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#27: The dance of cutting edge

The dance of Chapter 931 cutting edge 第931章锋刃之舞 In the times change, changes impressive, often is not the innovation of productive forces, but is the evolution of war. 时代变迁中,最令人印象深刻的变化,往往不是生产力的革新,而是战争的进化。 The cylinder unclear is in these words that in which book read, but in this moment, he had deep feeling. 锡林已经记不清自己是在哪本书上读到的这句话,但在这一刻,他深有感触。 Under the mighty force and limit extravagant obtuse tendency of honor, the controlling range of cylinder achieved astonishing kilometer far, he twisted fireball of one group of combustion the surplus fighter aircraft easily, guiding them to fall like the bolide, the ammunition that carried also by 11 triggering, the astonishing sympathatic detonation was pulled again rottenly the steel, changed to the innumerable shrapnel to fly four to shoot horizontally. 荣光者的伟力与极限阔钝的倾向下,锡林的统驭范围达到了惊人的千米之远,他轻而易举地将剩余的战斗机拧成了一团燃烧的火球,引导它们如同火流星般坠下,其中携带的弹药也被一一触发,惊人的殉爆将钢铁再度扯烂,化作无数的弹片横飞四射。 Like the knights of old time, toward covering entirely the trench charge of wire netting, now, by the mortal of steel arming, was wielded the sword toward the deity.” “就像旧时代的骑士们,向着布满铁丝网的堑壕冲锋,如今,被钢铁武装的凡人,朝着天神挥起刀剑。” The spoken language of cylinder is solemn and respectful, probably is reading aloud a devout prayer. 锡林的言语肃穆,像是在念诵一段虔诚的祷告。 He seems like a true deity, stands erect above the battlefield, slaughters the mortal recklessly, changes to the dirt blood and hashed meat them, belongs to the land, difficult minute/share each other. 他像是一位真正的天神般,屹立在战场之上,肆意地屠戮凡人,把他们化作污血与碎肉,归于大地,难分彼此。 At this time the cylinder goes to think, oneself have not seen Wrath of the Scorched Earth, such as the present is so whether frigid, he worried, when that comprehensive unusual war starts, can that at present has, perform in various places of the world. 此时锡林不禁去想,自己未曾见过的焦土之怒,是否也如现在这般惨烈,他更担忧,当那全面的超凡战争开启时,眼下所发生的一幕幕,会不会在世界的各处去上演。 In addition, the cylinder also realized, although own waiting on king Dunwei is mammoth, but eventually there is no supplies, the supplement of personnel, splits from King's Secret Sword. 除此之外,锡林还意识到,自己的侍王盾卫虽然声势浩大,但终究没有任何补给可言,就连人员的补充,也是从国王秘剑里分裂出来的。 Oneself truly looked like a dagger stabbing pain Koergadell Empire, but also merely was the stabbing pain, the enemy of cylinder was too huge, has innumerable sublimation to them huge, the mortal army that the entire empire population the conscription came, they in the grey trade the comprehensive operation of chamber of commerce and under empire factory, will obtain in addition of gold metallurgy arming to hold continuously. 自己确实像一把尖刀刺痛了科加德尔帝国,可也仅仅是刺痛而已,锡林的敌人太庞大了,庞大到他们有着数不清的凝华者,还有全帝国人口所征兵而来的凡人部队,他们在灰贸商会与帝国工厂的全面运行下,将持续不断地获得炼金武装的加持。 This is a battle of attrition, waits on king Dunwei facing the battle of attrition of entire empire, even if the cylinder is in history most powerful honor, he cannot win such battle of attrition. 这是一场消耗战,侍王盾卫面对全帝国的消耗战,哪怕锡林是有史以来最强大的荣光者,他也打不赢这样的消耗战。 The cylinder can live in the corpse mountain blood sea, but his shield health/guard Men cannot. 锡林能在尸山血海里活下来,但他的盾卫们不能。 Really, the old time frequently counts the number of months year all -out war, is not applicable to then this time.” “果然,旧时代动辄数月数年的全面战争,已经不适用于接下来这个时代了。” King's Secret Sword with the cylinder practices the blade at the same time, the cylinder is also being slaughtered is pondering the trend of future unusual war. 国王秘剑拿锡林练刀的同时,锡林也在厮杀中思考着未来超凡战争的走向。 The cylinder does not have the ponder is too long, easily obtained the answer very much. 锡林没有思考太久,很轻易地得出了答案。 Rapid, fatal, attacks the lightning war of enemy heart. 一场迅速的、致命的、直插敌人心脏的闪击战。 Like the cylinder when the secret war had once made such, at one fell swoop the policy-making center and high rank sublimation who destroy the enemy , paralyze the enemy thorough disablement. 就像锡林在秘密战争时曾做过的那样,一举摧毁敌人的决策中枢、高阶凝华者,将敌人彻底无力化、瘫痪掉。 Like this even if the enemy has the continuous population, sufficient armament storage, but in the direct consideration of strength and benefit, as well as does not have in the situation of high rank sublimation, they can only choose the surrender. 这样即便敌人有着源源不断的人口,充足的军备储存,但在力量与利益的直接考量、以及没有高阶凝华者的情况下,他们只能选择投降。 In other words, the cylinder wants to avoid falling into the bloody mire the best way, came straight to the point, overthrew to overthrow that taboo the column of royal power. 也就是说,锡林想要避免陷入血腥泥沼的最好办法,就是单刀直入,推倒想要推倒那禁忌的王权之柱。 What may regret, the cylinder does not have such strength temporarily, Beelzebub operated for more than hundred years in Ndjadder royal family, the ghost knows that there has what trap to wait for itself. 可遗憾的是,锡林暂时不具备那样的力量,别西卜在科加德尔王室内经营了百余年,鬼知道那里有什么陷阱等待着自己。 The cylinder had realized, oneself falls into the battle of attrition drawback not totally, his existence can win the enough much time for the northern friend. 况且,锡林已经意识到,自己陷入消耗战并不是完全的弊端,他的存在可以为北方的朋友争取足够多的时间。 Shares the tremendous pressure for Rhine Alliance. 莱茵同盟分担巨大的压力。 Thinks of this, the cylinder smiles reluctantly, matter that this does not have the means that the person must be unavoidably something makes the compromise, let alone, this helps Rhine Alliance indirectly. 想到这,锡林无奈地笑了笑,这也是没办法的事,人难免要为一些事作出妥协,更何况,这还是间接有利于莱茵同盟 Ok, what thing manages his? So long as can help the cylinder destroy Beelzebub's curse, liberates Ndjadder royal family, cylinder anything does not care. 算了,管他什么东西呢?只要能帮锡林摧毁别西卜的诅咒,把科加德尔王室解放出来,锡林什么都不在乎。 The terrifying ether ripples from raid high, raids the soldier who the volume crosses ground surviving like the sound wave, quick, the cylinder discovered the ether that tries to hide responded, they mostly are only praying letter/believes and sublimation, is unable to camouflage itself under the sensation of cylinder. 恐怖的以太涟漪自高空袭来,如同声波般袭卷过地面残存的士兵,很快,锡林就从中发现了一个又一个试图隐藏起来的以太反应,他们大多只是祷信者、凝华者,无法在锡林的感知下遮蔽自己。 Therefore the invisible big hand held them calmly, grinds a blood them, under the vast gap of step position, they did not have the resistance dead. 于是无形的大手从容地抓住了他们,把他们碾成一手的鲜血,阶位的巨大差距下,他们毫无反抗地死去。 The cylinder makes the movement that stresses searches, several sword edges raise from the blood, remove the viscous bloodstain, they belong to the cylinder behind, joins in the link of that fatal and sacred sword. 锡林做出抓探的动作,数把剑刃从鲜血中升起,褪去粘稠的血迹,它们归于锡林的身后,加入那致命又神圣的剑之环中。 Under expedition one after another, the cylinder massacred many King's Secret Sword, and seized many secret sword from their corpses, some were granted the shield health/guard by him, some were left behind by the cylinder, although many secret sword abilities could not help the cylinder, but his gold metallurgy material quality, can regard as an enough tenacious sharp sword, came to be used by the cylinder. 接连的征战下,锡林杀掉了不少国王秘剑,并从他们的尸体上缴获了许多秘剑,有的被他赐予盾卫,有的被锡林留下,虽然许多秘剑的能力都帮不到锡林了,但其本身的炼金材质,也可以视作一把足够坚韧的利剑,来被锡林使用。 Therefore, previously the link of that scattered sword, now becomes extremely crowded, simultaneously at least more than ten secret sword surrounded in the cylinder behind, but the cylinder was commonly used was that several secret sword. 因此,先前那零零散散的剑之环,如今变得极为密集,同时至少有十几把秘剑环绕在锡林身后,只是锡林常用的还是那几把秘剑而已。 Suddenly, the number defends the ether response of building to raise in the short distance again, King's Secret Sword camouflage the soldier, trod their body silent to submerge the side of cylinder. 突然,数重守垒者的以太反应在近距离升起,国王秘剑们伪装成士兵,踏着他们的尸体无声地潜入到了锡林的身边。 The cylinder does not have the hesitation of moment, surrounds in the link of behind sword, at the same time the lasing leaves several, speeds away to go toward the ground. 锡林没有片刻的犹豫,环绕在身后的剑之环,同一时刻激射出数把,朝着地面疾驰而去。 In high-speed strangling to death, the cylinder saw that ice-cold mask, as well as that completely same ether response. 高速的绞杀中,锡林看到了那一张张冰冷的面具,以及那完全相同的以太反应。 The ether carried continually in one, changed to the regiment. 以太连携在了一起,化作军团。 Dumbness!” “无言者!” The cylinder lowers is roaring dropping from the clouds, in the scorched earth skeleton, dumbness try calmly facing arriving cylinder, in eye pupil that but they shiver slightly, exposed their anxiety. 锡林低吼着从天而降,焦土尸骸中,无言者们试着冷静地面对降临的锡林,可他们微微颤抖的眼瞳里,还是暴露出了他们的不安。 As the mercenaries of unshared Ma gate divine protection, the cylinder is one of enemies they most do not want to face. 作为独享玛门加护的雇佣军,锡林算是他们最不想面对的敌人之一。 Shocks the ether impact instantaneous release of the world, the earth shook and heavens spun shook, the shatter land was further defeated and dispersed, the dust and hashed meat fly upwards, the soldiers cannot exude the pitiful yell sound, was thrown like the ant to all around. 震撼天地的以太冲击瞬间释放,天摇地动间,本就破碎的大地进一步溃散,尘土与碎肉飞扬,士兵们连惨叫声都发不出,就像蚂蚁一样被抛向四周。 The steel wreckage of burn was easily curled up like the balled paper, toward constantly advances in all directions, leaves behind in the ground or the deep or shallow scratch. 烧焦的钢铁残骸如同纸团被轻易地卷起,向着四面八方不断地推进,在地面上留下一道道或深或浅的划痕。 When the storm subsides, the battlefield core was completely hollow, probably had a meteor just to crash in this, left behind a giant hit pit. 当风暴平息时,战场的核心完全凹陷了下去,像是有枚流星刚刚坠落于此,留下了一处巨大的撞击坑。 The pit bottom, the link of sword stopped the rotation, secret Jianmen seems like the bullet of palate, is ready, the cylinder look looks dignifiedly to the front, the hand is grasping flaming combustion the sword of core flame. 坑底,剑之环停止了转动,秘剑们像是上膛的子弹,蓄势待发,锡林眼神凝重地看向前方,手握着熊熊燃烧的芯焰之剑。 After the flame, only remained dumbness of half body to show the ugly/difficult to look at smile, to defend building step position, such injury killed present dumbness sufficiently, may in another dumbness with the battlefield breathe, when he became scene only dumbness, the ether intensity crossed the barrier, arrived in honor. 火光之后,只剩半边身子的无言者露出了难看的笑容,以守垒者的阶位来讲,这样的伤势足以杀死眼前的无言者了,可随着战场内另一名无言者咽气,他成为现场唯一的无言者时,以太强度越过了壁垒,抵达荣光者。 I have been very curious, limit of your dumbness to?” The cylinder was saying from takes down the motionless sword behind, „, when I kill you to the last person, whether you can break honor the limit?” “我一直很好奇,你们无言者的极限会到哪?”锡林说着从身后取下不动之剑,“当我把你们杀至最后一人时,你们能否打破荣光者的极限呢?” Responded to dumbness hoarse laughter of cylinder, immediately the winding path crevice after behind ripping open of dumbness, the aura of evil different insane clamour headed on together. 回应锡林的只是无言者一阵沙哑的笑声,随即一道曲径裂隙自无言者的身后撕开,邪异疯嚣的气息扑面而来。 The dark deep place, swallows the throat of deep pool to drill to material, at the same time more winding path crevasses in peripheral expansion of hit pit, the stench rotten courage vigor flood into recklessly. 黑暗的深处,吞渊之喉钻至物质界内,与此同时更多的曲径裂隙在撞击坑的周边展开,腥臭腐烂的血气肆意涌入。 In an instant, each winding path crevice seems like the dam that operates together baseless, continuous blood from overflows, pours into the hit pit. 刹那间,每一道曲径裂隙都像是一道凭空开起的水闸,源源不断的鲜血从其中溢出,注入撞击坑内。 In pool of blood that the flesh creeping motion, distortion and multiplication, gather, stands up another fierce fearsome good corpse. 血肉蠕动、畸变、增殖,汇聚起的血泊里,站起一头又一头狰狞可怖的行尸。 Swallows the throat of deep pool arrives at the same time, brought the eternal life spoiled. 吞渊之喉到来的同时,也带来了永生腐地。 The cylinder is without turning a hair, secret Jianmen one and was separated from the link of sword, raises the wheel dance of cutting edge. 锡林面不改色,秘剑们一并脱离了剑之环,掀起锋刃的轮舞。 Losing sleep, cannot fall asleep, wrote today's renewal, everyone good morning or good night, in addition of hegemon was catching up, had to retain the draft sent. 失眠,睡不着,把今天的更新写了,大家早安或者晚安,盟主的加更在赶了,有存稿了就发。 () ()
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