LCG :: Volume #3 举着火把的人

#806: Broken guards

Un?” “嗯?” Brite brow selects, the orange of left eye flashes past brilliance, interesting, your mark is not only, but also is just wastes time.” 布莱特眉头微挑,左眼的橙色光辉一闪而过,“有趣,你这个标记并不是唯一的,但也只不过是徒费工夫罢了。” Almost in a short time, He Ao felt oneself almost lost to placed on Breit the induction of mark newly. 几乎在极短的时间里,何奥就感觉自己几乎丧失了对新放在布莱特身上的标记的感应。 This is the first time that not he existed in same lays aside many marks, before main world coped with 009-1 of Gabriel class, He Ao used only once three marks, revised 009-1 choices, finally got rid of 009-1. 这并非是他第一次在同一个存在身上放置多个标记,之前在主世界对付天使级的009-1的时候,何奥就一次性使用了三个标记,修改了009-1的选择,最终干掉了009-1。 However also therefore, these three marks entered three months of cooling-off periods, ultra recalled that altogether five marks, He Ao altogether only remains two marks now available. 不过也因此,这三个标记进入了三个月的冷却期,超忆一共有五个标记,何奥现在一共只剩两个标记可用。 Now, he laid aside these two marks on Breit. 现在,他把这两个标记都放置在了布莱特身上。 But like such that he suspects, although Brite elimination ultra recalled the strength of again being assigned away from the capital, but strengths between two marks formed some special overlaying. 而如同他所猜想的那样,虽然布莱特再次‘消除’了超忆外放的力量,但是两个标记之间的力量形成了某种特殊的迭加。 He can induce, he can activate these two marks simultaneously, using one time is easy to think, naturally, he can also use these two marks to try to continue monitoring Brite's thought. 他能感应到,他可以同时激活这两个标记,动用一次‘易思’,当然,他也可以利用这两个标记来试图试图继续‘监控’布莱特的思维。 However in this case, these two marks did not have enough strength support to be easy to think. 但是这样的话,这两个标记就没有足够的力量支撑‘易思’了。 He Ao gave up the activation mark intercepting Brite thought the idea, marked to hear, basically was also only the surface layer thought. 何奥放弃了激活标记窃听布莱特思维的想法,标记所能听到的,基本上也只是表层思维。 Moreover in fact, listening attentively can only use one time, once because was discovered by Brite He Ao can listen attentively to his surface thought that regarding Brite this old fogy, will definitely cover own true idea with the false surface thought that even gives He Ao to play a trick. 而且事实上,‘倾听’只能用一次,因为一旦被布莱特发现了何奥能倾听他的表层思维,对于布莱特这种老家伙来说,肯定就会用虚假的表层思维来掩盖自己的真实想法,甚至借此给何奥设局。 Therefore listening attentively useful, but cannot decide the war at crucial moments. 所以‘倾听’有用,但是并不能在关键时刻决定战局。 However without listening attentively the addition, then He Ao invocation changed/easy thought, must all with the feeling. 不过没有‘倾听’的加成,接下来何奥的启用易思,就要全凭感觉了。 He only has opportunity a time. 他只有一次机会。 However although the heart train of thought tumbles, but on the He Ao face does not have other expressions to reveal. 不过虽然心头思绪翻滚,但是何奥脸上丝毫没有其他的表情流露。 After he inserts the knight sword turns round, both hands grasp to stop the golden broadsword, again toward the Breit detachment. 他将骑士剑插回身后,双手握住手中的金色大刀,再次向着布莱特劈去。 The size weight of knight sword and golden broadsword is imbalanced, therefore except for in the special state, both hands holds the battle efficiency of sword actually might as well only to take a weapon respectively. 骑士剑和金色大刀的尺寸重量并不均衡,所以除了在特殊状态,双手分别持刀剑的战斗力其实还不如只拿一把武器。 Brite does not seem to carry the belt length weapon, the golden broadsword is long enough, can make He Ao obtain the long weapon advantage to a certain extent. 布莱特似乎并没有携带长兵器,金色大刀够长,可以让何奥在一定程度上获得长兵器优势。 Overreaches oneself.” “不自量力。” As the He Ao lifts the blade chops again, the Brite both arms open, then makes a fist suddenly. 而随着何奥抬刀再劈,布莱特双臂张开,然后骤然握拳。 Buzz- 嗡- His entire body brings cheongsam to tremble, in the air resounds the sharp and fierce sonic boom, the wind of howling takes his body as the beginning, surges, has stroked the cheeks of He Ao, blows scattered his sends the wisp. 他的整个身体带着身上的长衫都为之一颤,空气中响起尖锐而剧烈的音爆,呼啸的风以他的身体为起点,波荡而出,拂过何奥的脸颊,吹起他零散的发缕。 The He Ao footsteps have no stay, in the profound eye has not dreaded, he brandishes the broadsword, the knife has been spinning from the top of the head, dances a giant tool mark, has the howling sonic boom, from top to bottom turns toward the body detachment of Breit directly. 何奥的脚步没有任何停留,深邃的眼中也没有畏惧,他抡起大刀,刀身在从头顶旋过,舞出一朵巨大的刀花,带着呼啸的音爆,从上往下直接向着布莱特的身躯劈去。 This sword strap the terrifying power and influence and powerful speed, the blade light is similar to the golden quarter moon, has delimited the sky. 这一刀带着恐怖的威势和强大的速度,刀光如同金色的弦月,划过天空。 This time, Brite has not kept off the attack of He Ao hardly, the entire body like the clever sea-monster common lateral make way, avoided He Ao the blade. 这一次,布莱特没有硬挡何奥的攻击,整个身躯如同灵巧的游鱼一般侧向闪开,躲开了何奥的这一刀。 Bang- 轰- With the giant bellow, the ground of Brite under foot loudly was stave, the innumerable crack spreads open, reinforced concrete are stave, downward collapse. 伴随着巨大的轰鸣声,布莱特原本脚下的地面轰然破碎,无数的裂纹蔓延而开,一块块钢筋水泥破碎,向下塌陷。 He Ao has nothing hesitant, immediately draws a sword to lift, is following Brite's form lateral detachment. 何奥没有任何犹豫,立刻抽刀抬起,跟随着布莱特的身影侧向劈去。 Brite body fast under squatted, avoids this struck. 布莱特身子快速下蹲,躲开了这一击。 His movement is extremely quick, quick probably does not have the indication. 他的动作极快,快的好像毫无征兆。 Little fellow,” “小家伙,” The old person corners of the mouth bring back the smile, fights, is not only good by the brute force.” 老人嘴角勾起笑容,“打架,仅靠蛮力可不行。” The He Ao lifts the blade returns wipes, old person's body after insignificant thing easily is ordinary supine, evaded this blade. 何奥抬刀回抹,老人的身躯如同轻易的鸿毛一般后仰,躲过了这一刀。 The energy circuits of innumerable scattering reflect in the eyes of youngster. 无数流散的能量回路倒映在少年的眼中。 Looks on his face more and more strong smile, He Ao has not spoken, but one step, takes advantage of opportunity to raise the blade forward, the blade is upward, is further pulling up to the old person of retreat. 看着他脸上越来越强的笑容,何奥没有说话,而是向前一步,顺势提刀,刀刃向上,进一步对着后退的老人撩去。 The old person lateral retreat half step, evaded this to pull up the blade. 老人侧向后退半步,躲过了这一记撩刀。 His body is light as a swan's feather, moves, if the sea-monster, acts the preparation that each time seems to have no, suddenly makes, as if swings in the in the air dust, no sign of dodging, the He Ao blade edge one, followed the disturbed wind is swept, is unable to ascertain. 他的身体轻如鸿毛,动若游鱼,每次动作都仿佛没有任何的准备,突然做出,仿佛荡在空中的尘埃,原本没有任何闪避的迹象,何奥的刀锋一至,就顺着被扰动的风被吹走,无法捉摸。 However in this world really has the light as a swan's feather person? 但是这个世界上真的有轻如鸿毛的人吗? If the ability of talent sequence, but also really possibly has, but is very obvious, Brite's talent sequence as if not such ability. 如果是天赋序列的能力,还真的可能有,但是很显然,布莱特的天赋序列似乎并没有这样的能力。 But besides the special capability, other methods can create this effect. 而除了特殊能力,还有其他的方法能造成这种效果。 For example exquisite movement and skill. 比如精巧的动作和技巧。 Through control to muscle, control to body proper energy, through deceiving the fight intuition of enemy, to achieve dodging goal. 通过对肌肉的控制,对身体内能量的控制,通过欺骗敌人的战斗直觉,以达到‘闪避’的目的。 The people when the preparation make certain movements, the process that always prepares ahead of time, for example raises legs time forward, lifts the thigh muscle of that leg to tighten, the foot heel will lift slightly, body subconscious leans forward. 人在预备做出某些动作的时候,总有一个提前准备的过程,比如抬腿向前的时候,抬起那只腿的腿部肌肉会绷紧,脚后跟会微微抬起,身子会下意识的前倾。 Then looks like in another person, this person was to forward. 那么在另外一个人看来,这个人就是要向前走了。 Theoretically, a person time of forward, that foot that the center of resistance has not lifted. 理论上来说,一个人向前的时候,支撑点是没有抬起的那只脚。 But if a person, when makes this slight movement, simultaneously the center of gravity moves to lifting the foot of foot on, depends upon tip of the toe support body that lifts, the foot that had not lifted takes advantage of opportunity skids backward, moves back and forth by this. 但是如果一个人在做这些微动作的时候,同时将重心移动到抬起的脚的脚上,依靠抬起的脚尖支撑身体,原本没抬起的脚顺势向后滑动,以此往复。 Will create seems like walks forward, in fact in backward effect of glide. 就会造成看起来向前走,实际上在向后滑动的效果。 The observers see muscle change that notices, in fact is not supports the mover to make the muscle change of action truly. 旁观者所看到的注意到的肌肉变动,实际上并非真正支撑着行动者做出行动的肌肉变动。 Thus, deceit the intuition of observer. 这样,就‘欺骗’了旁观者的直觉。 In the fight is also so. 在战斗中也是如此。 Brite's movement is not nothing prepares to make instantaneously, the external representation that but he uses to stand, covered the reassignment of oneself strength and muscle. 布莱特的动作并非是没有任何准备瞬间做出的,只是他用站立的外在表象,掩盖了自身力量和肌肉的调动。 Meanwhile his muscle reassignment very close, making the entire body appear exceptionally soft. 同时他的肌肉调动非常的细密,让整个身体显得异常的柔软。 Therefore created this type before the blade, seemed swept suddenly dodges by the effect of the blade wind. 所以才造成了这种在刀刃之前,仿佛是被刀风吹走的‘突然闪避’的效果。 It is not able to sentence his real future action in advance, but was deceived by his false movement, is unable really to hit him. 无法预判他真实的行动方向,而被他虚假的动作所欺骗,就无法真的击中他。 Meanwhile the way energy utilization of his reassignment strength is efficient, regarding the increase of speed also very obvious. 同时他这种调动力量的方式能量利用非常高效,对于速度的提升也非常的明显。 Lightly like floating dust, agile like caribou. 轻如浮尘,又敏捷如驯鹿。 While in the heart the thought flashes through, He Ao draws a sword a spin, the horizontal blade returns wipes, this time, his attack again by old person make way. 在心中念头闪过的同时,何奥抽刀一旋,横刀回抹,这一次,他的攻击再次被老人闪开。 Your butterfly quick of strength weaken,” “你那只蝴蝶的力量衰减的很快,” Brite sets out, gazes at He Ao, the corners of the mouth belt/bring is smiling, you were dying.” 布莱特直起身来,注视着何奥,嘴角带笑,“你快死了。” He Ao had not replied, but is holds the blade single-handed, the golden knife dances generally the tool mark like the tornado, has the circumstances of howling, chops again crosswise toward Breit. 何奥并未回答,而是单手持刀,金色的刀身如同旋风一般舞出刀花,带着呼啸的风势,再次向着布莱特横向劈来。 In this flash, He Ao caught the energy flow of Breit within the body. 在这一瞬间,何奥捕捉到了布莱特体内的能量流动。 Here! 在这里! The next second, his body one step, the sharp blade edge forwards forward suddenly, deadlocks the step that Brite retroceded. 下一秒,他的身体向前一步,锋利的刀锋骤然向前,锁死了布莱特后退的步伐。 Brite complexion changes, he changes at this moment again dodges the direction already without enough time, he lifts the left hand rapidly, the left hand small arm sagging, the right hand according to above the left hand back of the hand, the golden flowing light flashes past on his flesh, keeps off to the golden broadsword that He Ao sweeps. 布莱特面色一变,他此刻再变化闪避方向已经来不及,他迅速抬起左手,左手小臂下垂,右手按在左手手背之上,金色的流光在他肌肤上一闪而过,挡向何奥扫来的金色大刀。 Bang- 轰- With a thundering loud sound, Brite's entire body was struck to fly generally like the shell, pounded to put on behind a tall building, submerged the tall building deep place. 伴随着一声轰鸣的巨响,布莱特的整个身体如同炮弹一般被击飞出去,砸穿了身后一栋高楼,没入了高楼深处。 Also in this instantaneous, slit of since a dragoon fighter aircraft flies from two buildings, the giant muzzle aimed at He Ao. 也就在这瞬间,一架龙骑兵战机从两栋大楼之间的缝隙中飞起,巨大的炮口瞄准了何奥 He Ao looks in an opposite tall building was hanging the symbol of joint industry, then his hand is grasping the golden broadsword, looked that to was pounded the crack that puts on by Brite. 何奥看了一眼对面高楼上挂着的联合工业的徽记,然后他手握着金色大刀,看向被布莱特砸穿的破口。 Several buildings near this, are the industries of joint industry. 这附近的几栋大楼,都是联合工业的产业。 He has no stop, raised the golden broadsword, jumped to jump, the entire body has delimited the sky like the flowing light generally. 他没有任何停顿,提起金色大刀,纵身跃起,整个身体如同流光一般划过天空。 The golden brilliance cut the energy warehouse of dragoon fighter aircraft. 金色的光辉斩开了了龙骑兵战机的能源仓。 Bang- 轰- With a loud sound, the giant flame from the sky blooms. 伴随着一声巨响,巨大的火焰在空中绽放。 Brite just stood from the shatter cement blocks, saw the top of the head to bloom giant flame, the golden brilliance front surface divided together to him. 布莱特刚从破碎的水泥块中站起来,就看到头顶绽放出了一朵巨大的火焰,紧接着一道金色的光辉迎面向他劈来。 Boy, come good!” “小子,来的好!” This he has not moved aside time, but is direct both hands overlapping, supports the long blade that He Ao divided forcefully. 这一次他没有躲闪,而是直接双手交叉,硬生生的架住了何奥劈来的长刀。 The cover lives in the sleeves of his arm to be instantaneously stave, reveals inside to cover the golden brilliance flesh. 罩住他手臂的衣袖瞬间破碎,露出里面覆盖着金色光辉的肌肤。 His both arms shake, try to shake He Ao. 紧接着他双臂一震,试图将何奥震开。 At this moment stands the edge in building in him, under the body of He Ao is dozens meters upper air. 此刻在他站在大楼的边缘,何奥的身下就是几十米的高空。 He Ao grips the hilt, with his this strength of counter- shaking, a forward somersault in the air, plunges into large cave/hole that this was pounded to put on, fell on Brite behind. 何奥握住刀柄,借着他这一反震之力,一个前空翻,跳入了这个被砸穿的大洞,落在了布莱特身后。 Boy, your a little thing.” “小子,你有点东西。” Brite turns around, looks at He Ao, he puts out a hand, tears into shreds clothes directly, reveals densely and numerously like the muscle that the dragon dragon winds generally. 布莱特转过身来,看着何奥,他伸出手去,直接将身上的衣服撕碎,露出密密麻麻如同虬龙一般盘结的肌肉。 Also in this flash, Brite's body runs out like the flowing light generally, just like flashing before appears before the body of He Ao generally, bringing the golden brilliance fist not to come to a stop while He Ao completely, suspended the fist to pound on the cheeks of He Ao. 也在这一瞬间,布莱特的身体如同流光一般冲出,宛如闪现一般出现在何奥的身前,带着金色光辉的拳头趁着何奥还未完全站稳,一记摆拳砸在了何奥的脸颊上。 The He Ao body was pounded to fly directly, cracked-up several walls. 何奥的身躯直接被砸飞出去,撞碎了数面墙壁。 Boy, these tall buildings are very suitable to take your cemetery.” “小子,这些高楼很适合作为你的坟场。” Brite turns around, is gazing at He Ao, the sound is hoarse and tranquil. 布莱特转过身来,注视着何奥,声音沙哑而平静。 Now says the victory and defeat, but also is premature.” “现在说胜负,还为之过早。” Hit to stand, he who He Ao on last wall staggered put out a blood, picked the scarf on neck carefully, hung in a nearby steel bar. 撞在最后一面墙上的何奥踉跄的站了起来,他吐出一口鲜血,将脖子上的围巾小心的摘了下来,挂在旁边的一根钢筋上。 He gazed at Brite, in the mind is flashing through just Brite like flashing before the general movement crazily. 他注视着布莱特,脑海中疯狂闪过刚刚布莱特如同闪现一般的动作。 That is also Brite that specialness movement utilization. 那也是布莱特那种特殊‘身法’的运用。 This movement can be used to dodge not only, but can also be used to attack. 这种身法不光可以用来闪避,还能用来攻击。 Boy, you are very indeed intelligent, but you my defense cannot break, did you and I discuss too early with what?” “小子,你的确很聪明,但你连我的防御都破不了,你拿什么和我谈为时过早?” Brite lifts the hand, step by step walks toward He Ao, more intelligence that you display, I more am must process you today personally.” 布莱特抬起手,一步步的向着何奥走来,“你表现的越聪明,我今天就越是一定要亲手处理掉你。” Can let hide in does not dare to see the person secretly powerhouse acts personally, it seems like I also really am lucky.” “能让一直躲在幕后不敢见人的‘强者’亲自出手,看来我也真是幸运。” He Ao grips the golden broadsword, looks at Brite with a smile. 何奥握住金色大刀,笑着看着布莱特。 The silent curtain of night swallowed the surrounding all sounds. 寂静的夜幕吞噬了周围的一切声音。 This building in the evening and no one works, before only then the sentry posts of some eternal esoteric buddhism nearby this. 这栋大楼晚上并没有人工作,之前只有一些永恒密教的岗哨在这附近。 I suddenly do not think that now you died, I will collect your soul, after you turn the truth monster completed the task, I your soul will return the body, a blade blade cuts your flesh, then makes you repeat such pain in the eternal state forever.” “我现在突然不想你死了,我会收集你的灵魂,等你变成真理怪兽完成了任务之后,我会把你的灵魂放回身躯,一刀刀的割下你的血肉,然后让你在永恒国度永远重复这样的痛苦。” Brite looks at the present young youngster, the old face is somewhat fierce. 布莱特看着眼前的小少年,苍老的面孔有些狰狞。 He is actually not the short temper person, can control own mood, his very clear He Ao taunted him to him draw in the close combat that He Ao excelled. 他其实并不是脾气暴躁的人,也很能控制自己的情绪,他很清楚何奥嘲讽他是要把他拖进何奥更擅长的近战里。 However his mentality is even if good, under this taunt continually, in the heart ignited the anger. 但是哪怕他心态再好,在这样连番的嘲讽之下,也心中燃起了火气。 But heard his words, He Ao leaned the head, has some hoarse and happy expression asks, „were you anxious?” 而听到他的话语,何奥只是侧了侧头,带着些许沙哑和笑意反问道,“你急了?” Bang- 轰- The gray-haired form disappears like the flowing light together instantaneously, the body passes through void, has the thundering sonic boom. 头发花白的身影如同一道流光瞬间消失,身躯穿过虚空,带着轰鸣的音爆。 Bang- 砰- The golden blade light and old person's fist hits in the same place, the innumerable close traces spread from two person walls. 金色的刀光和老人的拳头撞在在一起,无数细密的纹路从两人身旁的墙壁上蔓延开来。 He Ao grips the hilt, resists the back of the blade single-handedly, the tranquil gaze was being supported the fist old person by him, same move, will not become effective twice.” 何奥一手握住刀柄,一手抵住刀背,平静的注视着被他架住拳头老人,“同一种招数,不会生效两次。” The close crack has proliferated above the golden knife. 细密的裂纹已经遍布在了金色的刀身之上。 Then He Ao jumps to jump, steps on only has the lower half low wall that by disrupted, the entire body brings the golden broadsword in in the air to spin, a blade chops to the Breit forehead. 然后何奥纵身跃起,踩了一下旁边碎裂的只剩下下半部分的矮墙,整个身体带着金色的大刀在空中旋起,一刀劈向布莱特脑门。 Brite again both hands overlapping, met this blade hardly, and by retreat that slightly the He Ao strength shakes, his floor layer upon layer is also stave. 布莱特再次双手交叉,硬接了这一刀,并被何奥的力道震的微微后退,他脚下的地板也层层破碎。 He Ao draws a sword to fall to the ground, the golden broadsword returned pulled out penetrated the wall, splashed a piece of crushed stone. 紧接着,何奥抽刀落地,金色大刀回抽的时候击穿了墙壁,溅起一片碎石。 These crushed stones splash in the narrow space, part of dozens on He Ao, part of dozens on Brite's body. 这些碎石在狭窄的空间里飞溅,一部分打在何奥身上,一部分打在布莱特的身上。 These pebble to the injury that two people have no, but He Ao looks at pebble of these splashes on Breit, as well as on Breit naturally flows, but the golden brilliance, on the face flashes through unusual look. 这些石子对两人都没有任何的伤害,不过何奥看着那些飞溅在布莱特身上的石子,以及布莱特身上自然流淌而过的金色光辉,脸上闪过一丝异色。 He has nothing hesitant, one step steps on forward above the shatter steel bar, a blade sweeps to the nape of the neck of Breit. 他没有任何犹豫,向前一步踩在破碎的钢筋之上,一刀扫向布莱特的脖颈。 Brite happen to stands in a corner at this moment, he looked at He Ao one, the inspiration, the golden color covered the nape of the neck suddenly brilliance. 布莱特此刻正好站在一个墙角,他看了何奥一眼,骤然吸气,金色光辉覆盖了脖颈。 The broadsword and nape of the neck hit in the same place, cannot submerge the flesh half a point. 大刀与脖颈撞在一起,未能没入肌肤半分。 However at this time, Brite actually complexion changed, the vision looked downward to the body. 不过这时,布莱特却脸色一变,目光向下看向身下。 The fist of He Ao has pounded on his lower abdomen. 何奥的拳头已经砸到了他的小腹上。 The next second, the golden brilliance covered his lower abdomen, his body shakes, will not have stabilized the center of resistance He Ao ball to fly directly. 下一秒,金色的光辉覆盖了他的小腹,他身子一震,直接将没有稳定支撑点何奥弹飞出去。 He looked down a lower abdomen, just by the place that He Ao hit, has exuded the extravasated blood of faint trace. 他低头看了一眼小腹,刚刚被何奥击中的地方,已经泛起了丝丝的淤血。 His defense not real whole body defense, but can only defend the place that he selects. 他的‘防御’并非真的全身防御,而是只能防御他选中的地方。 He Ao tranquil gaze this. 何奥平静的注视着这一幕。 Just these crushed stones splashed , on Breit, he discovered, the crushed stone did not seem to trigger on Breit that special defense. 刚刚那些碎石溅在布莱特身上的时候,他就发现了,碎石似乎并没有引发布莱特身上的那种特殊防御。 That type defends the stimulated time each time, has the obvious brilliance, simultaneously Brite body week these will be at regard the field of vision the distortion design to shiver spirit. 每次那种防御被激发的时候,都有明显的光辉,同时布莱特身周那些处在灵视视野的扭曲图案会颤抖。 The brilliance can fabricate, but twists the tremor of design unable to fabricate. 光辉可以伪造,但是扭曲图案的颤动不能伪造。 Just the pebble hit , on Breit, although also triggered these golden flowing light, but has not twisted the tremor of design. 刚刚石子打在布莱特身上的时候,虽然也触发了那些金色流光,但是并没有扭曲图案的颤动。 Naturally, these pebble cannot break Brite's defense. 当然,那些石子本身就破不了布莱特的防御。 However this gave the He Ao inspiration. 不过这给了何奥启迪。 Therefore he deliberately attempted. 所以他就刻意尝试了一下。 Really, Brite's defense can only defend his these to expect the possibly attacked place. 果然,布莱特的防御只能防御他那些自己预料到可能会受攻击的地方。 Meanwhile, this also side proved another matter, his defense strength is not infinite. 同时,这也侧面证明了另一件事,他的那种防御力量并不是无限的。 Otherwise he can cover the whole body greatly directly, rather than through such way increase operation rate. 不然他大可以直接覆盖全身,而不是通过这样的方式提高利用率。 But after eating He Ao this fist, Brite not in idle talk, but appeared like the flowing light in front of He Ao together generally instantaneously. 而在吃了何奥这一拳之后,布莱特没有在废话,而是如同一道流光一般瞬间出现在了何奥面前。 He Ao holds up the golden broadsword, a knife spin, sweeps crosswise to Breit. 何奥举起金色大刀,刀身一旋,横向扫向布莱特。 But also in this instantaneous, charged into He Ao Brite to lift the right leg directly suddenly, kicks in the He Ao wrist/skill, and takes advantage of opportunity a check, has the He Ao wrist/skill same place, hits on nearby wall. 但也就在这瞬间,原本正面冲向何奥的布莱特突然抬起右腿,一脚踢在何奥手腕上,并顺势一勾,带着何奥的手腕一起,撞在一旁的墙壁上。 Meanwhile, the wrist/skill of He Ao was also brought from the sky to turn over, was turned into under by the above, was stepped by him. 与此同时,何奥的手腕也被带着在空中翻转,由上方变成了下方,被他一脚踩住。 Then Brite takes advantage of opportunity to jump, tramples above the golden broadsword, tramples to fly the broadsword, immediately his footsteps change, is a foot tramples toward another side He Ao flies. 然后布莱特顺势跳起,一脚踹在金色大刀之上,将大刀踹飞出去,随即他脚步变化,又是一脚将何奥向着另一侧踹飞。 Boy, transforms the strength intelligently, requires the time.” “小子,聪明转化成力量,需要时间。” The innumerable close traces flash through on him, he gradually moves toward He Ao, „, but you most lack is the time.” 无数细密的纹路在他身上闪过,他一步步走向何奥,“而你最缺的就是时间。” Cracks-up several walls, lies down from the ground that He Ao in bricks and stones staggers stands, covers the chest, the blood overflows from the corners of the mouth. 撞碎数道墙壁,躺在砖石中的何奥踉跄的从地上站起来,捂住胸口,鲜血从嘴角溢出。 He looked into a golden broadsword that inserts in not far away, looks on the broadsword the close crack, drew out behind knight sword. 他眺望了一眼插在不远处的金色大刀,看着大刀上细密的裂纹,拔出了身后的骑士剑。 Then he without hesitation, does not care about oneself injury, runs out toward Breit fiercely. 然后他毫不犹豫,丝毫不顾及自己身上的伤势,猛地向着布莱特冲出。 Young lunatic.” “小疯子。” Brite jumps to jump, kicks to He Ao. 布莱特纵身跃起,一脚踢向何奥 Also at this moment, He Ao from the sky turns over the build suddenly, by attacking the revolutions is defended, the knight sword keeps off before the body downward. 也就在这时,何奥骤然在空中翻转体型,由攻转守,骑士剑向下挡在身前。 The Brite brow slightly wrinkle, he has not thought that He Ao ate his attack hardly, when he wants to change the offensive, already without enough time. 布莱特眉头微皱,他没想到何奥硬吃了他这一记攻击,当他想改变攻势的时候,已经来不及了。 Bang- 轰- With a thundering sound, the He Ao body splashes again, but direction that the direction that he departs, the golden broadsword is. 伴随着一声轰鸣的声响,何奥的身躯再次飞溅出去,而他飞出的方向,正是金色大刀所在的方向。 After cracking-up several walls, he tumbled golden big knife that inserted before the ground, he staggered stood, put out a hand, prepared to draw out the broadsword. 在撞碎了数道墙壁之后,他翻滚到了插在地上的金色大刀身前,他踉跄的站起来,伸出手去,准备拔出大刀。 Brite this time rubbish, one step leaps, toward the He Ao chase. 布莱特这一次没有废话,一步跃出,向着何奥追逐而来。 He lifts the hand, grasps from behind grasps to the He Ao nape of the neck, must pinch the neck of He Ao. 他抬起手来,一抓从后面抓向何奥的脖颈,就要捏断何奥的脖子。 Also in this instantaneous, He Ao pulls up the golden broadsword suddenly, chops backward horizontally, cuts to the nape of the neck of Breit. 也就在这瞬间,何奥骤然拔起金色大刀,向后横劈,斩向布莱特的脖颈。 Carves the insect small technique.” “雕虫小技。” Brite puts out a hand to block this blade. 布莱特伸出手去挡住这一刀。 Bang- 砰- The innumerable cracks covered the golden broadsword instantaneously, this huge broadsword is loudly stave, explodes the radiant brilliance. 无数裂纹瞬间覆盖了金色大刀,这庞然的大刀轰然破碎,炸成璀璨的光辉。 - 噗- The next second, the pure white knight sword like appears suddenly general, pierced Brite's nape of the neck. 下一秒,纯白的骑士剑如同骤然出现一般,刺穿了布莱特的脖颈。 This is “这是・・・” He gazes at dull is staring at his He Ao stubbornly, this emergence of sword, stemmed from his anticipation completely, in his sensation, the He Ao knight sword should lift at this moment without enough time. 他呆呆的注视着死死盯着他的何奥,这把剑的出现,完全出乎了他的意料,在他的‘感知’中,何奥的骑士剑此刻应该来不及抬起的。 Even if no time, sometimes intelligent can also transform the strength quickly.” “哪怕没有时间,聪明有时候也能很快转化成力量。” He Ao is gazing at him, hoarse opens the mouth. 何奥注视着他,沙哑的开口。 He just used, is Brite's movement, in a short time, made the effect of being similar to flashing before attack. 他刚刚用的,是布莱特的身法,在极短的时间内,做出了类似于‘闪现’攻击的效果。 How possibly!!!” “怎么可能!!!” Brite eyes stare in the big, muddy eye flash through inconceivable, he lifts the hand fiercely, a palm strikes to fly He Ao. 布莱特双眼瞪大,浑浊的眼中闪过一丝不可思议,他猛地抬起手去,一掌将何奥击飞。 On him the close trace blasts open suddenly, changes to the radiant brilliance, collects. 他身上的细密纹路骤然炸裂,化作璀璨的光辉,重新汇集。 He Ao is grasping the knight sword, holds the chest, the standing up body of staggering, person's shadow that the tranquil gaze in that brilliance is gradually twisting. 何奥手握着骑士剑,扶着胸口,踉跄的站起身子,平静的注视着那光辉中逐渐扭曲的人影。 His rib has broken several, the flesh the blood that was seeped out by within the body has almost covered, bright red percolation brand-new woolen sweater. 他的肋骨已经断了好几根,肌肤几乎完全被体内渗出的鲜血覆盖,鲜红的浸透了崭新的毛衣。 The condition is not quite good, adjusts, next one renews as soon as possible. 状态不太好,调整一下,下一更尽早更新。
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