CSG :: Volume #36

#3509: Three Suns Immortal Sect

When Star Domain Old Ancestor leaves leeway the secret of subsequent hand disclosed from the Elder Nong mouth, making Jian Chen and Chen Shuzhi two people somewhat absent-minded, but at once, Chen Shuzhi uses to have the complaint look to stare at Nong Fugui, tone hidden bitterness: My good pain that Elder Nong, you may hide the truth from, I as Purple Night Sword Sect Sect Master, actually not to know Star Domain Old Ancestor he, has given us sect to leave such a big wealth in the past years.” 星寰老祖留有后手的秘密从农长老嘴里透露出来时,令得剑尘陈树之二人都有些失神,不过旋即,陈树之就用带着抱怨的眼神盯着农富贵,语气幽怨:“农长老,你可瞒的我好苦啊,我作为紫宵剑宗宗主,竟然都不知道星寰老祖他老人家,早在当年就已经给我们宗门留下了一笔这么大的财富。” Star Domain Old Ancestor but in the past top powerhouse of Immortal Venerable boundary, when our Purple Night Sword Sect can attain he leaves the descendant relic, our Purple Night Sword Sect how to go so far as to is forced today's so situation.” 星寰老祖当年可是仙尊境的至强者啊,若是我们紫宵剑宗能够拿到他老人家留给后人的遗物时,那我们紫宵剑宗何至于被逼迫到今日这般地步。” Conceals the own incident regarding Elder Nong, in the Chen Shuzhi heart somewhat is obviously disgruntled, after short silence, he flashing eyes is staring at Nong Fugui, sighed: Elder Nong, besides these subsequent hands who Star Domain Old Ancestor leaves behind, what do other you also know? After all I as Purple Night Sword Sect Sect Master, so long as about Purple Night Sword Sect all, I should have the right to know.” 对于农长老隐瞒自己一事,陈树之心中显然有些不悦,短暂的沉默后,他又目光炯炯的盯着农富贵,叹气道:“农长老,除了星寰老祖留下的那些后手外,其他你还知道些什么?毕竟我作为紫宵剑宗宗主,只要是关于紫宵剑宗的一切,我理应有权知道。” Furthermore, our Purple Night Sword Sect is bogged down in difficulties unprecedented at present, can the next hundred years also stay in this piece of sect Ancestral Land also cannot know, in this crucial point, Elder Nong you may not probably have anything to conceal.” “再则,眼下我们紫宵剑宗陷入前所未有的困境,下一个百年时间还能不能呆在这片宗门祖地里都还未可知,在这种节骨眼上,农长老你可千万不能有什么隐瞒啊。” Besides the subsequent hand who Star Domain Old Ancestor leaves behind, other did not have.” Elder Nong expression usual saying. “除了星寰老祖留下的后手之外,其他就没有了。”农长老神色如常的说道。 Elder Nong, Sect Master, since knows now Star Domain Old Ancestor left behind some subsequent hands in the past, that does not know when you do plan to open Star Domain Old Ancestor secret space?” Jian Chen opens the mouth to ask. 农长老,宗主,既然现在知道了星寰老祖当年留下了一些后手,那不知道你们打算何时打开星寰老祖的秘密空间?”剑尘开口问道。 Naturally the quicker the better, after all we now also only then 100 years, hundred years later if we could not give back to Seven Colors Sword Lotus Flower, even if perhaps we put out the Immortal Extinguishing Divine Thunder shock and awe, Thunderclap Sword Sect will not sell our face.” The Elder Nong vision looks to Jian Chen, complexion becomes serious to get up, said: If wants to open Star Domain Old Ancestor secret space, we must go outside to request personally Immortal Emperor that grasps Space Principle comes the help, depending on Immortal Extinguishing Divine Thunder, in my heart still some did not only feel relieved, therefore obsolete my presumptuous request, hoping young sect master can please come out your back teacher.” “自然是越快越好,毕竟我们现在也只有一百年的时间,百年之后我们如果还给不了七色剑莲花,恐怕我们就算拿出灭仙神雷震慑,惊雷剑宗也不会卖我们面子。”农长老目光看向剑尘,脸色变得严肃起来,道:“要想打开星寰老祖的秘密空间,我们就得去外面请一位掌握空间法则仙帝过来帮忙,仅凭灭仙神雷,我心中仍然有些不太放心,所以老朽有一个不情之请,希望少宗主能将你背后的师尊请出来。” Expensive teacher does not need to act, only needs to make an appearance slightly, shocks Immortal Emperor that we invited to be able, quite made him not dare to have the unnecessary thought.” “贵师尊无需出手,只需要稍微露露面,震慑一下我们请来的仙帝便可,好让他不敢生出多余的念头。” Jian Chen brow slightly wrinkle, saying of face to make things difficult for: Elder Nong, where my teacher he, my disciple does not know now, to invite him, almost without this possibility.” 剑尘眉头微皱,一脸为难的说道:“农长老,我师尊他老人家现在在哪里,连我这个弟子都不知道,要想把他老人家请过来,几乎完全没有这个可能。” Jian Chen, is actually your teacher which Senior? Might as well said that then we tried to find the solution together, mobilized the sect strength to look?” The Chen Shuzhi vision sparkles is staring at Jian Chen. 剑尘,那你师尊究竟是哪位前辈?不妨说出来,然后我们大家一起想办法,发动宗门的力量去找一找?”陈树之目光闪闪的盯着剑尘 Sect Master chatted, our Purple Night Sword Sect disciple even Purple Heaven Sword Territory this small place cannot walk now, how can also seek the trail of my teacher in vast World of Immortals?” Shaking the head of Jian Chen chuckle. 宗主说笑了,我们紫宵剑宗弟子现在可是连紫霄剑域这小小的地方都走不出去,又如何能够在浩瀚仙界寻到我师尊的踪迹?”剑尘轻笑的摇了摇头。 The Chen Shuzhi vision concentrates, at once no longer speaks. 陈树之目光微凝,旋即不再说话。 Since made the master unable to count on that then can only depend on our own. The old men live for a long time, known powerhouse also be more than you, therefore then, looks for on the Immortal Emperor candidate, is done by the old man personally.” Elder Nong said. “既然令师指望不上,那接下来就只能靠我们自己了。老夫活得最久,知晓的强者也要比你们多一些,因此接下来,寻找仙帝的人选上,就由老夫亲自来做吧。”农长老道。 After everyone diverges respectively, Jian Chen returned in temporary palace that belonged to own young sect master, in monitored all in sect by Spiritual Consciousness in secret. 大家各自散去后,剑尘重新回到了属于自己少宗主的行宫中,在暗中以神识监控宗门内的一切。 Sect Master Chen Shuzhi continues to stay in Purple Heaven Temple, does not have any unusual action. 宗主陈树之则继续呆在紫霄神殿内,没有任何反常的举动。 As for Elder Nong, after leaving Purple Heaven Temple, in Cave Mansion situated in sect back side of the mountain, has sat cross-legged in the dim cave sits in meditation silently, similarly is nothing action. 至于农长老,在离开紫霄神殿之后,就一直在位于宗门后山的洞府内,盘坐在昏暗的山洞内默默打坐,同样是没有任何举动。 When on this crossed January/one month, sits cross-legged in Cave Mansion Elder Nong finally to have the sound, sees only him to put out a puppet from Space Ring, with injection of strength of cultivation level, the puppet changes with Elder Nong exactly the same figure immediately, replaced Elder Nong to sit in meditation in Cave Mansion. 就这样足足过了一月之余,盘坐在洞府内的农长老终于有了动静,只见他从空间戒指里拿出一个傀儡,随着修为之力的注入,傀儡立即化作和农长老一模一样的身形,代替了农长老洞府内打坐。 The cultivation level fluctuation or aura, are exactly the same as Elder Nong, almost does not have the least bit to distinguish. 无论是修为波动还是气息,都与农长老一模一样,几乎没有半点区别。 After leaving behind this puppet, Elder Nong restrains own aura, doing utmost hidden own, then changed to the remnant shadow to leave Purple Night Sword Sect together quietly, suddenly then vanished in the world end of distant place. 留下这尊傀儡之后,农长老则收敛自己气息,竭尽全力的隐藏自己,而后化作一道残影悄无声息的离开了紫宵剑宗,眨眼间便消失在远方的天地尽头。 The Elder Nong action naturally could not hide the truth from Jian Chen, Jian Chen sat cross-legged in the young sect master temporary palace, Spiritual Consciousness has been following in secret, at his present Spiritual Consciousness intensity, has been able to cover entire Purple Heaven Sword Territory. 农长老的举动自然瞒不了剑尘,剑尘盘坐在少宗主的行宫中,神识一直在暗中跟随,以他现在的神识强度,已经能够笼罩整个紫霄剑域 However quick, Elder Nong left Purple Heaven Sword Territory, speeds away to graze toward the distant place. 但是很快,农长老就离开了紫霄剑域,朝着更远处疾驰飞掠。 However at this moment, Jian Chen has a sleep/felt, Spiritual Consciousness immediately toward four big influences one of the near Purple Night Sword Sect, the Three Suns Immortal Sect collection goes, then quiet knocking into Three Suns Immortal Sect protection formation. 然而就在这时,剑尘似有所觉,神识当即朝着位于紫宵剑宗附近的四大势力之一,三阳仙宗汇集而去,而后悄无声息的敲入了三阳仙宗的守护阵法 Three Suns Immortal Sect and Sword Control Immortal Sect, Azure Fox Immortal Sect and Scarlet Clouds Immortal Sect these three big influences compound, four big influences assume the east, south, west, and north four directions to surround around Purple Night Sword Sect, forms the potential of surrounding to Purple Night Sword Sect faintly. 三阳仙宗御剑仙门,青狐仙宗赤霞仙宗这三大势力并列,四大势力呈东南西北四个方向环绕在紫宵剑宗周围,隐隐对紫宵剑宗形成包围之势。 But place that these four big influences occupy, in the past was to all be the Purple Night Sword Sect entrance. 而这四大势力所占据的地方,当年皆是属于紫宵剑宗的山门。 At this moment, in the Three Suns Immortal Sect back side of the mountain restricted area, Three Suns Immortal Sect Old Ancestor, cultivation level opened the eye in Immortal Emperor boundary 2-layer Supreme Sun Daoist suddenly, the corners of the mouth revealed wipes the gloomy and cold smile, twittering talked to oneself: Nong Fugui this old fogy, leaves sect finally. Snort, if you calm and steady staying in sect, naturally is anything does not have, never expected that you ran unexpectedly covertly.” 此刻,三阳仙宗的后山禁地内,三阳仙宗老祖,修为仙帝二重天上阳真人突然睁开了眼睛,嘴角露出一抹阴冷的笑容,呢喃自语道:“农富贵这个老家伙,总算是离开宗门了。哼,你若安安稳稳的呆在宗门内,自然是什么事都没有,没想到你竟然偷偷摸摸的跑出来了。” This outside world, is chaotic.” “这外面的世界,可是乱的很啊。” The next quarter, Three Suns Immortal Sect Old Ancestor passes message immediately: Bai Ye, Chen Yan, your husband and wife two people go out personally, to Nong Fugui this man old before his time long memory, actually making him clear this outside world to have dangerously how.” 下一刻,三阳仙宗老祖立即传音出去:“白野,陈烟,你夫妇二人亲自出去一趟,给农富贵这小老头长长记性,让他明白明白这外面的世界究竟有多么的险恶。” Remembers, can only injure, cannot kill. Nong Fugui this man old before his time, although the strength is not much, but lives enough for a long time, once had some reasons with many great people, killed him, feared that will cause being furious of certain great people.” “记得,只能伤,不能杀。农富贵这小老头,虽然实力不怎么样,可是活得够久,曾经与许多大人物都有一些眼缘,杀了他,怕是会引起某些大人物的震怒。” Was sure to remember, do not expose the status!” “切记,不要暴露身份!” Understood! Asked Old Ancestor to feel relieved, we know how to do.” In Three Suns Immortal Sect, two Immortal Monarch powerhouse went out of own Cave Mansion, similarly restrains aura, without entering hole anybody left Three Suns Immortal Sect. “明白!请老祖放心,我们知道怎么做。”三阳仙宗内,两名仙君强者走出了自己洞府,同样收敛气息,在没有进洞任何人的情况下离开了三阳仙宗 These two Immortal Monarch a man and a woman, male calling Bai Ye, Immortal Monarch Realm 7-layer cultivation level. 这两名仙君一男一女,男的叫白野,仙君境七重天修为 Female calling Chen Yan, Immortal Monarch Realm 5-layer! 女的叫陈烟,仙君境五重天 These two people, all are Three Suns Immortal Sect Supreme Elder! 这二人,皆是三阳仙宗太上长老 Bai Ye and Chen Yan husband and wife, immediately according to the position that Three Suns Immortal Sect Old Ancestor gives, plunders to go in the Nong Fugui direction anxiously. 白野陈烟夫妇,立即按照三阳仙宗老祖给出的方位,朝着农富贵的方向急掠而去。 Purple Night Sword Sect, in the young sect master temporary palace, Jian Chen took back Spiritual Consciousness, in the vision revealed an ice-cold color. At once he counts on the fingers, to split up strength of the wisp of Primordial Spirit immediately. 紫宵剑宗,少宗主行宫内,剑尘收回了神识,目光中露出一丝冰冷之色。旋即他屈指一点,立即分化出一缕元神之力。 The strength of this wisp of Primordial Spirit will then turn into his form shortly, then replaced his true body/this senior to sit cross-legged to sit down in the temporary palace, entered the stance in cultivation. 这一缕元神之力顷刻间便化成他的身影,然后代替了他本尊在行宫中盘膝坐下,一副进入修炼中的姿态。 But Jian Chen true body/this senior restrains all aura, quiet vanishes does not see. 剑尘本尊则是收敛所有气息,悄无声息的消失不见。
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