LCG :: Volume #3 举着火把的人

#691: The running dog of power

The wide long hearse stops before the narrow gate. 宽长的灵车停在狭窄的门前。 Young staff of wear funeral parlor uniform/subdue jump down from the vehicle, looked at people who defend in the entrance, the skeleton that also looks in front of people to draw in very good whole body that is bathed in blood, 一个穿着殡仪馆制服的年轻工作人员从车上跳了下来,看了一眼守在门口的众人,又看了一眼众人面前收拢的很好的浑身浴血的尸骸, Is this?” “是这位?” He looks to the people before body, swept iron mask on a skeleton, vision, then asked slightly, needs to encoffin the makeup service?” 他看向身前的众人,又扫了一眼尸骸上的铁面具,目光微微一顿,进而问道,“需要殓妆服务吗?” Yin Xiya and that aid these words asked gawked. 这句话问的尹希亚和斯恩济都一愣。 Yin Xi suborder light falls to the iron mask that on the skeleton never takes down. 尹希亚目光落向尸骸上从未取下的铁面具。 She has not seen the real look of goatsucker, but the goatsucker said that the childhood was disfigured one's face by the disaster, therefore has to bring this mask. 她并未见过夜鹰的真实相貌,只是夜鹰自称儿时被灾难毁容,因此不得不带着这个面具。 After the short hesitation, she puts out a hand slowly, opened that mask. 在短暂的犹豫之后,她缓缓伸出手去,揭开了那个面具。 Fierce, the facial features that almost the five senses cannot distinguish present in her front. 一张狰狞的,几乎五官都分辨不出的面容呈现在她的面前。 Even if experienced Yin Xiya, sees this facial features, stares slightly. 哪怕是见多识广的尹希亚,看到这张面容,都微微一愣。 „It seems like by some unusual animals or and so on monster has attacked,” nearby aid observes the wound that these covered entirely to save face, „after these are slight biting bite the wound healing to grow the appearance.” “看起来似乎是被某种异兽或者之类的怪物袭击过,”一旁的斯恩济观察了一下那些布满全脸的伤口,“这些都是细微的噬咬伤口愈合又生长后的模样。” Monster 怪物・・・・・・ Yin Xiya stares, at this moment, she understands suddenly goatsucker why standpoint continuously so firm, why must so rigid investigates the pollution monster, tries to solve the pollution monster. 尹希亚一愣,这一刻,她突然就明白了夜鹰为什么立场一直如此的坚定,为什么要如此执着的去调查污染怪物,去试图解决污染怪物。 She remembers swiftly, the goatsucker does not seem to mention her family member. 紧接着,她又倏然想起,夜鹰似乎从来没有提到过她的亲人。 Even after is he dies, does not have the family member to seek his relic. 哪怕是他死后,也没有亲人来寻他的遗物。 Perhaps, in that lets he has to take the iron mask for a lifetime disaster, he loses, incessantly is own appearance. 或许,在那一场让他不得不一辈子带上铁面具的‘灾难’中,他失去的,不止是自己的容貌。 He has possibly been alone in the world. 他可能早已孑然一身。 Yin Xiya stop moment, looks up to similarly somewhat surprised funeral parlor staff, what level this can encoffin the makeup to?” 尹希亚停顿片刻,抬头看向同样有些惊讶的殡仪馆工作人员,“这个能殓妆到什么水平?” The young staff stare, he wants to reject subconsciously, because this has surpassed category that encoffins the makeup. 年轻的工作人员一愣,他本想下意识的拒绝,因为这已经超过了殓妆的范畴。 But at this time, his vision swept the goatsucker whole body to moisten the clothing of blood again, and iron mask in Yin Xiya hand, finally, he thought deeply about the moment saying that I knew a very fierce encoffinning makeup master, could ask her to help, but asked her to be a little troublesome, moreover her charge was very high.” 而在这个时候,他的目光再次扫过了夜鹰浑身沾血的衣衫,以及尹希亚手中的铁面具,最终,他思索片刻道,“我认识一个很厉害的殓妆师,或许可以请她帮忙,不过找她有点麻烦,而且她的收费很高。” Can return to original state he to have the appearance that?” “可以还原出他应该有的长相吗?” Yin Xiya thought that the slow sound asked. 尹希亚思索了一下,缓声问道。 Should this I have not tried “应该可以・・・・・・不过这一种我也没有试过・・・・・・” The staff looked at a mask, looked at cheeks of goatsucker, replied slowly. 工作人员看了一眼面具,又看了一眼夜鹰的脸颊,缓缓答道。 Your work-hour to spend Helian makeup expense I leave,” Yin Xiya sighed, covered the mask, troubled you to do everything possible.” “你的工时费和殓妆费用我出,”尹希亚叹了口气,将面具盖了回去,“麻烦你们尽力而为。” „A work-hour fee/spent does not use,” staff shake the head, her there encoffinning makeup fee/spent cannot be short probably.” “工时费就不用了,”工作人员摇摇头,“不过她那里的殓妆费大概是不能少的。” Hears this saying, Yin Xiya high-rising stares, then she had realized that suddenly at present this staff seem like vision many stays on that iron mask, she asked in a soft voice, „did you know this iron mask?” 听到这话,尹希亚兀的一愣,然后她突然已意识到眼前这个工作人员似乎目光过多的停留在那张铁面具上,她轻声问道,“你认识这个铁面具吗?” Did not know,” “不认识,” The staff shake the head, our nearby several blocks have one iron mask hero legend, the legend he saves others from the monster frequently, and also subsidizes the destitute families frequently, I have to return to one's old home one time, my mother once said that she once had also been saved by this iron mask hero.” 工作人员摇摇头,“不过我们附近几个街区都有一个‘铁面具英雄’的传说,传说他经常从怪物手下救人,并且还经常资助穷困人家,我有一次回老家,我母亲曾说她也曾被这个铁面具英雄救过。” So that's how it is.” “原来如此。” Yin Xiya understands. 尹希亚明白过来。 The pollution cleaning up division usually can with be polluted the person signing confidentiality agreement of monster attack, otherwise that will not sell to them to cover the breath atomization, but this cannot limit the information completely, many people cannot endure lonely, the form that discussed by the metropolis strangely will pollute existence of monster to disseminate. 污染清理司通常会和被污染怪物袭击的人签订保密协议,不然那不会卖给他们掩息喷雾,但这并不能完全限制住信息,有许多人耐不住寂寞,会以都市怪谈的形式将污染怪物的存在传播出去。 Regarding this, the pollution cleaning up division mostly also turns a blind eye. 对此,污染清理司大多也是睁一只眼闭一只眼。 Saint Jon pollution monster so crowded, perhaps this city many people, once received the kindness of goatsucker. 圣乔恩市的污染怪物如此的密集,这座城市或许有许多人,都曾受过夜鹰的恩惠。 When the Yin Xiya short thinking, the staff in funeral parlor had delivered the car(riage) the corpse of goatsucker. 而在尹希亚的短暂思索的时候,殡仪馆的工作人员已经将夜鹰的尸身送上了车。 She gazes at the car(riage) rear light to disappear in the curtain of night, sighed gently, he had once saved many people, but actually can only end up finally so.” 她注视着车尾灯消失在夜幕中,轻轻叹息一声,“他曾救过很多人,但是最终却只能落得如此。” People have walked, not will not leave the trace,” “人们走过路,并非不会留下痕迹,” Hears this saying, the aid silent moment, said that like the fire that the night selected, perhaps it blew out by the wind quickly, but some people once were always shone by it.” 听到这话,斯恩济沉默片刻,接话道,“就像夜里点起的火,它或许很快被风吹灭,但是总有人曾被它所照耀。” The silent night wind has stroked the path, as if strokes the flame that in the city has dragged, two people are speechless for a while. 寂静的夜风拂过道路,仿佛拂过城市里摇曳的火光,两人一时无言。 How then to arrange?” “接下来如何安排?” Crossed for a long time, Yin Xiya sets out, looks to aid, which Venerable Sietow goes, doesn't he come?” 过了许久,尹希亚才直起身,看向斯恩济,“西托老先生又去哪儿,他不过来了吗?” He Ao only reported a news to her, has not given her accurate words. 何奥只给她发了一个消息,并未给她确切的话语。 Then Yin Xiya just arrived is stopped up all spoken languages by the materials of serve need these goatsuckers, until at this moment, her slightly slow the god has come, appears the question. 然后尹希亚刚到就被斯恩济用那些夜鹰的资料堵住了所有的言语,直到此刻,她才稍稍缓过神来,显出疑问。 He went to a banquet,” aid looks to her, the slow sound said, „the present pollutes the people of cleaning up division to look for you everywhere, south city is chaotic, this place the position is also remote, here is safe for the time being.” “他去赴了一个宴席,”斯恩济看向她,缓声道,“现在污染清理司的人应该都在到处找你,南城混乱,这个地方又位置偏僻,这里暂且是安全的。” Speaking of this, his tone, lifted wristband to operate, the side garage door opened slowly, must trouble you to take care.” 说到这,他语气一顿,抬起手环操作了一下,旁边车库门缓缓打开,“要麻烦你照顾一下嘉茜。” „Do you want to go?” “你要去哪儿?” Yin Xiya somewhat has doubts. 尹希亚有些疑惑。 Goes to a mayor mansion, visits the old friend.” “去一趟市长府,拜访一下故人。” aid replied fast. 斯恩济快速答道。 „Do you want to look for the mayor?” “你要去找市长?” Yin Xiya stares slightly, although she comes to Saint Jon shortly, but regarding Saint Jon some general knowledge knows, „ running dog in that triumphant Alone Group? „ 尹希亚微微一愣,她虽然才来圣乔恩市没多久,但是对于圣乔恩市的一些‘常识’还是知道的,“那个凯杰特集团的走狗?“ No, he is not loyal to anybody,” “不,他不忠于任何人,” aid looks that automatic all -terrain vehicle that drives out of the garage, as if since recalled what past events, he was only the running dog of power.” 斯恩济看着那辆自动从车库里驶出的越野车,似乎回忆起了什么往事,“他只是权力的走狗。” …… …… Buzz- 嗡- The sharp sword cry is trembling the eardrum of He Ao. 锋锐的剑鸣震颤着何奥的耳膜。 A almost integrates the curtain of night the soft sword to draw out from the table by Reyes suddenly, the sword blade is moving, shears to the He Ao nape of the neck. 一柄几乎完全融入夜幕的软剑被德瑞斯骤然从桌下拔出,剑身拨动着,割向何奥的脖颈。 Sound that as this soft sword surges in the wind, on Reyes just like the sharp imposing manner of the corpse mountain blood sea going out, also the front surface presses toward He Ao. 而随着这软剑在风中激荡的声音,德瑞斯身上宛如从尸山血海中走出的锐利气势,也迎面向着何奥压来。 When this experienced, is young is also the old person of mercenary to act does not have any hesitation. 这位久经沙场,年轻时还做过雇佣兵的老人出手没有任何的迟疑。 The last second two people still in chatting, as if many years of old friend, the next second meet on the blade soldier, takes the strategic point. 上一秒两人还在谈笑之间,仿佛多年老友,下一秒就刀兵相见,直取要害。 Reyes this move is extremely quick, hesitation that has almost does not have any, the strength is extremely also strong, the sword of soft sword ripples really to have sharp the sonic boom, but this sonic boom sound not with sword blade synchronization, but is following closely the sword blade behind. 德瑞斯这一招极快,几乎没有任何的犹疑,力道也极强,软剑的剑尖荡漾起来竟然有声声浅浅的音爆,只不过这音爆声并不与剑身同步,而是紧随着剑身身后。 Even if in the heart knows He Ao is only a C level, but Reyes this move also does not have any keeps the strength, whole-heartedly toward the He Ao stroke. 哪怕心中知晓何奥只是一个C级,但是德瑞斯这一招也没有任何留力,全力以赴向着何奥划来。 Common C level, even cannot catch Reyes to have the movement of sword, has been decapitated. 寻常的C级,甚至根本捕捉不到德瑞斯出剑的动作,就已经身首异处了。 Clang- 锵- But had almost the instance of sword in Reyes, He Ao opens ultra recalled, lifted the hand suddenly, the butterfly blade hilt that has not launched hit above the soft blade, exuded the clear impact noise. 而几乎是在德瑞斯出剑的瞬间,何奥就开启了超忆,骤然抬手,还未展开的蝴蝶刀刀柄撞在了软刃之上,发出清脆的撞击声。 However the He Ao movement has therefore not stopped, but makes the hilt blow the sword blade, backward one supine, making Reyes's sword blade pass through following his surface gate above. 但是何奥的动作并没有因此而停下,而是让刀柄刮着剑刃,向后一仰,让德瑞斯的剑刃顺着他的面门上方穿过。 Meanwhile, his another hand grips the walking stick crank, the silver walking stick lifts suddenly, to the previous stamp, takes the pointed cone side, the preparation is sneak attacking the throat of his staff to pierce from top to bottom. 与此同时,他的另一只手握住拐杖曲柄,银色拐杖骤然抬起,向上一戳,将身旁手拿着尖锥,准备从上到下偷袭他的工作人员的喉咙洞穿。 Two people this comes, but suddenly 两人这一来一回,不过眨眼之间 The before sword blade of soft sword has delimited the body of He Ao, He Ao also blocked Reyes's attack, both sides have not been injured. 软剑的剑刃划过了何奥的身前,何奥也挡住了德瑞斯的攻击,双方都没有受伤。 Only then nearby the staff of sneak attack were held. 只有一旁偷袭的工作人员被捅死了。 He Ao to next, draws out the walking stick, along with the blood of splash, his body sits straight, youngest brother, your subordinate seems like some to be anxious.” 何奥向下一拉,将拐杖拔出,伴随着飞溅的鲜血,他的身子重新坐直,“老兄弟,你的属下似乎有些过于焦急。” Just although Reyes whole-heartedly, but probed the attack many, became on one move of second He Ao, without the achievement tried the He Ao quality. 刚刚德瑞斯虽然全力以赴,但是试探多过进攻,成了就一招秒了何奥,没成就试试何奥的成色。 Regardless of becomes with inadequate, at this moment is not Reyes's subordinate sneak attack, because was seized the opportunity instead to kill by He Ao very much easily. 无论成与不成,此刻都不是德瑞斯的属下偷袭的时候,因为很容易被何奥抓住机会反杀。 Even if this staff have entered the C level initially, the strength is highly regarded. 哪怕这个工作人员已经初入C级,实力并不可小觑。 His action not in my plan,” “他的行动并未在我的计划中,” The Reyes horizontal sword before the body , just that probe was he is actually in the upper hand slightly, He Ao cannot block his attack directly, but thought means to go, fended. 德瑞斯横剑在身前,微微一荡,刚刚的那一次试探其实是他占了上风,何奥并未能直接挡住他的攻击,而是想办法化去,闪避了。 Originally this is victory in a tactic, can help him accumulate a start imposing manner in the following fight, but this teammate suddenly delivered the head/number of people to reverse position of both sides completely, let occupy the leeward He Ao imposing manner because instead the murder saw the blood, became catches up. 本来这是一个战术上的胜利,能帮他在接下来的战斗中积累一个起步气势,但是这个‘队友’的突然送人头则完全逆转了双方的位置,让原本占据下风的何奥的气势反而因为杀人见血,变得后来居上了。 Stable running many years of novel app, compare favorably with old version to pursue book divine tool, old bookworms using trading source App , 【稳定运行多年的小说app,媲美老版追书神器,老书虫都在用的换源App,】 From Reyes's performance, he truly has not as if expected this pig teammate to come up sneak attack at this time. 从德瑞斯的表现来看,他似乎也确实没有料到这个猪队友会在这个时候上来‘偷袭’。 That C level staff listen to two people conversation probably, thinks that He Ao is a C level, therefore comes to front of Reyes to help take undeserved credit especially while convenient. 那个C级工作人员大概是听两人言谈,以为何奥就是一个C级,所以特地来德瑞斯面前帮忙顺便来邀功的。 But busy has not added on, but also was a drag on while convenient. 只不过忙没帮上,还顺便拖了一下后腿。 Perhaps Reyes has the sneak attack plan, but very obviously is not now. 德瑞斯或许是有偷袭计划的,但是很显然不是现在。 I heard that after the matter of goatsucker, in the pollution cleaning up division the C level damage are too many, therefore Saint Jon does not have the C level, I also think that did not have the C level seriously, never expected that the youngest brother you also hid much.” “我听说经过夜鹰之事,污染清理司内C级损伤太多,所以圣乔恩市没有C级,我还以为当真没有C级了,没想到老兄弟你还藏了不少。” He Ao has not gone to meet Reyes's words, but then said with a smile. 何奥没有去接德瑞斯的话,而是转而笑道。 The red wine that on the blood and desktop of splash ripple interwines. 飞溅的鲜血与桌面上荡漾的红酒交织在一起。 „The elite C level, truly did not have, crooked melon rotten jujube that but some dependence pollution monsters get up,” “精锐C级,确实是没有了,不过一些依靠污染怪物起来的歪瓜烂枣,” Reyes looked at a corpse of ground, the complexion is tranquil, I have many.” 德瑞斯瞄了一眼地上的尸体,面色平静,“我还有不少。” Then he lifts the hand slightly, the sword blade is upward, suddenly to below, the terrifying strength is then sharp through the wrist/skill direct link sword, the tall and slender soft sword is suddenly curving, toward the He Ao nape of the neck. 然后他微微抬手,剑身向上,然后骤然向下一点,恐怖的力道通过手腕直达剑尖,细长的软剑骤然弯曲,向着何奥的脖颈而来。 He Ao does not doubt this sword to pierce own nape of the neck instantaneously. 何奥毫不怀疑这一剑会瞬间刺穿自己的脖颈。 In fact, this move of he had used to the blood wolf, is his sure-kill blood wolf sword, at that time what he used is a walking stick, but what this moment Reyes uses is the soft sword. 事实上,这一招他曾经对血狼用过,就是他绝杀血狼的‘点剑’,只不过他当时用的是拐杖,而此刻德瑞斯用的是软剑罢了。 Strict, the scope that the soft sword can change curvingly is bigger, effect unexpectedly, most can display ‚a sword the weapon of might. 严格来说,软剑能够弯曲改变的幅度越大,效果更加的出其不意,是最能发挥‘点剑’威力的兵器了。 Selects the danger of sword lies in not being good to sentence in advance, refers to overcoming, the actual situation is uncertain, once misinterprets, is the dead end, but the top fight only in the moment, the evening of judgment is also the dead end. 点剑的一个危险就在于不好预判,‘指上而打下’,虚实不定,一旦误判,就是死路一条,而高位战斗只在须臾之间,判断的晚了也是死路一条。 Is good is also good at using this kind of style person because of He Ao, therefore he has almost a move of instance in Reyes, judged that Reyes's goal was. 好在何奥本身也是善于使用此类招式的人,所以他几乎在德瑞斯出招的瞬间,就判断出了德瑞斯的目的所在。 Therefore he returns immediately lifted the butterfly blade in hand, and following his movement, the butterfly blade spreads the wings to open, reveals the sharp blade, happen to supports the soft sword that selected. 所以他立刻回抬了手中的蝴蝶刀,并且顺着他的动作,蝴蝶刀展翅而开,露出锋利的刀刃,正好架住了点来的软剑。 This move has not avoided with the strength, resounds along with the sound that two pointed weapons hit, in the hand of He Ao acts, the floor of under foot also spreads instantaneously fissures. 这一招没有回避与借力,伴随着两个兵刃撞击的声音响起,何奥的手上动作一顿,脚下的地板也瞬间蔓延出一道道裂痕。 Just the He Ao coming up time discovered, the floor of pollution cleaning up division rooftop does not know that to prevent some people dropped from the clouds the breakthrough defense, seemed like has reinforced especially. 刚刚何奥上来时候就发现了,污染清理司天台的地板不知道是不是为了防止有人从天而降突破防御,似乎是特地加固过的。 Even if the ordinary C level, needs the full power, can destroy like this hard floor. 哪怕普通的C级,都需要全力,才能破坏这样的坚硬地板。 But merely is He Ao after the energy of Fist Arts reassignment within the body reduces and solves part of strengths of the remaining impacts, still left behind the fissure on this hard floor. 但仅仅是何奥借助拳法调动体内的能量化解掉一部分的力量之后剩下的冲击,仍旧在这坚硬的地板上留下了裂痕。 Naturally, He Ao these met Reyes's attack time hardly, is in itself has the idea of probing Reyes strength. 当然,何奥这一次硬接了德瑞斯的攻击,本身就是有着试探德瑞斯实力的想法。 But he also obtains the result that oneself wanted. 而他也获得了自己想要的结果。 Reyes is very strong, the strength that he shows at present, approximately and ultra recalls strength Q1 under addition compared with the He Ao Fist Arts. 德瑞斯很强,他目前表现出来的实力,大约比何奥拳法和超忆加成下的力量强1。 Converts the physical quality, Reyes at least has over 3300 foundation physical qualities. 换算成身体素质,德瑞斯至少有3300以上的基础身体素质。 Yin Xiya gave you blade this unexpectedly.” “尹希亚居然把这把刀给你了。” Reyes pulls out the sword to turn round, he looks at the butterfly blade in He Ao, smiles to sigh, I guessed correctly at that time her grandfather is building one special almighty troops, but he is not willing to sell to me, finally only built this for me the soft sword, you can attain this almighty troops, it seems like Yin Xiya truly likes you very much.” 德瑞斯抽剑回身,他看着何奥手里的蝴蝶刀,笑叹道,“我当时就猜到她爷爷在打造一把特别的‘神兵’,但是他不愿意卖给我,最终只为我打造了这把软剑,你能拿到这件‘神兵’,看来尹希亚确实很喜欢你。” At this moment two people have not actually launched the fight completely, but is probing the strength of opposite party mutually. 此刻两人其实并未完全展开战斗,而是在互相试探对方的实力。 Both people had a judgment to the battle efficiency of opposite party. 两个人都对对方的战斗力有了一个判断。 Generally speaking, He Ao is weaker. 总体来说,何奥更弱。 After all fundamental strength that Reyes shows, is higher than the He Ao peak strength. 毕竟德瑞斯展现出来的基础实力,都比何奥的巅峰实力高很多。 Let alone that peak strength, He Ao can only maintain for ten seconds, he can only ask to fight a battle to force a quick decision, the opportunity of also only then fighting a battle to force a quick decision. 更何况那种巅峰实力,何奥只能维持十秒,他只能求速战速决,也只有速战速决的机会。 In material that the goatsucker leaves behind, actually the investigations of some goatsuckers strength about Reyes. 在夜鹰留下的资料里,其实是有一些夜鹰关于德瑞斯的实力的调查的。 The goatsucker suspected, Reyes's talent sequence possibly is talent sequence 169: Disciplinary punishment knight, this is a talent sequence that listens to the name to fight very much. 夜鹰怀疑,德瑞斯的天赋序列可能是‘天赋序列169:惩戒骑士’,这是一个听名字就很战斗的天赋序列。 The goatsucker had not found the ability of disciplinary punishment knight, but he found the prerequisite C level talent sequence of disciplinary punishment knight talent sequence 97: Priests. 夜鹰并没有找到惩戒骑士的能力,但是他找到了惩戒骑士的前置C级天赋序列‘天赋序列97:祭司’。 From the names of these two talent sequences, disciplinary punishment knight perhaps has ability that communicates the gods. 从这两个天赋序列的名字来看,‘惩戒骑士’或许拥有沟通神明的能力。 This means, Reyes possibly also has further relies on the gods strength the condition. 这就意味着,德瑞斯可能还有进一步借助神明力量的状态。 But from the material and Eve acquired fragmentary material of goatsucker, Reyes almost does not have the defeat, he has experienced many field brutal fights, but eventually walked. 而从夜鹰的资料和夏娃收集到的零星资料来看,德瑞斯几乎从无败绩,他经历过很多场残酷的战斗,但是都最终走了出来。 He even is thorough the wilderness, has fought the B level unusual animals mortal body. 他甚至深入荒野,与B级异兽肉身搏斗过。 This powerful strength, falls the generation learn/study wrestle from his one move on almost the second, similarly is passes on military the goatsucker can look. 这种强大的力量,从他一招就差点秒掉世代学习格斗,同样是‘传武者’的夜鹰就可以看出来。 He Ao just that met to incur twice, even if the movement slightly is later instantly, even if trades an ordinary C level, already corpse horizontally at the scene. 何奥刚刚那两次接招,动作哪怕稍微更晚一个刹那,或者哪怕是换一个普通的C级,就已经尸横当场了。 However, Reyes actually affirmed the He Ao strength, otherwise he is impossible to draw a sword suddenly, uses the weapon. 不过,德瑞斯其实是肯定了何奥的实力的,不然他不可能突然拔剑,使用兵器。 Does not like, but is the trust.” “不是喜欢,而是信任。” He Ao shot a look at a Reyes's behind bookshelf, he sets out slowly, inserted in the butterfly blade the walking stick, as soon as then he transfers the crank, a fine long spear/gun appears in his hands. 何奥瞥了一眼德瑞斯身后的书架,他缓缓起身,将蝴蝶刀插入了拐杖中,然后他一转曲柄,一柄精致长枪出现在他的手中。 He very clear and Reyes's power gap, this is he selects until now only the strongest enemy, but he does not dread. 他很清楚自己与德瑞斯的实力差距,这是他迄今为止‘单挑’的最强的敌人,但是他并不畏惧。 Military, to dying to live. 武者,向死而生而已。 Youngest brother, I very long had not noticed that you had the boldness hero character, what a pity we were old,” “老兄弟,我已经很久没有看到你这么有魄力的英雄人物了,可惜我们都老了,” Reyes also sets out slightly, his hand medium-soft sword, is gazing at He Ao, that type goes out of the corpse mountain blood sea invincible constriction to raid again, 德瑞斯也微微起身,他手中软剑一荡,注视着何奥,那种走出尸山血海战无不胜的压迫感再一次袭来, I will put one bunch of best fresh flowers before your grave.” “我会在你的坟前放一束最好的鲜花。”
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