LCG :: Volume #3 举着火把的人

#692: Is this passes on military to have the talent that?

Reyes footsteps, the whole person crosses the desktop lightly, a sword punctures toward the He Ao forehead. 德瑞斯脚步轻点,整个人越过桌面,一剑向着何奥眉心刺来。 This move was ordinary like just probe, was not loathsome, a sword took the He Ao life. 这一招如同刚刚的试探一般,毫不拖泥带水,一剑直取何奥性命。 However this time, he had not just sat like the body straight, leaves leeway the escape route. 不过这一次,他并没有像刚刚一样身子坐直,留有退路。 This is then not probing He Ao. 这便不是在试探何奥了。 Meanwhile, after He Ao reveals the long spear/gun, Reyes this movement that sets out to come, among crossing two people the barrier, attacks in order to defend, pulls closer among the distance with He Ao directly. 同时,在何奥亮出长枪之后,德瑞斯这个起身而来的动作,也是在越过两人之间的屏障,以攻为守,径直拉近与何奥之间的距离。 Short weapons to the long weapon, has the disadvantage in the open area, once from the move back, He Ao can easily attack Reyes who grasps the soft sword, but Reyes enough he, this fight will actually be obtained the advantage by He Ao with the weapon from the beginning. 短兵器对长兵器,在开阔地带本身就有劣势,一旦距离拉远,何奥可以轻易攻击手持软剑的德瑞斯,而德瑞斯却够不到他,这场战斗就会在一开始被何奥以兵器取得优势。 But with it relative, if Reyes pulls closer the distance forcefully, will limit to near body fight, the range that the long spear/gun can use is limited, in addition the soft sword strange changeable nature, He Ao will be in an inferior position on the weapon. 但与之相对的,如果德瑞斯强行将距离拉近,局限于近身战斗,长枪可以使用的范围就会被限制住,再加上软剑诡异多变的性质,何奥就会在兵器上处于劣势。 In addition he and Reyes's original power gap, this disadvantage will further be enlarged. 再加上他和德瑞斯原本的实力差距,这个劣势就会进一步被放大。 Two people being well aware this point. 两人都心知肚明这一点。 Therefore leaves a sword to puncture in Reyes, prepares He Ao drags into the close combat dogfight the time, He Ao also the double foot pedal leaps backward, and direct both hands hold a gun, wipes to Reyes nape of the neck. 所以在德瑞斯抽身一剑刺来,准备将何奥拉入近战缠斗的时候,何奥也同时双脚蹬地向后一跃,并直接双手持枪一荡,抹向德瑞斯脖颈。 He also by attacking the generation defends. 他也同样是以攻代守。 However his spear/gun Reyes's soft sword is longer, in two people have in a situation of foundation distance, his pointed weapons are Reyes are easier to attack the target. 但是他的枪比德瑞斯的软剑更长,在两人已经具有一个基础距离的情况下,他的兵刃是比德瑞斯更容易攻击到目标的。 Naturally, his strikes has not thought must strike to cut open Reyes's throat, but must drive back the movement on Reyes hand, making two people distances continue maintains pulls open. 当然,他这一击并没有想过要一击割开德瑞斯的咽喉,而是要逼退德瑞斯手上的动作,让两人的距离继续保持拉开。 However looks that the He Ao lance point wipes, Reyes actually does not dodge, he looks at He Ao, the chuckle, does not fear regarding the attack of He Ao, lifts another hand to grasp directly to the attack of He Ao. 然而看着何奥的枪尖抹来,德瑞斯却是毫不闪躲,他看着何奥,轻笑了一下,对于何奥的攻击丝毫不惧,直接抬起另一只手抓向何奥的攻击。 Card- 卡- Enters the meat along with a sharp blade the sound, Reyes held the intersection point of spear/gun blade and stock unexpectedly forcefully, the sharp spear/gun blade lower end cut open his flesh, red blood obviously on ice-cold spear/gun blade. 伴随着一声利刃入肉的声响,德瑞斯居然硬生生的抓住了枪刃和枪柄的交界处,锋利的枪刃下端割开了他的血肉,红色的鲜血显在冰冷的枪刃上。 However He Ao does not have the energy to look at the blood on that spear/gun blade at this moment again. 然而何奥此刻已经没有精力再去看那枪刃上的鲜血。 Although Reyes's strength is stronger than He Ao, however the He Ao double pistol is not a Reyes hand may keep off. 虽然德瑞斯的力量比何奥更强,但是何奥的双手枪也不是德瑞斯一只手可挡的。 The stock of swaying still gave Reyes to have the impact, but has not actually injured to the opportunity in his strategic point again. 拂动的枪柄依然给德瑞斯造成了冲击,但是却并没有再伤到他的要害的机会。 But at the same time , he although the figure was attacked, but maintained the offensive as before, the soft sword punctured toward the He Ao forehead, even he also immobilized the He Ao pointed weapons at this moment shortly. 而与此同时,他虽然身形被冲击,但是依旧保持住了攻势,软剑向着何奥眉心刺来,甚至此刻他还短暂的钳制住了何奥的兵刃。 In this extremely short distance, the first move of this introduction, as if must turn into killing of sure-kill He Ao to incur. 在这极短的距离里,这开篇的第一招,就似乎要变成绝杀何奥的杀招。 When the strength and all-round strength are stronger than He Ao, Reyes has not had any heart of contempt to He Ao, even directly with being injured for the price, receiving in exchange strikes to kill the He Ao opportunity. 在力量和综合实力都比何奥强的时候,德瑞斯并没有对何奥有任何轻视之心,甚至直接用受伤为代价,换取一击击杀何奥的机会。 He Ao has not reposed in drives back Reyes luckily completely with the long spear/gun, when moves the spear/gun blade, his body is also opening toward one side side. 幸好何奥并没有完全寄托于用长枪逼退德瑞斯,在拨动枪刃的时候,他的身子也在往一侧侧开。 At this time he was seeing with own eyes that sword punctures, he while continue dodge, supports the spear's/gun's body, held bottom of the long spear/gun, a spin, the tall and slender long spear/gun to previous, the contraction, the sharp blade delimits Reyes to grip the blade courageous suddenly the palm. 此时他眼见着那一剑刺来,他在继续闪避的同时,也托住枪身,同时抓住了长枪底部,勐地一旋,细长的长枪向上一顶,骤然收缩,锋利的刀刃划过德瑞斯握住刀刃的手心。 All these almost also happen, in the He Ao contraction stock, turns around dodges at the same time, the before sword point of that short-sword had arrived in the body of He Ao, almost scratches the cheeks of He Ao to fly. 这一切几乎同时发生,在何奥收缩枪柄,转身闪避的同时,那短剑的剑尖已经抵达了何奥的身前,几乎擦着何奥的脸颊飞过。 Just so long as slightly hesitant instantly, the brain of He Ao will be pierced by this sword sharp. 刚刚只要稍微犹豫一个刹那,何奥的大脑就会被这剑尖刺穿。 When the sword blade is scratching the face of He Ao, the movement on Reyes hand has not stopped, but pulls out the sword courageous, shears crosswise toward the bridge of the nose of He Ao. 但是在剑身擦着何奥的脸而过的时候,德瑞斯手上的动作也并没有停下,而是勐地抽剑,向着何奥的鼻梁横向割来。 Between these two moves has not stayed slightly, the transformed silk of strength slippery is ordinary like the running water. 这两招之间丝毫没有停留,力道的转化丝滑的如同流水一般。 Obviously, Reyes had considered after striking the inadequate, move. 很显然,德瑞斯早就考虑到了一击不成的后招。 This sword if successful, the head of He Ao must be divided into two horizontally. 这一剑若是成功,何奥的脑袋就要被横着一分为二了。 Clang- 铿- However in the imagination the scene of red and white splash has not appeared, is just received the lance point of short pistol He Ao lifted happen to keep off before the sword blade of soft sword. 但是想象中红白飞溅的场面并没有出现,刚刚被何奥抬起的已经被收短的短枪的枪尖正好挡在了软剑的剑刃之前。 Meanwhile, He Ao retrocedes with the strength, head one. 与此同时,何奥借力后退,脑袋一偏。 The sword of that soft sword also is almost sharp curving at the same time, bypassed the lance point of pistol, transferred around the He Ao nape of the neck, duplicate/restores shot. 那软剑的剑尖也几乎在这同时弯曲过来,绕过了短枪的枪尖,绕着何奥的脖颈转了一圈,又复弹了回去。 He Ao just head, if leaning 1 : 00 pm, were also pierced by this sword at this moment sharp. 何奥刚刚脑袋若是偏晚 1 点,此刻也被这剑尖洞穿了。 But almost while He Ao and Reyes battle against, several as if with the C level of pollution monster fusion also walked from the stair hall. 而几乎在何奥与德瑞斯开战的同时,有几个似乎与污染怪物融合的C级也从楼梯间里走了出来。 As soon as they come out, saw He Ao and Reyes's dazzling fight. 只是他们一出来,就看到了何奥和德瑞斯眼花缭乱的战斗。 He Ao and Reyes, although has crossed hand several moves, but also is the time of blinking. 何奥与德瑞斯虽然已经过手数招,但是也不过是眨眼的功夫。 They only noticed that Reyes draws a sword to pull out the sword, He Ao wields the spear/gun to pull out the spear/gun. 他们只看到德瑞斯拔剑抽剑,何奥挥枪抽枪。 However this comes one, He Ao seemed like blocked Reyes's attack, this was the determination, moreover oneself leader was also as if injured. 不过这一来一回之间,何奥似乎是挡住了德瑞斯的攻击,这是确定了的,而且自家领袖似乎还受伤了。 They do not seem to think that some people can block Reyes's attack, especially when glimpses ground that C level the corpse, suddenly unexpectedly in same place, does not dare to go forward. 他们似乎从来没有想到有人能挡住德瑞斯的攻击,特别是在瞥见地上那个C级的尸体的时候,一时间竟然愣在了原地,不敢上前。 Good weapon!” “好兵器!” But this moment Reyes shot a look at walking stick pistol in the He Ao hand, acclaimed one. 而此刻德瑞斯只是瞥了一眼何奥手中的拐杖短枪,赞叹了一句。 If this time is not this spear/gun can the nature contraction, and He Ao has god knowledge reinforcement, making it not break off by Reyes directly, otherwise holds that moment of He Ao spear's/gun's body in Reyes, this fight had ended. 这一次如果不是这把枪可以自然收缩,以及何奥有神识加固,使其不被德瑞斯直接折断,否则早在德瑞斯抓住何奥枪身的那一刻,这场战斗就已经结束了。 However even so, among Reyes round trip two, got down to kill to incur to He Ao three times, incurred a move of fatality. 但是即使如此,德瑞斯来去两下之间,也对何奥下了三次杀招,招招致命。 And He Ao condition at this moment actually and was inferior nearby these C levels look like that good. 并且何奥此刻的状况其实并不如旁边那些C级所看的那般好。 Even if he blocked Reyes's killing to incur, even made Reyes receive the small wound, but this injury was Reyes receives not to mention on own initiative, to at this moment, two people among the distance had pulled closer thoroughly. 哪怕他挡住了德瑞斯的杀招,甚至让德瑞斯受了一点小伤,但且不说这伤势是德瑞斯主动受的,到了此刻,两人之间的距离已经彻底拉近了。 Once Reyes near body bites, will not let loose absolutely. 德瑞斯一旦近身咬住,就绝对不会放开。 This means before He Ao, spreads out, with the aid of the strategic intention complete failure of long spear/gun advantage. 这就意味着何奥之前拉开距离,借助长枪优势的战略意图彻底失败了。 Among the two vast gap was further enlarged. 二者之间本就巨大的差距被进一步拉大。 Good sword!” “好剑!” However He Ao does not fear at this moment, he returned to one, and takes advantage of opportunity leaves immediately, in the pistol with hand swings the Reyes's soft sword. 不过何奥此刻也丝毫不惧,他回了一声,并顺势立刻抽身,用手中的短枪荡开德瑞斯的软剑。 He does not draw back instead enters, a spear/gun punctures toward Reyes chest. 他不退反进,一枪向着德瑞斯心口刺去。 But Reyes also almost also jumps, when avoids the lance point that He Ao punctures, lifts by the soft sword that He Ao flies, like the eagle of spreading the wings, from top to bottom, a sword cuts one's throat. 而德瑞斯也几乎同时跃起,在躲开何奥刺来的枪尖的时候,抬起被何奥荡飞的软剑,如同展翅的飞鹰,从上到下,一剑抹颈而来。 He Ao realizes the attack to fail, he without hesitation, takes advantage of opportunity to turn round, the pistol has swung in the top of the head, opens out soft sword that wiped, and while the crevice that Reyes falls to the ground, under the body squats, the both legs present the arch, a spear/gun punctures again to his nape of the neck. 何奥意识到攻击落空,他毫不犹豫,顺势回身,短枪在头顶荡过,拨开了抹来的软剑,并趁着德瑞斯落地的空隙,身子下蹲,双腿呈现弓形,再次一枪向他脖颈刺去。 This spear/gun speed is extremely fast, but was resisted by the soft sword of Reyes fast reverberation as before, belt/bring crooked strength. 这一枪速度极快,但是依旧被德瑞斯快速回荡的软剑抵住,带歪了力道。 Therefore after He Ao takes advantage of opportunity spins, tries to spread out with Reyes again, but Reyes also one step continues to bite He Ao forward. 于是何奥顺势后旋,试图再次和德瑞斯拉开距离,而德瑞斯也向前一步继续咬住何奥 But also in this instantaneous, the He Ao revolving body, a turning around, the spear/gun has like the dragon, the straight thrust to Reyes with surface gate. 而也就在这瞬间,何奥旋转身体,一个鹞子翻身,枪出如龙,直刺向德瑞斯跟来的面门。 Reyes has not as if expected He Ao to retreat in order to advance, but he is not anxious, direct soft sword, the sword blade catches the He Ao short pistol, and makes an effort, pistol that He Ao punctures don't to another. 德瑞斯似乎也没有料到何奥会以退为进,不过他毫不紧张,直接一荡软剑,剑身卡住何奥的短短枪,并用力一拉,将何奥刺来的短枪别向另一处。 Meanwhile, this soft sword receives to the spear's/gun's body catches makes the butterfly blade of spear/gun blade, tries to get down to blowing the butterfly blade of being embed spear's/gun's body directly. 与此同时,这软剑收向枪身卡住做枪刃的蝴蝶刀,试图直接把嵌进枪身的蝴蝶刀给‘刮’下来。 He Ao the vibration spear's/gun's body, grips a situation crank spin immediately, the pistol makes the long spear/gun, a spear/gun again thorn to Reyes's surface gate. 何奥立刻抖动枪身,握住地步曲柄一旋,短枪做长枪,一枪再刺向德瑞斯的面门。 Reyes one side, evades this attack slightly, but the soft sword also follows the spear's/gun's body to skid, naturally falls off. 德瑞斯头微微一侧,躲过这一次攻击,但是软剑也顺着枪身滑动而过,自然脱落。 However lost actually showed a faint smile, loosened the soft sword to Reyes of He Ao immobilization raises to backhandedly, the strength reached the sword to be sharp, thorn to the He Ao lower abdomen. 但是失去了对何奥钳制的德瑞斯却微微一笑,松开了的软剑反手向上一提,力达剑尖,刺向何奥小腹。 He Ao the horizontal spear/gun blocks this sword immediately. 何奥立刻横枪挡住了这一剑。 Meanwhile, the center of gravity of He Ao whole person because also this receives the spear/gun to return courageous keeps off, but is not steady, the strength passes to his body, he tumbles immediately unloads the strength backward. 与此同时,何奥整个人的重心也因为这勐地收枪回挡而不稳,力道传到他的身上,他立刻翻滚向后卸力。 However the movement on Reyes hand simply has not stopped, he takes advantage of opportunity directly forward a thorn, He Ao, although the tumbling hid, however the sharp sword cut his abdomen sharp, bringing the purple-red brilliance blood to soak the white shirt. 但是德瑞斯手上的动作根本没停,他直接顺势向前一刺,何奥虽然翻滚躲了过去,但是锋利的剑尖还是划开了他的腹部,带着紫红色光辉的血液浸透了洁白衬衣。 Sees the brilliance on that blood, Reyes vision concentrates, but the movement on hand has not actually stopped , to continue to puncture forward. 看到那鲜血上的光辉,德瑞斯目光微凝,但是手上的动作却没有停,继续向前刺去。 This punctures again by keeping off of He Ao, but two people drew the position that opens slightly, pulled closer again. 这一刺再次被何奥的挡下,但是原本两人拉的稍开的位置,再一次被拉近。 Meanwhile, from the sky tumbles the He Ao twinkling without fallen to the ground to receive the long spear/gun for the pistol, then the hand touches to the butterfly blade that the spear/gun withstand/top, takes the butterfly blade of spear/gun blade to take down this unexpectedly directly, then turns over/stands up to fall to the ground. 与此同时,在空中翻滚还未落地的何奥瞬息将长枪收为短枪,然后手摸到枪顶的蝴蝶刀,竟然直接将这作为枪刃的蝴蝶刀取了下来,然后翻身落地。 Reyes vision slightly one bright, saying with a smile, is good to make a decision.” 德瑞斯目光微微一亮,笑道,“好决断。” This moment He Ao had realized that Reyes certainly not to him the possibility of move back, but the soft sword hits pistol type of hard stick shape weapon, itself has the advantage. 此刻何奥已经意识到德瑞斯绝不会给他拉远的可能,而软剑打短枪这种硬棍状武器,本身就有优势。 Therefore He Ao decisive disassembles the pistol, changes to the butterfly blade and walking stick long short two weapons, the individual changes the double soldier, changing are more, to suppress strange changeable soft sword. 于是何奥果断的将短枪拆开,化作蝴蝶刀和拐杖一长一短两个兵器,单兵变双兵,变化更多,以压制诡异多变的软剑。 In fact, on his present weapon had been suppressed completely, if he is also maintaining just expansion spear/gun modeling, but also is clinging to the long spear/gun advantage to attempt the move back, then most five moves, must die without doubt. 事实上,他现在武器上已经被完全压制,如果他还维持着刚刚的伸缩枪造型,还在贪恋长枪优势试图拉远,接下来最多五招,必死无疑。 This is also Reyes praises the reason of He Ao good resolution, in fight that like this disappears, few people can respond this issue, even if can respond, will cling to the long spear/gun advantage, wants to try to be able the move back. 这也是德瑞斯夸赞何奥好决断的原因,在这样转瞬即逝的战斗中,很少有人能反应过来这个问题,哪怕能反应过来,也会贪恋长枪优势,想试试能不能拉远。 Even if clings to many one second, perhaps is the life and death disparity. 哪怕只是贪恋多一秒,恐怕就是生与死的差距。 But Reyes is praising, but the movement on his hand has not stopped slightly. 而德瑞斯虽然夸赞着,但是他手上的动作丝毫没停。 Although his strength is stronger than He Ao, truly suppressed He Ao, however in this short confrontation, he indeed has not occupied anything to be greatly cheap. 虽然他的力量比何奥更强,也确实压制住了何奥,但是在这短暂的交锋中,他的确没有占到什么大便宜。 The He Ao speed and response, as well as unload the strength skill and terrifying fight intuition, flared out a point among two people the disparity. 何奥的速度和反应,以及卸力技巧和恐怖的战斗直觉,都拉平了一点两人之间的差距。 They have the disparity, but without is so big. 他们有差距,但是没有那么大。 He Ao has the move and was inferior that he has the corpse mountain blood sea constriction face to face generally, but each move has the unprecedentedness, to dying fresh sharpness. 何奥出招并不如他一般有尸山血海当面的压迫感,但是每一招都有一往无前,向死而生的锐利。 This proves his present youngest brother, is innumerable the character who crawls from the life and death. 这证明他眼前的这个‘老兄弟’,也是无数次从生死中爬出来的人物。 Naturally, facing Reyes's praise, He Ao not self-satisfied. 当然,面对德瑞斯的夸赞,何奥并没有志得意满。 He is very clear, what now falls on leeward is he. 他很清楚,现在落在下风的是他。 Ultra in his mind recalled that in commencing of action, is trying to construct Lide Reyes's fight model, sentences Reyes's movement in advance. 他脑海中的超忆在战斗开始,就在试图建立德瑞斯的战斗模型,预判德瑞斯的动作。 However among Reyes's movements almost does not have the obvious duplication, moreover presses on step by step, He Ao estimated that and other fight models are established, the fight had ended. 但是德瑞斯的动作之间几乎没有明显的重复性,而且步步紧逼,何奥估计等战斗模型确立好,战斗早就已经结束了。 He only has the time of ten seconds of eruption, even if only the intermittence in the fight assembles the strength, this moment these time have also used half. 他只有十秒的爆发的时间,哪怕只在战斗中间歇性调集力量,此刻这些时间也已经用去了一半。 He grasps to stop the walking stick and butterfly blade. 他握住手中的拐杖和蝴蝶刀。 Life and death, during this remaining these five seconds. 生死,就在这剩下这五秒之中了。 The next second, a Reyes sword comes toward He Ao again, He Ao lifts the butterfly blade to block the sword blade, Reyes pulls out the sword immediately from under again, He Ao rotates the wrist/skill immediately, the knife point downward, blocked this struck. 下一秒,德瑞斯再次一剑向着何奥噼来,何奥抬起蝴蝶刀挡住剑刃,德瑞斯抽剑立刻从下方再噼,何奥立刻转动手腕,刀尖向下,挡住了这一击。 The numb feeling of vibration reverberates in his wrist/skill slightly. 微微震动的酥麻感在他的手腕上回荡。 Single-handed takes the weapon, did not have both hands to grasp the strength of spear/gun, facing Reyes's powerful attack, he can only attempt to adjust the figure, the reverse use of Fist Arts collection strength skill, reduced and solved the offensive. 单手拿着兵器,就没有了双手握枪的力道,面对德瑞斯的强力攻击,他只能尝试调整身形,将拳法汇集力量技巧的反向利用,化解攻势。 Naturally, he first time is not used this skill, but from commencing of action, even started to try the strength that reduced and solved Reyes to attack from Reyes that probe. 当然,他并不是第一次使用这个技巧,而是从战斗开始,甚至从德瑞斯那一次试探就开始在尝试化解德瑞斯攻来的力量了。 Arrived at this moment, him also has the preliminary comprehension to these skills, and starts to fuse with own Fist Arts, changes to the style these skills, further supplemented in the Fist Arts. 到了此刻,他对这些技巧也已经有了初步的领悟,并且开始与自己的拳法融合起来,将这些技巧化作招式,进一步补充进拳法里了。 These reduce and solve the strength the skill, although cannot promote his strength directly, but can make strength that the enemy attacks enter the whole body, avoids some region being broken through suddenly. 这些化解力量的技巧虽然不能直接提升他的力量,但是可以让敌人攻来的力道化入全身,避免某一个区域被骤然攻破。 The injury that although he withstands is the same, but the method of obviously this resolution strength, can make the time that he fights longer, the strength of resisting is stronger, strengthened his endurance and defensive power in disguised form. 虽然他承受的伤害是一样的,但是明显这种化解力量的方法,能够让他战斗的时间更久,抵挡的力量更强,变相的增强了他的耐力和防御力。 When most starts, Reyes exceeds he 1/3 strengths to attack, he uses unable to resist single-handed, and cannot with resist single-handed, this is also he most starts on the reason of not direct double weapon. 在最开始的时候,德瑞斯超过他三分之一的力量攻来,他用单手是根本抵挡不住的,并且也不能用单手抵挡住,这也是他最开始不直接上双武器的原因。 After He Ao blocks the Reyes's series double click single-handed, Reyes gawked finally, looked up He Ao. 而在何奥单手挡住德瑞斯的连环双击之后,德瑞斯终于愣了一下,抬头看了一眼何奥 He realized, He Ao grows in this fight unexpectedly, in some sense also obtained the breakthrough. 他意识到,何奥居然在这战斗中成长,某种意义上还获得了突破。 What abnormal talent this is, passing on military this talent sequence is so abnormal? 这是什么变态天赋,传武者这个天赋序列有这么变态吗? What was own before saw fake biography military? 自己以前见的是假的传武者? But at this time, He Ao had actually been driven back nearby the stair hall, happen to near that C level of several coming up. 而这个时候,何奥其实已经被逼退到了楼梯间附近,正好就在那几个上来的C级附近。 These people also responded finally from the god, they look He Ao was being pressed hitting by Reyes, had the courage finally, split the different monsters instantaneously, attacked toward He Ao. 这几个人也终于从愣神中反应过来,他们看着何奥被德瑞斯压着打,也终于鼓起了勇气,瞬间裂开成不同的怪物,向着何奥攻来。 He Ao lifts the walking stick of another hand, a walking stick held to put on a forefront monster throat. 何奥抬起另一只手的拐杖,一拐杖捅穿了最前面的一个怪物喉咙。 Then makes an effort to throw, blocks the monster that following several flushed. 然后用力一抛,挡住了后面几个冲来的怪物。 Looks that is killed their companions by the He Ao backhand second that Reyes suppresses, these monsters gawked, realized oneself just seemed some to be self-confident, therefore they shrank rapidly. 看着被德瑞斯压制的何奥反手秒杀了他们的同伴,这几个怪物愣了一下,意识到自己刚刚好像有些过于自信了,于是他们又迅速缩了回去。 Actually they really close , the additional highest virtue Reyes's suppression, can definitely cause the damage to He Ao. 其实他们真的一拥而上,加上德瑞斯的压制,肯定能对何奥造成伤害的。 Just like Reyes said that C level that these dependence pollution monsters raise, is the crooked melon rotten jujubes, perhaps running free can also wave one group, instigated against the wind directly. 但是正如德瑞斯所说,这些依靠污染怪物提升起来的C级,都是歪瓜烂枣,顺风或许还能浪一拨,逆风就直接怂了。 He Ao while the Reyes's absent-minded time, second of fell flushing quickest, they do not dare to continue to proceed. 何奥趁着德瑞斯失神的功夫,秒掉了一个冲的最快的,他们就不敢继续往前了。 However He Ao has not stopped the attention in these people, because this moment Reyes has revived from the god. 不过何奥也没有把注意力停在这些人身上,因为此刻德瑞斯已经从愣神中苏醒了过来。 Reyes is actually all that noticed just to have, but he has not actually calculated these C level monsters in his strength, so long as these people were not a drag on his, even if helping him. 德瑞斯其实是注意到了刚刚发生的一切的,但是他其实也并没有把这些C级怪物算在他的战力里,这些人只要不拖他的后腿,就算是在帮他了。 He looked at He Ao one, lifts the sword to continue to puncture forward. 他看了何奥一眼,抬剑继续向前一刺一荡。 He Ao turns the wrist sword to be sharp, the blocked Reyes's soft sword sword hilt, at the same time, his body depends suddenly to the soft sword, evading the soft sword because of the hit was curving returning thorn that but spins. 何奥翻腕剑尖向上,挡住的德瑞斯的软剑剑柄,与此同时,他的身体骤然靠向软剑一侧,躲过了软剑因撞击弯曲而旋来的回刺。 Meanwhile, the butterfly blade diagonal previous stroke in his hand, cut Reyes to hold the wrist/skill of sword. 与此同时,他手中的蝴蝶刀斜向前一划,划破了德瑞斯持剑的手腕。 This is the advantage of butterfly blade type of short blade is, flexible, changeable, and fast. 这就是蝴蝶刀这种短刃的优势所在,灵活,多变,而且快速。 Reyes stops doing courageous, he looks at the red blood that a wrist/skill seeped out. 德瑞斯勐地抽手,他看了一眼自己手腕渗出的红色血液。 This strikes not the injury to other party to become Taida, but this means that He Ao had no longer been suppressed by him, had the ability of counter-attack. 这一击并没有对他造成太大的伤害,但是这意味着何奥已经不再被他压制,有了反击的能力。 But at this time He Ao had not stopped, while Reyes slightly surprised time, he lifts the butterfly blade courageous, a blade punctures forward. 而这个时候何奥也并没有停下,趁着德瑞斯稍微惊讶的时候,他勐地抬起蝴蝶刀,一刀向前刺出。 Reyes lifts the sword to block immediately. 德瑞斯立刻抬剑挡住。 He Ao draws a sword immediately punctures again, the blade sets level, shears to Reyes's nape of the neck, was blocked by Reyes again. 何奥立刻抽刀再刺,刀刃放平,割向德瑞斯的脖颈,又再次被德瑞斯挡住。 Two people crossed several moves in the time of blinking again, looks that nearby crooked melon rotten jujube C level is dazzled. 两人在眨眼的时间里再次过了几招,看着一旁的歪瓜烂枣C级眼花缭乱。 In fact, even to at this moment, He Ao had not displayed to defeat Reyes's strength, but had reluctantly the strength of counter-attack. 事实上,即便到了此刻,何奥也没有表现出能战胜德瑞斯的实力,只是拥有了勉强反击的力量。 But when a He Ao blade thorn to Reyes's surface gate, the red brilliance shines again suddenly in the Reyes's profound eye socket. 而就在何奥再次一刀刺向德瑞斯的面门的时候,红色的光辉在德瑞斯幽深的眼窝中骤然亮起。 The terrifying pressure flash in the He Ao mind crack, making the constriction that one trembled make the He Ao unconscious bow the body roll up. 恐怖的威压一瞬间在何奥的脑海中炸响,令人战栗的压迫感让何奥不自觉的弓起身子蜷缩起来。 At this moment, He Ao as if faces no longer is that experienced senior mercenary, but is facing a whole body to cover entirely the brilliance and blood the knight of gods. 此时此刻,何奥仿佛面对的不再是那个久经沙场的老雇佣兵,而是在面对一个浑身布满光辉与鲜血的神明的骑士。 But he sentence under that sword hunchback heresy. 而他则是在那剑下句偻的‘异端’。 The terrifying the chaotic dance music of noise in the He Ao ear bank crack, came from the oppression of soul presses in his shoulders, just like a pair of terrifying great hand according to his body, must press him is kneeing down. 恐怖而喧嚣的混乱舞曲在何奥的耳畔炸响,来自于灵魂的压迫压在他的双肩,宛如一双恐怖的巨手按在他的身体上,要将他按着跪倒在地。 Punishes abstention knight?” “惩・・・戒骑士?” He Ao difficult haunches the body, by oneself under this constriction was not kneed down. 何奥艰难的支撑起身子,让自己不在这压迫感下跪倒在地。 This talent sequence seems like, not only has the battle efficiency of soldier, but can also rely on the mysterious strength like Shaman. 这个天赋序列看起来不光拥有战士的战斗力,还能像萨满一样借助神秘力量。 Counter-attack stance that just He Ao obtained difficultly, at this moment like frail glazed frost same by crumb easily. 刚刚何奥艰难才取得的反击姿态,此刻如同脆弱的薄冰一样被轻易的捏碎。 Until at this moment, Reyes put forth his true strength. 直到此刻,德瑞斯才使出了他真正的力量。 His tranquil gaze He Ao, has not been launching the attack immediately again, but is sighs lightly, youngest brother, your talent was good, gives you more time, you not necessarily cannot exceed me.” 他平静的注视着何奥,没有立刻再发起攻击,而是轻叹了一口气,“老兄弟,你的天赋太好了,给你更多的时间,你未必不能超越我。” Goes all out, with full power. 狮子搏兔,亦用全力。 This is he gives the respect of He Ao talent. 这是他给何奥天赋的尊重。 He will not give the He Ao time again, the time of even if in the fight breaking through. 他也不会再给何奥时间,哪怕是在战斗中突破的时间。
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