LCG :: Volume #3 举着火把的人

#804: Ground god country

Chapter 805 ground god country( big chapter asked monthly ticket) 第805章地上神国(大章求月票) You must use ‚the thing that secret watcher the truth monster of manufacture looks, is related with the eternal god country? „ “你要利用‘隐秘观者’制造的真理怪物找的东西,和永恒神国有关?“ He Ao grips the coffee cup, is gazing at the present old person. 何奥握住咖啡杯,注视着眼前的老人。 At this moment in his heart had understood anything. 此刻他心中已经明白了什么。 I think that you should hear esoteric buddhism regarding eternal god country description, they think after that is the death that an eternal ray follower can go to the world, hungry, has not had the pain there, is a perfect death that is created after the eternal ray state,” “我想你应该听说了密教对于‘永恒神国’的描述,他们认为那是一个永恒光芒信徒会前往的死后世界,在那里没有饥饿、没有痛苦,是一个由永恒光芒缔造的完美的死后国度,” The old person said with a smile slowly, they publicized, so long as believed the eternal ray to be able after dying to enter the eternal god country, this was also one of their doing missionary work ability powerful reasons.” 老人缓缓笑道,“他们宣扬只要信仰永恒光芒就能在死后进入永恒神国,这也是他们的传教能力强大的原因之一。” His tone is very tranquil, does not have He Ao to meet other old teachings catholicism member that types that recounts heresy theory the anger in the past. 他的语气很平静,丝毫没有以往何奥遇见的其他旧教成员那种述说‘异端学说’的愤怒。 Sounds,” “听起来,” He Ao said slowly, old teachings catholicism eternal god countrydoes have the different opinions regarding this ‚?” 何奥缓缓说道,“旧教对于这个‘永恒神国’有不同的见解?” Very keen inquiry,” “很敏锐的提问,” The old person depends backward on the sofa, thinks is saying, 老人向后靠在沙发上,思索着说道, Before the esoteric buddhism appears, eternal god country is not after dying , the concept of a state, but is one finally state concept. “在密教出现之前,‘永恒神国’并非是一个死后国度的概念,而是一个‘终焉国度’的概念。 Since the big cataclysm time, the followers of all eternal rays believes, existence of the whole world is unreasonable, one day, the universe will arrive at the destruction eventually finally, “从大灾变时代开始,所有永恒光芒的信徒都一致认为,整个世界的存在是不合理的,终究会有一天,宇宙会走到毁灭的终焉, However at that time, the eternal ray will restart the entire universe, establishes one brand-new, the universe of order, simultaneously this is also is the eternal ray eternal state, “而那时候,永恒光芒将重启整个宇宙,建立一个全新的,秩序的宇宙,同时这也是属于永恒光芒的‘永恒国度’, „The eternal ray follower who all had died, will resurrect in this state, becomes the new universe first batch of lives, obtains the eternal years and strength.” “所有已经死去的永恒光芒信徒,都将在这个国度里复活,成为新宇宙的第一批生命,获得永恒的岁月和力量。” Sounds very appealing doctrine,” “听起来很吸引人的教义,” He Ao drank coffee, „, but later resurrecting, may finally after dying immediately recovery in eternal god country ‚’ the attraction was much worse.” 何奥喝了一口咖啡,“但是终焉之后的复活,可比死后立即在永恒神国里‘复苏’的吸引力要差得多了。” Yes,” “是啊,” The old person smiles, looks at He Ao, in some sense, esoteric buddhism eternal god country doctrine, is actually originally eternal god country the one variant and extending of doctrine, lets eternal god country the life of closer average person, makes them easier to understand this doctrine, and is willing to accept the eternal ray direction.” 老人笑了笑,看着何奥,“某种意义上,密教的‘永恒神国’教义,其实是原本‘永恒神国’教义的一种变种和延伸,让‘永恒神国’更加贴近普通人的生活,也让他们更容易理解这教义,并更愿意接受永恒光芒的‘指引’。” „It seems like,” “看起来,” He Ao puts down the coffee cup in hand, similarly is gazing at the old person, you are not repugnant about the doctrine of eternal esoteric buddhism.” 何奥放下手中的咖啡杯,同样注视着老人,“你对永恒密教的教义并不反感。” Gods have made Its choice,” “神明早已做出了祂的抉择,” The old person vision is tranquil, „, but our these servants, can only follow Its footsteps.” 老人目光平静,“而我们这些仆人,只能追随着祂的脚步。” He Ao sees at present the complexion calm moderate old person. 何奥看着眼前面色从容温和的老人。 As old teachings catholicism leader, actually this old person was very clear had anything. 作为旧教的‘领袖’,这位老人很清楚究竟发生了什么。 The idea that the eternal esoteric buddhism departs from the classics and betrays principle has not obtained the divine punishment, instead can use the eternal ray as before the gracious gift, this in some sense, actually also explained some attitude of eternal ray. 永恒密教离经叛道的想法并没有得到神罚,反而依旧可以使用永恒光芒的恩赐,这从某种意义上来说,其实也说明了永恒光芒的某种态度。 Regardless of the eternal ray does not care about these follower the illustration about eternal god country's, likes the eternal esoteric buddhism edition eternal god country, the final result is obvious: 无论永恒光芒是不在乎这些‘信徒’关于永恒神国的注解,还是更喜欢永恒密教版本的‘永恒神国’,最终的结果都是显而易见的: Without gods compulsion intervention, takes new edition doctrine the development potential of esoteric buddhism to be much higher than the old teachings catholicism. 在没有神明的强制干预的情况下,拿着新版本教义的密教的发展潜力要远远高于旧教。 The old teachings catholicism was swallowed by the esoteric buddhism elimination, is sooner or later matter. 旧教被密教消灭吞噬,是迟早的事情。 Present old person very clear this point, had seen this point, now therefore he struggles at all is not the issue of doctrine. 眼前的老人很清楚这一点,也早就看到了这一点,所以他现在争的根本不是教义的问题。 You asked that in future eternal sect power and influence?” “你所求的,是在未来的‘永恒教派’的权势?” He Ao looks at old person no mighty waves the facial features, you do not care about the so-called old teachings catholicism and esoteric buddhism struggle, do you want to continue the leader of brand-new sect will become will be born in the future?” 何奥看着老人毫无波澜的面容,“你并不在乎所谓旧教和密教斗争,你只是想继续成为未来诞生的全新教派的领袖?” Is the great eternal ray servant.” “是伟大的永恒光芒的仆人。” The old person investigates the correct path in a soft voice. 老人轻声纠正道。 The gods only need the loyal servant, who is that servant, is actually sometimes unimportant. 神只需要忠诚的仆人,谁是那个仆人,有时候其实并不重要。 The He Ao train of thought returns completely gathers together, he loosens grips the hand of coffee cup, looks at old person tranquil saying, 何奥的思绪完全回拢,他松开握住咖啡杯的手,看着老人平静的说道, „Do you want uses the secret watcher to track down that esoteric buddhism so-called eternal god country? Even if however is the secret watcher pursues the truth the ability, is unable to find only in eternal god country that’ in the doctrine exists,” “你想要利用隐秘观者追寻那密教所谓的‘永恒神国’?但是哪怕是隐秘观者追寻真理的能力,也无法找到只在教义中存在的‘永恒神国’,” His voice stopped, „, only if, this god country, exists, moreover near Wynter.” 他声音停顿了一下,“除非,这个‘神国’,真实存在,而且就在温特市附近。” Before his mind flashes through, returns to the Wynter road, in Wynter direction looked that say/way that arrives is hiding various types beautiful scene good food ray, after he gazes at that ray, that ray as if Tibet. 他脑海中闪过之前回到温特市的路上,在温特市方向‘看’到的那道潜藏着各种‘美景美食’的光芒,在他注视到那道光芒之后,那道光芒似乎就将自己‘藏’了起来。 That ray has the pollution of some intense gods probably, but has not actually gazed at gods' that terrifying constriction. 那光芒好像带着某种强烈的神明的污染,但是却没有注视神明本身的那种恐怖的压迫感。 That is not extending of true gods, but uses gods some top goods of strength manufacture. 那并非真正的神明的延伸,而是利用神明的力量制造的某种高位物品。 He raised the head, sees the old person, „, therefore the eternal esoteric buddhism is drawing support from some method, according to eternal god country that doctrine manufacture an originally does not exist ‚’?” 他抬起头,看着老人,“所以永恒密教正在借助某种方法,按照教义‘制造’一个原本不存在的‘永恒神国’?” All goals that then this old teachings catholicism leader makes at present were very obvious, he wanted to find that by man-made god country that’ the eternal esoteric buddhism hid, then controlled that god country, then controlled the entire eternal esoteric buddhism. 那么眼前这位旧教‘领袖’所做的一切的目的就很明显了,他想要找到那个被永恒密教藏起来的‘人造神国’,然后控制住那个神国,进而控制住整个永恒密教。 But at this time, heard the He Ao guess the old person surprise looked at He Ao one, the smile said, little fellow, you were very intelligent.” 而这个时候,听到何奥猜测的老人诧异的看了何奥一眼,微笑道,“小家伙,你真的很聪明。” He puts out a hand one side to place the ceramic ladles on cup of small dish to place in the cup, 他伸手将一旁放在杯碟上的陶瓷勺子放在杯子中, Since you have guessed correctly this step, then should also know that I want to make anything, if you are willing to cooperate with me, helping me seek for the esoteric buddhism god country, then I can find the way to preserve your soul, making you enjoy the eternal life in the god country.” “既然你已经猜到了这一步,那么也应该知道我想做什么了,如果你愿意和我合作,帮助我寻找密教的‘神国’,那么我可以想办法保住你的灵魂,让你在神国中享受永恒的生命。” Normally, even if secret watcher is unable to penetrate the chaotic distortion design, found hides in the world deep place eternal god country. 正常情况下,哪怕是‘隐秘观者’也无法透过纷乱的扭曲图案,找到藏在世界深处的‘永恒神国’的。 To achieve this point, only has means: Accepts the summon of truth thoroughly, becomes the distortion truth monster. 想要做到这一点,只有一个办法:彻底接受真理的召唤,成为扭曲真理怪物。 Therefore old person promise preserves the He Ao soul in the eternal god country, rather than reality reward. 所以老人的‘许诺’是在永恒神国保存何奥的灵魂,而不是现实的‘报酬’。 Sounds very good suggestion,” “听起来很不错的建议,” He Ao tosses down the coffee in cup , like the old person the coffee cup, puts out a hand to place on the desktop, like this seems like, my father as if secret watcher agreeing with is very high.” 何奥将杯中的咖啡一饮而尽,将咖啡杯和老人一样,伸手放在桌面上,“这样看起来,我父亲似乎和‘隐秘观者’的‘契合度’很高。” Naturally,” “当然,” As if felt He Ao intent moved, the old person smiled saying that your father was I have seen and ‚the sign of secret one of the agreeing with highest people, if were he, should be able to turn into the keenest truth monster,” 似乎感受到了何奥的‘意动’,老人微笑道,“你父亲是我见过和‘隐秘之牌’契合度最高的人之一,如果是他的话,应该能变成最敏锐的真理怪物,” His vision sweeps He Ao, the orange in eye has flashed past brilliance, 他目光扫过何奥,眼中的橙色光辉一闪而过, I have not truly expected, you can control the strength of secret watcher unexpectedly completely, and retained the reason, you should inborn have the extremely powerful soul, your physique is perhaps more special than your father,” “不过我确实没有料到,你居然能完整掌控住隐秘观者的力量,并保留了理智,你应该天生就拥有极其强大的灵魂,你的体质或许比你父亲还要特殊,” Speaking of this, his tone is somewhat regrettable, „, but, these reason also affected you sensitivity to the truth.” 说到这,他语气有些遗憾,“只不过,这些理智也影响了你对真理的敏感。” „Is the specialness of my father physique, actually Lokve discovers?” “我父亲体质的特殊,其实是洛克威发现的?” The He Ao sound is maintaining some calm stability, 何奥声音维持着某种从容的稳定, He gave you oneself sighting report, therefore you hold my father to leave the Wynter opportunity, ‚the sign of secret ‚will selling give my father? “他将自己的发现报告给了你,所以你抓住我父亲离开温特市的机会,将‘隐秘之牌’‘卖’给了我父亲? „After that you understood that through Lokve the eternal esoteric buddhism tried to control the idea of security federation, then made Lokve push up the position of this event head Kate, wanted to use the hand of eternal esoteric buddhism, forced my father and secret sign of fusion?” “那之后,你通过洛克威了解到了永恒密教试图控制安保联合会的想法,然后让洛克威把凯特推上了这次事件负责人的位置,想要借永恒密教之手,逼迫我父亲和隐秘之牌融合?” According to Lois's experience, big probability, when is injured to be on the verge of death, sign of secret some inheritance will be activated, forcefully in secret watcher talent sequence and wearing fusion. 根据伊洛的经验来看,大概率在受伤濒死的时候,隐秘之牌内部的某种‘传承’才会被激活,强行将里面的隐秘观者天赋序列与佩戴者融合。 Therefore this wooden sign, in some sense, truly can bless safe and secure. 所以说这个木牌,某种意义上,确实能‘保佑平安’。 Speaking of this, He Ao deeply inspires, 说到这,何奥深深吸了一口气, If my father were compelled to be with one's family broken up and decimated by the eternal esoteric buddhism, you and eternal old teachings catholicism again by Savior the appearance appears, can completely control him, making him make the truth monster willingly ‚’. “如果我父亲被永恒密教逼到家破人亡,你和永恒旧教再以‘救世主’的面目出现,就能完全控制住他,让他心甘情愿的做你的‘真理怪物’。 What made beyond your opinion was, even, my father has not and finally turned into the truth monster according to your idea, and eternal esoteric buddhism carried off my parents' remains at a quicker speed. “不过令你意外的是,即便到了最后,我父亲也没有按照你的想法变成真理怪物,并且永恒密教以更快的速度带走了我父母的遗体。 Therefore you seperately arrange the person to seek for my father's remains, and tries to bring back to ‚the sign of secret, conducts the next step plan.” “所以你才另外安排人去寻找我父亲的遗体,并试图带回‘隐秘之牌’,进行下一步的计划。” Your father truly is one interesting person,” “你父亲确实是一个‘有趣’的人,” The old person looks at He Ao, the finger places on the desktop, the light golden brilliance has delimited from his fingertip, he sighs slightly, 老人看着何奥,手指放在桌面上,淡淡的金色光辉从他的指尖划过,他微微叹了一口气, Before seeing you, why I have actually been having doubts by his affinity, cannot with the sign of fusion secret, “直到看到你之前,我其实也一直在疑惑为什么以他的亲和性,没能和隐秘之牌融合, Now looks like, your father should give you sign of secret initially, preserving your life. “现在看来,你父亲当初应该把隐秘之牌给了你,‘保住’了你的性命。 To be honest, by his affinity, must deliver on own initiative the sign of secret, the pain that must bear perhaps and shut off oneself four limbs to be common personally. “说实话,以他的亲和性,要将隐秘之牌主动送出去,要承受的痛苦恐怕和自己亲手切断自己的四肢一般。 „ An average person of not unusual ability can make such behavior, this indeed surpassed my estimate. “一个毫无超凡能力的普通人能做出这样的行为,这的确超出了我的预估。 Lokve started to you initially, indeed made a foolish matter.” “洛克威当初对你下手,也的确做了一件蠢事。” He chooses to come to here to search, actually also thinks Novis possibly cannot take the sign of secret initially for some reasons, but he has not expected, Novis delivering gave the son of being on the verge of death the sign of this secret unexpectedly. 他选择来这里搜索,其实也是想到了诺维斯当初可能因为某些原因没能带上隐秘之牌,只是他并没有料到,诺维斯居然把这个隐秘之牌‘送’给了濒死的儿子。 Novis this unexpected action, disrupted his entire layout directly. 诺维斯这个出乎意料的举动,直接打乱了他的整个布局。 Yes, Lokve indeed did many foolish matters,” “是啊,洛克威的确干了不少的蠢事,” He Ao looks that the old person is still self-confident, but temperate the facial features, continue to say slowly, 何奥看着老人依旧自信而‘温和’的面容,缓缓继续道, He exposed the status of oneself spy prematurely, furthermore the eternal esoteric buddhism ambush leaked in your spy, “他过早的暴露了自己间谍的身份,再加之永恒密教潜伏在你手下的间谍泄密, Makes the eternal esoteric buddhism be crystal clear to your plan, you all methods under arrange/cloth, actually in the eternal esoteric buddhism high-level field of vision, under their seizing the chance arrange/cloth the trap, dropped sharply your strength, making you have to by dark revolutions clear(ly), arrived at the stage to come. “使得永恒密教对你的计划洞若观火,你所布下的所有手段,其实都在永恒密教高层的视野里,他们趁机布下陷阱,重挫了你的力量,让你不得不由暗转明,走到台前来。 You use up all the tricks, actually loses in a complete mess.” “你机关算尽,却输得一塌糊涂。” Sits in opposite old person when hears the He Ao words from the beginning, realized anything, complexion some are not right, as He Ao unceasing downward narrated, facial features that he smiled also stiff. 坐在对面的老人在一开始听到何奥的话语的时候,就意识到了什么,面色有些不对,而随着何奥不断的向下叙说,他原本微笑的面容也僵硬了下来。 When the He Ao last few words saying, he somewhat hoarse saying, little fellow, sometimes is extremely intelligent, is not a good deed.” 等到何奥最后一句话说完,他才有些沙哑的说道,“小家伙,有时候太过聪明,不是一件好事。” His vision has swept the cheeks of He Ao, realized that just He Ao to approval that’ he suggested that actually wants to continue from his mouth the polite talk. 他目光扫过何奥的脸颊,意识到刚刚何奥对他建议的‘赞同’,其实只是想继续从他口中套话。 He restrained the smile completely , to continue saying that looks like, aren't you willing to accept my suggest?” 他完全收敛了笑容,继续说道,“看来,你并不愿意接受我的‘建议’?” Atmosphere spread that the terrifying constrains in living room. 恐怖而压抑的气氛蔓延在客厅之中。 Actually I truly thought that your suggestion is good, happy life that in the perfect god country the eternal life does not die, sounding is very good.” “其实我确实觉得你的建议不错,完美神国里永生不死的美好生活,听起来就很不错。” He Ao is gazing at the old person the face that as his words are gradually tranquil , to continue saying that dog that only needs to make a no dignity on line.” 何奥注视着老人随着他的话语渐渐平静下来的面庞,继续说道,“只需要做一条毫无尊严的狗就行。” He shrugs, „, but was sorry very much, I in making the dog have no interest.” 他耸耸肩,“但很抱歉,我对做狗没有兴趣。” Old person's complexion sank again, you let go an opportunity of change destiny.” 老人的面色再次沉了下来,“你放弃了一个改变命运的机会。” He Ao is calm, one word at a time continues saying that 何奥语气平静,一字一顿的继续说道, Leader mister, I thinks you have been used to keeping aloof takes the board game piece on checkerboard others 's life, is deciding does not have any unusual ability the life of base and low average person recklessly,” “‘领袖’先生,我想你已经习惯了高高在上的将他人的生命作为棋盘上的棋子,肆意的决定着没有任何超凡能力的卑微的普通人的生命,” He put out a hand to grip knight sword, we were base and low, but was not lowly, does not need to keep aloof granting destiny, you can attempt of unseemly behavior decide our lives recklessly, but must prepare for losing life.” 他伸手握住了身旁的骑士剑,“我们卑微,但不卑贱,也不需要高高在上‘赐予’的命运,你可以肆意妄为的试图决定我们的生命,但是也应当做好丢失自己生命的准备。” You have the confidence to kill me, reported your parental elder brother's enmity?” “那你是有信心杀死我,报你父母哥哥的仇了?” Hears the He Ao words, on the old person cheeks instead shows some smile, he stands up, occupying a commanding position looks at He Ao, surrounding air depressing like flood, you why? Depending on you just when I passed through the gate, in the mark of some unusual ability on me put?” 听到何奥的话语,老人脸颊上反而露出些许笑容,他站起身来,居高临下的看着何奥,周围的空气压抑的如同洪水,“你凭什么?凭你刚刚在我进门的时候,在我身上放上的某种超凡能力的标记?” First, I must face and incessantly am you,” “首先,我要面对并不止是你,” He Ao sits the straight body, is going against this constriction, the invisible wind has stroked his clothing, my family member dies between you and eternal esoteric buddhism so-called gambling, you are my enemy, but has not matched to be called the complete enemy, killed you unable to finish all these.” 何奥坐直身子,顶着这压迫感,无形的风拂过他的衣衫,“我的亲人死于你和永恒密教之间所谓‘博弈’,你是我的敌人,但还不配称得上完全的敌人,杀死你并不能结束这一切。” Facial color that the old person smiles one stiff. 老人微笑的面色一僵。 Next, I had never said that has the confidence to kill you,” “其次,我从未说过有信心杀死你,” He Ao is grasping the knight sword, stood calmly, I said from the beginning, everything depends on human effort, you can attempt to kill me,” 何奥握着骑士剑,从容的站了起来,“我一开始就说,事在人为,你可以尝试杀死我,或者,” In that profound pupil is producing an inverted image old person's inverted image, was killed by me.” 那幽深的眸子里倒映着老人的倒影,“被我杀死。” Finally,” “最后,” He sees the present old person, on you what you as if were very curious I just to lay aside the mark was what ability? Therefore deliberately uses method of goading somebody into action? Actually this ability 他看着眼前的老人,“你似乎很好奇我刚刚在你身上放置标记的是什么能力?所以刻意用激将法?其实这个能力・・・” On his corners of the mouth selects, as if must say detailed of this ability. 他嘴角上挑,似乎就要说出这个能力的详细。 Old person's vision also collects his body. 老人的目光也汇集到他的身上。 Entire space in this flash peaceful, static as if can hear the heartbeats of two people. 整个空间在这一瞬间都安静了下来,静的仿佛听得见两个人的心跳声。 Then, He Ao tranquil sound reverberation in this silent living room, 然后,何奥平静的声音回荡在这寂静的客厅中, You guess!” “你猜!” Little fellow, you are very good,” “小家伙,你很不错,” An old person complexion stiff, radiant golden color brilliance forms in him behind, collects the golden lance, I will activate your truth pollution personally, turns into a complete does not have any intelligent truth monster you.” 老人面色一僵,璀璨的金色光辉在他身后形成,汇集成金色的长矛,“我会亲手激活你身上的真理污染,把你变成一头完全没有任何智慧的真理怪物。” „,” “哦,” He Ao jumps out backward, takes the knight sword directly one step a window that from opens wide behind to leap, blood-color butterfly stretch/leisurely on shoulder launches the wing, his form across dozens meters high nighttime sky, cold wind slightly has blown his cheeks, 何奥向后跳出,拿着骑士剑直接一步从身后敞开的窗户跃出,肩上的血色蝴蝶舒展开翅膀,他的身影穿过数十米高的夜空,微微的冷风刮过他的脸颊, You arrange the person goes to the esoteric buddhism the side church the time, certainly also like this self-confident.” “你安排人去密教里侧教堂的时候,一定也这样的自信。” Old person's complexion sank completely, in he arranged to go to the person in side church almost to be annihilated yesterday evening, keeps Lehne subsequent hand not to become effective, the original arrangement was almost defeated. 老人的面色完全沉了下来,他昨晚上安排去里侧教堂的人几乎全军覆没,留在莱娜身上的后手也没有生效,原本的布置几乎完全失败了。 This boy understands the taunt. 这小子是懂嘲讽的。 His behind golden color brilliance shatter, his form also followed He Ao to run out of the window. 他身后的金色光辉紧接着破碎,紧接着他的身影也跟着何奥冲出了窗户。 The brilliance of sparkle shines in the nighttime sky. 闪耀的光辉在夜空中亮起。 () ()
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