LCG :: Volume #3 举着火把的人

#689 Part 2: The B level, I have also killed

Also almost makes the instance of operation in them, Yin Xiya one dozen of steering wheels, the vehicles of high-speed running quickly incline courageous instantaneously, the gate of copilot swings slightly. 也几乎在他们做出操作的瞬间,尹希亚勐地一打方向盘,高速奔驰的车辆瞬间倾斜,副驾驶的门微微荡开。 She depended upon the unilateral wheel to be slanting like this was crossing all -terrain vehicle from the crevice, she has turned head, swept on an all-terrain vehicle people of delay. 她就这样依靠单边的车轮斜着从夹缝中越过了越野车,她扭过头去,扫了一眼越野车上呆滞的人们。 In instance that two car(riage)s connect, sits in an all-terrain vehicle back row man and Yin Xi suborder light intersection, he jumps suddenly, dug up Picka's latter car(riage) to fight directly, forwarded following Yin Xiya vehicles. 在两车交汇的瞬间,坐在越野车后排的一个男人和尹希亚目光相交,他骤然跃起,直接扒住了皮卡的后车斗,顺着尹希亚的车辆向前。 Then his both hands change to the sharp claws, cuts the car(riage) back row instantaneously the iron sheet, like tearing into shreds the flimsy same tore into shreds these tinsels. 然后他双手化作利爪,瞬间划开车后排的铁皮,如同撕碎薄纸一样撕碎了这些金属片。 Falls to the ground in Picka car(riage) wheel, the automobile body returns to the instance, his body also sneaks in the crack that oneself dug up, puts out a hand to turn toward Yin Xiya on driver seat to grasp. 在皮卡车车轮落地,车身回正的瞬间,他的身体也钻进了自己挖开的破洞,伸手向着驾驶座上的尹希亚抓去。 A Yin Xiya foot accelerator, turns right in the front crossroad courageous. 尹希亚一脚油门,在前方路口勐地右转。 This rear form swayed, but he holds Picka back row seat stubbornly, had not been flung. 这个后方的身影摇晃了一下,但是他已经死死的抓住了皮卡后排座椅,并没有被甩出去。 Minister Yin Xiya, leaves one's post is not the good method.” “尹希亚部长,临阵离岗可不是什么好做法。” The men look at Yin Xiya, sends out a chuckle, he climbed the compartment forward, the sharp claws wiped toward Yin Xiya nape of the neck. 男人看着尹希亚,发出一声轻笑,他向前爬进了车厢,利爪向着尹希亚脖颈抹来。 Originally does your D level come?” “原来你的D级是这么来的?” Yin Xiya looked up a rear view mirror, extracted a pistol from nearby gate instantaneously, aiming behind was a spear/gun. 尹希亚抬头看了一眼后视镜,从旁边的门上瞬间抽出一把手枪,对准身后就是一枪。 Center this spear/gun the youth forehead, the bullet submerged his brain, was actually pushed by his flesh forcefully, falls on the ground. 这一枪正中了青年脑门,子弹没入他的大脑,却被他的血肉硬生生挤了出来,落在地上。 This in the man who behind follows, is the D level that and Yin Xiya adjusts together. 这个在后面尾随而来的男人,就是那个和尹希亚一起调来的D级。 However he and Yin Xi who adjusts from the branch is different, he moves from the pollution cleaning up division headquarters, he became of Saint Jon branch head hopefully. 不过他和从分部调来的尹希亚不同,他是从污染清理司总部调过来的,原本他才是最有希望成为圣乔恩分部负责人的那个。 Sweetheart, ended.” “甜心,结束了。” The men stretch out the sharp claws, stretches out along the vehicle door of left side driver seat, prepares escape route that while sealing up Yin Xiya escapes, pierces Yin Xiya heart. 男人伸出利爪,沿着左侧驾驶座的车门伸出,准备在封住尹希亚逃跑的后路的同时,刺穿尹希亚的心脏。 Also in this instantaneous, Yin Xiya draws seat nearby switch courageous, untied the seat limit inertia, the body after instantaneous lies down, evades the attack that the man cancelled all of a sudden. 也就在这瞬间,尹希亚勐地拉动座椅旁边的开关,解开了座椅限制,身子顺着惯性瞬间后躺,一下子躲过了男人勾来的攻击。 The men as if this operated startled are gawked. 男人似乎被这操作惊的愣了一下。 Then Yin Xiya seizes the time, a tumbling rolled the copilot, shoves open gate that the copilot simply had not locked, jumped. 然后尹希亚抓住时机,一个翻滚滚到了副驾驶,推开了副驾驶根本没锁的门,跳了下去。 The half body is the man of monster turns the head to pursue immediately. 已经半边身体是怪物的男人立刻转头就要追来。 Yin Xiya actually lifted her to grip the hand of steering wheel, reveals explosive charge that the palm pressed firmly between the fingers, pressed down suddenly. 尹希亚却抬起了她一直握住方向盘的手,露出了手心捏住的起爆器,骤然按下。 Bang- 轰- Picka car(riage) rolls by from her behind, the raging flame from the sky blasts out. 皮卡车从她身后驶过,熊熊烈火在空中炸开。 The heat wave of rushing has blown she brown golden curly hair, the fierce flame burns in her suddenly behind, in flame that rushes, as if there is physique of some distortion to try to struggle, but integrated in the flame to change to the hard coke finally. 澎湃的热浪吹过她棕金色的卷发,骤烈的火焰在她身后燃烧,在那澎湃的火焰中,似乎有某种扭曲的形体正在试图挣扎,但是最终还是融入了火焰中化作了焦炭。 Before Yin Xiya looked at a body , the cut clothing, puts out a hand to cover, standing up of staggering, walks toward the front jet black tunnel. 尹希亚看了一眼身前被划破的衣衫,伸手盖住,踉跄的站起身来,向着前方的漆黑巷道中走去。 She is also insufficient sweet to prepare to anything not to do entirely white. 她也不至于傻白甜到什么准备都不做。 She lifts wristband, reported a news to go out with the voice assistant. 她抬起手环,用语音助手发了一个消息出去。 Quick, she received an automatic reply. 很快,她收到了一个自动回复。 That is south city an address of clinic. 那是南城一个诊所的地址。 Has not waited for her to respond, in the front tunnel drives out of an unmanned all-terrain vehicle slowly. 还没等她反应过来,前方的巷道里缓缓驶出一辆无人的越野车。 Opposite that venerable seems to have expected is such result, has arranged all. 对面那位老先生似乎早已料到是如此的结局,已然安排好了一切。 She sighed slightly. 她微微叹息一声。 This feeling looks like the gentle elder in the attendance ignorant and rash granddaughter. 这感觉就像是慈祥的长辈在照顾懵懂且莽撞的孙女。 …… …… Pollution cleaning up division building attic restaurant 污染清理司大楼・顶楼餐厅 Although here is putting a sign of restaurant, but actually exceptionally crude, old person who only then a small table, serving food staff, a small bookshelf, as well as silver-haired sitting are reading after the table. 这里虽然放着一个餐厅的牌子,但是却异常的简陋,只有一个小餐桌,一个端菜的工作人员,一个小书架,以及一个满头银发的坐在餐桌后正在看书的老人。 He Ao is raising the suitcase, stands before the railing of attic, took a fast look around one downward. 何奥提着手提箱,站在顶楼的围栏前,向下扫视了一眼。 At this moment in step, the mercenary team of rigid discipline passes through from downstairs. 此刻正有一支步伐整齐,纪律严明的雇佣兵队伍从楼下走过。 They pass through the street time, has not returned, as if is very strange to all. 他们走过街道的时候,头都不曾回一下,似乎对一切都很陌生。 „The mercenary who comes from the city, seems like not the Saint Jon's person.” “这些从城外进来的雇佣兵,看起来并不是圣乔恩的人。” He takes back the vision, has turned around to say. 他收回目光,转过身道。 It is said that side triumphant Alone Group had a false to all mercenaries, therefore also some outside mercenaries come, when travelled.” “据说凯杰特集团那边给所有佣兵都放了一个假,所以也有一些外地的雇佣兵进来,就当旅行了。” In the silver-haired old person's closes hand book, looks up to He Ao, now Sietow youngest brother, the quick zero point, our dinners eats probably is somewhat late.” 银发老人将手中的书合上,抬头看向何奥,“西托老兄弟,现在都快零点了,咱们这个晚餐吃的好像有些晚。” He looked at staff one eyes, the staff puts out two bottles to seem like the price not poor red wine to place on the table immediately to open, then put out two wine glasses to place on the table, and took up the intercom to make the kitchen serve food. 他看了身旁的工作人员一眼,工作人员立刻拿出两瓶看起来价格就不菲的红酒放在了餐桌上打开,然后拿出两个酒杯放在餐桌上,并拿起对讲机让厨房上菜。 Non- evening.” “不晚。” He Ao raised the suitcase to sit opposite of the silver-haired old person, „the present dim light of night is just right.” 何奥提着手提箱坐在了银发老人对面,“现在夜色正好。” Ha, a Sietow youngest brother actually outstanding person,” “哈哈哈,西托老兄弟倒是一个妙人,” The old person took up the red wine, as if somewhat fondly remembers, „before me , many old friends of a similar age, everyone can gather together before momentarily drinks, I do not feel anything, but I want now asks them to drink, the discovery could not have found the person.” 老人拿起了红酒,似乎有些怀念,“我以前也有很多年龄相彷的老朋友,以前大家随时都可以聚在一起喝酒的时候,我不觉得什么,但是我现在想要找他们喝酒的时候,才发现已经找不到人了。” He looks at He Ao, said with a smile, person who our two old men, the half body were buried, honest, looked at you to walk imposing, waist straight back, during the actions naturally had a rhythm, seems like talent sequence that paid great attention to wrestle? I on you always felt that has a familiar sharp qi, are you also pass on military?” 他看着何奥,笑道,“咱们两个老头子,半截身子入土的人了,坦诚一点吧,看你走路虎虎生风,腰直背挺,行动之间自然有一种韵律,看起来像是注重格斗的天赋序列?我在你身上总感觉有一股熟悉的锐气,你也是‘传武者’?” He sets out slowly, be with smile on the face, to the He Ao liquor, passes on military but actually, I have killed.” 他缓缓起身,面带微笑,给何奥倒酒,“传武者,我杀过。” He Ao also takes up another bottle of red wines, sets out to put out a hand to give the old person on but actually, 何奥也拿起另一瓶红酒,起身伸手给老人倒上, „The B level, I have also killed.” “B级,我也杀过。”
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