Escape from Konoha 从木叶开始逃亡

Everything has to be studied to understand the meaning. The traveler Chiba Shiraishi picked up a book called "The Will of Fire". I opened it and saw that the things on it were nutritious, and the history of Konoha Village had no age. It was just that the words 'will of fire' were written on every skewed page. Baishi couldn't sleep anyway, and took out the book "The Will of Fire" again. After reading it carefully in the middle of the night, he could see the words from the cracks, and the two words-MLM was written all over the book! With hesitation and fear in Shiraishi's heart, he decided that sooner or later he must escape this MLM brainwashing organization named Konoha! MC knows NOTHING about naruto and YES later escape of konoha

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