LCG :: Volume #3 举着火把的人

#803: Wooden sign ‚origin’

Two before minutes, 两分钟前 MICRO-UAV of soaring across shutting tightly the glass falls into the driver seat of sedan, Lehne receives the unmanned aerial vehicle rapidly, loses to the position of copilot. 飞翔的小型无人机穿过紧闭的车窗落入轿车的驾驶座中,莱娜迅速收起无人机,丢到副驾驶的位置上。 Then she looked up a rear view mirror, not far away after her car(riage), the civilian clothes dressed up, takes the man of intercom to go out from a turning mouth, stands is sizing up in somewhat tattered intersection everywhere, seems seeking for anything. 然后她抬头看了一眼后视镜,在她车后不远处,有一个便服打扮,拿着对讲机的男人正从一个拐口走出,站在有些破烂的十字路口四处打量着,似乎在寻找着什么。 In his chest place, visibles faintly is hanging sending out light golden brilliance hanging to fall. 在他的胸口处,隐约可见悬挂着的散发着淡淡金色光辉的吊坠。 Lifted the hand to look at time on wristband again, Lehne by the vehicles of driver seat, the chest high and low fluctuated. 再次抬起手看了一眼手环上的时间,莱娜靠在驾驶座的车辆上,胸口上下起伏。 Civilian clothes man in the rear view mirror has turned around, vigilant and slow walks toward here. 后视镜里的便服男人已经转过身,警惕而缓慢的向着这边走来。 Lehne's both hands grasped to stop stubbornly the steering wheel, the side looked at a tunnel deep place excessively. 莱娜的双手死死握住手中的方向盘,侧过头看了一眼巷道深处。 The bright light illuminated the jet black tunnel, vaguely deep obviously after the large scale re-equipping, covers all -terrain vehicle of thick armor plate to drive slowly from the tunnel end. 明亮的灯光照亮了漆黑的巷道,依稀之间一辆深色的明显经过大幅度改装的,覆盖着厚厚的装甲板的越野车缓缓从巷道尽头驶来。 That all-terrain vehicle when also has the similar 20 meters distance from the throat, stopped. 那辆越野车在距离巷道口还有差不多的二十米的距离的时候,停了下来。 A stature strong, the arm twines the bald man of bandage to jump down from all -terrain vehicle driver seat, puts out a flashlight, shines toward outside from the tunnel deep place. 紧接着,一个身材健硕的,手臂缠绕着绷带的光头男人从越野车驾驶座上跳了下来,拿出一个手电筒,从巷道深处往外面照耀。 The flashlight bright brilliance passes the front that the jet black sedan reveals, passes the glass that the copilot shut tightly vaguely. 手电筒明亮的光辉晃过漆黑轿车露出来的车头,也依稀晃过了副驾驶紧闭的车窗。 In the next second, sat Lehne in car(riage) got hold of the steering wheel in hand, then stamped the accelerator. 就在下一秒,坐在车里的莱娜握紧了手中的方向盘,然后一脚踩死了油门。 The silencing sedan like promoted by a great strength, is ordinary like the ejection, runs out from the darkness. 原本静寂的轿车如同被一股巨力推动了一下,如同弹射一般,从黑暗中冲出。 Catches up with that car(riage)!” “追上那辆车!” The bald man returns immediately runs to jump up all -terrain vehicle, exclaimed loudly. 光头男人立刻回跑跳上了越野车,大声吼道。 The bright light runs out from the jet black corridor, but they just ran out of the corridor, sent out bang-’ a light sound. 明亮的灯光从漆黑的走廊中冲出,但是他们刚冲出走廊,就发出了‘砰—’的一声轻响。 A fuzzy person's shadow was hit to fly by all -terrain vehicle, has flown the obsolete street, hits in street another side construction. 一个模糊的人影被越野车撞飞出去,飞过了老旧的街道,撞在街道另一侧的建筑上。 What ghost thing,” “什么鬼东西,” The bald man hangs outside all -terrain vehicle, looked at the person's shadow that falls from the wall, then shouting without hesitation, he , to continue to pursue that sedan leave alone.” 光头男人挂在越野车外侧,看了从墙上摔下来的人影,然后毫不犹豫的喊道,“别管他,继续去追那辆轿车。” Dirty not believing, do you want dead?” “肮脏的不信者,你是不是想死?” Also at this moment, to stand, shouts one that was hit person's shadow that flies to stagger, runs out like the gust of wind generally, a fist pounds toward the bald man. 也就在这时,那被撞飞的人影踉跄的站了起来,嘶吼一声,如同疾风一般冲出,一拳向着光头男人砸来。 What idiot.” “什么蠢货。” The bald man shows the whites of the eyes, similarly lifts the fist, has the circumstances of howling, a fist pounded to the person's shadow pit of the stomach. 光头男人翻了个白眼,同样抬起拳头,带着呼啸的风势,一拳砸向了人影的心窝。 Also in this instantaneous, golden brilliance covered the person's shadow chest instantaneously, blocked this fist. 也就在这瞬间,金色的光辉瞬间覆盖了人影的胸口,挡住了这一记拳头。 The person's shadow was pounded to fly again. 人影再次被砸飞出去。 This time, he as if sobered finally, he looked at a bald man, as if realized anything, immediately takes up intercom that hangs in the chest, discovery deviationist! Please support immediately! Discovers heresy 这一次,他似乎终于清醒了过来,他看了一眼光头男人,似乎意识到了什么,立刻拿起了挂在胸口的对讲机,“发现异端分子!请立刻支援!发现异端・・・” He is only pursues a suspicious unmanned aerial vehicle, but has not thought that can also have the big harvest here, the picture of wanted each heresy, sent to their wristband. 他只是来追逐一个可疑的无人机,但是没想到还能在这里有大收获,被通缉的每一个异端的照片,都是发到了他们的手环上的。 However he has not said, the ice-cold blade light bullies the body together, but. 但是他还没说完,一道冰冷的刀光就欺身而至。 The golden brilliance covers his whole body again, forms the simple armor, but that on the form also covered the close trace in the flash. 金色的光辉再次覆盖他的全身,形成简单的护甲,但那袭来的身影身上也在一瞬间覆盖了细密的纹路。 The sharp blade light cut open the golden armor easily, along with splashed the blood together on wall, the person's shadow of intercom changed to two sections instantaneously. 锋利的刀光轻而易举的切开了金色的护甲,伴随着一道飞溅在墙上的鲜血,对讲机的人影瞬间化作了两截。 Hey, you also in? Hears please reply! Hears please reply!” “喂,你还在吗?听到请回答!听到请回答!” In the intercom hears the fuzzy sounds of people. 对讲机里传来模糊的人声。 Bang- 砰- The hard leather shoes the pure white intercom will step on the broken, bald man directly the pulled apart bandage swings, receives the broadsword, he, troubled, this Lehne a little thing.” 坚硬的皮鞋将洁白的对讲机直接踩碎,光头男人将被扯断的绷带荡开,收起大刀,“他么的,麻烦了,这个莱娜有点东西。” His leapt the step to jump up again all -terrain vehicle, looked to the driver, pursued quickly, ambushed the brothers who to call the surroundings, she ran not far, we must find her before that group of deviationists.” 他一个跃步再次跳上了越野车,看向司机,“快追,把周围埋伏的兄弟都叫出来,她跑不远的,咱们得在那堆异端分子之前找到她。” Shortly after all -terrain vehicle leaves, several white robe people ran out after the intersection rapidly, stop before the divided into two form. 而在越野车离开后不久,数个白袍人迅速从十字路口后冲出,停在了被一分为二的身影前。 The white robe person of lead looked at one along the blood that the street of disruption flows, looks at two wheel ruts that left behind newly, takes up the intercom, said fast, 领头的白袍人看了一眼沿着碎裂的街道流淌的鲜血,又看了一眼新留下的两道车辙,拿起对讲机,快速说道, Discovery deviationist, they are turning toward northwest to escape, as if in pursuing anything, in the deviationist is having the dangerous C level doubtful, the request assistance.” “发现异端分子,他们正在向着西北方向逃跑,似乎在追逐着什么,异端分子中疑似存在着危险C级,请求支援。” …… …… The bright light sprinkles in the silent living room 明亮的灯光洒在寂静的客厅里 Stood as if heard the noise of distant place in the entrance old person, he raised the head, looked into a window direction of living room, before leisure arriving sofa, sat in the He Ao opposite, looked in front of hot coffee, showed a temperate smile, 站在门口的老人仿佛听到了远处的喧嚣,他抬起头来,眺望了一眼客厅的窗户方向,慢悠悠的走到沙发前,坐在何奥的对面,看了一眼面前的热咖啡,露出一丝温和的笑容, It seems like my these possibly can I provide the help the church companion, had been discovered by the person of esoteric buddhism? I now am being isolated and cutting off from help condition?” “看来我的那些可能能给我提供帮助的教会的‘同伴’,已经被密教的人发现了?我现在是‘孤立无援’的状态了?” Creates the time of some peaceful conversations to us, not?” “只是给我们创造一些安静交谈的时间,不是么?” He Ao opens on tea table a white small ceramics pot that brings the plastic grip, reveals inside clear sugar block, needs to come to order the sugar?” 何奥打开茶几上的一个带着塑料夹子的白色小陶瓷罐,露出里面晶莹的糖块,“需要来点糖吗?” I first thanked to entertain,” “那我就先谢谢招待了,” The old person puts out a hand, clamped three sugar lumps to admit in the coffee with the clip, then he took up coffee cup nearby ceramics ladle to stir slowly, 老人伸出手去,用夹子夹了三块方糖放进咖啡里,然后他又拿起咖啡杯旁边的陶瓷勺子缓缓搅拌着, Young time, likes drinking the bitter coffee, thought that the life always painstakingly, old wants to drink sweetly, old, friend passed away, discovered that in the past thought the misery thing, actually also has the sweet taste.” “年轻的时候,喜欢喝苦咖啡,觉得人生总是苦,年纪大了又想喝点甜的,老了老了,身边的朋友一个个故去,才发现以往觉得苦难的东西,其实也是有甜味的。” He carries the coffee, sipped one gently, 他端起咖啡,轻轻抿了一口, If the head of here responsible esoteric buddhism is a smart person, strength that after seeing me just showed that the big probability will focus in outside my church companion, but me, but sends people to monitor, is waiting for their esoteric buddhism headquarters' reinforcements. “如果这边负责的密教的负责人是个聪明人的话,在看到我刚刚展现的实力之后,大概率会将重点放在外面的我的教会同伴身上,而我这边,只是派人来监视,等待着他们密教总部的援军。 War on two fronts, monitors powerful, but has not acted rashly, coping is small and weakly easy to obtain the victory, can effective own maximum benefit. “两线作战,监视强大但是没有轻举妄动的,对付弱小容易取得战果的,能够有效的将自身的利益最大化。 „ If this, then in this building the present should the person of does not have any esoteric buddhism, be truly more pure, you also only needed to face me to be OK. “而如果是这样的话,那么这栋楼里现在应该没有什么密教的人了,确实清净了很多,你也只需要面对我一个人就可以了。 I also want to elect here, can while convenient and docks that mercenary young lady's matter to manage the search room together, “原本我还想选在这里,可以顺便把搜索屋子和对接那位佣兵小姐的事情一起办了, My high-sounding talk enters the stage, but can also help my church companions attract the attention. “我高调出场,还能帮我那些教会同伴吸引走注意力。 But now looks like, this instead made me fall into passively.” “但是现在看来,这反而让我陷入了被动。” In old person's returns hand coffee to the desktop on, smiles is looking that clamps He Ao that the sugar lump comes out from the jar slowly, little fellow, the coffee is good, the scheme is also good.” 老人将手中的咖啡放回到桌面上,微笑着看着缓缓从罐子里夹方糖出来的何奥,“小家伙,咖啡不错,计谋也不错。” But,” “不过,” His tone, asked slightly in a low voice, „were you very as if self-confident to solve my bad old man?” 他语气稍顿,低声问道,“你似乎很自信能解决掉我这个糟老头子?” Without that strong self-confidence,” “没有那么强的自信,” The He Ao tranquil taking up ladle is stirring the coffee, the tone is calm, seems to be chatting with more than a years of old friend, „, but everything depends on human effort.” 何奥平静的拿起勺子搅拌着咖啡,语气从容,就似乎在与一个多年的老友聊天,“但事在人为嘛。” This everything depends on human effort good,” “这句‘事在人为’不错,” The old person is taking a look at the present young youngster carefully, I very long have not met you also to have the boldness child intelligently, is interested in joining us? Perhaps I hundred years later, this position is your.” 老人仔细的打量着眼前的小少年,“我已经很久没有遇见你这么聪明又有魄力的孩子了,有兴趣加入我们吗?或许我百年之后,这个位置就是你的。” Under normal conditions, I do not have to believe the idea of some gods,” “通常情况下,我没有去信仰某个神明的想法,” He Ao carries the coffee, delivers to the mouth, is easy to affect the relations between friends.” 何奥将咖啡端起来,送到嘴边,“容易影响朋友之间的关系。” „Do you have do not believe the friend of gods?” “你还有坚决不信仰神明的朋友?” Old person regrettable shaking the head, looks like him not to understand great of gods.” 老人遗憾的摇摇头,“看来他不怎么了解神明的伟大。” Perhaps, I do not know that the friends of mine do understand great of gods.” “或许吧,我也不知道我的朋友们了不了解神明的伟大。” He Ao sipped coffee gently. 何奥轻轻抿了一口咖啡。 The sugar added little, was a little bitter. 糖加少了,有点苦。 He has not added the milk, pure coffee also a little irritant astringency. 他没有加牛奶,纯粹的咖啡还有一点刺激性的涩味。 Said, was just pondering from me,” “说起来,从刚刚我就在思考,” The old person puts out a hand, picks a sugar again, puts in the cup, how, therefore you know I am the church leader? Through that mercenary young lady? However I think that I have not supplied many information to give that mercenary young lady to be right.” 老人伸出手去,再次夹起一块糖,放入杯子中,“所以你是怎么知道我就是教会领袖的?通过那位佣兵小姐?但是我想我并没有提供更多的信息给那位佣兵小姐才对。” „,” “哦,” He Ao holds the warm coffee cup, complied with one gently. 何奥捧着温暖的咖啡杯,轻轻应了一声。 The jacket is somewhat spacious, his slender finger holds the cup, but the palm hides in the sleeve, he looks that the old person obviously reveals the curious look the facial features, after the short stop, tranquil saying, guesses.” 夹克衫有些宽大,他纤细的手指捧住杯子,而手掌则掩藏在袖子中,他看着老人明显流露出好奇神色的面容,在短暂的停顿之后,平静的说道,“猜的。” Old person complexion one stiff. 老人面色一僵。 Actually the process of He Ao inference is not complex. 其实何奥推理的过程并不复杂。 Trustee as if the eternal old teachings catholicism has very big connection to Lehne issues the duty, but eternal old teachings catholicism unusualness of since side church clearly did not know Lehne yesterday evening. 给莱娜布置任务的‘委托人’似乎和永恒旧教有很大关联,但是昨晚上进入里侧教堂的永恒旧教的超凡者明显不认识莱娜。 Can take brilliance sunglow type of powerful unusual goods since side church, and can display the B level strength unusualness position in eternal old teachings catholicism not possible low, may be Wynter the highest level character. 能够拿着光辉日冕这种强大的超凡物品进入里侧教堂,并且能发挥B级实力的超凡者在永恒旧教中的地位不可能低,极有可能是温特市这边最顶级的人物。 But they did not know some people alone employment Lehne, and in Lehne's taskprofile the provision that did not coordinate them to act. 而他们都不知道有人单独‘雇佣’了莱娜,并且莱娜的任务描述里也没有配合他们行动的条款。 This proof hires Lehne trustee, may be with their even level, even compared with their position higher person, at least is also a powerhouse of B level strength, this can bypass their allocating task. 这证明雇佣莱娜的‘委托人’,极有可能是和他们平级,甚至比他们地位更高的人,至少也是一个B级实力的强者,这样才能绕过他们分配任务。 But returns to Lehne's duty, trustee arranges her to go to taking Lois parents' remains, but actually gives is unable to complete task that she almost must die item disc, this looks somewhat unthinkable. 而回到莱娜的任务本身,‘委托人’安排她去‘取’伊洛父母的遗体,但是却给了她一个几乎必死的无法完成任务的‘道具圆盘’,这看起来有些匪夷所思。 But if changes a mentality, trustee hopes Lehne duty, isn't brings back to remains? 但是如果换个思路,‘委托人’希望莱娜的‘任务’,并不是‘带回遗体’呢? Trustee from the beginning has not been thinking Lehne is living, his goal is to make Lehne activate the disc from beginning to end, then turns by the monster of eternal ray pollution. ‘委托人’一开始就没想着莱娜活着回来,他的目的自始至终都是让莱娜激活圆盘,然后变成被永恒光芒污染的怪物。 But from disc to the affinity of brilliance sunglow, after Lehne turns into the monster, will be very likely to be attracted brilliance sunglow side. 而从圆盘对光辉日冕的亲和性来看,在莱娜变成怪物之后,极有可能会被吸引到‘光辉日冕’旁边。 After that disc was activated thoroughly, the big probability also has some localization or hauling effect, brings Lehne is arriving correctly destination. 那个圆盘被彻底激活之后,大概率还有某种定位或者‘牵引’的效果,带着‘莱娜’抵达正确的‘目的地’。 Therefore Lehne does not bring back the remains insurance, but happens accidentally/surprisingly, recycling brilliance sunglow subsequent hand. 所以‘莱娜’本身并不是取回遗体的‘保险’,而是一旦出现意外,‘回收’光辉日冕的‘后手’。 But under normal conditions, even level a person will not carry with even level the colleague generally makes this possibility to draw subsequent hand who’ the colleague hates, only if he received the order or some permission from higher authority, even he is a higher authority. 但通常情况下,一个平级的人一般是不会背着和自己平级的同事去做这种可能会拉同事仇恨的‘后手’的,除非他收到了来自更上级的命令或者某种许可,甚至他本身就是更上级。 Many times, present this type at the back of the situation that the duty key personnel leave room for maneuver, having possibly are in these key personnel some people are not certainly trustworthy, to avoid the subsequent hand divulge, therefore deliberately went round them. 许多时候,出现这种背着任务关键人员留后手的情况,有一定可能是这些关键人员中已经有人不值得信任,为了避免后手泄露,所以刻意绕开了他们。 But according to Lokve in eternal esoteric buddhism the situation of situation jet braking eternal old teachings catholicism, since the old teachings catholicism can place the gap in the esoteric buddhism, then the esoteric buddhism also possibly placed the spy in the old teachings catholicism. 而根据洛克威在永恒密教的情况反推永恒旧教的情况,既然旧教能在密教安插间隙,那么密教也可能在旧教安插了奸细。 But since yesterday evening duty normally conducted, then means that in the old teachings catholicism the spy had not been distinguished at least at that time, but has given oneself away . Moreover the big probability was yesterday evening B level eyeglasses man same level existence. 而昨晚上的任务既然正常进行,那么就意味着旧教里奸细至少在那时候还没有被识别出来,但是已经露出了马脚,而且大概率是和昨晚上B级‘眼镜男人’同级的存在。 Then all and eyeglasses man same level ‚the B level powerhouse, should be the suspect, the matter that arranges the subsequent hand, will not hand over by them hands over. 那么所有和眼镜男人同级的‘B级’强者,应该都是怀疑对象吗,那安排后手的事情,就不会交由他们转手。 Therefore entrusted Lehne this subsequent hand to be possible is the higher authority of eyeglasses man arranges directly. 所以委托莱娜这个‘后手’很有可能就是眼镜男人的更上级直接安排的。 But the higher authority of eyeglasses man, only then of old teachings catholicism leader. 而眼镜男人的更上级,就只有旧教的那位‘领袖’了。 Naturally, these are the guesses of He Ao, until seeing the present old person appears in the entrance, after he was direct cheating the old person, has been confirmed. 当然,这些都是何奥的猜测,直到看到眼前的老人出现在门口,他直接‘诈’了老人之后,才得到证实。 Therefore he also spoke frankly oneself is guesses. 所以他也直说自己是猜的。 But heard He Ao the old person of reply god to pass the moment to respond, he is gazing at He Ao, discovered that He Ao did not seem like the appearance that lay. 而听到何奥的回答愣神的老人过了片刻才反应过来,他注视着何奥,发现何奥不像是说谎的样子。 At this time he realized suddenly, he just by this boy cheating. 这时候他才突然意识到,他刚刚被这小子‘诈’了。 He just looks that this boy vows solemnly the calm calm appearance, but also thinks that this boy really had certain secret information. 他刚刚看着这小子信誓旦旦从容镇定的样子,还以为这小子真的掌握了某些隐秘的情报。 Young fellow,” “好小子啊,” He sighed, is stirring the coffee in cup, saying of sigh, I wanted you to join us more and more.” 他叹了口气,搅拌着杯子里的咖啡,叹息的说道,“我越来越想要你加入我们了。” Immediately he looks at He Ao interestingly, how, therefore you determined that I will come to here today? Also guesses?” 随即他又饶有兴趣的看着何奥,“所以你怎么确定我今天会来这里呢?也是猜的?” Not is completely,” “不完全是,” He Ao turn head looked at an behind window, 何奥回头看了一眼身后的窗户, Stands near the window of this room, happen to can see trading floor that you designate ‚’, not? So long as looks for a total information projection to look that all knew, “站在这间屋子的窗边,正好可以看见你选定的‘交易场地’,不是么?只要找一个全息投影看一下就全知道了, You choose that seat, is not thinking the monitor transaction process, the preparation, once the transaction has problems, you can overtake immediately? “你选那个位子,难道不就是想着监控交易过程,准备一旦交易出了问题,你能立刻赶过去吗? And,” “而且,” He Ao turns head, is gazing at the present old person, 何奥回过头来,注视着眼前的老人, That wooden sign to you, is very important, not? You do not believe your so-called church companion, therefore you elect in this position, wants to come to here to have a look, having a look at the wooden sign with own eyes to have possibility losing in this room.” “那个木牌对于你来说,很重要,不是么?你并不相信你所谓的‘教会同伴’,所以你选在这个位置,就是想亲眼来这里看看,看看木牌有没有可能‘遗失’在这个房间里。” The old person who his vision tranquil gaze is seeing with own eyes, is gazing at the appearance of old person wilderness wanderer, gazes at him to glitter of orange brilliance eye deep place earnest, 他目光平静的注视着眼见的老人,注视着老人荒野流浪者的打扮,注视着他闪烁着橙色光辉的眼睛深处的那股‘热切’, Now, I sit before you, you want earnestly draws me to enter the church ‚’, whether in the wilderness, sold to my father the wooden sign initially is the same?” “现在,我就坐在你面前,你想要拉我进教会的‘热切’,是否就和当初在荒野上,将木牌卖给我父亲时一样?” His voice is even and slow, one word at a time, you long, cannot helps you promote the church talent, but can let you achieve the goal board game piece.” 他声音平而缓,一字一顿,“你所渴望的,并不是能帮助你振兴教会的‘人才’,而是能让你达成目的的‘棋子’。” Child, your keen and intelligent makes me surprised,” “孩子,你的敏锐和聪慧都让我惊讶,” The old person lowers the head, blows the haze on coffee cup, 老人低下头来,吹了吹咖啡杯上的烟气, To be honest, I have not expected you to be able so perfect agreeing with secret watcher talent sequence, after experiencing the inheritance of ancient sorcerer that simple and crude, but can also live, “说实话,我并没有料到你能如此完美的‘契合’隐秘观者这个天赋序列,在经历过古代巫师那简单粗暴的传承之后,还能活下来, If you live in the big cataclysm age, may become the highest level big sorcerer.” “如果你生在大灾变年代,可能会成为最顶级的大巫师吧。” He places the mouth the coffee cup, drank one slowly, „, but sometimes, the person is muddled, at least muddled person, before dying, is joyful.” 他将咖啡杯放在嘴边,缓缓的喝了一口,“但是有些时候,人还是糊涂一点好,至少糊涂的人,直到死前,都是快乐的。” Therefore you do want to use this secret watcher what this talent sequence to make?” “所以你想要利用这个‘隐秘观者’这个天赋序列做什么呢?” He Ao holds the coffee, gazes at the old person to cover the orange brilliance light brown pupil, or you want because of the secret watcher talent sequence fusion failure, but forms to the truth extremely sensitive ‚the truth monster what, helping you seek for?” 何奥手捧着咖啡,注视着老人覆盖着橙色光辉的浅褐色瞳孔,“或者说,你想要因为隐秘观者天赋序列融合失败,而形成的对真理极其敏感的‘真理怪物’,帮你寻找什么呢?” Old person little drinks up the coffee in cup, then the spatial coffee cup will place on the desktop, he looks at He Ao, asked with a smile, 老人一点点的将杯中的咖啡喝完,然后将空的咖啡杯放在桌面上,他看着何奥,笑着问道, You know, eternal god country?” “你知道,永恒神国吗?”
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