DSE :: Volume #4

#375: Inverted image

Eddy rode the boat that went to Sea Mist, these facial features fearsome Undead sailors like watching a rare animal are taking a look at him in periphery up and down. 艾迪乘上了前往海雾号的小船,那些面容可怖的不死人水手就像观赏一个稀有动物般在周围上下打量着他。 This makes this confidential secretary mister the whole body irritable, even is a little absolutely terrified. 这让这位机要秘书先生浑身别扭,甚至有点毛骨悚然。 I have never thought that you actually request a person to come,” that body swelling Undead sailor opened the mouth, in the tone has the sigh, our Captain can say, allowing three people to embark.” “真没想到,你竟然要求一个人来,”那名身体肿胀的不死人水手开口了,语气中带着感叹,“我们船长可以说了,允许三个人上船的。” Three person and a person have not distinguished,” Eddy shakes the head, „, if General Tyrian allows me to take the entire team, I can certainly lead all advisers and assistants go, but he only permits three people...... that and my oneself person goes also not different.” “三个人和一个人没有区别,”艾迪摇了摇头,“如果提瑞安将军允许我带上整支团队,我当然会带着所有的顾问和助手前往,但他只允许三个人……那和我自己一个人去也没什么两样。” You can lead two soldiers to embolden.” A Undead sailor laughed in side, the throat of leaking out transmits shouts hiss shouts hiss the sound. “你可以带两个士兵壮壮胆。”一个不死人水手在旁边哈哈大笑了起来,漏风的喉咙传来呼嘶呼嘶的声音。 I do not need to embolden, the soldier cannot help.” Eddy shakes the head, said seriously. “我不需要壮胆,士兵帮不上忙。”艾迪摇了摇头,一本正经地说道。 His attitude makes the Undead sailors feel quite senseless, some people mumbled on the boat: Official who...... puts on airs.” 他的态度让不死人水手们感觉颇为无趣,有人在小船上嘟嘟囔囔:“……装模作样的官员。” A moment later, Tyrian saw envoy —— wear formal clothes from City-State, brings to be similar meticulously and seemingly the previous second that the gold-edged eyeglasses and hair are combing also 30-40 -year-old man who drinks tea in the office. 片刻之后,提瑞安见到了来自城邦的使者——一个穿着礼服、带着金边眼镜、头发梳理的一丝不苟、看上去仿佛前一秒还在办公室里喝茶的30-40岁男人。 Coquettish, moreover is all alone comes. 油头粉面,而且是孤身一人前来。 This let prepare for the big pirate being quite accidental, even a powerful nowhere caused felt —— he also to think irritably first mounted Sea Mist at least can be a military personnel. 这让做好了准备的大海盗颇为意外,甚至有一种有力无处使的别扭感——他还以为第一个登上海雾号的起码会是一名军方人员。 But quick, he then guessed correctly probably intention that the Cold Frost authority this time arranges: 但很快,他便大概猜到了寒霜当局此番安排的用意: The relations between Sea Mist fleet and City-State are intense enough, both sides confronted for 50 years on the powder keg, at present this sensitive time point, sends several military officers to do again and no significance —— sends an officer to come, at least can reveal a friendliness. 海雾舰队和城邦之间的关系已经够紧张了,双方在火药桶上对峙了五十年,在如今这个敏感的时间点,再派几个军官过来打交道并无什么意义——派个文员过来,至少能表露一丝友善。 This officer mister is a little obviously tense. 这位文员先生显然有点紧张。 In the Sea Mist deck, Tyrian is sizing up up and down at present Diplomat City-State, he can obviously distinguish to make in the calm look and breath to side powerful disorder the calm time of rhythm —— this mister has actually arrived home very much, but it is a pity that his time can deal with the average man, actually could not cope with a control Captain of Undead regiment. 海雾号的甲板上,提瑞安上下打量着眼前的“城邦外交官”,他能明显分辨出对方强作镇定的眼神以及呼吸中紊乱的节奏——这位先生的镇定功夫其实已经很到家了,但遗憾的是他这功夫能对付常人,却对付不了一个统御着不死人军团的船长 Each heartbeat that Tyrian even can hear clearly this diplomat mister. 提瑞安甚至能听清这位外交官先生的每一次心跳。 Eddy is also observing present big pirate —— to observe this to defend City-State, now actually almost becomes in all Cold Frost person hearts the man of terrifying legend source. 艾迪也在观察着眼前的大海盗——观察着这个曾经保卫过城邦,如今却几乎成为所有寒霜人心中恐怖传说源头的男人。 Big, strong, silent, dignified, in the one-eyed has meaning that is carefully examining and overlooking, each vision as if trial. 高大,强壮,沉默,威严,独眼中带着审视与俯瞰的意味,每一道目光都仿佛一次审判。 Before this big pirate, as if breathed turned into a very strenuous matter. 在这位大海盗面前,似乎就连呼吸都变成了一件十分费力的事情。 General Tyrian,” Eddy trying hard deep breath two, let the oneself standing body, welcomes vision that the big pirate is carefully examining, I on behalf of Cold Frost City-State, extend to send regards that to you —— was very happy can ride the battleship in this legend.” 提瑞安将军,”艾迪努力深呼吸了两下,让自己站直身体,迎着大海盗审视的目光,“我谨代表寒霜城邦,向您致以问候——很高兴能乘上这艘传说中的战舰。” Half a century,” Tyrian gazed at this to be shorter than tranquilly at present a man oneself, „did Cold Frost have the courage to come with me to speak finally?” “半个世纪了,”提瑞安平静地注视着眼前这个比自己矮了一头的男人,“寒霜终于鼓起勇气来跟我说话了?” Eddy has not cared about the provocation in opposite party words to mean slightly, but continues to open the mouth: I shoulder the mission to come —— Cold Frost and dispute between Sea Mist fleets truly exist, but that is not we must discuss that today, you should know trouble that City-State is in now, we only want to know, purpose in coming —— General Tyrian of Sea Mist fleet, what you wants, what also wants to make?” 艾迪丝毫没有在意对方话语中的挑衅意味,只是继续开口:“我背负使命而来——寒霜海雾舰队之间的纠葛确实存在,但那不是我们今天要谈的,您应该知道城邦现在遇上的麻烦,我们只想知道,海雾舰队的来意——提瑞安将军,您想要什么,又想做什么?” General...... receives this name, this did not make me happy,” Tyrian looked at Eddy one eyes lightly, slowly moved toward the broad side edge in not far away, what can make...... not is very obvious as for me? I am blocking City-State —— that this soon falls to the enemy to prevent your disasters to spread, harmed me on Cold Sea trade partner.” “将军……收起这个称呼吧,这并不令我愉快,”提瑞安淡淡看了艾迪一眼,慢慢走向不远处的船舷边缘,“至于我要做什么……还不够明显吗?我在封锁这座就快要沦陷的城邦——防止你们的祸事蔓延出去,害到了我在冷冽海上的‘贸易伙伴’们。” Trade partner?” “贸易伙伴?” I think that this name does not have issue —— they to pay the price, the Sea Mist fleet protects them the security on Cold Sea,” Tyrian has turned head, you does not think that this is very good trade ties?” “我认为这个称呼没有问题——他们付出价钱,海雾舰队则保护他们在冷冽海上的安全,”提瑞安回过头,“伱不认为这是非常良好的贸易关系吗?” Eddy corners of the mouth shook slightly, but quick then conceals this change, he looked at surrounding Undead sailors, this takes a step to arrive at side Tyrian slowly: „Is your meaning...... you are only wants to help Cold Frost control this crisis?” 艾迪嘴角稍微抖了一下,但很快便掩饰住这点变化,他看了一眼周围的不死人水手们,这才慢慢迈步来到提瑞安身边:“您的意思是……您只是想帮助寒霜控制这次危机?” Understanding that a little unrequited love, but you are willing to want is not affected much,” Tyrian spoke thoughtlessly saying that I did not need you to make anything actually, so long as did not disturb to me on the line.” “有点自作多情的理解,但你们愿意这么想也无大碍,”提瑞安随口说道,“我倒是不需要你们做什么,只要不给我捣乱就行。” Eddy silent two seconds, finally discrete opens the mouth: „...... I can know why you do want to lend a hand to assist?” 艾迪沉默了两秒钟,终于谨慎开口:“……我能知道您为何要出手相助吗?” Tyrian both hands support on the guard rail of broad side edge, has not turned head: „Is reason very important?” 提瑞安双手撑在船舷边缘的护栏上,没有回头:“理由很重要?” I need a reason, this can let my higher authorities and colleagues feels at ease.” “我需要一个理由,这可以让我的上级和同事们都心安一点。” „, Mr. Eddy, therefore you are actually need one to install the reason of heart,” Tyrian smiled, he has turned the head, is gazing at Eddy's eyes, that I told you reason —— father's order.” “啊,艾迪先生,所以你其实是需要一个能让人安下心的理由,”提瑞安笑了起来,他转过头,注视着艾迪的眼睛,“那我告诉你理由——父亲的命令罢了。” Eddy was shocked. 艾迪愣住了。 A moment later, his expression naked eye is obviously frightened. 片刻之后,他的表情肉眼可见地惊悚起来。 You thought evidently, right, my father's order, you when he from the Subspace round, he made me dispatch troops to encircle your pitiful small City-State —— therefore to go back to tell your higher authority, the Sea Mist fleet in the will of execution from Subspace,” the Tyrian tone was quite happy, then they can have the baby sleep.” “看样子你想到了,对,我父亲的命令,你就当他是从亚空间发过来的,他让我派兵围了你们这可怜的小小城邦——所以回去告诉你的上级吧,海雾舰队在执行来自亚空间的意志,”提瑞安的语气颇为愉快,“然后他们就可以拥有婴儿般的睡眠了。” The happy expression on big pirate face is very obvious, Eddy responded finally —— or thinks to respond, he relaxes immediately, lifts the hand to wipe the thin perspiration of forehead: Your this joke is not good, Tyrian...... Captain, I will understand your meaning, since you do not want to explain, I can not ask.” 大海盗脸上的愉快表情十分明显,艾迪终于反应过来——或者说自认为反应过来,他顿时松了口气,抬手擦了擦额头的细汗:“您这个玩笑可一点都不好,提瑞安将……船长,我明白您的意思了,既然您不想多做解释,我可以不问。” Tyrian decides looks front Ambassador Cold Frost, after the moment . 提瑞安定定地看着面前的“寒霜大使”,片刻后啧了一声。 This year said that the truth no one letter/believed. 这年头说真话都没人信了。 But his mood was still very good. 但他的心情仍然十分愉快。 Looks at this serious Cold Frost senior official's one startled one in front of oneself for the first time after all is a happy matter. 看着这个一本正经的寒霜高级官员在自己面前一惊一乍总归是件愉快的事情。 You can leave, Mr. Eddy,” he quite said politely, on ship has not prepared to your dinner.” “你可以离开了,艾迪先生,”他颇为礼貌地说道,“船上可没有准备给你的晚餐。” Ai Diming gawked obviously: „? Wait, I also......” 艾迪明显愣了一下:“啊?等等,我还……” Some of your also many words want to ask, for example the plan of following Sea Mist fleet, for example matter about Dagger Island, for example past queen and Plan of Diving in the Abyss, but I do not want to say with the Cold Frost too many words pitifully,” Tyrian is calm, you have achieved your goal, completed your task, goes back to tell your higher authority, if later has anything, can with the radio telegram contact, not need to send for the —— random open frequency band directly, we can receive.” “你还有很多话想问,比如接下来海雾舰队的计划,比如关于匕首岛的事情,比如当年的女王和潜渊计划,但可惜我跟寒霜没有太多话想讲,”提瑞安一脸平静,“你已经实现了你的目标,完成了你的任务,回去告诉你的上级吧,如果之后再有什么事情,可以直接用无线电报联络,就不用派人来了——任意一个开放频段,我们都能收到。” Eddy is startled, immediately responds, on the face reveals a joy: „, Good, Tyrian Captain, thanked your understanding......” 艾迪一怔,紧接着立刻反应过来,脸上流露出一丝喜悦:“啊,好的,提瑞安船长,非常感谢您的理解……” Speaking of this him stopped, probably suddenly remembers anything, hurries to open the mouth: „, Wait, an issue, last issue!” 说到这他停了一下,好像突然想起什么,又慌忙开口:“啊,等等,还有一个问题,最后一个问题!” Tyrian raises the eyebrow: „?” 提瑞安扬起眉毛:“哦?” Before...... you to the mysterious light signal that our detection ships make,” Eddy expression is somewhat awkward, considers the word usage while said that „after we went back, decoded very for a long time......” “关于……之前您向我们的侦查艇打出的神秘灯光信号,”艾迪表情有些尴尬,一边斟酌用词一边说道,“我们回去之后破解了很久……” Tyrian calmly is gazing at the present envoy mister, expression under the own gaze is getting more and more irritable until the opposite party's, he smiles suddenly. 提瑞安静静地注视着眼前的使者先生,直到对方在自己的注视下表情越来越别扭,他才突然微笑起来。 Sailors are negligent in the maintenance, the signal light breakdown.” “水手们疏于维护,信号灯故障而已。” Eddy: „......?” 艾迪:“……?” Tyrian laughed finally happily. 提瑞安终于愉快地大笑了起来。 The expression on Eddy face changed several times, his hand has stroked the button on formal clothes, but, he also smiled gradually, laughs with Tyrian together. 艾迪脸上的表情变化了数次,他的手拂过礼服上的纽扣,但渐渐地,他也笑了起来,跟着提瑞安一同哈哈大笑。 Tyrian actually stopped the smile suddenly. 提瑞安却突然止住了笑容。 He puts out a hand, makes an effort to pat at present this Ambassador Cold Frost the shoulder. 他伸出手,用力拍了拍眼前这位“寒霜大使”的肩膀。 They sent a very good person to come, Mr. Eddy —— I almost wanted to invite you to keep on the ship to have the dinner.” “他们派了个很不错的人来,艾迪先生——我几乎想要邀请你留在船上共进晚餐了。” But I must return to the ship promptly,” Eddy also stops to smile, slowly shakes the head, „the nerves of too many are tying tight, we cannot continue to place mutually in the vigilance and guess the energy.” “但我必须及时返回船上,”艾迪也止住笑,慢慢摇了摇头,“太多人的神经都紧绷着,我们不能继续把精力都放在相互警惕和猜测上。” Tyrian has not said anything, but nods gently, then put out a hand toward side, made the gesture of seeing a visitor out. 提瑞安没说什么,只是轻轻点了点头,便朝旁边伸出手,做出了送客的姿态。 The Eddy similarly slight nod, then reorganized own formal clothes and bow tie, prepares to move toward another side of the deck ladder. 艾迪同样微微点头,便整理了一下自己的礼服与领结,准备走向甲板另一侧的梯子。 But at this moment, the split vision of his corner of the eye as if saw anything, the footsteps stopped all of a sudden. 但就在这时,他眼角的余光似乎看到了什么东西,脚步一下子停了下来。 This Cold Frost envoy surprise arrives by the broad side, looks below sea level: „...... Tyrian Captain, what thing is that?” 这位寒霜使者诧异地来到船舷旁,看着下方的海面:“……提瑞安船长,那是什么东西?” Un?” Tyrian frowns, has doubts looked that to direction that Eddy pointed. “嗯?”提瑞安皱起眉头,也疑惑地看向了艾迪手指的方向。 He saw that thing —— that is a shadow. 他看到了那东西——那是一个影子。 Below the sea level, is unable to judge that the place of deep place, the dim shadows are passing through broad region between Sea Mist and several escort ships, moves to the distant place at the quick speed. 在海面以下,无法判断深处的地方,有一个朦朦胧胧的影子正穿过海雾号和几艘护卫舰之间的广阔区域,以很快的速度向远方移动。 That shadow is illusory, throws the inverted image in water like the ships, actually could not see clearly any structure on ship, Tyrian stares at that thing to look at for quite a while, only thought that seemed like...... a ship's bottom of ship. 那影子虚幻透明,就像船只投在水中的倒影,却又看不清船上的任何结构,提瑞安盯着那东西看了半天,却只觉得那好像是……一艘船的船底。 Similar to back off the ship in water, is navigating in the water surface below. 就仿佛有一艘倒扣在水中的船,正在水面以下航行。 Tyrian raised the head, looks to the direction of that shadow navigation. 提瑞安抬起头,看向那影子航行的方向。 That was once the Dagger Island direction. 那是曾经匕首岛所处的方向。
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