EFK :: Volume #4

#34 Part 1: Guidance

Newest website: Occasionally sits listens to the rain here is also pinnacle enjoyment.” 最新网址:“偶尔坐在这里听雨也是一种极致的享受呢。” Situated in top level of ambitious tower some room, outside rainwater wells up toward the window incline, has the rhythm transmits, whips the sound of window. 位于中心高塔顶层的某个房间里面,外面的雨水朝着窗户倾斜涌来,有节奏的传来啪嗒啪嗒,拍打窗户的声音。 Is throwing over and black long hair of waist, has the purple eye shadow delicate and pretty man, sits on a loose soft single-seat sofa, in the hand holds the teacup, spoke the facial expression that from him, he at this time seemed very satisfied. 披着及腰的黑色长发,有着紫色眼影的俊美男子,坐在一张宽松柔软的单人沙发上,手里捧着茶杯,从他说话的神情来看,他本人此时显得十分惬意。 Appearance that Mr. Orochimaru drinks tea leisurely and carefree , is also very rare.” 大蛇丸先生悠闲喝茶的样子,也同样很少见。” Sits in Orochimaru opposite Nagato, sits on the standard same soft sofa, looks the stance that at this time Orochimaru drinks tea leisurely and carefree, voices the rare feeling. 坐在大蛇丸对面的长门,坐在制式相同的松软沙发上,看着此时大蛇丸悠闲喝茶的姿态,发出少有的感慨。 Do not say, sometimes even I still need to stop the work in hand temporarily, alternates work with rest, enjoys the leisurely and carefree time well. But this village is one can let the place that the person is peaceful rarely.” “别这么说,即使是我有时候也需要暂时停下手里的工作,劳逸结合,好好享受一下悠闲的时光。而这个村子又是一处难得可以让人安静下来的地方。” The outside continuous rainwater, washed out all noises and filthiness in world, the non- nature, made people feel that the mind was peaceful. 外面连绵不绝的雨水,冲刷走了世间的一切喧嚣和污浊,不自然的,就让人感觉到心神安宁下来。 Orochimaru is hanging the light smile to the strange face on palely, said calmly. 大蛇丸苍白到诡异的脸庞上挂着淡淡的微笑,平静说道。 Right? But regarding this person in village as well as country, most longs for that obtains the sufficient sunlight.” “是吗?但对于这个村子以及国家的人来说,最渴望的,还是得到充足的阳光。” Nagato sighed, in the smile many were passing a point, helpless meaning. 长门叹息了一声,笑容之中多少透着一点无奈之意。 Regarding continuously the person in this country frequently, indeed will hold one type to seek novelty the interesting mentality. 对于不经常住在这个国家的人而言,的确会抱有一种猎奇有趣的心态。 However regarding in this national survival person for a lifetime, facing this unusual weather, not necessarily can be called the good fortune all day. 但是对于在这个国家生存了一辈子的人而言,整天面对这种反常的天气,就未必是称得上幸事了。 Because of this type of unusual weather, Land of Rain many regions is unable to plant, regarding the national very important grain must from the overseas import. 也因为这种反常的天候,雨之国很多区域都无法进行种植,对于国民十分重要的粮食必须从国外进口。 From taking over that day of Hidden Rain village, he every day for food shortage this issue worry. 从接手雨隐村的那一天起,他每天都在为粮食短缺这个问题烦恼不已。 The Orochimaru hear, smiles not to speak. 大蛇丸听罢,笑而不语。 Just like Nagato said that this letting he felt that the mood stable weather, regarding the Land of Rain national, was not worth the matter that rejoiced. 正如长门所言,这种让他感到心情安定的天气,对于雨之国的国民而言,并不是什么值得庆幸的事情。 On the contrary, Land of Rain is so barren, is hard to develop, is related with this unusual weather. 相反,雨之国之所以如此贫瘠,难以发展起来,也和这种反常的天气有关。 Very difficult to plant the grain the country, 一个很难种植粮食的国家, In the survival issue of food, once were caught the neck by the foreign forces, will be limited by the bystander in the international diplomacy everywhere. 在食物的生存问题上一旦被国外势力卡住脖子,就会在国际外交中处处遭到外人限制。 Until now, Land of Rain does not have the means completely to solve this issue. 直到现在,雨之国也没办法将这个问题彻底解决。 If the survival issue becomes even hard to be solved, not to mention in the future development path. 如果连生存问题都变得难以解决,更不用说往后的发展道路了。 Only if, can reverse the Land of Rain weather. 除非,可以逆转雨之国的天气。 But according to Orochimaru knows, at present at the technology and strength of human, is incapable of changing a climatic issue of country's radically. 但据大蛇丸所知,目前以人类的技术和力量,根本无力改变一国的气候问题。 Even if better than Nagato this powerful shinobi that has the eye of samsara, cannot accomplish similarly changes a weather of country. 哪怕强如长门这种拥有轮回之眼的强大忍者,也同样办不到改变一个国家的天候。 Compared with this, completed with the transaction of Land of Demons? Chiba Shiraishi, but eats the person not to spit the fellow of bone.” “比起这个,与鬼之国的交易完成了吗?千叶白石,可是个吃人不吐骨头的家伙。” Orochimaru in drinking tea, makes noise to ask. 大蛇丸在喝了口茶后,出声问道。 The Nagato slight nod, in the tone also disclosed an earnest color. 长门微微点头,语气里也透露一丝认真之色。 Initially completed the negotiation, after all at this time, the Land of Demons climate has become, us was a little underprepared, unilaterally to tear up the agreement, regarding the organization, was not a good deed.” “算是初步完成了交涉,毕竟这个时候,鬼之国气候已成,我们这边却有点准备不足,单方面撕毁约定,对于组织而言,并非是一件好事。” Facing the traditional five great nations, Nagato has certain resistance courage. 面对传统的五大国,长门拥有一定的对抗勇气。 This is because, all of dawn are the hidden are conducting in secret, rather than puts on outwardly. 这是因为,晓的一切都是隐藏在暗中进行,而不是摆在明面上。 In the enemy is bright in my dark situation, so long as the careful layout, can definitely use the both sides information the difference, 11 catches successfully these Bijuu (Tailed Beast). 在敌明我暗的情况下,只要小心布局,完全可以利用双方情报的差异,将那些尾兽一一捕捉成功。 However facing Land of Demons, Nagato did not have this energy. 但是面对鬼之国,长门就没有这份底气了。 Until now, he does not know that Land of Demons was saving many strengths in secret, regarding Akatsuki, which situation Land of Demons understood. 直到现在,他也不知道鬼之国在暗中积蓄了多少力量,对于晓组织,鬼之国又了解到了哪一个地步。 If when deals with the traditional five great nations, will have become Land of Demons of sixth great nation is also involved, Nagato then knows, catches Bijuu (Tailed Beast) this action, Land of Demons can be the biggest variable. 如果在应对传统五大国的时候,将已经成为第六大国的鬼之国也卷入进来,长门便知道,捕捉尾兽这一行动,鬼之国会是最大的变数。 This consideration is only the foundation, but this agreement, I think that Nagato you also understand, Land of Demons does not aim at the organization on own initiative, definitely has other plan. For example in adds fuel to the flames in secret, making Akatsuki in catching the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) action goes a step further, when necessary, exposes Akatsuki all on own initiative, triggers Akatsuki and several great nations the contradictions.” “这种考虑只是基础,但这种约定,我想长门你也明白,鬼之国不主动针对组织,肯定有另外的打算。比如在暗中推波助澜,让晓组织在捕捉尾兽行动上更进一步,在必要的时候,主动曝光晓组织的一切,引发晓组织和几个大国的矛盾。” The Orochimaru intent has referred. 大蛇丸意有所指。 This method, in the diplomacy between countries, is not hard the matter that guesses. 这种手段,在国与国的外交之间,并不是什么难以揣测的事情。 Just, Land of Demons caught the Akatsuki weakness exactly, even if knows that Land of Demons is using this matter, instigated the contradiction of organization and great nation, as them of Akatsuki member, still has to plunge into this trap. 只不过,鬼之国恰好抓到了晓组织的弱点,即使知道鬼之国在利用这件事,挑拨组织和大国的矛盾,作为晓组织成员的他们,也不得不跳入这个陷阱。 This issue, I have also pondered. Therefore I thought that Chiba Shiraishi is a very fearful fellow, clear(ly) knows that the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) strength is so strong, actually pays no attention did not ask, has borne does not send...... Mr. Orochimaru, you thought that on Chiba Shiraishi, is grasping some type of deals with Bijuu (Tailed Beast) kills to incur absolutely?” “这种问题,我也思考过。所以我才觉得千叶白石是个很可怕的家伙,明知道尾兽的力量如此强大,却还是不理不问,一直忍住不发……大蛇丸先生,你觉得千叶白石手上,是否掌握着某种应对尾兽的绝对杀招呢?” The guess of Nagato it seems like it is not groundless in Orochimaru. 长门的猜测在大蛇丸看来不无道理。 A Bijuu (Tailed Beast) strength cans be discussed that however Bijuu (Tailed Beast) of multiple, again in addition ten bodies, that the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) strength, not superimposing is so simple. 一头尾兽的力量有待商榷,但是复数的尾兽,再加上十尾的躯壳,那就不是将尾兽的力量,叠加起来这么简单了。 Under the catalytic effect of Gedō Mazō (Demonic Statue of the Outer Path), Bijuu (Tailed Beast) will be produced the qualitative change by the quantitative change. 外道魔像的催化作用下,尾兽会由量变产生质变。 However Land of Demons actually at this matter, displaying is not positive, regarding the action of Akatsuki, turns a blind eye, has not interfered excessively. 然而鬼之国却一直在这件事上,表现得不怎么积极,对于晓组织的行动,也只是睁一只眼闭一只眼,没有过度干涉。 This time catches two actions, reason that clashes with Land of Demons, is only because Hidden Cloud involves suddenly, making Land of Demons change the tactical strategy temporarily. It can be imagined, in Land of Demons plan from the beginning, they are the plan is to plan Hidden Leaf Village, rather than in view of Hidden Cloud. 这次捕捉二尾行动,之所以和鬼之国发生冲突,也只是因为云隐突然介入,让鬼之国临时改变了战术策略。可想而知,在鬼之国一开始的计划中,他们是打算是谋算木叶村,而非针对云隐 This in average man opinion, is very unreasonable matter. 这在常人看来,是十分不合理的事情。 But the result is this unreasonable matter, on Land of Demons, makes Nagato live to be vigilant the heart exactly unavoidably. 但结果是这种不合理的事情,恰恰发生在鬼之国身上,难免让长门生起警惕之心。 „The hand sign of this hidden, will not announce generally to the public, is the same like the card in a hand that in our hands grasps, which side when the time comes can only look at the hand sign, deterrent. Now two Bijuu (Tailed Beast) have succeeded in obtaining, then is only left over seven Bijuu (Tailed Beast)...... to place three with emphasis, seven, on eight Jinchūriki.” “这种隐藏的手牌,一般都不会对外进行公布,就如同我们手上掌握的底牌一样,到时候只能看哪一方的手牌,更具有威慑力了。现在已经两头尾兽到手,接下来只剩下七头尾兽……重点应该放在三尾,七尾,还有八尾的人柱力身上。” Three and eight are in Ninja World extremely rare Perfect Jinchuriki. 三尾和八尾都是忍界中极为罕见的完美人柱力 The former is Kirigakure four generations of Mizukage, the latter is the Hidden Cloud four generations of Raikage righteousness younger brother, must deal with these two people, is not the easy matter. 前者是雾隐村的四代水影,后者是云隐四代雷影的义弟,要对付这二人,绝非什么容易之事。 But seven Jinchūriki Nohara, belong to Land of Demons, wants to start to it, only fears compared with former two people troublesome thorny. 而七尾人柱力野原琳,归属于鬼之国,想要对其下手,只怕比前两人更加麻烦棘手。 Recovers ten, and need not Bijuu (Tailed Beast) complete Chakra, when Third Shinobi World War, White Zetsu from Yahara, had intercepted part of seven Chuck to pull down in the past, preserves. However, the Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) strength is most important.” “复苏十尾,并不一定需要尾兽全部的查克拉,在过去第三次忍界大战的时候,白绝已经从野原琳身上,截取了一部分七尾查克拉下来,进行保存。不过,九尾的力量是重中之重。” At this point, the Nagato vision swept to Orochimaru. 说到这里,长门目光扫向了大蛇丸 Now Konoha Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) Jinchūriki, has graduated from the Konoha Shinobi school, holds the post of Genin in the squad that Hatake Kakashi leads. 如今木叶九尾人柱力,已经从木叶忍者学校毕业,在旗木卡卡西率领的小队中担任下忍 But Hatake Kakashi, he remembers with Orochimaru, has the complicated connection. 旗木卡卡西,他记得和大蛇丸之间,有着千丝万缕的瓜葛。 Existence of Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) is a little indeed special, its Chakra intensity, is different from other Bijuu (Tailed Beast).” 九尾的存在的确有点特殊,它的查克拉强度,和其余的尾兽有所不同。” Orochimaru nodded. 大蛇丸点了点头 He has studied many Bijuu (Tailed Beast) Chakra, discovered that in this Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) Chakra's self-awareness is strongest, evil intention that in Chakra contains, richest. 他研究过很多头尾兽的查克拉,发现这里面九尾查克拉的自我意识最为强烈,查克拉中蕴含的恶意,也最为浓郁。 Bijuu (Tailed Beast) magnitude Chakra, is only a fuzzy rank concept, but does not adapt to all Bijuu (Tailed Beast), does not mean that all Bijuu (Tailed Beast) Chakra measure, is the same isometric. Among Bijuu (Tailed Beast), has the strong and weak surprise, is the same like shinobi, has the strong and weak rank concept. 尾兽量级的查克拉,只是一个模糊的等级概念,但并不是适应于所有的尾兽,也不意味着所有尾兽的查克拉量,是同等量的。尾兽之间,也存在强弱诧异,就如同忍者一样,有着强弱的等级概念。 Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) is always called in Bijuu (Tailed Beast) exists most, his Chakra naturally must surpass other Bijuu (Tailed Beast) one sections. 九尾历来被称之为尾兽中的最强存在,其查克拉自然要超出其余尾兽一截。 In personally written letter that generation of Hokage keep initially, what also mentioned in Bijuu (Tailed Beast) to be most maneating was Kyūbi (Nine-Tails), its great power, to a certain extent, undermined the balance between Bijuu (Tailed Beast). 在初代火影留下来的手札中,也提及过尾兽中最为凶悍的是九尾,它的强大力量,一定程度上,打破了尾兽之间的平衡。 In time that shinobi village constructs initially, gives credit to the Uzumaki Clan seal technique, except for Konoha, other shinobi village does not have the suppression and seal Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) ability. 忍村初建的时代,归功于漩涡一族封印术,除了木叶,其余忍村并不具备镇压与封印九尾的能力。 Quality that the Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) Jinchūriki carrier, must choose, must surpass other Jinchūriki, can act as the seal Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) vessel. 九尾人柱力载体,所要选择的品质,也必须要超过其余的人柱力,才能充当封印九尾的容器。 From the consecutively three generations, the seal Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) vessel includes the bloodlines of Uzumaki Clan, indicates the great strength and fearfulness of Kyūbi (Nine-Tails). 从连续三代,封印九尾的容器都含有漩涡一族的血脉来看,足见九尾的强大与可怕。 Regarding this point, Orochimaru did not deny. 对于这一点,大蛇丸并不否认。 But, this generation of Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) Jinchūriki, I think actually nothing to be worried.” “不过,这一代的九尾人柱力,我倒是认为不足为虑。” At this point, Orochimaru a thread of conversation revolution, the corners of the mouth reveal to wipe the smile. 说到这里,大蛇丸又话锋一转,嘴角露出一抹笑容来。 From the information, truly does not have the noteworthy place. Trains the Jinchūriki cycle, want longer than general shinobi. Triggers the Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) strength in within the body, needs to depend upon the intense emotional stimuli, can achieve. It does not have the consciousness of active control Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) strength, this point, must fall behind other Jinchūriki are too many.” “从情报来看,确实没有值得注意的地方。培养人柱力的周期,要比一般的忍者要长许多。就连引发体内的九尾力量,也需要依靠强烈的情绪刺激,才可以做到。本身不具备主动控制九尾力量的意识,这一点,要落后于其余人柱力太多了。” Nagato familiar said these information. 长门如数家珍的说出这些情报。 Also means, he has looked at the detailed information about Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) Jinchūriki word for word, and analyzes like this important information. 也意味着,他逐字逐句看过了关于九尾人柱力的详细情报,并且从中分析出这样的重要信息来。 Therefore, most threatening above that three Jinchūriki. Although the Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) strength is strongest, but Jinchūriki holds back cannot pose the threat, puts catches finally, completely with enough time.” “所以,最具威胁的还是以上那三位人柱力。虽然九尾的力量最强,但人柱力拖了后腿也就构不成威胁,放到最后捕捉,也完全来得及。” Orochimaru said with a smile like this. 大蛇丸这样笑道。 Because of the agreement of Hatake Kakashi?” “是因为和旗木卡卡西的约定吗?” In the Nagato eye fluctuated. 长门眼中波动了一下。 At this time abducted Kyūbi (Nine-Tails) Jinchūriki rashly, will only make Kakashi in the Konoha position awkward, stirs up three generations of goals to aim. Matter when before completing him wants to handle, he also thoroughly is not my side person.” “这个时候冒然掳走九尾人柱力,只会让卡卡西木叶的境地变得尴尬,惹得三代目的针对。在没有完成他想做的事情之前,他还不彻底算是我这一边的人。” Orochimaru said. 大蛇丸说道。 Can win over should better him......, if he and Chiba Shiraishi does not have many involving.” “能将他拉拢过来最好不过……如果他和千叶白石没有过多牵扯的话。” Nagato that does not have in mood Rinnegan, has delimited a bright. 长门那不带有情绪的轮回眼中,划过一道亮光。 Orochimaru selected the brow, without words that saying anything refuted, he also wants to know, Kakashi and between Chiba Shiraishi, actually to have anything to involve. 大蛇丸挑了挑眉头,没说什么反驳的话,他也很想知道,卡卡西千叶白石之间,究竟有没有什么牵扯。 Although Kakashi performance, all demonstrate at present normally, these years also handle matters for him conscientiously, are Akatsuki transport the important intelligence about Konoha, but are important, he is Nagato, cannot extremely affirm. 虽然卡卡西身上的表现,目前一切都显示正常,这些年也兢兢业业为他办事,为晓组织输送很多关于木叶的重要情报,但事关重大,无论是他还是长门,都不敢太过肯定。 Once involves with Chiba Shiraishi this name in the same place, even Kakashi, his camp ownership, should still become suspicious. 一旦和千叶白石这个名字牵扯在一起,即便是卡卡西,他的阵营归属,也会变得可疑起来。 This matter, I conduct the arrangement.” “这件事,我来进行安排的。” At this point, Orochimaru induced anything, has turned the head, the vision swept to the one side. 说到这里,大蛇丸感应到了什么,转过头,目光扫向一旁。 The line of sight of Nagato also gathers there, White Zetsu drilled from the floor, hee hee is saying with a smile to Nagato: Sir Nagato, Itachi and Kisame led that rookie named Hidan to come back. Do you want to see the opposite party now?” 长门的视线也汇聚在那里,一名白绝从地板之中钻了出来,对着长门嘻嘻笑道:“长门大人,鬼鲛带着那个叫做飞段的新人回来了。您要现在去见一见对方吗?” Hears the pass on message of White Zetsu, on the Nagato face not slightly surprised, calculates the time, Itachi and Kisame truly almost at this time, leading the rookie to arrive at the Hidden Rain convergence. 听到白绝的传讯,长门脸上没有丝毫惊讶,算了算时间,鬼鲛确实差不多在这个时候,带着新人来到雨隐汇合。 Different with Sasori and Deidara duty, Itachi and Kisame duty, gathers the rookie of organization, further makes up the battle efficiency of organization. 迪达拉的任务不同,鬼鲛的任务,是招揽组织的新人,进一步补足组织的战斗力。 Later I can pass to entertain, Sasori and Deidara that side situation how?” “待会儿我会过去招待,迪达拉那边的情况如何了?” Nagato asked. 长门问道。 That side matter has levelled, they are having two to return toward the headquarters. About 2-3 days later, can return to here, conducted to two seal. Moreover, in their back, but also follows a tail.” “那边的事情已经摆平了,他们二人正带着二尾向着总部这边返回。大约2-3天之后,就可以回到这里了,进行对二尾的封印了。而且,在他们的背后,还跟着一条尾巴。” Tail?” “尾巴?” Is Konoha Jiraya, he stared at the member of organization again. However is good because of Deidara has the in the air ability to act, in addition I conduct in the distance deliberately disturb, got rid of tracing of opposite party finally.” “是木叶自来也,他再次盯上了组织的成员。不过好在迪达拉拥有空中的行动能力,加上我在路程中进行刻意干扰,总算是摆脱了对方的追踪。” White Zetsu replied. 白绝回答。 Nagato calmly pondered the moment, the tone said lightly: 长门对此静静思考了片刻,语气平淡说道: Without creates the practicality disturbance to our actions, does not need to manage him temporarily, at present also copes with Konoha time. How the opposite party said again, is Sannin that and Mr. Orochimaru shares the honor, even if I make a move personally, still has the risk of failure.” “既然没有对我们的行动造成实际性的干扰,就暂时不用管他,目前还不到对付木叶的时候。对方再怎么说,也是和大蛇丸先生齐名的三忍,就算是我亲自出手,也存在失败的风险。” „......” “……” White Zetsu wants to complain, actually does not know how should complain. 白绝想要吐槽,却不知道该怎么吐槽。 However, he is also clear between Nagato and Jiraya, has a very complex dispute. 不过,他也清楚长门自来也之间,有着一段十分复杂的纠葛。 Compared with so-called acts to Jiraya, the failure risk that possibly has, White Zetsu favors Nagato, had not been in the innermost feelings, makes to the resolution that own kind teacher strikes a vicious blow ruthlessly. 比起所谓的对自来也出手,可能存在的失败风险,白绝更倾向于长门,还未在内心之中,做出对自己恩师狠下毒手的决断。 This lets want to see the masters and disciples urgently White Zetsu of remnant program, felt that a little feels disappointed. 这让想要迫切看到师徒相残戏码的白绝,感到有点扫兴。 Orochimaru sits in one side peaceful drinking tea, as if regarding the topic between Nagato and White Zetsu is not interested. 大蛇丸坐在一旁安静的喝茶,仿佛对于长门白绝之间的话题不感兴趣。 Jiraya...... this name, not long after is so kind. However now talks over in the mouth, is actually a familiar strangeness. 自来也……这个名字,曾几何时是如此亲切。但是如今在口中念叨,却是一种熟悉的陌生感。 Perhaps because is just extremely familiar with the master of this name, will think that this name becomes incomparably strange. 或许正因为对这个名字的主人太过熟悉,才会觉得这个名字变得无比陌生。 Even in memory that carrying/sustaining his innumerable precious recollection Villages Konoha, the impression also starts fuzzily, slowly fades from own mind, becomes pale. 以至于连记忆中那个承载了他无数珍贵回忆的村子-木叶,印象也开始模糊,慢慢从自己的脑海中褪色,变得苍白。 Snake pupil that Orochimaru that pair looks at to out of the window rain scenery, is profound and dark. 大蛇丸那一双看向窗外雨景的蛇瞳,深邃而幽暗。 Land of Waves. 波之国 At night, silence reigns, in Naruto three people when Naya goes to sleep, Kakashi gets up as usual, walks toward the woods. 夜晚,万籁俱寂,在鸣人三人在达兹纳家睡下的时候,卡卡西照常起来,向着树林之中走来。 With the aid of sizing up of moonlight, then sees Jiraya to appear in the forests, waits for him to arrive. 借助月光的打量,便看到自来也出现在林间,等他到来。 Sir Jiraya, follow-up situation about that organization how?” 自来也大人,关于那个组织的跟进情况如何?” Kakashi arrived here, then asked this key issue to Jiraya. 卡卡西一来到这里,便向自来也问出这个关键性问题。 Facing the inquiry that Kakashi is relentless, Jiraya is smiling bitterly the reply: On halfway with losing, their counter-surveillance abilities are very fierce, in fact, this is the first time that not happened. Until now, I do not know how oneself are discovered by them.” 面对卡卡西毫不留情的提问,自来也苦笑着回答:“半路上跟丢了,他们的反侦察能力十分厉害,事实上,这已经不是第一次发生了。到现在为止,我都不知道自己是怎么会被他们发现的。” Even Sir Jiraya don't you have the means?” “连自来也大人您也没办法吗?” Kakashi is frowning. 卡卡西皱着眉头。 Although unbelievable, my potential energy, is Konoha most splendid that but was still defeated. So long as hides in the Mount Myōboku frog, the principle should not pay attention to be right.” “虽然难以置信,我的潜伏能力,已经算是木叶最为出色的那一个了,但依然是失败了。只要躲藏在妙木山的蛤蟆里面,理应该不会被人注意到才对。” Jiraya at this point, is a little helpless. 自来也说到这里,也有点无奈。 Previous time frog within the body that hides Mount Myōboku, was revealed that is facing Chiba Shiraishi time. 上一次躲藏到妙木山的蛤蟆体内,被人揭穿,还是面对千叶白石的时候。 This time follows up this dangerous mysterious organization, is the similar truth, the counter-surveillance ability that the opposite party has is very splendid, making Jiraya quite have to plant the feeling of no opportunity. 这次跟进这个危险的神秘组织,也是同样的道理,对方拥有的反侦察能力十分出色,让自来也颇有种无用武之地的感觉。 Such it seems like, the risk of this organization, but must above the expectation.” “这么看来,这个组织的危险性,还要在预料之上啊。” Kakashi sighed. 卡卡西叹了口气。 Right, originally I planned to find their dens, had a look whether to rescue from their hands Two-Tailed Jinchūriki, then escaped. But the present words, I need to go back to discuss with the old man earnestly, how then should deal with this to organize. Since determined the action goal and Bijuu (Tailed Beast) that they organize are related, cannot treat lightly.” “没错,本来我打算找到他们的老巢,看看能否将二尾人柱力从他们手中救下来,然后逃跑。但现在的话,我需要回去和老头子认真商量一下,接下来该怎么应对这个组织了。既然确定了他们组织的行动目标和尾兽相关,就不能够等闲视之了。” The Jiraya expression becomes serious, detects the thorniness of this matter. 自来也的表情变得严肃起来,察觉到这件事的棘手。 Me will also make Tenzō tell, calling Anbu that these go out to pay attention to the trace of this organization carefully.” “我这边也会让天藏吩咐,叫那些外出的暗部仔细留意这个组织的痕迹。” Kakashi nodded. 卡卡西点了点头 Jiraya had not opposed, has the coordination of Anbu, his work load will also reduce. 自来也没有反对,有着暗部的配合,他的工作量也会降低许多。 „The matter of this organization first did not discuss, Naruto how?” “这个组织的事情先不谈,鸣人这边如何了?” Common people residence room of Jiraya toward not far away looks, Naruto inside rest. 自来也朝着不远处的民居房看去,鸣人正在里面休息。 During the daytime fought, their three boys are exhausted, still rest there now. However the growth is also obvious, their three people got rid of Hidden Cloud Special Jōnin jointly, although has the luck ingredient, in the situation that but in I have not acted achieves this point, then Chūnin Test of September, should blossom in radiant splendor.” “白天大战了一场,他们三个小子都已经疲累不堪,现在还在那里休息。不过成长也显而易见,他们三人联手干掉了云隐特别上忍,虽然有着运气的成分,但在我没有出手的情况下做到这一点,接下来九月份的中忍考试,应该会大放异彩吧。” Kakashi definitely said. 卡卡西肯定说道。 Right? Although when this age, initial Minato has been able to cope with Jōnin alone, but the situation of wartime years is somewhat special, shinobi have the sense of crisis, cannot jumble together. Naruto can in this easy and comfortable environment, achieve this point, it seems like in the future will catch up with Minato hopefully.” “是吗?虽然在这个年纪时,当初的水门已经能够单独对付上忍,不过战争年代的情况有些特殊,忍者们更有危机感,不能够混为一谈。鸣人能在这种安逸的环境下,做到这一点,看来未来有希望追上水门。” Heard Kakashi saying that Jiraya also showed the gratified smile. 听到卡卡西这么说,自来也也露出了欣慰的笑容。 Hidden Cloud shinobi stares at Naruto, this matter he is very clear. 云隐忍者盯上鸣人,这件事他十分清楚。 After all this news, Hidden Cloud shinobi of divulging to Land of Waves main island knows intentionally, is he and Kakashi. 毕竟把这个消息,故意泄露给波之国本岛上的云隐忍者知晓的,正是他和卡卡西 Reason that does that for then gives some Naruto senses of crisis as soon as possible, whets him, making him grow stronger fast, will deal with Ninja World by this in the future the intriguing situation. 之所以这么做,为的便是尽快给鸣人一些危机感,对他进行磨砺,让他快速变强,以此来应对忍界未来错综复杂的局势。 I have not guessed that wrong words, before Teacher Minato at the point of death, is the plan bets all on Naruto.” “我没猜错的话,水门老师临死之前,是打算将一切都赌在鸣人身上吧。” Kakashi said. 卡卡西说道。
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