PSME :: Volume #20

#1956: Fights the Emperor

Pen interest pavilion, renewed pill sovereign Emperor Wu most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新丹皇武帝! The northern too Emperor foot treads the confusion, repeats the order, seems separated in the real world, walks in own world, kills Jiang Yi that rushes to is rumbled to draw back, wants to seize to kill him. 北太帝君脚踏混乱,重演秩序,仿佛脱离于真实世界,行走在自己的天地间,杀奔被轰退的姜毅,欲一手将其擒杀。 In this moment, great antiquity Heavenly Dragon strikes the pair of wings crazily, kills like lightning. Its dignified god steed, the glare ebullition, is conducting the back the primordial chaos milestone, probably conducted the back great antiquity Tienchu. 就在这一刻,洪荒天龙狂击双翼,闪电般杀到。它威严神骏,强光沸腾,驮着鸿蒙丰碑,像是驮来了洪荒天柱。 The northern too Emperor has not paid attention, the big hand wields, the chaotic main road evolves the unrivalled tide, the tsunami that such as boils, resembled the storm of destruction, the front surface submerged great antiquity Heavenly Dragon, then continued to kill to rush to Jiang Yi. 北太帝君没有理会,大手一挥,混乱大道演变旷世大潮,如沸腾的海啸,似毁灭的风暴,迎面淹没了洪荒天龙,然后继续杀奔姜毅 In the face of the powerful emperor prestige, great antiquity Heavenly Dragon as if dropped in the judgment day suddenly, the scale crushed, the skeleton twisted, might by the cruel dismemberment, be in deep sorrow. However, with the blood incarnadine primordial chaos day tablet, the above vigorous name lived probably came general, erupted the eye-catching glare, is seething with excitement the different magic arts. 在强悍的帝威面前,洪荒天龙仿佛突然跌落到了世界末日里,鳞片粉碎,骸骨扭曲,好像要被残忍的肢解,痛不欲生。但是,随着鲜血染红鸿蒙天碑,上面苍劲的名字好像活了过来一般,爆发出夺目的强光,沸腾着不同的道法。 The chaos have not opened! The primordial chaos has not sentenced! 混沌未开!鸿蒙未判! The chaos mold world outline, the primordial chaos evolves ten thousand principles! 混沌塑造世界轮廓,鸿蒙演变万道法则! Roar!!” “吼!!” Great antiquity Heavenly Dragon is bathed in blood to roar, is conducting the back the day tablet, as if drags the primordial chaos main road, in the brilliant glare is the complete principle of the world, the terrifying heavenly prestige enormous and powerful deep space, arouses the resonance of real world unexpectedly. His pair of wings inspires to strike violently, inconceivable worked loose the chaotic raging tide, plunged the northern too Emperor who is just about to leave. 洪荒天龙浴血咆哮,驮着天碑,仿佛拖来鸿蒙大道,绚烂的强光里是世界的全部法则,恐怖的天威浩荡深空,竟然引发真实世界的共鸣。他双翼猛烈振击,不可思议的挣脱了混乱狂潮,扑向了正要离开的北太帝君。 The northern too Emperor surprise turns around, in the eye pupil the glare bursts out, the surroundings stick out suddenly the chaotic fluctuation of terrifying, such as raises the day, but waterfall, one after another bang on great antiquity Heavenly Dragon. Each say/way fluctuation is the Yin-Yang inversion, the nature avalanche and time is confused, covered with blood of great antiquity Heavenly Dragon bang, entire flies horizontally. 北太帝君诧异转身,眼眸里强光迸发,周围暴起恐怖的混乱波动,如掀天而起的瀑布,接二连三的轰在了洪荒天龙身上。每道波动都是阴阳颠倒、自然崩塌、时间错乱,把洪荒天龙轰的血肉模糊,整个横飞出去。 Before the Emperor, initially the powerhouse who peeped the emperor boundary is similar to the new promote Saint sovereign to block the Spiritual God, completely not in a level. 在帝君面前,初窥帝境的强者就如同新晋圣皇阻击神灵,完全不在一个层面。 However, great antiquity Heavenly Dragon just intense killing, caught the opportunity to Jiang Yi and Celestial Empress. 不过,洪荒天龙刚刚的强烈扑杀,还是给姜毅天后争取到了机会。 Taking a life arrow!” “杀生箭!” Jiang Yi stands firm forcefully, howls loudly, unfolds the heaven inheritance again. 姜毅强行稳住,大声嘶啸,再展苍天传承。 Glare rebellion, blazing boundless, if the eternal scorching sun shines the darkness and confusion, inside trillion person's shadows flickering, fluctuate. 强光暴动,炽烈无边,若万古骄阳普照黑暗和混乱,里面亿万人影憧憧,起起伏伏。 The day sound rumble, all living things wish. 天音隆隆,众生祈愿。 The taking a life arrow revolves intensely, just like the peerless hurricane, condensed the glare, was involved in trillion person's shadows. 杀生箭激烈旋转,宛若绝世飓风,凝聚了强光,卷入了亿万人影。 The Jiang Yi left hand God Dynasty imperial jade seal, represents all living things, the right hand day transports/fortunes the bottle gourd, represents the good fortune. 姜毅左手神朝玉玺,代表众生,右手天运葫芦,代表造化。 Calls out, both hands junction strikes, bottle gourd accordingly disintegration of imperial jade seal and tribulation God Venerate from destiny God Dynasty. 一声暴吼,双手交击,来自天命神朝的玉玺和劫神尊的葫芦应声崩碎。 The divine tool, in others hand that is the treasure of being handed down for generations, but in Jiang Yi is the energy. 神器,在别人手里那是传世之宝,但在姜毅手里都是能量。 So long as can achieve enough effect, this/should broken is broken! 只要能发挥出足够效果,该碎就要碎! Bang! 轰隆! The taking a life arrow bang the loud sound, endless wishing resounds through the world, not only gathered wishing of dark green profound all living things, with the aid of the imperial jade seal and bottle gourd, affected north too the endless good fortune of mainland. 杀生箭轰隆巨响,无尽的祈愿响彻天地,不仅汇聚到了苍玄众生的祈愿,更借助玉玺和葫芦,影响到了北太大陆的无尽造化。 The power and influence of suddenly rising suddenly, intensely to affecting emperor's consciousness. 突然暴涨的威势,强烈到影响到了帝君的意识。 The northern too Emperor just raised draws back great antiquity Heavenly Dragon, suddenly probably fell into the mysterious light shadow world, limitless is the person's shadow, thorough submerged him, thunders in not the unceasing sound tide is kills chaotic Emperor call. 北太帝君刚刚掀退洪荒天龙,突然像是陷入了神秘的光影世界里,无边无际的全是人影,彻彻底底的淹没了他,轰鸣不不绝的声潮里全是‘杀混乱帝君’的呐喊。 The chaotic Emperor was slightly absent-minded, but eventually is the Emperor, the short several breaths awaken fiercely, his swift and fierce double pupil looks angrily at Jiang Yi of distant place, chaotic Spirit Mark of forehead emerges the endless ray in an instant, true had the relation with the world, must touch the chaotic principle. 混乱帝君稍稍恍惚了起来,但终究是帝君,短短几息猛地惊醒,他凌厉的双眸怒视远处的姜毅,额头的混乱灵纹刹那间涌现无尽的光芒,真正的跟世界产生了联系,要触动混乱法则。 However, in this subtle time, Celestial Empress such as the golden thunder of wild distortion, killed in front of the chaotic Emperor. 但是,就在这微妙的时刻,天后如狂野扭曲的黄金雷霆,杀到了混乱帝君面前。 Although great antiquity Heavenly Dragon was rumbled the terrifying scene that draws back just to happen at present, but Celestial Empress fearless...... unprecedented...... 虽然洪荒天龙被轰退的恐怖场景刚刚发生在眼前,但天后无惧……一往无前…… Instant eruption, in Celestial Empress body immeasurable secret strength ebullition. 刹那间的爆发,天后身体里无量秘力沸腾。 The sea of qi deep place emerges nine terrifying vortex, each vortex is a golden body of ancestor beast. 气海深处涌现九个恐怖漩涡,每个漩涡都是一个祖兽的金身。 Northern too Emperor! You must die today without doubt!!” “北太帝君!你今天必死无疑!!” The Celestial Empress comprehensive eruption, nine big golden bodies get angry in the sea of qi howl, the immeasurable secret strength boils by the whole body wells up crazily. The moon jade rabbit, great antiquity ancestor Qilin, Kunpeng, Black Tortoise and gold/metal Hou, Golden Crow and teng snake, total seven big ancestor beasts, swallowed day of big dragons and three first runs to return to the lion to appear the outline completely, and stimulated the strongest secret technique in abundance. 天后全面爆发,九大金身在气海怒啸,无量秘力透过全身沸腾狂涌。太阴玉兔、洪荒祖麒麟、鲲鹏、玄武、金犼、金乌和螣蛇,共计七大祖兽,还有吞天巨龙、三首轮回狮全部显现出了轮廓,且纷纷激发出了自己最强的秘术。 The energy ebullition, the beast prestige is enormous and powerful. 能量沸腾,兽威浩荡。 Each ancestor beast is the pinnacle bloodlines of the world mold, let alone is complete assuming an awe-inspiring pose. 每个祖兽都是天地塑造的极致血脉,何况是全部的发威。 This moment Celestial Empress as if ten thousand Yaotian reveres born, directing ten thousand beasts to erupt, kills the Emperor. 这一刻的天后仿佛万妖天尊降世,引万兽爆发,扑杀帝君。 Taking a life arrow before, ten thousand beast raging tides. 杀生箭在前,万兽狂潮在后。 The northern too Emperor deals certainly with Jiang Yi, disregarded Celestial Empress. 北太帝君当然应付姜毅,无视了天后 The Celestial Empress offensive is strong, the momentum is vast, the boundary is less than Jiang Yi eventually, can definitely shoulder after the emperor body that the day tribulation quenchings. He is almost the principle does not have to manage Celestial Empress , to continue to stimulate chaotic Spirit Mark, the inspiring world principle. 天后攻势再强,声势再浩大,境界终究不及姜毅,经过天劫淬炼的帝躯完全能扛得住。他几乎是理都没有理天后,继续激发着混乱灵纹,引动世界法则。 However, the Celestial Empress terrifying never limits to the strength, but is lies in the time assurance, regarding battlefield sentences in advance. Therefore, north her fearless killing, absolutely does not have to observe too the Emperor to make the choice, will make anything to choose, selects among the fire from flint light, the release nine big golden body next quarters, the tenth largest golden body regains consciousness, tenth share of immeasurable secret strength erupts. 但是,天后的恐怖从不局限于实力,而是在于时机的把握,对于战场的预判。所以,她无所畏惧的杀到,完全没有去观察北太帝君会不会做选择,又会做什么选择,点石火光之间,释放九大金身下一刻,第十大金身苏醒,第十股无量秘力爆发。 The imaginary fog confuses the butterfly!! 幻雾迷蝶!! Time secret technique!! 时间秘术!! Stimulates by the prestige of ultra god, overbearing imprisonment time. 以超神之威激发,霸道的禁锢了时间。 The energy that nine big golden bodies erupt is only the shield, the true offensive lies in the time. 九大金身爆发的能量只是掩护,真正的攻势在于时间。 Un? The northern too Emperor detects the difference, sticks out suddenly the counter-attack decisively, threw off the time raging tide forcefully, but was affected eventually for several seconds, although is only several seconds, but...... was enough!! 嗯?北太帝君察觉异样,果断暴起反击,强行掀翻了时间狂潮,但终究还是被影响了几秒,虽然只是几秒而已,但是……足够了!! The taking a life arrow carrying/sustaining the day potential of Jiang Yi detonation, is seething with excitement dark green profound and north wishing and good fortune too, the front surface hit north too emperor's consciousness. 杀生箭承载着姜毅引爆的天势,沸腾着苍玄和北太的祈愿和造化,迎面击中了北太帝君的意识。 The northern too Emperor shivers all over all over the body, staggers to retrocede several steps, the consciousness is absent-minded, soul stabbing pain. 北太帝君通体乱颤,踉跄后退数步,意识恍惚,灵魂刺痛。 Meanwhile, nine big golden body comprehensive rebellions that Celestial Empress evolves, to approach the stimulation of prestige of half emperor, as if reappeared nine big monster ancestor great antiquity Ancestor peerless overwhelming powers, the dense and numerous explosions, resound through the vault of heaven. 与此同时,天后演变的九大金身紧接着全面暴动,以逼近半帝之威的激发,仿佛重现了九大妖祖洪荒先祖的绝世威猛,密密麻麻的爆炸,响彻天穹。 Roar! The fathers conducted the back the milestone, but also was rumbled to fly by you especially! The father does not attach great importance to face-saving!!!” “吼!老子都驮丰碑了,还特么被你轰飞!老子不要面子啊!!!” Great antiquity Heavenly Dragon kills, the nihility pair of wings disruption space, fuses the primordial chaos raging tide, initiates the continuous violent to strike. 洪荒天龙紧接着杀到,虚无双翼碎裂空间,融合鸿蒙狂潮,发起连绵不绝的暴击。 Is now!! Kills!!” “就是现在!!杀!!” As Donghuang Gan orders, is void more than 20 Saint sovereigns and more than 20 Spiritual God, the energy of being ready sticks out suddenly completely. 随着东煌乾一声令下,虚空里二十多位圣皇、二十多位神灵,蓄势待发的能量全部暴起。 Qiao Wuhui destruction day punishes, the Jiang Yan state of mind to fight the soldier and Jiang Ge the chaotic war halberd and Yu Zhengyuan big chaos to fight...... 乔无悔的毁灭天罚、姜焱的神魂战兵、姜戈的混乱战戟、虞正渊的大混沌战界…… The complete offensive gathers the offensive tsunami, is as good as the vigorously eruptions of 30 Spiritual God. 全部的攻势汇聚成攻势海啸,不亚于三十位神灵的倾力爆发。 Just Celestial Empress and great antiquity of Heavenly Dragon tyrannical Emperor retreated decisively, to energy raging tide concessions. 刚刚狂虐帝君的天后和洪荒天龙果断溃退,给能量狂潮让步。 The northern too Emperor shakes the head violently, just about to gets back one's composure, in the line of sight the glare ebullition, great antiquity Zulong spans the space to come probably, seems like extinguishes the world storm distortion deep space, the crowded void say/way mark receives and instructs 40-50 raging tide running amuck deep spaces, rumbled the near. 北太帝君猛烈摇头,刚要回神,视线里强光沸腾,像是洪荒祖龙跨越空间而来,又像是灭世风暴扭曲深空,密集的虚空道痕接引40-50股狂潮横行深空,轰到了近前。 The emperors are truly strong, but again strong again anomaly, cannot shoulder about 30 Spiritual God eruption energies. 帝君确实很强,但再强再变态,也扛不住近三十位神灵爆发般的能量。 Bang loud sound!! 轰隆巨响!! The northern too Emperor was flown by the entire bang, along with everywhere blood. 北太帝君被整个轰飞出去,伴随着漫天的鲜血。 Good!!” “好!!” Donghuang Gan they loudly the rave, without exception, the appearance is in an instant frantic, excitedly to shivering. 东煌乾他们刹那之间放声狂吼,无一例外,面目狂热,激动到颤抖。 Did they injure north too the Emperor unexpectedly? 他们竟然伤到了北太帝君? They really started with the Emperor unexpectedly!! 他们竟然真的跟帝君开打了!! However...... 但是…… Emperor blood one after another blooming intense glare that everywhere sprays, is getting more and more flaming, is getting more and more hot tempered, each drop of emperor blood becomes gigantic like the ball, the next quarter, emperor blood blasting open, inspired chaotic heavenly prestige. 漫天喷洒的帝血接连绽放激烈强光,越来越炽盛,越来越暴躁,每一滴帝血都变得硕大如球,下一刻,帝血炸裂,引动了混乱天威。 As if chaotic principles, receive the hauling of emperor blood, pulls out from the universal system, such as nine days fall the thunder, shell the battlefield. 仿佛一道道混乱法则,受到帝血的牵引,从世界体系里抽离出来,如九天落雷,轰击战场。 Hundreds of emperor blood, detonated the number by hundred chaotic raging tides. 数以百计的帝血,引爆了数以百道的混乱狂潮。 The world shivers, crashes void. 天地为之颤抖,虚空随之崩塌。 Chaotic fluctuation surging boundless world several tens of thousands li (0.5 km), including Jiang Yi, Celestial Empress and great antiquity Heavenly Dragon, as well as all Saint sovereign Spiritual God, the heavy losses, as if from the flesh to the skeleton, became the confused distortion to the soul again. 混乱波动激荡茫茫天地数万里,包括姜毅天后、洪荒天龙,以及所有圣皇神灵在内,都惨遭重创,仿佛从血肉到骸骨,再到灵魂都变得错乱扭曲。
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