GSOH :: Volume #4

#334: Chapter 334

Regarding most Monster Race, only then the evil spirit of some low levels will take eating the person as happily, because they cannot control themselves regarding the desire of blood food, does not have to cultivating too many for the promotion holds to read. 对于大部分的妖族来说,只有一些低层次的妖魔才会以吃人为乐,因为他们控制不住自己对于血食的欲望,也没有太多对修为晋升的执念。 Also once was liked eating the evil spirit of person on for example nine spirit Monster Saint past. 就比如九灵妖圣昔日也曾经是喜欢吃人的妖魔。 However later he was moved the mountain Monster Saint suppression, understood the powerful importance actually. 不过后期他被搬山妖圣镇压,倒是也懂得了实力强大的重要性。 The power and influence strength to him compared with eating person important many. 权势力量对于他来说可是要比吃人重要的多。 But that time nine spirit Monster Saint monster kings were not, was only the Spirit Platform boundary. 只不过那时候的九灵妖圣连妖王都不是,只是灵台境而已。 But this ya zi monster king had arrived at the Heaven and Man boundary, and is one of the 36 monster kings, actually also eats the person is so rigid to the blood food, but also seriously is rare and beautiful flowers. 而这睚眦妖王已经到了天人境,并且位列三十六妖王之一,却还对血食吃人这般执着,还当真是个奇葩。 white Zhuosheng does roast? The good and evil is also one of the 36 monster kings, eats individual, how to have the technique content crudely?” “白灼生烤?啧啧,好歹也是三十六妖王之一,吃个人而已,怎么如此简陋没技术含量?” The ya zi monster king disdains to say subconsciously: „ Don't you understand? The high-end food usually only needs the simple cooking. 睚眦妖王下意识的不屑道:“你懂个屁?高端的食材往往只需要简单简单的烹饪。 Your strength was too weak, if the body of Gathering Yuan boundary cultivates, mortal body that called a nicely chewy, eating uncooked is very delicious. ” 你实力太弱了,若是归元境的体修,肉身那叫一个筋道,生吃就已经很是美味了。” The words just exported, the ya zi monster king then felt that some are not right. 话刚出口,睚眦妖王便感觉有些不对劲。 Half dead that which that before was grasped member is not frightens by him? 之前被他抓来的修士哪个不是吓的半死? Half dead that even if has not frightened, must certainly say own master gate background wait/etc to threaten on a grand scale, or is begs for mercy wait/etc. 就算是没吓的半死,肯定也要大张旗鼓的说出自己的师门背景等等来威胁,或者是求饶等等。 But at present this boy also dares to discuss the way of eating with oneself unexpectedly, he was really brave to not side, from the start was a fool? 但眼前这小子竟然还敢跟自己讨论吃法,他是真胆大到没边了,还是压根就是个傻子? At this time Li Xuanzong moves gently, body that ban has then untied thoroughly. 此时李玄宗轻轻一动,身上那禁制便已经彻底解开。 His two small monsters instantaneous one startled, but Li Xuanzong was actually only the light shell two fingers, that two small monster seemed is actually hit by anything instantaneously generally, changed to two groups of blood fog thoroughly! 他身边两个小妖瞬间一惊,但李玄宗却只是轻弹了两个手指,那两个小妖却好似瞬间被什么击中了一般,彻底化作了两团血雾! In a flash, the ya zi monster king Zhoushen fine hair sets up, the entire monster has a fit of bad temper instantaneously, the chill in the air raises from the bottom of the heart. 一瞬间,睚眦妖王周身汗毛树立,整个妖瞬间炸毛,寒意从心底升起。 Just now Li Xuanzong that a few tricks are not what strange Secret Art, he sprang two spiritual energies simply. 方才李玄宗那两下子并非是什么诡异的秘法,他只是简简单单的弹出了两道灵气而已。 However his mortal body intensity was really terrifying, even if were the simple two spiritual energies, was shot to outrace the air gun of speed of sound to be the same by him. 但是他的肉身强度实在是太恐怖了,哪怕是简简单单的两道灵气,被他弹出来都是超越了音速的空气炮一般。 After the frail simple spiritual energy was reduced, simply became the terrifying by the powerful physical body strength kills, such easily then the bodies of two small monsters rumbled the blood fog. 脆弱简单的灵气被强大的肉体力量压缩之后简直成了恐怖的杀器,就这么轻易的便将两名小妖的身体轰成了血雾。 So terrifying strength, even if itself preys to be well-known the Monster Race ya zi monster kings by the mortal body close combat unable to accomplish! 如此恐怖的力量,哪怕本身就是以肉身近战搏杀而闻名妖族的睚眦妖王都办不到! Actually you are who!?” “你究竟是谁!?” Li Xuanzong shakes the head to say gently: „ Past moved mountain Monster Saint to give you opportunity, but you actually not rare and precious. 李玄宗轻轻摇了摇头道:“昔日搬山妖圣给了你机会,但你却并没有珍稀。 Among the entire 36 monster kings belongs happiest, therefore I who you jump then can only first select you to begin. ” 整个三十六妖王当中就属于你跳的最欢,所以我便只能先挑你动手了。” Heard Li Xuanzong to raise moves mountain Monster Saint, ya zi monster king Haoxiang thought of anything, suddenly one startled, asked hastily: „ You then move that last student who mountain Monster Saint receives? Do you want to kill me? 听到李玄宗提起搬山妖圣,睚眦妖王好像想到了什么,猛然一惊,连忙问道:“你便是搬山妖圣收的那个关门弟子?你想要杀我? Takes the lead revolts to move mountain Monster Saint is not I, but is nine spirit that fellows, what do you ask me to make? ” 带头反抗搬山妖圣的可不是我,而是九灵那家伙,你来找我做什么?” Li Xuanzong said lightly: „ Killing you are only convenient, is mainly wants to borrow your status to use. 李玄宗淡淡道:“杀你只是顺手的,主要是想要借你的身份一用。 Ate so many member, your whole life should also return originally, relieved starting off! ” 吃了这么多的修士,你这辈子也该回本了,安心的上路吧!” As the Li Xuanzong voice falls, his hand being possessed by a demon spear/gun swallows the blood to puncture, along with establishing howling, just like bolt from the blue is ordinary. 随着李玄宗话音落下,他手中魔枪吞血已经刺出,伴随着一声建立的呼啸,犹如晴天霹雳一般。 Spear/Gun potential place visited, even space by this powerful strength twist deformation! 枪势所过之处,甚至就连空间都被这股强大的力量而扭曲变形! Wants me dead, the father then swallows you today! “想要我死,老子今天便吞了你! Even how are you last student of that old codger? How long that never, without the thoughts managed you! ” 就算你是那老不死的关门弟子又如何?那老不死活不了多长时间了,没心思来管你!” In the eyes of ya zi monster king revealed wiped the blood-color murderous intention to come, was ferocious instantaneously. 睚眦妖王的眼中露出了一抹血色的杀机来,瞬间凶相毕露。 Regarding the ya zi monster king, moves mountain Monster Saint he not to pay attention, let alone was Li Xuanzong. 对于睚眦妖王来说,搬山妖圣他都不放在眼里,更别说是一个李玄宗了。 Before he was shocked is shocked in the Li Xuanzong strength. 之前他震惊只是震惊于李玄宗的实力而已。 But at this time fell into him under wild condition, although the brain some are insufficient, but the strength is actually even better. 但此时陷入了狂暴状态下的他,脑子虽然有些不够用,但力量却是更胜一筹。 In a ya zi monster king pair of hand the silver-white color fills the air monster qi, revealed directly just like the Magical Treasure common hard sharp claws, grasps unexpectedly directly, in the demon spear/gun swallowed above the blood. 睚眦妖王一双手上银白色妖气弥漫,直接显露出犹如法宝一般坚硬的利爪来,竟然直接握在了魔枪吞血之上。 An astonishing distance also transmitted, spear/gun potential of Li Xuanzong cannot help but one slow. 一股惊人的距离随之传来了,李玄宗的枪势都不由得一缓。 ya zi monster king is not the dragon nine child descendants, even the antiquity spirit beast was not. 睚眦妖王并非是龙九子后裔,甚至就连上古灵兽都不是。 He can promote the monster king boundary, the only advantage is the intelligent talent. 他能够晋升妖王境界,唯一的优势便是聪明天赋。 Right, although the ya zi monster king is an evil spirit that eats the person, but he is actually inborn is the seed of immortal cultivation, the talent is extremely powerful. 没错,虽然睚眦妖王是一个吃人的妖魔,但他却是天生便是修仙的种子,天赋极其强大。 Pitifully he actually has not only treasured this talent well, does not lead a pious life these Daoism Secret Art, instead is deeply in love in the intense mortal body preys on Secret Art. 只可惜他却并没有好好珍惜这种天赋,不去修行那些道门秘法,反而更加钟情于激烈至极的肉身搏杀秘法 But even the mortal body, he is still ratio Li Xuanzong. 只不过就算是肉身,他也是比不过李玄宗的。 Transmits along with a distance, the color of Li Xuanzong deep coal fills the air, imitates, if the huge empty shades are catching up general, the strength on that spear/gun rises suddenly again, ya zi monster king explosion will arrive above the wall of cave mansion directly, sent out an explosive. 伴随着一股距离传来,李玄宗深厚黑金之色弥漫,仿若有一尊的巨大的虚影在发力一般,那一枪上的力量再次暴涨,直接将睚眦妖王轰到了洞府的墙壁之上,发出了一声爆响来。 At this time the Li Xuanzong whole body coal demon air/Qi as if formed an armor to be common in his whole body, the back had being bewitched god empty shadow to reappear, exceptionally astonishing. 此时李玄宗周身黑金魔气在他周身都仿佛形成了一尊铠甲一般,背后有着魔神虚影浮现,异常的惊人。 Although a Barbarian Race old ancestor's drop of essence and blood has not let the boundary promotion of Li Xuanzong, but actually his mortal body intensity promoting a very terrifying situation. 蛮族老祖的一滴精血虽然没让李玄宗的境界提升,但却把他的肉身强度给提升到了一个十分恐怖的地步。 The profound Tianbao bodies and nine revolutions of golden body Buddha two Body Refining Cultivation Art strength has united, even if Li Xuanzong promotion Cultivation Art will not delay in the future again. 玄天宝体和九转金身这道佛两门炼体功法的力量已经合一,哪怕李玄宗日后再次升级功法也是不耽误的。 Moreover human body's limit was also changed by the Barbarian Race old ancestor thoroughly, now the Li Xuanzong mortal body limit is not controlled by his Human Race talent upper limit. 而且肉体本身的极限也被蛮族老祖彻底更改,现在李玄宗的肉身极限已经不受他人族的天赋上限所控制的。 The meaning is Li Xuanzong although now outside is Human Race, but his mortal body upper limit was in fact similar to these antiquity demon gods, ya zi monster king Monster Race was not an opponent. 意思便是李玄宗现在虽然外边还是个人族,但实际上他的肉身上限却根本就跟那些上古魔神差不多,睚眦妖王一个妖族根本就不是对手。 Also without and other ya zi monster king Zhengzha standing up, Li Xuanzong is waving, executes the immortal four swords then to roar to revolve, bringing the sword air/Qi of soaring to the heavens to cut to fall loudly, sends out explosives. 还没等那睚眦妖王挣扎着站起身来,李玄宗一挥手,诛仙四剑便已经咆哮旋转着,带着冲霄的剑气轰然斩落,发出一声声爆响来。 The ya zi monster king was rumbled directly again into the bottom, the demon spear/gun swallows the blood to cross directly, goes toward ya zi monster king to stab. 睚眦妖王直接再次被轰入地底,魔枪吞血直接横贯而下,向着睚眦妖王刺去。 Shouted angrily, ya zi monster king Zhoushen soars to the heavens monster qi, changed to dozens zhang (3.33 m) fierce great wolf directly, pair of claws wielded, swallowed the blood to cut monster qi generally to being bewitched spear/gun just like the sharp blade, but actually completely all was rumbled broken. 怒喝一声,睚眦妖王周身妖气冲霄,直接化作几十丈的狰狞巨狼,双爪挥动,妖气宛若利刃一般向着魔枪吞血斩去,但却尽皆被轰碎。 This spear/gun was passed through within the body of ya zi monster king directly, the Li Xuanzong steps comes, under a fist bang, just like the fist seal suppression, prohibits the surrounding world. 这一枪直接被贯穿进睚眦妖王的体内,李玄宗踏步而来,一拳轰下,宛若拳印镇压,封禁周围天地。 ya zi monster king Qiangcheng is wanting to launch preying with Li Xuanzong, but even if pitifully he appears that mortal body powerful main body even, actually is still not the opponent of present Li Xuanzong this human form demon god. 睚眦妖王强撑着想要跟李玄宗展开搏杀,但可惜哪怕他就算是现出那肉身强悍的本体来,却仍旧不是眼下李玄宗这人形魔神的对手。 Several fists got down he then to be rumbled to break to pieces a wolf head, Primordial Spirit are pinched to explode by Li Xuanzong thoroughly extinguish kill. 几拳下去他便已经被轰碎了一颗狼头,元神都被李玄宗彻底捏爆灭杀。 Shakes the head gently, Li Xuanzong suddenly to own strength some doubts. 轻轻摇了摇头,李玄宗忽然对自己实力有些疑惑了。 Cutting to kill the same step monster king is so simple, was he was too strong, was this ya zi monster king Tairuo? 斩杀同阶妖王如此简单,是他太强了,还是这睚眦妖王太弱了? 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