GSOH :: Volume #4

#333: ya zi monster king

The Barbarian Race majority is some stubborn fellows, sometimes the stubbornness, possibly the Barbarian Race old ancestor's words they did not listen. 蛮族大部分都是一些死心眼的家伙,有时候倔脾气上来了,可能就连蛮族老祖的话他们都不听。 However same words Li Xuanzong, the Barbarian Race seven most people actually never imagined then to comply continually. 不过同样的话李玄宗来说,蛮族七大部的人却是连想都没想便答应了下来。 To them, Li Xuanzong just helped them improve Cultivation Art, at this time asked them to help, if they rejected, where the complexion toward did put? 对于他们来说,李玄宗可是刚刚帮他们完善了功法,此时求他们帮忙,若是他们拒绝的话,面色往哪搁? Even if therefore for face matter, they will also comply. 所以哪怕是为了面子这种事情,他们也会答应的。 The tour of Barbarian Race is so smooth, this also makes Li Xuanzong sigh with emotion, Barbarian Race this group of fellow also some rather extremely frank or straightforward people. 蛮族之行如此顺利,这也让李玄宗不禁感慨,蛮族这帮家伙也有些未免太过直肠子了一些。 These practice big faction, which isn't the thick-skinned heart is black? 那些修行界的大派,哪个不是脸厚心黑? Face? Without involving self-interest, some faces or value money. 面子?在不涉及到自己本身利益的情况下,面子还是值一些钱的。 However once involved the matter related to self-interest, face that was the one cent is unworthy. 不过一旦涉及到了有关自身利益的事情,面子那可是一分钱都不值的。 After handling Barbarian Race, Li Xuanzong then goes to the free mountain directly, prepares to handle that ya zi monster king. 搞定了蛮族之后,李玄宗便直接前往招摇山,准备搞定那睚眦妖王。 Simultaneously Li Xuanzong also lets not abstain from the monk to give some messages to go back, making Lang Heiqi choose some elite small monsters to come, subordinate who when the time comes prepares to dress up the ya zi monster king. 同时李玄宗还让无戒和尚传递一些消息回去,让狼黑旗挑选一些精锐小妖前来,到时候准备装扮成睚眦妖王的手下。 That ya zi monster king because of the character reason, the subordinate has no big monster assistant who profits, but actually some eats the small monster of person, the strength is not strong, approximately under the Golden Core boundary. 那睚眦妖王因为性格原因,麾下并没有什么得利的大妖助手,不过倒是有一些吃人的小妖,实力并不怎么强,大约都在金丹境之下。 Works then must do comprehensively, these small monster Li Xuanzong must camouflage, happen to camouflages with normal Monster Race. 做事情便要做全面,这些小妖李玄宗也是要伪装一下的,正好拿正常的妖族来伪装。 The free mountain is located in the Southern Territory Fire Continent west region, before here, which Monster Saint domain is not, but is in chaos the region, has several monster king Panju fully in this. 招摇山位于南域火洲西部地域,这里之前并非是哪个妖圣的地盘,而是一片混乱地带,足有数个妖王盘踞在此。 These monster kings each are the unruly generations, now nine spirit Monster Saint control Monster Race, most wants also controls this place, but actually also fears the method to be intense, here Monster Race compelling instead. 这些妖王各个都是桀骜不驯之辈,如今九灵妖圣掌控妖族,最想要的也是掌控此地,但却也怕手段激烈,把这里的妖族给逼反。 Before that ya zi monster king, Li Xuanzong has understood the opposite party very much in detail, the fellow is a lunatic is simply same, the character did not have the brain wildly not saying that even no one paid attention, including moving mountain Monster Saint. 那睚眦妖王之前李玄宗很详细的了解过对方,那家伙简直就是个疯子一样,性格无脑猖狂不说,甚至谁都不放在眼里,包括搬山妖圣 Before has to move the suppression of mountain Monster Saint, he then to moving mountain Monster Saint has sent out many discontented appraisals, but moved mountain Monster Saint not to lower oneself to the same level with the opposite party. 之前有着搬山妖圣的压制,他便曾经对搬山妖圣发出过诸多不满的评价,只不过搬山妖圣不跟对方一般见识而已。 But in secret him is actually cruel tyrannical, passed by around his free mountain hundred li (0.5 km) member is as for Monster Race wait/etc, almost became his blood food. 但在暗中他却是残忍暴虐,路过他招摇山周围百里的修士乃至于妖族等等,几乎都成了他的血食。 For this matter moves mountain Monster Saint even to act its suppression personally, but actually does not help matters, in the opposite party surface admitted defeat, in fact should make anything to make anything. 为了这件事情搬山妖圣甚至亲自出手将其镇压,但却也无济于事,对方表面上服软,实际上该做什么还是做什么。 Now entire Southern Territory Fire Continent knows that moved mountain Monster Saint soon dead, entire Southern Territory Fire Continent was almost nine spirit Monster Saint managed a household, but he actually also same refused to accept nine spirit Monster Saint, thinks that the opposite party was extremely sinister, will do these secretly to plan the skill. 如今整个南域火洲都知道搬山妖圣快要死了,整个南域火洲几乎就是九灵妖圣当家了,但他却也一样不服九灵妖圣,认为对方太过阴险,就会搞暗地里的那些算计本事。 Therefore in this case, he does not have first to choose to turn to nine spirit Monster Saint, but chooses as before west Southern Territory Fire Continent is waiting and seeing with most Monster Race together. 所以在这种情况下,他也是没有第一时间选择去投靠九灵妖圣,而是依旧选择在南域火洲西部跟大部分妖族一起观望着。 When Li Xuanzong steps into the free mountain in hundred li (0.5 km) range, first formation sensation under arrange/cloth by ya zi monster king. 李玄宗踏入招摇山的百里范围内,第一时间就被睚眦妖王所布下的阵法感知到。 Although this ya zi monster king cruel tyrannical, seems like that is no brain evil spirit, but is the talent is in fact astonishing. 这睚眦妖王虽然残忍暴虐,看似是个无脑妖魔,但实际上却是天赋惊人。 He had eaten several taoist priests before, turned out the say/way inheritance of Daoism from their bodies, read several then to learn casually. 他之前吃过几个道士,从他们的身上翻出了道门的阵道传承,随便翻看了几眼便学会了。 Therefore he arranged massive formation above the entire territory, anybody steps into the territory range, by his sensation. 所以他在自己整个领地之上都布置了大量的阵法,任何人踏入领地范围内,都会被他感知到的。 At this time Li Xuanzong changes the shape by the god own aura suppression to the Golden Core boundary, the ya zi monster king sensation to his boundary, even makes a move to be disinclined personally, sends under oneself few that several small monsters to go Li Xuanzong seizing directly. 此时李玄宗以神变易形将自己的气息压制到在金丹境,睚眦妖王感知到他的境界,甚至连亲自出手都懒得动,直接派自己麾下为数不多的那几个小妖去把李玄宗给擒来。 But Li Xuanzong is also the member who pretended is common just stepped into the Golden Core boundary, after fierce combat one , was caught in the ripping wind tunnel of ya zi monster king. 李玄宗也是装作是寻常刚刚踏入金丹境的修士,激战一番之后便被抓到了睚眦妖王的撕风洞内。 Was conducted the shoulder by that several small monster, Li Xuanzong while sizes up is ripping the scene in wind tunnel. 一边被那几名小妖扛着,李玄宗一边打量着撕风洞内的场景。 Once the monsters to existence of monster king boundary, that are almost the characters of ruling a region by force. 妖怪一旦到了妖王境界的存在,那几乎就是雄霸一方的人物了。 For example Mangwol-dong of three pure gold toad kings, that called one resplendently in gold and jade green. 比如三足金蟾王的望月洞,那叫一个金碧辉煌的。 However this rips the wind tunnel is not different from the cave mansion of common evil spirit, the opportunity has no decoration, but dug several potholes above the surrounding wall, is placing fierce heads, naturally some are also the heads of other medicines. 但是这撕风洞却是跟寻常妖魔的洞府没什么两样,机会没有任何的装潢,只是在周围的墙壁之上挖了几个坑洞,摆放着一颗颗的狰狞人头,当然有些也是其他药物的头颅。 In the middle of these heads was filled with the resin oil, is burning the quiet blue flame, a feeling of extremely gloomy terrifying. 这些头颅当中都盛满了尸油,燃烧着幽蓝色的火焰,给人一种极其阴森恐怖的感觉。 Li Xuanzong brought to rip in the middle of the wind tunnel, this saw that ya zi monster king. 李玄宗被抬进撕风洞当中,这才看到了那位睚眦妖王。 ya zi was the antiquity legend, when the mesosaurus lived nine child one, it is said within the body has the wolf monster bloodlines. 睚眦乃是上古传说当中龙生九子之一,据说体内有着狼妖血脉。 But ya zi monster king with antiquity dragon nine child ya zi did not have the half a point money relations, the opposite party was the ordinary wolf monster family background, because just the character sought revenge for the slightest grievance, this was called is the ya zi monster king. 但睚眦妖王跟上古龙九子中的睚眦是没有半分钱关系的,对方就是普通的狼妖出身,只不过因为性格睚眦必报,这才被人称之为是睚眦妖王的。 It is said this ya zi monster king past was a spirit beast family background of big faction, therefore has been suppressing own beastly nature, but that person learning ability was actually astonishing, therefore wanted to become the disciple of this big faction, was good to remould the family background. 据说这睚眦妖王昔日乃是一个大派的灵兽出身,所以一直都在压制着自身的兽性,不过其人学习力却是惊人,所以想要成为这大派的弟子,好重塑出身。 Finally on eve that disciple inspects, because he actually other in disciple is extremely outstanding, therefore bites to death the opposite party in secret, wants to replace the opposite party to promote the interior door. 结果就在内门弟子考核的前夕,他却因为别的内门弟子太过出色,所以把对方暗中咬死,想要取代对方晋升内门。 But the method of this wolf monster is extremely rough, although covered up the scene, but by his leader was actually still discovered also chases down. 只不过这狼妖的手段太过粗糙,虽然遮掩了现场,但却仍旧被其掌门发现并且追杀。 Finally who becomes thinks that this ya zi monster king is the method is astonishing, escaped chasing down of entire big faction unexpectedly, and does not know where obtained the chance, cultivates after the accomplishment revealed own school. 结果谁成想这睚眦妖王却是手段惊人,竟然逃过了一整个大派的追杀,并且不知道在哪里得到了机缘,修为大成之后吐露了自己本身的门派。 Actually gives the devil his due, the school that the ya zi monster king is enough enlightened, the opposite party has no sectarianism, even is willing to receive the spirit beast family background Monster Race is in the disciple. 其实平心而论,睚眦妖王所在的门派已经是足够开明了,对方并没有什么门户之见,甚至愿意收灵兽出身的妖族为内门弟子。 But this ya zi monster king extremely worried to destroy all these greedily. 但这睚眦妖王却是太过着急贪心而毁了这一切。 That sends in some azure profound Daoism relations with three big Daoism greatly, therefore the ya zi monster king could not mix in Eastern Travels Spirit Continent, this arrived at Southern Territory Fire Continent to seek a livelihood. 那大派跟三大道门中的青玄道门有些关系,所以睚眦妖王在东行灵州也混不下去了,这才来到南域火洲讨生活。 His wild nature is difficult to tame, the strength talent is furthermore powerful, in the place of Southern Territory Fire Continent this Monster Race control is like a fish in water general, therefore in the short hundred years then become one of the 36 monster kings. 他野性难驯,更兼实力天赋强大,在南域火洲这种妖族主宰之地更是如鱼得水一般,所以短短百年内便成为了三十六妖王之一。 But that person is extremely cruel, the character is furthermore cruel, seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, even if some people of a few words spoke incorrectly, he must with the opposite party like mad, therefore was more and more no one is actually willing to communicate with the opposite party for these years. 只不过其人太过暴戾,更兼性格残忍偏激,睚眦必报,哪怕是有人一句话说错,他都要跟对方拼死拼活的,所以这么多年来却是越来越没人愿意跟对方交流了。 At this time in that rips the wind tunnel, on chair that white bones build carelessly, elders and superiors the gigantic fierce wolf head, are putting on the evil spirit vision of silver armor to shoot a look at to Li Xuanzong, opens the big mouth lightly snort/hum saying: 此时在那撕风洞内部,一张白骨胡乱堆砌成的椅子上,一尊长着硕大狰狞狼头,穿着银色铠甲的妖魔目光瞥向李玄宗,张开血盆大口轻哼道: Is the Human Race member, the mortal body emaciated, the strength is also weak, is no interesting. “又是人族的修士,肉身孱弱,实力也弱,没什么意思。 The wonder that these monks come, they specialize in the mortal body, has the chewability actually. 还是那些和尚来的妙,他们专修肉身,倒是有嚼头的很。 However the good and evil was also the Golden Core boundary, the better than nothing, this king Keshi had several months not to break a meatless fast. 不过好歹也是个金丹境,聊胜于无了,本王可是有好几个月没开荤了。 The boys, said that do you want the way of eating? Is white Zhuo, lives to roast? ” 小子,说说吧,你想怎么个吃法?是白灼呢,还是生烤?”
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