GLSAADL :: Volume #7

#619: The eternal city finishes, the danger approaches

The world tree from germinating to grow to kilometer high, supports the entire plane towering giant tree, but moment time. 世界树从发芽成长到千米高,支撑整个位面的参天巨木,不过片刻时间。 Li Cha can the clear sensation to the vigor that entire plane shows. 李察能清晰的感知到整个位面透出的蓬勃生机。 Did not say exaggeratingly, the world tree bestows on with the eternal place new life. 毫不夸张的说,世界树赋与永恒之地新的生命。 Worthily in the name of the world tree. 不愧于世界树之名。 Moreover he can the sensation, the world tree at this moment, but also has not arrived at own upper limit. 而且他能感知到,此刻的世界树,还远未到自己的上限。 In the period that the shallot thrives, big growth space. 正处于青葱勃发的时期,还有大的成长空间。 After under Li Cha returns to normal the mood that the innermost feelings fluctuate, this in the joyful mood, turns on the property panel of the world tree. 李察平复下内心起伏的情绪后,这才在愉悦的心情中,打开世界树的属性面板。 However unexpected, not too multi-information. 不过出乎意料,并没有太多信息。 World tree 世界树 Rank: Special 等级:特殊 Characteristics: Takes root in plane, will grow along with plane or the decrepit. 特性:扎根于位面之中,将伴随着位面而成长或衰朽。 The world tree that after Introduction: this is withered world tree seed germinates, grows becomes, but, this does not hinder its tree to let the strength that the will of the people trembles. 介绍:这是一颗干瘪的世界树种子发芽后生长而成的世界树,但是,这并不妨碍其树拥有让人心颤的力量。 The world tree has melted with the eternal place for a body, without own attribute. 世界树已经跟永恒之地融为了一体,没有自身的属性了。 However, this is not the misdemeanor. 不过,这并非是坏事。 After Li Cha switches off the property panel, as if thought of anything, looks up to void. 李察关掉属性面板后,似乎想到了什么,抬头看向虚空。 Sensation sending out, he can the clear sensation, the root hair of the world tree penetrate plane at this moment, takes root in void. 感知散发而出,此刻他能清晰的感知到,世界树的根须穿透了位面,扎根于虚空之中。 In void is absorbing the nutrient fast. 正在虚空快速汲取养分。 After a lot of nutrient provide, these root hair start the rapid-growth, gradually packages the plane barrier. 在大量的养分供养后,那些根须开始快速生长,逐渐包裹位面壁垒。 At current rate, how long could not want, the entire barrier will be covered by the root hair. 以目前的速度来看,要不了多久,整个壁垒都会被根须覆盖。 When the time comes the bystander wants to attack the eternal place, must first break through is the root hair of the world tree. 到时候外人想要进攻永恒之地,最先要攻破的就是世界树的根须。 Increased a armor additionally. 额外增添了一层盔甲。 This is the root hair of the world tree, then can it be that is easy to tear? 这可是世界树的根须,岂是那么容易撕裂的? Li Cha mood happy. 李察心情大为舒畅。 No one can think that initially the steamed bun lover to his dry seed, can grow to now changing a plane altitude. 谁也想不到当初馒头爱好者给他的那颗干巴巴的种子,如今能成长到改变一个位面的高度。 For a long time later, innermost feelings excited slightly is gentle, later lowers the head slightly, the vision looked that to towering only the grandness above the land constructs the —— eternal city. 许久之后,内心的兴奋才稍微平缓,随后微微低头,目光看向耸立于大地之上唯一的雄伟建筑——永恒之城。 The eternal city one year ago, the god of Kobold invades one's territory with the lord of sand dune jointly, approaches his sensation to the danger, then constructs the new city in the eternal place as the escape route. 永恒之城是在一年前,狗头人之神跟沙丘之主联手来犯,他感知到危险逼近,便在永恒之地内建造新的城市作为退路。 After the incline of this year unlimited resources, the city of this investment magnanimous manpower and resources, has established. 经过这一年无限资源的倾斜,这座投入海量人力物力的城市,已经成立。 The line of sight condenses, over 110 meters high city wall may be called a day of gully. 视线凝聚,超过百十米高的城墙堪称天壑。 What is more exaggerating is in the city wall establishes to be higher than the city wall 20 meters arrow tower every 50 meters, above laid aside to fill the heavy bow crossbow. 更夸张的是城墙上每隔50米就建立有高于城墙二十米的箭塔,上面放置满了重型弓弩。 But in the city wall, the dense and numerous alchemy cannon, almost can intensive phobophobia to have the goosebumps. 而城墙上,密密麻麻的炼金大炮,几乎能让密集恐惧症的人起鸡皮疙瘩。 Behind the city wall, the scattered and organized construction seems like the tooth generally one after another. 在城墙后方,错落有致的建筑像是牙齿一般一圈又一圈。 These constructions are not the arrow towers, but is used to lay aside the fort of alchemy artillery. 这些建筑并非箭塔,而是用来放置炼金火炮的炮台。 Fort each that these stand tall and erect can lay aside to surpass 30 huge mouth artilleries. 这些高耸的炮台每个都能放置超过三十架巨口火炮。 The fort number that the most exaggerating east city wall, its rear area establishes surpasses 3000. 最为夸张的东面的城墙,其后方建立的炮台数量超过三千。 But at this time, these forts placed the alchemy artillery completely. 而此时,这些炮台全部安置上了炼金火炮。 The pitch-dark muzzle looks like the one after another black hole, looks from the city, lets the person of hair Gusong person. 黑洞洞的炮口就像是一个个黑洞,从城外看去,让人毛骨悚人。 Can be able to imagine, if these alchemy artilleries also open fire, will have the scary scene. 可以想象得到,这些炼金火炮如果同时开火,将会出现何等骇人的场面。 Earth-shaking perhaps is the best description. 天翻地覆或许是最好的描述。 The line of sight continues to look in the future, every several hundred meters, a standing tall and erect magic tower stands erect. 视线继续往后看去,每隔数百米,还有一座高耸的魔法塔竖立。 mana that above surges outputs the sky, supports to protect the magic of entire city to protect the shield. 上面涌动的魔力输出到天空,支撑起保护整座城市的魔法护盾。 In addition the dense and numerous guard armies, this can be called the city of war fortress, arms the tooth. 再加上密密麻麻的守卫大军,这座能称得上战争堡垒的城市,已经武装到了牙齿。 Even if by Li Cha vision at this moment, its defense strength may be called the anomaly. 哪怕以李察此刻的目光来看,其防御力量都堪称变态。 The intention moves, descended directly in the city. 心念一动,直接降落到了城内。 The eternal city is managed by a A god blood dwarf hero at this moment. 永恒之城此刻由一位A级神血侏儒英雄管理。 After seeing Li Cha, this dwarf hero especially excited reported various buildings to him. 见到李察后,这位侏儒英雄格外兴奋的向他介绍各种建筑。 Master, the eternal city equips 15,000 alchemy artilleries at present, particularly north, according to planning to equip 9000!” “主人,目前永恒之城装备了一万五千门炼金火炮,尤其是北面,按照计划装备了九千门!” So long as there is an enemy to attack, these artilleries will be the nightmares of enemy.” “只要有敌人进攻,这些火炮将会是敌人的噩梦。” In addition, the arrow tower constructed 5000! Is distributed in four sides city wall.” “除此之外,箭塔共建造了五千座!分布在四面城墙。” „The defense strength of eternal city, almost achieved the Lord city rank.” “永恒之城的防御力量,几乎达到了主城级别。” Magic tower 100, Soran City, frost wolf family Erre Alliance provided massive support for us in addition, these 100 magic towers, filled up the Lv. 18 above magic unit(s) these magic towers to support the magic of protecting the entire city protected the shield, mana of its storage, can support 20 casting a spell also to erupt!” “魔法塔一百座,索兰城,霜狼家族外加埃尔联盟为我们提供了大量的支援,这一百座魔法塔,填满了18级以上的魔法兵种这些魔法塔支撑起了守护住整座城市的魔法护盾,其储存的魔力,能支撑二十个禁咒同时爆发!” In addition, in the city was stationed in 30 regiments at this moment, is completely 1 Lv. 6 above splendor moon/month level unit(s). These unit(s) majorities are bestowed by the members of Erre Alliance, is completely loyal!” “此外,城内此刻驻扎了30个军团,全部都是一6级以上的辉月级兵种.这些兵种大部分是由埃尔联盟的成员赠送的,完全忠诚!” Moreover if necessary, our dusk association, can reassign over a million divine grace Lord to come momentarily to guard.” “而且如果有需要,我们的黄昏公会,随时能抽调上百万神恩领主前来驻守。” However this, all are your will establish.” “而这,一切都是您的意志建立的。” This god blood dwarf band of light endless burning hot. 这个神血侏儒目光带着无尽的炙热。 Although their gods also, but, god blood dwarf deep inserting Dusk City. 虽然他们的神还在,但是,神血侏儒已经深深的嵌入到了黄昏之城 All are centered on Li Cha. 一切都以李察为核心。 A Li Cha eye of belt/bring is satisfied. 李察目带满意。 These days from the resources of Erre plane harvest, a large part pounded the eternal city. 这段时间从埃尔位面收获的资源,很大一部分都砸进了永恒之城。 All these are the resources build. 这一切都是资源堆砌起来的。 But, very value. 但,很值。 Quick, a bigger war must break out, the outside chaotic situation is evasive, entered battlefield that day from the eternal city, will soon arrive leaves our time is not many.” “很快,更大的战争就要爆发,外面混乱的局势已经不可捉摸,距离永恒之城进入战场的那一天,即将到来留给我们的时间已经不多了。” Passes on me to order, the entire city stands guard, opening most advanced do not alert, the waiting war arrives.” “传我命令,全城警戒,开启最高级别戒备,等待战争到来。” From causing the god of panic-stricken dark goddess of dwarf-, again several days ago beastman that presents was the Spiritual God, Li Cha already the sensation to Soran City the storm that fermented. 从引起侏儒之神惊骇的黑暗女神-莎尔,再到几天前出现的兽人系神灵,李察已经感知到了索兰城正在酝酿的风暴。 Especially the god of boss's dwarf response, is lets in his heart vigilant. 尤其是侏儒之神这位大佬的反应,更是让他心中警惕。 even/including Shaer this big shot who survived from the ancient times had arrived, once the crisis broke out, that was one swallows certainly all dark turmoils. 连莎尔这种从远古存活下来的大佬都已经到来了,一旦危机爆发,那一定是一场吞噬一切的黑暗动乱。 God blood dwarf hero band of light firm, ruthlessly nod. 神血侏儒英雄目光带着坚定,狠狠点头。 Who dares to encroach upon Dusk City, brings about own destruction!” “不论是谁敢侵犯黄昏之城,都是自寻死路!” Your brilliance, no one can cover!” “您的光辉,无人能遮盖!” From was bullied by countless people, is exterminating the underground world common small and weak race that the edge paces back and forth, to has the power at this moment, Dusk City high level that no one dares to belittle. 从被无数人欺压,在灭绝边缘徘徊的地下世界不起眼的弱小种族,到此刻掌握权力,无人敢小觑的黄昏之城高层。 All changes of dwarf clan, benefit from at present the favor of this control. 侏儒一族的一切改变,都得益于眼前这位主宰的青睐。 Without the opposite party, their Spiritual God have not perhaps been able to regain consciousness at this moment, they also still wander in the sewer 没有对方,他们的神灵或许此刻还无法苏醒,他们也还在下水道里面徘徊 Li Cha nods slightly, has not talked too much again. 李察微微颔首,没再多言。 The original intention of eternal city construction keeps an escape route for Dusk City. 永恒之城建造的初衷是为黄昏之城留一条退路。 But with the gradual expansion of eternal place, the eternal city gradually transforms into the military fortress. 但随着永恒之地的逐渐扩张,永恒之城逐渐转变为军事堡垒。 When he needs, can provide absolutely the domineering offensive force. 在他需要时,能提供绝对强势的攻击力量。 Ell plane player association and Erre Alliance the strength, although having is stronger, but, that is the organization, when Ell plane had not been invaded, he is unable to use recklessly. 埃尔位面的玩家公会和埃尔联盟虽然拥有的力量更为强大,但是,那是属于组织的,在埃尔位面没有受到入侵之时,他无法肆意动用。 The eternal place, is completely his strength. 永恒之地,是完全属于他的力量。 Anybody cannot change this fact. 任何人都不能改变这一事实。 After inspecting an eternal city, Li Cha excessively has not stayed, arrives had integrated the eternal place the corrupt swamp. 视察一遍永恒之城后,李察没有过多停留,来到了已经融入永恒之地的腐败沼泽。 The corrupt swamp at this moment position, is Naga plane. 腐败沼泽此刻所处的位置,还是娜迦位面 Stated differently, this moment Naga plane had integrated the eternal place, its range shrinks most probably, currently is occupied by 60 km in diameter corrupt swamp completely. 不同的是,此刻娜迦位面已经融入了永恒之地,其范围缩水了大半,目前完全被直径60公里的腐败沼泽占据。 Overlooks from the upper air, 200 km in diameter eternal place is the oval-shape, at this moment had/left a 60 km in diameter ear. 从高空俯瞰而下,直径200公里的永恒之地是椭圆形的,此刻多出了一个直径60公里的耳朵。 After integrating the eternal place, the corrupt swamp has not had any radical change. 融入永恒之地后,腐败沼泽没有发生什么根本改变。 What is only different, before these were used to feed the corrupt swamp plane, changed into the nourishment of eternal place, at this moment could not find new plane again. 唯一不同的是,之前那些用来喂养腐败沼泽的位面,都化为了永恒之地的养料,此刻再也找不到新的位面了。 This makes the Li Cha slightly feeling be a pity. 这让李察略感可惜。 After all spends the training field that so many painstaking care organized. 毕竟是花费了这么多心血才组织起来的培养场。 However currently speaking, the corrupt swamp does not calculate the deficient flesh energy. 不过目前来说,腐败沼泽倒也不算缺乏血肉能量。 After opening the exchange right of golden fruit, every day has the corpse of huge volume to invest. 在开放了黄金果实的兑换权利之后,每天都有海量的尸体投入进来。 Especially these indigenous people of Erre Alliance, earnestly seeking of background deep top influence on golden fruit must above the player. 尤其是埃尔联盟的那些原住民,底蕴深厚的顶级势力对黄金果实的渴求还要在玩家之上。 After Ancient Tree of God's Evil transforms to become the god evil, the common corpse too has not helped him greatly. 神孽古树蜕变成为神孽之后,普通的尸体对他已经没有太大帮助了。 Therefore these corpses almost changed into the energy of corrupt swamp. 所以这些尸体几乎都化为了腐败沼泽的能量。 My Lord, welcomed your arrival 吾主,恭迎您的到来” After Li Cha enters the corrupt swamp, becomes the fraud and lie god of —— Tailong Legendary comes to salute immediately. 李察进入腐败沼泽后,重新成为传奇的欺诈与谎言之神——泰隆立刻现身行礼。 The tone of opposite party brings several points of not being able to control happy intent, quite makes one look askance. 对方的语气带着几分控制不住的喜意,颇为让人侧目。 Feels mood that the opposite party surges upward, slightly somewhat curious say/way. 感受到对方高涨的情绪,略有几分好奇道。 Tailong, what good deed has, why is excited?” “泰隆,有什么好事,为何如此兴奋?” Tailong vision brilliant looks at Li Cha. 泰隆目光灼灼的看着李察 Master, you made the belief of underground world dissemination make the progress I yesterday, felt follower's pray!” “主人,您让地下世界传播的信仰已经取得了成效我在昨天,重新感受到了信徒的祈祷!” Moreover this time, I control no longer is the beforehand authority, but is a new strength.” “而且这一次,我掌控的不再是之前的权柄,而是一股新的力量.” Li Cha eye one bright, this actually unexpected happiness. 李察眼睛一亮,这倒是意外之喜。 What strength?” “什么力量?” Blood, fights and slaughters.” “鲜血、战斗与杀戮.” The Li Cha complexion becomes somewhat strange. 李察脸色变得有几分古怪。 My goodness, these lawful rights can you also bribe? 好家伙,这几个权柄你也能染指? Music and dance authority that this not Fennas this dark night elf wants to occupy. 这可不比菲娜这位暗夜精灵想要占据的音乐与舞蹈权柄。 Grasps of several lawful rights is not being the top big god. 掌握着几个权柄的那一个不是顶级大神。 Tailong was saying exciting tone slightly slow, became hesitated several points. 泰隆说着兴奋语气稍缓,变得迟疑了几分。 But there is a matter to be very strange, when my sensation to these lawful rights, discovered that these authority original masters gathered in a region at this moment.” “但有件事十分奇怪,我感知到这些权柄之时,发现这些权柄原本的主人此刻都聚集到了一个区域.” Gathered one?” “聚集到了一起?” Li Cha the sensation to subtlety, closely examines immediately immediately. 李察立刻感知到了其中的微妙,立刻追问。 Where is at?” “在哪?” The Tailong tone is assured. 泰隆语气笃定。 Soran City.” 索兰城。” The Li Cha eye narrows the eyes, the vision instantaneously becomes swift and fierce. 李察眼睛微眯,目光瞬间变得凌厉。 Also sensation to what?” “还感知到了什么?” Tailong sinking sound said. 泰隆沉声道。 By the authority, seemed to be directing me the faint sensation to the destiny. But the destination, as before is Soran City.” “透过权柄,隐隐感知到了命运似乎在指引着我.而目的地,依旧是索兰城。” This saying makes Li Cha think immediately dark goddess, thinks that beastman Spiritual God that couple days ago presented. In heart fierce has a strong feeling. 这话让李察立刻想到黑暗女神莎尔,想到了前几天出现的那个兽人神灵.心中猛的生出一股强烈的感觉。 Iceberg that under the water surface hidden, will be certainly more astonishing! 水面之下隐藏的冰山,一定还会更惊人! These strengths gather Soran City, for what? 这些力量聚集到索兰城,是为了什么? Under the background of authority present world, these Spiritual God do not snatch oneself authority, runs Soran City to do? 在权柄现世的背景下,这些神灵不去抢回自己的权柄,都跑来索兰城干什么? Li Cha brow tight wrinkle. 李察眉头紧皱。 Does Soran City have the ratio authority to have the thing of attraction? 索兰城还有比权柄更有诱惑力的东西吗? Train of thought hence, looked at Tailong one, seduces compared with the authority, at this moment only has one. Epoch. 思绪至此,又看了泰隆一眼,比权柄更诱惑,此刻只有一个.新纪元。 These Spiritual God are like dark goddess surely, to seek for key 那些神灵必定跟黑暗女神莎尔一样,是为了寻找钥匙而来 Is that epoch going to open in Soran City? 那新纪元将要在索兰城拉开帷幕? Li Cha fell into a deeper thinking. 李察陷入了更深的思索。 If the storm opens here, how Dusk City should from the place? 如果风暴在这里开启,黄昏之城该如何自处? Gives up Soran City? No, this is impossible! The thing that the Spiritual God wants, how does he possibly miss?! 放弃索兰城?不,这绝不可能!神灵想要的东西,他怎么可能错过?! How then the present issue lies in —— he must be able in Soran City that the big alligator great man looks all around, has the initiative? 那么现在的问题就在于——他要怎么才能在大鳄巨佬环顾的索兰城,掌握主动权? Windsor, the eternal place, Ell plane, Saint Hall Empire, the frost wolf family innumerable character relationship network starts to circle in the mind. 温莎,永恒之地,埃尔位面,圣堂帝国,霜狼家族无数人物关系网开始在脑海中盘旋。 () () () () …… ……
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