽冲向天空,向帝君下跪:“帝子在一月之前离开了帝城,至今未归!!” Which went??” “去哪了??” The Emperor dignified facial expression is slightly cloudy. 帝君威严的神情微微阴沉。 The elders in a terrified way said: Qingmu illusion!” 长老惶恐道:“青木幻境!” Where Qingmu illusion?” “哪里的青木幻境?” In the memory of Emperor, the northern too mainland does not have such a place probably. 帝君的记忆里,北太大陆好像没有这样一个地方。 Millenniums ago, by head of the clan Li Xu was ordered secretly, to form the southern forbidden area at that time, with rear in a pen cultivation origin Spirit Mark. Before the emperor's children leave, said that must to there Asura's reincarnation with coming back!!” The words of elder let the powerhouses in emperor city startled and nervous. “千年前,受当时族长李胥密令,组建南部禁区,用以圈养培育‘起源’灵纹。帝子离开之前,说要到那里把修罗的转世之身带回来!!”长老的话让帝城里的强者们又惊又慌。 The emperor's children can check there unexpectedly. 帝子竟然能查到那里。 The train of thought is agile. 思绪敏捷啊。 However...... 但是…… Jiang Yi came!! 姜毅来了!! Jiang Yi unexpected came to the emperor city!! 姜毅出人意料的来了帝城!! Were the emperor's children, dangerous? 帝子,岂不是危险了? Emperor, was about to kill them, saved the emperor's children.” The palace such as the jade hurries to kneel down, sad and shrill entreaty. “帝君,快杀了他们,把帝子救回来啊。”宫如玉慌忙下跪,凄厉哀求。
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