EFK :: Volume #4

#40 Part 1: Wrong accent

Newest website: Walks on returning to the road in residential district, side Shiraishi has not followed one person. 最新网址:走在返回住宅区的路上,白石身旁没有跟随一人。 In public, is in secret, has not placed the unnecessary guard in own side. 无论是明处,还是暗中,都没有在自己身旁安插多余的护卫。 Naturally, this regarding taking the character of military head rank, is very adventurous unqualified behavior. 当然,这对于作为军方首脑级别的人物而言,算是十分冒险的不合格行为。 The shinobi world is unsafe, frigid fight that every day occurrence is inconceivable secretly. 忍者的世界非常不安全,每天暗地里都在发生难以想象的惨烈战斗。 Sometimes even if in own sphere of influence, does not have the means to guarantee oneself were not assassinated. 哪怕是在自己势力范围内,有时候都没办法保证自己不被暗杀。 This rule, regarding shinobi of Five Kage level , is the same. 这种规则,对于五影层次的忍者而言,也是一样。 For example on the eve of Third Shinobi World War, mysterious missing three generations of Kazekage in own village, is the typical counter-example. 比如第三次忍界大战前夕,在自己村子里神秘失踪的三代风影,便是典型的反例。 Therefore, where regardless of Five Kage goes, the side will definitely follow Jōnin and Anbu that guard assigns. 所以,无论五影前往什么地方,身旁必然会跟随指定的上忍暗部侍卫。 Once because the head has the accident/surprise, will make shinobi village fall into the dangerous situation of a group of people without a leader directly. 因为一旦首脑出现意外,就会直接令忍村陷入群龙无首的危险处境。 Regarding to oneself arranges guard matter, Shiraishi to have no demand. 只是对于给自己安排护卫这种事,白石并没有什么需求。 Yin clone shadow dancer, so long as the moment does not leave the body, to Shiraishi, is the world's safest protection strength. 阴之分身影舞者,只要一刻不离身,对白石而言,就是世界上最为安全的保护力量。 Even if encounters the powerful enemy is not possible to resist with all one's strength accidentally, so long as the shadow dancer can delay time, Shiraishi can summon together other clone. 即使偶然遭遇强敌不可力敌,只要影舞者能够拖延一点时间,白石就可以将其余分身一同召唤出来。 Let alone, on oneself, Shiraishi not just made shadow dancer this to insure together. 何况,在自己身上,白石并非只做了影舞者这一道保险。 The life only then one time, Shiraishi various use ways of exhausting ability, oneself will have been protecting, the defensive measure is to also adhere to the perfect principle. 生命只有一次,白石一直都在竭尽所能的利用各种途径,将自己保护起来,防御措施也是坚持尽善尽美的原则。 In view of this, Shiraishi did not feel oneself need too many guards. 鉴于此,白石并不觉得自己需要太多的护卫。 Even needs to transmit any urgent instruction, by the Land of Demons present informationization progress, communication still no longer is the difficult problem that anything puzzles the person. 即使需要传达什么紧急指令,以鬼之国如今的信息化进展,通讯方面也不再是什么困扰人的难题。 At least Shiraishi did not feel, in this Ninja World, existence can solve own shinobi with ease. 至少白石不觉得,这个忍界中,存在能够轻松解决自己的忍者 This point, including Akatsuki leader Nagato. 这一点,也包括晓组织的首领长门在内。 The Rinnegan concrete strength he is not clear, but Shiraishi actually knows own upper limit at this moment where, 轮回眼的具体力量他不清楚,但白石却知道自己此刻的上限在哪里, Numerous cards in a hand that slowly in addition accumulate, sometimes, the assertive this attitude, Shiraishi exists. 加上慢慢累积起来的众多底牌,有时候,自信这种态度,白石还是存在的。 If some people compare with three generations of Kazekage of Hidden Sand village him, can carry off from own village mystically quietly, that was completely mistaken. 如果有人将他比作砂隐村的三代风影,可以被人神秘从自家村子里悄悄带走,那就大错特错了。 The military region is not too far from the residential district that oneself are , the middle is away from a grass park, business district that a piece was just newly-built. 军区距离自己所在的住宅区并不算太远,中间隔着一片绿茵公园,还有一片刚刚新建起来的商业区。 Contrasts the ten years ago Shion cities, now takes the Shion city of Land of Demons capital, has passed through has adjusted and expanded repeatedly, the scale of city not under capital cities in traditional five great nations. 对比十年前的紫苑城,如今作为鬼之国首都的紫苑城,早已经经过了多次调整与扩充,城市的规模不下于传统五大国的都城。 But by its lively degree, has formally entered the industrial age the Shion city, naturally the capital cities compared with traditional five great nations be more prosperous. 但论其繁华程度,已经正式进入工业化时代的紫苑城,自然要比传统五大国的都城更加繁荣。 The contact unceasing trade route, all kinds of big stores have everything expected to find, although has not arrived at previous generation that modernized level, but regarding the capital cities in other countries, has widened a big disparity. 往来不绝的商旅,各种各样的大型商店应有尽有,虽然未到前世那种现代化的水平,但对于其余国家的都城而言,已经拉开了不小的差距。 The talent was just black, the colorful lamp has started to shine, night market lively gradually shows, Shiraishi has not indulged in such scenery is too long. 天才刚刚黑,五颜六色的灯已经开始亮起,夜市的繁华逐渐展现出来,白石并未在这样的景色中沉溺太久。 To foreigner, naturally feels novel about here all curious, the sleepiness does not have, wishes one could to play all night. 对于外国人而言,对这里的一切自然感到新颖好奇,睡意全无,恨不得通宵游玩。 But to comfortab home boy, even if from the beginning novel, after waiting to be familiar, still felt no more than so. 但对于早已习以为常的本国人而言,即使一开始新奇,等熟悉了之后,也就觉得不过如此了。 But change in Shion city, only those who make Shiraishi satisfied is, is the afforested facility in Shion city does very proper. 紫苑城中的变化,唯一让白石满意的是,就是紫苑城的绿化设施做得非常到位。 This also no wonder, this world has various mysterious Ninjutsu, uses, can directly change the desolated environment to exceed the existing scientific cognitive mysterious Material Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path) fragment essence. 这也难怪,这个世界有着各种各样神奇的忍术,还有利用起来,就能够直接改变荒芜环境超越现有科学认知的神秘物质-外道魔像碎片精华。 Was lucky these Ninjutsu and treasures, letting Shiraishi do not need to feel worried for the afforested issue of city. 多亏了这些忍术和宝物,让白石不必为城市的绿化问题感到苦恼。 Returns to the residential district time, the weather gets dark completely. 回到住宅区的时候,天色完全黑了下来。 In the residential district has the lake that a manpower reclaims, in gentle swaying of night breeze, as well as under shining of moonlight, exudes gently the microwave lake surface just like the silver rug. 住宅区中有着一片人工开垦出来的湖泊,在晚风的轻柔吹拂,以及月光的照耀下,泛起轻轻微波的湖面宛如银色的地毯。 Enters home, sees the top of the head to grow the thunderous pill of screw alone corner/horn, with the stance that the hind legs and buttocks are well-grounded, puts in the fine lunch box with the claw of foreleg, takes the golden sending out delicious fragrance fried chicken block to gnaw together. 进入家门,就看到头顶长着螺旋独角的雷鸣丸,正以后肢与屁股着地的姿态,用前肢的爪子伸进精致的饭盒里面,拿着一块金黄色散发美味香气的炸鸡块啃着。 In addition, in the lunch box is also putting the soft glutinous delicious hot onigiri, Bacon sushi, as well as milk of one cup of heating. 除此之外,饭盒里面还放着软糯可口的热乎饭团,培根寿司,以及一杯加热的牛奶。 From the weight/quantity and many, can definitely fill a belly of adult. 从分量看并不少,完全可以填饱一个成年人的肚子。 When seeing Shiraishi enters in the courtyard from outside, shrinking that thunderous Marushita consciousness the claw, covered the fried chicken block in hand, a side has god light of eye glaring, as if will come to have its dinner to be the same in vigilant Shiraishi suddenly. 只是,在看到白石从外面走进院子里时,雷鸣丸下意识的缩起爪子,将手里的炸鸡块掩盖了起来,一双眼睛贼溜溜的极有神光,仿佛在警惕白石会突然过来吃它的晚饭一样。 Even if great creator, but in wish makes him let make a move the fried chicken block, is still not the matter that is possible to discuss. 就算是伟大的造物主,但想要让他让出手里的炸鸡块,也是不可能商量的事情。 „......” “……” Shiraishi felt oneself suddenly are defeated as a father very much. 白石忽然觉得自己作为一名父亲很失败。 Shouldn't so many days have not seen, narrate father and son the sentiment? Thunderous pill this as if in against clever alert stance, making Shiraishi a little not know how should open the mouth. 这么多天没见,不是应该叙一下‘父子’之情吗?雷鸣丸这仿佛在防贼的戒备姿态,让白石有点不知道该如何开口了。 Father Sir, you came back.” “父亲大人,您回来了啊。” Thunderous pill with slightly runs to arrive in front of Shiraishi, the buttocks following tail is swaying gently, a flattering appearance, as if a domestic puppy, sympathizes obedient......, if neglected just by the lunch box that his speed of light hid. 雷鸣丸屁颠屁颠的用小跑来到白石面前,屁股后面的尾巴轻轻摇晃着,一副讨好的样子,仿佛一条家养的小狗,体贴听话……如果忽略刚刚被他光速藏起来的饭盒。 Un.” “嗯。” nodded that Shiraishi maintains composure, again what kind of, he will not go down in the world to snatches the food now with a pet the situation. 白石不动声色的点了点头,再怎么样,他现在也不会落魄到跟一个宠物抢食的地步。 Responded to one lightly, Shiraishi continued to take a step forward, toward occupying the room walked. 只是淡淡回应了一声,白石继续向前迈步,向着居房走去。 Saw that Shiraishi departs simply, the thunderous pill relaxes, it seems like tonight his dinner is safe. 见到白石干脆离去,雷鸣丸松了口气,看来今晚他的晚饭是安全了。 Therefore, the tail after buttocks swings cheerfully, the supernatural might Great General who probably triumphs, is holding the ease happy mood, slowly turns back the pet room, enjoys delicious feast that had not enjoyed a moment ago. 于是,屁股后的尾巴摇得更加欢快,像是一位得胜回来的神武大将军,抱着悠然愉快的心情,慢慢走回宠物屋,享受刚才没有享用完的美味大餐。 I came back.” “我回来了。” Twists off the doorknob that on has not insured to lock, Shiraishi enters in the room, to was shouting one in the threshold to buddhism position. 拧开没有上保险锁的门把,白石走进屋子里面,在玄关位置对着里面喊了一声。 In the living room television is starting, on the table has suspended the sumptuous dinner, kitchen there broadcast the busy sound, should be the day of feather female. 客厅里面的电视开着,餐桌上面已经摆好了丰盛的晚餐,厨房那里传来忙碌的声音,应该是天羽女吧。 Because he and Ruri, Ayane must bustle about every so often the respective work, moreover does not excel at the cook, the three meals a day in even occasion and clean the work, is the day of feather female is being responsible. 因为他和琉璃绫音很多时候都要忙碌各自的工作,而且都不怎么擅长厨艺,平时家里的三餐和打扫工作的,都是天羽女在负责。 Although does not like speaking, but the day feather female character is very earnestly exquisite, moreover excels at Fūton (Wind Style) her, only needs to control the strength, can sweep away in the house dust. 虽然不怎么喜欢说话,但天羽女的性格十分细腻认真,而且擅长风遁的她,只需要控制一下力道,就可以把房子里面的灰尘一扫而空。 In cook on together, has profoundly studied specially, cannot have in the cook level of high-level restaurant chef. 在厨艺一道上,也特意深入研究过,拥有不下于高级餐厅主厨的厨艺水平。 Welcome back, Shiraishi, comes to eat meal a bit faster, otherwise, the food was cool.” “欢迎回来,白石君,快点过来吃饭吧,不然的话,饭就要凉了。” Only puts on Ayane of ordinary home clothing/taking to sit by the table, the unique traditional female gently beautiful feeling can manifest from her figure, this/should raised place is raised, this place of outstanding curls upwards, it can be said that ideal statures in many female mind. 只穿着普通家居服的绫音坐在餐桌旁边,特有的传统女性柔美感能从她的身段就可以体现出来,该凸的地方凸,该翘的地方翘,可以说是很多女性心目中的理想身材。 In addition although the appearance placed 20 years old high and low, but the shy feeling has vanished from the fair cheek, even if such scene Shiraishi has seen are innumerable, however each time when holding attitude of appreciation, will feel the little anticipations. 加上容貌虽然保持在二十岁上下,但青涩感早已从白皙的脸蛋上消失,这样的场景白石即便已经见过无数次,然而每次在抱着欣赏的态度时,还是会感到少许的期待。 Regarding this point, Ayane, is Ruri, is the same. 对于这一点,无论是绫音,还是琉璃,都是一样的。 - 只是- Shiraishi swept a living room, had not discovered that Ruri and Kazuhime form, feels odd slightly, asked: Ruri and Kazuhime not in?” 白石扫了一眼客厅,没有发现琉璃一姬的身影,微微感到奇怪,问道:“琉璃一姬不在吗?” „In the afternoon after I have drunk the afternoon tea, said that must bring Kazuhime to go out to cultivate some time, for these days will pass the night outside probably.” “下午时和我喝过下午茶后,说是要带着一姬出去修炼一段时间,这几天大概会在外面过夜吧。” Ayane abundant one bowl of rice, places in front of the Shiraishi seat, said to him. 绫音盛了一碗米饭,放在白石的座位前面,对他说道。 This? Although I know the cultivation to be important, but their two worried a point probably.” “这样吗?虽然我知道修炼重要,但是她们两个好像太着急了一点。” Shiraishi solved the coat, placed on the sofa of not far away, then under arrived at the table to be implicated, spoke such a few words. 白石将外套解了开来,放在不远处的沙发上,然后走到餐桌旁坐下,说了这样一句话。 According to his meaning, should let Kazuhime rests at home several days later, then goes to the earnest exercise, this matter does not use in any case eagerly for a while. 按照他的意思,应该让一姬在家里休息几天后,再去认真锻炼,反正这种事也不用急于一时。 „Is worried probably.” “大概是担心吧。” Ayane clamped a meat to oneself. 绫音给自己夹了一块肉。 Worry?” “担心?” Begins in Land of Waves and Akatsuki shinobi, although Ruri on the mouth has not said anything, but in the heart will unable to bear worry. After all the strength of enemy is placed there, is not small that can solve casually.” “在波之国晓组织忍者动手,琉璃虽然嘴上没说什么,但心中还是会忍不住担忧。毕竟敌人的实力摆在那里,并不是随便可以解决掉的小喽啰。” Ayane said own view. 绫音说出自己的看法。 Different with them who walk from the war, Kazuhime this generation of shinobi, have not experienced any nice fight, rarely has to whet own opportunity. 和从战争时代走过来的他们不同,一姬这一代的忍者,并未经历过什么像样的战斗,也很少有磨砺自身的机会。 When strength type of thing, with many factor hooks, for example fight environment, mentality, the experience that also for example meets the enemy respectively is whether mature, finally also wants the enclosed technique -type type, some special fights, are not Chakra are more, can gain the final victory. 实力这种东西,和多种因素挂钩,比如战斗时的环境,还有心态,又比如各自应敌的经验是否成熟,最后还要附上术式的种类,有一些特殊的战斗,并不是查克拉越多,就能取得最终的胜利。 Like her and Ruri, even if Chakra measures not to have the means and Bijuu (Tailed Beast) places on a par, but fights truly with Bijuu (Tailed Beast), can actually rely on own Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit), the direct steamroll in the past, overpowered Bijuu (Tailed Beast) from the upfront. 像她和琉璃,即便查克拉量没办法和尾兽相提并论,但和尾兽真正战斗起来,却可以凭借自身的血继限界,直接碾压过去,从正面制服尾兽 In comparison, Kazuhime controls regarding own strength, the stage of but also only starting. 相比之下,一姬对于自身的力量控制,还只是刚刚起步的阶段。 If not promote potential type of thing for the strength as soon as possible, that potential can only be the potential forever, is useless in the true fight. 如果不把潜力这种东西尽早提升为实力,那潜力永远只能是潜力,于真正的战斗毫无用处。 Avoids Kazuhime probably meeting not to have the means next time to depend upon the powerful enemy who oneself powerful Chakra defeats, Ruri such urgently brings Kazuhime to go out, how teaches her to develop the biggest advantage, goes to and enemy fights. 避免一姬下一次可能会遇到没办法依靠自身强大查克拉战胜的强敌,琉璃才会这么火急火燎的带着一姬外出,教她怎么开发自己最大的优势,去和敌人战斗。 The shinobi world, is always the blood and fire constructs. 忍者的世界,从来都是用血与火构造出来的。 If not want to be eliminated by this brutal shinobi world, can only whet itself, unceasing strengthen. 如果不想被这种残酷的忍者世界淘汰,就只能磨砺自己,不断的变强。 „The following life will be very evidently laborious, not only Kazuhime, that side Asuka and color, is the similar situation. In the practical training of garrison, soon finished probably.” “看样子接下来的生活会很辛苦呢,不只是一姬,飞鸟和彩那边,也是差不多的情况吧。在警备队的实习时间,好像快要结束了。” Shiraishi thinks anything said. 白石想到了什么说道。 That's true, their practical trainings, will end next week. Later wants the external assignment to go out, experiences true shinobi battlefield, hopes that they can insist when the time comes.” “确实如此,他们的实习时间,下个星期就会结束。之后就要外派出去,去见识一下真正的忍者‘战场’了,希望他们到时候能够坚持下来吧。” Ayane nods. 绫音点头。 Looks at your appearance, probably isn't worried about the color?” “看你的样子,好像不怎么担心彩?” Shiraishi smiles. 白石笑了笑。 Should teach his thing, had almost taught, remains, can only comprehend by he himself. However, I believe that he will not make me disappointed, his following growth I will also anticipate well.” “该教给他的东西,已经差不多都教了,剩下来的,就只能靠他自己去领悟了。不过,我相信他不会令我失望,他接下来的成长我也会好好期待的。” Ayane slightly is stuttering the rice, in the tone was disclosing always oneself regarding child's confidence. 绫音小口吃着米饭,语气中无时无刻不在透露自己对于孩子的信心。 It is not does not cherish own child, but sometimes spoils is also an injury. 并非是不爱护自己的孩子,而是有时候溺爱也是一种伤害。 Nowadays Ninja World is not tranquil, the frail international balance will be broken momentarily. Each great nation seems like knowing one's place, but actually, with the anxiety of international situation, each great nation invested regarding the military fund for these years, every year dramatically is increasing. 现今的忍界并不平静,脆弱的国际平衡随时都会被打破。各个大国看上去都在安分守己,但其实这几年来,随着国际局势的紧张,各个大国对于军事的资金投入,每年都在大幅度增加。 Even if the atmosphere conservative obsolete Hidden Rock village, for these years was also expanding armaments fast, the increment trains shinobi. 哪怕是风气保守陈旧的岩隐村,这几年也在快速扩张军备,加量培养忍者 According to not the precise information, the demolition army that the Hidden Rock village forms at this time, contrasts the Third Shinobi World War period, the scale is huger. Moreover in the forms of combat also conducted comprehensive innovation processing, develops the brand-new special operations forces shinobi branch of the services. 根据不确切的消息,岩隐村此时组建起来的爆破部队,对比第三次忍界大战时期,规模更加庞大。而且战斗方式上也进行了全面的革新处理,发展成崭新的特战忍者兵种。 In view of these situations, Land of Demons naturally cannot be aloof. 针对这些情况,鬼之国自然也不能够无动于衷。 Except for Hidden Cloud and Konoha, the Hidden Rock village is in a great nation, third by Land of Demons especially attention country. 除了云隐木叶,岩隐村是大国之中,第三个被鬼之国格外注意的国家。 Hidden Sand ...... several years ago that huge trauma of receiving, has not fully restored, but also needs three to four years of development time, can restore to the pre-war levels. As shinobi village of incumbent power, in Jōnin this elite class, Hidden Sand not accidental/surprised holds the post of the position that sets the base in great nation shinobi village now. 至于砂隐……几年前受到的那次巨大创伤,至今还未完全恢复过来,还需要三到四年的发展时间,才能恢复到战前水准。作为老牌大国的忍村,在上忍这个精英阶层之中,砂隐如今毫不意外在大国忍村中担任垫底的位置。 Such shinobi village, Land of Demons, even if copes with three one time, is not the difficult matter. 这样的忍村,鬼之国即便一次性对付三个,也不是什么难事。 The bonus is so, Land of Wind occupies the reputation of great nation firmly, the influence is not the small country can despise. 饶是如此,风之国还是牢牢占据着大国的名头,影响力也并非小国可以蔑视。 With the Land of Fire union, Hidden Sand and Konoha also formed the united front, gives the office clerks of Land of Demons military outside, made a big trouble. 在和火之国联合之下,砂隐木叶也形成了统一战线,在外面给鬼之国军方的办事人员,造成了不小的麻烦。 Based on this intriguing international situation, Ayane only hopes that color child, can grow as soon as possible, becomes shinobi that assumes sole responsibility for an important task, rather than has lived under their blessing, enjoys the sumptuous lifestyle. 基于这种错综复杂的国际情况,绫音只希望彩这个孩子,能够尽快成长起来,成为独当一面的忍者,而不是一直生活在他们的庇佑之下,享受锦衣玉食。 Shiraishi has not said anything, although in the heart is also worrying the growth of children, but this/should time independently, needs to learn to drop, making them soar freely. 白石没有多说什么,虽然心中也在顾虑孩子们的成长,但该放手的时候,也需要学会放手,让他们自由去飞翔。 Food does not have the expenditure too for a long time, after finishing eating food, Shiraishi arrives at the bathroom, washed simply, then moves toward two buildings, enters in the bedroom. 一顿饭没有花费太长时间,在吃完饭之后,白石走到卫生间,简单洗漱了一下,便走向二楼,进入卧室之中。 Turns on the lamp of bedroom, in the room is immediately bright, the window curtains closely is shutting. 打开卧室的灯,房间里面立马明亮起来,窗帘紧紧闭着。 Succinct that the bedroom arranges, not too many decorations, because worked recently very tired reason, therefore Shiraishi does not plan that tonight rests the going study room, but is the choice sleeps directly. 卧室布置的很是简洁,并没有太多的装饰,因为最近工作很累的缘故,所以今晚白石不打算睡前去书房而是选择直接睡觉。 After all unites the Chūnin Test last location, needs to arrange ahead of time, is impossible to wait till extremely urgent matter time, arranges hurriedly. In that case, will only look at a joke to the bystander. 毕竟联合中忍考试最后一场的场地,需要提前布置,不可能等到火烧眉毛的时候,才匆匆忙忙去布置。那样的话,只会给外人看一场笑话。 But Shiraishi, although is thinking like this, but the reality does not allow him to do that. 只不过白石虽然这样想着,但现实并不允许他这么做。 Takes off outside clothes in him, wears the pajamas, when prepares to crawl to the bed on starts to rest, the back heard light thin sound of footsteps, sound that the shutter closes gently. 在他脱完外面的衣服,穿着睡衣,准备爬到床上开始休息时,背后传来了一阵轻细的脚步声,还有门板轻轻关上的声音。 Has Shiraishi planned to rest tonight?” 白石君今晚这么早就打算休息了吗?” Is the Ayane sound, has some doubts. 绫音的声音,带着些许的疑惑。 Yes, must get up early tomorrow, does not go to study room there......” “是啊,明天还要早起,就不去书房那里……” Shiraishi turns around, while said to behind Ayane. 白石一边转身,一边对身后的绫音说道。 After turning around, saw after the stance that Ayane shows at this moment, suddenly the words lived. 只是在转过身之后,看到绫音此刻展现出来的姿态后,突然话语顿住了。 Your this clothes......” “你这身衣服……” Ayane home clothing/taking does not know when changed into other clothes. 绫音身上的家居服不知道何时换成了别的衣服。 The upper body is the black tight clothes of strapless, the material quality is soft, and has strong protection capability, both hands have worn the black glove of elbow, in the back of glove, fixes the hard guard shield that a piece of fine steel is building. 上身是露肩的黑色紧身衣,材质柔软,并且具有很强大的防护能力,双手戴着过手肘的黑色手套,在手套的背面,同样固定着一片精钢打造的坚硬护板。 The lower part of the body is length moderate skirt armor, the black crosses the knee sock beautiful leg to reveal, appearing the charm is extraordinary. 下身则是长度适中的裙甲,黑色过膝袜将姣好的腿型显露出来,显得魅力非凡。 Naturally, this is not a key point. 当然,这并不是重点。 The key point is the shinobi clothing/taking that Ayane wears at this moment, with Ruri usually the shinobi clothing/taking of clothing, not only the color, the design is also exactly the same. 重点是绫音此刻穿着的忍者服,和琉璃平时穿戴的忍者服,不仅仅颜色,就连款式也是一模一样。 How do I wear this clothes? Having Ruri is attractive?” “我穿这身衣服怎么样?有没有琉璃漂亮呢?” Ayane lifted the arm same place, the body in transferred gently, then asked to Shiraishi with a smile. 绫音抬起手臂,身子在原地轻轻转了一圈,然后笑着对白石问道。 Shiraishi saw, probably anything has not seen. 白石看到了,又好像什么都没看到。 Where this clothes did you find?” “这件衣服你从哪里找到的?” Shiraishi coughs, although is not willing to acknowledge, but the body had the response honestly. 白石咳嗽一声,虽然不愿意承认,但身体还是诚实的有了反应。 Naturally is I take Ruri secretly, after all I think Shiraishi, occasionally also needs to trade the different tastes. Raises while convenient, I have not worn the security trousers.” “当然是我偷偷拿琉璃的了,毕竟我认为白石君,偶尔也是需要换一换不同口味的。顺便一提,我没有穿安全裤哦。” On the Ayane face shows the smile that is with good intention, slightly shy blushing. 绫音脸上露出善解人意的微笑,微微羞涩的脸红。 This does not use......” “这倒不用……” „Does Shiraishi also need to rest now? If Shiraishi wants to rest, I will not disturb.” “那白石君现在还需要休息吗?如果白石君想要休息的话,我可不会打扰的哦。” Smile that Ayane reveals, just like making trouble successful small devil, a little bad meaning. 绫音露出来的笑容,宛如捣蛋成功的小恶魔,有点坏坏的意思。 That, I thought that the time...... is very sufficient, is not too tight.” “那个,我觉得时间……还很充足,并不是太紧张。” Right, at this time, the nightlife just started. 没错,这个时候,夜生活才刚刚开始而已。 Shiraishi approaches the body of Ayane, while convinced itself in the heart like this. 白石一边靠近绫音的身体,一边这样在心中说服自己。 This, that did not have the means. Actually, my idea from the beginning, wants in study room there and Shiraishi you......” “这样啊,那就没办法了。其实呢,我一开始的想法,是想在书房那里和白石君你……” The gasping for breath sound in Shiraishi nose aggravated suddenly. 白石鼻子里的喘气声忽然加重了许多。 Ayane shows such stance, except for longing for being loved by the husband, Shiraishi could not imagine to have the second possibility. 绫音展现出这样的姿态,除了渴望被丈夫疼爱,白石想象不出存在第二种可能了。 Therefore, hugs rapidly the posture that a Ayane body princess holds, places on the bed with the incomparably gentle stance. 于是,迅速将绫音的身体一公主抱的姿势抱起,以无比温柔的姿态放在床上。 Looks that the black long hair hangs loose at will, wife who the cheek somewhat has actually blushed clearly charmingly, the breath is somewhat difficult. 看着黑色长发随意披散开来,脸蛋清纯却已经有些娇羞红晕起来的妻子,呼吸有些艰难。 How to say again, wears the Ruri clothes, Ayane now certain feeling chest is very stuffy, is urgently needed he to help the detachable vitality. 再怎么说,穿着琉璃的衣服,绫音现在一定感觉胸口很闷,急需他帮忙活络一下气血。 Shiraishi felt suddenly, the tonight's time will cross especially long and short...... 白石忽然觉得,今晚的时间会过得格外漫长而短暂…… „...... This was also too laborious......” “……这也太辛苦了吧……” The Kazuhime complaint, resounds in the wilderness. 一姬的抱怨声,在荒野上响起。 After afternoon exercise, feels whole body to break probably general, body sore, Kazuhime in the complaint, the expression on face is a little a bitter. 经过下午的锻炼,感受到全身上下都像是散了架一般,身体酸痛不已,以至于一姬在抱怨的时候,脸上的表情都是有点苦哈哈的。 This cannot bear painstakingly, compared with your father in the past, misses far.” “这点苦都受不了,和你爸爸过去比,差得太远了。” Revolves the bonfire to sit down with Kazuhime, Ruri regarding the complaint of Kazuhime, is only slightly discontented scolding. 一姬一起围绕篝火坐下,琉璃对于一姬的抱怨,只是略微不满的呵斥。 Right? The never expected that old man had also had this matter in the past.” “是吗?没想到老头子过去身上还发生过这种事情啊。”
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