Noble Emblem 贵族纹章

A young Brave walked out of his village, gathered companions to his side, defeated the Great Demon King, became famous, then came back with beauties in hand! This was a legend that appears in the world of Seyrol every 200 years! Our protagonist, however, isn't a Brave. Even so, for over a thousand years his figure has loomed throughout its history. Unwittingly, the name of the Red-robed Priest began to resound throughout the world. Red-robed Priest's legend included extraordinary sword techniques and magic, erudite knowledge, and an almost prophetic ability to lead young Braves toward the proper path. People of the world think of him as a descendent of the ancient Yellow Race which led to his omnipotence. In essence, however, this was just the characteristics of the profession known as 'Noble'.

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