EFK :: Volume #4

#39 Part 2: In the middle curtain 2

Land of Demons does not endure Jōnin of clan representative now, including Special Jōnin, altogether has 207 people. In these people, would finding 1-2 appropriate Jōnin, took your time.” 鬼之国如今非忍族代表的上忍,包括特别上忍在内,一共有二百零七人。在这些人之中,总会找到1-2合适的上忍,慢慢来吧。” These years he spare no effort develops the Land of Demons military power, not only but grasps tightly endures clan , to promote Jōnin that is also not infrequent from the floor. In this , many ability outstanding people. 这些年他不遗余力的发展鬼之国的军事力量,可不只是紧抓忍族方面,从底层提拔上来的上忍也不在少数。在这里面,也不乏一些能力出众之人。 Regarding this, Shiraishi always has the optimistic idea. 对此,白石一向抱有乐观的想法。 Insufficiently, Chakra controlled to miss far!” “不够,查克拉控制差得太远了!” The infertile desolated place, Ruri both hands place the chest front alternately, stands in the ground gorgeously motionless, on the body transforms the giant Susanoo warrior, an eye had turned into the Mangekyō Sharingan shape. 寸草不生的荒芜之地,琉璃双手交叉放在胸前,站在地面上巍然不动,身体上幻化出巨大的须佐能乎武士,一双眼睛已经变成了万花筒写轮眼的形态。 Distinguishes between the foundation Tomoe shape, appears mysterious exceptionally. 区别于基础勾玉的形态,显得神秘异常。 At this moment by Ruri is controlling the Susanoo warrior, only has to appear the upper part, the right hand holds a giant Chakra great sword, strikes at will, can make the land crack, strong winds counter volume. 此刻被琉璃操控着的须佐能乎武士,只具现出上半身,右手持着一把巨大的查克拉巨剑,随意一击,就能使得大地崩裂,狂风逆卷。 But before her, transforms Kazuhime of half-length Susanoo warrior similarly. 而在她面前,同样是幻化出半身须佐能乎武士的一姬 The flame is covering the body, the double pupil of giant warrior just like Sun of sky, the ray sparkle, the orthoptic such dazzling ray, making one link the eye unable to open. 火焰覆盖着身躯,巨大武士的双眸宛如天空的太阳,光芒闪耀,直视这样耀眼的光芒,让人连眼都睁不开。 The warriors grasp combustion brilliant flame the breaking sword, Kazuhime stand in the warrior, the body trembling vibration, seemed severely hit by some heavy item, the eye was staring at the front stubbornly, cold sweat flowed off from the forehead, panted for breath rapidly. 武士手持一把燃烧灼灼火焰的断剑,一姬站在武士之中,身体颤颤巍巍抖动,仿佛遭到了某种重物的重击,眼睛死死盯着前方,一丝冷汗从额头上流下,急促喘息起来。 Compares uses magnanimous Chakra in her, Susanoo that the Susanoo warrior who piles up roughly, Ruri controls, seemed one in the raging fire already the iron hardware that passed through is repeatedly tempered to thrash, the thick regelation was solid, lets the feeling that the person had to plant unable to start. 相比于她用海量查克拉,粗糙堆积出来的须佐能乎武士,琉璃所操控的须佐能乎,仿佛是一件在烈火中早已经过千锤百炼捶打的铁器,厚重凝实,让人有种无从下手的感觉。 Suppresses facing mother unrestrained/no trace of politeness, although Kazuhime in heart a little light uncomfortable, but has not spoken what aggressive statement. 面对母亲毫不客气的打压,一姬虽然心中有点淡淡的不爽,但也没说什么狠话。 Compared with says the aggressive statement in Jutou, she likes proving oneself ability with practical action. 比起在嘴头上撂下狠话,她更喜欢用实际行动来证明自己的能力。 Therefore, after shouted layer on layer/heavily inspires, senjutsu chakra in within the body again revolves, the flame in Susanoo hand broke the sword, restarted extending, turned into the brand-new complete flame great sword. 于是,在重重呼吸了一口气之后,体内的仙术查克拉再次运转起来,须佐能乎手中的火焰断剑,重新开始延伸,变成了崭新无缺的火焰巨剑。 After gathering the potential is sufficient, Kazuhime controls the flame great sword without hesitation, cuts to the front. 在蓄势充足之后,一姬毫不犹豫驾驭火焰巨剑,斩向前方。 The boiling hot air current repels to all around, as if covers the entire space, the air starts curvingly in the high temperature. 滚烫的气流向四周排斥,仿佛将整个空间笼罩进来,空气在高温中开始弯曲。 However- 然而- dark-red Chakra great sword unhurriedly traverse before the body, the flame great sword that will attack keeps off neatly. 暗红色的查克拉巨剑不慌不忙的横放在身前,将来袭的火焰巨剑不费吹灰之力挡下。 Flashy but lacking substance. Facing truly powerful shinobi, your Susanoo is full of loopholes simply!” “华而不实。面对真正强大的忍者,你的须佐能乎简直漏洞百出!” Ruri looked up a that the flame great sword that cutting to strike, gave itself from the heart to appraise. 琉璃抬头看了一眼那把斩击过来的火焰巨剑,给出了自己发自内心的评价。 Afterward the palm reverses, the strength of instead shaking releases from the dark-red Chakra great sword, the Kazuhime body shakes, Susanoo that oneself summoned, followed to withdraw, flame great sword uncontrolled wielding to sky. 随后手掌反转,反震的力道从暗红色的查克拉巨剑上释放而出,一姬身体一震,连带自己召唤出来的须佐能乎,也跟着后撤,火焰巨剑不受控制的挥向天空。 Oh no! Kazuhime does not know in the heart wonderfully. 糟糕!一姬心知不妙。 Really, after shaking the Kazuhime flame great sword, Ruri wields Chakra sword in the Susanoo hand fast. 果然,在震开一姬的火焰巨剑之后,琉璃快速挥动自己须佐能乎手中的查克拉剑。 Ka ka! 咔咔! The degree of hardness exceeds the steel flame Susanoo, strikes in cutting of Chakra sword, presented the visible fissure, and expands unceasingly extends. 硬度胜过钢铁的火焰须佐能乎,在查克拉剑的斩击下,出现了肉眼可见的裂痕,并且不断扩大延伸。 The body of Kazuhime tumbles, the great sword in flame Susanoo hand is uncontrolled delimits to peripheral, the rock was crushed to disperse, in the ground remains the jet black flame scorch. 一姬的身体翻滚出去,火焰须佐能乎手中的巨剑不受控制划向周边,岩石被击碎飞散开来,地面上残留着漆黑的火焰焦痕。 „.” “咳咳。” Kazuhime stands from ground crawling, looks that unceasingly to mother who oneself come imminently, had not felt that puts in great inconvenience to anything, is only black salt on the wiping the face calmly, in three tomoe Sharingan luminous is getting more and more abundant, fighting intent is firing violently. 一姬从地上爬站起来,看着不断向自己迫近而来的母亲,也没感到委屈什么的,只是若无其事的擦了擦脸上的黑灰,三勾玉写轮眼中的光亮越来越盛,战意在猛烈灼烧。 Continue, before Sun sets, be not thinking rests this matter.” “继续,在太阳落山之前,别想着休息这件事。” Ruri saw that Kazuhime buoys up, although on face desolate, but in the heart actually happy Kazuhime shows such stance. 琉璃看到一姬重新振作起来,虽然脸上冷淡,但心中却高兴一姬展现出这样的姿态。 In the giant warrior hand is gripping tightly dark-red Chakra great sword, above condenses a sharp invisible sword pressure, has not used the sword, has let face directly Kazuhime that this type of terrifying sword presses, felt that one type such as the substantive aura of wind blade, the skin stabbing pain gets up slightly. 巨大武士手中紧握着的暗红色查克拉巨剑,上面凝聚出一股锋利至极的无形剑压,还未出剑,就已经让直面这种恐怖剑压的一姬,感觉到一种如风似刀的实质气息,皮肤微微刺痛起来。
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