NE :: Volume #11

#1065: Flies to trample

The thunder spear/gun oblique cutting in the ground, keeps probably in the ground of radius five meters range emitting intermittent electric current to all around. 雷枪斜插在地面,不停地向四周大约半径五米范围的地面上放出一阵阵电流。 Hugs the distance that Monica's Beta is withdrawing to be big, this jumps has a about ten meters distance directly, has been separated from the electric current effective injury range. 抱着莫尼卡的贝塔后撤的距离非常大,这一跳直接有近十米的距离,已经脱离了电流的有效伤害范围。 Puts down Monica in bosom, the latter both feet fell to the ground, came to a stop the body, she looks at the bosom of Beta, in the eye somewhat loses. 把怀中的莫尼卡放下,后者双脚落地,站稳了身体,她看着贝塔的怀抱,眼中有些失落。 Monica has not spoken with enough time, airborne lowers two thunder spear/gun, but this time she early is prepared, turns into the innumerable spider dispersions rapidly, but after Beta is still one jumps, two people have been separated from thunder spear/gun the attack range rapidly. 只是莫尼卡还没有来得及说话,空中又降下两把雷枪,但这次她早有准备,迅速化成无数的蜘蛛分散,而贝塔依然还是一个后跳,两人迅速脱离了雷枪的攻击范围。 Ran the slow spider has become by the electricity the hard coke, in the air filled the unusual smell that an apple was being scorched has, although was somewhat unusual, but was not ill-smelling. 一些跑得慢的蜘蛛被电成了焦炭,空气中弥漫着一股苹果被烧焦产生的异味,虽然有些奇特,但不算难闻。 The spider of big group transforms Monica in the Beta side. 大团的蜘蛛在贝塔的身边重新转化成莫尼卡。 Although died some spiders, but to her is not anything, like was used the fruit knife to lacerate a skin on the finger gently, a little stabbing pain, does not have anything at the worst. 虽然死了些蜘蛛,但对她而言并不算什么,就像被人用水果刀轻轻在指头上割破了点皮,有点刺痛,却没有什么大不了。 Back Beta has a look at little building, then said: You go back, protects them while convenient, brushes your person to look, after you becomes female Pope, will have very big help.” 贝塔看看后边的小楼,然后说道:“你回去,顺便保护一下他们,刷刷你的人望,对你以后成为女教皇,会有很大的帮助。” Monica has gawked, asked: Then you?” 莫尼卡愣了下,问道:“那么你呢?” The Beta eye looks airborne, said rapidly: Enemy is very strong, you are not a match. After going back, making them run away first, can run away many are far.” 贝塔眼睛看着空中,迅速说道:“敌人很强,你不是对手。回去后,让他们先逃,能逃多远是多远。” Spoke, the Beta under foot presents white clouds, steps on its bygone days to flutter. 说完话,贝塔脚下出现一朵白云,踩着它就往天上飘。 This is any magic...... Doesn't have Magic Power to fluctuate? Monica was startled, afterward returns to little building. 这是什么魔法……没有魔力波动?莫尼卡吃惊了一下,随后回到小楼中去。 As soon as she enters to the door, then sees four Archbishop, walks from the building, everybody is quite nervous. Beyrot Skjod walks the quick several steps, urgently asked: A moment ago that thunder spear/gun what's the matter?” 她一进到房门中,便看到四位大主教,从楼上走下来,人人的神情都相当紧张。贝罗斯克走快几步,急问道:“刚才那把雷枪是怎么回事?” This matter one will say again, we shift immediately.” Monica looks serious: That side the opposite party came a powerhouse, is very fierce, we are not the matches, he has helped us bring up the rear.” “这事一会再说,我们立刻转移。”莫尼卡神情严肃:“对方那边来了一个强者,很厉害,我们都不是对手,他已经去帮我们断后了。” I saw a moment ago, he flew, the under foot has......” “我刚才看到,他飞了起来,脚下有……” Shut up! I said that now we walk immediately, do not hold back here.” The Monica line of sight like the sharp blade, looks at the opposite party ruthlessly: Now does not investigate these matters time.” “闭嘴!我说了,现在我们立刻走,不要在这里拖后腿。”莫尼卡视线如利刃,狠狠地看着对方:“现在不是追究这些事情的时候。” Was killed the look of intent to sweep by her, this Archbishop felt oneself are in the world of ice and snow instantaneously, the body feels one intermittently icy cold. 被她略带杀意的眼神一扫,这位大主教感觉自己瞬间处于冰天雪地之中,身体感觉到一阵阵冰凉。 Was good has turned quickly away because of Monica, this Archbishop feeling became a fugitive from a mountain. 好在莫尼卡很快就移开了视线,这大主教感觉从一座大山之下逃亡出来。 Four people were saying to oneself guard some words, the quick four sounds different pass on message strange sounds resound in the small manor, is less than a meeting, all people removed. 四人对着自己的护卫说了些话,很快四声不同的传讯怪响在小庄园里响起,不到一会,所有人都撤了。 Monica also removed, but she abandoned some spiders to hide in the manor, was monitoring the situation of sky, words that does not look, she always thought that was not quite relieved. 莫尼卡也撤了,但她扔下了一些蜘蛛在庄园里隐藏下来,监视着天空的情况,不看着的话,她总觉得不太安心。 Above the cloud layer, the high altitude wind blows the clothes robe flap flap to make noise, Beta flutters, in his front about 100 meters far place, flutters to wear the young people of green robe. 云层之上,高空风吹得衣袍猎猎作响,贝塔飘上来,在他前方大约100米远的地方,飘着一位身穿绿袍的年青人。 Sees Beta, he shows the smiling face of pondering. 看到贝塔,他露出玩味的笑容。 Has not thought, your demon martial double cultivates unexpectedly.” This young people look at Beta, holds up the head saying: You are I have seen, person who besides me, most has the talent.” “没有想到,你居然魔武双修。”这年轻人看着贝塔,昂首说道:“你是我见过的,除了我之外,最有天份的人。” During speeches, self-confident, having one type to approve other people, but fiercer tone. 说话之间,自信之极,带着一种认同他人,但自己更为厉害一些的语气。 Beta hehe two, do not care at heart, he is taking a look at the young people up and down: You are actually life Church true Pope.” 贝塔心里呵呵两声,不甚在意,他上下打量着年轻人:“你其实才是生命神教真正的教皇吧。” Right.” This young people somewhat surprisedly nod, then he up and down is sizing up Beta: „Can you look unexpectedly? It seems like you really not like surface is uncouthly mercenary. Who are you?” “对。”这年轻人有些惊讶地点点头,而后他上下打量着贝塔:“你居然能看得出来?看来你真的不像表面上的那样是个粗鲁的佣兵。你到底是谁?” Wealth Church Pope, Beta- Lyon.” 财富神教教皇,贝塔-里昂。” Beta has not concealed again, but was passed own body bottom directly. 贝塔没有再隐瞒,而是直接将自己的身底透了出来。 As his voice just fell, a round of golden light power line pole spews out. 随着他的话音刚落,一发金光电柱喷涌而出。 This young people had a scare by the Beta given name, had short absent-minded, but the skill of gold coin bombardment makes a move speed to be quite quick, suddenly arrived at his front. 这年轻人被贝塔的名号吓了一跳,有了短暂的失神,而金币轰击的技能出手速度相当快,眨眼间就到了他的面前。 But this person responded that speed is extremely also quick, the body one flashes to side strangely, the light beam is almost scratching his gown, and surface of his green gown, had the number Daoguang mark, has isolated the certain amount magic injuries, has the magic equipment of greatly strengthened defense capability obviously. 但这人反应速度也极快,身体诡异地向旁边一闪,光柱几乎是擦着他的袍子而过,并且他绿色袍子的表面,产生数道光纹,隔绝了一定量的魔法伤害,明显是拥有极强防御能力的魔法装备。 Your this despicable villain!” “你这卑鄙小人!” After having dodged the attack of Beta, this young people violent has roared the sound, that struck a moment ago, if he does not have the get out of the way, the top magic long gown that although on him wears will be instantaneous Magic Barrier to protect him, but he will not feel better absolutely. 躲闪过贝塔的攻击后,这年轻人暴怒吼了声,刚才那一击,如果他没有闪开,虽然他身上穿的顶尖魔法长袍会瞬发一个魔法结界保护他,但他绝对也不会好受。 In the Beta heart cold snort/hum sound, this called to pay a man back in his own coin, a moment ago that three rounds of thunder spear/gun, was might enormous magic. Beta does not dare to suffer hardly, let alone Monica. 贝塔心中冷哼了声,这叫礼尚往来,刚才那三发雷枪,也是威力极大的魔法贝塔也不敢硬挨,更别说莫尼卡了。 This young people had just roared the sound, has not adjusted the figure, Beta both hands extends forward, the dense and numerous golden light balls appear in his side, then likely is the raindrop generally shoots at the opposite party. 这年轻人刚吼了声,还没有调整身形,贝塔双手向前一伸,密密麻麻的金色光球在他的身边出现,而后像是雨点一般地射向对方。 Beta has not pursued the accurate aim desirably, he to an approximate direction, massive Arcane Missile will be projecting, makes the barrage effect that a reinforced company has been able to make in a flash. 贝塔并没有刻意追求准头,他只是对着一个大致的方向,将大量的奥术飞弹投射出去,一瞬间打出了一个加强连才能打出的弹幕效果。 As the growth in the person of information age, Beta also contracts the certain firepower insufficient phobophobia, so long as the condition permits, he likes carrying on the barrage to cover the attack. 作为生长在信息时代的人,贝塔也患有一定的火力不足恐惧症,只要条件允许,他十分喜欢进行弹幕覆盖打击。 Perhaps said that most masculine magician players, a little this complex. 或许说,大多数男性魔法师玩家,都有点这种情结。 In an instant this young people were buried by the golden light ball. 转眼间这个年轻人就被金色的光球埋没。 Continuously, after fierce explosion, in the azure smoke presents together the person's shadow indistinctly. 连续,剧烈的爆炸过后,青烟中隐约出现一道人影。 Beta extracts Golden Sword from Grand Residence Spell, stimulates to movement auspicious clouds of under foot, swoops. 贝塔豪宅术中抽出黄金剑,催动脚下的祥云,飞扑过去。 So long as has made the superiority, pursuit, the fight of players earnestly seeks the instinct, in fact is much more intense than Berserker. 只要打出了优势,就追击到底,玩家们的战斗渴求本能,实质上比狂战士还要强烈得多。 This true life Pope was exploded the dizziness vertigo by a series of Arcane flying ball, has not recovered, then sees together two meters golden sword light straight thrust. 这位真正的生命教皇被一连串的奥术飞球炸得头晕眼花,还没有回过神来,便看到一道两米长的金色剑光直刺而来。 He all over the body lives immediately coldly, bellows, goes all out to stimulate to movement Magic Power, coordinates oneself top magic long gown, instantaneous a circular Magic Power barrier before the body. 他顿时遍体生寒,大吼一声,拼命催动魔力,配合自己身上的顶级魔法长袍,瞬发了一堵圆形的魔力屏障在身前。 This Magic Power barrier is very hard, is very thick, even if were known as Swordmanship Will sword qi that destroys the hardest defenses, on the surface opened the mouth, then Golden Sword pricks in the barrier, by Magic Power barrier card stubbornly. 这堵魔力屏障很坚硬,很厚实,即使是号称无坚不摧的剑术意志剑气,也只是在表面上开了个口子,而后黄金剑刺入屏障中,被魔力屏障卡得死死的。 On the life Church face reveals the excited offense color: Finally caught you, had used that strong Arcane Missile attack a moment ago, now has used Swordmanship Will, did not have the physical strength, escaped the strength! This I counter-attacked! 生命神教脸上露出兴奋的戾色:终于抓到你了,刚才用了那第强的奥术飞弹攻击,现在又用了剑术意志,没有体力了吧,脱力了吧!该我反击了吧! He is thinking time, actually saw that two golden light balls were thrown into oneself place above suddenly, then the light ball suddenly blasts out, erupts the high noon Sun common ray. 他正这么想着的时候,却看到两个金色光球突然被抛到自己的上方,而后光球突然炸开,爆发出正午太阳一般的光芒。 Wealth Church unique Divine Spell, dazzling golden light, in fact, is the strong flash light bomb. 财富神教特有的神术,眩目金光,实质上,就是超强型的闪光弹。 Life Pope all of a sudden is at present white a piece, anything cannot see. 生命教皇眼前一下子就白茫茫一片,什么也看不到。 But Beta discards Golden Sword temporarily, lets its card in the barrier, is not dialing anxiously, but jumps from auspicious clouds, falls from the place above of barrier, then flies to trample, center life Pope surface gate. 贝塔暂时舍弃掉黄金剑,让它卡在屏障中,也不急着拨出来,而是从祥云上跃起,从屏障的上方落下,然后一记飞踹,正中生命教皇的面门。 . m. 。m.
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