GLSAADL :: Volume #7

#620: Comes as for dark peeping, who is the prey also cannot know!

Leaves after the eternal place, Li Cha sharply has not been returning to Soran City, but appeared in the place of wind-drift sand. 从永恒之地离开后,李察没有急着返回索兰城,而是出现在了流沙之地。 Looks into the distance the eye to look in the midair, under the clear sky of blue sky, several thousand 30 meters high darkness fostered talent to cover the front yellow sand land. 在半空中眺目看去,万里无云的晴空之下,数千棵三十米高的黑暗树人遮盖了前方的黄沙大地。 Branch of withered distortion, rough fearsome appearance, the feeling of entering the dark world. 干枯扭曲的树枝,粗糙可怖的外貌,给人一种进入了黑暗世界的感觉。 Even if the brilliant hot sun hangs in the top of the head, makes people feel a chill in the air attack back. 哪怕灼灼烈日悬于头顶,也让人感到一股寒意侵袭后背。 Demon and devil, after these evil chaotic lives can enter main plane, these fostering talent soldier who is broadcast by Ancient Tree of God's Evil, becomes the main force of guarding the place of wind-drift sand. 恶魔、魔鬼,这些邪恶混乱生命能进入主位面之后,这些由神孽古树播下的树人战士,就成为了守卫流沙之地的主要力量。 The place of wind-drift sand has bidirectional teleportation gate to underground world, has the space channel to eternal place, has to connect Ell plane fissure, this region is extremely important relay center, makes no mistake. 流沙之地有通往地下世界的双向传送门,有通往永恒之地的空间通道,有连通着埃尔位面的裂痕,这片区域是极为重要的中转中心,不容有失。 Roar ~ 吼~ When Li Cha lowers the head sizes up, the ear bank heard low and deep howling. 李察低头打量时,耳畔听到了一声声低沉的吼叫。 wild beast that probably is on the verge of death is wailing, especially to terrify person. 像是濒死的野兽在哀嚎,格外瘆人。 The brow selects, the spirit dissipates. 眉头一挑,精神逸散而出。 Outside the place of wind-drift sand, massive Inferior Demon and fans tempt the demon to launch the attack at this moment. 流沙之地外,大量的劣魔、迷诱魔此刻正在发起攻击。 However the both sides power gap is too big, even if the Demon quantity is very considerable, breaks through most outer layer defense line. 不过双方实力差距太大,哪怕恶魔数量十分可观,也突破最外层的防线。 Saw that a branch can pat broken dozens Demon, on the Li Cha face showed several points of happy expression. 看到一根树枝能拍碎几十个恶魔,李察脸上露出了几分笑意。 „The present darkness fosters talent...... may be extraordinary unit(s)!” “现在的黑暗树人......可都是超凡兵种!” Sowing seeds tree seed( the Legendary level, can spread 5000 seeds, making him grow to become to foster talent dark, each dark fostering talent rank for own Rank Lv. 4, is born 100 darkness to foster talent every time, can cultivate a fostering talent hero, if oneself died, then can resurrect in dark fostering talent.) 播种树种(传奇级,能播撒5000颗种子,使其生长成为黑暗树人,每颗黑暗树人等级为自身等级-4级,每诞生100个黑暗树人,可以培育一个树人英雄,如果自身死亡,则可以在黑暗树人中重新复活。) The rank of Ancient Tree of God's Evil Gundam/reaches as high as 2 Lv. 6, these darkness foster talent the strength that inherited itself to control, the rank also increased exaggerating 2 Lv. 2. 神孽古树的等级高达二6级,这些黑暗树人继承了自身主宰的力量,等级也攀升到了夸张的二2级 What is more exaggerating, 5000 foster talent after the fulfillment, but can also cultivate 50 Hero Unit! 更夸张的是,5000颗树人在满额之后,还能培育50个英雄单位 Although is the B hero, but this motherfucker is 2 Lv. 2 heroes! 虽然都是B级英雄,但这他娘的可是二2级的英雄! extraordinary! 超凡 Although this battle efficiency that cultivates extraordinary compared with normal extraordinary missed a big truncation, if by any chance the level and quantity place this, no one can belittle. 虽然这种培育出来超凡比正常超凡的战斗力差了一大截,但等级和数量放在这,谁也不能小觑。 After Ancient Tree of God's Evil transforms to become the god evil, not only oneself strength rises suddenly, enhanced the exaggerating degree little brother's strength hand/subordinate. 神孽古树蜕变成为神孽之后,不仅自身实力暴涨,更是把手下小弟的实力也提升到了夸张的程度。 Showed the abnormal this adjective perfectly. 把变态这个形容词完美的展现了出来。 Perhaps also only then so, lets the god evil that the person trembles. 或许也只有如此,才是让人颤栗的神孽吧。 Has this army to guard, the security does not have any issue of place of wind-drift sand. 有这支大军驻守,流沙之地的安全没有任何问题。 After sizing up several slightly, Li Cha in stayed, turns around to step into bidirectional teleportation gate that went to the underground world. 略微打量了几眼后,李察没过多停留,转身踏入了前往地下世界的双向传送门 After one -and-a-half years of rapid growth, this time underground world has transformed the shape that becomes him to want. 经过一年半的快速发展,此时的地下世界已经转化成为了他想要的形状。 Furnace city, the city of alchemy. 熔炉城,炼金科技之城。 Blood hoof city, weapon plant. 血蹄城,武器工厂。 The furnace city several months ago, with Ell plane channel, supplemented 30,000 many grey dwarves, the labor force enriched. 熔炉城在几个月前,用埃尔位面的渠道,补充了三万多的灰矮人,劳动力充实了起来。 In addition produces the workshop of alchemy artillery at this time already over 30, so long as the resources supplies are enough, firepower full , the output per day surpasses 500 alchemy artilleries. 再加上生产炼金火炮的车间此时已经超过三十个,只要资源供给足够,火力全开之下,每天产量超过五百门炼金火炮。 The resources that however the fulfillment revolution needs are too many, cannot normalize maintains. 不过满额运转需要的资源太多,并不能常态化维持。 But the productivity here, has to need to explode. 但生产能力在这里,有需要就能爆出来。 With it necessary alchemy bomb, the daily production quantity was over the 50,000 round. 与之配套的炼金炸弹,每天的生产数量更是超过了五万发。 These months of accumulations, almost fill up the weapon warehouse. 这几个月的积累,几乎把武器仓库填满。 It can be said that the furnace city removes the scientific research attribute, greatly is also bad with blood hoof city weapon production plant is not bad. 可以说,熔炉城去除掉科研属性,跟血蹄城这个武器生产工厂也大差不差了。 As for the blood hoof city, this earliest was defined by Li Cha as the city of weapon plant, has not fallen short of his anticipation. 至于血蹄城,这个最早被李察定义为武器工厂的城市,没有辜负他的期待。 After the forging master association establishes, the forged technology of blood hoof city started the skip-type progress. 在锻造师协会建立之后,血蹄城的锻造技术开始了飞跃式的进步。 In addition various forged technologies and talents from Erre plane transaction must come, the blood hoof city is ten thousand li in a day, at present every day can stabilize produces the number with the high-grade weapons of 100,000 ideas. 再加上从埃尔位面交易得来的各种锻造技术和人才,血蹄城更是一日千里,目前每天都能稳定出产数以十万计的高等级武器。 Earned the magnanimous resources for Dusk City. 黄昏之城赚取了海量的资源。 Even is not inferior in the money-making speed of demon sound box. 甚至不逊色于魔音盒的赚钱速度。 The munitions under the turbulent situation, the trade that most makes money absolutely, does not have one. 军火在动荡的局势之下,绝对是最赚钱的贸易,没有之一。 Also because of the change of productive relations, these wanders in the dungeon life of underground world corner, besides being hard to teach, majority was gathered at these two cities forcefully. 也因为生产关系的变化,那些游荡在地下世界角落的地牢生命,除了难以管教的之外,大部分都被强行聚集在了这两座城市。 Contributes labor and materials for the production of Dusk City, focuses on holding the important matter. 黄昏之城的生产添砖加瓦,集中力量办大事。 The vigorous development except for two cities, the plan that another Li Cha attaches great importance to especially is also developing with steady steps. 除了两座城市的蓬勃发展,另一个李察格外重视的计划也在稳步开展。 Doing missionary work of dark old tree sect. 黑暗古树教派的传教。 Ancient Tree of God's Evil is wielding 16 rotten lawful rights, moreover perfect not by the authority of seal. 神孽古树可是执掌着16的腐烂权柄,而且还是完好无损没有被封印的权柄。 Votary's pray, can make this boss have stronger control to the authority. 信仰者的祈祷,能让这位boss对权柄拥有更强的掌控力。 In addition, fraud and lie god of Tailong, was planned the doing missionary work ranks by him. 此外,欺诈与谎言之神泰隆,也被他规划到了传教行列。 This fellow under follower's pray, has felt the strength of slaughtering, fight wait/etc lawful rights. 这家伙在信徒的祈祷下,已经感受到了杀戮、战斗等等权柄的力量。 Although in his opinion, these lawful rights gains the difficulty to a big way not side, but confirmed the effect of doing missionary work at least. 虽然在他看来,这些权柄的获取难度大到没边,但起码证实了传教的效果。 Continues, not necessarily cannot obtain many harvests. 继续下去,未必不能得到更多的收获。 The demon sound box record doing missionary work hymn, in addition by the extraordinary unit(s) —— evil disseminator, this doing missionary work young expert conducts brainwashing -type doing missionary work for the doing missionary work the external force of system and compulsory of core. 魔音盒录制传教圣歌,加上以超凡兵种——邪恶传播者,这个传教小能手为核心的传教体系和强制性的外部力量进行洗脑式的传教。 The underground world has over half lives to become the follower of dark old tree sect. 地下世界已经有超过半数生命成为了黑暗古树教派的信徒。 It can be predicted that how long entire underground world could not want to be the shape of dark old tree sect. 可以预见,要不了多久整个地下世界都会是黑暗古树教派的形状。 Saw that underground world all operate with steady steps, Li Cha did not have many stays to step into Ell plane directly. 见到地下世界一切稳步运行,李察没有过多逗留直接踏入了埃尔位面 Before the underground world is not the underground world, does not need to conduct anything to talk to mobilize again, so long as he issues the order, the underground world will use all executions. 地下世界已经不是之前的地下世界了,并不需要再进行什么谈话动员,他只要下达命令,地下世界就会倾尽一切执行。 Regarding Ell plane, Li Cha somewhat has mixed feelings. 对于埃尔位面,李察的心情有些复杂。 At first he is thinking occupies plane, operates the second underground world it. 最初他只是想着占据一个位面,把其经营成第二个地下世界。 But never expected that plans unable to keep up with the change, the change of situation makes him have to make the resolution decisively. 但没想到计划赶不上变化,局势的变化让他不得不果断做出决断。 But also because of his resolute, Ell plane becomes the trade center of the whole world. 但也正是因为他的果决,埃尔位面才成为了整个世界的交易中心。 Becoming the president of Ell player association comprised of the highest level association, will become steerage of Erre Alliance comprised of the indigenous people. 才成为了由最顶级公会组成的埃尔玩家协会的会长,才会成为由原住民组成的埃尔联盟的掌舵者。 A pecking drinks, is the destiny. 一啄一饮,皆是命运。 Did not say exaggeratingly, now Ell plane absolutely is the center of the world, the lines of sight of countless person focus in this. 不夸张的说,现在埃尔位面绝对是世界的中心,无数人的视线都聚焦于此。 Li Cha controls as Ell, even if anything is not dry, all influences must pay close attention. 李察作为埃尔掌控者,就算是什么都不干,所有势力都要高度关注。 This influence and power and influence, almost infiltrated main plane each corner. 这种影响力和权势,几乎渗透了主位面的各个角落。 Only what is a pity, although he is controlling Ell plane, but Ell player association or Erre Alliance are the quite loose combinations. 唯一可惜的是,虽然他掌控着埃尔位面,但不论是埃尔玩家协会还是埃尔联盟都是比较松散的组合。 He is unable to achieve to have at one's command. 他无法做到如臂使指。 However this does not affect anything, can achieve now this degree, has exceeded the initial projection. 不过这并不影响什么,能做到现在这种程度,早已经超出了最初的预期。 After group star sparkle day, the city-state time approaches, becomes because of the chaos as the mountain ridge city of trade center even more lively. 群星闪耀日之后,城邦时代来临,作为交易中心的山岭城也因为大乱而变得越发繁华。 Outside is more chaotic, Ell plane security seems precious. 外面越混乱,埃尔位面的安全就越显得珍贵。 After Li Cha simple inspection, the secret arrived at the headquarters of Ell player association. 李察简单的视察过后,秘密来到了埃尔玩家协会的总部。 Not wordy, in the name of association president, summoned all leading members to come directly. 没有啰嗦,直接以会长的名义,召唤所有主要成员前来。 The news transmits, main foreman of major associations were energetic, left to go to Erre plane in abundance. 消息传达出去,各大公会的主要负责人都精神了起来,纷纷动身前往埃尔位面 Is less than a half hour, then gathers completely. 不到半个小时,便全部聚集。 Does not have an absence. 无一缺席。 foreman of many influence saw that in the well field center of area is quite sigh with emotion, this is the Azure Mound influence. 不少势力的负责人看到无恙的场面心中都颇为感慨,这就是青丘的影响力啊。 Changes into them any, wants to call the complete person to meet in a half hour to have a dream simply. 换成他们中的任何一个,想要在半个小时内召集全部人开会简直是做梦。 Under this situation, who isn't busy? Who can manage them? 在这种局势下,谁不忙?谁会理他们? Although this conference is very lively, but the security degree is extremely high, the outside world did not know Li Cha to hold this time conference personally. 这场会议虽然很热闹,但保密程度极高,外界并不知晓李察亲自召开了这次的会议。 Also no one knows that the conference discussed anything. 也没有人知道会议商谈了什么。 When waits for the major influences steerage to depart, the respective trusted subordinate discovered that their complexion is somewhat complex. 等各大势力的掌舵者离去之时,各自的亲信都发现他们脸色有些复杂。 Disturbed, dreads, excited, anticipated that...... various looks have. 忐忑,畏惧,兴奋,期待......各种神色都有。 After the conference of Ell player association convenes, Li Cha has not stopped, arrives at the city that Erre Alliance was stationed in...... male Singapore. 在埃尔玩家协会的会议召开完毕之后,李察没有停下,来到了埃尔联盟驻扎的城市......雄狮城。 However for several months, under the influential indigenous people influence exercise strategy, male Singapore almost cannot see originally the desolate appearance, the lively degree goes beyond compared with it mountain ridge city. 不过短短几个月,在势力雄厚的原住民势力经略之下,雄狮城几乎完全看不出原本落寞的模样,繁华程度比之山岭城有过之而无不及。 Caravan and magnanimous cargo turnover that Li Cha sees below communication, the mood somewhat is also subtle. 李察看到下方来往的商队和海量的货物进出,心情也有几分微妙。 He is always very clear to oneself cognition. 他对自己的认知从来都很清晰。 These indigenous people belong to under him, is not his some powerful strengths, what are more is...... in the chaotic world, everyone needs a peaceful security the region to trade. 这些原住民归于他之下,并不是他有多强大的力量,更多的是......在混乱的世界,所有人都需要一个安静安全的区域进行交易。 The appearance of Ell plane, met this need exactly. 埃尔位面的出现,恰好满足了这种需求。 Can be accords to his need. 算得上是各取所需。 After under returning to normal the mood, enters male Singapore, with channel that before left behind, the secret informed major influence foreman, held the conference again. 平复下心情后,进入雄狮城,用之前留下的渠道,秘密通知各大势力负责人,再次召开会议。 To the common player, the influential indigenous people influence looks from the start does not glance, even if the strength of player has the huge promotion compared with it at first. 普通的玩家,势力雄厚的原住民势力压根看不上眼,哪怕玩家的实力比之最初已经有了巨大的提升。 But the Li Cha will, no one dares to neglect, regardless of the opposite party is the higher aristocrat, the chamber of commerce controls also or the king in empire. 李察的意志,没有人敢忽视,不论对方是高等贵族,还是商会主宰亦或是帝国的国王。 Time Ell player association the time of foreman accumulation the control of major influences arrive is even shorter. 各大势力的主宰到来的时间甚至比埃尔玩家协会的负责人聚集的时间更短。 Similarly, this close-door meeting under highly security, insider few. 同样,这次闭门会议在高度保密之下,知情者寥寥。 After several hours, the when control of major influences return the territory, all seem like have not happened. 数个小时后,各大势力的主宰重新回到自己领地时,一切像是都没有发生。 Only exceptionally , the army transfers starts becomes frequent. 唯一的异常时,军队调动开始变得频繁。 But under the so chaotic background, this type was too exceptionally normal. 但在如此混乱的背景之下,这种异常太正常不过了。 Two conferences ended, Li Cha somewhat was also deficient, but does not have anxiously departure, but arrived at Ell kings directly. 两次会议结束,李察也有几分乏了,但没有急着离开,而是直接来到了埃尔王都。 Several months later, met with that Ell plane in name control again...... Dell, queen who he coronates personally. 时隔几个月,再次会见那位埃尔位面名义上的掌控者......芮黛尔,他亲自加冕的女王。 Stands tall and erect in the luxurious kingdom palace, front Dell sees the martial-looking form alarmed and afraid. 高耸奢华的王国殿堂内,芮黛尔惊惧的看着面前英武的身影。 The tone shivers. 语气颤抖。 Sir, situation, really to this?” “大人,局势,真的到这一步了吗?” Li Cha looks straight ahead the eye pupil of this queen, slow sound said. 李察直视这位女王的眼眸,缓声道。 Also even compared with must worse...... various God who I said that could not have waited.” “甚至比我说的还要更恶劣......诸神,已经等不下去了。” I, although does not know their specific objectives, but, their hunting scopes possibly contained me enormously, contained Dusk City.” “我虽然不知道他们的具体目标,但,他们的狩猎范围极大可能包含了我,包含了黄昏之城。” I never harbor the fantasy...... the situation to be irreversible to the outside world, already not road turn head.” “我从不对外界抱有幻想......局势已经不可逆转,早已没有回头的路了。” gets rid of all lucky, prepares to meet the challenge.” “抛开一切侥幸,准备迎接挑战吧。” Dell sinking sound said. 芮黛尔沉声道。 Ell player association, will Erre Alliance, assist us to fight with various God?” “埃尔玩家协会,埃尔联盟,会协助我们跟诸神战斗吗?” After Li Cha silent moment, said slowly. 李察沉默片刻后,缓缓道。 They not with various Shenwei the enemy......, but, will assist us.” “他们不会跟诸神为敌......但,会协助我们。” Dell hears this slightly to have words nod of looking pensive contradiction. 芮黛尔听到这略有矛盾的话若有所思的点点头。 Afterward deeply inspires, the vision is passing the unshakeable ray, firm say/way. 随后深吸口气,目光透着不可动摇的光芒,坚定道。 „Regardless how the situation fluctuates, Sir Li Cha, Ell Wang Guoyong is you firmest supporter, no one can vacillate!” “不论局势如何变幻,李察大人,埃尔王国永远是您最坚定的支持者,没有人能动摇!” Li Cha deeply looked at this queen one eyes, selected the head slowly. 李察深深看了这个女王一眼,缓缓点下了头。 I believe you, Dell......, regardless of the future will have anything, I believe you.” “我相信你,芮黛尔......不论未来发生什么,我都相信你。” Dell look instantaneous gentle, inside has the wave to ripple probably. 芮黛尔眼神瞬间柔和了下来,里面像是有水波荡漾。 The present person, saved her, saved the Erre kingdom, saved entire plane, even if pays all, she will not make him be injured! 眼前之人,拯救了她,拯救了埃尔王国,拯救了整个位面,哪怕付出一切,她也不会让他受到伤害! Leaves after the Erre kings, the Li Cha mood also has fluctuating. 从埃尔王都离开后,李察心情也有起伏。 Although the enemy is powerful, in the future as deep as a well, but he behind, there is a steadfast supporter, will never make concessions to hold fast at own defense line. 虽然敌人强大,未来难以捉摸,但他身后,也有坚定不移的支持者,永不退让地坚守着自己的防线。 He has enough card in a hand to be used to counterattack, even if the enemy is a god! Is various God! 他有足够的底牌用来反制,哪怕敌人是神!是诸神! Dusk City is not the fish meat of allowing to be oppressed! 黄昏之城绝不是任人宰割的鱼肉! After under returning to normal the mood, Li Cha puts out a hand to wield, front void direct shatter, one step takes, the form disappears without the trace. 平复下心情后,李察伸手一挥,前方的虚空直接破碎,一步迈出,身影消失无踪。 Saint Hall Empire, the king senior figure of receives the message suddenly, the king orders the martial law kings, anybody forbids to come and go out. 圣堂帝国,王都的高层人物突然收到消息,国王下令戒严王都,任何人禁止出入。 The royal palace was taken strict precautions against cling to tenaciously by the magnanimous army, passed by to be cut two including only the fly. 王宫更是被海量军队严防死守,连只苍蝇路过都要被斩成两段。 During highly martial law, several Legendary level Grand Duke who crowds around three princes to mount the throne, quietly appeared in the royal palace. 在高度戒严之中,几位簇拥三王子登上王位的传奇级大公,悄然出现在了王宫内。 As if must discuss what important matter...... 似乎要商议什么大事...... The one who lets most people unable to feel the mind is, the ban relieved after three hours suddenly, probably nothing happened generally. 让大部分人摸不着头脑的是,禁令在三个小时后又突然解除了,像是什么都没有发生过一般。 Afterward the official explanation was...... observes the space fissure, suspected that had Demon to appear, now the fissure was levelled, all securities. 随后官方的解释是......观测到了空间裂痕,怀疑有恶魔出现,现在裂痕被抹平,一切安全了。 Under this situation, what sound is nothing unusual, after people are surprised , no one many intertwines. 在这种局势下,什么样的动静都不足为奇,人们惊奇过后,,也没有人过多去纠结。 That several Grand Dukes have entered the news of royal palace, is no one knew. 那几位大公进入过王宫的消息,更是无人得知。 But what the bystander does not know, the second day of martial law, the Saint Hall Empire army high level, started new round relieving a garrison. 但外人并不知道的是,在戒严发生的第二天,圣堂帝国的军队高层,开始了新一轮的换防。 Another group of new military officers were held the high-rank by the king, starts to grasp the authority. 又一批新的军官被国王扶上位,开始掌握权柄。 But that group of military officers who the senior king appointed, through this event, were cleaned up thoroughly cleanly. 而原本老国王任命的那一批军官,经此一役,彻底被清理干净。 The military authority, was controlled by the current king completely in the hand. 军权,被现任国王完全掌控在了手中。 When the situation is even more subtle, a news broke Li who is in the layout. 在局势越发微妙之际,一则消息打断了正在布局的李。 The desert sect was attacked, the entire church collapses directly. 沙漠教派被人突袭,整座教堂直接倒塌。 But in the church collapsing the same day , the solar sect, the bright sect formally announced that moved into Soran City...... outside the city, then presented the devil army and trail of undead army. 而在教堂倒塌的当天,太阳教派,光明教派正式宣布入驻索兰城......城外,则出现了魔鬼大军和亡灵大军的踪迹。 Li Cha knew that the news the first idea is —— these hidden in influence in secret, does not want to wait again. 李察得知消息的第一想法便是——那些隐藏在暗中的势力,并不想再等下去了。 The mood becomes somewhat subtle, the giant beast that under the water surface ambushes is not ambushing, that represented...... the situation unable to tolerate the opposite party to ambush again. 心情变得有些微妙,水面下潜伏的巨兽不在潜伏,那代表着......局势已经不能容忍对方再潜伏了。 This news advantage is, the unknown enemy surfaces, he can clear knows that who own opponent is, powerful, formulates the coping style by this. 这个消息好处在于,未知的敌人浮出水面,他能清晰的知道自己的对手是谁,有多强大,以此来制定应对方式。 But the fault lies in...... very being possible, crazy that the opposite party trapped/sleepy beast fights, will destroy all. 而坏处在于......很可能,对方困兽之斗的疯狂,会把一切都毁灭。 Did not have the time to leave his layout again. 没有时间再留给他布局了。 Deeply after attracting several tones, puts out a hand to tear void, steps into Soran City again, returned crisis-ridden, terrifying institute that always converges greatly. 深吸几口气后,伸手撕裂虚空,再次踏入索兰城,回到了危机四伏,大老云集的恐怖之所。 But this time, is regarded as Li Cha of prey, does not have any fear...... who is hunting, does not arrive at the final time, deciding that who can say? 但这次,被视为猎物的李察,没有任何的恐惧......谁在狩猎,不到最后时刻,谁又能说的定呢? Above the ruins of desert church, Li Cha turned the head to look to some direction, there sky floated Gabriel phantom, the hymn is singing loudly...... 沙漠教堂的废墟之上,李察转头看向了某个方向,那里的天空漂浮着虚影,圣歌在高声歌唱......
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