EFK :: Volume #4

#39 Part 1: In the middle curtain 2

Newest website: The pure white palm will place void presses down, in instance that the palm presses down, the front as if there is air wall that the naked eye cannot see together. 最新网址:将洁白的手掌放在虚空中按下,在手掌按下的瞬间,面前仿佛存在一道肉眼看不见的空气墙壁。 On the wall appears immediately all twists and turns Chakra fluid, as if the electronic trace is the same, flees on front air flat surface board, confirms the information. 墙壁上立马浮现出弯弯折折的查克拉流体,仿佛电子纹路一样,在面前的空气平面板上窜动,验证信息。 Afterward, the master of palm enters. 随后,手掌的主人进入其中。 This is a space giant laboratory, inside test installation is quite complete, hidden many secret doors, do not know to where. 这是一间空间巨大的实验室,里面的实验设备相当齐全,其中也隐藏许多道暗门,不知通往何处。 In front of computer, puts on the young man of white long unlined gown to sit there, the front is putting the notebook and scroll, records anything on the computer earnestly. 在一台电脑的前面,穿着白色大褂的年轻男子坐在那里,面前放着笔记本和卷轴,在电脑上认真记录着什么。 I came back.” “我回来了。” Kazuhime was shouting for father's man to the status, announced own arrival. 一姬对着身份为父亲的男子喊了一声,宣告自己的到来。 Because here environment is really secluded, even if sound of footsteps, can transmit clearly. 由于这里的环境实在是僻静,哪怕是一丝脚步声,也能清晰传递出去。 Therefore, when Kazuhime comes, Shiraishi has noticed. 所以,在一姬进来的时候,白石就已经注意到了。 After the opposite party greeted, Shiraishi driving both hands left the keyboard, although saw the daughter who for a long time did not see was a little happy, but this happiness has not displayed on the face, but like discussing the daily family activity responded to one: Came back, what kind of, has seen your mother?” 在对方打招呼后,白石主动双手离开了键盘,虽然看到许久不见的女儿有点高兴,但这种高兴也并未表现在脸上,而是像唠家常一样回应一句:“回来了啊,怎么样,见过你妈妈了吗?” Un, went home a moment ago saw, was drinking the afternoon tea with Aunt Ayane in open balcony there, two people appearances, marched into the old age life to be the same simply probably ahead of time.” “嗯,刚才回家的时候见到了,正在和绫音阿姨在露天阳台那里喝下午茶,两人的样子,简直像是提前步入了老年生活一样。” Kazuhime nodded, the content that although chatted was a little fearful, two people a little were false smile, but Kazuhime thought that the issue was not big. 一姬点了点头,虽然聊天的内容有点过于可怕,两人都有点皮笑肉不笑的,但一姬觉得问题并不大。 However, after all was senior citizen, compared with the tolerance and past, were no comparison between them completely. 不过,毕竟都是‘老年人’了,容忍度和过去相比,完全不可同日而语。 At least like before, one month does not need to move several. 至少不会像以前那样,一个月需要搬好几次家。 So wants to come, two people temperament, had restrained in recent years, it is estimated that cannot leave the industrious irrigation of old man. 如此想来,两人的脾气,近年来都有所收敛,估计离不开自家老头子的辛勤灌溉吧。 What disrespectful matter are you thinking?” “你是不是在想什么失礼的事情?” Shiraishi has the mind reading to be the same probably, clearly knows that the Kazuhime innermost feelings are thinking anything. 白石好像有心灵感应一样,清楚知道一姬内心在想着什么。 No, I, but to tread on the fathers of two ships, deeply thinks the glory. “没有哦,我可是以脚踏两条船的父亲,深以为荣呢。 Mouth is such unforgiving, when I you praise me. However, since you came back, then cultivates well earnestly, fishing three days and drying the nets two days is not good.” “嘴巴还是这么不饶人,我就当你是夸奖我了。不过,你既然回来了,接下来就好好认真修炼一下吧,三天打鱼两天晒网可不行。” One side Shiraishi takes up is soaking the teacup of tea, placed the mouth to sip one gently. 白石拿起一旁泡着茶水的茶杯,放在嘴里轻轻抿了一口。 The tea of mellow bitter taste rolls into the throat, making the Shiraishi mood better. 香醇略带苦味的茶水滚入喉咙之中,让白石的心情好了许多。 Did not need you saying that I also know. So long as I conscientiously do, quick can have the strength of exceeding mother.” “不用你说,我也知道。只要我认真去做的话,很快就可以拥有超越妈妈的力量。” Kazuhime not in proud, but is stating an established fact. 一姬并非是在自傲,而是在陈述一件既定的事实。 Extraordinary self-confidence, hopes that you can speak, in that case, my here pressure will also reduce.” “了不起的自信,希望你能说到说到,那样的话,我这边的压力也会减轻许多。” Wait and see. Then this gives you.” “等着瞧吧。接下来这个给你。” Kazuhime walked, has placed behind, takes down with long that the white cotton tape packages, places in a laboratory bench nearby. 一姬走了过来,将一直放在身后,用白色布带包裹起来的长柄物取下来,放在就近的一个实验台上。 Dead soul spear/gun. 死魂枪。 The special-purpose weapon of Shiraishi Yang clone newborn baby. 白石分身赤子的专用武器。 Newborn baby?” “赤子呢?” Shiraishi puts down the teacup, stands up from the seat before computer. 白石放下茶杯,从电脑前的座椅上站起。 „After turning into the condition of child, has slept at home, the thunderous pill and day feather female are looking after him.” “变成小孩子的状态后,就一直在家里睡觉,雷鸣丸和天羽女在照看他。” Kazuhime replied. 一姬回答。 Shiraishi nodded, before arriving at the laboratory bench, grasps the dead soul spear/gun single-handed, another hand also follows to lift, white cotton tape not slow tearing of drawing eyeball on the dead soul spear/gun, does not reveal an all over the body blood red long spear/gun anxiously. 白石点了点头,来到实验台前,单手握起死魂枪,另一只手也跟着抬起,将死魂枪上绘画眼球的白色布带不急不慢的扯开,露出一把通体血红色的长枪。 The lance point position is such as the drop blood is ordinary, sends out dazzlingly, but monster different scarlet ray. 枪尖位置更是如滴血一般,散发出刺眼而妖异的赤红光芒。 The eye of Shiraishi narrows, senjutsu chakra that revolves slightly, covers induces on the dead soul spear/gun. 白石的眼睛微微一眯,运转起来的仙术查克拉,覆盖在死魂枪上进行感应。 What kind of? Does this harvest make you satisfy? Dozens elite Hidden Cloud shinobi strong souls, completely centralized in inside. In addition for these years was cut shinobi that kills by the newborn baby, it is estimated that already over several hundred people.” “怎么样?这次的收获让你满意吗?数十名精英云隐忍者的强壮灵魂,全部集中在里面了。加上这几年被赤子斩杀的忍者,估计已经超过几百人了吧。” Kazuhime both hands hold the chest, by said by another laboratory bench with a smile. 一姬双手抱胸,靠在另一张实验台旁笑着说道。 Yes, it seems like played with soul charge unable to avoid. Right now, I believe firmly, netherworld there not so-called manager. The samsara lacks.” “是啊,看来玩弄灵魂这条罪名是避不开了。这下子,我更加确信,冥土那里没有所谓的管理者了。轮回有缺。” After Shiraishi inspected a dead soul spear/gun, definitely anything resembled, opens the mouth to reply. 白石检查了一遍死魂枪后,肯定了什么似的,开口回答。 Looks at your appearance, probably is very disappointed.” “看你的样子,好像挺失望的。” Our human gains the freedom because of the order, if the order no longer, then, the so-called freedom also no longer is free, but is the pinnacle confusion. Regardless of the world of living, is the world of dead, should have its order.” “我们人类因为秩序而获得自由,如果秩序不复,那么,所谓的自由也就不再是自由,而是极致的混乱。无论生者的世界,还是死者的世界,都应该有其秩序。” Shiraishi sighed, says this words that had rigid theorizing meaning. 白石叹了口气,说出这番具有说教意味的话语。 The Kazuhime brow selects, is estimating the intention of these words. 一姬眉头一挑,揣摩着这句话的用意。 In other words, didn't you later plan to use this weapon?” “也就是说,你以后不打算用这把武器了吗?” No, I want to say that should use must use. When the order of netherworld lacks , so-called plays with the soul the charge, naturally is untenable.” “不,我只是想说,该用的时候还是要用。当冥土的秩序有缺,那么,所谓玩弄灵魂的罪名,自然是不成立的。” Newborn babies as one of the oneself most important hand signs, Shiraishi not silly to its seal situation. 赤子作为自己最重要的手牌之一,白石没有傻到将其封印的地步。 From breaking an arm matter, Konoha has given him to remind the alarm repeatedly. 自断一臂这种事,木叶已经多次给他提醒了警钟。 Let alone, since the netherworld order does not save, then, means that playing with the soul is not the crime, this behavior, is situated between innocent and guilty the gray area. 何况,既然冥土秩序不存,那么,也就意味着的,玩弄灵魂并非为罪,这种行为,是介于无罪和有罪之间的灰色地带。 The behavior that even if will play with the soul discussed guilty handling, that first netherworld must have own rules of operation. 即便将玩弄灵魂的行为论有罪处置,那首先冥土得有自己的运行规则。 Otherwise- 否则- law does not have the definite orders is not the crime, the law does not have the definite orders is not possible to punish. 法无明文不为罪,法无明文不可罚。 Without regular contract that the mispronounced character positive figure signs, naturally cannot make Shiraishi have what guilty anxious psychological burden, abides by the Forbidden Technique application principle at most- with little uses carefully. 没有白字黑字签下的规则契约,自然不会让白石产生什么愧疚不安的心理负担,顶多遵循禁术的使用原则-慎用少用罢了。 Also seems like the words that the mechanical old man said......” “还真像是刻板老头子说出来的话……” Kazuhime is slightly speechless. 一姬略微无语。 He thinks that own old man conscience found, has the truth of induced dying, pledged that no longer uses the soul class Forbidden Technique. 他以为自家老头子良心发现,有感生死的真理,发誓不再使用灵魂类的禁术 But now seemed like wants. 但现在看来是自己想多了。 Thinks is also, although oneself old man has the principle of handling matters every so often, but will not defend the outmoded rules and regulations every so often silently. 想想也是,自家老头子虽然很多时候都有处事的原则,但很多时候也不会默守陈规。 Adapts measures according to time, acts as circumstances permit. Nothing is one invariable. 因时制宜,因地制宜。没有什么东西是一层不变的。 The newborn babies as one of the Land of Demons military cards in a hand, wish make him expand the growth, must swallow the shinobi soul. 赤子作为鬼之国军方的底牌之一,想要让其壮大生长,必须去吞噬忍者的灵魂。 Has the sword not to use, without sword available, is two matters. 有剑不用,和无剑可用,是两码事。 Is same like fire clone. 就如同火分身一样。 So long as fire clone exists for day, can form the strong deterrent effect on other country. 只要火分身存在一天,就可以对他国形成强大的震慑力。 Wants in other country to Land of Demons begins, must first consider, whether oneself can after beginning, take that incomparably serious consequence. 在别国想要对鬼之国动手时,先要考虑一下,自身是否能够在动手之后,承担起那份无比沉重的后果。 Regarding Kazuhime complained does not pay attention, Shiraishi the white cotton tape of drawing eyeball, wrapped again the dead soul spear/gun. 对于一姬的吐槽毫不理会,白石将绘画眼球的白色布带,重新将死魂枪包裹起来。 Be that as it may, but then needs internally, drew up detailed use rules of one set about Forbidden Technique.” “话虽如此,但接下来有必要在国内,拟定一套关于禁术的详细使用守则了。” Shiraishi explodes not without reason. 白石有感而发。 The Forbidden Technique type has many, most direct-viewing Forbidden Technique, is increase ability Forbidden Technique. 禁术的种类有多种,最为直观的禁术,便是增幅能力型的禁术 This class Forbidden Technique only needs to describe in words and expressions- crude. 这类的禁术只需要用一个词语形容-粗暴。 Promotes own strength barbarically, disregards technique physical body and soul limit, develops the limit the human body potential in a short time. 野蛮提升自身的力量,无视术者本身的肉体和灵魂限制,将人体潜能在短时间内开发到极限。 Takes Hachimon Tonkou (Eight Celestial Divination Gates) as this kind of Forbidden Technique outstanding person. 八门遁甲为这类禁术的佼佼者。 First seven are also a quite normal range, to eighth, that is the forms of combat of perishing together. 前七门还属于一个比较正常的范围,到了第八门,那就是同归于尽的战斗方式了。 In addition, is ability special type Forbidden Technique. 除此之外,便是能力特异化类型的禁术 Spirit Transformation Technique and reincarnation who Ninjutsu Shiraishi cultivates, is this type. 白石所修炼的灵化之术与转生忍术,都属于这种类型。 Different with Forbidden Technique of direct improvement strength, this kind of Forbidden Technique effect is all sorts of strange and unusual, moreover strange unpredictable, after abusing, even can provode the confusion of order. 和直接提升力量的禁术不同,这类禁术的效果千奇百怪,而且诡异难测,滥用之后甚至可以引发秩序的混乱。 Also therefore, each shinobi village regarding Forbidden Technique, has own one set of operational principle, preventing Forbidden Technique to be abused. 也正因此,各个忍村对于禁术,也都有自己的一套运行法则,防止禁术遭到滥用。 Is the Forbidden Technique cultivation difficulty is extremely not only high, because of the abuse later consequence, will cause not the irrecoverable disaster. 不仅仅是禁术修炼难度极高,也因为滥用之后的后果,会引发无法挽回的灾难。 Land of Demons naturally also promulgated the Forbidden Technique related application principle. 鬼之国自然也颁布了禁术的相关使用原则。 But Shiraishi believes that Forbidden Technique rules that now Ninja World uses, the boundaries of some places were extremely blurred, should more careful distinguished. 只不过白石认为,如今忍界所使用的禁术守则,有些地方的界限还是太过模糊了,应该更加仔细的进行区别。 Conducts the management as a whole Forbidden Technique that Land of Demons grasps, according to Forbidden Technique of different type, determines its category, then in view of Forbidden Technique, to the harm rank that individual and community creates, reduces or raises the related Forbidden Technique use threshold. 鬼之国掌握的禁术全部进行统筹管理,根据不同种类的禁术,确定其类别,然后针对禁术,对个人和群体造成的危害级别,来降低或者提高有关禁术的使用门槛。 Naturally, this is only a preliminary idea, the concrete implementation, needs not the short time arrangement. 当然,这只是一个初步想法,具体实施,需要不短的时间筹备。 Moreover at present the matter of primary importance, is several months later conducting of Chūnin Test. 而且眼下最重要的事情,还是几个月后中忍考试的举办。 Joint Chūnin Test that many great nations jointly conduct, must make the Land of Demons elegant demeanor to be good. 多个大国共同举办的联合中忍考试,必须要打出鬼之国的风采才行。 This is not only individual glory, is the potential competition of national level. 这不仅仅属于个人的荣耀,也是国家层面的潜在竞争。 Thing I sent, without other things, I first left.” “东西我送来了,如果没有其他事情,我就先离开了。” Kazuhime interrupted the ponder of Shiraishi at this time. 一姬这时打断了白石的思考。 „, Was laborious you.” “啊,辛苦你了。” Shiraishi laid down the death soul spear/gun in hand. 白石放下了手中的死魂枪。 When the Kazuhime preparation leaves, he exhorted one again: 一姬准备离开时,他再次嘱咐了一句: Right, if then does not know that which direction in cultivates, can ask your mother to help, this should should have. However, if your mother, the training will be very perhaps laborious.” “对了,如果接下来不知道朝哪个方向修炼的话,可以去找你的妈妈帮忙,她这点应该应该是有的。不过,如果是你妈妈的话,训练的话说不定会很辛苦哦。” Shiraishi as if remembered for more than 20 years ago, was compelled the day of the day and night drilling by Ruri. 白石仿佛想起了二十多年前,被琉璃逼着日夜操练的日子了。 Should better. Relax, I am not the child, the matter of crying will not happen.” “最好不过。放心,我已经不是小孩子,哭鼻子的事情不会发生。” Going out laboratory that Kazuhime snort/hum, did not return to gently. 一姬轻轻哼了一声,头也不回的走出实验室。 Child grew, managing is very troublesome.” “孩子大了,管理起来就很麻烦。” Looks at Kazuhime to depart, Shiraishi shakes the head slightly, before sitting the computer, starts to input the material. 看着一姬离去,白石微微摇了摇头,重新坐回电脑前,开始录入资料。 Teacher Shiraishi, I came back.” 白石老师,我回来了。” After Kazuhime departs for about a half hour, Nohara walked from outside. 一姬离去大约半个小时后,野原琳从外面走了进来。 Because maintains very well, obviously with a Kakashi age, but displays the age in appearance, is the 18 or 19 years old young appearance. 由于保养很好,明明和卡卡西一个年龄,但表现在容貌上的年纪,还是十八九岁的年轻样子。 As soon as she comes, a little travel-worn greeted to Shiraishi, then arrived at the one side, took up own work clothes white long unlined gown, treats as the coat set on the body. 她一进来,就有点风尘仆仆的对白石打招呼,然后走到一旁,将自己的工作服白色大褂拿起,当做外衣套在身上。 What's wrong, did the appointment end?” “怎么,约会结束了吗?” Shiraishi input the work of reincarnation technique material also almost to complete, a swivel chair gently revolution under body, to Lin. 白石录入转生术资料的工作也差不多做完了,身下的转椅轻轻一转,面向走过来的琳。 Your Highness Koyuki the new movie is very interesting, why I somewhat understood for these years, the economy of Land of Snow rapidly is growing.” 小雪殿下新拍的电影很好看,我有些理解为什么这几年,雪之国的经济在飞速增长了。” Although does not have the means and economic growth of Land of Demons area places on a par, but the obvious and quiet country and Land of Bear region, pulled open a big truncation. 虽然没办法和鬼之国地区的经济增长相提并论,但是明显和幽之国与熊之国区域,拉开了一大截。 Lin thinks of here, has to admire Land of Snow Daimyō Kazahana Koyuki. 琳想到这里,不得不佩服起雪之国大名风花小雪了。 „The words that next time will want to sign, can tell me.” “下次想要签名的话,可以跟我说哦。” Shiraishi also rare smiled, probably is also proud general. 白石也难得的笑了起来,好像对此也感到骄傲一般。 I remember before Teacher Shiraishi you, very did not oppose Your Highness Koyuki is the actor?” “我记得白石老师你以前,不是挺反对小雪殿下去当演员的吗?” Lin somewhat strange looks to Shiraishi. 琳有些奇怪的看向白石 Without this matter, I thought Koyuki she uses the idle time that oneself work, develops the amateur interest, is beneficial to the physical and moral integrity. Isn't such matter?” “没有这回事,我只是觉得小雪她利用自己工作的空闲时间,开发一下业余兴趣,有益于身心健康。难道不是这么回事吗?” Shiraishi tactical drinking tea. 白石战术性的喝了口茶。 Lin is somewhat speechless, she remembers that in then Shiraishi did not say, but also regarding this depressed for a long time. 琳有些无语,她记得在当时的白石并不是这么说的,还对此郁闷了许久。 However this can also understand. 不过这也可以理解。 Puts Daimyō well not to do, does one frequently the artist who appears in public outside, indeed will make a person of prospect to Land of Snow this country worry. 放着好好的大名不去做,去做一名经常在外面抛头露面的艺人,的确会让人对雪之国这个国家的前景担忧。 The worry of Shiraishi is not the rumor. 白石的担心也不是空穴来风。 Present Shiraishi, is more like whether shows loving care for the children healthy development the old father. 只是现在的白石,更像是一位关怀子女是否健康成长起来的年迈老父亲。 Teacher Shiraishi was also old. Lin has a scare for oneself idea suddenly. 白石老师也老了啊。琳忽然为自己的想法吓了一跳。 Old father anything, was too a little exaggerating. 老父亲什么的,还是有点太夸张了。 The age of opposite party is also less than 40 years old, when the mature period of life. 对方的年纪还不到四十岁,正值人生的壮年时期。 As the shinobi potential , also has not achieved the apex, big rise space. 就连作为忍者的潜力,也同样未达到顶点,还有不小的上升空间。 In addition Shiraishi takes medical shinobi, cherishes regarding the body since childhood, in recent years the sex also coordinated very contently, it is estimated that the mature stage, compared with the ordinary shinobi mature stage, the duration be longer. 加上白石作为医疗忍者,对于身体从小就十分爱护,近年来夫妻生活也十分协调美满,估计壮年期,要比普通忍者的壮年期,持续时间更长。 Did not say that this, you and Obito age was also big, when has to consider to get married?” “不说这个了,你和带土年纪也不小了,有考虑什么时候结婚吗?” Shiraishi asked. 白石问道。 This matter...... this year will work will be very busy, if will marry, next year or year after next. However, I hope that Kakashi attended me and Obito wedding, therefore these years have been towing.” “这件事……今年工作会很忙,如果结婚的话,明年或者后年都可以。但是啊,我更希望卡卡西来参加我和带土的婚礼呢,所以这些年一直在拖着。” Lin was a pity. 琳可惜了一声。 She does not know what oneself regarding the Obito sentiment are, after has a new lease of life the gratitude, is guilty? 她不知道自己对于带土的感情到底是什么,是重获新生后的感激,还是愧疚? However, marries this matter Obito, in her heart and no repel feeling. 不过,和带土结婚这件事,她心中并没有什么排斥感。 So wants to come, to marry not a repugnant man, not misdemeanor. 如此想来,嫁给一个自己不讨厌的男人,也并非什么坏事。 After all opened Mangekyō Sharingan Obito, was a very big potential stock. 毕竟开启了万花筒写轮眼带土,也是一个很大的潜力股了。 Based on the viewpoint of investment finance, is not the loss. 从投资理财的观点出发,并不算亏损。 Later if really must live together, that definitely cannot only discuss the emotion and so on, marries the later various trivial things, must calculate. 以后如果真的要生活在一起,那肯定不能够只谈论情感之类的,结婚之后的各种琐屑事情,也要计算在内。 Oneself and another person will bind in together, is not the minor matter that can decide carelessly. 将自己和另一个人绑定在一起,可不是一件能够草率决定下来的小事。 If so, in a short time, it seems like you and Obito marry this matter, was hopeless thoroughly. Kakashi that side task is heavy, actually between him and Kazuhime, who is my later successor, I have hesitated.” “若是这样,短时间内,看来你和带土结婚这件事,是彻底没戏了。卡卡西那边任务繁重,其实在他和一姬之间,谁来做我之后的继承人,我一直都很犹豫。” Shiraishi sighed, on the face revealed an awkwardness. 白石叹息一声,脸上露出一丝为难。 Has decided the next successor, rather too early. By Teacher Shiraishi your age, at least more than ten years of ruling periods. Konoha that worries, I feel excusable actually.” “这么早就决定下一任继承者,也未免太早了吧。以白石老师您的年龄,至少十几年的执政期。木叶的那位着急,我倒是觉得情有可原。” Lin crooked tilting the head, thought that Shiraishi considered this matter was too early. 琳歪了歪头,觉得白石考虑这件事为时过早了。 Three generations of items? His words, indeed soon abdicated. Even if not abdicate, that side Danzō still soon waits is not anxious. Does not know how when the time comes Teacher Tsunade will choose.” “三代目吗?他的话,的确快要退位了。即使不退位,团藏那边也快要等不急了。就是不知道,到时候纲手老师会怎么选择。” Shiraishi ponders. 白石沉思起来。 Tsunade-sama was the Five Dynasties eye of Hokage powerful candidate, competitor who if the list from the qualifications and age, in Konoha cannot compare with her.” 纲手大人是五代目火影的有力人选,如果单从资历和年龄来看,木叶之中并没有可以和她相比的竞争者。” But as the matter stands, Root leader Shimura Danzo will definitely not be resigned. 但这样一来,根部的首领志村团藏肯定不会甘心。 At the age of opposite party, could not have waited for Five Dynasties Hokage naturally to abdicate, is taken over sixth generation of Hokage by him the time. 以对方的年龄来看,已经等不到五代火影自然退位,由他来接任第六代火影的时候了。 Therefore this point made me feel embarrassed. When that side after Kakashi had the result, I go to probe again personally, if not really good, that can only give up her.” “所以这一点才令我为难。等到卡卡西那边有了结果之后,我再去亲自试探一下吧,如果实在不行,那就只能放弃她了。” In the Shiraishi eye flashes through together firmly. 白石眼中闪过一道坚决。 Hesitants when a decision needed instead its chaotically, related to the struggle between countries, individual personal relationships must brutal cutting off, unable to have absolutely slightly hesitant. 当断不断反受其乱,涉及到国与国之间的斗争,个人的私情必须绝对无情的斩断,不能有丝毫犹豫。 Because his hesitation, possibly made innumerable Land of Demons shinobi put in the unnecessary sacrifice. 因为他的一丝犹豫,就可能让无数鬼之国忍者为之付出不必要的牺牲。 Lin is somewhat silent. 琳有些默然。 She can feel the determination of Shiraishi innermost feelings. 她能感受到白石内心的决心。 The leading figure as Land of Demons military, must the wrist/skill blood and iron at this matter, unable to have individual personal relationships. 身为鬼之国军方的首脑人物,必须在这件事上手腕铁血,不可以存在个人的私情。 Related to the interests and standpoint of country, discussed the personal relation with a political figure, without doubt was pitiful. 涉及国家的利益与立场,和一个政治人物谈论私人交情,无疑是可悲的。 Regarding this point, Lin deep is so. 对于这一点,琳深以为然。 Chiba Shiraishi, with political figure, this is two different people, both must separate out the cognition. 千叶白石,和政治人物,这是两个不同的人,两者必须要区分开来认知。 Before that is first prepared to unite the Chūnin Test matters concerned. Did Teacher Shiraishi you, determine Land of Demons here examiner?” “在那之前,先要准备好联合中忍考试的事宜。白石老师您,确定鬼之国这边的主考官了没有?” The Land of Demons future developmental strategy, does not get it done in one action, but is divides many stages to advance layer upon layer. 鬼之国未来的发展战略,并不是一蹴而就,而是分多个阶段层层推进。 Benefits from the present Land of Demons military and economic force unceasing powerful, every so often does not need like the past dormant period, the cautious conduct. 得益于如今鬼之国军事和经济力量的不断强大,很多时候也不必像过去的蛰伏期那样,小心翼翼行事。 Therefore, in action, strategic arrangement compared with the past , appeared crudely more barbaric. 所以,在行动上,战略布置比起以往,也显得粗暴野蛮了许多。 Uniting Chūnin Test is probes of time to other great nations. 联合中忍考试就是一次对其余大国的试探。 The new generation shinobi potential of various countries, relations among various countries can also see some clue. 不论是各国的新生代忍者潜力,各国之间的关系也可以从中看出一些端倪。 Is indefinite.” “还未确定下来。” How makes Kazuhime hold the post? By her ability, is competent such work sufficiently.” “让一姬担任如何?以她的能力,足以胜任这样的工作。” Suggested. 琳建议道。 To deter the angle, indeed is a good way. However I do not want to end up favor the reputation of one of us, many to other opportunities of person promotion, likewise, I did not plan from enduring the clan chooses the examiner.” “以威慑角度而言,的确不失为一个好办法。但是我可不想落得偏袒自家人的名声,多给其余人一些晋升的机会吧,同理,我也不打算从忍族之中挑选主考官。” Shiraishi looked at a Lin reply. 白石看了琳一眼回答。 In fact, regarding Kazuhime the road of promotion, Shiraishi is not worried. 事实上,对于一姬的晋升之路,白石并不感到担忧。 Because the Kazuhime potential is outstanding enough, without own paving the way, by the ability of opposite party, wants to crawl to the high level of military, is still only sooner or later matter. 因为一姬的潜力足够优秀,即使没有自己的铺路,以对方的能力,想要爬到军方的高层,也只是迟早的事情。 Compared with the senior military that training one definitely will grow, Shiraishi hopes that through this time joint Chūnin Test, unearths shinobi of some pragmatists in the basic unit. 比起培养一个必然会成长起来的军方高层,白石更希望通过这次的联合中忍考试,在基层之中挖掘一些务实派的忍者 These also construct the military stable important cornerstone, is an indispensable part. 这些也是构建军方稳定的重要基石,是不可或缺的一部分。 Lin understands clearly the nod, does not plan to adopt nearby the principle, did not plan that a Hyuga clan chooses Jōnin from the Fugaku wave and, is the examiner. 琳了然点头,不打算采取就近原则,也不打算从宇智波和日向一族中挑选出上忍,担任主考官。 The candidate of examiner, can only choose from the civilian class liberally. 那主考官的人选,只能从平民阶层之中从优选择。
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