LE :: Volume #15

#1449: storehouse treasure chart

A Zhao Fu face is actually light, opens the mouth to ask, how is the matter, you said first that your goal should for it 赵甫倒是一脸平淡,开口问道,“到底是怎么事情,你先说说,你的目的应该就是为了它吧” Beautiful woman charmingly angry, young master did not have the appeal.” 美艳妇人娇嗔一声,“公子还真的没有情趣。” Now I tell you matter, now the sister of the emperor in mountains and rivers kingdom inherits the person of throne for the next generation, but her any husband, therefore present King Xiang has not looked for a marriage for the sister of the emperor.” “现在我就把事情告诉你,现在山河王国的长公主为下一代继承王位之人,但她并没有任何夫君,所以现在的王想为长公主找一门亲事。” Has various descendants of princes aristocrats to choose, the present king plan makes them compete with, chooses the most outstanding person, as sister of the emperor's husband.” “其中有各种王孙贵族选择,现在的王打算让他们比试一场,选择出最优秀之人,作为长公主的夫君。” These people come from various influences, wants to control our sisters of the emperor by this, own influence seepage to various kingdom places, what is more important, now the sister of the emperor does not want to get married, therefore assigns me to choose the appropriate person to be her husband.” “那些人来自各种势力,更想以此控制我们长公主,将自己的势力渗透到王国各处,还有更重要的是,现在长公主并不想成亲,所以命我选择合适一个人做她的夫君。” Such sister of the emperor can control all, will not receive spying on each influence, does not use truly and man gets married, but makes a play.” “这样长公主就可以控制一切,也不会受到各个势力的窥探,也不用真正的和男人成亲,只是做一场戏而已。” Zhao Fu chuckle one, is a vacation got married, the person who she chooses naturally was controlled by her, is similar to puppet ordinary, this is that sister of the emperor's goal. 赵甫轻笑一声,原来就是一场假成亲而已,她选择的人自然受到她控制,如同一个傀儡一般,这才是那长公主的目的。 This fears me unable to promise you, because I passed by, does not plan the long-term stay.” Zhao Fu looks the beautiful woman who bosom opens the mouth to say. “这个恐怕我无法答应你,因为我只是路过而已,并不打算长期停留。”赵甫看着怀里的美艳妇人开口说道。 The beautiful woman said with a smile lightly, your slave early knows that the young master was not the Simple person, therefore your slave invited the young masters and our sisters of the emperor discusses, will have very big advantage, the young master believes your slave one time 美艳妇人轻笑道,“奴家早知道公子不是简单的人,所以奴家还是请公子和我们长公主去商谈一下,会有很大的好处,公子相信奴家一次好吗” Zhao Fu ponders a meeting, complies, the mountains and rivers kingdom in nearby kingdom, is one of the very strong kingdoms, can perhaps obtain very big advantage. 赵甫沉思一会,答应下来,山河王国在附近的王国之中,算是很强的王国之一,说不定是可以得到很大好处。 Beautiful woman happy has kissed in the Zhao Fu facial skin, thanks the young master also to have your slave named prostitute, after you and our sisters of the emperor discussed that your slave came to take care the young master again well.” 美艳妇人开心的在赵甫脸皮亲了一下,“谢谢公子还有奴家名为花娘,等你和我们长公主商量后,奴家再来好好服侍公子。” Zhao Fu has complied with one with a smile. 赵甫笑着应了一声。 In later, the prostitute is bringing Zhao Fu from a secret passage, arrived in a main hall in royal palace, because this matter cannot make others know, therefore is quite covert. 在之后,花娘带着赵甫从一条秘密通道,来到了王宫之中的一个大殿中,因为这事情不能让别人知道,所以是比较隐蔽。 Zhao Fu also saw that sister of the emperor, wears a white clothing, sits, in the place above reviews the memorial to the emperor, the stature beautiful fascinating'winsome, the appearance heroic spirit is threatening, has a very strong feeling, cultivation base is also the person boundary. 赵甫也见到了那个长公主,身着一件白衣,坐在上方批阅奏折,身材婀娜,长相英气逼人,带有一股很强势的感觉,修为也是地人境。 Your Majesty person your slave has brought to you, your slave ensure he is the most appropriate candidate.” A prostitute face smiling face, to the above sister of the emperor good a ritual, opens the mouth to say. 殿下人奴家给你带来了,奴家保证他是最合适的人选。”花娘一脸笑容,对上方的长公主行了一礼,开口说道。 Sister of the emperor named mountain Luoshui, gaining ground appearance light falling on Zhao Fu, the complexion changes, at this time Zhao Fu has not brought the cape, does not have excessively to conceal own makings, mountain Luoshui the feeling of bloodline instinct dreads. 长公主名为山洛水,抬起头样子平淡的落在赵甫身上,脸色微变,此时赵甫没有带斗篷,也没有过多掩饰自己的气质,山洛水的血脉本能的感觉到一股畏惧。 „Who you are “你是什么人” Mountain Luoshui is serious, stares at Zhao Fu cold sound to ask. 山洛水一脸严肃,盯着赵甫冷声问道。 The prostitutes have not thought that the lords of oneself family|home suddenly become so serious, in the heart also thinks that the Zhao Fu status, thinks her is more fearful. 花娘也没有想到,自己家的主子突然变得如此严肃,心中也想到赵甫的身份,远比她想的还要可怕。 The Zhao Fu chuckle was saying that „whose I am you do not need to know, I come here reason, is coordinates you to get married false, you do not need to be worried about my issue, because I passed by here, finally was asking, can the obtain anything advantage.” 赵甫轻笑着说道,“我是什么人你不必知道,我来到这里的原因,是配合你假成亲,你也不用担心我的问题,因为我只是路过这里,最后在问一下,可以获得什么好处。” Mountain Luoshui has not thought that Zhao Fu is so direct, but after knowing the Zhao Fu goal, relaxed slightly, shows a smiling face saying that „, if chooses you as husband, by the bloodline pressure that you have, it is estimated that nobody will oppose that this trades me to accept, as for the advantage, you wants anything, this Your Majesty will meet all your requests as far as possible.” 山洛水也没有想到赵甫如此直接,但知晓赵甫的目的后,也微微松了一口气,露出一丝笑容道,“如果选择你作为夫君,以你带的血脉威压,估计没有一个人会反对,这交易我接受,至于好处,你要什么,本殿下尽量会满足你一切要求。” Hears the words of mountain Luoshui, Zhao Fu thinks of a matter, asking of probe, really all requests 听到山洛水的话,赵甫想到一件事情,试探的问道,“真的一切的要求” Mountain Luoshui earnest nod, and reminder said that your request must in this Your Majesty ability withstanding range, otherwise this Your Majesty will not accept.” 山洛水认真的点点头,并且提醒道,“你的要求必须在本殿下能力承受范围内,不然本殿下不会接受。” Zhao Fu opens the mouth to say with a smile, „, if I make you dispatch troops to attack to protect a country that country am also the kingdom level, should be possible also to deal by the strength of your mountains and rivers kingdom.” 赵甫笑着开口道,“如果我让你出兵攻保护一个国家可以吗那个国家也是王国级,以你们山河王国的实力应该可也应对。” This requests to make mountain Luoshui ponder a meeting, then complies, and opens the mouth saying that „, if in the withstanding range of mountains and rivers kingdom, this Your Majesty will certainly dispatch troops to protect, 这要求让山洛水沉思一会,然后才答应下来,并且开口说道,“如果在山河王国的承受范围内,本殿下一定会出兵保护, But this Your Majesty also has the condition, the following all matters, you must listen to this Your Majesty. ” hearing this, in Zhao Fu heart one happy, in the future Great Qin has a kingdom to shelter, that does not need too to be afraid Wind God Empire. 但本殿下也有条件,接下来的一切事情,你必须听本殿下的。”闻言,赵甫心中一喜,今后大秦就有一个王国庇护,那也不用太害怕风神帝国 The request as for mountain Luoshui, Zhao Fu also nods to comply directly. 至于山洛水的要求,赵甫也点头直接答应下来。 The mountain Luoshui vision changes to face blood flushes, on prostitute who sends out the mature makings, clearly what happened, prostitute side this Your Majesty many years, has hoped that you can treat her well, otherwise this Your Majesty will not let off you.” 山洛水目光又转到一脸潮红,散发成熟气质的花娘身上,也明白发生了什么事情,“花娘在本殿下身边已经很多年,希望你能好好待她,不然本殿下可不会放过你。” Prostitute beautiful face one red, opens the mouth saying that many thanks Your Majesty cared, the prostitute is willing to accompany about Your Majesty 花娘美脸一红,开口说道,“多谢殿下关心,花娘愿意一直陪伴殿下左右” Zhao Fu to the decision that not having the accidental prostitute makes, because just knew that she is impossible to follow itself to walk, UU reads 赵甫到没有意外花娘做出的决定,因为只是刚刚认识,她不可能跟随自己走,UU看书 www.uukanshu.com www.uukanshu.com But Zhao Fu must go to the demon territory, is unlikely to take her. 赵甫要前往魔域,也不太可能带上她。 mountain Luoshui facing the loyalty of prostitute two, in the heart some were not moved slightly, smiles the gentle voice to comply. 山洛水面对花娘的忠心不二,心中也有些微微感动,笑着柔声应了一下。 Zhao Fu changes magnificent clothes afterward, arrives in the main hall with mountain Luoshui, the civil official hundred officers are divided into several rows to stand, the above aura is formidable, the hair gray old person sits in the place above, he is King mountain Youtian of present mountains and rivers kingdom. 赵甫随后重新换上一件华丽的衣服,跟着山洛水来到大殿之中,文官百官分为几排站着,上面一个气息强大,头发花白的老人坐在上方,他就是现在山河王国的王者山友天。 Father sovereign he is husband who I choose, how you look “父皇他就是我选择的夫君,你看如何” mountain Luoshui self-confident shows a face smiling face, opens the mouth to say loudly, not only listens to mountain Youtian, on the scene listens to the civil and military hundred officers. 山洛水自信的露出一脸笑容,开口大声说道,不仅是给山友天听,也给在场的文武百官听。 Immediately 登时 Civil and military hundred officer in an uproar, have not thought man who mountain Luoshui leads, must become husband in mountain Luoshui, in the future after mountains and rivers Empire emperor. 文武百官一片哗然,没有想到山洛水带上来的男子,就要成为山洛水的夫君,未来山河帝国的帝后。 On mountain Youtian the face is having the smiling face, a bright eye is carefully examining Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu stands neither arrogant nor servile in that. 山友天脸上带着笑容,一双明亮的眼睛审视着赵甫,而赵甫站立在那不卑不亢。 But mountain Youtian the vision, other people, that feared Zhao Fu has not revealed any aura, he can feel that Zhao Fu bloodline is quite high-level, the aura of sending out is also very dangerous, can be a very fearful character absolutely. 而山友天的目光,原本其它人的强,那怕赵甫没有泄露什么气息,他都能感觉赵甫血脉极为高级,散发的气息也十分危险,绝对会是一个很可怕的人物。 If this kind of person, is willing to become oneself daughter's husband, that naturally is a very big good deed, but if this person of not bad good intention, that will be very dangerous. 如果这样一个人,真的愿意成为自己女儿的夫君,那自然是一件很大的好事,但如果此人不坏好意,那就会很危险。 Who your excellency is came from there on mountain friend day face to hang the smiling face, opens the mouth to say to Zhao Fu. “阁下是何人来自那里”山友天脸上挂着笑容,开口对赵甫说道。 Zhao Fu has not opened the mouth to reply that mountain Luoshui replied for Zhao Fu, father sovereign you felt relieved the origin daughter who investigated clearly, and has loved one another for several months with him, but also asked the father sovereign do not worry the wedding that daughter, today the daughter will get married with him.” 赵甫没有开口回答,山洛水替赵甫回答道,“父皇你放心来的来历女儿已经调查清楚,并且已经和他相恋有几月有余,还请父皇不要担忧女儿的婚事,即日女儿就会和他成婚。” mountain Youtian to also felt relieved regarding oneself this daughter, will otherwise not give her the kingdom, since she early understands to this kind of matter that he no longer excessively is also many to intervene, when is just about to comply with a smile. 山友天对于自己这个女儿到也非常放心,不然也不会将王国交给她,既然她对这类事情早已经明白,他也不再过多去干预,笑着正要答应之时。
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