GLSAADL :: Volume #7

#618: The world tree break out from the ground, powerful to unequalled card in a hand

Soran City, a top layer of luxurious hotel, nine facial features pale forms are crowding around a seemingly averagely not wonderful middle-aged man. 索兰城,一座奢华旅馆的顶层,九个面容苍白的身影簇拥着一个看上去平平无奇的中年男子。 Everyone penetrates the spacious big window to stare at the desert church that beyond several hundred meters the tide of people is surging. 所有人都透过宽敞高大的落地窗凝视着数百米外人潮涌动的沙漠教堂。 In the room the atmosphere is solemn and respectful. 屋内气氛肃穆。 Was crowded around silent in the central middle-aged man after for a long time, slow sound opens the mouth. 被簇拥在中心的中年男子在沉默许久之后,缓声开口。 What news for these days had?” “这几天有什么消息吗?” Instance that the opposite party voice, in the room fills evil aura that immediately makes one tremble. 对方发声的瞬间,屋内立刻弥漫出一股让人颤栗的邪恶气息。 Of hells three big evil languages blasphemed the language. 三大邪恶语言之一地狱亵渎语。 But the forms of several other human appearances hear this to make the mortal change into the evil language of devil not slightly unusual. 但其他几个人类模样的身影听到这能让凡人化为魔鬼的邪恶之语没有丝毫异样。 My Lord, the sun god, the bright goddess entered Soran City yesterday together.” 吾主,太阳神,光明女神在昨天一同进入了索兰城.” Leftmost, the facial features stiff form goes forward step report/give report. 最左侧,面容僵硬的身影上前一步禀报。 The bearing and action of opposite party variable torque, a feeling of wrap/sets skin, the opposite party as if are not familiar with this body. 对方变扭的站姿和举动,给人一种套皮的感觉,对方似乎并不熟悉这具身体。 Now the competitors in city are getting more and more, whether we do want first step to begin?” “现在城内的竞争对手已经越来越多,我们是否要抢先一步动手?” „The army of hell has rested the head on the dagger-axe due-out, can trample flat this city that key momentarily, we must grasp in the hand.” “地狱的军队已经枕戈待发,随时能踏平这座城市那柄钥匙,我们必须握在手中。” Under your brilliance covers, no one can resist the armies in nine prisons!” “在您的光辉笼罩之下,没有人能抵挡九狱的大军!” The voice falls, remaining several form reveal burning hots. 话音落下,剩下的几个身影目露炙热。 My Lord, please order!” 吾主,请您下令!” In front of them the control, is the masters of nine hells, present age battle efficiency strongest great has —— 他们面前的这位主宰,可是九层地狱的主人,当世战斗力最强的伟大存在—— Lancet Diels. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯。 Is this name, can make various God tremble. 仅仅是这个名字,都能让诸神颤栗。 Even if the world rule has presented the change, the strength of this control, may not estimate as before! 哪怕世界规则已经出现变动,这位主宰的力量,依旧不可揣摩! The incarnation shows several points of subtle expression for the Lancet Diels face of middle-aged man on. 化身为中年男人的阿斯摩蒂尔斯脸上露出几分微妙表情。 If depends upon the army to solve all problems, the dark goddess, sun god these Spiritual God, will not submerge silently enter a city.” “如果依靠军队就能解决一切问题,黑暗女神,太阳神这些神灵,就不会默不作声的潜入进城了。” „The change of the world is hard to guess, we can do, only then waits. Waiting that moment arrival.” “世界的变化难以揣测,我们能做的,只有等待.等待那一刻的到来。” The abyss nine prisons, each hell is controlled by devil Lord. 深渊九狱,每一层地狱都由一位魔鬼领主掌控。 His behind nine forms, are controlling nine hells respectively, each is the renowned evil god. 他身后的九道身影,分别掌控着九层地狱,每一位都是声名赫赫的邪神。 Even but if he does not have the slight assurance. 但哪怕如此他也没有丝毫的把握。 When new and old era, acts alternately rashly, the variable was too big. 在新旧纪元的交替之际,冒然出手,变数太大了。 Any mistake, he is unable to withstand the present, no longer is his world. 任何的差错,他都无法承受现在,已经不再是他的世界了。 That Demon Lord of opening the mouth was silent, deeply after inspiring, respectful nod. 开口的那位恶魔领主沉默了,深吸口气后,恭敬点头。 Obeys your arrangement, My Lord.” “听从您的安排,吾主。” The hell is different from the chaotic disorderly abyss, here is the representative who defends the foreword, the higher authority devil has the absolute control regarding the subordinate devil. 地狱不同于混乱无序的深渊,这里是守序的代表,上级魔鬼对于下级魔鬼有着绝对的掌控权。 But absolute control of entire nine hell, is Lancet Diels, his order is all devil only directions of advance. 而整个九层地狱的绝对掌控者,便是阿斯摩蒂尔斯,他的命令是所有魔鬼唯一的前进方向。 Even many objections, so long as Lancet Diels opens the mouth, must stop the dispute, the performance order. 就算是再多的异议,只要阿斯摩蒂尔斯开口,就必须停下争执,执行命令。 This is a devil, defends the foreword evil devil, lets side wicked life that countless people tremble. 这就是魔鬼,守序邪恶的魔鬼,让无数人颤栗的极恶生命。 Lancet Diels has not opened the mouth again, that dim eye looks at the desert church to out of the window again. 阿斯摩蒂尔斯没再开口,那双昏暗的眼睛再次看向窗外的沙漠教堂。 Ray of eye pupil sending out even more muddy, is flashing the bystander the mood that is hard to guess. 眼眸散发的光芒越发浑浊,闪动着外人难以揣测的情绪。 Epoch how, regardless of the world changes, he will never fall after the person, forever! 新纪元啊不论世界如何变化,他永远都不会落于人后,永远! Because he is Lancet Diels, once followed creates the eternal god who the world god fights! 因为他是阿斯摩蒂尔斯,是曾跟随创世神战斗的永恒之神! Regarding the Soran City undercurrent, Li Cha after dark goddess appears then has to be vigilant. 对于索兰城的暗流,李察在黑暗女神莎尔出现之后便已经有所警惕。 Under the attention, his several sensations to had certain powerful existences to spy on the desert sect especially. 在格外注意之下,他几次感知到了有某些强大的存在在窥探沙漠教派。 But the opposite party hidden too deeply, he is unable to spy on more, finally can only give up. 但对方隐藏得太深,他也无法窥探到更多,最后只能作罢。 The time passed on December 25. 时间流逝到12月25号。 The Soran City undercurrent was more turbulent, Li Cha even on this day saw that the Spiritual God of beastman god department appears outside the desert church, although the opposite party disappears quickly, but also makes him feel omen that the wind and rain wanted. 索兰城的暗流更加汹涌了,李察甚至在这天看到兽人神系的神灵出现在沙漠教堂之外,虽然对方很快消失,但也让他感觉到了风雨欲来的前兆。 The discomforting atmosphere fills the air in Soran City. 令人不安的气氛在索兰城内弥漫。 In he ordered to investigate other Soran City changes in secret, suddenly sensation to special aura. 就在他下令暗中探查索兰城其余异动之际,突然感知到了一股特殊的气息。 At that moment calls several bishops of desert sect, confessed after they favor the sect, tore directly vanishes in Soran City void. 当下唤来沙漠教派的几个主教,交代他们看好教派后,直接撕裂虚空消失在了索兰城 The instance that the Li Cha aura vanishes, hidden in the Spiritual God fierce revolutions of each corner is excessive, vision stubbornly is staring at the desert sect. 李察气息消失的瞬间,隐藏在各个角落的神灵猛的转过了头,目光死死的盯着沙漠教派。 The vision varies. 目光各异。 That divine grace did Lord leave?! 那个神恩领主离开了?! The undercurrent that surged, rushes instantaneously, almost appears in outwardly. 原本涌动的暗流,瞬间澎湃,几乎现出于明面。 But finally hid getting up time quietly, has not arrived. 但最终还是悄然隐藏了起来时机,还没到。 Li Cha that leaves from Soran City quietly appeared in the eternal place upper air, overlooked this piece completely to belong to his personal plane. 索兰城离开的李察悄然出现在了永恒之地的高空,俯瞰这片完全属于他的私人位面 Just he induced to the change that the eternal place presented that this left so rapid. 刚刚他感应到永恒之地出现的异动,这才离开的如此迅速。 After entering the eternal place, the sensation strength spreads immediately entire plane. 进入永恒之地后,感知力立刻蔓延到了整个位面 Some omniscient and omnipotent feelings, even can in the thought rotations, transfer the strength of tearing land plane, disintegration mountain. 有种全知全能的感觉,甚至能在意念转动之间,调动位面之力撕裂大地,崩碎山岳。 This feeling makes one immerse very much. 这种感觉很让人沉醉。 After swallowing of more than half a year, the diameter of eternal place has risen over a hundred kilometers. 经过大半年的吞噬,永恒之地的直径已经涨到了上百公里。 This is the two months ago data, after achieving this sector, the growth then slowed down. 这是两个月前的数据,达到这个区间后,增长速度便放缓了下来。 But interestingly, the eternal place swallows the speed of strength of plane not to slow down, instead also increases. 但有意思的是,永恒之地吞噬位面之力的速度并没有减缓,反而还有所增加。 Naga plane lacked the cow of breast milk probably, quickly by suck dry. 娜迦位面像是缺了奶水的奶牛,都快被吸干了。 These two months of swallowing up, making the eternal place the strength of plane finally achieve some critical point. 这两个月的鲸吞,让永恒之地的位面之力终于达到了某个临界点。 In just, had certain marvelous changes. 就在刚刚,发生了某些奇妙的变化。 At this moment but entire plane probably broken shell the egg, becomes the brand-new life to be common, gives him a full of vigor and vitality feeling. 此刻整个位面像是破壳而出的鸡蛋,成为了崭新的生命一般,给他一种朝气蓬勃的感觉。 In the Li Cha sensation in-depth exploration wanted to find the change of deeper level, rumble ~ a land tremor. 就在李察感知深入探索想要找到更深层次的变化之时,轰隆隆~大地一阵颤动。 the next moment, eternal place core region, fierce splits a slit. 下一刻,永恒之地的核心区域,猛的裂开一道缝隙。 Afterward a green shoot grows. 随后一道绿色的嫩芽从中生长而出。 Instance that shoot presents, the entire eternal place seems like by the spring breeze has stroked the river bank. 那根嫩芽出现的瞬间,整个永恒之地像是被春风拂过的江岸。 In the ground that the green shoot in the gray-black soil and stone mix become emits. 大片大片的绿色嫩芽在原本灰黑色泥土和石块混合而成的地面上冒出。 That spring breeze covered entire plane. 那股春风笼罩了整个位面 A diameter over a hundred kilometers dry lonesome land, was dyed completely green. 直径上百公里的枯寂土地,全部被染绿。 This just like the miracle. 这一幕恍如神迹。 That shoot of central area starts to raise by an exaggerating speed growth. 紧接着中心区域的那根嫩芽开始以一种夸张的速度生长拔高。 Ten meters, 20 meters, 100 meters, after 200 meters grow to the kilometer are high, stops slowly. 十米,二十米,一百米,两百米足足生长到千米之高后,才缓缓停止。 The grandiose tree trunk just like the mountain, the dense and numerous branches and leaf blades, covered the sky of half, prosperous, but cover. 壮硕的树干恍如山岳,密密麻麻的枝条和叶片,笼罩了半边的天空,繁盛而茂密。 World tree!! 世界树!! The Li Cha heart trembles, in the eye reveals the intense excitement. 李察心脏一颤,眼中露出强烈的兴奋。 Withered world tree seed obtained from steamed bun lover player hand, after more than one year of cultivation, broke out from the ground finally. 从馒头爱好者这个玩家手中得到的干瘪的世界树种子,经过一年多的培育,终于破土而出了。 Moreover growth such exaggerating of opposite party, several minutes under one year of accumulation on growth, for towering giant tree. 而且对方的成长如此之夸张,在一年的积累之下几分钟就成长为了参天巨木。 In his heart the mood fluctuates, the world tree slightly sways, the leaf blade sends out a star light quietly. 就在他心中情绪起伏之时,世界树微微晃荡,叶片悄然散发出点点星光。 The star light sprinkles, integrated in the eternal place. 星光洒落而下,融入到了永恒之地内。 Li Cha induces immediately, the plane barrier of eternal place was strengthened by the invisible strength, starts becomes tenacious. 李察立刻感应到,永恒之地的位面壁垒被无形的力量加强,开始变得坚韧。 Is less than three minutes, before the strength ratio of its plane barrier, promoted ten times to continue! 不到三分钟,其位面壁垒的强度比之前提升了十倍不止! The plane barrier of eternal place seemed like a paper to be weak, Legendary can tear at will, after the world tree baptism, turned into the burglar-proof door of bank from the paper. Almost indestructible. 原本永恒之地的位面壁垒像是一张纸般薄弱,传奇就能随意撕裂,经过世界树洗礼之后,从纸张变成了银行的防盗门.几乎坚不可摧。 The one who makes Li Cha excited is, takes root in the world tree in eternal place, at this moment still in void absorbs the energy to return nurturing to parents the eternal place from the chaos. 更让李察兴奋的是,扎根在永恒之地内的世界树,此刻还在从混沌虚空中汲取能量反哺永恒之地。 In the future even if did not have Naga plane to swallow, the sole dependence world tree, the eternal place will not stop there. 未来哪怕没有娜迦位面吞噬了,单单依靠世界树,永恒之地也不会就此止步。 The Li Cha mood is excellent. 李察心情大好。 Cultivating was so long, finally had to harvest, was not easy! 培育了这么久的,终于有收获了,不容易啊! When he thinks the transformation of eternal place stops, the situation changed again. 就在他以为永恒之地的蜕变到此为止的时候,局势再次发生了变化。 Sees is only connecting the Naga plane space fissure, sprinkles after a world tree star light, starts to expand fast. 只见连通着娜迦位面的空间裂痕,在世界树点点星光洒落之后,开始快速扩大。 Looking into the distance, the corrupt swamp rich blood fog appeared in the eternal place. 放眼望去,腐败沼泽浓郁的血雾出现在了永恒之地中。 The next second, making Li Cha shocking one appear. 下一秒,让李察震惊的一幕出现了。 After the fissure is the certain extent, the Naga plane probably small colt of carrying/sustaining corrupt swamp, after by rope wrap/sets, drew forcefully. 在裂痕达到一定程度之后,承载腐败沼泽的娜迦位面像是小马驹,被绳索套中后强行拉了过来。 Entire plane appeared in the eternal place directly. 整个位面直接出现在了永恒之地内。 This extremely astonishing, he has not gotten back one's composure for a while. 这一幕太过惊人,他都一时没回过神。 During the breath, the world tree drags, exposes everywhere stars, Naga plane falls to the ground loudly, integrated the eternal place edge directly. 呼吸间,世界树摇曳,抖落漫天星辰,娜迦位面轰然落地,直接融入到了永恒之地边缘。 The eternal place of oval-shape, had/left an ear shape territory. 椭圆形的永恒之地,多出了一片耳朵形状的领地。 But this is also not the end point, the corrupt swamp also connected dozens plane! 而这还不是终点,腐败沼泽可是还连通了数十个位面 These space fissures, this moment simultaneously was pulled open. 那些空间裂痕,此刻齐齐被拉开。 Afterward in gaze that Li Cha shocks, enough 62 plane the strength of plane, was drained the water swimming pool to be the same probably, integrated the eternal place completely. 随后在李察震撼的注视中,足足六十二个位面位面之力,像是被抽干了水的游泳池一般,全部融入到了永恒之地。 After the strength of plane was drained, these plane collapse collapses in the nihility directly, inside life changed into the nourishment of the world tree. 位面之力被抽干之后,那些位面崩直接塌于虚无,里面的生命化为了世界树的养料。 The eternal place obtains the strength of so huge plane, broke through over a hundred kilometers direct upper limit, the diameter rose suddenly 200 kilometers. 永恒之地得到如此庞大的位面之力,突破了上百公里直接的上限,直径暴涨到了两百公里。 Is being this boundary the instance, the plane will transmitted an intense feeling of satisfaction 200 kilometers diameter, has reached the upper limit of eternal place. 在达到这个界限的瞬间,位面意志传来了强烈的满足感两百公里的直径,已经达到了永恒之地的上限。 Was hard to promote again. 再难以提升了。 In this plane, reached full level because of the world tree from morning until evening. 在这个位面朝夕之间,因为世界树而达到了满级。 The Li Cha surging emotions rush instantaneously. 李察心潮瞬间澎湃。 This wave, but too motherfucker comfortable in the meantime, the eternal place completed the promotion, the next second, Li Cha felt strength in addition that is unable to describe holds on oneself. 这一波,可太他娘的舒坦了就在此时,永恒之地完成了晋升,下一秒,李察感觉一股无法描述的力量加持在自己身上。 As if vast ocean, limitless. 仿佛汪洋大海,无边无际。 Even he felt that oneself can a fist disintegration mountain, trample to bits the land. 甚至他感觉自己能一拳崩碎山岳,一脚跺碎大地。 The infinite strength, as if entire starry sky passes in within the body. 无穷的力量,仿佛整个星空都在体内流转。 As the plane master, the growth of eternal place, manifested in the most direct way. 作为位面的主人,永恒之地的成长,以最直接的方式体现了出来。 Feels that shocking everybody strength, the Li Cha heart is shivering. 感受到那股惊世骇俗的力量,李察心脏都在颤抖。 Even if at this moment the god, enters the eternal place still to me fall face down to work as the dog!” “此刻就算是神,进入永恒之地也要给我趴下当狗!” The god country is Spiritual God personal plane. 神国是神灵的私人位面 But that day of group star sparkle day, various God the god country the complete disintegration has crashed. 而群星闪耀日的那一天,诸神的神国已经全部崩碎坠毁。 Evil god or ray Spiritual God, so long as established the Spiritual God of god country's, without exception. 无论是邪神还是光芒神灵,只要建立了神国的神灵,无一例外。 But at this moment, he is also controlling one completely, has plane that the world tree is stationed. 而此刻,他还掌控着一个完整的,拥有世界树驻扎的位面 Perhaps this is a card in a hand of king Zha rank also no one can expect, without Spiritual God strength, some people can cultivate complete plane. 这是一张王炸级别的底牌或许也没有人能料到,没有神灵的力量,也有人能培育出完整的位面 Has the eternal place that grew to be the backing, even if the turbulence is big, Li Cha also has the energy that calmly dealt with. 有了成长起来的永恒之地作为后盾,哪怕动荡再大,李察也有了从容应对的底气。 Comfortable “舒坦啊” Looks down the under foot green and luxuriant eternal place, the Li Cha corners of the mouth turns upwards high. 低头看着脚下郁郁葱葱的永恒之地,李察嘴角高高翘起。 He wants to have a look at these ambushes but actually in the Soran City Spiritual God, eternal place test of strength whether with having the world tree takes root in! 他倒想看看那些潜伏在索兰城的神灵,能否跟拥有世界树扎根的永恒之地角力! 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