DMWG :: Volume #48

#4608: Seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill

Who this person is, this also too horizontal?” “这人是谁呀,这也太横了吧?” „Didn't this you know? Visits you are country bumpkin, this is two City Lord Young Master, similar Tai, he is revelation star most outstanding star level expert, the promising youth, innumerable expert are awed at the sight.” “这你都不认识?一看你就是土包子,这是二城主公子,肖泰,他可是天启星最优秀的恒星级强者,后起之秀,无数强者望而生畏。” Yeah, the safe young master's strength and status, are he himself make, such expert, even without two City Lord asylums, will still become side Overlord surely.” “可不是嘛,泰少爷的实力与身份,都是他自己挣来的,这样的强者,即便是没有二城主庇护,也必定会成为一方霸主的。” Two City Lord young masters! 城主的少爷! In the Jiang Chen heart moves slightly, no wonder, Lou Dehua and other big Young Master do not pay attention, moreover the side has two Daheng star class guards, this breadth of spirit, in the entire revelation star, perhaps also few. 江尘心中微动,怪不得,就连娄德华等四大公子都不放在眼里,而且身边有着两大恒星级护卫,这份气魄,在整个天启星,恐怕也没几个吧。 Those who make Jiang Chen very curious is, haven't oneself offended this fellow probably? Why does he want duo duo to compel? Because did roll the road of promotion is too quick in the revelation knight? Aroused his heart of militance, does this person have the relations with stretch/open Tiance? 江尘十分好奇的是,自己好像也没得罪这个家伙吧?为什么他要咄咄相逼呢?难道就因为自己在天启骑士团晋升之路太快了嘛?激起了他的好战之心,还是这个人跟张天策有关系呢? He is revelation Milky Way city two City Lord Young Master, even stretch/open Tiance simply doesn't have the qualifications to speak the last words with him? Moreover expert of his star level, why with oneself hard to solve? 他是天启银河城二城主公子,即使是张天策也根本没有资格跟他叫板吧?而且他一个恒星级的强者,何必跟自己纠缠不清呢? However the present situation is very obvious, Jiang Chen compared with the ratio, does not compare also the ratio, perhaps otherwise, oneself admitted defeat, similar Tai will not put him to walk absolutely. 但是现在的情况很明显,江尘比也得比,不比也得比,否则的话,自己恐怕就是认输了,肖泰也绝对不会放他走的。 Might as well! Today this young master comes, is comes to see Sir Divine Doctor with the Commander competition that this revelation knight rolls, but some unexpectedly people back down now, this is not a good sign, you think that the person in our revelation Milky Way city, is so easily swindled? Without the real skill, but also wins favor by ostentation here, remains your what uses?” “无妨!今天本少爷来,就是来看神医大人跟这位天启骑士团的统领比试的,但是现在竟然有人打退堂鼓,这可不是个好兆头啊,你以为我们天启银河城的人,是那么好骗的嘛?没有真本事,还在这里哗众取宠,留你何用?” similar Taijian refers to Jiang Chen, at that moment, the people of surroundings yield and withdraw, an extremely domineering imposing manner, four shoot vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, but Jiang Chen bears the brunt, to put it bluntly, compels Jiang Chen to go with Hou Zhenshan, lost words, that only then dead end, he only has one possibly to go on living, that won Hou Zhenshan. 肖泰剑指江尘,那一刻,周围之人都是退避三舍,一股极其强势的气势,纵横四射,而江尘则是首当其冲,说白了,就是逼着江尘去跟侯振山比,输了的话,那就只有死路一条,他只有一个可能活下去,那就是赢了侯振山。 Jiang Chen look ice-cold, does not look askance, at this time his at all impossible choice to evade, before rescued his one time not coldly, this Xiao Taiming comes prepared time obviously, the guards of two star levels, explained all, even appears not coldly again, he will not give the opposite party the opportunity. 江尘眼神冰冷,目不斜视,这个时候他根本不可能选择逃避,之前莫寒救了他一次,这一次肖泰明显是有备而来,两个恒星级的护卫,就说明了一切,即便是莫寒再度出现的话,他也不会给对方机会的。 His goal only then, wants Jiang Chen dead! 他的目的只有一个,要江尘死! At this time, Jiang Chen no other choice, the opposite party is two City Lord Young Master, the strength is also tyrannical, but opposite party impossible direct take action to kill him, but must compel the dead end him, then was also takes action with just reasons. 这时候,江尘也别无选择了,对方可是二城主公子,实力强横,但是对方也不可能直接出手杀他,而是要把他逼上绝路,那么也算是师出有名。 Good, since Second Young Master likes looking so much, I do not cover-up, Sir Divine Doctor, it seems like between you and me, must have a person to pour today.” “好,既然二公子这么喜欢看,那我也就不藏着掖着了,神医大人,看来你我之间,今天必须要有一个人倒下去了。” Jiang Chen smiles self-confidently, at this time the audience became are peaceful, wild that similar Tai becomes famous, some people dare to offend him, that only then dead end one, the person of observing was also trembling with fear, no matter Jiang Chen did have the truly learned and genuinely talented to be compelled the hopeless situation. 江尘自信一笑,这个时候全场都变得安静下来,肖泰可是出了名的狂暴,有人敢得罪他,那么只有死路一条,观战之人也都是战战兢兢,江尘不管有没有真才实学都已经被逼到了绝境。 Point of no return, has to send. 箭在弦上,不得不发。 Good, if you won Sir Divine Doctor, my your life, I then guaranteed, but you, if lost, hehe, how you know the result.” “不错,你若赢了神医大人,我你这条命,我便保了,但你若是输了,呵呵呵,你知道结果如何。” similar Tai smile gradually becomes cold, such good opportunity, does he possibly let off? To him, this is Jiang Chen's dead end, tries under Wentian, who can fight with Divine Doctor? 肖泰笑容逐渐变冷,这么好的机会,他怎么可能放过呢?对于他来说,这就是江尘的死路,试问天下,谁能与神医争锋? safe young master so lifted the love, the old man naturally cannot refute the safe young master's face.” “泰少爷如此抬爱,老夫自然不能驳了泰少爷的面子。” Hou Zhenshan is astute? Looked similar Tai wants to set at Jiang Chen in the deathtrap, although does not know that among them has anything to hate, but this is unimportant, more importantly, this self-designated Bufan (extraordinary) Jiang Chen, died on death ends all troubles, the clearness that also arranges safe young master, in two City Lord there, safe young master will definitely not treat unjustly own. 侯振山何等精明?一看肖泰就是想要置江尘于死地,虽然不知道他们之间有着什么仇恨,但是这都不重要,重要的是,这个自命不凡江尘,死了就一了百了了,也把泰少爷安排的明明白白,在二城主那里,泰少爷肯定不会亏待自己的。 Such being the case, Sir Divine Doctor, you thought that what we do compare to come a minute/share of victory and defeat?” “既然如此,神医大人,你觉得我们比什么来分胜负呢?” Jiang Chen said with a smile, a cloud poor business conditions light stance, exerted pressure facing so many star level expert, he can also maintain as before is without turning a hair, making many people acclaim, this was the bearing and style, worthily was Commander that the revelation knight rolled, was unafraid in time of danger, smiles to the common people, the reality was the bearing of a general. 江尘笑道,一副云淡风轻的姿态,面对这么多的恒星级强者施压,他依旧还能够保持面不改色,让不少人都为之赞叹,这就是气度与风范,不愧是天启骑士团的统领,临危不惧,笑对苍生,实乃大将之风。 Hundreds of because the knight group veteran of fire cold poison retirement, has been ready, they will not make anybody feel embarrassed Jiang Chen's, Jiang Chen is their liberators, is the pride that the revelation knight rolls, cannot receive the least bit injury. 数以百计因为火寒之毒退役的骑士团老兵,早就已经做好了准备,他们绝不会让任何人为难江尘的,江尘是他们的救星,更是天启骑士团的骄傲,决不能收到半点伤害。 Also asked safe young master to decide.” “还请泰少爷定夺。” Hou Zhenshan said with a smile. 侯振山笑道。 In the Jiang Chen heart sneers, this pug, was full of the flattering smile of flattering, wishes one could to give similar Taigui to lick, such person, with calling it Divine Doctor? 江尘心中冷笑,这条哈巴狗,充满了阿谀奉承的谄媚笑容,恨不得给肖泰跪舔,这样的人,也配称之为神医 Since compared with the medical skill, that naturally is safest compared with the technique of medical ethics, my just right pill recipe, named seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, after swallowing, can let star level expert direct breakthrough cultivation base, hearsay seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, only then star level expert has the qualifications refinement, doesn't know you two confident?” “既然是比医术,那自然是比起医道之术最为稳妥,我这里正好一副丹方,名为七转大还丹,吞服以后,可以让恒星级强者直接突破一层修为,传闻七转大还丹,可是只有恒星级强者才有资格炼制的,不知道你们两个有没有信心呢?” similar Tai indifferent say/way. 肖泰淡然道。 Seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill? safe young master can do such pill recipe, is really makes the old man admire.” “七转大还丹?泰少爷连这样的丹方都能搞到,实在是让老夫佩服呀。” Hou Zhenshan the rainbow fart has patted very proper, whole face the color of shock. 侯振山的彩虹屁一直都是拍得十分到位,满脸的震惊之色。 Seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill I have listened, this medicine pill star level expert, is still makes every effort to keep secret even, is almost priceless.” “七转大还丹我可是听过,这种丹药即便是恒星级强者,也是讳莫如深呐,几乎是价值连城。” That also used saying that the thing of valuable no city, trading to do is my I also wants.” “那还用说,有价无市的东西,换做是我我也想要啊。” These seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, can Sir Divine Doctor with Jiang Chen Commander, really refine?” “这七转大还丹,神医大人跟江尘统领,真的能够炼制出来嘛?” This Jiang Chen Commander danger, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill were needs star level expert to refine evidently, at all was not the average person can bribe, you thought was too simple.” “这回看样子江尘统领危险了,七转大还丹是需要恒星级强者才能够炼制出来的,根本不是一般人能够染指的,你们想的太简单了。” Yes, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill pill recipe, are very precious, but safe young master actually takes to make them refine, this...... this made one have to think deeply.” “是啊,七转大还丹丹方,就无比珍贵,但是泰少爷竟然拿出来让他们炼制,这……这就让人不得不深思了。” In the crowd, some people talked in whispers unceasingly, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill pill recipe precious self-evident, but similar Tai can take, did not explain that he had how naturally, but was he must set at Jiang Chen in the deathtrap, regarding a deceased person, how even if knew seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill pill recipe to be able? 人群之中,不断有人窃窃私语,七转大还丹丹方之珍贵不言而喻,而肖泰能拿出来,并不是说明他有多么的大方,而是他就要置江尘于死地,对于一个死人而言,即便知道了七转大还丹丹方又能怎样呢? similar Tai was really intelligent, although taking the form of youngster, but actually mean sinister, used up all the tricks, Hou Zhenshan could also not hold a candle, this competition, to be obviously given him by oneself very much concocting pills, preserved his Divine Doctor reputation, moreover did not need to receive own favor, but can also kill Jiang Chen, seemed like that was he gained, actually similar Taicai was the final winner. 肖泰实在是太聪明了,虽然形似少年,但是却阴狠毒辣,机关算尽,就连侯振山也是望尘莫及,这一次的比试,很明显就是为了让自己给他炼丹,保全了他神医的名声,而且还不用承自己的人情,还能杀了江尘,看似是他赚了,实则肖泰才是最后的赢家。 However Jiang Chen will die, he will not die, was equal to that even white obtained seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill pill recipe, regarding oneself, but also is can accept, secure endures the innermost feelings the excitement, Hou Zhenshan a face calm color, self-confident extraordinary, although she has not refined seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, but he is confident to himself, as for this Jiang Chen, waits to court death, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill energies at all are not his star level not to the young animal can imagine. 不过江尘会死,他不会死,等于是平白得到了七转大还丹丹方,对于自己而言,还算是可以接受,安耐住内心的激动,侯振山一脸从容之色,自信非凡,虽然她并没有炼制过七转大还丹,但是他对自己还是有信心的,至于这个江尘,等着找死吧,七转大还丹的能量根本不是他一个连恒星级都不到的小崽子能够想象的。 Seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill pill recipe, Jiang Chen has lost. 七转大还丹丹方一出,江尘就已经输了。
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