LE :: Volume #15

#1448: martial arts competition

Zhao Fu also quickly prepares, but this time the true body goes to Demon Territory, does not know that will have anything, no one brings as for person Zhao Fu, must guard Great Qin as Gui Ji of Great Qin most powerhouse, Feng Wulin is unuseful as the hideaway method. 赵甫也很快准备起来,这一次可是真身前往魔域,也不知道会发生什么,至于人赵甫谁也不带,作为大秦最强者的鬼姬要镇守大秦,风武林作为隐藏手段不能使用。 Arasina is responsible for guarding the Outer World world, but the strength too weak person, after taking, does not have what function, therefore does not bring completely. 阿拉斯娜则负责镇守界外世界,而力量太弱的人,带上后也没有什么作用,所以全部都不带。 This time destination, is that Vestige, naturally the Zhao Fu main goal is obtain contains the demonic qi thing massively, awakens that impatient Demon Star by this, Vestige while convenient, could not find in Vestige, that must go to other places. 这一次的目的地,就是那一个遗迹,当然赵甫主要的目的是获得大量蕴含魔气的东西,以此觉醒那迫不及待的魔星,遗迹只是顺带,在遗迹中找不到,那还要去往其它地方。 Confesses the Great Qin's matter well, all internal affairs give Li Si processing, all military give Bai Qi processing, Zhao Fu not in the time, their two often help Zhao Fu process various politics, Zhao Fu also compare to feel relieved to them. 好好交代大秦的事情,一切内政交给李斯处理,一切军事交给白起处理,赵甫不在时候,他们两个经常帮助赵甫处理各种政事,赵甫对他们也比较放心。 One day later, Zhao Fu steps goes to the Demon Territory road. 一天后,赵甫踏上前往魔域的路。 Because is side the wild area, goes among Demon Territory to be away from the innumerable world, therefore Zhao Fu can only with going to Yin World is the same, unceasing hurrying along. 因为是边荒地区,前往魔域之间隔着无数世界,所以赵甫只能和前往阴界一样,不断的赶路。 Has spent nearly ten days of time, hurrying along of Zhao Fu madness, arrived at Inner Territory, Heaven Awaken World is definitely bigger than Yin World, because unceasing swallows other world growth. 花了将近十天时间,赵甫疯狂的赶路,才来到了内域,天启世界是肯定比阴界要大,因为不断的吞噬其它世界成长。 Arrives at a city, Zhao Fu just wants to continue to go forward, actually discovered many people to a accumulation, Zhao Fu also curious with the past, the discovery was only martial arts competition, for this, some little disappointed, Zhao Fu may not have the interest to participate. 来到一处城池,赵甫正想继续前进,却发现很多人向一处聚集,赵甫也好奇的跟过去,发现只是一场比武,对此有少许失望,赵甫可没有兴趣参加。 Will leave, actually heard to win the reward person, can obtain precious hidden treasure map, Legend(ary) have the Demon King buried treasure. 正要离开,却听到赢得奖励人,能获得一份珍贵藏宝图,传说魔王的宝藏。 This Zhao Fu came some interests, moreover is quite sensitive to the Demon King two characters, Zhao Fu needs now massively including demonic qi Top Level item, will otherwise not go Demon Territory. 赵甫就来了一些兴趣,而且对魔王二字极为敏感,赵甫现在就需要大量含魔气顶级物品,不然也不会前去魔域 Bang “砰” A sad sound resounds, a strong youth fist overcomes the arena a person, the victory of obtain this martial arts competition. 一声沉闷声音响起,一个强壮的青年一拳将一个人打下擂台,获得这一场比武的胜利。 Now in Inner Territory, the 8th Order 9th Order people is quite common, Saint Realm also has, no longer like is Outer Territory, the person of step are extremely few, Saint Realm is very strong person. 现在是在内域,八阶九阶的人都比较常见,圣人境的也有一些,不再像是外域一样,阶的人极少,圣人境已经算是很强的人。 That youth is powerful, is the Saint Realm powerhouse, plans to go forward obtain hidden treasure map, because of by Zhao Fu's strength can definitely obtain hidden treasure map. 那一个青年实力强大,已经是圣人境强者,打算上前获得藏宝图,因为以赵甫的力量肯定能获得藏宝图 But goes forward to discover that limits, first needs the man, moreover age not over 30, and appearance was unable to be too ugly. 可是上前发现,还有很多限制,首先就是必须要男子,而且年龄不超过30,并且长相还不能太丑。 Zhao Fu feels very odd regarding these conditions, but for Demon King hidden treasure map, Zhao Fu does not have excessively to care. 赵甫对于这些条件感到很奇怪,但为了魔王藏宝图,赵甫也没有过多在意。 Young Master please pick your cape, making your slave look at one.” A beautiful woman, smiles to Zhao Fu said. “公子请把你斗篷摘下来,让奴家瞧一眼。”一个美艳的妇人,微笑对赵甫说道。 Zhao Fu takes off the cape, reveals that in world unusual delicate and pretty face, unusual refined makings, not only made the beautiful woman eyes shine, other audiences also called out in alarm one, sent because of the Zhao Fu appearance. 赵甫摘下斗篷,露出那世间少有的俊美脸庞,还有超凡脱俗的气质,不仅令美艳妇人眼睛放光,其它观众也惊呼一声,因为赵甫容貌而发。 Good the present your slave to announce that now this young master is the martial arts competition victory main.” Beautiful woman pleasantly surprised announced loud. “好了现在奴家现在宣布这个公子就是比武的胜主。”美艳妇人惊喜的高声宣布道。 This made a people surprise, refused to accept in abundance, opened the mouth to call out. 这令众人一片诧异,也纷纷不服,开口叫道。 This was not martial arts competition that boy is not much longer, how does not hit has won, was martial arts competition or is more attractive than whom “这不是比武吗那小子不就长得好看一点,怎么不打就赢了,到底是比武还是比谁好看啊” Right that person was how long too attractively, if were more attractive than I to confess were inferior, but this was martial arts competition, I refused to accept, was much longer did not need to live “对啊那人怎么长得太好看了,如果比好看我自认不如,但这是比武,我不服,长得丑的是不是不用活了” To a view, why he not to use compared with quickly on the obtain victory, if because he is attractive, that also compares any military “快给一个说法,凭什么他就不用比就获得胜利,如果是因为他好看,那还比什么武” That strong youth of originally victory, is very discontented, because won this martial arts competition not only obtain hidden treasure map, good thing, but another person comes up now, but also does not have the competition, takes away these, how he will accept. 原本胜利的那个强壮青年,也十分不满,因为赢得这比武不仅获得藏宝图,还有很多好东西,可现在另外一个人上来,还没有比试,就拿走这些,他怎么会接受。 The beautiful woman disdains chuckled, she early had discovered that Zhao Fu is Earth Realm cultivation base . Moreover the aura is quite fearful, in person who she looks for absolutely most appropriate person. 美艳妇人不屑轻笑一声,她早已经发现赵甫地人境修为,而且气息极为可怕,绝对她寻找的人中最合适的人。 Young Master minded that competes with them “公子介意和他们比试一下吗” Zhao Fu nods, but is also clear to feel this martial arts competition goal not simple at this time, now temporarily not clear any reason. 赵甫点点头,不过此时也明确感觉到这比武目的不简单,现在暂时不清楚什么原因。 Afterward, Zhao Fu arrives in the arena, a pair of eyes looks at that strong youth. 随后,赵甫来到擂台上,一双眼睛看着那个强壮青年。 That youth facing the Zhao Fu's vision, 那一个青年面对赵甫的目光, In the heart cannot help but anxious, some faint fears, the person under stage actually refuels for him, was shouting the violent punches that pretty boy. The numerous person refuels, the strong youth also had some courage, raises the fist to shout overruns to Zhao Fu, a fist wields, sends out a voice to snap, an invisible fist strength fierce hits to Zhao Fu. 心中不由得紧张起来,隐隐有些害怕,台下的人却为他加油,大喊着暴揍那个小白脸众多人加油,强壮青年也有了一些勇气,举起拳头大喊着向赵甫冲过去,一拳挥出,发出一声气爆声,一道无形的拳力凶猛向赵甫打去。 Zhao Fu stands in same place, wields conveniently, huge strength sends out, not only scatters that fist strength, but also strikes to fly the arena that youth, simply does not have a resistivity. 赵甫站在原地,随手一挥,一股庞大的力量发出,不仅把那拳力打散,还把那一个青年击飞出去擂台,根本没有一丝抵抗力。 The beautiful woman stands, said with a smile, present nobody opinion 美艳妇人站出来,笑着说道,“现在没有谁又意见了吧” All around person is surprised, has not thought that Zhao Fu such, a Saint Realm powerhouse is probably casual to pinch general, they naturally do not have any comment, does not dare to go forward to challenge. UU reads 四周的人一脸吃惊,也没有想到赵甫如此之强,一个圣人境强者好像随便可以捏死一般,他们自然是没有任何意见,也没有敢上前挑战。UU看书 www.uukanshu.com Reward I have matter, earlier gives me Zhao Fu to look that the beautiful woman opens the mouth to say desolately. “奖励呢我还有事情,早点给我吧”赵甫看着美艳妇人开口冷淡说道。 The beautiful woman said with a smile charmingly, young master with your slave 美艳妇人妩媚笑道,“公子跟奴家来” Afterward, Zhao Fu arrives at a room with the beautiful woman, the beautiful woman rewards to Zhao Fu completely, but when Zhao Fu satisfied accepting, is also wanting to leave. 随后,赵甫跟着美艳妇人来到一间房间,美艳妇人把全部奖励给赵甫,而赵甫也满意的收下,正想要离开时。 Young Master does not know that you do want beautiful woman to smile in the obtain heaven-shaking wealth are having an enticement to say. “公子不知道你想不想在获得惊天财富”美艳妇人微笑着带着一丝诱惑说道。 Zhao Fu knows goal not simple, but Zhao Fu only to hidden treasure map interested, to other matter any interests, has not opened the mouth to refuse to say directly that is not interested 赵甫就知道目的不简单,但赵甫只对藏宝图有兴趣而已,对其它的事情没有任何兴趣,直接开口拒绝道,“不感兴趣” A beautiful woman face accident, has not thought that Zhao Fu for the person who the reward comes, to a that heaven-shaking wealth interest, has not pondered a meeting unexpectedly, charming saying, young master you are not interested really that not only can the obtain heaven-shaking wealth, but can also the obtain unsurpassed authority.” 美艳妇人一脸意外,没有想到赵甫一个为奖励而来的人,竟然对那惊天财富没有一点兴趣,思考一会,妩媚的说道,“公子你真的不感兴趣那不仅可以获得惊天财富,还可以获得无上的权力。” Zhao Fu shook the head, the world has not fallen meat pie the good deed, a harvest bigger risk is also bigger. Therefore Zhao Fu does not want to participate, turns around to be just about to leave. 赵甫摇了摇头,天下没有掉馅饼的好事,收获越大风险也越大。所以赵甫不想参与,转身正要离开。 The beautiful woman sees to look for the so appropriate person, if makes him leave, that was really a pity . Moreover the time is quite tight, front misses the person, that could not be finding the second person absolutely. 美艳妇人见寻找到如此合适之人,如果让他离开,那实在太可惜,而且时间就比较紧,错过面前之人,那绝对在找不到第二人。 Thinks of here, in beautiful beautiful woman person heart one horizontal, goes forward to hug the Zhao Fu arm, is rubbing the Zhao Fu arm with body, charming attractive saying, young master first can not walk anxiously, first listens to your slave to explain well.” 想到这里,美艳妇人心中一横,上前搂着赵甫胳膊,用身体摩擦着赵甫手臂,妩媚诱人的说道,“公子你先不要急着要走,先听奴家好好解释。” Zhao Fu also stops, wants to listen is any matter, the beautiful woman sees this actually charming smile to start is Zhao Fu unties the clothes. 赵甫也停下来,想听听到底是什么事情,美艳妇人见此却媚笑着开始为赵甫解开衣服。 In room the sound of quick resounding. 房间内很快响起之声。 Afterward, the beautiful woman lies down in the Zhao Fu bosom, a face blood flushes respite said that young master you are really fierce, has not thought that with you so joyful, your slaves felt that must fall in love with you, owing your slave first time does not give you, later your slave was your person 事后,美艳妇人躺在赵甫怀里,一脸潮红喘息道,“公子你真的是厉害,没有想到和你如此的快乐,奴家都感觉要爱上你了,也不亏奴家把第一次给你,以后奴家就是你的人了”
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