GSOH :: Volume #4

#337: Greedy

Valuable mouse king is actually very intelligent. 宝鼠王其实是很聪明的。 He knows that he strength among 36 monster kings is not strong, therefore can only depend on the method that oneself treasure hunt to draw in various treasures, becomes friends with various group of powerhouses. 他知道自己在三十六妖王当中的战力不强,所以只能靠着自己寻宝的手段收拢各种宝物,结交各路强者。 Meanwhile skill that he escapes also first-class, once many people wanted to kill him, or robs his Mt. Wanbao these treasures, but has not actually succeeded. 同时他逃命的本事也是一流的,曾经多少人想要杀他,或者是抢夺他万宝山那些宝物,但却都没有成功。 However only above facing this rare treasures, greedy sometimes will then have pressed rationally, for example now. 但是唯独在面对这种奇珍异宝之上,贪婪有时候便会压过理性的,就比如现在。 Saw eight Sir willow so easily then ejects so many rare treasures, the valuable mouse king was also some heart movements, but was greedier. 看到八柳大人如此轻易的便抛出这么多异宝来,宝鼠王也是有些心动了,但却更加贪婪。 The opposite party is nine spirit Monster Saint also has crack Monster Saint, but collections of two big Monster Saint precious, god knows they have what treasure to preserve. 对方可是九灵妖圣还有裂地妖圣,两大妖圣的收藏可是珍贵至极的,天知道他们还有什么宝物留存。 If one first choice turn to nine spirit Monster Saint monster kings, that then quite therefore thousand gold (daughter) buys horse bone, only then such a opportunity, the opposite party must put out the sufficient weight the treasure to be good. 自己若是第一个选择投靠九灵妖圣的妖王,那便相当于是千金买马骨,就只有这么一次机会,对方怎么也要拿出足够重量的宝物才行。 At present although these things are very precious, but actually also insufficient, must add money! 眼下这些东西虽然很是珍贵,但却还不够,得加钱! Eight Sir willow at this time actually by valuable mouse king Qi must die. 八柳大人此时却是被宝鼠王气的要死。 This dead mouse was extremely simply greedy! 这死老鼠简直太过贪婪了! Must know these things may be the crack Monster Saint anxiety takes, he actually also feels insufficiently. 要知道这些东西可都是裂地妖圣肉疼不已的拿出来,他竟然还感觉不够。 He thinks that who oneself is? However is a mouse that is good at digging the gate entry hole made by a robber, he also really thinks that is dominates the northern bright king in northern territory to be inadequate? 他以为自己是谁?不过就是一个擅长挖门盗洞的老鼠而已,他还真以为是自己雄霸北域的北明王不成? Simultaneously eight Sir willow is also some regretted secretly, was extremely anxious. 同时八柳大人也是有些暗自后悔,是自己太过急切了。 If he valuable mouse king is so if we had known greedy, oneself then should not put out so many treasures to give the opposite party one time. 他若是早知道宝鼠王如此贪婪,那自己便不应该一次性拿出如此多的宝物来给对方。 But takes to rub with the opposite party slowly, rubs complies till the opposite party. 而是一件一件的拿出来跟对方慢慢磨,磨到对方答应为止。 Eight Sir willow is prepared to take to force-feed the opposite party the treasure one time, has not actually thought that not only has not force-fed the opposite party, instead actually brought back greedy of opposite party. 原本八柳大人是准备一次性把宝物拿出来喂饱对方,却没想到不光没有喂饱对方,反而却是勾起了对方的贪婪。 Suppresses anger in the heart, eight Sir willow sinking sound said: „ Valuable mouse king, you must go too far not! 压制住自己心中的怒意,八柳大人沉声道:“宝鼠王,你莫要太过分! Can put out these treasures to you is to you face, you must be insatiably greedy not. 能拿出这些宝物给你便已经算是给你面子了,你也莫要太贪得无厌了。 If you can first stand to support nine spirit Sirs, when the time comes nine spirit Sirs found the countries of ten thousand monster, the top layer definitely has your position. 况且你若是能第一个站出来支持九灵大人,到时候九灵大人建立万妖之国,顶层肯定有你一个位置的。 At that time by your power and influence, what treasure good thing to find? 那时候以你的权势,什么宝物好东西找不到? Cultivating the behavior to understand what has to be done, makes the monster also to know the onset and retreat! 做人要识时务,做妖也要知进退! Today do you comply not to comply? ” 今日你到底答应还是不答应?” Eight Sir willow this stance instead made the valuable mouse king see the urgency of opposite party attitude, oneself instead do not worry. 八柳大人这番姿态反而让宝鼠王看到了对方态度的急切,自己反而是不着急了。 Therefore he then hehe said with a smile immediately: „ I naturally respects regarding nine spirit Monster Saint very much, but this act will relate to I entire future choice, one step walked Cona to be beyond redemption. 所以他当即便嘿嘿一笑道:“对于九灵妖圣我自然是很尊重的,不过此举可是关系到我整个未来的选择,一步走错那可就是万劫不复了。 If nine spirit Monster Saint have the sincerity seriously, that small monster I am also naturally willing for its forerunner. ” 所以若是九灵妖圣当真有诚意,那小妖我自然也愿意为其前驱的。” Valuable mouse king inverted/fall does not get angry, puts extremely lowly the stance, but always an appearance of dead pig is not afraid of boiling water, making eight Sir willow have no alternative. 宝鼠王倒也不怒,把姿态放得极低,但却总是一副死猪不怕开水烫的模样,让八柳大人无可奈何。 Under an confrontation, eight Sir willow does not have the means that must bring the thing to return to turn green the radish lake, but in the heart has actually started to be somewhat hurried. 一番交锋之下,八柳大人也是没有办法,只得带着东西返回青萝湖,不过心中却是已经开始有些慌了。 The previous old ancestor confessed that has not then completed to own duty, these is the direct failure time. 上次老祖交代给自己的任务自己便没有完成,这一次更是直接失败。 He fully realizes nine spirit Monster Saint character temperament. 他可是深知九灵妖圣的性格脾气的。 If you held the matter, nine spirit Monster Saint treat you is also very natural, various treasures are as for itself inherits the essence and blood and so on thing, you want anything then to have anything. 你若是把事情办好了,九灵妖圣对待你也是很大方的,各种宝物乃至于本身传承精血之类的东西,你想要什么便有什么。 But if you pounded to the office the matter, that waits for your may was not only the small disciplinary punishment was like that simple, was the life and death is simply ordinary. 但你若是把事情给办砸了,那等待你的可就不光是小小惩戒那般简单了,简直就是生死不如一般。 Previous eight Sir willow remains by luck assigns/life is not very easy, after all at that time antiwar crime. 上次八柳大人侥幸留得一命已经算是很不容易了,毕竟那时非战之罪。 But but this time pounded to the office the matter, how finally can? 但这次可是自己把事情给办砸了,结果又会如何? Eight Sir willow is indulging in flights of fancy, while actually cannot help but arrived close to the territory of ya zi monster king. 八柳大人一边胡思乱想着,一边却不由自主的走到了靠近睚眦妖王的领地。 Actually this place is not considered as that the territory of ya zi monster king, but approached. 其实这地方已经不算是睚眦妖王的领地了,只是靠近而已。 If in the normal condition the ya zi monster king is also living, even if there is existence of monster king rank to pass by, he will still be vigilant, but will not act directly. 正常情况下若是睚眦妖王还活着,就算是有妖王级别的存在路过,他也只是会警惕,而不会直接出手的。 But at this time Li Xuanzong detected the trend of eight Sir willow, actually acts on own initiative, blocks with the quickest speed before his body. 但此时李玄宗察觉到八柳大人的动向,却是主动出手,用最快的速度拦在他身前。 Eight monster kings, here is not your domain! “八首妖王,这里可不是你的地盘! What meaning do you go into my cave mansion territory arbitrarily are? To look for the matter to be inadequate? 你擅自闯入我的洞府领地是什么意思?想找事情不成? Growing you are being nine spirit Monster Saint descendants then dares is so wild, if not for you Monster Saint descendant, the positions of these 36 monster kings have not perhaps been one's turn you! ” 长着你是九灵妖圣的后裔便敢如此猖狂,你若不是妖圣后裔,说不定这三十六妖王的位置还轮不到你呢!” Sees to appear in oneself present wolf monster, eight Sir willow immediately a secretly thought unluckiness. 看到出现在自己眼前的狼妖,八柳大人顿时暗道一声晦气。 He has not had too many social dealings with the ya zi monster king, but has actually also heard the reputations and all sorts of hearsay of opposite party. 他并没有跟睚眦妖王打过太多的交道,不过却也听说过对方的名头和种种传闻。 This fellow is a lunatic, haughty rampant, does not understand the lunatic of worldly wisdom. 这家伙就是一个疯子,一个狂傲嚣张,不懂得人情世故的疯子。 Ordinary time eight Sir willow is disinclined the principle opposite party, does not want anything to happen together with the opposite party. 平常的时候八柳大人懒得去理对方,也不想跟对方有什么交集。 Comes back does not pay attention, astrayed the territory of opposite party unexpectedly, seriously is unlucky. 回来的时候自己一个不注意,竟然还误入了对方的领地,当真是晦气的很。 Moreover the opposite party spoke, lit in eight willow Daren heart that also under punched directly that aggrieved anger. 而且对方说话也是欠揍的很,直接点燃了八柳大人心中那憋屈的怒火。 You think that the Monster Saint descendant is very good to work as? Especially nine spirit Monster Saint descendants. 你以为妖圣后裔很好当吗?特别是九灵妖圣的后裔。 Does not do well, that may be the body dies a disappearing aspect! 一个弄不好,那可就是身死道消的局面! And the positions of oneself these 36 monster kings depend on his own strength to hit completely. 并且自己这三十六妖王的位置可是完全靠着他自己的实力打出来的。 Is he advances under nine spirit Monster Saint rises, becomes 36 monster kings, this obtains nine spirit Monster Saint to make good use. 是他先行在九灵妖圣麾下崛起,成为三十六妖王,这才得到九灵妖圣重用的。 But many people said, he depends on nine spirit Monster Saint fame, this attains the positions of 36 monster kings. 但外界却有许多人都说,他就是靠着九灵妖圣的名气,这才拿到三十六妖王的位置的。 This saying was not a ya zi monster king person has said that but at this time he was the aggrieved time, ya zi monster king is also in front of his unexpectedly so, how did this let eight Sir willow to endure? 这话也不是睚眦妖王一个人说过,但此时他正是憋屈的时候,睚眦妖王竟然还当着他的面这般,这让八柳大人如何能忍? Eight Sir willow then selects the eyebrow cold sound said immediately: „ Is ya zi monster king, you courting death inadequately? 八柳大人当即便挑眉冷声道:“睚眦妖王,你是在找死不成? You are so all right with others dissolutely, but you also dare is so dissolute with me unexpectedly, does not know how seriously dies to write! ” 你跟其他人如此放肆没事,但你竟然还敢与我这般放肆,当真是不知道死在怎么写!” Li Xuanzong hears word also makes a rampant appearance to say with a smile immediately crazily: „ Do half barrel of water monster kings who depend on the Monster Saint asylum how also want to teach me dead in write? 李玄宗闻言也是立刻做出了一副嚣张的模样狂笑道:“一个靠着妖圣庇护的半桶水妖王也要教我死在怎么写? Good, now the Japanese kings then make you experience! ” 那好,今日本王便让你见识见识!” The voice falls, Li Xuanzong acts directly, the whole body strength is reserved, the god changed the shape to change to the purest monster qi the strengths of profound Tianbao body also nine revolutions of golden bodies on own initiative, grasped then to turn toward eight Sir willow to grasp! 话音落下,李玄宗直接出手,周身力量内敛,神变易形已经主动把玄天宝体还有九转金身的力量化作了最为纯正的妖气,一抓便向着八柳大人抓来! At this time eight Sir willow in the mind in the right way was angry, sees that he also to reveal the main body directly, the huge snake tail flung, pulls out directly pounded at present the body of ya zi monster king. 此时八柳大人正心中有气,见状他也是直接露出了本体来,巨大的蛇尾一甩,直接抽砸了眼前睚眦妖王的身上。 But at the same time a great strength actually transmits suddenly, he tail was being flung to fly by that ya zi monster king Lin unexpectedly directly, but that ya zi monster king is actually including a matter not to have. 但与此同时一股巨力却是骤然传来,他竟然被那睚眦妖王拎着尾巴直接甩飞了出去,而那睚眦妖王却是连一点事情都没有。 Eight Sir willow that eight head 16 eyes somewhat were immediately ignorant, at the scene. 八柳大人那八个脑袋十六只眼睛顿时有些懵了,愣在了当场。
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