NE :: Volume #11

#1064: Does not work tired

If the ordinary spider, a group attacked magic to fire off, but the spider of Monica incarnation, had the good anti- demonic nature, to burn the small spider directly, the temperature of magic flame was less than the certain extent is not good. 如果是普通的蜘蛛,一个群攻魔法就打完了,但莫尼卡化身的蜘蛛,拥有不错的抗魔性,要想直接把小蜘蛛烧死,魔法火焰的温度不到一定程度可不行。 In more than 20 people of team, naturally also has magician, although died two companions to let their grief and indignation continuously, but the long-term mercenary profession can remaining, maintains the good fight mentality. 这支20多人的队伍中,自然也有魔法师,虽然连续死掉两名同伴让他们悲愤不已,但长期的佣兵生涯能让剩下的人,保持住良好的战斗心态。 Flame emit, cover in the place above of team, the spiders throw in the flame, puts forth this magic magician complexion is one happy, was surprised. 一片火焰冒出,笼罩在队伍的上方,蜘蛛们扑进火焰中,使出这魔法魔法师脸色正是一喜,却又惊讶了。 These transparent spiders, but semblance changed the autumn pitch-black, then still threw, like was rains. 那些透明的蜘蛛,只是外表变秋乌黑了些,而后依然扑了下来,像是下雨一样。 Team both sides several double sword soldiers simultaneously brandish blade light, has almost formed one cutting edge, does not know many the spider was hewn 2-3 sections, falls on the ground. 队伍两侧数名双刀剑战士同时挥舞出一阵刃光,几乎是形成了一片锋刃阵,不知有多少的蜘蛛被砍成两三截,掉落在地上。 But the matter has not ended, after these spiders fall to the ground, emits white smokes, is bringing the nice-smelling apple delicate fragrance. But all people subconsciously have turned very quiet, because they have attracted a small mouth, somewhat has actually had a dizzy spell. 但事情还没有完,这些蜘蛛掉落到地上后,冒出一股股白烟,带着好闻的苹果清香。但所有人都下意识屏住了呼吸,因为他们只是吸了一小口,却就已经有些头晕目眩了。 Other two Cleric have used disintoxicating magic immediately, the response is extremely quick. 另外的两名神官立刻使用了解毒魔法,反应极快。 Because disintoxicating magic does not divide your me, Beta also in this magic covering range, therefore he does not need to turn very quiet again. 因为解毒魔法不分你我,贝塔也在这魔法的笼罩范围内,所以他也不用再屏住呼吸。 At this time these not by the spider that the sword light cut, threw the bodies of some mercenary, either gnawed to nip on their faces, either sneaked in the clothes. 只是这时候那些没有被剑光切到的蜘蛛,扑到了一些佣兵的身上,要么在他们的脸上啃咬起来,要么就钻进了衣服里。 Although there is disintoxicating magic, but the poison of this transparent spider is quite overbearing, moreover what is most important, enters after the breath to the poison in within the body, with pours into the poison to blood directly, naturally cannot be generally spoken. 虽然有解毒魔法在,但这种透明蜘蛛的毒相当霸道,而且最重要的是,经过呼吸进入到体内的毒,和直接注入到血液中的毒,自然不能一概而论。 Latter's effect obviously is much higher. 后者的效果明显要高得多。 Therefore although disintoxicating technique is still operating, but these were bitten mercenary that bites by the spider, still lost the battle efficiency, either falls down twitches, either the direct corona confused the past. 因此虽然解毒术依然在运作,但那些被蜘蛛噬咬的佣兵们,依然失去了战斗力,要么倒在地上抽搐,要么就是直接晕迷过去。 At this time, in the mercenary rear team, this time of Cleric appearance has discharged pale-green barrier finally, all keeps off the spider that these have not thrown outside. 这时候,佣兵后方队伍中,有一位神官模样的此时终于施放了一个淡绿色的结界,将那些还没有扑下来的蜘蛛全挡在外面。 barrier this position magic, recited speed generally is quite slow. 结界这种阵地型的魔法,吟唱速度一般都是比较慢的。 Pale-green barrier, kept off Beta outside. 淡绿色的结界,同时也将贝塔挡在了外面。 At this time in the mercenary team can stand person, already less than ten. 此时佣兵队中能站着的人,已经不足十个。 The after flurry of moment, among the teams, the person of doubtful team leader appearance looked at Beta bitterly, said: Walks their back, we remove.” 片刻的慌乱之后,队伍中间,疑似队长模样的人恨恨地看了一眼贝塔,说道:“把他们都背走,我们撤。” Pale-green barrier, obviously is Life Goddess believer. Although is inferior to Light Barrier to be so hard, but in barrier bringing minor wound cure technique effect, is good multi-skill magic. 淡绿色的结界,明显是生命女神信徒。虽然不及光明结界那么坚硬,但结界内自带轻伤治愈术效果,也算是不错的复合型魔法 Lost half to be many all of a sudden some strengths, can only remove. They thought that oneself can remove, after all this is barrier, even if Legendary Level leaves, is not necessarily able to break through in a short time. 一下子损失了一半还多些的战力,只能撤了。他们觉得自己能撤得走,毕竟这可是结界,就算是传奇级别,也未必能在短时间内攻破。 Has not waited for these people to have an action to perform, Beta stands before barrier, a Golden Sword gently stroke in hand...... 只是没有等这些人有所动作,贝塔站在结界前,手中的黄金剑轻轻一划…… This pale-green barrier, breaks immediately. 这个淡绿色的结界,立刻破碎。 Cleric called out pitifully, immediately the pair of eyes double nostril bleeds to fall to the ground, this barrier must result in uses Spiritual Force continually, but was broken forcefully, with took the hammer to come up a similar effect in the forehead. 神官惨叫一声,立刻双眼双鼻孔流血倒地,这种结界必须得持续使用精神力的,而被人强行破去,就跟被人拿锤子在脑门子上来一记差不多的效果。 Four holes bleed, had not died, is in luck very much. 只是四窍流血,没有死掉,已经算是很走运了。 He falls down, begins difficultly supinely, looks at Beta, because of the relations of eye pupil hemorrhage, his field of vision is quite fuzzy, the brilliant red piece, the Beta form is slurred, likely Demon God that walks from the hell. This Cleric muttered: This impossible...... How such easily!” 他倒在地上,艰难地仰起头,看着贝塔,因为眼瞳出血的关系,他的视野相当模糊,红艳艳一片,贝塔的身影模糊不清,像是从地狱中走出来的魔神。这位神官喃喃自语:“这不可能……怎么这么轻易就!” Not merely is he, entire comes to attack, but can also stand mercenary squad member, is a face damn expression. 不单是他,整个前来袭击,还能站着的佣兵小队成员,都是一脸见了鬼的表情。 Their this mercenary team member, over 45 years team ages, knew the whole story, that Cleric is one of their core personnel, barrier and are quite outstanding with the iatrotechnics, has not thought, unexpectedly was been so simple forcefully breaks. 他们这支佣兵队成员,都已经有45年以上的队龄,彼此之间知根知底,那位神官是他们的核心人员之一,一手结界和和治疗术相当优秀,没有想到,居然被人如此简单就强行破掉了。 Withdraw, removes!” “撤,撤!” The middle-aged person of that doubtful team leader shouted at the same time, afterward grasps the Cleric clothes, toward escaping. The core personnel must certainly rescue, so long as core personnel, even if lost the most strength, later the mercenary team reconstructs quite to be also easy. 那位疑似队长的中年人一边大喊,随后抓起神官的衣服,就往逃跑。核心人员肯定是要救的,只要核心人员在,就算失去了大半的战力,以后佣兵队重建起来也会比较容易。 He has not run two steps, has the sharp weapon sound to transmit on hearing behind from out of the blue, longsword of his subconsciousness in hand pulled up backward, ding one to block. 只是他没有跑出两步,就听到背后有利器破空声传来,他下意识用手中的长剑向后一撩,叮地一声挡住了。 In his hand this weapon is not very sharp, but the sword blade is very thick, although is the extravagant sword, but had the greatsword degree of hardness in fact quickly. 他手中这把武器不是很锋利,但剑身很厚,虽然是阔剑,但实质上已经快有巨剑的硬度了。 In this team patience is one happy, his is raising Cleric, is turning around to turn head, wants to pull out the sword to record to turn round to divide, but the body just changed to half, a fist hits on his face. 这位队长心中正是一喜,他一手提着神官,正转身回头,想抽剑来记回身劈,但身子刚转到一半,一记拳头就打在他的脸上。 His whole person flies upside down, falls on the ground, the chin was crooked, the head buzzes, wants to stand unable to stand. 他整个人倒飞出去,摔在地上,下巴都歪了,脑袋嗡嗡作响,想站都站不起来。 Then is several calls out pitifully, the quantity are more much the transparent spider bites other can also stand but actually mercenary, then gathers side Beta in one group, turns into Monica's appearance. 而后便是数声惨叫,数量多得吓人的透明蜘蛛咬倒其它所有还能站着的佣兵,而后在贝塔身边聚在一团,重新化成莫尼卡的模样。 She looked at Beta lovingly, feeling that this two people collaborate to fight, for her, is quite happy, is quite comfortable. 她含情脉脉地看了一眼贝塔,这种两人联手战斗的感觉,对她来说,相当开心,相当舒服。 But Beta looked at these mercenary, confirmed after they completely lose the battle efficiency, said: Then gave you.” 贝塔看了看那些佣兵,确认他们完全失去战斗力后,说道:“接下来就交给你了。” Good.” Monica soft immerse has complied with sound, afterward she looked pours to these in ground mercenary, on the face flashes through a wisp of mean color. “好。”莫尼卡软濡地应了声,随后她看向那些倒在地上的佣兵们,脸上闪过一缕阴狠之色。 But in three buildings, four Archbishop, looks that Beta and Monica collaborate, puts to turn this mercenary team easily. 而在三楼,四位大主教,看着贝塔和莫尼卡两人联手,轻而易举放翻这支佣兵队。 Thinks again that four people of subordinates more than 100 people, kept off a moment ago cannot block the offensive of opposite party, a both comparison, the disparity of both sides simply is big to astonishing. 再想想刚才那们四人麾下100多号人,挡都挡不住对方的攻势,两者一比较,双方的差距简直是大到惊人。 This fills Liya truly is some abilities.” Beyrot Skjod sighed the sentence. “这塞丽娅确实是有些能力。”贝罗斯克感叹了句。 Another three people of looks are also overcast unclear, but at least no longer like before, faintly brought to conflict. 另外三人的眼神也是阴晦不明,但至少不再像之前那样,隐隐带着抵触了。 „To struggle of Pope person, should to oneself be a little confidence.” Another Bishop said. “想争教皇之位的人,应该对自己都是有点信心的。”另一位主教说道。 But in downstairs, Monica looks at these pitiful yell repetitive mercenary, is thinking how to concoct some words to come from their mouths, perhaps...... Makes the puppet to be also good, looks like in such that Falansi Royal City makes! 而在楼下,莫尼卡看着这些惨叫连连的佣兵们,正在想着如何从他们的嘴里炮制出些话来,或许……做成傀儡也不错,就像是在法兰斯王城做的那样! However can like this, make Beta not happy? 不过这样子,会不会让贝塔不高兴? Monica turned head to look at Beta one subconsciously. 莫尼卡下意识回头看了贝塔一眼。 But also at this time, the Beta sudden look changed, swift and fierce exceptionally, extended both hands to grasp her body from the rear area. 而也就在这时候,贝塔突然眼神一变,凌厉异常,伸出双手就从后方抱住了她的身子。 Well? Monica is somewhat surprised, in the heart flashes through a thought that under Beta wants here, to be in the glare of the public eye...... Although is a little shy, but if Beta likes, is not, at the worst , the person who dares to look , the eye makes completely blindly. 咦?莫尼卡有些惊讶,心中闪过一个念头,难道贝塔想在这里,众目睽睽之下……虽然有点害羞,但如果贝塔喜欢的话,也不是不可以,大不了以后把敢看的人,眼睛全部弄瞎。 Beta grasps her, immediately is one withdraws the jump. 贝塔抱住她,立刻就是一个后撤跳跃。 Long, completely electricity spear/gun that is made by the lightning, inserts in the place that Monica stood a moment ago. 一把长长的,完全由闪电制成的电枪,插在莫尼卡刚才站立的地方。
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