GLSAADL :: Volume #7

#621: Lit powder keg

Soran City. 索兰城 To the common resident, in the half year is the dark turmoil, is the total darkness, terrified difficult secure, will unable to see the future day. 对于普通居民而言,这半年来是黑暗动乱,是暗无天日,让人惶恐难安,甚至看不到未来的日子。 This aspect, is comes to the end until the appearance of desert sect. 这种局面,直到沙漠教派的出现才算是告一段落。 The desert sect gave everyone the new hope. 沙漠教派给了所有人新的希望。 But today, making one that the follower trembled appear. 但在今天,让信徒颤栗的一幕出现了。 The symbol of desert sect, the place of —— desert church god arrival, crashed! 沙漠教派的象征,神降临之地——沙漠教堂,崩塌了! Moreover did not have the avalanche of slight indication! 而且是没有丝毫征兆的崩塌了! This to the follower, is no different than the day to collapse! 这对信徒而言,无异于天崩! This is their symbols of belief! 这可是他们的信仰的象征啊! The stability of this period of time obtaining will break shortly, the innermost feelings were only left over at a loss. 这段时间获得的安定顷刻间破碎,内心只剩下了茫然无措。 The countless follower gathered outside the church of avalanche, started the anger, the roaring filial piety, cursed, prayed, made reparations...... the noisy sound almost to make entire Soran City fall into makes noise. 无以计数的信徒聚集在了崩塌的教堂外,开始愤怒,咆孝,咒骂,祈祷,赎罪......嘈杂的声音几乎让整个索兰城陷入喧闹。 But gradually relaxes in the soaring mood, chest hot blooded subsides gradually, the air suddenly became peaceful. 但在高昂的情绪逐渐缓和,胸膛的热血渐渐平息,空气骤然变得安静了起来。 All followers look that dull becomes the yellow sand church again shatter, their ear banks only then the breathing of side companion, does not have other again. 所有信徒都呆呆的看着重新破碎成黄沙的教堂,他们耳畔只有身边同伴的呼吸声,再无其他。 At this moment no one can understand the train of thought of follower. 此刻没有人能读懂信徒的思绪。 Especially after...... the church crashes, their beliefs, the god of great desert has not appeared, makes them be troubled. 尤其是......教堂崩塌之后,他们的信仰,伟大的沙漠之神并未出现,更让他们感到不安。 But at this moment, as strengthless, civilians who are unable to control the destiny , can only pray that own belief can appear, gives them to bring about the hope...... 但此刻,作为毫无力量,无法掌控自己命运的平民,也只能祈祷自己的信仰能出现,给他们重新带来希望...... In the chaotic and dark world, the weak one never has the power of choice. 在混乱和黑暗的世界,弱者从来没有选择的权力。 From a desert church several hundred meters luxurious hotel, devil Lord of Lancet Diels and nine human appearances is gazing at accumulation follower in groups silently. 距离沙漠教堂数百米的奢华旅馆,阿斯摩蒂尔斯和九个人类模样的魔鬼领主默默注视着聚集成群的信徒。 On lord...... can the avalanche of desert church, provoke the relations of sun god and bright goddess with that divine grace Lord?” “主上......沙漠教堂的崩塌,能否挑动太阳神和光明女神跟那个神恩领主的关系?” Lancet Diels hears behind inquiry not to turn head, undulating say/way. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯听到身后的询问没有回头,澹澹道。 Destroys that divine grace Lord church to have nothing to do with them, this simple method will not make the situation happen too significantly changes.” “摧毁那个神恩领主的教堂跟他们无关,这种简单的手段不会让局势发生太大改变。” My goal is to confirm merely......” “我的目的仅仅是想要确认......” Speaking of this, this first nine prison's control as if somewhat dreaded, has not continued. 说到这,这头九狱的主宰似乎有些忌惮,没有继续下去。 Devil Lord of that opens the mouth also comprehended rapidly, hidden the muddy eye under cloak is even more dark, changed a topic, the tone low and deep say/way. 那位开口的魔鬼领主也迅速领悟,隐藏在披风下的浑浊眼睛越发幽暗,换了个话题,语气低沉道。 On lord, we whether needs to make the new layout...... to wait, the enemy who arrives at this city will be surely getting more and more, once exceeds some boundary, we are not necessarily able to control the situation.” “主上,我们是否需要做出新布局了......这么等下去,来到这座城市的敌人必定会越来越多,一旦超过某个界限,我们未必能掌控局势。” Even the humble Spiritual God of beastman god department dares to appear, will then have anything who perhaps.” “连兽人神系的低贱神灵都敢露头了,接下来还会发生什么谁也说不定。” More acts early, our initiatives are bigger.” “越早出手,我们的主动权越大。” Speaking of this stopped the moment, after organizing a language , to continue to say. 说到此停顿了片刻,组织了一下语言后继续道。 That divine grace Lord territory, in Death Dessert......, if really such as destiny direction like that the opposite party is a key, in his territory, is hiding many secrets surely.” “那个神恩领主的领地,在死亡沙漠内......如果真如命运指引的那般,对方就是钥匙,他的领地内,也必定藏着不少的秘密。” On lord, please order.” “主上,请您下令。” Nearby devil Lord hears word, slightly somewhat stiff turning the head, the tone has several points joyfully. 旁边一位魔鬼领主闻言,略有些僵硬的转过头,语气带着几分欣然。 On lord, Soran City has others , cannot move, can that divine grace Lord territory, remain?” “主上,索兰城有其他人在,动不得,那个神恩领主的领地,难道还要留着吗?” He has surpassed for a month in the time in this narrow pub waiting, he felt that oneself bone must rust. 他在这个狭窄的小旅馆里面等待的时间已经超过了一个月,他感觉自己的骨头都要生锈了。 He longs for that the blood and soul, long for slaughtering! 他渴望鲜血和灵魂,渴望杀戮! Lancet Diels hears word eyes narrow the eyes, just when wants to reply the complexion suddenly changes. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯闻言眼睛微眯,刚想应答时脸色突然一变。 Courageous raising the head looks to the sky. 勐的抬头看向天空。 The tone is surprised. 语气惊疑不定。 „Did the path of destiny...... change?” “命运的轨迹......变了?” At that moment immediately closes the eye, the body makes the evil aura that devil Lord trembles behind dissipate quietly. 当下立刻闭上眼睛,身上让身后魔鬼领主颤栗的邪恶气息悄然逸散而出。 When this investigates boss to open eyes extremely again, the muddy eye pupil was passing the dazzling bright. 等这头究极boss再睁开眼时,原本浑浊的眼眸透着刺目的亮光。 The ray absorbs the person heart and soul. 光芒摄人心魄。 The tone took the excitement that is difficult to cover. 语气带上了难掩的激动。 Key and not only in this city, with that divine grace Lord related all, seems part of key.” “钥匙并不仅仅在这座城,跟那个神恩领主相关的一切,似乎都是钥匙的一部分。” This is the world will volume attended to......” “这是世界意志的卷顾......” Speaking of this has turned around courageous, the profound vision is staring at nine devil Lord that changes into the human form. 说到此勐地转过身,深邃的目光凝视着九尊化为人形的魔鬼领主 Hints the rightmost three people. 示意最右边的三人。 You assign the army immediately, attacks and occupies that divine grace Lord territory.” “你们立刻调派军队,把那个神恩领主的领地攻占下来。” Spares nothing.” “不惜一切代价。” Even former days appeared, must take!” “就算旧日出现,也要拿下!” Several devil Lord the spirit inspires immediately, visible excited. 几个魔鬼领主立刻精神一振,肉眼可见的兴奋了起来。 The promotion of devil by swallowing the blood and soul is completed, they have been unable to tolerate thirst and hunger...... the war and slaughter are final yearning! 魔鬼的晋升是靠吞噬鲜血和灵魂完成的,他们早已饥渴难耐......战争和杀戮才是最终的向往! When the devil has an action to perform, moves into Soran City the god of Sun to sit facing each other with the bright goddess in the church of solar sect with the high-toned posture at this moment. 在魔鬼有所动作之际,以高调姿态入驻索兰城的太阳之神跟光明女神此刻正在太阳教派的教堂内相对而坐。 The appearance of god of Sun is a 30 over man, an eye of band of light the burning hot, long gown is mixed to build the white and golden color comprised, is solemn and respectful and magnificent. 太阳之神的外貌是一个三十出头的男子,目光带着炙热,身上的长袍由白色和金色混搭组成,肃穆而华丽。 Raises hand to lift in the feet, has the dignity of high-rank, intense constriction. 举手抬足之间,带着上位者的威严,给人强烈的压迫感。 The god of Sun, occupies the Spiritual God on Sun, has the unsurpassed strength. 太阳之神,居住在太阳上的神灵,拥有着无上的力量。 Each sun god, is existence of Lord God rank, so long as can obtain the authority of Sun, inevitably is the top Spiritual God that in the world have several. 每一任太阳神,都是主神级别的存在,只要能获得太阳的权柄,就必然是世界上有数的顶级神灵。 His strength, penetration world, even if the abyss most powerful evil god, is not willing to meet the tough head-on with toughness with the sun god. 他的力量,贯通天地,哪怕是深渊最强大的邪神,也不愿意跟太阳神硬碰硬。 The bright goddess bathes in the pure white Saint light, the ray mold lake all, making one look that not the clear facial features passed are being gentle and holy, that pair of quiet blue eye pupil was very profound, lets person unforgettable. 光明女神沐浴在洁白的圣光之中,光芒模湖了一切,让人看不真切的面容透着慈祥和圣洁,那双幽蓝色的眼眸无比深邃,让人一眼难忘。 Pure white long gown that the body wears, is to make it seem unattainable. 身上穿着的纯白色的长袍,更是让其显得高不可攀。 This is the goddess that can only lie prostrate in worship, the mortal is inviolable. 这是只能顶礼膜拜的女神,凡人不可亵渎。 The bright goddess, the symbol of light and hope, in the innumerable legends, this goddess is playing the role of Savior, has the extremely lofty prestige in main plane. 光明女神,光明和希望的象征,在无数传说中,这位女神都扮演着救世主的角色,在主位面拥有着极为崇高的声望。 First-generation bright goddess to save own follower under besieging of abyss evil god, however falls from the sky secretly. 第一代光明女神为了拯救自己的信徒在深渊邪神的围攻之下,暗然陨落。 Second-generation ray goddess 500,000 years ago similarly to protect the civilians died in battle, the disciple remains sighs woefully to grasp the wrists innumerably. 第二代光芒女神在五十万年前同样为了守护平民阵亡,徒留无数哀叹扼腕。 The present bright goddess is the third generation, her result how, no one knows. 现在的光明女神已经是第三代了,她的结局如何,没人知晓。 We just entered a city, the desert church crashed...... not that skillful matter, who controls in the back?” “我们刚刚进城,沙漠教堂就崩塌了......没有那么巧的事,谁在背后操控?” The sun god tranquil sound reverberates in the hall, tone not heavy, but gives people the strong pressure, one such as hanging hot sun. 太阳神平静的声音在大厅内回荡,语气不重但给人强大的压力,一如悬空的烈日。 The bright goddess vision concentrates, the tone is mellow. 光明女神目光微凝,语气醇厚清澈。 Except for abyss that Demon, the biggest possibility, was the hell.” “除了深渊那头恶魔,最大的可能,便是地狱了。” The sun god eye narrows the eyes, slow sound said. 太阳神眼睛微眯,缓声道。 Your Highness Solund, the dark goddess also arrived at this city......” “苏伦殿下,黑暗女神也来到了这座城市......” Although the words have not said that the meaning that but must express is very obvious. 话虽没说完,但要表达的意思已经很明显了。 Hears dark goddess name, the bright goddess complexion concentrates, the vision also becomes complex. 听到黑暗女神这个称呼,光明女神脸色微凝,目光也变得复杂。 Each Ren Guangming goddess will inherit Solund this god name, but dark goddess, from creating world, has never had the transformation. 每一任光明女神都会继承苏伦这个神名,而黑暗女神,从创世之初,从未有过变换。 Bright and dark is the absolute opposite, but also is the relations of mutual paragenesis, regarding the arrival of dark goddess, she knows compared with the sun god early. 光明与黑暗是绝对的对立面,但也是相互共生的关系,对于黑暗女神的到来,她比太阳神更早知道。 After silent moment, the bright goddess shakes the head slowly. 沉默片刻后,光明女神缓缓摇头。 „It is not she, she so will not be bored.” “不是她,她不会这么无聊。” The sun god has the profound meaning greatly looked at this goddess one, no longer said. 太阳神大有深意的看了这位女神一眼,也不再多说。 You know in heart are...... the aura of key already even more strong, the path of destiny becomes no longer may ponder over.” “你心里有数就是......钥匙的气息已经越发浓重,命运的轨迹变得不再可琢磨。” Then, what attitude should we with go facing that divine grace Lord?” “接下来,我们该用什么态度去面对那位神恩领主?” After returning the subject, some sun god quite headaches. 重新回到正题后,太阳神颇有些头痛。 Although the authority, the whole world has not dared to despise his strength. 虽然权柄还在之时,整个世界都不敢轻视他的力量。 But the rule changes after now, the authority had been suppressed, he is unable to use that to destroy all strengths again to solve the problem. 可现在规则变化之后,权柄已经被压制,他无法再利用那能摧毁一切的力量去解决问题。 Now, the prestige that divine grace Lord has is not necessarily inferior in him, what is vigilant, the opposite party is concerned with the epoch. 现在,那个神恩领主拥有的声望不见得逊色于他,更让人警惕的是,对方还跟新纪元有关。 Under the background, the opposite party definitely will so receive innumerable peeping. 在如此背景之下,对方必然会受到无数明里暗里的窥视。 But what is terrifying, this seems like not powerful divine grace Lord, stands erect unexpectedly motionless. 但恐怖的是,这位看上去并不强大的神恩领主,竟然屹立不动。 Does not seem to be threatened and challenged slightly. 似乎没有受到丝毫的威胁和挑战。 This has to make him seriously treat. 这不得不让他认真对待。 The weak ones, are not possible to become the widely-noted top character again, more impossible to be perfect in the center of storm. 弱者,是不可能再成为举世瞩目的顶级人物的,更不可能在风暴的中心还完好无损。 The bright goddess glances the fine motion. 光明女神眼波微动。 Does not need to suspect so many, makes that divine grace Lord to meet directly is, the opposite party is what attitude, sees can know.” “不用猜想那么多,直接约那位神恩领主见面便是,对方是什么态度,见一见就能知晓。” The sun god first is somewhat the surprise, but after thinking moment, nod that feels relaxed. 太阳神先是有几分诧异,但思索片刻后又释然的点点头。 Was I thinks the branch...... that divine grace Lord, although robbed the sect of god of desert, but Desert Faction as before was neutral faction, this point will not change because of the behavior of opposite party.” “是我想岔了......那位神恩领主虽然抢夺了沙漠之神的教派,但沙漠阵营依旧是中立阵营,这一点不会因为对方的行为而发生改变。” He has regarded the enemy to treat the opposite party in the subconscious, therefore is especially careful, but the bright goddess changed a mentality, immediately makes him open the train of thought. 他在潜意识里一直把对方当成敌人对待,所以格外小心,但光明女神换了个思路,立刻让他打开了思绪。 Our attitudes?” “那我们的态度?” Cooperation, the epoch is impossible only to depend upon him to open, what need is all divine grace Lord strengths.” “合作,新纪元不可能只依靠他一个人开启,需要的是所有神恩领主的力量。” ...... ...... Returns to Soran City Li Cha, first arrived at the desert sect. 返回索兰城李察,第一时间来到了沙漠教派。 Heaves in sight, crashes the follower who to become the gravel the church and silent. 映入眼帘的,是崩塌成为沙砾的教堂和寂静无声的信徒。 That scene looks like the desperate scene after big cataclysm. 那副场面就像是大灾变之后的绝望场景。 An inexplicable depression, breath unnatural heaviness. 给人一种莫名的压抑感,呼吸都不自然的沉重。 Flies to sky over the church, overlooks , the vision becomes cold. 飞抵教堂上空,俯瞰而下,目光变得冷冽。 In the heart kills intent to rise suddenly unceasingly. 心中杀意不断暴涨。 Really...... courts death! 真是......找死! Is when his blade was disadvantageous? 是当他的刀不利了吗? After short hesitation, suddenly the sensation to anything, courageous turning the head looked to another direction, in the eye blink the ray of danger. 短暂的沉吟之后,突然感知到了什么,勐的转头看向另一个方向,眼中闪烁着危险的光芒。 These people, but also really regards him to not to have the thing. 这些人,还真是视他为无物啊。 Whom doesn't know to your courage? 不知道谁给你们的胆子? Gods, homicide also few? 神,他杀的还少吗? The followers who the frame of mind is defeated and dispersed, at this moment, saw that familiar form finally, the sensation to let their crazy aura. 心气溃散的信徒们,在此刻,终于看到了那熟悉的身影,感知到了让他们疯狂的气息。 The mood ascended to the heaven from the hell instantaneously! 心情从地狱瞬间升到了天堂! The gods, have not had an accident, god, return! 神,没有出事,神,归来了! My Lord, your devout follower salutes to you......” 吾主,您虔诚的信徒向您行礼......” Great control, these hid in sewer inside trash damaged your church, please lower the divine punishment!” “伟大的主宰,那些躲藏在下水道里面的垃圾损坏了您的教堂,请您降下神罚吧!” God, we protect the church to be ineffective, I guilty......” “神啊,我们保护教堂不力,我有罪......” After church avalanche, the followers innermost feelings appear in a terrified way and vented with the way of loud prayer at this moment completely. 教堂崩塌之后,信徒们内心出现的惶恐和此刻全部用大声祷告的方式发泄了出来。 In the sensation mind the turbulent mood, Li Cha deeply inspires the murderous intention that the returning to normal innermost feelings surge. 感知脑海中汹涌的情绪,李察深吸口气才平复内心涌动的杀机。 Expression assured and firm and resolute say/way. 语气笃定而坚毅道。 My people, no one can encroach to provoke the desert the dignity.” “吾之子民们,没有人能侵犯挑衅沙漠的威严。” You go back respectively, I, will uncover to hide the mouse in sewer personally, regardless of the opposite party is a person, is the god!” “你们各自回去,吾,将会亲手揪出隐藏在下水道里的老鼠,不论对方是人,还是神!” The voice falls, returns to part to give the follower the strength of belief this period of time saves. 话音落下,把这段时间积攒下来的信仰之力返回一部分给信徒。 Below follower feels immediately the spirit shakes, the mind of before losing restored, the whole person was full of the strength. 下方的信徒立刻感觉到精神一震,之前损耗的心神全部恢复,整个人充满了力量。 At that moment the vision becomes the burning hot even more, the disturbed mood disappears. 当下目光变得越发炙热,忐忑的情绪消失一空。 They know, their great Spiritual God, will be sheltering them as before! 他们就知道,他们伟大的神灵,依旧会庇护着他们! Even if this mood leaves in Li Cha suddenly has not presented cooling, instead has the trend of getting stronger and stronger. 这种情绪哪怕在李察突然离开也没有出现冷却,反而有着愈演愈烈的趋势。 The feeling of regaining, made these hold last straw the person of drowning to be crazy. 失而复得的感觉,太让这些抓住最后一根稻草的溺水之人疯狂了。 The solar sect cathedral, sitting facing each other god and the bright goddess of Sun turn the head to look suddenly to the body side, the vision becomes somewhat surprised. 太阳教派大教堂,相对而坐的太阳之神和光明女神突然转头看向身侧,目光变得有几分惊疑。 The next second, they looked that twists to that space directly, quietly appears by the form that the yellow sand covers in the line of sight. 下一秒,他们看向那片空间直接扭曲,一个被黄沙笼罩的身影悄然出现在视线中。 „Is my church, two destroys?” “我的教堂,是两位摧毁的?” That mysterious person calm is cool, the domineering of but behind the words hiding and overbearing is actually similar to the steel needle to be sharp. 那位神秘人的语气平静而澹然,但话语背后隐藏的强势和霸道却如同钢针般锋利。 The eye pupil of sun god sends out immediately like the ray of flame burning hot. 太阳神的眼眸顿时散发出如火焰般炙热的光芒。 Is staring at Li Cha stubbornly. 死死盯着李察 „Do you actually have the god country?!” “你竟然还拥有着神国?!” He lends the aura to tempt Li Cha to come, naturally was ready at heart, but, he has not thought that this divine grace Lord will appear with this way before him. 他散发气息引诱李察前来,心里自然做好了准备,但是,他没想到这位神恩领主会用这种方式出现在他面前。 This church undergoes his hand reinforcement, the common space magic is from the start impossible to come. 这座教堂可是经过他手加固的,普通的空间魔法压根不可能进来。 The opposite party twist the space the way, with thinking the country opening space channel not the slightest difference. 对方扭曲空间的方式,跟用神国开启空间通道别无二致。 The bright goddess vision also took seriously. 光明女神目光也带上了郑重。 The group star sparkle day let all Spiritual God the god national capital disintegrations, that was the result of action of force rule, no one can escape by luck. 群星闪耀日可是让所有神灵的神国都崩碎了,那是规则之力作用的结果,没有任何人能幸免。 Why this divine grace can Lord...... also preserve the god country? 这个神恩领主......为何还能把神国保存下来? Is this volume of destiny attended to? 这是命运的卷顾? The Li Cha brow selects, said slowly. 李察眉头微挑,缓缓道。 My issue, haven't you heard?” “我的问题,你们没听见?” Is you, destroyed my church?” “是你们,摧毁了我的教堂?” After the interrogation of undulating, the corners of the mouth hung up the cold curve, the tone have several points of murderous intention. 澹澹的质问过后,嘴角挂起了冷冽的弧度,语气带着几分杀机。 Respect...... the sun god cultivates Luo, bright goddess Solund.” “尊敬的......太阳神培罗,光明女神苏伦。” The sun god has gotten back one's composure at this moment, feels the Li Cha attitude, not only not angry, instead is even more vigilant. 太阳神此刻才回过神,感受到李察的态度,不仅没有恼怒,反而越发警惕。 Can become a control of so huge influence, can have the greatest influence in the whole world, this divine grace Lord obviously possibly is not an idiot. 能成为一个如此庞大势力的主宰,能在整个世界拥有莫大的影响力,这位神恩领主显然不可能是蠢货。 Since knows that their real status are so tranquilly assured, that has certainly depended on. 既然知道他们的真实身份还如此笃定平静,那一定是有所倚仗。 Before does not know the opposite party card in a hand, he does not think that is not willing to get angry with it. 在不知道对方底牌之前,他不想不愿跟其翻脸。 Li Cha your excellency, your church is not we destroys......” 李察阁下,你的教堂并非我们所毁......” As the control of Sun, does the matter of this low, will only tarnish the baptismal name of Sun.” “身为太阳的主宰,做这种下三滥之事,只会玷污太阳的圣名。” Li Cha shows neither approval nor disapproval, the indifference in vision has not diverged as before. 李察不置可否,目光中的冷漠依旧没有散去。 Two should also inform me, why you arrive at my city to do missionary work suddenly blatantly...... because of the desert sect, isn't worth mentioning?” “两位还应该告知我,你们为何突然来到我的城市公然传教......是因为沙漠教派,不值一提吗?” The voice falls, two in the outside world has the greatest prestigious Spiritual God to feel in the heart one tight. 话音落下,两个在外界拥有着莫大声望的神灵都感觉心中一紧。 They on this divine grace Lord, felt the ice-cold piercing murderous intention and...... makes them carry ji to send the cold dangerous feeling. 他们在这位神恩领主身上,感到了冰冷刺骨的杀机和......让他们背嵴发寒的危险感。 The opposite party, are capable of killing them! 对方,有能力杀死他们! Realized after this issue, two people mentalities change rapidly. 意识到这个问题之后,两人的心态迅速发生转变。 Treats the powerhouse, must give enough respect, this is the 《Glorious Era》 survival rule, does not observe, has turned into the flower to be fat. 对待强者,必须要给予足够的尊重,这是《光辉纪元》的生存规则,不遵守的,早已经化成了花肥。 No, under the Li Cha crown, you misunderstood.” “不,李察冕下,你误会了。” The bright goddess gentle sound resounds, the Saint light of surging scattered in the room the tight atmosphere. 光明女神柔和的声音响起,涌动的圣光驱散了屋内紧张的气氛。 We arrive at Soran City, does not want to be the enemy with the crown under.” “我们来到索兰城,并非想要跟冕下为敌。” Destiny directs us to seek to open the epoch the key, but under the crown you, likely have the close connection with the key.” “命运指引着我们寻找打开新纪元的钥匙,而冕下你,很可能跟钥匙有着密切的关联。” We have not launched to do missionary work, but wants by right name participation, not to become sewer inside mouse, has no intention to provoke under the crown.” “我们并未展开传教,只是想以正当的名义参与其中,并不想成为下水道里面的老鼠,更无意挑衅冕下。” The Li Cha eye narrows the eyes, the faint smile said. 李察眼睛微眯,似笑非笑道。 This saying, since were under Solund crown said that I believe, the bright goddess won't deceive people?” “这话既然是苏伦冕下说的,我相信,光明女神不会骗人不是吗?” Believes that the ghost knows. 相不相信鬼知道。 However he is willing show due respect for the feelings, two people also to relax, if no no recourse, who is willing in this critical moment, with can threaten own life to exist for the enemy mystically. 不过他肯给面子,两人也松了口气,如果不是迫不得已,谁又愿意在这种紧要关头,跟一个能威胁到自己生命的神秘存在为敌。 Sun god tone gentle say/way. 太阳神语气柔和道。 Recently submerged the Soran City Spiritual God quantity to be many,...... under the Li Cha crown was best to handle affairs the aura of my sensation to Demon and devil carefully.” “最近潜入索兰城的神灵数量不少,我感知到了恶魔和魔鬼的气息......李察冕下最好小心行事。” Is speaking the tone earnestly. 说着语气认真了下来。 If encounters the danger, can seek help from us, the dangerous moment, only has deals jointly.” “如果遇到危险,可以向我们求助,危难关头,唯有联手应对。” This saying made Li Cha look at opposite party one eyes but actually much, did this fellow come really? 这话倒让李察多看了对方一眼,这家伙是来真的? After short hesitation, slow sound said. 短暂的沉吟过后,缓声道。 „Are their goals also to come for the so-called key? Do you know a key more precise information?” “他们的目的也是为了所谓的钥匙而来?你们知道钥匙更确切的消息吗?” The sun god nods and shakes the head. 太阳神点点头又摇摇头。 Right, except that the key is impossible to attract so many Spiritual God to arrive.” “没错,除了钥匙不可能吸引这么多神灵到来。” Destiny direction makes us come here, other...... knows nothing.” “命运指引让我们来到这里,其他的......一无所知。” Li Cha hears this familiar excuse brow tight wrinkle, is this god god talks on endlessly, he dislikes this unique control the matter. 李察听到这熟悉的说辞不由眉头紧皱,又是这种神神叨叨的,他讨厌这种超脱掌控的事。 What to do do that then you plan? Waits?” “那接下来你们打算怎么办?干等下去?” Sun god solemn and respectful say/way. 太阳神肃穆道。 Only can wait, that moment when the key presents.” “只能等,等到钥匙出现的那一刻。” The Li Cha chest feels to feel suffocated, this is not different from the attitude of god of dwarf. 李察胸口感觉憋了一口气,这跟侏儒之神的态度也没什么两样啊。 Deeply looked at this fellow one eyes. 深深看了这家伙一眼。 You wait well.” “那你们就好好等吧。” Said that as if thought of anything, tone subtle say/way. 说完似乎想到了什么,语气微妙道。 Where do you know other Spiritual God? Who danger to the Soran City is biggest?” “你们知道其他神灵在什么地方吗?谁对索兰城的危险最大?” Only if these Spiritual God are willing to expose itself, otherwise was very difficult to find the concrete whereabouts.” “除非那些神灵愿意暴露自己,不然很难找到具体下落。” Talked about this topic, the bright goddess vision took several to segregate heavily. 谈到这个话题,光明女神目光带上了几分凝重。 To Soran City threatening and many, but these most dangerous has three gangs of influence —— dark goddess, lord of Lancet Diels nine prison, Demon Prince coca...... these is born in extremely wicked and dark existence, each has the infinite strength, the cards in a hand in their hand, are unable to guess.” “对索兰城有威胁的并不少,但这其中最危险的有三股势力——黑暗女神莎尔,九狱之主阿斯摩蒂尔斯,恶魔王子狄摩高根......这些诞生于极恶和黑暗的存在,每一尊都拥有无穷的力量,它们手中的底牌,更是无法揣测。” Several in 《Glorious Era》 legend, but acts finally existence of big villain frequently. 几个在《光辉纪元》神话传说中,可是经常扮演最终大反派的存在。 But eye pupil of Li Cha actually even more ice-cold. 李察的眼眸却越发冰冷。 What background managing you are, Soran City, is his card in a hand, now wants to come to come to walk walks, when Soran City is the public toilet?! 管你是什么来头,索兰城,是他的底牌,现在想来就来想走就走,当索兰城是公共厕所吗?! When the mood has not returned to normal, near the ear broadcast an anxious sound suddenly. 心情还未平复之时,耳边突然传来了一道焦急的声音。 Master, outside Dusk City presented the countless devil! Complete becomes the army of organization system, the hell! Was the hell launched the attack to us! “主人,黄昏之城外出现了无以计数的魔鬼!是完整的成建制的军队,地狱!是地狱对我们发动了进攻! The innermost feelings the depressing anger was lit instantaneously. 内心本就压抑的怒火瞬间被点燃。 Good guts! 好胆! But has not reacted with enough time, rapid siren resounds through the entire Soran City sky. 但还未来得及作出反应,一阵急促的警笛声响彻整个索兰城的天空。 His courageous turning the head looks to out of the window, picture reflecting view that the innumerable Pegasus soldiers lift off. 他勐的转头看向窗外,无数飞马战士升空的画面倒映眼帘。 The enemies raid! 敌袭! The sun god and bright goddess also stood up the body, looks at each other one mutually, saw the dignity in opposite party eyes. 太阳神和光明女神也同时站起了身,相互对视一眼的,都看到了对方眼中的凝重。 These sewer inside mice, could not bear......” “那些下水道里面的老鼠,忍不住了......” Only then they know, sneaks the Soran City strength terrifyingly, either one in these people want to act, has directly raises the ability of table. 只有他们知道,潜入索兰城的力量有多恐怖,这些人中的任何一方想要出手,都有直接掀桌子的能力。 Constrains for a long time atmosphere, in erupts at this moment suddenly. 压抑已久的气氛,在此刻骤然爆发。 Soran City this powder keg under the grating police siren, blasts out loudly. 索兰城这个火药桶在刺耳的警笛之下,轰然炸开。 Everyone smelled the thick smell of blood...... 所有人都嗅到了浓浓的血腥味......
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