LCG :: Volume #3 举着火把的人

#805: Eye

The radiant golden lance from the in the air production, changes to the flowing light to puncture together toward He Ao. 璀璨的金色长矛从空中生成,化作一道流光向着何奥刺来。 The He Ao contraction body, lifts also receives the knight sword in scabbard, wields to, the scabbard pounds on the lance, crushes the entire root golden color lance directly. 何奥收缩身子,抬起还收在剑鞘中的骑士剑,向上一挥,剑鞘砸在长矛上,直接将整根金色长矛击碎。 Meanwhile, He Ao body after hitting lance instead shakes continues to depart backward, falls on an behind little building rooftop, the tumbling, stands backward, in one golden broadsword that inserts in the rooftop dead center side. 与此同时,何奥的身躯借着击中长矛之后的反震继续向后飞出,落在身后的一栋小楼的天台,向后翻滚,站在一把插在天台正中心的金色大刀之旁。 After he knight sword back turns round, puts out a hand, gripped that giant hilt. 他将骑士剑背回身后,伸出手去,握住了那巨大的刀柄。 After day, this had dissipated the broadsword, but even so, it is one can injure to the weapon of B level as before. 经过一天的时间,这把大刀已经消散了许多,但是即使如此,它依旧是一件能伤到B级的武器。 It seems like here is you chooses the good battlefield.” “看来这里是你选好的战场。” Old person's body falls the edge in rooftop like the insignificant thing generally, he lifts the hand, golden lances produce in him behind, his corners of the mouth belt/bring smiles, is gazing at He Ao that grips the hilt, 老人的身躯如同鸿毛一般落在天台的边缘,他抬起手,一道道金色的长矛在他身后生成,他嘴角带笑,注视着握住刀柄的何奥, You enrage me to lead me are leaving your family, do you want to preserve you and your parents' memory? After massacring you, I will destroy the thing that all you are attached to together.” “你激怒我是为了带着我离开你家吧,你想要保存你和你父母的记忆?在杀掉你之后,我会将所有你眷恋的东西一起摧毁的。” Some many people had threatened me with the similar way.” “曾经有许多人都用相似的方式威胁过我。” He Ao one step, makes an effort forward slowly, draws out from the ground the golden broadsword, thing that but I treasure continuously.” 何奥向前一步,缓缓用力,将金色大刀从地面上拔出,“但我所珍视的东西一直都在。” On his shoulder, blood red butterfly stretch/leisurely launches the wing slowly, some invisible strength covered his whole body, he also opened ultra recalled. 在他的肩膀上,血红色的蝴蝶缓缓舒展开翅膀,某种无形的力量笼罩了他的全身,他也随之开启了超忆。 Ellis in the paper butterfly, accepting were massive the side church remnant spirit strength, present existenting state situated in illusory and real. 艾莉丝所化的纸蝴蝶,接受了大量里侧教堂残灵的力量,现在的存在状态介于虚幻和真实之间。 She actually accurate entity, the paper butterfly appearance of semblance actually has not been one that she exposes has the embodiment antenna, is similar to the iceberg reveals the part of water surface. 她其实并没有确切的实体,外表的纸蝴蝶模样其实是她所展露出来的一个具有具象的‘触角’,类似于冰山露出水面的部分。 She falls in He Ao, does not depend upon the attachment of gravity or some suction, but is depends upon these to come from ‚the strength of’ in side church remnantly spirit granting and occult sciences relation between He Ao. 她落在在何奥身上,也并不是依靠重力或者某种吸力的附着,而是依靠那些来自于里侧教堂残灵赠与的‘力量’与何奥之间的神秘学联系。 These strengths as thank-you gift to He Ao, but collects on Ellis, formed brand-new existence. 那些力量本身就是作为‘谢礼’给何奥的,只是汇集在艾莉丝身上,形成了一个全新的存在。 Attachment this condition is actually the projection of occult sciences relation in surface layer world. ‘附着’这个状态其实是神秘学联系在表层世界的投影。 Regardless of He Ao makes what movement, the paper butterfly can as before steady bending down on the shoulder of He Ao. 所以无论何奥做什么动作,纸蝴蝶都依旧能稳稳的伏在何奥的肩膀上。 But cures the strength of He Ao body unceasingly, special relation transmits through this type. 而不断治愈何奥身体的力量,也是通过这种‘特殊’联系传递过来的。 This is under the normal state, from paper butterfly treatment. 这是正常状态下,来自纸蝴蝶的‘治疗’。 In situation that in He Ao needs to overdraw highly, Ellis can the ambush under water surface strength towing comes out, overlaying in the real world, forms one specially domain. 而在何奥需要高度透支的情况下,艾莉丝则可以将潜伏在‘水面下’的力量‘拖曳’出来,迭加在现实世界,形成一个特殊的‘领域’。 In this domain, the strength that Ellis can release are more, can He Ao treatment are also more, to support the body of He Ao to the eruption that ultra recalls. 在这个领域中,艾莉丝所能释放的力量更多,能给何奥的‘治疗’也就越多,以支持何奥的身体对超忆的爆发。 Meanwhile, in this domain can summon the complaint monster that solidifies, many three highest C level monsters, so long as the domain exists, these complaint monsters will not die. 同时,这个领域中可以召唤固化的怨念怪物,最多三只最高C级怪物,只要领域存在,这些怨念怪物就不会死。 Naturally, the release of domain can increase Ellis's consumption, the range that the domain covers is bigger, Ellis's consumption are also more. 当然,领域的释放会加大艾莉丝的消耗,领域笼罩的范围越大,艾莉丝的消耗也就越多。 Normally, Ellis's all strengths, most can support He Ao to erupt full power for probably more than 30 seconds. 正常情况下,艾莉丝所有的力量,最多能支撑何奥全力爆发大概三十多秒的时间。 After exceeding this boundary, she must spend about one day to restore. 超过这个界限之后,她就要花费一天左右的时间去恢复。 Strict, Ellis's some attributes, have some of Gabriel shadow, however her actual strength seems like is also only unusual goods of probably B level. 严格来说,艾莉丝的一些属性,已经有了‘天使’的某种‘影子’,但是她的实际力量看起来似乎也只是一个大概B级的超凡物品。 Young fellow of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth.” “不知天高地厚的毛头小子。” After hearing the He Ao words, the old person shakes the head slightly. 在听到何奥的话语之后,老人微微摇头。 He lifts the hand slowly, innumerable say/way golden flowing light like meteor shower of dropping from the clouds, dense and numerous pounds toward He Ao. 他缓缓抬起手,无数道金色的流光如同从天而降的流星雨,密密麻麻的向着何奥砸来。 Just He Ao already and this golden lance had fought, strength unusual of this type of lance, was pounded suddenly the words, the defensive power of ordinary C level will easily be pierced. 刚刚何奥已经和这种金色长矛交过一次手了,这种长矛的力量非常的强,骤然被砸中的话,普通C级的防御力都会被轻易刺穿。 However the issue of this lance is own structure is weak, all strengths were used to promote that aggressivity, once were attacked is hindered, or hit on is unable the goods of armor piercing, will disrupt directly. 不过这个长矛的问题是自身的结构非常弱,所有的力量都用于提升那种攻击性了,一旦被攻击被阻碍,或者撞在无法破甲的物品上,就会直接碎裂。 He Ao has not made the complaint that Ellis summoned not dead resist the attack for him, this met Ellis's strength that even white consumed, reduced his fight time. 何奥并没有让艾莉丝召唤出不死的怨念替他抵挡攻击,这会平白消耗的艾莉丝的力量,减少他的战斗时间。 He lifts the golden broadsword in hand, along with the wind howl of howling, will put in order to brandish the broadsword, the knife of dancing in the air bumped into that radiant flowing light. 他抬起手中的金色大刀,伴随着呼啸的风啸声,将整把大刀抡了起来,飞舞的刀身迎面撞上了那一道道璀璨的流光。 The sounds of innumerable blasting open resound in this flash, grand smoke and fire of radiant golden brilliance in like summer night generally scrap in this silent brilliance. 无数炸裂的声响在这一瞬间响起,璀璨的金色光辉如同夏夜里盛大的烟火一般在这寂静的光辉中炸碎。 However He Ao is very clear, is the stand resists merely here is incorrect. 不过何奥很清楚,仅仅是站在这里抵挡是不行的。 In regards in the field of vision spirit, these scraps the strengths of golden lance after the disruption, have not dissipated directly, but returned to old person's body most probably, was condensed the new golden lance. 在灵视视野中,那些炸碎的金色长矛的力量在碎裂之后,并没有直接消散,而是大半都回到了老人的身躯里,然后又被凝聚成新的金色长矛。 This efficient reply mechanism, perhaps is also the so brittle reason of this golden lance design. 这种高效的回复机制,或许也是这种金色长矛设计的如此易碎的原因。 If there is put the thoughts to deal with these to be able the lance of highly efficient regeneration, then He Ao definitely will be divided here. 如果一直花心思应对这些可以高效再生的长矛,那么何奥必然会被劈死在这里。 Therefore he in having the crushing lance of consciousness, the brilliance that the manufacture scatters, and unceasing advance, pulls closer him and old person's distance. 所以他一直在有意识的击碎长矛,制造流散的光辉,并不断的前进,拉近他和老人的距离。 However his movement is somewhat strenuous, as if copes with these lances is his limit. 不过他的动作有些吃力,似乎对付这些长矛已经是他的极限。 But the old person as if also discovered his goal, adjusts toward the front the rear lance, increased the attack density of lance. 而老人似乎也发现了他的目的,将后方的长矛向着前方调去,增加了长矛的攻击密度。 But also in the instance that this wave height density attack arrives , the He Ao suddenly both hands lifts the blade, brandished the speed of broadsword quickly about one time, then almost crushed his front lance like the flowing light same blade simultaneously, scattered completely the entire nighttime sky like the hot tree general brilliance. 而也就在这一波高密度攻击抵达的瞬间,何奥骤然双手抬刀,挥舞大刀的速度快了近一倍,那如同流光一样的刀刃几乎同时击碎了他面前的长矛,如同火树一般的光辉撒满整个夜空。 But He Ao brandishes the broadsword at this moment directly, does not make any defense, an arrow step, crashed in the hazy brilliance like the flowing light of reversion together. 何奥此刻直接抡起大刀,不做任何防御,一个箭步,如同一道逆向的流光冲进了迷蒙的光辉中。 In old person's field of vision, he only felt that everywhere the flowing light flash blooms, then that drags the brilliance that the form of golden broadsword is dashing these to scatter, appears in his front. 在老人的视野中,他只感觉那漫天的流光一瞬间绽放,然后那拖着金色大刀的身影就撞破了那些流散的光辉,出现在他的面前。 Interesting.” “有趣。” This flash, the old person understands just had anything. 这一瞬间,老人明白了刚刚发生了什么。 He Ao most starts brandishes the broadsword to destroy the golden lance the time, with the full power, has not tempted him to intensify the effort of lance intentionally, then draws support from all -out attack to crush lance the flowing light of formation in an instant, attacks to his front instantaneously. 何奥最开始挥舞大刀破坏金色长矛的时候,并没有用全力,故意引诱他加大长矛的力度,然后再借助全力攻击刹那间击碎长矛的形成的流光,瞬间突袭到他的面前。 At this moment in old person's eyes, the clothing of youngster has some breakages, although rear lance of dancing in the air density not front many, but still had. 此刻在老人的眼中,少年的衣衫已经有了些许破损,后方的飞舞的长矛虽然密度没有前面多,但是仍旧是有的。 Actually the time that they battle is short, almost in an instant, but in this in an instant time, the present youngster was completed showed weakness, the induction, broke through a entire process. 其实他们交战的时间非常短,几乎就在转眼之间,但是就在这转眼之间的时间里,眼前的少年完成了‘示弱,诱导,突围’一整个过程。 Such age, such fight accomplishment, was unable to describe with the talent. 这样的年纪,这样的战斗素养,已经无法用天才来形容了。 You are very good, but unfortunately, you drew support from massive external forces. „ “你很不错,但可惜的是,你借助了大量的外力。“ The old person gazed at had almost been arriving at He Ao before his body, is gazing at that belt/bring the invisible brilliance to nine points of broadswords that he divided. 老人注视着已经几乎到了他身前的何奥,注视着那带着无形光辉向他劈来的九环大刀。 The orange brilliance collects in his eyes, a embed in his left eye forms in the eye pupil design that in the triangle shuts tightly. 橙色的光辉在他眼中汇集,一个镶嵌在倒三角中紧闭的眼眸图案在他的左眼中形成。 In this flash, brandished in the He Ao heart of broadsword to transmit one to palpitate suddenly, as if his body by some strength without any scruples seeing through general, is regarding in the field of vision spirit periphery distortion design, shivered fiercely. 在这一瞬间,挥舞着大刀的何奥心中骤然传来了一股悸动,仿佛他的身体被某种力量毫无顾忌的‘看穿’一般,连带着灵视视野中周围的扭曲图案,都剧烈的颤抖了起来。 Meanwhile, one type inexplicable attraction feeling, spreads from his heart deep place. 与此同时,一种莫名的‘吸引’感,从他心底深处蔓延开来。 He is gaining ground, gazes at old person that to shine the brilliance left eye. 他抬着头,注视着老人那亮起光辉的左眼。 The surrounding distortion design is similar to by some flame ignition boils suddenly generally. 周围的扭曲图案突然如同被某种火焰灼烧一般沸腾起来。 He Ao felt covered own whole body cure strength is reducing rapidly, from ultra recalled that is extruding his body with the powerful and terrifying strength of Fist Arts overlaying, pushes to his body the brink of collapse. 紧接着,何奥感觉原本覆盖到自己全身的‘治愈’力量正在迅速的消减,来自超忆和拳法迭加的强大而恐怖的力量挤压着他的躯体,将他身体推向崩溃的边缘。 The fierce pain spilled into his consciousness, making him almost lose the control to the body. 剧烈的痛苦涌进了他的意识,让他几乎失去对身体的控制。 Idle time that however even so, the movement on his hand still had no with deviation, directly tangential old person's nape of the neck. 但是即使如此,他手上的动作仍然没有任何的停歇和偏差,径直切向老人的脖颈。 There is the place that old person's energy aggregate point is. 那里是老人的能量汇集点所在的地方。 Surprising.” “令人惊讶。” The old person lifts the right hand, the finger gathers the sagging, the light golden flowing light winds through on his old skin, then his hand one group, is on the rise like the white crane forward, that emaciated finger bang hit with the sharp heavy/thick broadsword in one. 老人抬起右手,手指并拢下垂,淡淡的金色流光在他苍老的皮肤上流过,然后他的手向前一拨,如同白鹤抬头,那瘦弱的手指‘砰’的一声与锋利厚重的大刀撞在了一起。 Bang- 轰- With a thundering sound, the old person floor is loudly stave. 伴随着一声轰鸣的声响,老人脚下的地板轰然破碎。 But at the same time, the He Ao body was struck to fly suddenly, flew to draw back backward, falls in rooftop edge. 而与此同时,何奥的身躯被骤然击飞,向后飞退,落在了天台的边缘。 „Very regrettable,” “很遗憾,” The old person steps on above a broken steel bar, jumps gently, from is just jumped out by the region that he trod, falls on also the complete rooftop floor, I did not only meet the long-distance attack.” 老人踩在一条已经断裂的钢筋之上,轻轻一跳,从刚刚被他踏碎的区域跳出,落在还完整的天台地板上,“我并非是只会远程攻击。” He patted dust, golden flowing light have stroked from his flesh, since construct the close trace, almost the congealment spreads from his body for the terrifying pressure of essence. 他拍了拍身上的灰尘,一道道金色的流光从他肌肤上拂过,构筑起细密的纹路,几乎凝结为实质的恐怖压力从他身体中蔓延出来。 He looks at He Ao interestingly, his right eye was still the light brown, but the left eye also hung upside down orange triangle design filled up, the He Ao entire form seems to have reflected in his eye, 他饶有兴趣看着何奥,他的右眼仍旧是浅褐色,但左眼也已经被倒悬的橙色三角形图案填满,何奥的整个身影似乎都已经倒映在了他的眼中, You, your body had soon been on the verge of exactly the brink of collapse, in fact you depend entirely in the one breath and your shoulder now that special treatment unusual goods are hanging the life. “你活不久了,你的身体早已濒临崩溃的边缘,实际上你现在全靠一口气和你肩膀上那个特殊的‘治疗’超凡物品吊着命。 Has saying that you can live the present are really a miracle, you were not fusion the secret watcher, but completely depended upon own willpower to suppress the strength of secret watcher, making the secret watcher use for you. “不得不说,你能活到现在真是一个奇迹,你并非‘融合’了隐秘观者,而是完全依靠自己的意志力压制住了隐秘观者的力量,让隐秘观者为你所用。 Your soul is very powerful, but the body is actually not able to hold the soul the strength, it seems like you in the storm sea, have the fortuitous encounter, “你的灵魂很强大,但是身体却无法容纳灵魂的力量,看来你在风暴海上,另有奇遇, „ If not to the attachment of family member and former home grounds that you display, I even think that is the angel that the remnants of some gods read or died occupied your body. “如果不是你表现出的对家人和故地的眷恋,我甚至会以为是某种神明的残念或者死去的天使占据了你的身躯。 I have thought supports the strength that you erupt is actually the unusual goods of some external force, isn't the result? “不过我一直以为支撑你爆发的力量其实是某种外力的超凡物品,结果不是? Hides some strength in your soul? What is that? Carry-over of angel? Did you also obtain the skill of some fight from inside?” “是潜藏在你灵魂里的某种力量?那是什么?天使的遗留?你还从里面获得了某种战斗的技巧?” He looks at He Ao, claps gently, 他看着何奥,轻轻拍手, Little fellow, your secret imagines me are more , after I believe kills you, you will give me enough many pleasant surprises. “小家伙,你身上的秘密比我想象中还要多,我相信杀死你之后,你会给我足够多的惊喜。 „, I allow you to know my name before dying, as to your courage and will respect,” “那么,我允许你在死前知道我的名字,作为对你勇气和意志的‘尊重’,” The old person lifts the hand, in the sky golden lances appears again, Brite, I have for a long time have not said this name.” 老人抬起手,天空中一道道金色的长矛再次浮现,“布莱特,我已经有很久没有说出这个名字了。” Talent sequence 194: Crazy letter/believes person,” “天赋序列194:痴信人,” He Ao is supporting the golden broadsword, stood slowly, „is this your talent sequence?” 何奥撑着金色大刀,缓缓站了起来,“这是你的天赋序列吧?” Last night He Ao Serat that met in side church, was crazy letter/believes person, self introduction that also because of Serat, making He Ao know this talent sequence. 昨晚何奥在里侧教堂遇见的‘塞拉特’,也是‘痴信人’,也正是因为塞拉特的自我介绍,让何奥知道了这个天赋序列。 Actually carefully observes, can discover, Brite's ability and Serat have many similarities, including condensing golden brilliance that the lance, can transfer. 其实仔细观察,就可以发现,布莱特的能力与塞拉特有很多的相似之处,包括凝聚的长矛,可以自行调动的金色光辉。 In addition similarly is eternal ray B level follower status, is very easy to remind two people to have the same talent sequence. 再加上同样是永恒光芒的B级信徒这个身份,很容易让人联想到两人具有相同的天赋序列。 After all most of the time, the loyal follower of gods, often is the talent sequence of same way. 毕竟大多数时候,神明的忠诚信徒,往往都是同一途径的天赋序列。 „Is little fellow, you trying to delay the time to restore your body?” “小家伙,你在试图拖延时间恢复你的身体吗?” Brite had not directly replied that He Ao issue, the golden lance in sky are getting more and more. 布莱特并没有正面回答何奥的问题,天空中的金色长矛越来越多。 Yes.” “是啊。” He Ao replying without hesitation. 何奥毫不犹豫的答道。 At this moment the blood-color butterfly on his shoulder had drawn in the wing, the wing had reappeared state-of-art a white. 此刻他肩膀上的血色蝴蝶已经收拢了翅膀,翅膀的最尖端已经浮现了点点白色。 He Ao can obviously feel the strength of paper butterfly was suppressed by some special strength, causing cure effect not as before. 何奥能明显感觉到纸蝴蝶的力量被某种特殊力量压制住了,导致‘治愈’效果大不如前。 However the paper butterfly as if raised the conduction frequency of energy, now will have cured the effect on restore, but the time decay that the price can insist on surpasses 1/3. 不过纸蝴蝶似乎提高了能量的传导频率,现在已经将治愈效果恢复了过来,而代价就是能坚持的时间减少超过三分之一。 Your that butterfly unusual goods also somewhat seem special,” “你的那个蝴蝶超凡物品似乎也有些特殊,” Brite as if to He Ao honest somewhat accidental/surprised, he moves the vision to the butterfly on He Ao shoulder on, on you seems like has some special connection.” 布莱特似乎对何奥的坦诚有些意外,他将目光移动到何奥肩膀上的蝴蝶上,“你们身上看起来似乎具有某种特殊的关联。” Instance that also said in his words, these golden lances were similar to the flowing light to turn toward the He Ao direction to fall again generally. 也就在他话说出的瞬间,那些金色长矛再次如同流光一般向着何奥的方向落下。 He just met the He Ao words, wants to shift the He Ao attention. 他刚刚接何奥的话,也是想转移何奥注意力罢了。 Although Brite strength strong in He Ao, but can long-distance weaken, he cannot the close combat. 布莱特虽然力量强于何奥,但是能远程削弱,他绝不会近战。 However, the attack that this such as comes suddenly has not come as a surprise to He Ao, he almost lifted the golden broadsword instantaneously, blocked these lances again, 不过,这突如而来的攻击并没有出乎何奥的意料,他几乎瞬间就抬起了金色大刀,再次挡住了那些长矛, Probably 7000 to 8000. 大概七千到八千。 Meanwhile, he in estimates the physical quality that Brite was just demonstrating at heart probably. 与此同时,他在心里大概估算着刚刚布莱特展现出来的身体素质。 Strong Lokve, and fight skill and fight experience Lokve is rich. 强过洛克威,并且战斗技巧和战斗经验远比洛克威要丰富。 Absolute strength, powerful fight accomplishment, language, although appears hot tempered frivolous, but starts mean decisive, and exceptionally discrete. 绝对的力量,强大的战斗素养,语言虽然显得暴躁轻浮,但是下手阴狠果断,而且异常谨慎。 From its skin color, Brite should mingle among the wilderness frequently, even was born in the wilderness, but the survival principle in wilderness in brutal many compared with the city. 从其皮肤颜色来看,布莱特应该经常混迹于荒野,甚至出生于荒野,而荒野上的生存法则要比城市中残酷的多。 The innumerable trains of thought flash through in the He Ao mind, he compares to be partial in Brite's talent sequence now is crazy letter/believes person. 无数思绪在何奥的脑海中闪过,他现在还是比较偏向于布莱特的天赋序列就是‘痴信人’。 The collection golden color brilliance definitely is not crazy letter/believes person the only ability, from its name, this talent sequence could obtain some type from eternal ray there specially gracious gift. 汇集金色光辉肯定不是‘痴信人’唯一的能力,从其名字上来看,这个天赋序列或许能从永恒光芒那里获得某种特别‘恩赐’。 Similarly as Serat of crazy letter/believes person, oneself in side church binding, will obtain did not die the characteristics. 同样作为痴信人的塞拉特,将自己与里侧教堂绑定,获得了‘不死’的特性。 Then present Brite, asks what ‚is gracious gift? 那么眼前的布莱特,求到的‘恩赐’是什么呢? The ray when this flash, He Ao remembers just Brite to meet golden broadsword on the flesh flashes through, the special trace of body as well as he proliferates. 这一瞬间,何奥想起了刚刚布莱特接金色大刀时肌肤上闪过的光芒,以及他遍布的身体的特殊纹路。 Lokve activates these traces to obtain the strength, read the ceremony praying word, to a certain extent held the ceremony, but Brite seems to be casual can activate this trace. 洛克威激活这些纹路获得力量,是念了仪式祷词,在一定程度上举行了仪式的,但是布莱特似乎随便就可以激活这个纹路。 Perhaps, this is crazy letter/believes person correct usage? 或许,这才是‘痴信人’的正确用法? They receive the gods cares. 他们本身就受到神明的更多眷顾。 However very much obviously Brite on the unusual this road, Bisera walks is deeper. 不过布莱特很显然在超凡这条路上,比塞拉特走的更远更深。 Also in this instantaneous, in the He Ao mind flashes through a thought: 也就在这瞬间,何奥脑海中闪过一个念头: Respectively as the two leaders of old teachings catholicism and esoteric buddhism, leader Brite of old teachings catholicism, with that the esoteric buddhism has not presented leader, who receives the eternal ray care? 分别作为旧教和密教的两个领袖,旧教的领袖‘布莱特’,和密教还未出现的那个‘领袖’,谁更受永恒光芒的‘眷顾’? This thought only comes out to flicker, was pressed by He Ao, now does not ponder this time. 这念头只出来一瞬,就被何奥压了下去,现在并不是思考这个的时候。 He is resisting the golden lance, while looks to the direction of Breit. 他一边抵挡着金色长矛,一边看向布莱特的方向。 His line of sight has stayed, in Brite that is only glittering on the orange brilliance eye. 他的视线一直停留在布莱特那只闪烁着橙色光辉的眼睛上。 The paper butterfly was suppressed, seems that eye effect, the words that spoke from just Breit, that eye as if can cancel the unusual goods regarding the goods master influence. 纸蝴蝶被压制,似乎就是那只眼睛的‘效果’,从刚刚布莱特所说的话语来看,那只眼睛似乎可以抹去外界超凡物品对于物品主人的‘影响’。 The floor principle should be 其底层原理应该是・・・ He Ao swept an all around space, in regards in the field of vision spirit, the distortion design of his body week, as if was short baseless many. 何奥扫了一眼四周的空间,在灵视视野中,他身周的扭曲图案,似乎凭空‘少了’很多。 He does not know that these distortion designs are representing anything, but perhaps, these designs are some unusual goods type effective link, but Brite that eyes, through erase these designs directly, blocked activation of unusual goods ability. 他并不知道那些扭曲图案代表着什么,但是或许,这些图案就是超凡物品某种生效的‘链路’,而布莱特那只眼睛,通过直接抹除这些图案,阻断了超凡物品能力的生效。 But because He Ao on the special ties with paper butterfly, in addition paper butterfly's domain characteristics, its strength does not show through the distortion design of surface layer world, therefore the treatment result had not been erased completely. 何奥因为和纸蝴蝶身上的特殊联系,加之纸蝴蝶本身的领域特性,其力量并非完全通过表层世界的扭曲图案展现,所以治疗效果并没有被完全抹除。 Therefore just Brite doubts He Ao and connection between paper butterflies. 所以刚刚布莱特才会疑惑何奥和纸蝴蝶之间的关联。 If from this argument jet braking, all exists in He Ao own strength, should not by influence. 而如果从这个论点反推,所有存在于何奥自身的力量,应该都不会被‘影响’。 Therefore ultra recalled that is affected with the strength that the god knows. 所以超忆和神识的力量没有被影响。 However, 不过, Before He Ao mark that’ lays aside on Breit attempted to induce one next, ultra recalls, he almost cannot feel any train of thought from Breit now. 何奥尝试着感应了一下之前在布莱特身上放置的超忆的‘标记’,他现在几乎感受不到任何来自布莱特的思绪了。 That mark has not erased directly, but becomes and relation of He Ao weak, if were not he focuses on here, he even cannot induce existence of mark. 那个‘标记’并没有直接抹除,而是变得和何奥的联系非常的薄弱,如果不是他把注意力集中到了这边,他甚至感应不到标记的存在。 Ultra recalled the ability that is released externally, that eye can also affect. 超忆外放的能力,那只眼睛也能影响。 Moreover He Ao can obviously feel, that eye to he has some type fatally attraction. 而且何奥能明显感受到,那只眼睛对他存在着某种致命的‘吸引’。 Under normal conditions, this intense attraction will as if only appear in the talent sequence with way. 通常情况下,这种强烈吸引似乎只会出现在同途径的天赋序列中。 After crushes some golden lances again, He Ao drew out the back knight sword, is blocking the instance of lance, charged into Brite again. 在再一次击碎一些金色长矛之后,何奥拔出了背后的骑士剑,在挡住长矛的瞬间,再次冲向了布莱特。 „Are the unusual goods in your eye, the secret watcher correspond the way the following talent sequence?” “你眼睛里的超凡物品,是隐秘观者对应途径的后续天赋序列所化?” He Ao lifted the golden broadsword again, chops to Breit, in other words, can you actually also see these truth designs?” 何奥再次抬起了金色大刀,劈向布莱特,“也就是说,你其实也能看到那些真理图案?” He can see the truth design, but does not dare to contact these truth, is afraid itself to become the truth monster, therefore can only make a truth monster with the secret watcher. 他能看到真理图案,但是不敢接触这些真理,害怕自己成为真理怪物,所以只能用隐秘观者制造一个真理怪物。 This flash, what He Ao realized, on the corners of the mouth selects, „did you fear?” 这一瞬间,何奥意识到了什么,嘴角上挑,“你怕了?” Brite's complexion sank completely, the golden lance instantaneous disintegration in sky, the golden color collects on his body brilliance completely, he lifted both hands, blocks broadsword that He Ao chops, backward a ball, 布莱特的面色完全沉了下来,天空中的金色长矛瞬间崩碎,金色光辉完全汇集在他的身上,他抬起了双手,挡住何奥劈来的大刀,向后一弹, Little fellow, making me teach you anything to applaud to speak, hopes you in the hell, can like this tooth point mouth advantage.” “小家伙,让我教教你什么叫好好说话,希望你在地狱里,也能这样牙尖嘴利。” The invisible and terrifying pressure spreads in the night. 无形而恐怖的压力在黑夜中蔓延开来。 The He Ao form was struck to fly again, but this time, he stood firm the figure. 何奥的身影再次被击飞出去,但是这一次,他稳住了身形。 Oneself frightened, actually tries to control the life of innocent person for the person who oneself seek the interests, without qualifications education person.” “自己恐惧,却试图操控无辜者的生命为自己谋取利益的人,没有资格教育人。” The cold wind of lonesome night has stroked the clothing of youngster, his hand is grasping the golden broadsword, gazes at enemy who is seeming like unable to conquer at present, the vision is profound. 寂夜的冷风拂过少年的衣衫,他手握着金色大刀,注视着眼前看起来无法战胜的敌人,目光幽深。 In this invisible darkness, like a torch of flaming combustion, stands and waits for a long time there. 在这无形的黑暗中,如同一座熊熊燃烧的火炬,伫立在那里。 The ultra-large chapter asked a bill, fell big dozens compared with last month. 超大章求个票票,比上个月掉了大几十名了。
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