DMWG :: Volume #48

#4609: The name of Divine Doctor, worthily its status

What kind of, words that now admits defeat, perhaps I can also keep your entire corpse, gives you a dignified cause of death.” “怎么样,现在认输的话,我兴许还能留你一个全尸,给你一个体面的死法。” similar Tai looks straight ahead Jiang Chen saying that does not kill him, how unemotional anger? Also dares to provoke including own woman, living is impatient, hawk can only be own woman! 肖泰直视着江尘说道,不杀他,何以平心中怒火?连自己的女人也敢招惹,活得不耐烦了,洛莺只能是自己的女人! Custom that I have not admitted defeat, since is concocting pills, I realized, should belong to me?” “我这个人从来没有认输的习惯,既然是炼丹,我练成了的话,应该归我所有吧?” Jiang Chen said. 江尘道。 Hahaha! Belongs to you, all turns over to you, if practices inadequately, your life, but was my.” 哈哈哈哈!归你所有,全都归你,但是若是练不成,你这条命,可就是我的了。” similar Tai smile ice-cold. 肖泰笑容冰冷。 Good, Second Young Master has these words, I felt relieved.” “好,二公子有这番话,我就放心了。” Jiang Chen nods, a very assured appearance, but more people disdain, is not only similar Tai, many people snort contemptuously to the Jiang Chen's idea, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill that the star level can refine, you really think can oneself refine? Your this is with the life in the gambling. 江尘点点头,一副十分笃定的样子,但是更多的人则是不屑,不仅是肖泰,很多人都对江尘的想法嗤之以鼻,恒星级才能够炼制的七转大还丹,你真以为自己能炼制出来嘛?你这可是拿命在赌啊。 This Second Young Master is really somewhat excessive, the clearly knows Jiang Chen Commander strength simply has not reached the star level, but also causes medicine pill that star level expert can refine, isn't this intentionally makes things hard for somebody?” “这个二公子实在是有些过分,明知道江尘统领的实力根本没有达到恒星级,还弄出恒星级强者才能够炼制的丹药,这不是故意刁难嘛?” You said right, but also really intentionally made things hard for somebody, you had not looked that similar Tai was wants to kill Jiang Chen Commander? Takes action with just reasons, although he kills people such as flax, is eccentric and unreasonable, but impossible big crowd of people to slaughter innocents, therefore he must find an appropriate excuse, even if with a wish to incriminate.” “你说对了,还真就是故意刁难,你没看肖泰就是想要杀了江尘统领嘛?师出有名懂不懂,他虽然杀人如麻,性情乖张,但是不可能大庭广众滥杀无辜,所以他必须要找一个合适的理由,哪怕是欲加之罪。” Yeah, you said that whom Jiang Chen Commander offends is not good, fine crime god of plague. Although I also very admire his, but wants refine to have seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, he does not raise glass such condition.” “哎,你们说江尘统领得罪谁不好,偏偏要得罪这个瘟神呢。虽然我也挺佩服他的,但是想要炼指出七转大还丹,他根本不举杯这样的条件啊。” First had a look to say again, Jiang Chen can cure so many who had the fire cold poison, was not easy with it generation, he can so calm, perhaps also really confident.” “先看看再说吧,江尘能够治好那么多身患火寒之毒的人,也绝不是易与之辈,他能够如此的镇定,说不定还真的有信心。” A medical skill showdown, after similar Tai appears, just like turned into a life and death showdown, becomes , then achieves both fame and fortune, the defeat hangs in the balance, such exciting to gambling, many people surge upward warmly, Jiang Chen after all is external Monk, supports his person, were not many, in addition similar Tai appears, the death of Jiang Chen, has almost been a foregone conclusion. 一场医术对决,在肖泰出现之后,俨然变成了一场生死对决,成则名利双收,败则命悬一线,这么刺激的对赌,还是有很多人热情高涨的,江尘毕竟是外来的和尚,支持他的人,本就不多,再加上肖泰横空出世,江尘之死,几乎已成定局了。 Starts.” “开始吧。” Hou Zhenshan looks to Jiang Chen, he has secured the victory today. 侯振山看向江尘,他今天已经锁定了胜局。 This is concocting pills medicinal ingredients, you only have opportunity a time.” “这是炼丹药材,你们只有一次机会。” similar Tai all gave Jiang Chen with concocting pills medicinal ingredients pill recipe with Hou Zhenshan, in a flash, Jiang Chen and Hou Zhenshan the complexion becomes serious, regarding Alchemist, precious pill recipe, is not the common value can compare favorably by far, in the Jiang Chen heart is overjoyed, this pill recipe succeeded in obtaining finally, if today can refine successful these seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, is double happiness descend on the house, although he could not have used now, but the critical moment can certainly play the important role, waited for his breakthrough the star level, that on was true carp fish dive Dragon Gate. 肖泰把丹方炼丹药材全都给了江尘跟侯振山,一瞬间,江尘与侯振山的脸色都变得严肃起来,对于一个炼丹师来说,一个珍贵的丹方,远远不是寻常价值所能媲美的,江尘心中甚喜,这丹方终于是到手了,今日如果能够炼制成功这七转大还丹,也算是双喜临门,虽然他现在还用不到,但是关键时刻一定能够起到至关重要的作用,等他突破了恒星级,那就是真正的鲤鱼跃龙门。 Many people wait to look at the Jiang Chen joke, similar Tai is most obvious, because he only wants to kill Jiang Chen. 很多人都等着看江尘笑话,肖泰最为明显,因为他只想杀了江尘 Hou Zhenshan start without hesitation concocting pills, offered a sacrifice to three flower cauldron furnaces, after studying pill recipe, started to refine, put in medicinal ingredients the cauldron furnace, although was the first refinement, but that having words at fingertips and writing with facility adeptness, made one have to admire, after all was everyone's respectful Sir Divine Doctor, this concocting pills method, was moving clouds and flowing water is it may be said that ordinary, stirs up the person of observing, surprised, clapped to exclaim over. 侯振山毫不犹豫的开始了炼丹,祭出三花鼎炉,研究好了丹方之后,开始着手炼制,将一道道的药材放入鼎炉之中,虽然是第一次炼制,但是那种信手拈来的娴熟,却让人不得不钦佩,毕竟是人人恭敬的神医大人,这份炼丹的手段,可谓是行云流水一般,惹得观战之人,纷纷侧目,拍手叫绝。 The name of Divine Doctor, worthily its status! 神医之名,不愧其身份! similar Tai is also well satisfied, sees Hou Zhenshan such strolling, the Jiang Chen's losing battle, does not have to reverse, this fellow overestimate one's capabilities, that will make him be never reincarnated. 肖泰也是心满意足,看到侯振山如此的闲庭信步,江尘的败局,已经无可逆转,这个家伙自不量力,那就让他永不超生。 Jiang Chen has not begun, many people snort contemptuously, it seems like under forcing of safe young master, had been scared thoroughly, at all not concocting pills, moreover by his strength, is impossible to realize seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill! 江尘迟迟没有动手,很多人都嗤之以鼻,看来在泰少爷的逼迫之下,已经彻底吓傻了,根本不会炼丹了,而且以他的实力,也根本不可能练成七转大还丹 Sees not to have, but also without starting, has shown one's ignorance?” “看见没,还没开始,就已经露怯了吧?” This person I sees were many, puts on airs, thinks that a little skill can the running amuck world, safe young master with Sir Divine Doctor, give his on ruthlessly now a class.” “这种人我见的多了,装模作样,以为有点本事就能够横行天下,现在泰少爷跟神医大人,就给他狠狠的上了一课。” Yeah, now at this time, any method of being opportunistic, no matter used, refining seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill is lowest also the star level, from the strength, Jiang Chen had lost only, this is a showdown of no suspense.” “哎,现在这个时候,任何投机取巧的手段,都不管用了,炼制七转大还丹最低也得恒星级,单从实力上来说,江尘就已经输了,这是一场毫无悬念的对决。” That may not necessarily, the competition less than at the last minute, who not know that their two who can laugh last.” “那可未必,比试不到最后一刻,谁也不知道他们两个谁能笑到最后。” Many Jiang Chen original supporters, started to vacillate, others have refined most probably, your has not begun, wasn't this manifestation of admitting defeat? Because they concluded that Jiang Chen simply does not dare to begin, once begins to refine, oneself incompetent side didn't reveal the secret? However even if not begin, similar Tai can let off him? 就连不少江尘原本的支持者们,也都开始动摇了,人家都已经炼制了大半,你这还迟迟不动手,这不就是认输的体现嘛?因为他们断定江尘根本就不敢动手,一旦着手炼制,自己无能的一面不就露馅了嘛?不过即便是不动手,难道肖泰就能够放过他嘛? Facing the sounds of these questions, Jiang Chen turns a deaf ear, no one can disrupt his state of mind, he is seeking for the pill recipe turning point, because only then an opportunity, therefore he must refine the perfect condition this medicine pill, wants to win Hou Zhenshan, Jiang Chen cannot treat it lightly, this fellow is self-confident, is in cahoots with similar Tai, Jiang Chen must by the plan ten thousand versatile person lines. 面对那些质疑之声,江尘充耳不闻,没有人能够扰乱他的心境,他在寻找着丹方的契机,因为只有一次机会,所以他要把这颗丹药炼制到完美状态,想要赢侯振山,江尘也不能掉以轻心,这个家伙自信满满,又跟肖泰串通一气,江尘必须要以策万全才行。 Time one minute/share one second passed, That side Hou Zhenshan has started gradually to condense pill success, the half day time, Jiang Chen has been looking, has been studying, did not call has amazed the world with a single brilliant feat! He must do, must be perfect day by day. 时间一分一秒的过去了,侯振山那一边已经开始逐渐凝聚成丹了,半日时间,江尘一直在看,一直在研究,不鸣则已一鸣惊人!他要做的,就必须要日臻完美。 Without the skill, actually is also bent on having arrogantly, causes trouble everywhere, who you do not die dead.” “没本事,却还偏要妄自尊大,到处惹是生非,你不死谁死。” similar Taihuan chest stands, sneers was saying, is proud extremely arrogantly did not have the real skill, this person gets what one deserves under glare of the public eye disgraceful, at the present, he not only need lose face, but must lose the life. 肖泰环胸而立,冷笑着说道,狂妄自负还没真本事,这种人活该在众目睽睽之下丢人现眼,而今,他不仅要丢脸,还要丢命。 Hou Zhenshan looked at Jiang Chen one with the split vision, in the heart relaxed, this fellow has not started to refine now, has basically been able to determine that he was impossible to refine seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, this he can definitely firmly grasp the prestige of oneself Divine Doctor time, wanted to shake own position, did not have a look at you to have several jin (0.5 kg) several two. 侯振山用余光看了江尘一眼,心中大定,这个家伙现在还没开始炼制,基本已经可以确定他不可能炼成七转大还丹了,这一次他肯定能够牢牢的把握住自己的神医之威名,想要撼动自己的地位,也不看看你有几斤几两。 After undergoing the research of half day, in the Jiang Chen's heart suddenly sees the light finally, seven revolutions of Great Revitalizing Pill, need to pass through seven revolutions to be able as the name suggests to achieve medicine pill peak, 77 medicinal ingredients are very precious, moreover is rare, in Jiang Chen heart very happy, this similar Tai is delivers to warm simply, gives in vain medicinal ingredients, gives in vain pill recipe, haven't oneself taken everything? 经过了半日的研究之后,江尘的心中终于是豁然开朗,七转大还丹,顾名思义就是需要经过七转才能够达到丹药巅峰,七十七种药材都是非常名贵,而且稀有的,江尘心中非常的开心,这个肖泰简直就是送温暖来的,白送药材,白送丹方,那自己还不照单全收? Starts.” “开始吧。” Jiang Chen muttered was saying, offered a sacrifice to Myriad Things Source Qi to decide, flash Five Elements Divine Fire ascended, the audience with amazement, five types of wrapped in a shroud of obscurity heaven and earth different fires, making the surrounding temperature rise suddenly, particularly Hou Zhenshan, the complexion immediately big change, the whole body trembled, pupil tight shrinking together, five types of heaven and earth different fires, made him feel that the heart trembled, this fellow what origin, can actually have five types of heaven and earth different fires with one, wasn't this courts death? 江尘喃喃着说道,祭出万物母气定,一瞬间五行神火升腾而起,全场骇然,五种神秘莫测的天地异火,使得周围的气温骤然间升高,尤其是侯振山,脸色顿时大变,浑身一颤,瞳孔紧紧的缩在一起,五种天地异火,就让他感觉到了心颤,这家伙什么来历,竟然能够拥有五种天地异火与一身,这不是找死吗?
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