EFK :: Volume #4

#33: Ending

Sky over the sea area, the sound of explosion has stopped. 海域上空,爆炸的动静已然停止。 In smog that gradually diverges, covers the giant magma warrior of Kazuhime body, has not received any damage, as before tall and strong is floating with the aid of the back flame wing , double pupil such as bright magnificent Sun, directly shoots to far spatial white-feathered bird. 在逐渐散去的烟雾之中,笼罩住一姬身体的巨大岩浆武士,并未受到任何的损伤,依旧魁梧的借助背后的火焰羽翼悬浮虚空,,双眸如灿烂辉煌的太阳,直射向远空的白鸟。 But this just like the solar dazzling double pupil, not only has not made people feel the slight warmth, instead makes the will of the people bottom raise the innumerable chill in the air, the body of command shivers. 但这宛如太阳般耀眼的双眸,不仅没有让人感受到丝毫的温暖,反而让人心底升起无数的寒意,令之身体颤抖。 Kazuhime shouted the tone gently, three tomoe Sharingan toward far sweeps off spatially, the eye narrows the eyes slightly, flashes through together the danger but cold intent luminous. 一姬轻轻呼了口气,三勾玉写轮眼向着远空扫去,眼睛微微眯起,其中亦是闪过一道危险而冷意的光亮。 Eight chi (0.33 m) fine jade Tomoe that released a moment ago although consumed her many Chakra, in addition in the three tomoe Sharingan shape, maintained Susanoo using senjutsu chakra, Chakra in within the body, by a terrifying speed combustion. 刚才释放出去的八尺琼勾玉虽然消耗了她不少的查克拉,加上以三勾玉写轮眼形态,就利用仙术查克拉维持须佐能乎,体内的查克拉,也在以一种恐怖的速度燃烧。 But feels within the body also very abundant Chakra, Kazuhime regarding the following fight, is confident. 但感受到体内还很充沛的查克拉,一姬对于接下来的战斗,还是信心十足的。 Then so long as fights a battle to force a quick decision, not too major problem. 接下来只要速战速决,就没有太大问题。 She does not believe that endures to compare Bijuu (Tailed Beast) magnitude Chakra by oneself this, one step will first exhaust Chakra compared with opposite two people. 她不相信以自己这堪比尾兽量级的查克拉,会比对面的二人先一步耗尽查克拉。 Goes ahead, Kazuhime raises the air/Qi again with rapt attention, the chest front of magma warrior, gathers an extremely dazzling dazzling white light ball again, flame Tomoe gradually forms regarding this dazzling white light ball, Kazuhime plans to use eight chi (0.33 m) fine jade Tomoe again time, from disintegrates the defensive strength of enemy directly. 说做就做,一姬再次提气凝神,岩浆武士的胸前,再次汇聚一颗极为刺眼的炽白色光球,火焰勾玉围绕着这颗炽白色光球逐渐成形,一姬打算再使用一次八尺琼勾玉,从正面瓦解掉敌人的防守力量。 Sasori, is Deidara, is not general shinobi, at this time, Kazuhime also needs to be careful. 无论是,还是迪达拉,都不是一般的忍者,这个时候,一姬也需要小心一点。 From the fight, she knew, the fight experience of Sasori goes far beyond itself. 从刚才的战斗中,她就得知,的战斗经验远远超过自己。 Difficult insurance following, the opposite party also hidden the card in a hand that anything is turning defeat into victory. 难保接下来,对方还隐藏着什么反败为胜的底牌。 At this time, must follow up a victory with hot pursuit, did not give the opposite party any overturning opportunity. 这种时候,要乘胜追击,不给对方任何一丝翻盘的机会。 So long as own firepower enough covers falling of enemy fully, the multi- waste inventory the carat, looks like in Kazuhime is also worth. 只要自己的火力足够覆盖敌人的落足点,多浪费一点查克拉,在一姬看来也是值得的。 Facing the powerhouse, naturally must give to treat attaching great importance to and approval of powerhouse. 面对强者,自然要给予对待强者的重视和认可。 Therefore, the Kazuhime corners of the mouth raise slightly, reveal one in others opinion exceptionally callous smile. 于是,一姬嘴角微微扬起,露出一丝在别人看来异常冷酷的笑容。 Such attack, he wants to know how many times the opposite party can also insist? 这样的攻击,他很想知道,对方还能坚持几次呢? Now tries. 现在就来试一试吧。 Hey, big brother Sasori, that move can release continually? Can her Chakra inexhaustible inexhaustible?” “喂喂,大哥,那种招数是能够持续释放的吗?她的查克拉难道可以取之不尽用之不竭?” In front of magma warrior who sees the Kazuhime control, gathers the light ball again, surroundings reappearing energy too high flame Tomoe, on the Deidara face did not have the color of laughter, the expression calm and serious. 看到一姬操控的岩浆武士面前,再次汇聚出光球,周围浮现能量过高的火焰勾玉,迪达拉脸上也没有了嬉笑之色,表情冷静和严肃了许多。 Loses three c3 continuously 18 th, Chakra of his within the body has bottomed, then do not say that loses fourth c3 again 18 th, even throws the ordinary c1 clay explosive material, is a little unbearable. 连续丢出三个c3・十八号,他体内的查克拉已经见底,接下来不要说再丢出第四个c3・十八号,即使丢出普通的c1黏土爆炸物,都有点够呛。 When Deidara is ready in full battle array, on his shoulder extrudes two groups of white creeping motion objects from the interior fiercely, falls in conducting the back of white-feathered bird. 就在迪达拉严阵以待的时候,他的肩膀上猛地从内部挤压出两团白色的蠕动物体,掉落在白鸟的背上。 That is the bodies of two White Zetsu. 那是两具白绝的身体。 They comes out after the Deidara body, directly pours in the white-feathered bird conducts the back motionlessly. 他们从迪达拉身体中出来后,就直接倒在白鸟背上一动不动。 The whole body white skin turned into the iron grey, the pupil stares in a big way, inside does not have the vitality. 原本全身白色的皮肤变成灰白色,瞳孔瞪大,里面毫无生机。 Their two how?” “他们两个怎么了?” Deidara somewhat looks crawls White Zetsu that surprisedly from within the body, this situation, his first sight. 迪达拉有些惊讶看着从体内爬出来的白绝,这种情况,他还是第一次见到。 Sasori swept one, is unalarmed by strange sights saying: Was drained Chakra , after by you died.” 扫了一眼,见怪不怪说道:“被你抽干查克拉后死掉了。” Regarding the death of White Zetsu, Sasori has not revealed what moved color. 对于白绝的死亡,并未流露出什么伤感之色。 Lifeform weapon that because White Zetsu can consume at will, moreover White Zetsu do not care about the life and death of companion, then as them of user, naturally does not need to mourn for dead White Zetsu. 因为白绝可以随意消耗的生物兵器,而且就连白绝们也不在意自己同伴的生死,那作为使用者的他们,自然也无需为死去的白绝进行哀悼。 „, This is not too forbid. Un.” “啧,这也太不禁用了吧。嗯。” Deidara complained one. 迪达拉吐槽了一句。 Was your Chakra are too few.” “是你本身的查克拉太少了。” Sasori shot a look at Deidara one. 瞥了迪达拉一眼。 Deidara Ninjutsu powerful without a doubt, but the issue consumes Chakra. 迪达拉忍术的强大毋庸置疑,但问题是十分消耗查克拉。 Especially with technique -type equivalent rise, c3 18 th arrives as the next to last act move most times. 尤其是随着术式的等阶上升,c3・十八号在很多时候都是作为压轴招数登场。 But this time, direct consumed the bombs of three c3 equivalents one time, has exceeded Deidara limit. 而这一次,直接一次性消耗了三个c3等阶的炸弹,早已超出了迪达拉本身的极限。 Although is the talent, but the age is to limit Chakra's biggest hindrance eventually. 虽然是天才,但年龄终究是限制查克拉的最大阻碍。 Thinks of here, Sasori swept one to condense eight chi (0.33 m) fine jade Tomoe Kazuhime. 想到这里,扫了一眼正在凝聚八尺琼勾玉一姬 In comparison, the Chakra monster of this small girl, is too deep to see the bottom by the present simply likely. In the Sasori heart sighed, later pointed at a check, a scroll departed from the sleeve cuff, falls in the hand. 相比之下,这个小丫头的查克拉简直像个怪物,到现在还是深不见底。心中一叹,随后手指一勾,一个卷轴从袖口里面飞出,落在了手上。 Deidara, now is not the joke time, put out the real skill. Otherwise, our two possibilities will confess here.” 迪达拉,现在不是玩笑的时候了,拿出真本事吧。否则的话,我们两个可能会交代在这里。” Coping can fly, can conduct the long-distance attack shinobi, Sasori cannot take any good way, can only with every effort a war. 对付能够飞行,又能进行远程进攻的忍者,也拿不出什么好的办法,只能尽力一战。 Be that as it may, throws c3 again 18 th, was my limit. If we had known can be this, should look for several to be able the tool to admit in the body sufficiently. Un.” “话虽如此,再扔出一个c3・十八号,就是我的极限了。早知道会是这样,应该多找几个充能工具放进身体里面了。嗯。” Deidara looks at two White Zetsu corpses that a white-feathered bird conducted the back, said that what Chakra shortage problem gave them then, first lay finally. 迪达拉看了一眼白鸟背上的两具白绝尸体,说什么查克拉不足问题交给他们即可,结果还是自己先趴了下去。 But flaming roaring flame warrior who enemy that summoned, was powerful, the trend of slightly not having weakened. 而敌人那召唤出来的熊熊烈焰武士,气势十足,丝毫没有减弱的趋势。 Deidara does not have to think the own first official duty, encounters this type of predicament. 迪达拉没想到自己第一次正式任务,就遭遇到这种困局。 Be that as it may, Deidara is honest pulls out fourth c3 No. 18 bomb. 话虽如此,迪达拉还是老实的掏出第四个c3・十八号炸弹。 He can only place hopes in now, the opposite party uses 他现在只能寄希望于,对方使用完 Kiss, this chapter has not ended, after next page 0 that moves, the next wave can have the condition that Chakra is insufficient, both sides give up respectively. 亲,本章未完,还有下一页哦0那个招数之后,下一波会出现查克拉不足的状况,双方各自罢手。 Currently speaking, this possibility is not big. 只是目前来看,这个可能性并不大。 Plans to tie seal when Deidara, loses c3 18 th, Sasori saw anything suddenly, prevented the action of Deidara. 就在迪达拉打算结印,丢出c3・十八号时,突然看到了什么,阻止了迪达拉的行动。 Wait, had the situation.” “等等,有情况。” The scroll in his hand was also at half opening the condition, the movement stopped. 他手中的卷轴也处于半开启的状态,动作停顿了下来。 Deidara well, looked following a Sasori finger/refers of direction, that is together the speed extremely quick silver flowing light, during the silver flowing light, is a small-scale bird that is fanning the silver wing, is flying at an extremely quick speed to Kazuhime. 迪达拉咦了一声,顺着指的方向看去,那是一道速度极快的银色流光,在银色流光之中,是一只扇动着银翼的小型鸟,正以一种极快的速度飞向一姬 Kazuhime also noticed this small-scale bird that similarly is growing the silver wing. 一姬也同样注意到了这只长着银翼的小型鸟。 Opened a gap on the magma warrior, making this silver wing bird fly, falls stops on the shoulder. 在岩浆武士上打开了一个缺口,让这只银翼鸟飞进来,落在肩膀上停下。 This is in the air detection unit that the Land of Demons military uses pneumatic machinery bird, has the long-distance range photograph, pass on message to carry the function continually. 这是鬼之国军方使用的空中侦查单位-机械鸟,拥有远距离摄像、传讯等连携功能。 All over the body is the metal constitution, not only the speed is extremely fast, general Ninjutsu hits them, is unable from in the air to shoot down them, brings anything to damage to them. 通体为金属构成,不仅速度极快,一般的忍术击中它们,也无法将它们从空中击落,给它们带来什么损伤。 Calls a halt, asking them to leave.” “停手吧,让他们走。” What speech is a male, the mechanical bird of silver wing falls on the Kazuhime shoulder, said these words directly. 说话的是一名男性,银翼的机械鸟落在一姬肩膀上,就直接说出了这句话。 Old man?” “老头子?” On the Kazuhime face is startled slightly, never expected that uses this silver wing mechanical bird, what contacts with is own father Shiraishi. 一姬脸上微微一怔,没想到利用这只银翼机械鸟,和自己联络的是自己的父亲白石 She also thought is that side the newborn baby had what accident/surprise. 她还以为是赤子那边出现了什么意外呢。 Such it seems like, that side the headquarters has used the equipment, conducted to here situation quite fully understood. 这么看来,总部那边已经利用设备,对这边的情况进行了相当充分的了解了。 Also prevents their times, needs them to attract the attention of five great nations.” “还不到阻止他们的时候,需要他们来吸引五大国的注意力。” The Shiraishi sound spreads again. 白石的声音再次传出。 But, two prey that is I first settles on.” “可是,二尾是我先看中的猎物。” Kazuhime knits the brows. 一姬皱了皱眉。 Their organization just asked me to pay the corresponding reward. This is an equal transaction.” “他们组织刚刚找我已经支付了相应的报酬。这是一笔等价交易。” The Akatsuki payment carries off the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) reward, Land of Demons this time then chooses to give up catching two, trades with the Hidden Cloud village. 晓组织支付带走尾兽的报酬,鬼之国这次便选择放弃捕捉二尾,和云隐村进行交易。 Sells Bijuu (Tailed Beast) finally in any case, which influence with cooperates, Land of Demons has no issue. 反正最后都是售卖尾兽,和哪个势力合作,鬼之国都没有任何问题。 This is Shiraishi must to the meaning that Kazuhime expressed. 这就是白石所要向一姬表达的意思。 Land of Demons is not very big regarding the second Bijuu (Tailed Beast) demand. 鬼之国对于第二头尾兽的需求并不是很大。 On the contrary, making Akatsuki carry off Bijuu (Tailed Beast), instead can stimulate Hidden Cloud and Akatsuki contradiction, Land of Demons can continue to live in seclusion secretly, remains silent to get rich. 相反,让晓组织带走尾兽,反而可以激发云隐晓组织的矛盾,鬼之国可以继续隐居幕后,闷声发大财。 After Kazuhime hear, understood the Shiraishi intention. 一姬听后,也明白了白石的意图。 Pondered slightly, waves directly, covers in own magma warrior, immediately vanishes from void, changes into the boiling hot air current, discharges in all around. 稍微沉思了一下,就直接挥了挥手,笼罩在自己的岩浆武士,顿时从虚空中消失,化为滚热的气流,在四周排放开来。 Such being the case, that puts their horse.” “既然如此,那就放他们一马吧。” Although also not clear Akatsuki paid anything, can make that side the Land of Demons headquarters give up Bijuu (Tailed Beast), thing that but wants to pay, definitely is also very rare valuables. 虽然还不清楚晓组织支付了什么,能够让鬼之国总部那边放弃一头尾兽,但想来支付的东西,肯定也是非常稀有的贵重物品。 To come, wealth that Akatsuki these year of institutes accumulate, perhaps was also quite rich. 这么想来,晓组织这些年所积累的财富,恐怕也相当丰厚起来了。 According to Land of Demons investigates secretly, the Hidden Rain village and Orochimaru respective sound hidden village, the walked ten points are close, controlled the arms markets of some peripheral influences secretly, controllable resources and money not before several years scarce. 鬼之国暗地里调查,雨隐村和大蛇丸所属的音隐村,走的十分接近,暗地里控制了周边一些势力的军火市场,可控制的资源和金钱都不像数年前那样紧缺。 Goes to come back the newborn baby belt/bring, dead soul spear/gun in soul reserves, should be also saturated temporarily.” “去把赤子带回来,‘死魂枪’内的灵魂储量,应该也暂时饱和了。” Regarding the instruction of Shiraishi, Kazuhime is only nodded, she naturally knows that the importance of newborn baby, to Land of Demons, existence of newborn baby, it can be said that catching Bijuu (Tailed Beast) this matter is more important. 对于白石的吩咐,一姬只是点了点头,她自然知道赤子的重要性,对鬼之国而言,赤子的存在,可以说是比捕捉尾兽这件事更加重要。 Therefore, she looked at one in the direction that Deidara and Sasori were, turned around the body, according to the old route flew back to the Land of Waves main island, in the line of sight of Deidara and Sasori, gradually changed into a sunspot to vanish. 于是,她朝着迪达拉所在的方向看了一眼,掉转身体,按照原路飞回波之国本岛,在迪达拉的视线中,逐渐化为一个黑点消失。 But stands in Deidara and Sasori that the white-feathered bird conducts the back, received what information probably, two people stand in the white-feathered bird conduct the back motionlessly, listens respectfully to anything carefully. 而站在白鸟背上的迪达拉,也像是收到了什么信息,二人站在白鸟背上一动不动,仔细聆听什么。 About after a half minute, they moved a body slightly, sees position that Kazuhime leaves, looked at each other one, as if also understands the reason that the opposite party gives up attacking, the tacit obligation white-feathered bird, is curling two Jinchūriki with the bird tail by the wooden figurine, flies away toward another position fast. 大约半分钟后,他们才稍微活动了一下身体,看到一姬离开的方位,对视了一眼,仿佛也明白了对方放弃进攻的理由,默契的驱使白鸟,用鸟尾卷着二位人柱力由木人,朝着另一位方位快速飞走。 In both sides fly from shortly after the sea area, a frog distressed jumped from the sea water, quack is calling. 就在双方飞离海域不久后,一只蛤蟆狼狈的从海水中跳了上来,呱呱的叫着。 The eye looked at one toward the position that both sides flew from, quack plunged into the sea water, does not seem to appeared same. 眼睛朝着双方飞离的方位看了一眼,呱呱的跳入了海水中,仿佛从来没有出现过一样。 Kazuhime returns to not far away forest of factory station, discovered that the newborn baby and thunderous pill here, other Land of Demons shinobi also gather here, body more or less being wounded. 一姬返回工厂驻地的不远处森林中,发现赤子和雷鸣丸都在这里,其余的鬼之国忍者也在这里汇聚,身上或多或少的带着伤。 But in the surroundings, altogether drops down dozens Hidden Cloud shinobi corpses, lost so many elite, the Hidden Cloud village then also needed the anxiety a while. 而在周围,一共倒下数十具云隐忍者的尸体,损失了那么多的精锐,云隐村接下来也需要肉疼一阵子了。 This Hidden Cloud wants to steal in the Land of Demons ordnance machine shop the plan of weapon research data, it can be said that goes for wool and comes back shorn, not only cannot attain to them very important weapon research data, but also lands Land of Waves Hidden Cloud shinobi, has been annihilated, does not have one person to return alive. 这次云隐想要盗取鬼之国军工厂中武器研究资料的计划,可以说是偷鸡不成蚀把米,不仅没能拿到对他们来说十分重要的武器研究资料,而且登陆波之国云隐忍者,已经全军覆没,无一人生还。 Even if a Two-Tailed Jinchūriki severe wound has not died, but the opposite party falls in the hand of Akatsuki, pulled out after Bijuu (Tailed Beast), is still difficult to escape dies. 哪怕还有一位二尾人柱力重伤未死,但对方落在晓组织的手上,被抽离尾兽之后,依然是难逃一死。 Then, the Hidden Cloud that side must erupt an earthquake, turns into a mad dog to start to bite directly randomly. 接下来,云隐那边要爆发一场地震了吧,变成一条疯狗直接开始乱咬人。 Young lady, did that side let slip?” “大小姐,那边难道失手了吗?” Sees Kazuhime to be penniless, the thunderous pill felt that very has doubts. 看到一姬两手空空回来,雷鸣丸感到十分疑惑。 It knows Kazuhime Chakra measures to be exaggerating, even the opposite party is experienced powerful shinobi, but wants 它可是知道一姬的查克拉量有多么夸张,即使对方是身经百战的强大忍者,但想要 Kiss, this chapter has not ended, the next page 0 escape from hunt of Kazuhime, is not a matter easily. 亲,本章未完,还有下一页哦0逃脱一姬的追捕,也绝不是一件轻易之事。 Kazuhime looked at its one saying: „It is not lets slip, the old man just and I contacted with the mechanical bird, he and that side made some equal deals. So long as the opposite party can leave to purchase the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) price, selling to anyone was the same.” 一姬看了它一眼说道:“算不上失手,老头子刚刚用机械鸟和我联络,他和那边达成了一些等价交易。只要对方能出得起购买尾兽的价钱,卖给谁都是一样的。” As for offending Hidden Cloud...... this matter does not need to consider. 至于得罪云隐……这种事本来就不需要考虑。 After Land of Fire gives up the reputation of Ninja World first great nation, Land of Lightning and Hidden Cloud following goal obvious- Land of Demons that suppression is emerging. 火之国放弃忍界第一大国的名头后,雷之国云隐接下来的目的昭然若揭-打压新兴起来的鬼之国 Must to, this Hidden Cloud initiate an attack to Land of Demons in any case sooner or later in addition, has meant, main pressure that over the following several years, Land of Demons must face, no longer is Konoha, but attaches importance to the military power development the Hidden Cloud shinobi village. 反正迟早都要对上,加上这次云隐主动向鬼之国出击,已经意味着,接下来的几年,鬼之国要面临的主要压力,不再是木叶,而是重视军事力量发展的云隐忍者村。 But that side refers to naturally is Akatsuki. 而‘那边’指的自然是晓组织 At present Akatsuki in hidden stage, even now the official execution catches the action of Bijuu (Tailed Beast), their reputations do not reveal for the bystander. 目前晓组织处于隐藏阶段,即使如今正式执行捕捉尾兽的行动,他们的名声也为外人不显。 Compares Land of Demons to collect the information about Akatsuki ahead of time, if five great nations with the support without Akatsuki relevant information, can perhaps deal with is quite strenuous. 相比鬼之国提前收集到关于晓组织的情报,五大国若是在没有晓组织相关情报的支援下,恐怕会应付的极为吃力。 Regarding these things, many of thunderous pill also knowledge. 对于这些事情,雷鸣丸也知之不少。 In the plan of Land of Demons, catches Bijuu (Tailed Beast) this action using Akatsuki, thus triggers the contradictions with five great nations, is extremely essential one point. 鬼之国的计划中,利用晓组织捕捉尾兽这一行动,从而引发与五大国的矛盾,也是极为关键的一环。 So that's how it is. Newborn babies already the work has processed, then we can also evacuate smoothly, as for that side......” “原来如此。赤子这边已经的工作已经处理完毕了,接下来我们也可以顺利撤离,至于那边……” The thunderous pill was saying here situation, at the same time with glittering thunder light the pupil, is staring to the forest deep place. 雷鸣丸说着自己这边的情况,一边用闪烁着雷光的眸子,盯向森林的深处。 Is hiding a lot of aura there, distinguished from Chakra's intensity, is one crowd of talented shinobi. 在那里隐藏着大量的气息,从查克拉的强度来判别,都是一群实力不俗的忍者 But the Hidden Cloud village deploys the Land of Waves raiding party, has been annihilated. 云隐村派遣到波之国的袭击部队,已经全军覆没。 But also then, can put out massive shinobi battle efficiency in the Land of Waves native place the influence, besides Land of Demons, was only left over Konoha this. 那么,还能在波之国本土拿出大量忍者战斗力的势力,除了鬼之国之外,就只剩下木叶这一个了。 It is not difficult to guess, has hidden in the deep woods, watches the war, until now in hesitates hidden influence whether acts, without doubt came from Konoha. 不难猜测,一直在森林深处隐藏,观看战局,直到现在还在犹豫是否出手的隐藏势力,无疑是来自木叶 Kazuhime also naturally noticed this point. 一姬也自然注意到了这一点。 So many people want to hide, sneaks perfectly is not a simple matter. 这么多人想要隐藏起来,完美潜入不是一件简单的事情。 Kazuhime also on generally can guess that this crowd of Konoha Shinobi are having what idea- sits mountain Guanhu to fight, is waiting for Land of Demons and Hidden Cloud mutually wounded aspect appears, they quite come out to obtain without labor fisherman's profit. 一姬也大抵上能够猜测出这群木叶忍者在打着什么主意-坐山观虎斗,等待着鬼之国云隐两败俱伤的局面出现,他们好出来坐收渔翁之利。 Since they do not have the choice to look for our troubles, that does not need to pay attention to Konoha these people, tidies up here corpse, carries off completely.” “既然他们没有选择找我们的麻烦,那就不用理睬木叶这些人,把这里的尸体收拾一下,全部带走。” Kazuhime looks has turned into stretch of ruins the ordnance machine shop, the tone light issuing order. 一姬望了望已经变成一片废墟的军工厂,语气平淡的下达命令。 Then, slightly she does not have to yearn for turns around to leave. 说完,她没有丝毫留恋的转身离开。 Under her leading role, the newborn baby and thunderous pill with, other Land of Demons shinobi started the battlefield cleanup, after cleaning up the Hidden Cloud shinobi corpse, followed that also has not yearned for similarly after that fast evacuation. 在她的带头作用下,赤子和雷鸣丸跟了上去,其余鬼之国忍者开始打扫战场,清理云隐忍者的尸体后,也同样没有留恋的跟随其后,快速撤离。 To them, this ordnance machine shop does not have the value of use. 对于他们来说,这个军工厂已经没有利用的价值了。 Was used also well by the enemy, wants to collect any useful thing from the ruins, with Land of Demons irrelevant. 无论是被敌人重新利用起来也好,还是想要从废墟里面收集到什么有用的东西,都和鬼之国无关了。 ...... …… After Kazuhime leads Unit Land of Demons to leave for about one minute, from the forest deep place, person's shadows from the shadow drilled. 一姬带领鬼之国离开大约一分钟后,从森林的深处,一道道人影才从暗影中钻了出来。 What lead is Konoha Anbu acting minister Tenzō, side him, is not only following more than ten Anbu elite shinobi, quantity shinobi that puts on Konoha Chūnin and Jōnin uniform/subdue numerously. 领头的是木叶暗部代理部长天藏,在他身旁,不仅跟随着十多名暗部精英忍者,还有数量众多穿着木叶中忍上忍制服的忍者 After they come here, only saw that under the forests remains massive bloodline, as for the body of warring parties, was picked completely, a corpse has not stayed behind. 他们来到这里之后,只看到林间残留下大量的血迹,至于交战双方的尸体,全部都被人捡走,一具尸体都没有留下。 This makes Tenzō somewhat annoying, loses corpse source, means that can the acquired information be very scarce. 这让天藏有些懊恼,失去尸体这一个来源,就意味着可以收集到的情报十分稀少了。 Otherwise even if the corpse, is controlled by a person of Yamanaka clan, can still extract many valuable information. 否则即使是尸体,由山中一族的人进行控制,也可以提取出很多具有价值的情报。 After all the Konoha interrogation army, has can let the method that the dead opens the mouth much. 毕竟木叶的审讯部队,拥有着不少能够让死者开口的手段。 Because of over and over warning of three generations of Hokage, cannot extremely stimulate Land of Demons shinobi, therefore, this time they observe from afar, making shinobi of Hidden Cloud village advance the probe, therefore the concrete tactical situation process, they did not understand. Only knows that the victor is a Land of Demons side, Hidden Cloud shinobi rout result. 但是因为三代火影的再三告诫,不能太过刺激鬼之国忍者,所以,这次他们只是远远进行观战,让云隐村的忍者先行试探,因此具体的战况过程,他们也是不怎么了解。只知道胜利者是鬼之国一方,云隐忍者溃败这一结果。 However recalled that a moment ago terrorist explosion that erupts unceasingly from this stretch of battlefield, perhaps the intensity of fight, far exceeds them to imagine. 不过回想起刚才从这片战场不断爆发出的恐怖爆炸来看,战斗的激烈程度,恐怕远超他们想象。 In this battlefield could not discover that what valuable thing, Tenzō left directly, leading the people to wrap up toward the position of ordnance machine shop. 在这处战场发现不了什么有价值的东西,天藏就直接离开,带着众人朝着军工厂的位置包拢过去。 However, they arrive at the region that the ordnance machine shop, dumbfounded immediately. 然而,他们到达军工厂所在的区域后,立马呆住了。 Was used to divide the thorn wire netting of region not to know the trace, is only left over the scattered tattered iron net, buries in the sandy soil, lost the function of division region. 原本用来划分区域的荆棘铁丝网早已经不知所踪,只剩下零零散散的破烂铁网,埋在沙土之中,失去了划分区域的作用。 Moreover, massive workshop collapses change into the fragment powder, the power supply facility and water tank, was destroyed completely thoroughly, the ruins bury in a profound more than ten meters endocrater, looks at Tenzō and the others to be alarmed. 不仅如此,大量的厂房倒塌化为齑粉,供电设施和水塔,全部遭到彻底毁坏,废墟掩埋在一个深长十多米的巨坑之中,看得天藏等人触目惊心。 Is this fight of shinobi? 这是忍者的战斗? Before they are unable to imagine, here had anything, can destroy the terrain to this degree, hollows out the ground of entire ordnance machine shop directly, makes a terrifying gulf cliff to come out. 他们无法想象之前这里发生了什么,可以把地形破坏到这种程度,直接把整个军工厂的地基挖空,造出一个恐怖的深坑断崖出来。 Tenzō attracted an cold air/Qi, the back cold sweat braves. 天藏吸了一口冷气,背后冷汗直冒。 Rejoiced secretly oneself obeyed the arrangement of Hokage-sama, has not exchanged fire with Land of Demons Unit shinobi rashly. 暗自庆幸自己听从了火影大人的安排,没有冒然跟鬼之国忍者交火。 If this Konoha like Hidden Cloud, does not count the price to attack the ordnance machine shop that Land of Demons establishes here, that this time dozens that sneaks Land of Waves 如果这一次木叶也像云隐那样,不计代价进攻鬼之国在这里建立的军工厂,那这次潜入波之国的数十 Kiss, this chapter has not ended, perhaps the next page 0 Konoha Elite Shinobi, are out is also the same with these Hidden Cloud shinobi. 亲,本章未完,还有下一页哦0名木叶精锐忍者,恐怕下场也会和这些云隐忍者一样吧。 Can make the so terrifying cliff, this TNT equivalent, makes over a thousand people all ascend the sky sufficiently. 能够造出如此恐怖的断崖,这个爆炸当量,足以让上千人全部上天。 Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball)?” 尾兽玉吗?” Tenzō twittering talked to oneself. 天藏呢喃自语。 In his mind, Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) that also only then Bijuu (Tailed Beast) sprays, had this terrifying destructive power. 在他的印象中,也只有尾兽喷射出来的尾兽玉,拥有这种恐怖的破坏力了。 And a Anbu shinobi squatting down body, grasped grit in the gulf edge, is inducing anything with own Chakra carefully, said to Tenzō: Chief Tenzō, this should not be the attack that Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) creates, if Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball) makes such destruction, then on the land within certain amount of time, will remain to be the Bijuu (Tailed Beast) trace. Moreover, if is really Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball), destroying the area so will not be small. This feeling...... should be some type of bomb makes.” 其中一名暗部忍者蹲下身子,在深坑的边缘抓了一把沙石,仔细用自己的查克拉感应着什么,对天藏说道:“天藏队长,这应该不是尾兽玉造成的攻击,如果是尾兽玉造出这样的破坏,那么土地上会在一定时间内,残留属于尾兽的痕迹。而且,如果真的是尾兽玉,破坏面积不会这么小。这个感觉……应该是某种炸弹弄出来的。” The bomb that Land of Demons makes, he has experienced the might. 鬼之国生产出来的炸弹,他是见识过威力的。 Can affect such wide scope one time the pothole, Anbu shinobi is somewhat silent. 只是能一次性波及到这么大范围的坑洞,暗部忍者有些沉默。 This need how many bombs pile up in together, can form such destructive power? 这需要多少炸弹堆放在一起,才能形成这样的破坏力呢? Thinks under the Land of Demons ordnance machine shop is depositing so the quantity astonishing bomb unexpectedly, this group of people also production weapon calmly on bomb pile, every day here eats meal to sleep. 一想到鬼之国的军工厂底下竟然存放着如此数量惊人的炸弹,这群人还在炸弹堆上若无其事的生产武器,每天在这里吃饭睡觉。 Even if Konoha Anbu, still cannot help but worries for these people. 即便是身为木叶暗部,也不由得为这些人捏了一把冷汗。 If not shinobi of Hidden Cloud village comes to step on the thunder today, that today's here same place heaven, it is estimated that was their Konoha Shinobi. 如果不是云隐村的忍者今天过来踩雷,那今天在这里原地上天的,估计就是他们木叶忍者了。 Their duties are to destroy this ordnance machine shop, as well as steals various research data in ordnance machine shop. 要知道,他们的任务是摧毁这座军工厂,以及窃取军工厂中的各种研究资料。 However completes this task the price, did not take being annihilated the sacrifice of this result for premise. 但是完成这个任务的代价,绝不是以全军覆没这个结果为前提的牺牲。 The information that also therefore, they will be transmitting using Thunder Corps, making Hidden Cloud shinobi take the vanguard, probes the Land of Demons strength, waits for the opportunity to act again. 也正因此,他们才会利用雷光团发送过来的情报,让云隐忍者作为先锋,试探鬼之国的实力,再伺机而动。 Now looks like, they did not have this opportunity. 如今看来,他们没有这个机会了。 The ordnance machine shop had been destroyed, but does not destroy in the Konoha hand. 军工厂已经被摧毁,但不是毁在木叶手中。 In the weapon research data as for ordnance machine shop, watches this pile of ruins fragments, Konoha Shinobi headed by Tenzō, or helpless, forced smile. 至于军工厂中的武器研究资料,看着这一堆的废墟碎片,以天藏为首的木叶忍者,或是无奈,或是苦笑。 Ok, first here cleans, has a look to have what valuable thing.” “算了,先在这里打扫一圈吧,看看有没有什么有价值的东西。” Although here seemed like had changed into stretch of ruins, but Tenzō hugged to fish anything's idea by some chance, issued the order to Anbu and Konoha Shinobi, dispersed to seek for the use value in this stretch of ruins the thing. 虽然这里看上去已经化为了一片废墟,但天藏还是抱着万一能捞到什么的想法,对暗部木叶忍者们下达命令,分散开来在这片废墟寻找有利用价值的东西。 Yes.” “是。” Kiss, this chapter has ended, wish you to read happily! 0 亲,本章已完,祝您阅读愉快!0
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