DSE :: Volume #4

#376: Occupying

The sound that the machine revolves reverberates in the workshop facility, in the giant pipeline rushes is welling up the water current of thundering, there is an irritating the nose chemical agent flavor to fill the air in the air, hears make one sick. 机器运转的声音在厂房设施中回荡,巨型管道中奔涌着轰鸣的水流,又有刺鼻的化学药剂味道弥漫在空气中,闻之令人作呕。 Agatha stands by the protection parapet, is poking head to look at one to below buffer pool, saw that the filthy liquid tumbles to surge in that giant reservoir, once for a while emits the air bubble and color strange flood light/only, such as the gastric juice of giant beast is disgusting. 阿加莎站在防护栏杆旁,探着头向下方的缓冲池看了一眼,看到污浊的液体在那巨大的蓄水池中翻滚涌动,时不时冒出气泡和颜色诡异的泛光,就如巨兽的胃酸般恶心。 Puts on the light brown coat and hair somewhat sparse administrators to stand in young Gatekeeper behind, on the face has the tense facial expression, consciousness hand/subordinate is entraining the oneself chest front button. 一名穿着浅褐色外套、头发有些稀疏的管理人员站在年轻的守门人身后,脸上带着紧张的神情,一只手下意识地拽着自己胸前的纽扣。 Oak street north area and No. 4 graveyard peripheral draining water gathered here,” administrators are paying attention to the Gatekeeper expression, at the same time reported to say cautiously, after receiving order, we already pipeline connection of earliest possible time boundary cutoff, moreover inspected the alarm device of each buffer pool, had not discovered that blasphemed the sign of pollution......” “橡木街北区和四号墓园周边的排水都汇聚到这里了,”管理人员注意着守门人的表情,一边小心翼翼地汇报道,“在收到命令之后,我们已经第一时间切断周边的管道连接,而且检查了每一个缓冲池的报警装置,并没有发现亵渎污染的迹象……” Agatha is listening silently, after a while asked suddenly: How does sewage usually process?” 阿加莎默默听着,过了一会才突然问道:“污水通常怎么处理?” How to process?” The administrators gawked, hurries to reply, first with high pressure steam, purification possibly exists blasphemed pollutes —— you to know that these sewages once and human contact, flowed in the jet black pipeline, unavoidably will become the carriers of certain things. After vapor cleaning, is to precipitate and filtration, you see is the sedimentation pond. Then is the flash vapor purifies, after this purification, a water diversion will feed in the factory cyclic utilization, another part...... disperses into the sea.” “怎么处理?”管理人员愣了一下,赶紧回答,“首先是用高压蒸汽,净化其中可能存在的亵渎污染——您知道的,那些污水曾和人类接触,又在漆黑的管道中流淌,难免会成为某些东西的载体。蒸汽净化之后是沉淀和过滤,您看到的就是沉淀池。接着是第二次蒸汽净化,这次净化之后,一部分水会被送进工厂循环利用,另一部分……排入大海。” Agatha nods gently, then also asked: How long needs to flow from the sewage of oak street north area emission to here probably?” 阿加莎轻轻点了点头,接着又问道:“从橡木街北区排放的污水大概需要多久会流到这里?” This depends on the special details, but generally not over two hours.” The administrators replied. “这取决于具体情况,但一般不超过两个小时。”管理人员答道。 How long is sewage detained here?” “污水在这里滞留多久?” Water 72 hours in the sedimentation pond change one time,” administrators lift the hand, is even more anxious under Gatekeeper issues, he is scratching the cold sweat on forehead, but is replying accurately, purification and check process are rigidly defined, not short in this time.” “沉淀池中的水七十二小时更替一次,”管理人员抬起手,在守门人的一个个问题下愈发紧张起来,他擦着脑门上的冷汗,但还是准确回答着,“净化和检查流程有严格规定,不会短于这个时间。” The Agatha slight nod, simultaneously in the heart calculated in that residents fast sham event occurrence the time relationship of time as well as sewage treatment, said looking pensive: In other words, if that thing really can escape through the drainage system, then it should now also here......” 阿加莎微微点头,同时在心中飞快地计算了一下那座民宅中“赝品事件”的发生时间以及污水处理的时间关系,若有所思地说道:“也就是说,如果那东西真的能通过排水系统逃逸,那它现在应该还在这里……” Gatekeeper your excellency,” manager scratched the forehead that polishes sparkling, cannot bear the curious opens the mouth finally, what exactly...... had? Has the pollution to spread through the blow down system?” 守门人阁下,”管理者又擦了擦亮晶晶的脑门,终于忍不住好奇开口,“到底……发生了什么?难道是有污染在通过排污系统蔓延?” „...... Does not remove this situation,” Agatha looked at this manager one eyes, then the vision looked that is collecting the black clothes guards in sample and examination facility to not far away, „, but acts according to the situation that we so far examine, here all normal.” “……不排除这种情况,”阿加莎看了这位管理者一眼,接着目光又看向不远处正在采集样本、检测设施的黑衣守卫们,“但根据我们目前为止检测的情况,这里一切正常。” Yes,” administrators showed a little reluctant smile, here each link has the alarm device, the blaspheming pollution that the special examination possibly has, pastor of processing station also three in the field, they also meet examines the water sample every day......” “是的,”管理人员露出了有点勉强的笑容,“这里的每一个环节都有报警装置,专门检测可能存在的亵渎污染,处理中心还有三位驻场牧师,他们也会每天检测水样……” Pastor in field?” What Agatha as if thinks of suddenly, turns the head, you said a moment ago here does have pastor of several in the field?” “驻场牧师?”阿加莎似乎突然想到什么,转过头来,“你刚才说这里有几个驻场牧师?” Three...... three,” perhaps are the Agatha tone suddenly becomes a little scary, the supervisor the stutter did, what issue have immediately subconsciously?” “三……三个,”或许是阿加莎的语气突然变得有点吓人,管理人顿时下意识地结巴了一下,“有什么问题吗?” Your here only possibly has two pastor —— urban facilities at all levels in the field the pastor number is rigidly defined, third where comes?” “你这里只可能有两个牧师——各级市政设施的驻场牧师数量有严格规定,哪来的第三个?” The expression of supervisor was shocked instantaneously, on the forehead then appeared visible thin perspiration, the color of intense fear appeared in the eye. 管理人的表情瞬间愣住了,紧接着脑门上便浮现出了一层肉眼可见的细汗,紧张恐惧之色浮现在眼中。 Agatha sees that lifts the cane to build immediately in the opposite party shoulder, fear will suppress forcefully from his state of mind, simultaneously seriously said: Listening, then you must maintain calm —— goes all the pastors in the field bring, said that Gatekeeper needs to understand more situations, do not reveal other mood, clear?” 阿加莎见状立刻抬起手杖搭在对方肩头,将“恐惧”强行从他的神志中压制下来,同时表情严肃地说道:“听着,接下来你必须保持镇定——去把所有的驻场牧师都带来,就说守门人需要了解更多的情况,不要流露出别的情绪,明白吗?” The mood of supervisor returns to normal rapidly much, but still remained some anxiety, he hurries to nod: Yes, bright...... understands that...... my goes.” 管理人的心情迅速平复不少,但仍残留些许紧张,他慌忙点着头:“是,明……明白……我这就去。” Agatha nods, receives the cane, but when the opposite party must leave she actually remembers anything, hurries to open the mouth: Wait, not only in the field pastor —— called everyone.” 阿加莎点点头,收起手杖,但在对方就要离开的时候她却又想起什么,赶紧开口:“等等,不光驻场牧师——把所有人都叫来。” The supervisors were startled: Everyone?” 管理人回头怔了一下:“所有人?” Everyone,” Agatha sinking sound repeated, then does not feel relieved asks, starting from yesterday, do some people leave this processing station?” “所有人,”阿加莎沉声重复了一遍,接着又不放心地问道,“从昨天开始,有人离开这个处理中心吗?” No!” The administrators reply immediately, receives the order time is to change shifts first 15 minutes, all work remained the people of here.” “没有!”管理人员立刻答道,“接到命令的时候正好是换班前十五分钟,所有在这里工作的人都留了下来。” Very good, brought —— saying that them was the necessary inspection, the attitude relaxes, do not arouse suspicion, goes.” “很好,把他们都带来——就说是必要的检查,态度放松一些,不要引起怀疑,去吧。” That some administrators of being balding turned around to get out of the way fast, walked while returns to normal the mood, Agatha is standing by the buffer pool motionlessly, until seeing the form of opposite party vanished after the door of not far away, she lifted the hand to notice here Guardian of sound to hit a signal about the surroundings. 那个有些谢顶的管理人员转身飞快地走开了,一边走一边平复着情绪,阿加莎一动不动地站在缓冲池旁,直到看着对方的身影消失在不远处的一扇门后,她才抬手对周围已经注意到这边动静的守卫者们打了个信号。 Nearby black clothes guards start to take action immediately, arranges covert rune in the buffer pool surrounding open area, in the crossroad and pipeline within sprinkle the volatile oil with grinding incense medicinal powder, and stands in the specific position, made still in the appearance of inspection facility. 附近的黑衣守卫们立刻开始行动,在缓冲池周围的空地上布置隐蔽的符文,在路口和管道间洒下精油与碾碎的熏香药粉,并在特定的位置站好,做出仍然在检查设施的模样。 Agatha when Guardian act lifts the cane, slowly drew up a length of side about two meters triangle outline around the region that oneself stood, later stood in the center of triangle, both hands is leaning on the cane, is waiting for tranquilly. 阿加莎则在守卫者们行动的时候抬起手杖,慢慢在自己站立的区域周围绘制了一个边长两米左右的三角形轮廓,随后站在三角形的中心,双手拄着手杖,平静地等待着。 In a while, the sound of footsteps then transmits from the front door direction, that manager the workshop that returns to the buffer pool to be , a large crowd follows in him behind. 没过多久,脚步声便从大门方向传来,那位管理者回到了缓冲池所在的厂房,一大群人跟在他身后。 Impressively reverend who and obvious three wear Death Church long gowns, wear the Saint emblem. 其中赫然可见三名穿着死亡教会长袍、佩戴圣徽的神职者。 Several processing station staff arrive in front of Agatha under manager's leadership, formed the loose line, anxiously to front Gatekeeper is greeting, pastor of that three in the field walk from the team, according to the Death Church reverend internal formality and status salutes to salute to Agatha. 十几名处理中心员工在管理者的带领下来到阿加莎面前,排了个松松散散的队伍,紧张地向面前的“守门人”打着招呼,那三名驻场牧师则从队伍侧面走来,按照死亡教会神职者内部的礼节与身份向阿加莎行礼致敬。 Agatha orders that three pastors to disperse to stand, later the vision has swept from all faces slowly. 阿加莎命令那三名牧师分散站开,随后目光缓缓从所有面孔上扫过。 She detected being out of sorts feeling. 她察觉了违和感。 Although visual has not seen any suspicious expression or the action, although in the sensation had not felt why not right aura assumes the post, but the blessing of Bartok has made her confirm being out of sorts feeling has —— to hide in the breath of these people, hidden in their heartbeats, even hidden, in they throw in the shadow of ground. 尽管目视没有看到任何可疑的表情或举动,尽管感知上也没有感觉到任何不对劲的气息,但巴托克的祝福已经让她确认了违和感的存在——就隐藏在这些人的呼吸中,隐藏在他们的心跳中,甚至隐藏在他们投在地上的阴影中。 Agatha blinks, repeatedly confirmed that oneself sees all normally, therefore in the heart understands clearly. 阿加莎眨了眨眼,再次确认自己所见一切正常,于是心中了然。 Really has the cognition to disturb ——, moreover even if in oneself this Gatekeeper arrives in the situation that this cognitive disturbance remains. 果然存在认知干扰——而且哪怕在自己这个“守门人”亲临的情况下,这种认知干扰仍然存在。 Is pure, because brave? Because doesn't understand the Gatekeeper strength?...... Isn't this cognitive disturbance controlled? 是单纯因为胆子很大?还是因为不了解守门人的力量?或者……这种认知干扰并不受控? Agatha has turned the head slowly, the vision falls on that three pastors. 阿加莎慢慢转过头,目光落在那三名牧师身上。 Regardless of more than ten staff for the time being, which in these three pastors definitely do have one are false —— but are? 十几个工作人员暂且不论,这三名牧师中肯定有一个是假的——但到底是哪一个? Read aloud the Bartok name,” Agatha said slowly, made the death control gaze at us, making us distinguish fabricatedly in mortal world.” “念诵巴托克的名,”阿加莎慢慢说道,“让死亡主宰注视我们,令我们在尘世分辨虚妄。” To die to control the Bartok name,” a pastor opens the mouth immediately, is willing It to gaze at us......” “以死亡主宰巴托克的名义,”一名牧师立刻开口,“愿祂注视我们……” The second, third pastor also opens the mouth immediately: To die to control the Bartok name......” 紧接着第二、第三名牧师也立刻开口:“以死亡主宰巴托克的名义……” Three sounds resounded, like echo. 三个声音先后响起,如同回声。 Agatha knits the brows. 阿加莎皱了皱眉。 Can read aloud the god name, this explained that they are not sham that” the mud forms, is not heretic of belief heresy, otherwise the fierce conflict in belief will tear their reason sufficiently. 能够念诵神名,这说明他们都不是泥浆形成的“赝品”,更不是信仰异端的邪教徒,否则信仰上的剧烈冲突将足以撕裂他们的理智。 But is this possible? Three pastors real? 但这怎么可能?三个牧师都是真的? The Agatha train of thought passes instantaneously, but the expression was still calm, she nods to three people: Then, I need to make some necessary tests, please forgive.” 阿加莎的思绪瞬间流转,但表情仍旧平静,她向三人点了点头:“接下来,我需要做一些必要的测试,请谅解。” Saying, she then put out a hand to take bearing a own left eye —— fresh/live eyeball to jump from the eye socket immediately, fell accurately in her hands. 说着,她便伸手探向自己的左眼——一颗鲜活的眼球立刻从眼眶里跳了出来,准确落在她手中。 Agatha picks up this eyeball, looks to opposite three pastors. 阿加莎托起这颗眼球,“看”向对面的三名牧师。 The form of first pastor mapped her view —— skinny old person, wears the linen long gown, jet black such as the chains of black ink extends from his rib, Nether Hound of chains end is holding up the head toward here, the filthy energy in its blaspheming rapid gathering and formation! 第一名牧师的身影映入了她的眼帘——一个枯瘦的老人,穿着亚麻布长袍,漆黑如墨的锁链从他的肋骨下方延伸出来,锁链尽头的幽邃猎犬正朝着这边昂起头,其口中亵渎的污浊能量正迅速汇聚、成型! Heresy! 异端! Really dares openly to stand unexpectedly here! 竟真敢堂而皇之站在这里! The Agatha complexion changes, but she is prepared early, opens the huge mouth in that Nether Hound the instance, her form to the side make way, the cane in right hand had then lifted simultaneously, the stick end has the pale flame flaming combustion. 阿加莎面色微变,但她早有准备,在那幽邃猎犬张开巨口的瞬间,她的身影便已经向旁边闪开,同时右手中的手杖已经抬了起来,杖端有苍白的火焰熊熊燃烧。 However just about to lights that heresy in her the instance, another low and deep obscure magic spell read aloud the sound actually to transmit from side suddenly. 然而就在她刚要点燃那异端的瞬间,另一声低沉晦涩的魔咒念诵声却突然从旁边传来。 The eyeball in Agatha left hand rotates suddenly, the next second, she then saw the young people who a hair color withered and yellow, bridge of the nose stands tall and erect raised both hands to oneself, his is floating one behind as if, the gray-black float jellyfish that is congealed by the mist. 阿加莎左手中的眼球猛然转动,下一秒,她便看到一个发色枯黄、鼻梁高耸的年轻人向自己举起了双手,他的身后漂浮着一只仿佛由雾气凝结成的、灰黑色的浮游水母。 That is second pastor. 那是第二个“牧师”。 The dizziness feeling raids the heart, Agatha just about to stands firm the figure, actually heard third magic spell to read aloud the sound. 眩晕感袭上心头,阿加莎刚要稳住身形,却又听到了第三个魔咒念诵声。 A pale woman, lifted the hand in the field of vision edge to here, the side of woman is crawling a cat that is formed by the skeleton and fog. 一个脸色苍白的女人,在视野边缘向这边抬起了手,那女人的身旁匍匐着一只由骸骨和雾形成的猫。 That is the third pastor. 那是第三个牧师。 All pastors are fake. 所有牧师都是假的。 The angry roaring sound and fight sound from transmit in all directions. 怒吼声和战斗声从四面八方传来。 Sticks out suddenly the instance that launches an attack in three Annihilationists, all around Guardian then responded that and tries to support, however they also met the own enemy. 在三名湮灭教徒暴起发难的瞬间,四周的守卫者们便反应过来并试图支援,然而他们也遇上了自己的敌人。 That more than ten that the administrators bring staff and nearby black clothes guards launched fought intensely. 管理人员带来的那十几个“工作人员”和附近的黑衣守卫们展开了激烈交手。 In peripheral vision of Agatha corner of the eye, can see these staff after being hit the body surface cracks like the mud viscous filthy thing. 阿加莎眼角的余光中,能看到那些“工作人员”在被击中之后身体表面崩裂出如同泥浆般的粘稠秽物。 Only then that hair sparse manager dashed about wildly by a nearby pipeline, sent out the helpless and panic-stricken scream. 只有那位头发稀疏的管理者狂奔到了附近的一处管道旁,发出无助又惊恐的尖叫。 The entire sewage treatment center...... only has one human. 整个污水处理中心……只有一个“人类”。
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