LE :: Volume #15

#1450: Demon King

Some people had opposed, because they may also stare at Shan Luoshui husband position to be very long, is involving very big benefit, cannot like this forget about it. 有人已经反对,因为他们可也盯着山洛水夫君这个位置很久,也牵扯着很大的利益,可不能就这样算了。 Your majesty feudal official thinks that this person of origin is unclear, should not be Mountain River Kingdom Empress.” “陛下臣认为此人来历不清,不应该作为山河王国帝后。” Your majesty this person, although facial features appearance is good-looking exceptionally, but perhaps is only the impressive on the outside but lacking substance, does not have the true strength, the feudal official asked your majesty three to think.” “陛下此人虽然面容长相俊俏异常,但说不定只是虚有其表,没有真正的实力,臣请陛下三思。” Your majesty minor official(s) thinks that feudal official's son by far front person, is more suitable to take Crown Princess husband.” “陛下微臣认为臣之子远胜面前之人,更适合作为长公主的夫君。” So many people opposed, Shan Luoshui has expected saying that therefore does not have what accident/surprise, opens the mouth to say with a smile, that might as well on the competition one 如此多人反对,山洛水已经预料道,所以也没有什么意外,开口笑着说道,“那不如就比试一番吧” numerous ministers also hastily complies, because this is they want to see. 众多大臣也连忙答应,因为这正是他们想看见的。 Shan Luoshui looks to Zhao Fu, asked in a low voice, you confident 山洛水看向赵甫,小声问道,“你有信心吗” Zhao Fu nods secretly, Heaven Domain Heaven's Chosen Zhao Fu now does not dread, these Kingdom talents, Zhao Fu a little will not care. 赵甫暗暗点点头,就算天域天骄赵甫现在都不畏惧,这些王国的天才,赵甫根本不会有一点在意。 Then, before Zhao Fu arrives at the open area outside palace, six youth have stood in the front, their facial features are good-looking, are impressive, is in each family the most outstanding person, existence that countless people look up. 然后,赵甫来到殿外的空地前,六名青年已经站在前方,他们面容俊俏,气度不凡,属于每个家族之中最为出众的人,无数人仰望的存在。 On together “一起上吧” Zhao Fu stands in same place, has one to disdain, to front six people of started talking. 赵甫站在原地,带有一丝不屑,对着面前六人开口说道 Hears the Zhao Fu so extremely arrogant sound, in six people of hearts vitality | angry looks at one mutually, erupts an powerful imposing manner, is overrunning to Zhao Fu. 听到赵甫如此狂妄的声音,六人心中生气的互看一眼,爆发出一股强悍的气势,对着赵甫冲过去。 Zhao Fu takes out Torturing Sword, makes an effort to cut, huge blood-colored sword light flies to shoot, brings fierce storm, such as as powerful as a thunderbolt cuts generally to six people. 赵甫取出虐杀剑,用力一斩,一道巨大的血色剑光飞射出去,带起一股凶猛的风暴,如雷霆万钧一般向六人斩过去。 In six people of hearts one startled, hurried governing defense cover, may be cut to fly by that huge sword light, falls falls beyond several meters, puts out a big blood. 六人心中一惊,急忙御出防御罩,可还是被那巨大的剑光斩飞出去,摔落在十几米外,吐出一大口鲜血。 They face Zhao Fu, so small and weakly cannot withstand. 他们面对赵甫,就是如此的弱小不堪。 Other minister also some hearts startled, they also know Zhao Fu are Earth Realm cultivation base, strength that coming out that but sends out now, probably and World Realm powerhouse is common, really made some people hearts be startled. 其它大臣也有些心惊,他们也知晓赵甫地人境修为,但是现在散发的出来的力量,好像和天地境强者一般,实在令人有些心惊。 A Shan Luoshui face self-confident smiling face, now you did not have what opinion 山洛水一脸自信的笑容,“现在你们没有什么意见了吧” Although numerous ministers in heart unwilling, but can only accept, because their disciples may collaborate, instantaneously was killed by the second, they have not had a face to say. 众多大臣虽然心中不甘,但还是只能接受,因为他们的弟子可联手起来,都瞬间被秒杀,那他们还有什么脸说。 In later, the news that Crown Princess soon will get together married disseminates, during regarding the matter of this jubilation, entire Mountain River Kingdom falls into to cheer is joyful, is decorated with lanterns and colored streamers in all directions, hangs all over the thing of jubilation. 在之后,一道长公主即将成亲的消息传播开来,对于这个喜庆的事情,整个山河王国陷入欢呼喜悦之中,四处张灯结彩,挂满喜庆的东西。 Zhao Fu has also changed the bridegroom attire, a red long dress, but Shan Luoshui has also exchanged red celestial hanfu, is melting the pale pale red makeup, appears very beautiful moving. 赵甫也换上了新郎装,一身红色长衣,而山洛水也换上了红色宫裙,化着淡淡红妆,显得非常的美艳动人。 This is first time gets married with others, looks at all around person, that lively scene, Zhao Fu also has the little anxiety. 这还是第一次和别人成亲,看着四周的人,还有那热闹的场面,赵甫也有少许的紧张。 Zhao Fu and Shan Luoshui two people first ride the carriage that dresses up the happy expression, walks in Royal City, accepts common people's various blessings and love, finally returns to the imperial palace, is saluting to Shan Luoshui Imperial Father and Queen Dowager. 赵甫山洛水两人首先坐着装扮喜色的马车,在王城之中走一圈,接受百姓的各种祝福和爱戴,最后回到皇宫之中,对着山洛水父皇母后行礼。 Shan Youtian also officially confers rank and title is Zhao Fu is Prince Consort, the Shan Luoshui legitimate man. 山友天也正式册封为赵甫驸马,山洛水正统的男人。 Bang “轰” A heaven-shaking loud sound erupts, in that moment of conferring rank and title, the Zhao Fu whole body emits the white golden ray, white-gold Dragon Phoenix drills from Zhao Fu body, having the huge imposing manner to fly the sky, causes the Heaven and Earth phenomenon. 一声惊天巨响爆发,就在册封的那一刻,赵甫浑身冒出白金色的光芒,一条白金色龙凤赵甫身体之中钻出,带着庞大的气势飞上天空,引起天地异象。 All around people face shock look at Dragon Phoenix in sky, includes Shan Luoshui, she simply has not thought, in Zhao Fu body enters has Dragon Phoenix, moreover is highest rank Dragon Phoenix. 四周众人一脸震惊看着天空之中的龙凤,其中也包括山洛水,她根本没有想到,赵甫身体之中进入具有龙凤,而且还是最高等级龙凤 As the Mountain River Kingdom next generation King, the Shan Luoshui clear discovery, Mountain River Kingdom destiny rapidly increases, fast succinct, fast stability. 作为山河王国的下一代王者,山洛水清楚的发现,山河王国气运快速增加,快速精粹,快速的稳固。 Her body destiny also has the fast transformation, invisible Power of Heaven and Earth emerges body, making Shan Luoshui Constitution start to transform, probably received Power of Heaven and Earth blessing, a formidable King imposing manner proliferated. 她自己身上气运也在发生快速的蜕变,一种无形的天地之力涌入身体,令山洛水体质都开始蜕变,好像受到一种天地之力加持,一股强大王者气势扩散出来。 This as the Top Level Dragon Phoenix terrifying effect, is Feng Qianghua wants to obtain the Zhao Fu's reason not at any cost. 这就是作为顶级龙凤恐怖效果,也是凤蔷画不惜一切代价想要得到赵甫的原因。 Shan Youtian originally to some Zhao Fu's status also scruples, but sees Zhao Fu this Dragon Phoenix, a face is pleasantly surprised, does not have to think own daughter is so lucky, 山友天原本赵甫的身份还有些顾忌,但看见赵甫这一条龙凤,一脸惊喜,没有想到自己女儿如此幸运, Can obtain Top Level Dragon Phoenix, this that fear that Empire's Emperor does not have. Zhao Fu has not thought that will have such matter, after the phenomenon subsides, all parties to the Zhao Fu's manner have the tremendous improvement, at the banquet also to Zhao Fu propose a toast, spoke many flattering words. 获得一条顶级龙凤,这那怕帝国帝没有。赵甫也没有想到会发生这样事情,异象平息后,各方对赵甫的态度有极大改善,宴席上也纷纷对赵甫敬酒,说了很多阿谀奉承的话。 Finally is the nuptial chamber, Zhao Fu opens the door to go, Shan Luoshui sat on the bed, is waiting for Zhao Fu. 最后就是洞房,赵甫推开门进去,山洛水已经坐在床上,等待着赵甫 Zhao Fu just walked, Shan Luoshui started talking, this Highness has the matter and you discussed, first closes the door.” 赵甫刚刚走进去,山洛水开口道,“本殿下有事和你商量,先把门关上。” hearing this, Zhao Fu has complied with one, turns around to close the door. 闻言,赵甫应了一声,转身把门关上。 On the Shan Luoshui face emerges a smiling face, some happy say/way, have not thought in your body also to have Top Level Dragon Phoenix, this is very important to Mountain River Kingdom and this Highness, this Highness wants you forever as this Highness husband, regardless of anything requests this Highness to promise you.” 山洛水脸上浮出一丝笑容,也有些开心道,“真的没有想到你身体之中还有顶级龙凤,这对山河王国本殿下都很重要,本殿下想要你永远作为本殿下的夫君,无论什么要求本殿下都答应你。” Zhao Fu thinks, opens the mouth to ask, will be the nominal husband and wife also has you not to intervene any my any matter not to restrict my freedom 赵甫一想,开口问道,“是名义上的夫妻还有你不会干预任何我任何的事情还不会限制我的自由” Shan Luoshui nods with a smile. UU reads 山洛水笑着点点头。UU看书 www.uukanshu.com www.uukanshu.com The Zhao Fu nod complies, then said, that my beforehand request you must achieve, I most kept here on the 2nd, after two day, I will leave.” 赵甫点头答应下来,然后说道,“那我之前的要求你一定要做到,还有我最多在这里留两日,两日后我就会离开。” Shan Luoshui thinks slightly, complies. 山洛水微微一想,也答应下来。 Zhao Fu also satisfaction has complied with one, has the help of Mountain River Empire, the Great Qin security will increase. 赵甫也满意的应了一声,有山河帝国的帮助,大秦安全会增加很多。 This gives you, you rest the ground.” Shan Luoshui hugs a quilt to give Zhao Fu, somewhat is slightly embarrassed. “这个给你,你睡地上。”山洛水搂着一张被子给赵甫,微微有些不好意思。 Zhao Fu somewhat is also helpless, reaching out received the quilt, first time receives so the treatment/salary. 赵甫也有些无奈,伸手接过被子,还是第一次收到如此待遇。 Here does not have the maidservant, Shan Luoshui to make them leave specially, Shan Luoshui lies on the bed, oneself cover with the quilt, prepares to sleep. 这里没有侍女,山洛水特意让她们离开,山洛水躺在床上,自己盖好被子,准备睡觉。 Zhao Fu places on the quilt nearby table, oneself sit on the chair, entered in the condition of cultivation. 赵甫把被子放在旁边的桌子上,自己坐在椅子上,进入了修炼的状态之中。 Next day, Zhao Fu according to the Mountain River Kingdom custom, saw some elders, but also somewhat is startled the discovery, Mountain River Empire has seven Emperor Heaven Realm powerhouses, reaches the Emperor Heaven Realm peak strength. 第二天,赵甫按照山河王国的习俗,去见了一些长辈,还有些吃惊发现,山河帝国有七位帝天境强者,还有一个达到帝天境巅峰的力量 Night Zhao Fu returns to the room, inside does not have Shan Luoshui, but is a Hua Niang face is charming is waiting for itself, the Zhao Fu corners of the mouth emerge a smiling face, haven't two people spoken, quick is intense. 夜晚赵甫回到房间,里面没有山洛水,而是花娘一脸妩媚在等着自己,赵甫嘴角浮出一丝笑容,两人没有说什么话,很快的激烈起来。 Young Master sorry, your slave wants to follow you to leave really very much, but your slave does not want to leave Crown Princess.” Hua Niang said in a Zhao Fu bosom face apology. “公子对不起,奴家真的很想跟随你离开,但是奴家更不想离开长公主。”花娘赵甫怀里一脸歉意说道。 Zhao Fu chuckled, that you may remember you are my woman, do not bump to others.” 赵甫轻笑一声,“那你可记住你是我的女人,可不要给别人碰。” Hua Niang happy both hands are hugging Zhao Fu, „the body of young master your slave already was your, will not be giving the person to touch, the young master wanted, your slave momentarily can take care the young master.” 花娘甜蜜的双手搂着赵甫,“公子奴家的身子早就是你的,不会在给人碰,公子想要了,奴家随时都可以服侍公子。” Zhao Fu is hugging Hua Niang, has complied with one with a smile. 赵甫搂着花娘,笑着应了一声。 Next day Zhao Fu left the imperial palace, goes to that Demon King hidden treasure map, because near Mountain River Kingdom. 第二天赵甫就离开了皇宫,前往那一个魔王藏宝图,因为就在山河王国附近。
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