LCG :: Volume #3 举着火把的人

#809: New path

Chapter 810 new path( big chapter asked monthly ticket) 第810章新的道路(大章求月票) The scattered floating snow insufflates the broad balcony. 散落的飘雪吹进宽阔的阳台。 The white-haired old person looks up to the sky. 满头白发的老人抬头看向天空。 Snowed.” “又下雪了。” Nearby blonde double ponytail young girls also put out a hand, caught the faded and fallen snowflake. 一旁的金发双马尾少女也伸出手去,接住了飘零的雪花。 Previous time we meet, is the quick eight years ago,” “上次我们见面,都是快八年前了吧,” The old person is gazing at that melting in the young girl palm snowflake, looks up to the young girl, said in a low voice, in an instant, you were long are so big.” 老人注视着那融化在少女手心的雪花,又抬头看向少女,低声道,“转眼间,你就长这么大了。” He lifts the hand slowly, seems recalling anything, I remember previous time sees your time,” 他缓缓抬起手,似乎正在回忆什么,“我记得上次见你的时候,” He places on the hand the waist 1 point position, you are so high.” 他把手放在腰上一点的位置,“你才这么高。” Although our so many years do not have the time to meet, but have had the relation in the network, Uncle Endil.” “虽然我们这么多年没时间见面,但是一直在网络上有联系啊,恩迪尔叔叔。” Receives to reach behind the back, somewhat sees the old person funnily, we have to make the video phone, you have looked I grow little.” 维莉收回手,有些好笑的看着老人,“我们又不是没打过视频电话,伱可是看着我一点点长高的。” Ha,” “哈哈哈,” Endil smiled one, turned head to look, was old, always liked recalling the young time matter.” 恩迪尔笑了一声,扭头看了一眼维莉,“年纪大了,总喜欢回忆年轻的时候的事情。” He put out a hand to take up the books on table, 他伸手拿起了桌子上的书籍, Said, I initially young time, most repugnant others said anything, my previous time sees you, you selected, you in a big way I had also hugged you in childhood this words, never expected that I poured the person who this person sighed with emotion others to change.” “说起来,我当初年轻的时候,最讨厌别人说什么,‘我上次见你,你才这么点大’,‘你小时候我还抱过你’这种话,没想到我自己倒成了这种人感慨别人变化的人了。” Is sighing with emotion others' change, is you are rather sighing with emotion passing of time.” “与其说是在感慨别人的变化,倒不如说是你在感慨自己时间的流逝。” Gathers the palm, lets the palm melted warm just fell starts the snowflake, she gazed at the Endil old facial features, Uncle Endil, you were also old many.” 维莉合住手掌,让手心的温暖融化了刚刚落入手中的雪花,她注视恩迪尔苍老的面容,“恩迪尔叔叔,你又老了好多啊。” Yes,” “是啊,” Endil has turned around, looks to the spacious lonely office, age is unforgiving,” 恩迪尔转过身,看向空旷寂寥的办公室,“岁月不饶人啊,” He turned the head, shot a look, asked in a soft voice, „, therefore, the small girl, you did complete the choice?” 他转过头来,瞥了一眼维莉,轻声问道,“所以,小丫头,你做好选择了?” Un,” “嗯,” Nods, I want to participate in the campaign.” 维莉点点头,“我想参加竞选。” Which from step starts?” “从哪一步做起?” Endil has turned around, takes the books in hand, walks toward the office. 恩迪尔转过身,拿着手中的书籍,向着办公室内走去。 First starts from the municipal councilman,” “先从市议员开始吧,” Thinks saying that I want to change this city.” 维莉思索道,“我想改变这个城市。” Changes this city “改变这座城市・・・” Endil god, he raised the head slightly obviously, looks to hang that giant oil painting center office. 恩迪尔稍显愣神,他抬起头,看着挂在办公室正中的那副巨大的油画。 Joint industry establish that on the oil painting draws, two young people stand before the tribune, is gazing at beside the oil painting high-spirited. 油画上所绘就的正是联合工业成立的那一幕,两个年轻人站在演讲台之前,意气风发的注视着油画之外。 Your father had also spoken these words to me in the past.” “你父亲当年也对我说过这句话。” The old person lowers the head slowly, trend desk of limping. 老人缓缓低下头来,蹒跚的走向办公桌。 Be careful.” “小心。” Walks hastily, supported the old person. 维莉连忙走上去,扶住了老人。 The old person leans comes excessively, the vision looked at a blonde young girl profoundly, suddenly said with a smile, you compared with your father may in the past , he when your age, was a playboy, every day knew to make merry, he started to take over his family's business until behind, had the change slowly.” 老人侧过头来,目光深邃的看了一眼金发少女,突然笑道,“你比你父亲当年可强多了,他在你这个年纪的时候,还是个花花公子,每天就知道吃喝玩乐,直到后面他开始接手他家里的生意,才慢慢有了改变。” He lowers the head, sighed, your father, if saw your, does not know that is will be happy, is will be sad.” 他低下头来,叹息一声,“你父亲如果看到你这样,不知道是会开心,还是会难过。” Therefore father in the past “所以父亲当年・・・” Voice lowered, is the joint industry dry/does?” 维莉的声音低了下来,“是联合工业干的吗?” Is the eternal esoteric buddhism does,” “是永恒密教干的,” Endil shakes the head gently, perhaps naturally, the eternal esoteric buddhism has the contact with the joint industry at that time.” 恩迪尔轻轻摇了摇头,“当然,那时候永恒密教或许早已经与联合工业有了接触。” Therefore you initially for what?” “所以你当初是为了什么?” Is supporting by the arm the old person, the sound is slightly low, after the short stop , to continue to ask, by your past prestige and power and influence, can definitely contain the joint industry.” 维莉搀扶着老人,声音稍低,在短暂的停顿之后,才继续问道,“以你当年的声望和威势,完全可以遏制住联合工业。” Contains the joint industry, then?” “遏制住联合工业,然后呢?” The old person hand is supporting the desk, turns head, looks at the blonde young girl in double ponytail. 老人手撑着办公桌,回过头来,看着双马尾的金发少女。 Perhaps then you can control joint industry “然后你说不定就可以控制联合工业・・・” Is gawked, subconscious replying that the old person asked. 维莉被老人问的一愣,下意识的答道。 Controls the joint industry, then?” “控制住联合工业,然后呢?” Endil is gazing, continues to ask. 恩迪尔注视着维莉,继续问道。 Then you can continue in the past the reform of my father, haven't you been trying such reform? Now many people are still fondly remembering my father's years “然后你就可以继续当年我父亲的改革,你们不是一直在尝试那样的改革吗?现在仍旧有很多人在怀念我父亲的时代・・・” Is returning to gaze at to the old person, said fast. 维莉对着老人回以注视,快速说道。 Un,” “嗯,” The old person nods gently, he raised the head, looks again in that giant oil painting offices, girl, you still remembers how in the past your father was leaving office?” 老人轻轻点头,他抬起头,再次看向办公室中间的那个巨大的油画,“丫头,你还记得当年你父亲是怎么‘下台’的吗?” Vincent through colludes in private, holds the shareholders' meeting, removed my father's duty.” “文森特通过私下勾结,召开股东大会,解除了我父亲的职务。” Replied in a soft voice. 维莉轻声回答道。 You know why Vincent can earn the support of shareholders' meeting?” “那你知道文森特为什么能获得股东大会的支持么?” Endil looks at with a smile, „a company, holds the conference, dismissed had extremely high prestigious founder in this company, this type sounded not reasonable matter, how to happen?” 恩迪尔笑着看着维莉,“一个公司,召开会议,解雇了在这个公司内具有极高威望的创始人,这种听起来不怎么合理的事情,是怎么发生的?” Vincent colluded with some shareholders, lashes out at the father suddenly “文森特勾结了部分股东,对父亲突然发难・・・” Said the view that oneself until now heard. 维莉说出了自己一直以来听到的看法。 „The duty that fires the board presidents, needs to occupy the total stock at least 2/3 shareholder approvals,” “解除董事会主席的职务,需要占总股份至少三分之二的股东同意,” Endil by the desk, looks at as before with a smile, this is the regulation that your father formulated in the past, in the past over half of people voted to choose made your father leave office, Vincent colluded part, was actually the majority in joint industry.” 恩迪尔靠在办公桌上,依旧笑着看着维莉,“这是你父亲当年制定的章程,当年有超过一半的人投票选择了让你父亲下台,文森特所勾结的‘部分’,其实是联合工业内的大多数。” But,” “可是,” Actually knows this point, in the conversation of former and He Ao, He Ao asked explicitly the attitude of joint industry to her father, she actually also wants to understand, uniting the industry is definitely discontented with the father. 维莉其实是知道这一点的,在之前和何奥的交谈中,何奥就明确问了联合工业对她父亲的态度,她其实也想明白了,联合工业肯定是对父亲不满的。 She, continued to say in Endil's gaze, they do not know matter that my father handles, to this city, to the storm people in area and Aka area is advantageous?” 她顿了顿,在恩迪尔的注视中继续说道,“他们难道不知道我父亲做的事情,对这座城市,对风暴区和阿卡区的人们都有利吗?” Endil reveals the surprise slightly looked, as if jumped over to real attitude link that closely examines the joint industry to her father is somewhat surprised. 恩迪尔稍显诧异的看了一眼维莉,似乎对维莉跳过了追问联合工业对她父亲的真实态度这个环节有些惊讶。 Girl, you grew,” “丫头,你成长了很多,” He is hoarse is continue say, „the shareholders of joint industry naturally know the matter that your father handles is very good, even most shareholder very admiring your father, but the child, to the Wynter most advantageous matter, not necessarily is to the joint industry most advantageous matter.” 他沙哑着继续说道,“联合工业的股东们自然知道你父亲做的事情很好,甚至大部分股东都很钦佩你父亲,但是孩子,对温特市最有利的事情,并不一定是对联合工业最有利的事情。” „?” “啊?” Slightly some god. 维莉稍有些愣神。 As the shareholder of joint industry, you felt the thing that the shareholders most want what is?” “作为联合工业的股东,你觉得股东们最想要的东西是什么?” Behind old person's little arriving desk, the book in hand according to the desktop, asked in a low voice, was Wynter can produce supplies own inexpensive industrial product, can the people in Aka area and storm area light up with pleasure?” 老人一点点的走到办公桌后面,把手中的书按在桌面上,低声问道,“是温特市能自己生产供给自己的廉价工业品,还是阿卡区和风暴区的人们能喜笑颜开?” „It is not,” “不是,” Subconscious shaking the head, as the joint industry biggest individual shareholder, the shareholders of her very clear union industry wants anything, after the short stop, she said in a soft voice, is money.” 维莉下意识的摇摇头,作为联合工业最大的个人股东,她很清楚联合工业的股东们想要什么,在短暂的停顿之后,她轻声说道,“是‘钱’。” To avoid uniting the industry to be controlled by Rockwell Energy Group again,” “为了避免联合工业再次被洛克维尔能源集团控制,” Endil voice hoarse saying, your father rejected all the propositions of listing, for the rapid growth industry, he used almost all profits in the factory construction in Nuoweite area, but all these prices were 恩迪尔声音沙哑的说道,“你父亲拒绝了所有上市的提议,为了快速发展工业,他将几乎所有利润都用在了诺维特区的工厂建设上,而这一切的代价是・・・” „The shareholders of joint industry cannot attain any drawing bonus, no means through stock market own property fast realization, therefore the shareholders of joint industry are discontented with the father,” “联合工业的股东们拿不到任何的分红,也没办法通过股市将自身的财产快速变现,所以联合工业的股东们对父亲不满,” Said in a low voice, after the short hesitation, she continued saying that „, but the father can definitely come out some profit minutes/shares initially, won over a group of shareholders . Moreover the Nuoweite area took the industrial district, had the income.” 维莉低声接话道,在短暂的犹豫之后,她继续说道,“可是父亲当初完全可以将部分利润分出来,拉拢一批股东,而且诺维特区作为工业区,也是有收益的。” Useless,” “没用的,” Endil shakes the head, your father in the past was such dry/does, the price that but Rockwell Energy Group opened was higher, compares in the money market and income of energy mining, the pure industrial profit insufficiently looked completely, your father also greatly enhanced the manpower cost of factory through various safeguards let alone.” 恩迪尔摇摇头,“你父亲当年就是这样干的,但是洛克维尔能源集团开的价格更高,相比较于金融市场和能源采矿的收益,纯粹的工业利润完全不够看,更何况你父亲还通过各项保障大幅度提高了工厂的人力成本。” His vision looks again to the oil painting, swept in the oil painting to stand attractive bright and beautiful the crowds around two young people, 他的目光再次看向油画,扫过了油画中站在两个年轻人周围的光鲜亮丽的人群, In many shareholder eyes, your father gave up a higher profit, lunatic who instead pursues the low profit even loss.” “在很多股东眼中,你父亲就是放弃了更高利润,反而去追求低利润甚至亏损的疯子。” He continues to say slowly, „ the present unites the industrial shareholders biggest profit origin, through sells the energy ore to Rockwell Energy Group, then gains the huge profit, is used in the repurchased stock pull-up stock price these incomes again, simultaneously investment buying real estate and other financial industries. 他缓缓继续道,“现在联合工业股东们最大的利润来源,就是通过向洛克维尔能源集团出售能源矿石,然后获取高额收益,再将这些收益用于回购股票拉升股价,同时投资购买房地产等金融产业。 Now Rockwell Energy Group has the joint industry to exceed 30 stocks, is the joint industry biggest shareholder. “现在洛克维尔能源集团持有联合工业超过30的股份,是联合工业最大的股东。 In the past your father gave this name to the joint industry, was hopes that it can join up, shook off Rockwell Energy Group's control, developed Wynter own industry.” “当年你父亲给联合工业取这个名字,是希望它能联合起来,摆脱洛克维尔能源集团的控制,发展温特市自身的工业。” Speaking of this, smiling of the old person self-ridicules, now it does not unite, non- industry.” 说到这,老人自嘲的笑了笑,“现在它既不联合,也不工业。” Opens mouth, wants to say anything, but actually does not know that should say anything. 维莉张了张嘴,想要说什么,但是却不知道应该说什么。 Initially her father established the joint industry the goal, was to resist Rockwell Energy Group's control, to let Wynter can be powerful, relieved the difficult position of Wynter person. 当初她父亲建立联合工业的目的,是为了抵抗洛克维尔能源集团的控制,为了让温特市能够强大起来,解除温特市人的困境。 However now, unites the industry instead to become Rockwell Energy Group to control the Wynter helper, this city not slight change, even was worse. 但是现在,联合工业反而成为了洛克维尔能源集团控制温特市的帮手,这座城市没有丝毫的改变,甚至比原本还要糟糕。 As if they many years of effort, is wasted effort. 仿佛他们多年的努力,都是竹篮打水一场空。 We spent for dozens years, showed that establishes an integrated enterprise road to walk does not pass,” “我们花了几十年的时间,证明成立一个联合企业这条路走不通,” Endil takes back the vision, looks down to oneself are pressing hand/subordinate books, 恩迪尔收回目光,低头看向自己手下按着的书籍, After your father was dismissed, I and your father duplicate/restores plate were innumerable, had devised innumerable possibilities, is the same results. “在你父亲被解职以后,我和你父亲复盘了无数次,构想过无数可能,都是一样的结局。 So long as has such a financial group, regardless of he calls the joint industry, called the joint mining industry, its trend will pursue a higher profit finally the path. “只要存在这样一个财团,无论他是叫联合工业,还是叫联合矿业,它都最后会走向追逐更高利润的道路。 This is it as the route that a financial group can definitely go out, “这是它作为一个财团必然会走出的路线, Only if we can create one by the joint industry of somebody completely holding, however under having Rockwell Energy Group's external force oppression, does not have any we of fund before annexing other mining companies, was annexed by Rockwell Energy Group.” “除非我们能创造一个被某个人完全控股的联合工业,但是在有洛克维尔能源集团的外力压迫下,没有任何资金的我们会在吞并其他矿业公司之前,就被洛克维尔能源集团吞并。” Arrived at this moment, some can understand Endil why after her father dies, totally gave up revolting. 到了此刻,维莉有些能理解恩迪尔为什么会在她父亲死后,彻底放弃反抗了。 Also at this time, the old person raised the head, looks at the blonde young girl, 也在这时,老人抬起头来,看着金发少女, Actually the municipal government is not great strength that you imagine, the tax revenue that we can receive is actually few, “其实市政府并非你所想象的那么强大,我们所能收到的税收其实是很少的, Joint industry has many method circumvention tax revenue, even through influence town council through to their advantageous laws, but, actually before the joint industry establishes, this situation has been maintaining, at that time what affected the town council is loose Wynter Mining industry Alliance. “联合工业有很多种方法规避税收,甚至通过影响市议会通过对他们有利的法律,不过,其实在联合工业建立前,这种情况就一直在维持了,只不过那时候影响市议会的是松散的温特市矿业联盟。 In that time that your father is in power, this situation was better, after your father leaves office, becomes worse. “在你父亲掌权的那段时间,这种情况好了一些,但是在你父亲下台以后,变得更加糟糕。 Now municipal government's main tax revenue origin is the consumption tax and personal income tax, but the income of Wynter resident was getting more and more low in these years recently, this caused the consumption tax and personal income tax that can receive is very low, maintains existence of city defense force to be reluctant. “现在市政府主要的税收来源是消费税和个人所得税,但温特市民的收入在最近这些年越来越低,这使得能收到的消费税和个人所得税都很低,维持城防军的存在就已经非常勉强了。 We do not have money the investment project path, even because of the government debt, has to sell to the joint industry to increase the income the public facilities that before constructed, “我们没有钱去投资建设道路,甚至因为政府负债,不得不将以前建设的公共设施卖给联合工业增加收入, Finally all changes must on the joint industry, but the joint industry definitely will move toward the pursue profit the result.” “最终一切的改变还是要在联合工业身上,但是联合工业必然会走向追求利润的结局。” He raised the head, sighs, 他抬起头来,叹息一声, Actually everyone knows that the Wynter present situation, I know, your father knows. “其实所有人都知道温特市现在的情况,我知道,你父亲知道。 Even if Vincent, in the past was also one of your father most frantic supporters, his very clear Wynter should change, however his benefit, his right, urging him to move toward to the joint industry most advantageous path. “哪怕是文森特,当年也是你父亲最狂热的支持者之一,他很清楚温特市应该发生改变,但是他的利益,他的权利,促使着他走向对联合工业最有利的道路。 All of us were being fettered by the invisible line, courses the destiny the result of being doomed.” “我们所有人都被无形的线束缚着,引向命运的所注定的结局。” The old person has transferred the line of sight, the muddy eye looks at the blonde young girl, „, therefore you also do want to participate in the campaign? Even if you sit in my position, perhaps also anything cannot make.” 老人转过视线,浑浊的眼睛看着金发少女,“所以你还要参加竞选吗?哪怕你坐在我的位置上,也或许什么都做不成。” Sees the present old person silently. 维莉默然的看着眼前的老人。 She can feel that type to constrain with desperately, all these as if have fixed, carry the wheel of history is moving toward finally the direction. 她能感受到那种压抑和绝望,这一切仿佛都已经固定,载着历史的车轮走向终焉的方向。 People who the hunger in these Aka area and storm area roams about, with this desperate city, as if should so, move toward the final end point in the hunger with the destiny of vagrant. 那些阿卡区与风暴区的饥饿流浪的人们,与这座绝望的城市,仿佛就应该如此,在饥饿与流浪的命运中走向最终的终点。 She thought that this is not right, but is unable to work loose this destiny the fine lace. 她觉得这样不对,但是又丝毫无法挣脱这命运的细线。 She understood at this moment finally why after the father leaves office, will sit in a there person frequently is in a daze. 她此刻终于理解了为什么父亲下台后会经常坐在那里一个人发呆。 She also arrives on the path that the father once passed through finally, the front is the dark dense fog, cannot see slightly the hope of road ahead. 她也终于走到了父亲曾经走过的道路上,前方是黑暗的中的迷雾,看不到丝毫前路的希望。 Surrounding air so peaceful, can hear own depressed heartbeat to her peacefully. 周围的空气是如此的安静,安静到她能听到自己的沉闷的心跳声。 Why does not know, she recalled suddenly sat the scene in funeral parlor hall, the youngster who that holds the tea with milk, the tranquil gaze her facial expression, that inquiry in a low voice is making a sound again in her ear bank, 不知为何,她突然回想起了坐在殡仪馆大厅里的场景,那个捧着奶茶的少年,平静的注视着她的神情,那低声的询问再次响在了她的耳畔, Supports your father's rule, is the poor person in storm area and Aka area, is the joint industry?” “支撑你父亲的统治的,是风暴区和阿卡区的穷人,还是联合工业?” That invisible arrow that shoots from the past, was piercing her train of thought at this moment. 那支从过去射来的无形的箭,在此刻刺穿了她的思绪。 When hears this issue at first, she has not given the answer, she does not know how should give the answer, but she realized at this moment suddenly, perhaps this issue, is the youngster gives her answer. 在最初听到这个问题的时候,她并没有给出答案,她不知道应该怎样给出答案,但此刻她突然意识到,这个问题本身,或许就是少年给她的答案。 The joint industry is impossible to betray itself to go seeks the benefits for the storm the poor person in area and Aka area, therefore her father of dependence union industry definitely will be dismissed. 联合工业不可能背叛自己去为风暴区和阿卡区的穷人谋求福利,所以依靠联合工业的她父亲必然会被解职。 If she wants to change the storm area and Aka area the destiny of people, changes the Wynter destiny, she is impossible to depend upon the joint industry the strength, but must depend upon the strength of this city. 如果她想要改变风暴区和阿卡区的人们的命运,改变温特市的命运,她就不可能依靠联合工业的力量,而是要去依靠这座城市的力量。 Depending upon that is silent, strength of completely quiet. 依靠那沉默着的,默然无声者的力量。 This perhaps is the road that never some people pass through, perhaps she will be starting to welcome finished. 这或许是一条从未有人走过的路,或许她会在开始就迎来结束。 But she still raised the head, looks at the eye of present old person pollution, the slow and serious nod, I will achieve my most good.” 但她依然抬起头,看着眼前的老人浑浊的眼睛,缓慢而沉重的点头,“我会去做到我的最好。” You as if have a very good companion,” “你似乎有一个很好的同伴,” The old person is gazing at the eyes of young girl, as if as if realized anything, the pupil of that pollution seemed to be limpid some, he gives the young girl the book in hand, this is my these years investigation summaries about the entire Wynter each region, as well as my these year of all experiences, hope that it can help you and your companion,” 老人注视着少女的眼睛,仿佛似乎意识到了什么,那浑浊的瞳孔仿佛清澈了些许,他将手里的书递给少女,“这是我这些年关于整个温特市各个区域的调查总结,以及我这些年所有的经验,希望它能帮到你和你的同伴,” His sound is long and slow, hopes that you can find a new path, hopes that you can change us unchangeable all.” 他的声音悠长又缓慢,“希望你们能找到一条新的道路,希望你们能改变我们所不能改变的一切。” Thanks,” “谢谢,” Put out a hand to receive that book, the numerous nods, I will try hard.” 维莉伸手接过了那本书,重重的点头,“我会努力的。” She knows, actually that youngster looks her is much farther. 她知道,其实那个少年比她看的远得多。 …… …… Storm area 风暴区 At the back of Lehne Station of youngster before church front door of wide open. 背着少年的莱娜站在了敞开的教堂大门前。 Tomorrow will renew as soon as possible! 明天尽早更新! 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