Great Sage Overturning Heaven 混天大圣

The supreme existence within the demon race was known as the ‘Great Sage’.

Sects and clans, demons and exotic races. Ten thousand years ago, in the distant past, a great calamity extinguished the heavens, causing the order of cultivation to collapse.

There is a small human country that worships demons, who act as false gods.

There is a cultivation sect that began a revolution against the demons, only to end up offering incense in worship.

The Black Mountain Old Demon stepped on an evil wind, the nine-tailed demon fox dared to push down a dragon.

Northern Bright Demon King chanted sanskrit syllables, the Demon Sage overturned an ocean to exchange yin and yang.

Li Xuanzong held a ring that could upgrade his cultivation technique and transmigrated once again. From being the unparalleled, first generation evil ruler, he became a bottom of the barrel demon struggling to survive.

Within the mortal world, because Li Xuanzong sought to dispense of his worldliness and reach the peak, he used his body to shake the heavens and become a Great Sage.

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