GSOH :: Volume #4

#336: Must add money

Nine spirit Monster Saint see crack Monster Saint that anxiety the appearance, knits the brows: „ Did I say you to be able don't a mean-spirited Para's appearance? 九灵妖圣看到裂地妖圣那副肉疼的模样,不禁皱眉道:“我说你能不能别一副小气巴拉的样子? If you feel the anxiety, I make up for you with several types of Magical Treasure and that's the end, has no big using with your, is only compared with the unusual treasure, my Magical Treasure not compared with your thing precious many? ” 你若是感觉肉疼,我拿几样法宝弥补你就是了,跟你那些没什么大用,只是稀奇的宝物相比,我的法宝不比你那些东西珍贵的多?” Crack Monster Saint shakes the head saying: „ Is that possibly same? Your these Magical Treasure can refine, these treasures that I collect may be the solitaries. 裂地妖圣摇摇头道:“那怎么可能一样?你的那些法宝都是可以炼制出来的,我收集的那些宝物可都是孤品。 Is just like the black spirit bead that South Sea great clam delivers, must know the great clam, only then lives thousand years old to deliver the spirit bead, over ten thousand spirit beads only have one are the black. 就好比那南海巨蜃所产出的黑色灵珠,要知道巨蜃只有活到千岁才能够产出灵珠来,上万灵珠才只有一枚是黑色的。 It can be said that this black spirit bead seizes existence that the world good fortune can be born, you said that he is precious? ” 可以说这黑色灵珠可是夺天地造化才会诞生的存在,你说他珍贵不珍贵?” Nine spirit Monster Saint curl the lip saying: „ Except for containing a wee bit weak spirit strength, can make some illusions in addition to fall asleep, isn't useful? 九灵妖圣撇撇嘴道:“除了蕴含一丁点微弱的灵力,外加能够制造一些幻觉让人入梦,有个屁用? A few words, are you willing to put out a thing to make that valuable mouse king Lvxian surrender us? 一句话,你到底愿不愿意拿出点东西来让那宝鼠王率先归降我们? When we will occupy Southern Territory Fire Continent in the future thoroughly, controls continent Monster Race, after founding the countries of ten thousand monster, what treasure can't you attain? ” 等日后我们彻底占据了南域火洲,掌控一洲妖族,建立万妖之国后,什么宝物你拿不到?” Crack Monster Saint hears word clenches teeth: Ok! My this takes!” 裂地妖圣闻言一咬牙:“行!我这就去拿!” After the moment, after crack Monster Saint puts out several types of precious most precious objects, gave eight Sir willow it, the preparation made him ask valuable mouse king to discuss. 片刻后,裂地妖圣拿出几样珍贵的至宝后,将其交给了八柳大人,准备让他去找宝鼠王谈一谈。 Although nine spirit Monster Saint indeed are wants to gather the valuable mouse king, but also takes the thing personally to act, that also potential surface fell in price. 虽然九灵妖圣的确是想要招揽宝鼠王,不过又拿东西又亲自出面的,那也位面太掉价了一些。 Let with for of eight Sir willow 36 monster kings go, so the status is coordinated. 让同为三十六妖王之一的八柳大人前去,如此身份才算是对等。 Takes the thing, complexion slightly somewhat pale eight Sir willow cautious should, go to the cave mansion of valuable mouse king. 拿着东西,面色略微有些苍白的八柳大人小心翼翼的应下,前往宝鼠王的洞府。 Previous time he pounded to the office nine spirit Monster Saint things, goes back, but received nine spirit Monster Saint big disciplinary punishment, it can be said that the vitality damages severely. 上次他把九灵妖圣的事情给办砸了,回去可是受到了九灵妖圣不小的惩戒,可以说是元气大伤。 Also luckily he is nine spirit Monster Saint few trusted aides, the strength ability is good, this let off by nine spirit Monster Saint reluctantly, and gave him a duty. 也幸亏他是九灵妖圣为数不多的心腹,实力能力都算是不错,这才被九灵妖圣勉强放过,并且又交给了他一次任务。 Therefore this eight Sir willow sets firm resolve, cannot pound to the office the matter again, otherwise he may really not have the face to come back to see nine spirit Monster Saint. 所以这次八柳大人可是下定了决心,可不能再将事情给办砸了,否则他可就真的没脸回来见九灵妖圣了。 Goes to the Mt. Wanbao multi- treasure hole of valuable mouse king, in this period can also pass by the territory of ya zi monster king. 一路前往宝鼠王的万宝山多宝洞,期间也是能够路过睚眦妖王的领地的。 However eight Sir willow also knows the personality of ya zi monster king, therefore then circled on own initiative, does not want to annoy troublesome. 不过八柳大人也知道睚眦妖王的性格,所以便主动绕了过去,不想去惹麻烦。 As everyone knows his action was actually watched by Li Xuanzong, even he just had/left azure radish lake Li Xuanzong then to know. 殊不知他的行动却都被李玄宗看在了眼里,甚至他刚刚出青萝湖李玄宗便知道了。 Because under nine spirit Monster Saint has to move the mountain Monster Saint undercover. 因为九灵妖圣麾下可是有着搬山妖圣的卧底在的。 The accurate point is actually not the undercover, but is one diverts attention turns toward moves mountain Monster Saint Monster Race. 准确点来说其实也不是卧底,而是一部分心中向着搬山妖圣妖族 Moves mountain Monster Saint to control Southern Territory Fire Continent for a long time, although because of the reason of strategy, and can not the Monster Race will of the people, was not understood by most Monster Race. 搬山妖圣主宰南域火洲这么长时间,虽然因为自身策略的原因,并不得妖族人心,也不被大部分妖族所理解。 However in the part of Monster Race hearts is always reading good that moves mountain Monster Saint, is willing to stand in this kind of time moving mountain Monster Saint. 但是总有一部分妖族心中还是念着搬山妖圣的好,愿意在这种时候站在搬山妖圣这边的。 When nine spirit Monster Saint start blatantly rebels to move mountain Monster Saint, under him even has few people on own initiative to relate to hold up day of Monster Saint, is willing to give the message for them in secret. 所以在九灵妖圣公然开始反叛搬山妖圣的时候,他麾下甚至有一部分人主动去联系擎天妖圣,愿意为他们暗中传递消息。 Mt. Wanbao that the valuable mouse king is at although named Mt. Wanbao, is actually a common barren hill. 宝鼠王所在的万宝山虽然名为万宝山,其实就是一片寻常的荒山。 But the entire mountain massif pulled out to empty, is used to make secret room one after another, stores up his various treasures. 只不过整个山体都被掏空了,用来做成一间一间的密室,储存他的各种宝物。 After eight Sir willow arrives at the cave mansion of valuable mouse king, cannot bear curling the lip of shuts out. 当八柳大人来到宝鼠王的洞府之后,忍不住嫌弃的撇了撇嘴。 This valuable mouse king net worth can be said as among the entire 36 monster kings being richest, finally is is actually stingy. 这宝鼠王身家可以说是整个三十六妖王当中最为丰厚的,结果为人却是抠门至极。 The good and evil is also the monster king cave mansion, finally is actually the stingy, even a wee bit gold and silver decorations do not have. 好歹也是妖王洞府,结果却是抠抠搜搜的,甚至连一丁点的金银装饰都没有。 Originally is eight monster kings comes visiting unexpectedly, has to lose welcomes, has to lose welcomes.” “原来竟是八首妖王来访,有失远迎,有失远迎啊。” A whole body wears the fine silks brocade robe, the stature be only half person of high, keeps the middle-aged person who two are casting aside funny mouse reckless to walk, is all smile. 一个浑身穿着绫罗锦袍,身材只有半人高,留着两撇滑稽老鼠胡的中年人走出来,满脸堆笑。 The eight monster king with opposite party false smalltalk, came straight to the point to say later directly: „ Valuable mouse king, the Southern Territory Fire Continent situation you should also know at present. 八首妖王跟对方虚伪的客套了一番,随后直接开门见山道:“宝鼠王,眼下南域火洲的局势你也应该都知道了。 How long moved mountain Monster Saint unable to live, but entire Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Race may also need some people to stand to work as this leader. 搬山妖圣活不了多长时间了,但整个南域火洲妖族可还需要有人站出来当这个领袖。 The entire Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Saint powerhouse, has this strength prestige except for my family nine spirit Monster Saint, who can? 整个南域火洲妖圣强者,除了我家九灵妖圣有这个实力这个威望,还有谁人能及? At present if the valuable mouse king you are willing first to stand to join under nine spirit Monster Saint, my family Sir will not treat unjustly absolutely your. ” 眼下若是宝鼠王你愿意首先站出来加入九灵妖圣麾下,我家大人绝对不会亏待你的。” On valuable mouse king face revealed a forced smile saying: In everyone ordinary day was used to freely, even if nine spirit Monster Saint wanted control Southern Territory Fire Continent, we will not oppose.” 宝鼠王脸上露出了一丝苦笑道:“大家平日里都是自由自在惯了,就算九灵妖圣想要统御南域火洲,咱们也都不会反对的。” Eight willow Sir cold -ly snorted and said: „ Did not oppose, but will not actually support, right? 八柳大人冷哼道:“不反对,但却也不会支持,对吗? Therefore is my family Sir Monster Race leader, the one-man army? ” 所以我家大人这个妖族领袖,就是个光杆司令?” Valuable mouse king Cuo rubbed hands saying: I am not this meaning, even if moved mountain Monster Saint before , has not requested us to submit to forcefully.” 宝鼠王搓了搓手道:“我可不是这个意思,就算是以前搬山妖圣在的时候,不也是没强行要求我们臣服嘛。” Facial color of eight Sir willow one black, this dead mouse is holding is installing clearly muddled. 八柳大人的面色一黑,这死老鼠就是在揣着明白装糊涂。 Before to move the mountain Monster Saint strength, who dares to say a non- character before him? 之前以搬山妖圣的实力,谁人敢在他面前说一个不字? Therefore at that time moved mountain Monster Saint control Southern Territory Fire Continent is the default unspoken rule, his a few words who does not dare, since? Also with said that specially submits to two characters? 所以那时候搬山妖圣统御南域火洲都是默认的潜规则了,他一句话谁敢不从?还用专门说臣服二字吗? Eight willow Sir cold snort/hum, fling before directly, crack Monster Saint to his these treasures, asked: „ Good valuable mouse king, everyone also left here empty and winding. 八柳大人冷哼一声,直接甩出来之前裂地妖圣给他的那些宝物,问道:“行了宝鼠王,大家也都别在这里虚与委蛇了。 My family Sir needs some Southern Territory Fire Continent western these Monster Race influence people to take the lead to indicate to submit, plays a leading role, best is existence of monster king rank. 我家大人需要南域火洲西部这些妖族势力有人率先表示臣服,起到一个带头的作用,最好是妖王级别的存在。 Your status is just right, if you comply, these treasures are your. 你的身份正好合适,若是你答应下来,这些宝物就都是你的。 Relax, my family Sir does not need you to break through enemy lines in the front, does not need your treasures, he only needed you to stand to work as a vanguard to be good. ” 放心,我家大人也不需要你在面前冲锋陷阵,也不需要你的那些宝物,他只需要你站出来当个先锋就好了。” The valuable mouse king noticed that these treasures both eyes shine immediately, the saliva soon remained. 宝鼠王看到这些宝物顿时双目放光,口水都快要留下来了。 Valuable mouse king this whole life only then two hobbies, one is to like collecting various treasures, one is lascivious. 宝鼠王这辈子只有两个爱好,一个是喜欢收集各种宝物,一个则是好色。 At this time had a look at these treasures he almost then to comply, but actually endured forcefully, simultaneously in his eye greedy color actually also even more dignified. 此时看看到这些宝物他几乎便要答应了,不过却硬生生忍了下来,同时他眼中贪婪之色却也是越发的凝重。 Considered the moment, valuable mouse king Heihei said with a smile: „ Since nine spirit Sirs have the sincerity, I am not naturally good to reject. 斟酌了片刻,宝鼠王嘿嘿笑道:“既然九灵大人如此有诚意,我自然也不好拒绝嘛。 However but this matter risky, will make the western other Monster Race influences think that I am a rebel. 但是这种事情可是有风险的,会让西部其他妖族势力认为我是叛徒。 When the time comes I may become was the target of public criticism, this risk is not proportional with the income. ” 到时候我可就成众矢之的了,这风险跟收益可是不成正比啊。” Eight Sir willow sees the valuable mouse king so stance, some impatient asking: Grinding chirp said so many, are actually you what meaning?” 八柳大人看到宝鼠王这般姿态,有些不耐烦的问道:“磨磨唧唧说了这么多,你究竟是什么意思?” Valuable mouse king Cuo rubbing hands, an embarrassed look, but the tone said firmly: Meaning is, must add money.” 宝鼠王搓了搓手,略带一丝不好意思的神色,但语气却是坚定道:“意思就是,得加钱。”
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