NE :: Volume #11

#1063: Male and female matching

Monica looks at four Archbishop, is in conspiracy with his guard, is thrown into confusion executing remaining two Assassin, the corners of the mouth reveals satire slightly. 莫尼卡看着四个大主教,伙同其护卫,手忙脚乱地将毙剩下的两名刺客,嘴角露出微微的讽刺。 But when four servant Archbishop turn around the line of sight one after another, her satire changed has occupied the ordinary smile immediately. 但当四仆大主教陆续将视线转过来的时候,她的讽刺立刻变居了平常的微笑。 Clothes robe not entire Beyrot Skjod looked in front of Monica, that dead shape extremely miserable corpse, both eyes concentrate slightly, then his face admires said: Fills Ms. Liya, is really formidable, worthily is God's Favoured.” 衣袍不整的贝罗斯克看了看莫尼卡面前,那具死状极惨的尸体,双眼微微一凝,而后他一脸佩服地说道:“塞丽娅女士,真是强大,不愧是神眷者。” The meaning of this saying may Bao Kebian, look how you understood. Can be regarded as the opposite party thinks you to be formidable purely, can regard as the opposite party to curse at people in disguised form, was saying that you did not have what extraordinary, but depended the asylum of gods, traded to do is he, he can also achieve. 这话的意思可褒可贬,就看你怎么理解。即可以当做是对方单纯觉得你强大,也可以看作对方在变相骂人,是在说你没有什么了不起,只是仗着有神明的庇护而已,换作是他,他也能做到。 Two meaning Monica both can understand, she thought secretly the opposite party is the second meaning, but in the surface, she pretended only to hear the first meaning, then the dimple split open, said: Same, compared with my guard, fell far short. His can only press but actually me.” 两种意思莫尼卡都能理解,她暗地里觉得对方是第二种意思,但表面上,她装作只听得了第一种意思,然后笑靥绽开,说道:“一般般而已,比起我的护卫,差得远了。他一手只就能摁倒我。” These words somewhat were ambiguous, although Beta still does not have what expression, but at heart is actually curling the lip. 这句话就有些暧昧了,贝塔虽然依然没有什么表情,但却在心里撇撇嘴。 Four Bishop each one are the dirt people, can achieve now this position, the man of this age, few not dirty. As soon as they listen, understands that was any meaning. When associative compound, thought that Monica has dared to say the obvious piece intimate, is in itself an intimate meaning. 四名主教个个都是污人,能做到现在这个位置,这个年岁的男人,没有几个不污的。他们一听,就明白是什么意思了。会意之余,也觉得亲近了许多,莫尼卡敢说荦段子,本身就是一种亲近的意思。 The atmosphere between both sides is harmonious immediately, four Archbishop had been thrown into confusion a moment ago, even is the awkward atmosphere that the fight of being panic-stricken creates, immediately disappearing shade without a trace. 双方之间的气氛立刻融洽了些,刚才四个大主教手慌脚乱,甚至是惊慌失措的战斗造成的尴尬气氛,立刻消影地无影无踪。 Has not thought, unexpectedly some people ambush ahead of time on the roof.” Archbishop makes noise the speech, while convenient shift topic: No wonder will have the troops to come in our directions.” “没有想到,居然有人提前埋伏在房顶上。”一个大主教出声说话,顺便转移话题:“怪不得会有人马往我们这个方向过来。” Now they do not want to investigate Beta with any method surveillance distant place, if must investigate really that three black clothes Assassin, Monica can definitely take to say the matter a moment ago. 现在他们也不想追究贝塔到底是用什么手段监视远处了的,如果真要追究,刚才那三个黑衣刺客,莫尼卡完全可以拿出来说事。 Beyrot Skjod said: „Do we shift have not come with enough time?” 贝罗斯克说道:“我们转移还来不来得及?” Without enough time.” Beta makes noise to reply, simultaneously has referred to his left window. “来不及了。”贝塔出声答道,同时指了指他左边的窗户。 Four Archbishop arrive at this side window, looks, then team of discovery one team of mercenary appearance appearance, flushed toward manor here. 四个大主教走到这侧的窗户,看出去,便发现有一队佣兵模样打扮的队伍,朝庄园这里冲了过来。 At this time the guards in manor have also discovered the unusuality of this team of troops, and stops on own initiative in the front of manor. 此时庄园的守卫们也已经发现了这队人马的异常,并且主动阻拦在庄园的前方。 Beyrot Skjod has contrasted the population of both sides, said: They should unable to clash.” 贝罗斯克对比了一下双方的人数,说道:“他们应该冲不进来。” The opposite party has probably more than 20 people, but manor here, over a hundred Class Holder experts, the Grandmaster Level has 13 . Moreover the guard who over 30 elite level powerhouses, properly speaking, such population and relative strength, Archbishop bring, should be able to extinguish the opposite party, even if not good, can stop this group of troops outside the manor. 对方大约只有20多人,而庄园这里,却有上百名职业者好手,大师级就有13名,而且还有30名以上的精英级强者,按理说,这样的的人数和实力对比,大主教们带来的护卫,应该能将对方全灭,即使不行,也能将这批人马阻拦在庄园之外。 Even if Beta, thinks. 即使是贝塔,也是这么认为。 But the fact makes them be surprised. 但事实却让他们大吃一惊。 In this surface the troops of unclear influence, has exhibited front arrow directly, like punctures the cheese to be ordinary the bayonet, the ease has attacked in the manor. 这支表面上不明势力的人马,直接摆出了锋矢阵,像把刺刀刺乳酪一般,轻而易举就攻进了庄园之中。 Fireball thunder and lightning sputtering, feather arrow vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, the sword puts together in the sound of striking to be mixed all the way the massive pitiful yells. 一路上火球雷电溅射,羽箭纵横,刀剑拼击之声中杂着大量的惨叫。 Is less than ten minutes, the enemy has advanced the outer layer defense of manor, directly enters to the manor. 不到十分钟,对方就已经突进了庄园的外层防守,直接进入到庄园中。 From the third floors, can see this attack, only then several people were injured, nobody loses the battle efficiency radically. 从三楼看下去,能看到这支来袭只有数人受了轻伤,根本没有人失去战斗力。 Sees this, four Archbishop complexions are pale. 看到这一幕,四个大主教脸色铁青。 Properly speaking, even if they defend to be weaker, should not be attacked in the manor by the enemy directly, including two reasons. 按理说,即使他们防守弱些,也不应该会被敌人直接攻进庄园中,其中有两个原因。 One is these is their private soldiers, since childhood spends the big resources to train, loyal sincere is strong. But they are complete generally some simply, the duty of strength crush. 一个是这些都是他们的私兵,都是从小花费大资源培养起来的的,忠诚心非常强。但他们一般都是完成一些简单的,实力碾压的任务。 For example assassinates somebody, or is almost does not have the small family of what revolt ability to make a move to one. 比如说去暗杀某个人,或者是对一个几乎没有什么反抗能力的小家族出手。 With the private soldier who this method trains, the strength looks well, but lacks the genuine battlefield experience, as well as coordinate method, because even subordinates the different influences, let alone among them coordinates, even still mutually holds back in the fight. 用这种方法培养出来的私兵,实力看着不错,但缺少真正的战场经验,以及配合手段,甚至因为隶属不同的势力,他们之间别说配合,甚至还在战斗中互相拖后腿。 But that side the opposite party, is the body after hundred weaponry, acts in harmony the mercenary corps body. 而对方那边,是身经百仗,配合默契的佣兵团体。 Although the population disparity is huge, but the exquisite coordination, as well as the attack way in one vigorous effort, directly seems like the formidable defensive line the manor, rips open an opening livingly, such gets down again, was the Decapitation Strike. 虽然人数差距巨大,可精妙的配合,以及一鼓作气的进攻方式,直接将庄园看似强大的防守线,活生生撕开一个口子,再这么下去,就是斩首行动了。 How can like this!” Beyrot Skjod looks below scene, some complexion blanches. “怎么会这样!”贝罗斯克看着下方的场面,脸色有些发白。 But other Bishop are also sends out similarly twittering. 而其它主教也是发出类似的呢喃。 This is impossible.” “这不可能啊。” Disparity so is how big!” “差距怎么如此大!” Beta sees this not, turns head to ask low voice: What do you have to plan?” 贝塔看到这一莫,扭头小声问道:“你有什么打算?” If possible, I want to save these people.” Monica looks at Beta earnestly: Therefore, I hope that you can help me.” “如果可以的话,我想救下这些人。”莫尼卡殷切地看着贝塔:“所以,我希望你能帮我。” Why can save them?” “为什么要救下他们?” This is the Pope demonstration of authority, he as if not want to massacre all Archbishop, but he as to tell us, does not need the strong strength, he can cope with us, if our wave of mercenary attack cannot keep off, will make the morale of other people plummet surely.” Monica deeply inspired: This is extremely disadvantageous to our later situations.” “这是教皇的下马威,他似乎不想杀掉所有的大主教,可他似乎想告诉我们,不需要多强的实力,他就能对付我们,如果我们连一波佣兵攻击都挡不下来,必定会让其它人的士气大降。”莫尼卡深深地吸了口气:“这对我们之后的形势极其不利。” Your judgment is very correct.” Beta nods, at this time, should save the teammate first, comes to determine the status of own leader, two come to reduce loses, after these people, is Monica's strengths hand/subordinate. “你的判断很正确。”贝塔点点头,这种时候,就是应该先救队友,一来能确定自己领导者的身份,二来可以减少损失,这些人以后都是莫尼卡手下的力量。 That together fights.” “那就一起战斗吧。” Monica jumped, in airborne, she turns into a big group transparent spider suddenly, plunges the both sides of enemy team. 莫尼卡率先跳了下去,在空中的时候,她突然化成一大团透明的蜘蛛,扑向敌人队伍的两侧。 But Beta slow one step, but after actually, sends first. 贝塔虽然慢一步,但却后发先至。 He from airborne jumps down, although will not jump to cut, the speed superiority as well as extremely high Coordination value that but Agile Movement, the Rage two skills bring, making his speed only compared with speed that the same level soldier charges on slow little. 他从空中跳落,虽然不会跳跃斩,但灵敏移动,怒不可遏两个技能带来的速度优势以及自身极高的协调值,使得他的速度只比同等战士冲锋的速度慢上一点点。 But at this time the Beta front, is a shield soldier, the Grandmaster Level. He sees Beta from emptying, grins fiendishly, lifts the shield standard to keep off. 而此时贝塔的面前,就是一位盾战士,大师级。他看到贝塔从空而下,狞笑一声,举盾格挡。 He has seen too many soldiers from landing, was used the great shield to raise by him flies. 他见过太多的战士从空降下,而后被他用巨盾掀飞了的。 But this time situation actually safe different, the gold thread cuts to fall along with falling of Beta together, from the top of the heads of this shield soldier, a vertical section to below crotch. Even if not with swordmanship Will this god level skill, the overlay that but two swordmanship are expert, as well as the sharpness of golden sword, this is not the attack effort that the general equipment can keep off. 但这次的情况却安全不同,一道金线随着贝塔的落下斩落,从这位盾战士的头顶中间,一直切到下裆。即使没有用剑术意志这神级技能,可两种剑术专精的叠加,以及黄金剑的锋利,这已经不是一般装备能挡下的攻击力度了。 After a half second, this shield soldier was divided into two halves with the shield together, the blood has spewed out, about the body two pieces fell fall on the ground. 半秒钟后,这位盾战士连人带盾一起分成了两半,鲜血喷涌而出,身躯左右两片摔落在地上。 He behind another grasps the soldier of big sword to angrily roar, wants to rush, but Beta speed is quicker, appears in his front directly, when he responded the time , the Beta golden sword pricked in this person of chest. 他身后另一名手持大剑的战士怒吼一声,想冲上去,可贝塔速度更快,直接出现在他的面前,等他反应过来的时候,贝塔的黄金剑已经刺入这人的心口中。 greatsword falls on the ground, a Beta leg is having the surprised expression this, the soldier who has not died completely thoroughly breathes to the front, hit to fly directly two people. 巨剑掉落地在地上,贝塔一腿将这位带着惊讶表情,还没有完全死透的战士喘向前方,直接撞飞了两个人。 The fierce offensive of opposite party was contained immediately. 对方的凶猛的攻势立刻就受到了遏制。 But at this time is airborne, as if the insect plague common spider falls, launched the attack from the left and right to the enemy. 而此时空中密密麻麻,仿佛虫灾一般的蜘蛛落下来,从左右两侧对敌人发起了进攻。
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