GSOH :: Volume #4

#335: Plan

The ya zi monster king dies in the hand of Li Xuanzong is actually somewhat aggrieved. 睚眦妖王死在李玄宗的手中其实还是有些憋屈的。 One as 36 monster king, the ya zi monster king is still insufficient weakly to this degree even again weakly, was easily killed to the bang by Li Xuanzong several fists. 身为三十六妖王之一,睚眦妖王就算是再弱也不至于会弱到这种程度,被李玄宗轻易几拳给轰杀。 But the strength of ya zi monster king was almost given the restraint by Li Xuanzong stubbornly. 只不过睚眦妖王的战力几乎是被李玄宗给克制的死死的。 Among 36 monster kings, ya zi monster king Pai in most end because of he not too strong talent Monster Art, and is not willing to study Human Race Cultivation Art, but is expert in Body Refining and close combat preys, attacks side that slaughters to put in a big way Monster Race. 在三十六妖王当中,睚眦妖王排在最末尾就是因为他并没有太强的天赋妖法,并且也不愿意去学习人族功法,而是专精炼体和近战搏杀,把妖族攻伐厮杀的一面放到最大。 With three pure gold toad king when monster king who has extremely strong talent Monster Art compared with naturally is the ratio. 所以在跟三足金蟾王这种有着极强天赋妖法的妖王比时自然是比不过的。 However facing the member of common Heaven and Man uniting boundary, ya zi monster king that powerful strength and mortal body made them have a headache sufficiently. 但是面对寻常天人合一境界的修士,睚眦妖王那强大的力量和肉身却是足以让他们头疼了。 Pitifully only this ya zi monster king faces is actually Li Xuanzong this monster. 只可惜这一次睚眦妖王面对的却是李玄宗这种怪物。 After absorbing the Barbarian Race old ancestor's essence and blood, the Li Xuanzong mortal body has actually been separated from the Human Race category, the concurrent job can be called is the human form demon god. 吸纳了蛮族老祖的精血之后,李玄宗的肉身其实已经脱离了人族的范畴了,兼职可以称得上是人形魔神。 In this state the ya zi monster king was killed to the bang by Li Xuanzong forcefully, does not have the slight strength to hit back simply. 在这种状态下睚眦妖王被李玄宗给硬生生轰杀,简直是没有丝毫还手之力的。 Cancels to bloom to the burning sun fire, meanwhile has the spiritual energy flame blazing ascension. 勾离炎阳火绽放而出,同时还有灵气火焰炽热的升腾着。 A fire gets down, together with the mortal body and breakage of ya zi monster king Primordial Spirit, ripped in the wind tunnel these resin oil to be burnt a cleanness completely. 一把火下去,连同睚眦妖王的肉身和破损的元神,还有撕风洞内那些的尸油全部被烧了个干干净净。 At this time the Lang Heiqi also numerous his Eastern Travels Spirit Continent subordinate Monster Race also carried some heads to walk, these are under the ya zi monster king small monsters. 这时候外界的狼黑旗还有一众他东行灵州麾下的妖族也是拎着一些头颅走了进来,这些都是睚眦妖王麾下的小妖。 Processes the corpse, remembered, from now on, you will then be under the ya zi monster king small monsters, do not reveal the secret.” “把尸体都处理一下,记住了,从现在开始,你们便是睚眦妖王麾下的小妖了,可别露馅了。” Saying, the Li Xuanzong figure in a flash, is changing to the monster of person wolf head immediately, looking fierce, the appearance is rogue, is just the same as that ya zi monster king, even aura not too big difference. 说着,李玄宗身形一晃,立刻就化作了人身狼头的妖怪,龇牙咧嘴,面相凶恶,跟那睚眦妖王一模一样,甚至就连气息都没有太大的差别。 The gods change shape Li Xuanzong not to teach to Lang Heiqi they, because does not need. 神变易形李玄宗并没有传授给狼黑旗他们,因为没有必要。 Subordinate who the ya zi monster king has not regarded as important, because ate clean oneself territory over a hundred li (0.5 km), therefore some people will also rarely go to exchange with him, naturally cannot see under him these small monsters is what appearance. 睚眦妖王并没有太看重的手下,因为吃光了自己领地上百里,所以也很少会有人去跟他交流,自然也看不到他麾下那些小妖都是什么模样的。 ya zi monster king Xingge is tyrannical, will be unhappy will accept uncritically his small monster, therefore his subordinate small monster renewal iteration will also be quick. 况且睚眦妖王性格暴虐残忍,一个不开心就会把他手下的小妖生吞活剥了,所以他麾下小妖更新迭代也是很快的。 The Cultivation Art rank of god change was too high, Lang Heiqi their short time cannot learn. 神变易形的功法等级太高了,狼黑旗他们短时间也是学不会的。 Even learned, may be unable to completely grasp, instead will reveal the secret. 就算是学会了,可能也无法完全掌握,反而会露馅。 Therefore then made them use the main body to show simply was right, under the wolf monster king had some wolf monsters, wasn't this very normal matter? 所以索性便让他们用本体示人就对了,狼妖王麾下有一些狼妖,这不是很正常的事情吗? Li Xuanzong looks at the vision to the east side, in the heart is actually considering, oneself should appear in what kind of way in nine spirit Monster Saint at present. 李玄宗把目光望向东边,心中却是在思量着,自己应该以何等方式出现在九灵妖圣眼前。 At this time nine spirit Monster Saint are actually also thinking, actually should oneself how regain the western these unruly Monster Race influences? 此时九灵妖圣却也是在想着,自己究竟应该如何收复西边那些桀骜不驯的妖族势力? Nine spirit Monster Saint and crack Monster Saint domains east Southern Territory Fire Continent, his cave mansion then in the east great lake azure radish lake, even also imitated the Ao Zheng border corner/horn crystal palace also to build a crystal palace in the middle of the azure radish lake. 九灵妖圣和裂地妖圣的地盘都在南域火洲东边,他的洞府便在东边的大湖青萝湖中,甚至还模仿着敖峥的涯角水晶宫也在青萝湖当中建立了一座水晶宫。 Naturally his lake bottom crystal palace the style that is far from the border corner/horn crystal palace coming. 当然他这座湖底水晶宫可是远没有涯角水晶宫来的气派。 White elephant, you said that moves mountain that old apes and monkeys really is not good? He also received that Li Xuanzong unexpectedly is the last student, but also condemned us and so on, was simply laughable. “白象,你说搬山那老猿猴是不是真的不行了?他竟然还收了那李玄宗为关门弟子,还谴责我们云云,简直可笑。 If that old apes and monkeys died seriously, we do want to consider to get his to pick the arch directly? Perhaps after all but this old fogy does the head of Seven Great Monster Saints, what collection in the cave mansion have? ” 若是那老猿猴当真死了,我们要不要考虑直接打上他那摘月洞去?毕竟这老家伙可是七大妖圣之首,说不定洞府内有什么珍藏呢?” Crack Monster Saint hesitated the moment saying: „ Ok, I feared that old fogy so shows weakness is enticing us to go intentionally. 裂地妖圣沉吟了片刻道:“还是算了吧,我就怕那老家伙如此示弱就是在故意勾引我们去的。 If by some chance we really went when the time comes, caught the whole lot in a dragnet by that old fogy, that may really be bad. 万一到时候我们真去了,被那老家伙一网打尽,那可就真糟糕了。 After all that eight times is the Dao Unification peaks existed, you know that what method he also does have to retain? ” 毕竟那可是合道八次的巅峰存在,你知道他还有什么手段保留?” Nine spirit Monster Saint sneered two not to speak, he actually knows at present the meaning of this crack Monster Saint. 九灵妖圣冷笑了两声没有说话,他其实知道眼前这裂地妖圣的意思。 He does not dare, does not want to go. 他是不敢,也是不想去。 Actually if really wants to probe to move the mountain Monster Saint present condition, a person went to be good, can avoid them catching the whole lot in a dragnet. 其实若是真想要试探一下搬山妖圣现在的状态,一个人去就好了,也可以避免他们被一网打尽。 That risk that however goes to is too big, if were really moved mountain Monster Saint to give to get rid of at risk of life, another did become Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Race to advocate justifiablily? 但是去的那个风险太大,万一真被搬山妖圣拼死给干掉了,另外一个岂不是就名正言顺的成了南域火洲妖族共主了? At present two people collaborate, on focusing on nine spirit Monster Saint, is outwardly stronger because of nine spirit Monster Saint influences. 眼下两人联手,明面上是以九灵妖圣为主的,因为九灵妖圣的势力更强。 However cracks Monster Saint is unwilling occupies under the person, in the opposite party heart also has own plan. 但是裂地妖圣却也是不甘心就这么屈居于人下的,对方心中也是有着自己的打算。 both sides know in the opposite party heart that to plan, therefore is not puzzled in this issue. 双方都知道对方心中那点算计,所以也就没在这个问题上多纠结。 In brief they have not definitely paid attention to Li Xuanzong, truly they dread that already soon oil completely lamp dry moving mountain Monster Saint. 总之他们肯定是没把一个李玄宗放在眼里的,他们真正忌惮的还是那个已经快要油尽灯枯的搬山妖圣 Recently Barbarian Race that fellows were also going crazy, blocked the southern Renhe Town king that side person of Vajrayana. “最近蛮族那帮家伙也是在发神经,把密宗的人和镇南王那边的人都拦住了。 Without them begins, we want to coerce this group of Monster Race thoroughly also seriously is a troublesome matter. ” 没有他们动手,咱们想要彻底压服这帮妖族还当真是件麻烦的事情。” Nine spirit Monster Saint some headaches rubbed the head. 九灵妖圣有些头疼的揉了揉脑袋。 The Monster Race majority is some unruly generations, moreover can practice to the Divine Treasury boundary or is existence of Heaven and Man uniting boundary, how many also there are the simple generation? 妖族大部分都是一些桀骜不驯之辈,况且能够修练到神藏境或者是天人合一境界的存在,又有几个是简单之辈? Even nine spirit Monster Saint are the unruly, mean savage characters. 甚至就连九灵妖圣自己都是桀骜不驯,阴狠凶残的性格。 Therefore he wants to control entire Southern Territory Fire Continent Monster Race, but also seriously is not a simple matter. 所以他想要掌控整个南域火洲妖族,还当真不是一件简单的事情。 At this time nine spirit Monster Saint looked to crack Monster Saint: „ West side these Monster Race are one by one unruly, wish makes them submit to advance, must open a breakthrough eloquence line. 这时九灵妖圣看向裂地妖圣:“西边那些妖族各个桀骜不驯,想要让他们先行臣服,怎么也得打开一个突破口才行。 Valuable mouse king that fellow most double dealings, although is a person with no mind of his own, but actually is also happen to can win over by us. 宝鼠王那家伙最为两面三刀,虽然是墙头草,不过却也是正好可以被我们拉拢的。 The white elephant, I know do your years accumulated many good things, with some make that valuable mouse king swallow the bait, in advance how open up the perspective? ” 白象,我可是知道你这些年可是积累了不少好东西,拿出来一些去让那宝鼠王上钩,先行打开局面如何?” The valuable mouse king who nine spirit Monster Saint said is also one of the 36 monster kings, ranking does not beat, at middle reaches, but in fact the battle efficiency is actually very weak, even distant ratio ya zi monster king. 九灵妖圣说的宝鼠王也是三十六妖王之一,排名不敌,处在中游,但实际上战斗力却是很弱,甚至远远比不过睚眦妖王。 The opposite party can be 36 monster kings, and ranks has not accepted a lower status is because the opposite party was the descendant of antiquity god beast treasure hunt mouse, inborn then has the extremely strong induction force to various types of rare treasures, liked collecting various types of rare treasures. 对方能位列三十六妖王,并且排名还不低就是因为对方乃是上古神兽寻宝鼠的后代,天生便对各种异宝有着极强感应力,也喜欢收集各种异宝。 This valuable mouse king can be said as among 36 monster kings richest, simply is blindingly rich, but works actually exceptionally stingily, spirit stones does not give up together. 这宝鼠王可以说是三十六妖王当中最富的一个,简直就是富得流油,不过做事却是异常的抠门,连一块灵石都不舍得。 In opposite party eyes no overall perception, except to various treasures infatuated greedy, without other other hobbies, that therefore instead best win over. 对方眼中没什么大局观,除了对各种宝物的痴迷贪婪,也没有其他别的爱好,所以反而是最好拉拢的一个。 But cracks Monster Saint also to have some small hobbies, similarly is also likes collecting various rare treasures. 而裂地妖圣也是有一些小爱好的,同样也是喜欢收集各种奇珍异宝。 At this time nine spirit Monster Saint make him let blood, crack Monster Saint also feels the anxiety. 此时九灵妖圣让他放血,裂地妖圣也是感觉肉疼的很。
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