EFK :: Volume #4

#40 Part 2: Wrong accent

Kazuhime somewhat is slightly curious. 一姬略微有些好奇。 After all anti- punches anti- hits, is on him few merits. Moreover, even if cries, sells miserably there, I will still tow the training him.” “毕竟抗揍耐打,是他身上为数不多的优点。而且,就算是哭,在那里卖惨,我也会把他拖出来训练。” Ruri these words, making Kazuhime have a shiver slightly. 琉璃的这句话,让一姬微微打了一个冷颤。 „Is key point to tow to hit?” “重点是拖出来打吗?” Why does not know, childhood that Kazuhime somewhat sympathizes with the old man. 不知道为何,一姬有些同情自家老头子的童年了。 Luckily is in itself medical shinobi, otherwise it is estimated that did not have the means to withstand this very intensive exercise. 幸好本身是医疗忍者,否则估计没办法承受这种高强度的锻炼了。 No, because is just medical shinobi, perhaps is instead more pitiful. 不,正因为是医疗忍者,说不定反而更加凄惨。 Because of this means that can quicker therapy to oneself, then throws into the training, then therapy, throws into the training again inexhaustibly, repeat in cycles...... 因为这意味着,可以更快的给自己疗伤,然后投入训练,接着疗伤,再投入训练,循环往复无穷尽…… Our ages, the fight happened frequently, idles slightly, will die in the battlefield. Only then forces itself to grow, can survive in that brutal time. Strange, is the familiar face, every day is reducing.” “我们那个年代,战斗常常发生,稍有懈怠,就会死在战场上。只有逼迫自己成长,才能在那个残酷的时代生存下去。无论是陌生的,还是熟悉的面孔,每一天都在减少。” Ruri sighed. 琉璃叹了口气。 Second Shinobi World War period, with her graduate with, heroic death in battlefield. Even if lives, still cast the extremely profound shadow regarding the war heart. 第二次忍界大战时期,和她同届的毕业生,很多都在战场上壮烈牺牲。即使活下来,对于战争心中也留下了极为深刻的阴影。 Even this past Uchiha Clan talent, must for Konoha, rush to the battlefield first line, under leadership of Konoha's White Fang, the island of resistance thorough enemy center, is crossing the wire walking all day, places the licking blood life of waist the head. 即便是她这个过去的宇智波一族天才,也要为了木叶,奔赴在战场第一线,在木叶白牙的率领下,孤军深入敌军腹地,整天过着走钢丝,将脑袋放在腰间的舔血生活。 Must say that most feelings, when is not the fight hot blooded and frightened of producing, but is numb. 要说最多的感触,并不是战斗时产生的热血和恐惧,而是麻木。 The deceased people were too many. 死人太多了。 shinobi was also good , there is nothing to do is been also good by the civilians who did not affect carefully, saw too many such corpses, later thorough was numb. 忍者也好,无关被不小心波及进来的平民也好,看到了太多这样的尸体,之后就彻底麻木了。 In the heart will not sympathize, will not pity, but takes the weapon, is hugging the thought of killing the enemy, goes on living. 心中既不会同情,也不会怜悯,只是拿着武器,抱着杀死敌人的念头,活下去罢了。 Therefore mother you that does tolerate existence of Aunt Ayane?” “所以妈妈你才那么容忍绫音阿姨的存在吗?” On the Kazuhime dirty face, bites gently is roasting the good roasting fish. 一姬脏兮兮的脸上,轻轻咬着烤好的烤鱼肉。 Ruri slightly silent sound. 琉璃微微默声。 Although does not have to indicate directly, but in the heart has expressed such meaning. 虽然没有直接表明,但心中已经表达出了这样的意思。 So many years risking one's life, making her not only be used to existence of Shiraishi, was used to existence of Ayane. 这么多年的出生入死,让她不仅习惯了白石的存在,也习惯了绫音的存在。 Although does not like this woman, but she is also can few with shinobi that coordinate. In the past, will be now, or in the future, may not change. 尽管不太喜欢这个女人,但她也是为数不多能够和自己配合起来的忍者。无论是过去,还是现在,亦或者未来,可能都不会改变吧。 After all the life is short, hundred years, sometimes, will hold to read in a hurry too much, will instead fall into worry for no reason by oneself. 毕竟人生短暂,匆匆百年,有些时候,执念太多,反而会让自己陷入无端的苦恼之中。 This matter and you have nothing to do, after having eaten meal, a bit faster the rest, the tomorrow's training cannot compare today is relaxed.” “这种事和你无关,吃过饭之后,快点休息吧,明天的训练不会比今天轻松。” Ruri is provoking the fire of high-piled firewood with the branch, in the jet black pupil is producing an inverted image the flame. 琉璃用树枝拨弄着火堆,漆黑的瞳孔中倒映着火光。 Kazuhime nodded, 2-3 ate cleanly the grilled fish in hand, sought the rock cave of not far away to walk. 一姬点了点头,2-3吃干净了手里的烤鱼,寻着不远处的一处岩洞走去。 Because the daytime training is extremely strict, her clothes have a face on, moistened many dust, but as exhausted as pinnacle Kazuhime, has not cared about these details. 因为白天的训练太过严格,她的衣服还有脸上,都沾了很多灰尘,只不过疲累到极致的一姬,并未在意这些细节。 In the rock cave, Kazuhime lies down on the dry straw, the rolling up body, closes the eye slowly, the breath is even, starts to rest. 岩洞中,一姬躺在干燥的稻草上面,蜷缩身体,缓缓闭上眼睛,呼吸均匀,开始休息。 The bright bright moonlight sprinkles, the night breeze in wilderness starts becomes chilly, even can hear the remote place, wolf howling sound that hears indistinctly. 明亮皎洁的月光洒落下来,荒野上的晚风开始变得清冷,甚至可以听得遥远之处,隐约传来的狼嚎声。 Continues to provoke the bonfire with the branch gently, Ruri is also planning to rest. 继续用树枝轻轻拨弄着篝火,琉璃也打算休息。 Trains the Kazuhime difficulty is not low, even measures by her Chakra, a little cannot endure. 训练一姬的难度并不低,即便是以她的查克拉量,也有点吃不消。 Takes up to place nearby backpack, prepares to take out incense of some expelling worms from the backpack, prevents the night insect bite. 拿起放在旁边的背包,准备从背包里取出一些驱虫的熏香,防止夜里的虫子叮咬。 After turning on backpack, Ruri detected suddenly has anything is not right. 只是在打开背包之后,琉璃忽然察觉到有什么东西不对。 Clothes. 衣服。 Clothes that with is used to change and wash in her hands, is not that she usually puts on, but is one after careful cutting out, the skirt-width very short white kimono, can guarantee to pass on, can guarantee the flexible movement of both legs. 拿在她手里用来换洗的衣服,不是她平时穿的那件,而是一件经过精心裁剪,下摆很短的白色和服,可以确保传上去,也能保证双腿的灵活运动。 Later pulled two white sliver of thing. 之后又扯出了两条白色的长条物。 Two white cross the knee sock. 两条白色过膝袜。 This obviously is not own clothing. 这明显不是自己的衣装。 „The clothes of that Byakugan woman, how here?” “那个白眼女人的衣服,怎么会在我这里?” On the Ruri face was full of stunned and doubts. 琉璃脸上充满了错愕和疑惑。
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