MTTIR :: Volume #4

#304: Lives to work as with the quilt, dies , is buried together

Matrimonial agency. 婚介所。 Jiang Feng office. 江枫办公室。 Time of strength and vigor female face sincere saying: Grandmaster river, you were really modest, helped by your ability with marriage ceremony for people already dead that is very simple matter, but also please help, after the matter became, I must have thank again.” 中年富女一脸诚恳的说道:“江大师,您实在是太谦虚了,以您的能力帮配冥婚那是非常简单的事情,还请您帮帮忙,事成之后我必有重谢。” Jiang Feng shakes the head saying: Aunt, I am not modest, I am not truly good at matching the marriage ceremony for people already dead, moreover I do not advocate this, hopes that you can understand.” 江枫摇头道:“阿姨,我不是谦虚,我确实不擅长配冥婚,而且我也不提倡这个,希望你能够理解。” Hears here, the time of strength and vigor female somewhat tasted, understands that the opposite party to matching the marriage ceremony for people already dead should have the worry, regarding this she also understood, at present this Grandmaster river as the nationally well-known big matchmaker, the opened matrimonial agency business is prosperous, but also really does not need to go to work as this ghost matchmaker, if will pass on to affect his business. 听到这里,中年富女有些回过味来了,明白对方对配冥婚应该是有顾虑的,对此她也理解,眼前这位江大师作为全国闻名的大媒人,开的婚介所生意兴隆,还真没必要去当这个“鬼媒人”,若是传出去有可能会影响他的生意。 After all, some people compare to abstain from this. 毕竟,有些人比较忌讳这个。 Thinks understood thoroughly idea of Jiang Feng, the time of strength and vigor female then lowers the sound saying: „ Grandmaster river, you do not need the worry, I do not need you to act to help my son handle the marriage ceremony for people already dead, only needs to help my son calculate the marriage affinity, helping him look for the right object on the line, other is operated by us. 自认为理解透了江枫的想法,中年富女便压低声音道:“江大师,您不必有顾虑,我不用您出面帮我儿子操办冥婚,只需要帮我儿子推算姻缘,帮他物色到合适的对象就行,其他的由我们来操作。 Meanwhile I will keep secret, will not publicize this outward is you to the marriage ceremony for people already dead that my son matches, moreover I will not make you waste time, afterward will offer 300,000 thanking the matchmaker after the wedding rituals, hopes that Grandmaster river you can look in my absolute sincerity share , helping my son. ” 同时我会保密,不会向外宣扬这是您给我儿子配的冥婚,而且我也不会让您白忙,事后会奉上30万的谢媒礼,希望江大师您能够看在我一片赤诚的份上,帮我儿子一把。” Jiang Feng explained: Aunt, you misunderstood, I do not fear others to know, really does not excel at this.” 江枫解释道:“阿姨,你误会了,我不是怕别人知道,是真的不擅长这个。” Time of strength and vigor female say/way: Grandmaster river, I thought that you can, the matter becomes latter 500,000 to thank the matchmaker after the wedding the ritual, but also please do not decline.” 中年富女道:“江大师,我觉得您可以的,事成后50万谢媒礼,还请您不要推辞。” The Jiang Feng forced smile said: Aunt, this is really not the issue of money......” 江枫苦笑道:“阿姨,这真不是钱的问题……” Time of strength and vigor female deep looked at Jiang Feng one, Grandmaster river, the matter becomes latter 1 million to invite the intermediary ritual, please must help.” 中年富女深深的看了江枫一眼,“江大师,事成后100万请媒礼,请您务必帮忙。” Jiang Feng was speechless, he lacks this 1 million people? Has a mind to give to drive out her, may think that her middle age loses a child, is actually very also pitiful, the goal that she does that also sought a psychology to comfort. 江枫无语了,他是缺这100万的人吗?有心把她给赶出去,可想到她中年丧子,其实也挺可怜的,她这么做的目的也只是求个心理安慰罢了。 Thinks of here, Jiang Feng cannot help but sighed deeply the tone, said: Aunt, we first reach an agreement, I only help your son calculate the marriage affinity, other I do not manage.” 想到这里,江枫不由得长叹了口气,说道:“阿姨,那咱们先说好,我只帮你儿子推算姻缘,其他的我就不管了。” He wants to be clear, words that this money he does not gain, that in this time of strength and vigor female will not easily give up giving her son at present with the idea of marriage ceremony for people already dead, will definitely also seek for other ghost matchmaker to help her son match the marriage ceremony for people already dead. 他想清楚了,这个钱他不赚的话,那眼前这位中年富女也不会轻易放弃给她儿子配冥婚的想法,肯定还会去寻找其他“鬼媒人”来帮她儿子配冥婚。 Since this, that is made this sum of money by him simply, then takes this sum of money to come to do the good. This money drop in other ghost matchmaker in the hand is much more meaningful. 既然这样,那干脆就由他来挣这笔钱,然后再拿这笔钱来做善事。这比钱落在其他“鬼媒人”的手里要有意义得多。 The time of strength and vigor female naturally does not know that Jiang Feng mental journey, she is not short of money, since must to the son with the marriage ceremony for people already dead, that naturally probably please the best matchmaker, but at present this Grandmaster river meets her requirement. 中年富女自然不知道江枫的心路历程,她不缺钱,既然要给儿子配冥婚,那自然是要请最好的媒人,而眼前这位江大师就符合她的要求。 After thanking the matchmaker after the wedding the ritual mentioned 1 million, sees Grandmaster river finally to relent, the time of strength and vigor female also relaxes, then revealed to wipe the smile: Grandmaster river, other does not need you to act, you only need to help my son calculate the marriage affinity then.” 把谢媒礼提到100万后,见江大师终于松口,中年富女也松了口气,然后露出一抹笑容道:“江大师,其他的不用您出面,您只需要帮我儿子推算姻缘即可。” Jiang Feng nods, since had promised others, he also no longer delays, directly soars the subject saying: Aunt, we start, please provide your son's name and record of one's horoscope to me, I give him to calculate.” 江枫点了点头,既然已经答应了人家,他也不再拖延,直奔主题道:“阿姨,那咱们就开始吧,请提供你儿子的姓名以及生辰八字给我,我给他推算一下。” The time of strength and vigor female is prepared early, heard a Jiang Feng such saying, immediately took a paper from the package, above writes her son's name and record of one's horoscope. 中年富女早有准备,听到江枫这么一说,当即从包里拿出一张纸,上面写着她儿子的姓名与生辰八字。 Jiang Feng received the paper, then is in front of time of strength and vigor female to start to count on the fingers. 江枫接过纸张,然后便当着中年富女的面开始掐算起来。 Secretly, Jiang Feng actually through the marriage affinity matching system, searches for the match object for this special customer, as his mind moves, an invisible fluctuation then sweeps away, covers the motherland instantaneously, and spanned the time and space, the innumerable grey female head pictures start to glitter crazily, finally locked a gray female head picture: 暗地里,江枫却通过姻缘匹配系统,替这位特殊的客户搜寻匹配对象,随着他心神一动,一股无形的波动便横扫而出,瞬间笼罩华夏大地,并跨越了时间与空间,无数灰色的女性头像开始疯狂闪烁,最终锁定了其中一个灰色女性头像: Name Zhou Xiaohong 【姓名】周晓红 Age Died at the age of 20 years old( November 15 , 2022 died of illness) 【年龄】享年20岁(2022年11月15日病逝) Height 164 cm 【身高】164cm Look In in posture 【相貌】中上之姿 Family background background...... 【家世背景】…… Experienced...... 【生前经历】…… Before death marital match value 91 【生前婚姻匹配值】91 【After dying, marital match value 93 【死后婚姻匹配值】93 Marital review Lives to work as with the quilt, dies , is buried together 【婚姻点评】生当同衾,死则同穴 Jiang Feng reads the match material silently, then took a yellow short note paper from side, takes pen in hand writes down the simple information and home address of bride's side, gives the time of strength and vigor female say/way: Aunt, the material and home address of bride's side here, the remaining things I do not mix.” 江枫默默看完匹配资料,然后从旁边拿了一张黄色便签纸,提笔把女方的简单资料与家庭住址写了下来,递给中年富女道:“阿姨,女方的资料与家庭住址都在这里,剩下的事情我就不掺和了。” The time of strength and vigor female received the short note paper to look, waits to read the simple information of bride's side, she was extremely pleased, pulls out from the package immediately has prepared good thick red packet both hands to give Jiang Feng, thanked: Grandmaster river, thank your help, I first was busy at work this matter, after waiting for the matter to become, I visited to reward again.” 中年富女接过便签纸看了起来,等把女方的简单资料看完,她感到非常满意,当即从包里掏出早就准备好的一个厚实红包双手递给江枫,感谢道:“江大师,感谢您的帮忙,我先去忙活这事,等事成之后,我再登门酬谢。” Is impolite, operates this matter the time pays attention to the ways and means that was sure to remember that does not want the emergency misdemeanor.” “不客气,操作这事的时候注意方式方法,切记不要好事变坏事。” Good, I remembered, I first walked, bye.” “好的,我记下了,那我就先走了,再见。” Bye.” “再见。” ...... …… 4 : 00 pm. 下午 4 点。 Cai Juan( the female boss of blind massage center, matches a 20 cm , 40 minute of that buddy of) to lie on the massage bed, is closing eyes to enjoy the massage of blind person female technician. 蔡娟(盲人按摩中心的女老板,匹配20cm,40分钟的那位哥们)躺在按摩床上,正闭目享受着自家盲人女技师的按摩。 Closed eyes to enjoy for dozen minutes, Cai Juancai opened the eye to look at this technique best blind person female technician, asked: „Did Xiaoqin, you work to have five years here?” 闭目享受了十几分钟,蔡娟才睁开眼睛看着这个手法最好的盲人女技师,问道:“小琴,你在我这里工作有五年了吧?” path Xiaoqin who wears the sunglasses massage boss that compact thigh, while replied: Boss, accurate I have worked here for five years 24 days.” 戴着墨镜的路小琴一边推拿着老板那紧致的大腿,一边答道:“老板,准确来说我在这里已经工作了五年零二十四天了。” Cai Juan somewhat sigh with emotion saying: If I have not remembered incorrectly, you comes us to massage the central task time just grew up, this you were 23 years old, your effort I had watched in an instant in the five years, the massage center business is so good you are has lasting achievements.” 蔡娟有些感慨的说道:“如果我没记错的话,你来我们按摩中心工作的时候才刚刚成年,这一转眼你都已经二十三岁了,这五年多来你的努力我都看在眼里,按摩中心生意这么好你算是功不可没。” path Xiaoqin said with a smile: Boss you overpraised, in the five years was indebted you to look, gave me a calm and steady work, making me be insufficient to become family's burden, I can repay only your, attentive work.” 路小琴笑道:“老板您过奖了,这五年来承蒙您照顾,给了我一份安稳的工作,让我不至于成为家里的负担,我唯一能报答您的,就只是用心工作了。” Xiaoqin, you spoke discreetly!” “小琴,你言重了!” On Cai Juan face is hanging the smile, understood person who feels grateful, really likable, she thinks, asked: Xiaoqin, do you currently have the boyfriend?” 蔡娟脸上挂着笑容,懂得感恩的人,是真的招人喜欢,她想了想,问道:“小琴,你现在有男朋友了吗?” path Xiaoqin hears word the hand stopped slightly, then continues for the boss massage thigh, self-ridicules saying: Boss, the disabled person like us, who can have a liking , after I since blind, has not thought again matter that makes the boyfriend.” 路小琴闻言手稍微停顿了一下,然后又继续替老板推拿大腿,自嘲道:“老板,像我们这样的残疾人,有谁看得上啊,我自从失明之后,就再也没想过交男朋友的事。” Cai Juan comforts saying: Xiaoqin, do not improperly belittle oneself, you look like the appearance is not bad, the stature is good, although lost one's sight, but basically can take care of oneself, looking for object you have not imagined is so difficult.” 蔡娟安慰道:“小琴,你也不要妄自菲薄,你像貌不差,身材不错,虽然失明了,但基本能自理,找个对象并没有你想象中那么难的。” path Xiaoqin sighed: If looks for a man casually, such that truly such as the boss you said that is not very difficult, but my blind heart is not blind, does not want to ask a man to live casually, even if must look for the man who must look for a close, otherwise my rather continuously list.” 路小琴叹了口气道:“若只是随便找个男人的话,那确实如老板你所说的那样,并不是很困难,不过我眼瞎心不瞎,并不想随便找个男人过日子,即便要找也得找个知冷知热的男人,否则我宁愿一直单着。” Your this idea is good.” Cai Juanzan, then asked: Xiaoqin, our provincial capital had/left a nationally well-known big matchmaker, does not know that you have heard?” “你这个想法不错。”蔡娟赞了一句,然后问道:“小琴,我们省城出了一名全国闻名的大媒人,不知道你听说过没有?” path Xiaoqin shakes the head saying: Has not heard.” 路小琴摇头道:“没听说过。” This big matchmaker named Jiang Feng, the fans delivers nickname Grandmaster river, he...... close to close to......” “这个大媒人名叫江枫,粉丝们送绰号江大师,他……巴啦巴啦……” Cai Juan is enjoying path Xiaoqin the massage, while told the Jiang Feng main deeds, when she said that path Xiaoqin also just walked one set of massage flow. 蔡娟一边享受着路小琴的按摩,一边把江枫的主要事迹讲述了一遍,待她讲完,路小琴也刚好把一整套按摩流程走完。 Cai Juan sits from the massage bed, looks that somewhat tired path Xiaoqin said: My present husband, is Grandmaster river to me introduced that Xiaoqin you , to look for the marriage partner, I can Grandmaster river introduce that knew to you.” 蔡娟从按摩床上坐起来,看着有些累的路小琴道:“我现在的老公,就是江大师给我介绍的,小琴你如果想找结婚对象,我可以把江大师介绍给你认识。” path Xiaoqin by Grandmaster river score shaking, somewhat excited asking: Boss, you said real?” 路小琴被江大师的“战绩”给震住了,有些激动的问道:“老板,您说的都是真的?” Cai Juan said with a smile: Naturally real, will I idle am being all right to make up the story to tease you to play?” 蔡娟笑道:“当然是真的,难道我会闲着没事编故事逗你玩啊?” path Xiaoqin must shake the head anxiously again and again: Boss, I do not have this meaning.” 路小琴急得连连摇头:“老板,我没有这个意思。” Cai Juan put out a hand to pat her shoulder, explained for her: I know that you are not suspecting my words, but sees the hope suddenly, some cannot believe.” 蔡娟伸手拍了拍她的肩膀,替她解释道:“我知道你不是在怀疑我的话,只是突然看到希望,有些不敢相信而已。” path Xiaoqin nods again and again, boss saying speaking of her heart. 路小琴连连点头,老板这话说到她的心坎上了。 Cai Juan asked with a smile: What kind of, wants to know Grandmaster river? To look to suit your object?” 蔡娟笑着问道:“怎么样,想不想认识江大师?想不想找个适合你的对象?” path Xiaoqin numerous nods: Thinks!” 路小琴重重的点头:“想!” ...... …… Grandmaster river, long time no see, your elegant demeanor won in the past!” “江大师,好久不见了,您的风采更胜往昔啊!” Cai overpraised, your complexion red billows, the whole body is sending out the youth flavor, really got younger, this period of time Mr. Gong strove a lot, sees your couple matrimonial harmony, I was also glad!” “蔡总过奖了,你这脸色红澜,浑身散发着青春的味道,真是越活越年轻了,想必这段时间龚先生没少出力,看到你们夫妻琴瑟调和,我心里也是倍感欣慰啊!” That is Grandmaster river your merit.” “那都是江大师您的功劳。” „......” “……” The lunch room of some blind massage center, Jiang Feng and Cai Juan have greeted, after smalltalk several, looked that to side that young miss who wears the sunglasses. 某盲人按摩中心的小食堂,江枫与蔡娟打过招呼,客套了几句后,才看向旁边那个戴着墨镜的年轻姑娘。 Cai Juan sees that hastily a introduced: Grandmaster river, this is bone main route Xiaoqin who we massage the center, Xiaoqin, in front of you is I you have told Grandmaster river.” 蔡娟见状连忙介绍道:“江大师,这位就是我们按摩中心的骨干路小琴,小琴,你面前的这位就是我跟你说过的江大师。” Xiaoqin miss, hello/you good!” “小琴姑娘,你好!” Grandmaster river, hello/you good!” “江大师,你好!” When two people have greeted, Cai Juancai greeted two people to sit down. 等两人打过招呼,蔡娟才招呼着两人坐下。 Then, the lunch room then starts to serve food, is some common simple dishes, but the flavor truly does well. 然后,小食堂便开始上菜,都是一些常见的家常菜,不过味道确实做得不错。 Eating meal time, Cai Juan gives path Xiaoqin repeatedly depending on the vegetable/dish, was moved and did not know what to say this miss. 吃饭的时候,蔡娟频频给路小琴挟菜,把这姑娘感动得不知道说什么好。 After the vegetable/dish five are over dark, Cai Juancai started to say the proper business: Grandmaster river, my time asked you to eat meal, on the one hand was for sometime has not seen you, wants to find the opportunity to gather with you. On the other hand wants to ask you to help our Xiaoqin act as a matchmaker, for good man who she looks for a close.” 等菜过五昧后,蔡娟才开始说正事:“江大师,我此次请您过来吃饭,一方面是有段时间没见您了,想找机会跟您聚聚。另一方面是想请您帮我们小琴做个媒,替她找个知冷知热的好男人。” Jiang Feng looked that to the blind female technician who holding the bowl is eating meal silently, the nod said: Acting as a matchmaker that is my labor of duty, so long as Xiaoqin miss trusts me......” 江枫看向捧着碗默默吃饭的盲人女技师,点头道:“做媒那是我的本职工作,只要小琴姑娘信得过我……” path Xiaoqin interposed: Trustworthy, Grandmaster river you are the national well-known big matchmaker, I trust certainly you.” 路小琴插话道:“信得过,江大师您可是全国闻名的大媒人,我当然信得过您。” Jiang Feng shows a faint smile, saying of taking responsibility on oneself: That line, Xiaoqin miss, your wedding wraps on me, certainly to pleasant my dear who you look for a close to you.” 江枫微微一笑,大包大揽的说道:“那行,小琴姑娘,你的婚事就包在我身上,一定给你物色个知冷知热的如意郎君给你。” path Xiaoqin puts down the tableware, earnest returning said: That too thanked Grandmaster river.” 路小琴放下碗筷,认真的回道:“那就太感谢江大师了。” Is impolite.” “不客气。” Then, Cai Juan then allowed to pass through Xiaoqin said oneself individual situation and home background. 接下来,蔡娟便让路小琴把自己的个人情况和家庭情况说了一遍。 When path Xiaoqin told, Jiang Feng said: OK, Xiaoqin miss, your situation I have understood the clear, slow words three days, the quick words can arrange you to be on intimate terms tomorrow.” 等路小琴讲述完,江枫说道:“OK,小琴姑娘,你的情况我已经了解清楚,慢的话三天,快的话明天就可以安排你相亲。” path Xiaoqin expressed gratitude hastily: Thanked Grandmaster river, the work you takes the trouble.” 路小琴连忙道谢道:“谢谢江大师,劳您费心了。” Is impolite.” “不客气。” During the speeches, Jiang Feng pulls out the cell phone say/way: Xiaoqin miss, you said your telephone number, I preserve, waited for the news to call you to say.” 说话间,江枫掏出手机道:“小琴姑娘,你说一下你的电话号码,我保存一下,等有消息了就打电话跟你说。” path Xiaoqin nods saying: Good, my number is......” 路小琴点头道:“好的,我的号码是……” Preserves the number, Jiang Feng also inquired path Xiaoqin recent two days of work hours, then eats meal safely. 把号码保存好,江枫又打听了一下路小琴最近两天的上班时间,然后才安心吃饭。 Because has not drunk, therefore this food ate for a half hour then to finish probably. 因为都没有喝酒,所以这顿饭大概吃了半个多小时便结束。 After breaking up, Cai Juan delivers Jiang Feng to go downstairs personally, when rides the elevator, she said: Grandmaster river, I massages the central single men and women technician to have, Xiaoqin is only. Then I meet, ask their opinion, if they want, Grandmaster river you sends people the help to register the material, then 11 act as a matchmaker for them, the expense I come.” 散场后,蔡娟亲自送江枫下楼,在乘坐电梯的时候,她说道:“江大师,我按摩中心单身的男女技师有很多,小琴只是其中一个而已。回头我开个会,询问一下他们的意见,如果他们都愿意的话,那江大师您就派人过来帮忙登记一下资料,然后一一替他们做媒,费用我来出。” Jiang Feng heard that the word is somewhat surprised, immediately praised: Cai, you also are really a good boss!” 江枫闻言有些意外,随即赞道:“蔡总,你还真是个好老板啊!” Cai Juan sighed, said: „ I had more than ten years of social dealings with blind community, knows that they difficult, their some are innate lose one's sight, some will be the day after tomorrow lose one's sight, this community really must be more difficult than the deaf-mute community. 蔡娟叹了口气,说道:“我跟盲人这个群体打了十几年的交道,知道他们有多难,他们有些是先天失明,有些是后天失明,这个群体真的比聋哑群体还要更难。 With my massage center, they go to work the family member to send and pick up fortunately, these do not have the blind person who the family member sends and picks up, only the coming and going to work was full of the unknown risk. 就拿我这按摩中心来说,他们来上班有家人接送还好,那些没有家人接送的盲人,单是上下班就充满了未知风险。 My ability is limited, can only improve their wages and benefits as far as possible, I also wants to help but unable in other aspects. 我能力有限,只能尽量提高他们的工资待遇,在其它方面我也爱莫能助。 However, today Xiaoqin, when helps me massage, in my mind has an idea suddenly, that is asks Grandmaster river you to look for an object for them, making them have a dependence, can live with ease. ” 不过,今天小琴在帮我按摩的时候,我脑海中忽然冒出一个想法,那就是请江大师您替他们物色个对象,让他们都有个依靠,能够活得轻松一点。” Saying of Jiang Feng approval: „ Cai your idea is very good, your my ability was limited, cannot help too many people, but helped one group of you massage central more than 100 blind person technicians, could achieve. 江枫认同的说道:“蔡总你这想法很好,你我能力有限,帮不了太多人,不过帮一帮你按摩中心这一百多位盲人技师,还是做得到的。 Cai you first notified them, turn head I sent for the registration information again, as for expense anything does not raise. ” 蔡总你先跟他们打个招呼,回头我再派人过来登记资料,至于费用啥的就不提了。” Cai Juan said hastily: This is not good, Grandmaster river, this matter is I proposed that what however works is you, how you do not collect fees my feelings to go!?” 蔡娟连忙道:“这可不行,江大师,这事是我提议的,然而做事的是您,您不收费我心里怎么过意得去啊!?” Jiang Feng said with a smile: Cai, my also does the good, does good deeds for oneself, if you want to ask a relief, that gives these matchmakers who the help brings both sides together to wrap a red packet at the appointed time!” 江枫笑道:“蔡总,我这也算是做善事,为自己积德,你要是想求个安心,那到时就给帮忙牵线搭桥的那些红娘包个红包吧!” During the speeches, two people have arrived at the parking lot. 说话间,两人已经走到了停车场。 Good, that I give these matchmakers to wrap a red packet at the appointed time.” “好吧,那到时我就给那些红娘包个红包。” At this point, saying that Cai Juan whole face admires: Grandmaster river, you are really the model of matchmaker, if other matchmakers have you half of work ethics, perhaps the divorce rate of our country must lower several percentage points.” 说到这里,蔡娟满脸佩服的说道:“江大师,您真是媒人界的楷模,要是其他媒人有您一半的职业道德,咱们国家的离婚率恐怕都要降低几个百分点。” Jiang Feng opens the vehicle door, said with a smile: Cai overpraised, I first walked, has the time to gather again.” 江枫打开车门,笑道:“蔡总过奖了,那我就先走了,有时间再聚。” Un, good, has the time to gather again.” “嗯,好的,有时间再聚。”
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