Life Copy Game 人生副本游戏

【Do you think life is boring? 】

【Do you want to experience a different life in another world? 】

【We have rich, killer, hunter, beggar, countless random identities for you to experience. 】 【Want to start the game now? 】

【Yes 】 【No】

It's ridiculous, I am a good person who obeys the law, how can I feel that life is boring?

He Ao sneered and chose 【Yes】

【Initializing the system...】

【Loading the game. 】

【Welcome to the life copy game】

【The novice task is loading, and the life role is being randomly matched for you. 】

【Successful Matching 】


This is a good person who obeys the law and rules, and opens countless life stories in the dungeon world full of chaos and madness. (assured)

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