CSG :: Volume #36

#3510: Escorts in secret

Meteor Immortal Territory, one of numerous immortal territories Purple Heaven Sword Territory borders on. 飞星仙域,是与紫霄剑域接壤的众多仙域之一。 At this moment, sky over the wilderness of flight immortal territory, Purple Night Sword Sect Nong Fugui is restraining own aura cautiously, holds up grazing that to go toward the distant wind spreading electricity. 此刻,在飞行仙域的一处荒原上空,紫宵剑宗农富贵正小心翼翼的收敛着自己气息,朝着远方风驰电擎的飞掠而去。 His facial expression is dignified throughout, vigilant not slightly weakened in heart, in as if his heart also clear, once own left Purple Night Sword Sect, that then meets is in danger frequently. 他的神情始终凝重,心中的警惕没有丝毫减弱,似乎他心中也清楚,自己一旦离开了紫宵剑宗,那便会时刻都处于危险之中。 This time Nong Fugui knows nothing about in own behind, pair of strength by far strong in his middle-aged husband and wife, is drawing support from a special low-grade Divine Item hidden trail and aura quiet is following him. 只是,此时的农富贵浑然不知在自己身后,有一对实力远远强于他的中年夫妇,正借助一件特殊的下品神器隐藏踪迹与气息悄无声息的跟随着他。 This pair of middle-aged husband and wife, is Three Suns Immortal Sect Supreme Elder Bai Ye and Chen Yan. 这一对中年夫妇,正是三阳仙宗太上长老白野陈烟 their two people through the direction of Old Ancestor, are adding on cultivation level originally powerful, therefore quick caught up with Nong Fugui, has been tagging along after Nong Fugui to leave Purple Heaven Sword Territory in secret, entered the flying swaying territory. 他们二人通过老祖的指引,在加上修为本来就强大,因此很快就追上了农富贵,一直在暗中尾随着农富贵离开了紫霄剑域,进入了飞仙仙域。 From beginning to end, Nong Fugui has not discovered this to existence of middle-aged husband and wife. 从始至终,农富贵始终都没有发现这对中年夫妇的存在。 Even if he maintains the vigilance frequently, but the both sides power gap is too big, is adding on the opposite party to come prepared, therefore Nong Fugui continuously quite the same as ignorant. 纵然是他时刻保持警惕,但双方实力差距太大,在加上对方有备而来,所以农富贵一直都浑然无知。 Husband, here has been far away from Purple Heaven Sword Territory, was inferior that we begin here.” At this time, Chen Yan looked to Bai Ye, asked. At once when her vision sweeps to front Nong Fugui, immediately flashes through one bunch of ice-cold cold light. “夫君,这里已经远离紫霄剑域了,不如我们就在这里动手吧。”这时,陈烟看向身边的白野,开口询问。旋即当她的目光扫向前方的农富贵时,顿时闪过一束冰冷的寒光。 „It is not anxious, waits again, proceeds again three ten million miles, piece of huge mountain range, inside is occupying many immortal beasts, we will begin more appropriate there. When the time comes, pushes the Nong Fugui injured incident directly on these immortal beasts, so perfect.” Bai Ye said with a smile pale. “不急,再等一等,再往前三千万里,有一片巨大的山脉,里面盘踞着不少仙兽,我们在那里动手会更合适一些。到时候,直接将农富贵受伤一事推在那些仙兽身上,如此岂不是更加的完美。”白野淡笑道。 Giggle, thoroughness that husband considers, this indeed is the most perfect plan, when the time comes we only need camouflage slightly, Nong Fugui actually perhaps cannot distinguish to injure his person is an immortal, occupies there immortal beast.” Chen Yan exudes giggle the laughter. “咯咯咯,还是夫君考虑的周到,这的确是最完美的方案,到时候我们只需稍微伪装一下,恐怕就连农富贵都分辨不出伤他的人究竟是仙人,还是盘踞在那里的仙兽。”陈烟发出咯咯笑声。 Idea, although is good, but was a pity, perhaps you did not have the opportunity to implement.” “想法虽好,只是可惜,你们恐怕是没有机会实施了。” At this moment, the sudden sound spreads to Bai Ye and in the Chen Yan two people of ears together, immediately made their husband and wife two people of complexion big change, grazed the form to stop suddenly, forcefully hovering in upper air. 就在这时,一道突如其来的声音传入白野陈烟二人耳中,顿时令他们夫妇二人脸色大变,飞掠中的身影戛然而止,硬生生的悬停在高空中。 Sees only in their husband and wife two people of surroundings, has transparent barrier to exist together, this barrier, they by the concealment barrier that low-grade Divine Item forms. 只见在他们夫妇二人的周围,有一道透明的结界存在,这一层结界,正是他们以一件下品神器所形成的隐匿屏障。 So long as stays in this concealment barrier, even if were Immortal Monarch Realm 9-layer powerhouse cannot discover them. 只要是呆在这个隐匿屏障内,纵然是仙君境九重天强者都发现不了他们。 Their husband and wife two people of vision fall in this as before complete concealment barrier, in heart immediately thump, cold air from the beginning as cool as foot. 他们夫妇二人的目光落在这依旧完好的隐匿屏障上,心中顿时“咯噔”一声,一股寒气从头凉到脚。 Immortal Emperor!” 仙帝!” Bai Ye and Chen Yan husband and wife two people, speculated instantaneously the strength of person in secret, the body all of a sudden became somewhat stiff. 白野陈烟夫妇二人,瞬间推测出暗中之人的实力,身躯一下子变得有些僵硬了起来。 „Below Bai Ye, this is my companion Chen Yan, both of us do not know that Senior dives to cultivate/repair again, alarmed Senior, but also asked Senior to excuse me.” A Bai Ye complexion paleness, is holding the fist in the other hand to bow immediately void, trembling saying. “在下白野,这位是我道侣陈烟,我们二人不知前辈再次潜修,无意间惊扰到了前辈,还请前辈见谅。”白野脸色一片苍白,立即在虚空抱拳鞠躬,战战兢兢的说道。 No, you have not alarmed me, but was I follows you to arrive at this place from Purple Heaven Sword Territory.” Sound in secret conveys again, with the voice, sees only opposite of Bai Ye and Chen Yan husband and wife, presented a fuzzy form quietly. “不,你们没有惊扰到我,而是我一路从紫霄剑域跟随着你们来到了此地。”暗中的声音再次传来,随着话音,只见在白野陈烟夫妇对面,悄无声息的出现了一道模糊的身影。 space that this form is a distortion condition, making his whole person seem is passing a dim feeling, cannot see clearly the face completely. 这道身影所在的空间呈一种扭曲状态,使得他整个人看上去都透着一股朦胧之感,完全看不清面庞。 His vision, penetrated Bai Ye husband and wife directly by the concealment barrier that low-grade Divine Item forms, passes in the barrier. 他的目光,更是直接穿透了白野夫妇下品神器形成的隐匿屏障,直透屏障之内。 This form, impressively is Jian Chen! 这道身影,赫然是剑尘 Bai Ye husband and wife one hear at present this mysterious Immortal Emperor, unexpectedly is from Purple Night Sword Sect with, in the heart moves, hesitated secretly, then cautious asking: Senior, are you also cope with Nong Fugui?” 白野夫妇一听眼前这位神秘仙帝,竟然是一路从紫宵剑宗跟过来的,不禁心中一动,暗暗踌躇了番,然后小心翼翼的问道:“前辈,难道您也是来对付农富贵的?” Thinks of here, in the Bai Ye husband and wife heart relaxes immediately, but still lowered the head, the speech is cautious: Never expected that Senior is also in the person of same belief the person, good that but Senior said that has Senior to act personally, tidies up the Nong Fugui incident, has not naturally been one's turn us.” 一想到这里,白野夫妇心中顿时松了口气,但仍然低着头,说话都小心翼翼的:“没想到前辈也是同道中人,不过前辈说的不错,有前辈亲自出手,收拾农富贵一事,自然还轮不到我们。” Chen Yan that nervousness also relaxed completely, reminded in nearby good words: Senior, our husband and wife is Three Suns Immortal Sect Supreme Elder, this time when embarking, Old Ancestor once bit to be us specially, warned severely our Nong Fugui this person may the wound not be possible to kill, because he lived for a long time, in the past was perforated the reason with many great people, if killed him, perhaps will cause being furious of some great people.” 陈烟那紧张的心情也完全舒缓了过来,在一旁好言提醒:“前辈,我们夫妇三阳仙宗太上长老,此次在出发时,老祖曾特意叮属我们,严厉告诫我们农富贵此人可伤不可杀,因为他活得太久了,当年与许多大人物都有眼缘,如果杀了他,恐怕会引起一些大人物的震怒。” Who said that I am cope with Nong Fugui?” Jian Chen face cold intention is staring at present two people. “谁说我是来对付农富贵的?”剑尘一脸冷意的盯着眼前二人。 What? Isn't Senior copes with Nong Fugui?” Bai Ye is somewhat stunned, but as if understands anything at once, complexion immediately changes, then the hesitant, decisive palm had not wasted Chen Yan slightly, simultaneously explodes drinks: Combustion blood essence, walks!” “什么?前辈不是来对付农富贵?”白野有些错愕,但旋即似乎明白了什么,脸色顿时一变,而后没有丝毫犹豫,果断一掌将陈烟打飞了出去,同时爆喝:“燃烧精血,走!” The Chen Yan body such as flying arrow results in departs by far, the next quarter, her combustion own blood essence, prepares toward the distant place to escape without hesitation by quickest speed that can achieve. 陈烟的身躯如离弦之箭似得远远飞出,下一刻,她毫不犹豫的燃烧自己精血,准备以所能达到的最快速度朝着远方逃去。 Trivial Immortal Monarch Realm, wants to run away before me, how could it not be to laugh.” Jian Chen vision one cold, the look that a pair fills killing intent sweeps to Chen Yan. “区区仙君境,也想在我面前逃走,岂不笑话。”剑尘目光一冷,一双充满杀意的眼神扫向陈烟 The next quarter, sees is cracked suddenly, jet black void crack propagation that void Chen Yan is, change to the blade that a did not see does not urge to penetrate from Chen Yan. 下一刻,就见陈烟所在的虚空突然龟裂,一道道漆黑的虚空裂缝蔓延而出,化作了一柄柄不见不催的刀刃从陈烟身上穿透而过。 In front of these space sharp blade, Chen Yan Immortal Monarch Realm 5-layer cultivation level appears like the baby is frail, does not have including the strength of resisting slightly, was then cut the smashing suddenly, then all skeletons were inhaled in the void crack, ends up the body and soul completely eliminated fate. 在这些空间利刃面前,陈烟仙君境五重天修为就显得如同婴孩般脆弱,连丝毫抵挡之力都没有,瞬息间便被斩成了粉碎,而后所有的尸骨都被吸入了虚空裂缝中,落得形神俱灭的下场。 Witnessed the Chen Yan fate, the Bai Ye whole person is all frightened the ghost to brave, because he has seen present Immortal Emperor, unexpectedly was powerhouse that grasped the say/way of space. 亲眼目睹了陈烟的下场,白野整个人都被吓得亡魂皆冒,因为他已经看出眼前的仙帝,竟然是一位掌握了空间之道的强者 In front of this powerhouse, he courage of continually running away does not have. 在这种强者面前,他已经连逃走的勇气都没有了。 Senior forgives, Senior forgives......” Bai Ye to start to beg for mercy immediately. 前辈饶命,前辈饶命......”白野立即开始求饶。 Forgives? Prepares to move Elder Nong that moment in you, the attention was difficult to escape dies.” The Jian Chen vision ice is cold, has not pitied, at once he points at one stroke, the space sharp blade cuts together instantaneously to Bai Ye. “饶命?在你们准备动农长老的那一刻,就注意难逃一死了。”剑尘目光冰寒,没有丝毫怜悯,旋即他手指一划,一道空间利刃瞬间斩向白野 Elder Nong? Immortal Emperor will powerhouse, how so politely call Nong Fugui this unimportant person?” In the Bai Ye brain appears such thought to come, however does not wait for him to think, he then lost all consciousness. 农长老?一个仙帝强者,怎会如此尊称农富贵这小人物?”白野脑中浮现出这样的念头来,然而不等他多想,他便失去了所有意识。 The next quarter, Devouring Immortal Monster Flower appears, the Bai Ye corpse swallowing down. 下一刻,噬仙妖花出现,一口就将白野的尸体给吞了下去。 After killing Bai Ye husband and wife, Jian Chen has not returned to Purple Night Sword Sect, he first erased here all traces in the Immortal Emperor powerhouse method, then continues to hide in the hidden place, tags along after Elder Nong in dark among the roads protects in secret. 杀了白野夫妇之后,剑尘并未返回紫宵剑宗,他先是以仙帝强者的手段抹去了这里的一切痕迹,然后继续隐藏在暗处,在暗中一路尾随着农长老进行暗中保护。 The place that Elder Nong goes to is very far, he spanned several immortal territories, marched on several days of roads, finally entered in a lively big city. 农长老去的地方很远,他足足跨越了数个仙域,赶了好几天的路,最终才进入了一座繁华大城中。 He skilled shuttle in city, finally entered in an area extremely broad mansion. 他在城池中熟练的穿梭,最终进入了一座占地面积极其广阔的府邸内。 Outside the city, Jian Chen stands on peak a ten thousand li (0.5 km) away, the vision stares at the front that mansion, his eyes see this mansion are also a side powerful da influence, not only in the mansion immortal spiritual energy is extremely abundant, and has together the powerful formation protection. 城外,剑尘站在万里之外的一处高峰上,目光凝望前方那座府邸,他一眼就看出这座府邸也是一方强大的势力,府邸内不仅仙灵之气极其充沛,并且更是有一道强大的阵法守护。 But this formation intensity, resists Immortal Emperor boundary middle-stage powerhouse sufficiently! 而这阵法的强度,足以抵挡仙帝中期强者 This formation, compared with Three Suns Immortal Sect protects on great formation stronger many, Jian Chen Spiritual Consciousness also not easy to force searches into, will otherwise alarm inside person surely. 阵法,比三阳仙宗的护宗大阵要强上不少,剑尘神识不好强行探入,否则必定会惊动里面的人。 However this actually cannot baffle Jian Chen, saw only him to put on Heaven Escape Divine Armor, the whole person vanished in the world instantaneously, just like entering another void. 不过这却难不倒剑尘,只见他穿上了遁天神甲,整个人瞬间消失在天地间,宛如进入了另一片虚空。
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