OSH :: Volume #13

#1289: Various generations hunt for extremely

Also for example, from Ye Chen in the past instilled into general knowledge, the inspiration must be the preservation in the summit of upper-level scientific research region hunter, but in the middle of the ordinary hunter community no one knows that it has the length of body anything appearance 又比方说,从耶尘以往被灌输的常识来看,启示录应当是保存在猎人之巅上层的科研区域,只是普通猎人群体当中没人知道它具体长什么样子 However, now looks like, this general knowledge is just is also used to confuse the populace audio-visual in which lie 然而,现在看来,这个常识本身也只不过是用来混淆大众视听的其中一个谎言罢了 Because, is placed in a Ye Chen present in which secret intelligence now, is describes the real contour of inspiration is a diameter is a kilometer twin nucleus , the overall size is even huger than the summit of hunter, therefore the place of preservation naturally possibly is not the narrow frail summit, but by summit of encirclement package hunter, and goes directly to the kilometer deep place bottom. 因为,如今摆在耶尘眼前的其中一条机密情报,便是描述启示录的真实外形乃是一座直径长达千米的双环结构,总体规模甚至比猎人之巅本身还要巨大,所以保存之地自然不可能是狭窄脆弱的山顶,而是被猎人之巅环绕包裹,并且直达千米之深的地底。 But that Ao spirit hunts for the group the supreme top restricted area! 而那正是奥灵猎团内部至高无上的顶级禁地! In addition, the restricted area even is also situated leaf of permanent opening the gate of giant Saint light, the direct even/including approaches Saint light church of Saint light pure land other end Saint light city! 除此之外,禁地甚至还坐落着一扇永久开启的巨型圣光之门,直接连向圣光净土彼端圣光城的圣光教会本部! Reason that because this space channel has, under the church the strength and position are next to the Yuan to ride several thousand temple knights, can travel in the summit of bottom and Saint light city church hunter freely, thus conducts all -weather guard, to guard, be in shifts and monitor! 因为这道空间通道存在的缘故,教会之中实力和地位仅次于元骑之下的数千名圣殿骑士,得以自由往返于猎人之巅地底和圣光城教会本部,从而进行全天候的护卫、驻守、轮班、监控! And, once hunts for the group restricted area to have any accidental/surprised condition, is meets to the high knight subdivision sandbank first rushes to the scene to support personally! 并且,一旦猎团禁地发生任何意外状况,至高骑士亚门汀便是会第一时间赶到现场亲自支援! But the Yuan rides the whole staff to follow closely to come, then must regard the special details to decide 而元骑全员会不会紧随而来,则是要视具体情况而定了 Looks at this confidential information, the Ye Chen expression shocks completely. 看完这项机密信息,耶尘的表情满是震撼。 Who can think, the summit of hunter with the Saint light Great Wall same is the product of holy ghost, and buries the inspiration in the place bottom 谁能够想到,猎人之巅原来和圣光长城一样都是圣神的产物,并且将启示录埋藏于地底 Who can think, the summit of hunter is located in the underground kilometer deep restricted area, unexpectedly direct connectivity of Saint light church, and every day is having the large numbers of church elite troops each night in secret, but daily life work on mountain, coming and going hunts for the group members to know nothing generally! 谁又能够想到,猎人之巅位于地下千米之深的禁地,居然直接连通了圣光教会的本部,并且每天每夜都在暗中驻扎着大批的教会精锐人马,而在山上每日生活工作,来来往往的广大猎团成员对此则是一无所知! All these make people feel unbelievable simply! 这一切简直让人感到难以置信! Then, hunts for between the group and church the intriguing relations, must welcome round thorough revolution in the Ye Chen cognitive view 如此一来,猎团和教会之间错综复杂的关系,又得在耶尘的认知观当中迎来一轮彻底的刷新了 .” “呼。” Ye Chen deeply inspires subconsciously, the vision continues to follow the page to move 耶尘下意识深吸一口气,目光继续顺着页面移动 Then, presents in his present confidential information, turns personal information and profession outline that the different time different hunted for extremely, as well as final outcome and other series of note forms. 接下来,呈现在他眼前的机密信息,变成了过去不同时代不同极猎的个人信息、生涯梗概,以及最终结果等一系列记录表格。 These were recorded in the secret documents above side hunt for the personal information, its record order passed toward the ancient times according to the modern age. 这些被记录在机密文档上面的极猎个人信息,其记录顺序是按照现代朝着古代推移回去的。 Except that today and Ye Chen participates in this tea party together all active duty hunts for extremely outside, looks back, other 32 hunted for extremely once sat above and people equally noble seat. 除去今天和耶尘一同参与此次茶会的所有现役极猎以外,回首过去,还有其他32名极猎曾经坐在和众人一样高贵的席位之上。 But hunts for an numerous besides the beginning generation that Kui Ze is at extremely, was separated in the other 26 between ancient times and modern years hunts for extremely, 6 hunted for because of the god of disasters Harvey Jordan extremely died, 8 hunted for the intention betrayal to hunt for the group to encounter Kui Ze extremely to execute personally, hunted for as for remaining 12 extremely died in bed of old age/be exhausted, senile and died, the age of life span short was less than 1000, the age of life span most elder exceeded in 2000 而除了奎泽所在的初代极猎一众以外,间隔在远古和现代岁月之间的其余26名极猎,其中共有六名极猎因为恶神哈维约旦而死亡,八名极猎意图背叛猎团而遭到奎泽亲手处决,至于剩下的12名极猎则是寿终正寝,衰老而死,其中寿命最短者的岁数不到一千年,寿命最长者的岁数则超过了两千年 Ye Chen glanced over the information of all income eyegrounds with total concentration, the line of sight falls on beginning the generation finally hunted for six people of that column information extremely. 耶尘聚精会神地浏览一切收入眼底的信息,视线最终落在了初代极猎六人的那一栏信息。 Then, sure enough, he saw that by the name that oneself care about. 然后,果不其然,他看见了那个最让自己在意的名字。 Seurre 【瑟尔佛舍】 Beginning of generation of extremely hunting for 【初代极猎之一席】 Regarding hunting for the biggest contribution of group, discovers existence of inspiration, and brings back to it, thus to hunt for group's important position in Saint light history built the most essential foundation however, finally actually betrayed because of the unknown cause hunted for the group and Saint light, ran into the mysterious spirit labyrinth alone, and other five that will come to capture hunted for extremely routs completely, finally was missing in the labyrinth thoroughly.】 【对于猎团的最大贡献,乃是发现启示录的存在并且将其带回,从而为猎团在圣光历史之中的重要地位打下了最关键的基础然而,最后却因为不明原因而背叛了猎团和圣光,独自逃入奥灵迷宫,并且将前来追捕的其余五名极猎全部杀退,最后彻底失踪于迷宫内部。】 About Seurre introduction only then above such few line of handwriting. 关于瑟尔佛舍的介绍就只有以上这么寥寥几行字迹。 Ye Chen looks, silent, the heartbeat was actually two, the profession record that later under the vision continued to sweep, looked to beginning other generation hunts for extremely 耶尘看完,沉默不语,心跳却是顿了两下,随后目光继续下扫,望向其余初代极猎的生涯记录 Kui Ze, second generation of hunting, in fights from now on being repulsed disability with Seurre initially extremely, becomes this rebel to hunt and kill action only one to live the survivor who returns to the Saint light pure land, transfers with the support of church for mysterious later hunts for the regimental commander of group spirit, the official control hunts for the supervisory work of group, has continued today. 奎泽,初代极猎之二席,在和瑟尔佛舍一战过后败退残疾,成为了此次叛徒猎杀行动唯一一名活着回到圣光净土的幸存者,随后在教会的支持下转任为奥灵猎团的团长,正式接管猎团的管理工作,一直持续到了今天。 more/complete Kun, initially third generation of extremely hunting, in fights with Seurre will escape from now on the labyrinth, from now on will not have returned to the Saint light pure land again, afterward confirmed becomes the organizer in happy theater, carries out for the abyss Harvey Jordan with the butcher together has led the way to plan, Kui Ze who ultimately was the regimental commander confirmed that strikes to kill. 弥昆,初代极猎之三席,在和瑟尔佛舍一战过后逃亡于迷宫之中,自此再也没有返回圣光净土,后来确认成为了欢愉剧院的组织者,与屠夫一同为深渊哈维约旦执行过引路计划,最终被担任团长的奎泽确认击杀。 Comes again is beginning four and five that and six generation hunts for extremely. 再来是初代极猎的四席、五席、六席。 Their personal information are few, however, the results of three people are actually completely unified. 他们的个人信息寥寥无几,然而,三个人的结局却是完全统一。 Without exception, the whole staff was killed by Seurre, welcomed no suspense died at the scene 无一例外,全员被瑟尔佛舍所杀,迎来了毫无悬念的当场死亡 The above result conducts the testimony and confirmation by Kui Ze with own eyes. 以上结果由奎泽亲眼进行见证和确认。 Briefly understood that one all hunts for the passing entire life of senior extremely, the Ye Chen feature tightens, the heart filled an intense guilt immediately. 简要了解一遍所有极猎前辈的过往生平,耶尘眉目紧锁,心头顿时弥漫起了一股强烈的愧疚感。 Although regarding Seurre betrayal reason described for unclearly on this secret files tuart 尽管在这份机密档桉上对于瑟尔佛舍的背叛原因形容为“不明” However, until now, Ye Chen actually knows reason completely. 然而,时至今日,耶尘却是完全知晓其中的缘由。 Because only, he is this reason! 只因为,他正是这个原因本身! If not for if to help Ye Chen goes against heaven's will forcefully changes to assign/life, Seurre is also insufficient to take the so crazy path, thus slaughtered to the past colleague 倘若不是为了帮耶尘强行逆天改命,瑟尔佛舍也不至于走上如此疯狂的道路,从而对昔日的同僚大开杀戒 Thinks of here, the Ye Chen vision cannot help but shot a look on Kui Ze that wrap/sets mechanical four limbs, the innermost feelings thought immediately was more uncomfortable. 想到这里,耶尘的目光不由自主地瞥了一眼奎泽身上的那套机械四肢,内心顿时觉得更加难受了。 However, seemed like saw in the heart of Ye Chen thinks, Kui Ze was merely kind smiles, not only without showing any negative emotion, instead also hinted Ye Chen do not divert attention by the look , to continue to read the present secret files tuart earnestly, after all crossed this village would have no this shop. 不过,似乎是看出了耶尘的心中所想,奎泽仅仅只是和蔼一笑,不仅没有表现出任何负面情感,反而还以眼神示意耶尘不要分心,继续认真阅览眼前的机密档桉,毕竟过了这村就没这店了。 Ye Chen reorganized a mood simply, the vision fell on the last page of confidential paper later. 耶尘简单整理了一番自身情绪,目光随后落在了机密文件的最后一页。 The content that this final region described all was the secret intelligence that and this kind of six heavy nightmare induction were closely linked. 这片最终区域所描述的内容全是和自己这类六重噩梦感应者息息相关的机密情报。 Six heavy nightmare induction, are different from five heavy as well as five heavy below each boundary induction, is extremely special existence.】 【六重噩梦感应者,不同于五重以及五重以下的各个境界感应者,属于极其特殊的存在。】 So far, the hunter tomb of summit of hunter buries the complete corpses of six heavy nightmare induction although, in hunting for the regimental commander reaches in more than 3000 years of history, in hunting for group, is in the labyrinth, hunts for the group never to discover any exists in the without owner six step labyrinth relics in world alone.】 【目前为止,猎人之巅的猎人墓地尽管葬有六重噩梦感应者的完整尸首,然而在猎团长达三千余年的历史之中,无论是在猎团之内,还是在迷宫之内,猎团都从未发现过任何一件单独存在于世间的无主六阶迷宫遗物。】 Therefore, until now all records, we can conduct only following supposed: Six step labyrinth relics and other relics are entirely different, is unable to separate with the body of host, is not also able to appear in world alone.】 【因此,单就迄今为止的所有记录来看,我们可以进行以下假设:六阶迷宫遗物和其它遗物截然不同,无法与宿主的身躯进行分离,同时也无法单独出现于世间。】
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