MTTIR :: Volume #4

#305: Touches the pocket, clenches teeth to insist

Chapter 305 touches the pocket, clenches teeth to insist 第305章摸摸口袋,咬牙坚持 Guangxi province provincial capital. 桂省省城。 Some community, Chen Zhihai hangs oneself with a safety rope in 16 building upper air, is installing the air conditioning to the customer. 某住宅小区,陈志海用一根安全绳把自己吊在16楼高空,正在给客户安装空调。 This is the fourth air conditioning that Chen Zhihai installs today, August is the peak of air conditioning installment, he must go against the hot sun high-intensity practical training every day, does not have the high-temperature subsidy, the clothes were wet were also dry/does, doing was also wet, the body really somewhat could not endure, in the evening went right to sleep. 这是陈志海今天安装的第四台空调,8月是空调安装的高峰期,他每天都要顶着烈日高强度劳作,又没有高温补贴,衣服都是湿了又干,干了又湿,身体真的有些吃不消,晚上都是倒头就睡。 At this time the person in the midair, the lives and properties is in long rope, to be honest, this type not only danger and cannot make the work of how much money, Chen Zhihai really does not want to do, but touches the pocket , can only clench teeth to insist. 此时人在半空,身家性命就系在一根长绳上,说句实在话,这种既危险又挣不到多少钱的工作,陈志海是真的不想干,但摸摸口袋,又只能咬牙坚持着。 He is the rural family background, the family condition is not good, this year 32 years old, are hoodlum one, the father when he attended the junior middle school died of illness, mother was not quite healthy. 他是农村出身,家庭条件不好,今年已经32岁了,还是光棍一条,父亲在他读初中的时候就病逝,母亲身体也不太好。 His also younger sister, is about two years ago has gotten married. 他还有一个妹妹,不过两年前已经嫁人了。 His studying result is not good, in addition the father passed away, in the family/home does not have the condition to continue for him to study, therefore his junior middle school has not graduated to discontinue studies to work. 他读书成绩不行,再加上父亲去世后,家里没有条件继续供他读书,所以他初中没毕业就辍学出去打工了。 Without the culture, works outside also can only do the physical strength to live. 没有文化,在外面打工也只能干些体力活。 Now, he was 32 years old, from the construction labor to the air conditioning repairman, he had clenched teeth to do for more than ten years, in addition are economical in everyday spending, now in accumulates a sum of money actually. 如今,他已经32岁了,从建筑工到空调安装工,他咬牙干了十几年,再加上自己省吃俭用,现在手里倒是攒了一笔钱。 Chen Zhihai has thought that does this year's busy season, asked the matchmaker to introduce a miss, happy life that then marriage and having child, on he has always fantasized unceasingly. 陈志海已经想好了,把今年的旺季干完,就请媒人介绍个姑娘,然后结婚生子,过上他一直以来不断幻想的幸福生活。 Thinks if smooth, possibly soon can get rid single, takes off the hat of old virgin, Chen Zhihai then has a strength baseless, smooth installs this air conditioning. 想想要是顺利的话,可能用不了多久就能摆脱单身,摘掉老处男的帽子,陈志海便凭空生出一股力气,顺顺利利的把这台空调安装完毕。 When Chen Zhihai returns to rooftop, the foot steps in the spot, that security sense came back finally. 等陈志海回到天台,脚踩实地,那种安全感总算是回来了。 Brother Chen, good work, drank water.” “陈哥,辛苦了,喝水。” Companion Xiao Li handed over one bottle of mineral water, Chen Zhihai received thump thump to drink the most bottle. 同伴小李递过来一瓶矿泉水,陈志海接过咕咚咕咚就喝下去大半瓶。 Pulled out the cell phone to look at the time, the discovery is around 12 : 00 pm, Chen Zhihai wiped the sweat of forehead with the towel that carried along, said: Xiao Li, the time, we first did not eat meal early, when was satiated with food and wine then did, today's goal is to install ten air conditioning, when completed when rests.” 掏出手机看了看时间,发现已经是中午12点多了,陈志海用随身携带的毛巾擦了擦额头的汗水,说道:“小李,时间不早了,咱们先去吃饭,等吃饱喝足了再接着干,今天的目标是安装十台空调,什么时候完成什么时候休息。” Un, good.” “嗯,好的。” ...... …… After 15 minutes . 十五分钟后。 Nearby low-cost fast-food restaurant, Chen Zhihai and Xiao Li are having the lunch greedily, does the physical strength live capacity for food naturally not to sit the person in office to compare, two people added twice food, in addition one bowl of free case soup, belly filling. 附近一家价格便宜的快餐店,陈志海与小李狼吞虎咽的吃着午饭,干体力活的饭量自然不是坐办公室的人能比的,两人添了两次饭,外加一碗免费的例汤,才把肚子给填饱。 After being satiated with food and wine, two people looked for the cool place rest. The mission that although installs today is very arduous, but just ate to the full must rest. 吃饱喝足后,两人找了个阴凉的地方休息。虽说今天安装的任务很重,但刚刚吃饱还是要休息一下的。 When Chen Zhihai brushes the funny short video is killing the time, a youth handsome guy arrives at his front, smiles to greet: Hello, are you Mr. Chen Zhihai?” 就在陈志海刷着搞笑短视频打发时间的时候,一个青年帅哥走到他的面前,微笑着打招呼道:“你好,请问你是陈志海先生吗?” Chen Zhihai raised the head, looks the youth handsome fellow who at present this clothes are different from the worker, the nod said: I am Chen Zhihai, what matter do you have?” 陈志海抬起头,看着眼前这位穿着打扮都有别于打工者的青年帅哥,点头道:“我是陈志海,请问你有什么事吗?” Youth handsome guy introduced oneself: Brother Chen, I called Jiang Feng, was a professional matchmaker, I looked for you to you to introduce an object, didn't know you interested?” 青年帅哥自我介绍道:“陈哥,我叫江枫,是一名职业媒人,我来找伱是想给你介绍个对象,不知道你有没有兴趣?” Chen Zhihai hears word stayed, immediately the somewhat vigilant rejection said: Does not use, good intention thank you.” 陈志海闻言呆了一下,随即有些警惕的拒绝道:“不用了,谢谢你的好意。” He is not does not want to look for the partner, but this young fellow seems like is so at present young, bewildered ran up to front of him saying that must introduce the object to him, how to listen not to feel credibly. 他不是不想找对象,只是眼前这小伙子看起来还这么年轻,莫名其妙的跑到他面前说要给他介绍对象,怎么听都觉得不靠谱。 Even, first his in the mind has an idea, that is the fraud. 甚至,第一时间他的脑海中就冒出一个想法,那就是骗局。 Now this age, various deceitful tricks really emerge one after another incessantly, while countless people are deceived , many people raised the safety consciousness, when coming across unexpected good deed, first lists as the fraud it. 如今这个年代,各种骗术真的是层出不穷,在无数人上当受骗的同时,也有很多人提高了安全意识,在遇到意料之外的好事时,第一时间就把它列为骗局。 Jiang Feng looks at his face vigilant appearance, obviously regarded the swindler him, cannot help but said with a smile: Brother Chen, you do not use such anxiously, I am not a swindler, my matrimonial agency opens near the train station, moreover I in online am also known, you can access the net to check my material.” 江枫看他一脸警惕的样子,显然是把他当成骗子了,不由得笑道:“陈哥,你不用这么紧张,我不是骗子,我婚介所就开在火车站附近,而且我在网上也算是小有名气,你可以上网查一下我的资料。” Was seen through idea at heart by others, Chen Zhihai many are somewhat awkward, but he does not make money easily, card that 430,000 are his for more than ten years laborious accumulates economically in everyday spending, he naturally must be deceived vigilantly. 被人家看穿了心里的想法,陈志海多少有些尴尬,不过他赚钱不易,卡里那43万是他十几年来辛辛苦苦省吃俭用攒下的,他自然要警惕被骗。 Sees his vigilance not to reduce, Jiang Feng proposed: Brother Chen, you , if not feel relieved, can discuss to my matrimonial agency, my matrimonial agency opens near the train station, several hundred squares, because in online known, therefore the business has been good, you looked know that will not be false.” 见他警惕性不减,江枫提议道:“陈哥,你要是不放心的话,可以到我婚介所来谈,我婚介所开在火车站附近,有几百个平方,因为在网上小有名气,所以生意一直不错,你去看了就知道不会是假的。” Hears this saying, in Chen Zhihai heart dispelled many misgivings actually, said: River matchmaker, is really embarrassed, I one must work, perhaps did not have the time to go to your matrimonial agency.” 听到这话,陈志海心中倒是打消了不少顾虑,说道:“江媒人,真是不好意思,我一会就得干活去了,恐怕没有时间去你婚介所了。” Jiang Feng rubbish, directly soars the subject saying: Brother Chen, I know that you work busily, I do not want to delay your too much time, I first tell now you situation of bride's side, if you thought that appropriate, tomorrow or you will find a time the day after tomorrow again my matrimonial agency, I arrange you to meet to chat, how do you look?” 江枫没有废话,直奔主题道:“陈哥,我知道你工作忙,我也不想耽搁你太多时间,我现在先把女方的情况跟你说说,你要是觉得合适的话,明天或者后天你再抽个时间来我婚介所,我安排你们见面聊聊,你看怎么样?” Others words have spoken in this share, Chen Zhihai naturally cannot reject again, good, the river matchmakers you said.” 人家话已经说到这个份上,陈志海自然不会再拒绝,“好的,江媒人你说。” He had to do this year's this busy season to ask the matchmaker to look for the idea of object, now has the matchmaker to walk on own initiative, so long as showed that this matchmaker real , he which may also reject happily without enough time! 他原本就有干完今年这个旺季就请媒人找个对象的想法,如今有媒人主动找上门来,只要证明这媒人是真的,那他高兴还来不及呢,哪可能会拒绝啊! Jiang Feng said the material of bride's side altogether: „ She is a country dweller, this year is 23 years old, are long, the stature is also good, is good to the junior middle school academic record from the elementary school, had the good future. 江枫把女方的资料一股脑的说了出来:“她是农村人,今年23岁,长得还可以,身材也不错,从小学到初中学习成绩都挺好的,原本拥有不错的未来。 What a pity when she was 15 years old, a disease destroyed all her, young she, lost one's sight. 可惜在她15岁那一年,一场疾病把她的一切都毁了,年纪轻轻的她,失明了。 Perhaps such attack, many people do not have the means to accept, but she is very strong, only used for a month, buoys up, after the custom loses one's sight diligently the life. 这样的打击,很多人恐怕都没办法接受,但她很坚强,仅用了一个月的时间,就振作起来,努力习惯失明后的生活。 From the beginning anything could not do, needs the person to look after frequently, to basically can take care of oneself, she only used for three years. 从一开始什么都做不了,需要人时刻照顾,到基本能够自理,她只用了三年。 In these three years time, she also learned a massage technique, is 18-year-old she, after being said that arrived at the provincial capital from the native place, enters some blind massage center to become a technician, has done now. 在这三年的时间里,她还学会了一门推拿手法,然后刚满18岁的她,经人介绍,从老家来到了省城,进入某个盲人按摩中心成为一名技师,一直干到现在。 Now, her life is stable, the female boss of massage center also thinks highly of her very much, although work good work, but every month over ten thousand wages, were compared with many. 如今,她的生活稳定,按摩中心的女老板也很器重她,工作虽然辛苦了点,但每个月上万的工资,还是比很多人强了。 Brother Chen, she truly is a rare good girl, if you do not shut out her is a blind person, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will arrive at the happy matrimonial agency to look for me, I will arrange you to meet. ” 陈哥,她确实是个难得的好女孩,你要是不嫌弃她是个盲人的话,明天或后天就到幸福婚介所找我,我安排你们见面。” Chen Zhihai hears in the word mind noisy. 陈志海闻言脑海中乱哄哄的。 Jiang Feng has not said anything again, pulls out a name card to hand over from the pocket, said: Brother Chen, this is my name card, when you want to be clear calls me again.” 江枫没有再多说什么,从口袋中掏出一张名片递过去,说道:“陈哥,这是我的名片,等你想清楚了再打电话给我。” Then, Jiang Feng said the sound said goodbye, then proceeded dozens meters, then boarded, leaves. 说完,江枫道了声再见,便往前走了几十米,然后上车,走人。 Xiao Li who had not spoken gazes after Jiang Feng to drive to leave, opens the mouth saying: Brother Chen, you changed from bad to good, really has the matchmaker to come to give you to introduce the object on own initiative, it seems like you soon can get rid single.” 一直没有说话的小李目送江枫开车离开,才开口道:“陈哥,你这是时来运转了,竟然有媒人主动上门给你介绍对象,看来你用不了多久就能摆脱单身了。” Chen Zhihai somewhat dumbstruck saying: Xiao Li, but the matchmakers introduced was the blind person!” 陈志海有些发懵的说道:“小李,可人家媒人介绍的是盲人啊!” Saying that Xiao Li thinks otherwise: „ Blind person? The matchmaker had said a moment ago very much clearly, the life of girl basically can take care of oneself, did not need person many attendances. 小李不以为然的说道:“盲人怎么了?刚才媒人已经说得很清楚了,那女孩子的生活基本可以自理,不需要人过多的照顾。 Moreover our what status? However is doing the high risk coolie live person, even if we take the life to spell , when be only the busy season wages will be higher than others, but when the off season wages were farther than on the difference, such object I wants to give change unable to find! ” 而且我们什么身份?不过是干着高风险苦力活的人罢了,哪怕我们拿命去拼,也只有旺季时的工资可能会比人家高,而淡季时的工资跟人比就差远了,这样的对象我想找还找不到呢!” In Chen Zhihai hears Yanxin suddenly sees the light, Xiao Li you said right, can others besides not being able to see, the aspects condition compared with me, others settle on me also two saying that I still intertwine to marry others in this, was really funny.” 陈志海闻言心中豁然开朗,“小李你说得对,人家除了看不见,方方面面条件都比我强,人家能不能看中我还两说呢,我还在这纠结要不要娶人家,真是太搞笑了。” Xiao Li pats the buttocks to stand, said with a smile: Brother Chen, prepared to begin, today earlier does exactly, tomorrow you hurry to contact with that river matchmaker, as soon as possible own marital important matter solving, the 30-year- old virgin, really did not say otherwise of pleasant to hear!” 小李拍拍屁股站起来,笑道:“陈哥,准备开工了,今天早点把活干完,明天你赶紧联系那位江媒人,尽早把自己的婚姻大事给解决了,要不然30多岁的老处男,真的好说不好听啊!” Chen Zhihai Station ridicules saying: Your this brat, but also ridiculed that I came, you spend to ask these female Bodhisattvas to solve the physiological drive, where can also to go compared with me?” 陈志海站起来笑骂道:“你这臭小子,还嘲笑起我来了,你要不是花钱去找那些女菩萨解决生理需求,又能比我强到哪里去?” Hehe, even if I do not spend to look for the female Bodhisattva, I still am open excessively meat, depended on this compared with you!” “嘿嘿,就算我不花钱找女菩萨,我也是开过荤的,就凭这点就比你强了!” „, By the female sea king broken place , without anything is quite self-satisfied.” “切,不就被女海王破个处吗,有啥好得意的。” Brother Chen, you are the envy......” “陈哥,你这是嫉妒……” „An envy ball, hurries to work, will wait to be one's turn you to have the outer wall.” “嫉妒个球,赶紧干活去,等会轮到你出外墙了。” ...... …… Hangzhou. 杭市。 Some hot pot. 某火锅店。 ox Lanhua rinsing the good mutton pinches in the bowl of boyfriend, then starts to rinse the tripe, rinses the tripe to rinse the duck intestines, rinses the duck intestines to rinse the beef, is tied up. 牛兰花把涮好的羊肉挟到男朋友的碗里,然后又开始涮毛肚,涮完毛肚又涮鸭肠,涮完鸭肠涮牛肉,忙得不可开交。 bends Haidong has not used the chopsticks, decides looks at the girlfriend. 屈海东没有动筷子,就定定的看着女朋友。 Although in the girlfriend good orchid outside person eyes is not attractively long, individual family background cannot be joined to him, but in his eyes, how this girlfriend sees how pleasing to the eyes. 虽然女朋友牛兰花在外人眼中长得不漂亮,无论是个人还是家世都配不上他,但在他的眼里,这女朋友是怎么看怎么顺眼。 In addition the girlfriend has famous article butterfly, that graceful feeling has not experienced the person will not understand. 再加上女朋友身怀名器“蝴蝶”,那种飘飘欲仙的感觉没有体验过的人是不会懂的。 By even if the parents explicitly said that does not like his girlfriend, he has not vacillated the thoughts of marrying her for the wife. 是以,哪怕父母明确表示不喜欢他这个女朋友,他也没有动摇过娶她为妻的心思。 However, parents' attitude to some of his many also influences, perhaps otherwise by him with the sentiment of girlfriend, has married now, rather than lives together is so simple. 不过,父母的态度对他多少也有些影响,否则以他跟女朋友的感情,现在恐怕早就已经结婚了,而不是同居这么简单。 Before, bends Haidong stubborn believing, the parents did not like his girlfriend, has the prejudice to her girlfriend. 以前,屈海东固执的认为,父母不喜欢他的女朋友,是对她女朋友有偏见。 But the parents told him in the past few days, Grandmaster river has helped him calculate, he really has the couple marriage affinity with the girlfriend, after the marriage, is the couple love. But the girlfriend good orchid to/clashes with the parental actually personality, for a lifetime. 可前些天父母却跟他说,江大师已经帮他算过了,他跟女朋友确实有夫妻姻缘,结婚后也是夫妻恩爱。但女朋友牛兰花跟父母却性格相冲,一辈子都好不了。 At that time, heard this saying, bends Haidong was hard to accept, the words that once overruled Grandmaster river to say the character of to/clashes, and accused the parents is wears the colored spectacles to look at the person, then returned to the provincial capital piqued and headstrong. 当时,听到这话,屈海东是难以接受的,一度否决了江大师说出的性格相冲的话,并指责父母是戴着有色眼镜看人,然后负气回到了省城。 However, waits for the anger to dissipate, sane return time, in bends Haidong the heart cast a shadow. 然而,等怒气消散,理智回归的时候,屈海东心中还是蒙上了一层阴影。 After all, said this saying to be not others, that is famous Grandmaster river! 毕竟,说这话的不是别人,那可是享誉全国的江大师啊! In witnessing Grandmaster river made the grandfather meet with big grandfather this after separate 81 years of brothers by one's effort, bends Haidong was believes in firmly regarding calculation ability of Grandmaster river. 在亲眼目睹江大师以一己之力让爷爷跟大爷爷这对失散了八十一年的兄弟相见后,屈海东对于江大师的推算能力那是深信不疑的。 Because of the calculation ability of Xin Jiang Grandmaster, bends Haidong these days will be looking distressed, side was loved as well as raised he twenty years of parents, side was the deep love girlfriend. 正因为相信江大师的推算能力,屈海东这几天才会愁眉苦脸,一边是疼爱以及养育了他二十几年的父母,一边是深爱的女朋友。 Both actually cannot coexist, this suffers the matter of person. 两者却不能共存,这是多折磨人的事。 Husband, is in a daze, eats quickly, cold was not delicious.” “老公,在发什么呆呢,快吃吧,冷了就不好吃了。” The words of girlfriend make Haidong recover , he moved the chopsticks hastily, rises fresh greets the nostrils fragrant the hot delicious mutton in gulps chews. 女朋友的话让屈海东回过神来,他哦了一声,连忙动筷,挟起鲜香扑鼻麻辣可口的羊肉大口大口的嘴嚼起来。 When ate to empty the meat in bowl, bends Haidong looked that said to the girlfriend: Wife, this weekend, do you return to horizontal Yang County to have a look at the parents with me?” 等把碗里的肉吃空了,屈海东才看向女朋友说道:“老婆,这个周末,你跟我回横阳县看看爸妈吧?” ox Lanhua hears word frowns, „didn't husband, how many days you just go back? This weekend how can go back?” 牛兰花闻言眉头一蹙,“老公,你不是刚回去了几天吗?怎么这个周末又要回去?” bends Haidong said with the tone of cracking a joke: This does not want to make you flatter next future parents-in-law!” 屈海东用开玩笑的语气说道:“这不是想让你讨好一下未来的公公婆婆嘛!” The good orchid puts down the chopsticks, earnest saying: Husband, you are know that your father mother sees me for the first time, hits looks down upon me at heart, what regardless of I will make not to ask for them to like, with its will meet to do everyone is not uncomfortable, that might as well will not see, everyone will be free from worry, you said that will be?” 牛兰花搁下筷子,认真的说道:“老公,你是知道的,你爸妈第一次见到我,就打心里瞧不起我,我无论做什么都不会讨他们喜欢的,与其见面搞得大家都不舒服,那还不如不见,大家都省心,你说是不是?” Saying of some bends Haidong headaches: Wife, they eventually are my parents, you locate with them do not relate well, I clamp in the middle am very uncomfortable.” 屈海东有些头痛的说道:“老婆,他们终究是我的父母,你跟他们处不好关系,我夹在中间很难受的。” Cow orchid ikebana: „ Husband, you were used to it well, the relationship between mothers and daughters-in-law is our country for several thousand years most non-solution difficult problem, particularly the modern ten families have nine to be puzzled by this at least. Many people do not have the condition, can only live together under eaves with the parents, the mothers and daughters-in-law make are heavily engaged. 牛兰花道:“老公,你习惯了就好,婆媳关系是我国几千年来最无解的难题,尤其是现代十个家庭起码有九个受此困扰。很多人没有条件,只能跟父母同住一个屋檐下,以至于婆媳闹得不可开交。 But we do not need like this, everyone to live in two places, at holidays gathering, this will naturally also see is short contradictory will tail off, this was not good? ” 但咱们不必这样,大家分居两地,也就逢年过节聚一聚,这见得少了矛盾自然也会变少,这不是挺好的吗?” bends Haidong rubbed the forehead, wife, you evades, the issue is to always exist.” 屈海东揉了揉额头,“老婆,你这是逃避,问题始终是存在的。” ox Lanhua purses the lips, the grievance said: What to do don't I evade to be able? Your parents clarified did not like me, I flattered them, can they like me? You should be clear that is the not possible matter, who makes my aspects not can be joined to their sons!?” 牛兰花抿了抿嘴,委屈道:“我不逃避能怎么办?你父母摆明了不喜欢我,难道我去讨好他们,他们就能喜欢我了?你心里应该清楚,那是不可能的事情,谁让我方方面面都配不上他们的儿子呢!?” bends Haidong comforts to say hastily: Wife you left said, in my you were best.” 屈海东连忙安慰道:“老婆你别这么说,在我心里你是最好的。” Cow orchid ikebana: I talk clearly with you words in any case now, want me to flatter am impossible to like my person, I definitely cannot achieve, in the weekend you must go back to look that the parents I am not blocking, but I will not go back with you together.” 牛兰花道:“反正我现在把话跟你说清楚,要我去讨好根本不可能喜欢我的人,我肯定是做不到的,周末你要回去看父母我不拦着,但我是不会跟你一起回去的。” bends Haidong hears Yanan sighed, couple days ago just felt the parents' attitude to the girlfriend, now feels her from girlfriend here the attitude to the parents, generally speaking was complying with the view of Grandmaster river- character flushed. 屈海东闻言暗叹了口气,前几天刚感受了父母对女朋友的态度,现在又从女朋友这里感受到她对父母的态度,总的来说正应了江大师的说法-性格相冲。 To solve the issue between parental and girlfriend, is really has heavy responsibilities! 想要解决父母与女朋友之间的问题,真的是任重道远啊! Even, bends Haidong does not know that should start from where. 甚至,屈海东都不知道该从何处入手。 Ok, does not mention these unhappy matter, puts the remaining meat!” “算了,不提这些不开心的事,把剩下的肉都放下去吧!” Un, the husband you are eating, I help you rinse the meat.” “嗯,老公你吃着,我来帮你涮肉。” „......” “……” Thank is soaring the hitting of leaves and night 12,345,672 big shot to enjoy. 感谢飞翔着的叶子、夜1234567两位大佬的打赏。
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